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Justin walked up the flight of stairs, his forehead creased with a frown. Without bothering to check if the hallway was clear, he threw opened the door and smiled as Steve, one of their bodyguards, jumped.

"Morning Justin." Steve said, his face showing his displeasure in the young singer for startling him.

"Where's Lonnie?" Justin quizzed him, trying to cover up his concern.

"In his room." Steve motioned with one hand, his face back to neutral.

"Thanks." Justin called over his shoulder as he made his way towards the room, walking stiffly in the process. He had awakened to a slight discomfort in the lower half of his body. It really didn't hurt; it was more annoying than anything else was. He was lucky that they still had two days before his performance, he wasn't sure if he could dance right now.

Hoping that it would get easier with practice, he knocked on his friend's door loudly. Within seconds, Lonnie threw opened the door. Wearing only a pair of briefs, his face unreadable as he relaxed when he saw it was only Justin.

Pushing past the big man, Justin walked into the room and sat down in one of the chairs. Lonnie shut the door and yawned loudly while he walked over to a cooler that had several bottles of water in it. Offering one to Justin, who accepted it with a smile, he down half of his and sat down opposite of Justin.

Justin toyed with the cushion, his face a mixture of emotions that Lonnie couldn't read. Knowing that Justin would start when he was ready, Lonnie cleared the last of sleep from his eyes.

"What do you think about him?" Justin asked suddenly his eyes drilling into his friend.

"Well..." Lonnie started, not sure what he thought of the mysterious man yet. And uncertain if he should tell his boss what he suspected.

"You said yesterday that something was weird." Justin continued. "I found out some things last night."

"Okay. What?" Lonnie asked, relieved that Justin changed the focus from him.

"For one, he's no photographer." Justin explained. "He has boxes of pictures in his room but he didn't take them."

"How do you know?" Lonnie asked, curiosity crossing his large face. Tommy had not checked in with him all night, which meant that Justin had stayed there. Noticing that he was still wearing the same clothes and that he was walking funny, he figured that Justin had gotten lucky or maybe unlucky last night.

"The pictures in the boxes were done by a real professional. They had the proper shading, everything was framed and in focus." Justin described some of the photos. "But when he shown me what he had taken yesterday. It was obvious that he was no photographer. Only one picture out of a dozen looked good, the rest were very amateurish."

"So he lied about that." Lonnie mused. "I figured as much." Lonnie down the rest of his water and asked, "Anything else funny about him?"

"Something." Justin stated, concentrating to find the proper words. "I can't describe it really. But our friend is not who he says he is. That much I know."

"Did you two..." Lonnie asked, embarrassment showing on his face.

"Did we fuck?" Justin offered a grin on his face.

"Okay, did you fuck?"

"Yes." Justin admitted shamelessly.

"Do you think he means you any harm?" Lonnie asked the one question that scared him the most. Who Justin took to bed was none of his concern outside insuring Justin's safety.

"No, that's the problem." Justin stated, taking a sip of the water.

"What is?"

"I know everything he told me was a lie. But I do know that whatever happened between us last night was no a lie." Justin paused, waving his hands around, trying to explain what he meant. "From the moment we began—he was different. It was like he turned into a whole other person."

"What did he say this morning?" Lonnie asked, fully awake now.

"I left before he woke up." Justin said with a shrug of his shoulders. "I need to know why he's lying about everything. If it was only to get me in bed then I could understand it. But I don't think that is his only motive."

"What do you want me to do?" Lonnie asked, leaning forward in his chair.

"Whatever you decide. If he was only interested in fucking me then we won't see him again. If not, maybe we can find out why he's lying."

Standing up, Justin thanked his friend and left. Though it was early, he had a few things to do before he had to meet the guys for breakfast. He could get away with one day alone, but not two days in a row. That just wasn't like him.

Making his way back to his suite, he opened the door. Stripping off his clothes, he turned on the water. Stepping gingerly into the warm water, he thought back to the previous night's events.

It was exactly how he thought it would be. For months now he had wondered and fantasized about what it would feel like to be with a man. Finally he had found someone that not only intrigued him but attracted him as well.

He had told Britney of his desire to maybe experiment one day with another guy. She had been supportive and even offered to help him find the perfect guy to try it with. A notion that he tried to nip in the bud, he knew what her type of man was and that definitely did not fit into his own idea of the perfect man.

Contrary to what Britney thought, he did not break up with her because of his growing attraction to men. No, if only it was that easy. That was a reason that the blond bombshell would've accepted and supported him totally.

He had broke up with for other reasons. The main reason was because she wasn't that intelligent. Unlike him, who hid his intelligence from everyone, Britney really was as stupid as she appeared. He loved her deeply but she wasn't stimulating him on an intellectual level. Something that he needed desperately.

How do you tell someone that you love that you're dumping her because she's stupid? You can't, so he made up other reasons to spare her feelings. Unfortunately he hurt her more deeply by lying.

And now, along came Gabriel. A mysterious man, tall rugged, good-looking in a weird ugly way. During their animal crazed night of passion, Justin found himself content somehow. It was obvious that Gabriel was intelligent, if not as smart as Justin was, he was damn close to it.

But what was he hiding? If it was only a ruse to get him in bed, he was going to be a bit disappointed. The main reason Justin crept away without saying anything, he didn't want Gabriel to know that he took his cherry. If it was all a lie just to get into his pants, than he was not about to let the man know the full implication of the nights events.

After finishing his shower, he dried off carefully. His backside was still tender but it wasn't hurting as much. He still walked like a bowlegged cowboy, but it was definitely getting better.

Looking in the mirror, he winced. He had a huge red mark on his collarbone, looking closer he realized that it was a bite mark. Rubbing his face, he shaved quickly. Letting the curls air dry, he lifted the toilet seat. Noticing the plastic wrap, he grinned. Joey or Chris, they were always playing pranks on him.

The thing they never knew, their pranks seldom worked. Justin knew that at breakfast he would rant and rave about pissing all over himself. Joey and Chris would laugh and congratulate themselves on being so clever and Justin would act like he was mad. A game he grew weary of but a game he played nevertheless. After all, he had an image to live up to.

Dressing quickly, he looked at the clock. His stomach started making noises, he decided it was time to wake everyone up and eat. Reaching for the phone, he dialed Joey's room first.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabriel had finished his morning katas, he was kneeling in the floor, his eyes closed. As he meditated, he struggled to put last night's events out of his mind. He had a job to do; he could not allow himself to become involved with someone. Even if that someone was funny, sexy, and completely charming.

Not letting himself dwell on his life choices, he calmed himself. Finally admitting that he was as calm as he was going to get, he reached for his mobile phone.

Scott answered excitedly, "Gabe, I've been waiting for you."

"What's up?" Gabriel asked, looking over the room service menu.

"First, I did everything you asked." Scott explained, peering intently at the computer screen. "I can't find out anything about Justin or Nsync. Either there isn't anything to find, or someone is really good at hiding it."

"Okay, I wasn't really expecting anything." Gabriel stated, deciding on an omelet for breakfast. "What else?"

"I transferred all the money into your Swiss account. I also deposited a million dollars into that dummy account." Scott ticked off the items. "Why do you want that account anyway?"

"Don't worry about it." Gabriel instructed.

"I checked around, for the moment there are two hitters in the area. One in Philly, and one in Baltimore." Scott gave him the information. But guessing that they didn't have anything to do with the Senator.

"Probably, but keep it eye on their movements." Gabriel suggested. "What about Fosters Acquisitions? Anyone to curious about it."

"No yet. The police said they wanted to talk to you but I informed them that you were out of town on business. That should buy you a few days." Scott said, crossing off his list as he went.

"Good work." Gabriel offered. "I need you to look up something for me."

"Okay, go ahead."

"I don't know his last name but he's a bodyguard for Nsync. A huge black man with the first name Lonnie." Gabriel described the man to his assistant.

"Is he the man from the pictures you took yesterday?" Scott asked, already reaching for the envelope.

"Yes. I want to know his background. Check with the Special Forces first, he has the bearing of a military man." Gabriel suggested.

"Okay, anything else?"

"Nope, I have that tour of the stadium at ten, then I am going to talk to Tom." Gabriel replied. "Keeping checking, I have to find out who the hitter is before tomorrow night."

"I'll do my best." Scott promised.

"Talk to you later." Gabriel hung up the phone and ordered his breakfast.

When he finished breakfast, he dug out the blueprints for the stadium. While he waited for his appointment, he went over the plans again. Trying to memorize every passage, every place where a hitter might conceal himself.

Noticing that it was after nine, he quickly showered and dressed in a pair of black slacks with a black pullover. The pullover was baggy enough to hide the bulge from his 9mm but tight enough to show off his toned chest. Making sure he had everything he needed, he left the hotel and headed for Giant Stadium.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After calling Joey and Chris, Justin dialed Jc's room. Not getting any answer, he assumed that the dark hair singer was already awake and probably in Lance's room.

Dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans with a star pasted across his butt, and a sleeveless tan shirt, he walked across the hall and knocked on Lance's door. Hearing cursing through the door, he smiled. Maybe Lance wasn't up yet.

A disheveled Jc opened the door, rubbing his eyes grumpily. "What the fuck do you..."

"Good morning sunshine." Justin offered cheerily, as he walked past the half naked man. "Lance are you still in bed?"

"Fuck off." Lance groaned from under the covers. Jc rubbed his stomach as he looked around in a daze. Yawning loudly, he went back to the bed and snuggled in next to Lance.

"Come on sleepy heads." Justin shouted out good-naturedly as he pounced on the bed. "I'm hungry."

"Knock it off Justin." Jc growled.

"What the hell are you doing up so early anyway?" Lance asked, rolling over to peer at him from under the covers.

"I told you I'm hungry." Justin offered as an explanation.

Lance only grunted, covering his head again with the blankets. Justin looked at them, snuggled up together. Sadness came over him as he looked at them. Though they loved each other deeply, Jc wasn't gay. They made such a cute couple too, perfect for each other in every way, except sexually.

Unbeknown to the two, Justin knew about their one night of passion. He wished that they could somehow overcome the obstacle but he couldn't see any way. You can't force someone to be gay no matter how much love is there.

Leaning over Lance, Justin whispered in Jc's ear, "Josh, get up and eat with me."

Jc only mumbled and pushed his head away. Lance opened his eyes and glared at Justin, "You aren't going to let me go back to sleep are you?"

Shaking his head, a grin slipping across his face, Justin answered, "Nope."

"Fine." Lance exclaimed, throwing off the covers from his body. He got up and walked over to the bathroom, his morning hardon visible to Justin.

Justin had never been attracted to the southerner, but after last night, he looked at the hard body in a new appreciation. The blond was hot; a perfect toned body, a nice tight butt, and from what he saw, endowed as well.

Justin looked down and saw Jc peering at him with a queer look on his face. Jc mumbled, "Were you checking out his ass?"

Blushing a deep crimson color, Justin retorted, "Of course, but he doesn't have anything on you sexy."

And with that, Justin dove on the singer, showering him with kisses on his head along with tickling the hell out of him. Jc giggled and tried to force him off, but Justin had leverage on his side. Finally yelling out that he gave up, Jc sat up on the bed, his back against the pillows.

Looking at Jc, he could see a lump in the sheet. Looking down he said suggestively, "Oh, did I excite you?"

Now it was Jc's turn to blush, putting a pillow over his morning hardon, he stated, "You're in a good mood this morning. Get lucky last night?"

"You could say that." Justin replied mysteriously.

"Who was it?" Jc begged. "Is that why you didn't go out with us last night?"

Laying on his side, Justin played with the pillow that was covering Jc's crotch, "No, I didn't plan last night. It just kind of happened."

"What happened?" Lance asked as he walked over to the bed. His hardon gone, the boxers only giving a hint at what hid inside.

"Justin got laid." Jc said with a grin as he jumped up and ran towards the bathroom. Trying to hide his morning erection by running, which only drew attention to it as it bounced inside the loose pajama bottoms.

Justin caught Lance looking at Jc's crotch wishfully and a sigh escaped his lips. Justin pretended not to notice and said, "Joey and Chris should be here soon. What do you want for breakfast?"

Shaking off the feeling of longing, Lance shrugged, "Don't know. I'm not all that hungry. I think I'm a bit hungover yet."

Justin got off the bed and walked over to the couch. Looking over the menu, he decided to have an omelet with bacon and sausage.

Lance pulled on a pair of sweats and then stopped. Turning his head, he stared at Justin, his face a mask of confusion. "You got laid last night?"

Laughing, Justin leaned back in the sofa. "Maybe."

"Wow." Lance uttered. Looking more closely, he continued, "I can tell now. You've got the glow."

"So do you." Justin accused.

Lance turned around and pulled up the covers on the bed, hiding the activities of the previous night. Justin beamed at him and asked, "Does Jc know he slept in a bed where you fucked some hottie? Or was it Jc that you fucked?"

Lance spun around, his eyes boring a hole in Justin who looked positively oblivious as he stared back at him innocently. "It wasn't Jc, and yes he knew."

"So that was the reason why you two were all cuddled up together. To avoid the wet spot." Justin said, shaking his head.

"Something like that." Lance muttered. Walking over to Justin, he took the menu from his hands. He sat down, groaning loudly as he read the small print.

Justin got up to answer the door. When he opened it, Joey and Chris stumbled in. Both looking like they slept in their clothes and then had the shit kicked out of them while they slept.

"You look like shit." Justin commented, closing the door behind them.

"I need coffee." Chris groaned, reaching for the pot. He walked over to the bathroom and opened the door.

"Jesus Chris." Jc yelled out. "Don't you know how to knock?"

Chris slammed the door shut, his face red. "Ah, were going to have to wait for coffee."

Joey didn't seem to have noticed he was lying on the couch groaning. Lance looked up with a questioning look on his smooth face.

"What happened?" Justin asked, but already arriving at the conclusion.

"Jc was busy..." Chris's voice trailed off as Jc yelled through the door, "You better not Chris. I'll kill you."

"Nothing." Chris said with a wave of his hand. He sat down in a chair, the coffeepot clutched in his hands.

Lance and Justin exchanged looks, both smiling broadly. They knew what Jc was doing in the bathroom. Suddenly, the door burst open and a red faced Jc walked into the room.

Lance grinned wickedly and asked, "Did you clean up the mess? I don't want to take a shower and slip on any messes."

"Fucking Chris." Jc yelled. Chris looked up, confusion on his face. But seeing Jc running towards him, he got up and ran around the couch.

"What? I didn't say nothing." He yelled out.

"Stop the noise." Joey groaned, still oblivious to his surroundings.

Justin walked over to where the coffeepot had fallen in Chris's rush to escape. Walking into the bathroom, he filled up the pot and poured the water into the machine.

"Honestly, Chris didn't say anything." Lance was assuring an embarrassed Jc. Leaning over and whispering in his ear, Jc's eyes widened and he sat down calmly.

Chris looked at him, trying to decide if it was safe to sit down again. Deciding to risk it, he sat down as far away from the brunet as possible. The aroma of coffee wafted through the suite, he looked at the coffee maker and sighed. Only a few more minutes till he could get his morning fix.

"What does everyone want to eat?" Justin asked, barely able to contain his excitement.

"Oh." Joey groaned again, burying his head under a pillow. Chris rubbed his stomach and ventured, "Something heavy and with lots of grease."

"And you Jc?" Justin asked, seeing the far away look in his eyes.

"Whatever." Jc stated, staring at a spot on the wall, oblivious.

"How `bout I order?" Justin suggested. Grabbing the menu, he picked up the phone. After ordering half the menu, he hung up the phone. Looking around at his friends, he absently chewed on a finger. It wasn't going to be a rowdy day for them.

Joey was lying sprawled out on the couch; Chris squeezed on one end barely having any room. Lance and Jc was taking up the other couch, their legs touching. All four of them were staring off into space. Justin figured he would have to do something to wake them up.

Remembering from earlier, he managed a pissed off look. Declaring loudly in his most angry voice, he asked bluntly, "Who was the joker that put plastic wrap on my toilet? Was it you Joey?"

That got Joey's attention, he tried not to smile as he replied, "What are you talking about?"

Not believing him for a second, he questioned Chris, "Okay, was it you Chris?"

"Not me." Chris answered innocently. "I would never do that to you."

"Well it wasn't funny." Justin declared.

The four friends were having a hard time controlling their faces; the thought of Justin pissing all over the floor and himself was just too funny of a mental picture. They all broke out laughing, the tension fading away as Chris offered to get coffee for everyone.

"Well, whoever it was." Justin said hotly, pouting for all he was worth. "Pay backs are hell."

"But revenge is a mother fucker." Joey shot back, his eyes shining mischievously.

"So it was you." Justin accused, leaping across the room, landing on Joey's back. Joey exhaled loudly as the force of Justin drove all the air from his lungs.

"Damnit Justin." Joey managed angrily before giggling as Justin tickled him. Though Joey was the stronger man, Justin had him pinned face down on the couch. His arms were trapped under his body, giving Justin perfect access to the most ticklish spot, his sides.

Seeing the predicament his partner in crime was in, Chris turned sides. Sitting down his coffee, he fell on Joey's legs, pinning him more as Justin yelled and screamed at him.

Jc barely looked at the trio; he was absorbed in his own lonely thoughts. Lance looked on as usual, a small grin on his face, but still hanging back on the fringes.

Joey managed a weak yell and said, "Jesus Justin, I'm going to piss myself."

"That's what you get." Justin giggled. "I pissed myself now it's your turn."

Joey offered one last attempt at dislodging the man perched on his back, "Chris helped."

"I knew it." Justin said triumphantly. Turning to face Chris, who now had a silly grin on his face, he reached for him.

Chris jumped up and ran towards the door with Justin right behind him.

Flinging open the door, he stopped abruptly, Justin crashing into his back. The waiter stood in front of them, one hand outstretched to knock on the door, a look of fear on his young face.

"Saved by the food guy." Chris managed to say, pushing Justin away from him. "Come in."

Justin blushed, and walked back to the chair he had been sitting in. Chris led the apprehensive waiter into the room, trying to reassure him that it was only a joke.

After signing the bill, and making sure to leave the nervous waiter a generous tip, they attacked the food with fervor. Even Jc drug himself from his morose thoughts and managed to choke down a bagel and a few strips of bacon.

"I feel better." Joey exclaimed, burping loudly. In one hand he had a steaming cup of coffee and the other had a half eaten sausage. Chris mumbled something through his toast, a cup of coffee resting on his knee.

"What's up for today?" Justin asked, feeling satisfied that his plan worked.

"We have to go to the Stadium for awhile." Lance informed them, sipping on his hot tea.

"Why?" Joey asked, brushing some crumbs from his shirt.

For once Lance was grateful that it wasn't Justin asking a stupid question. But he was surprised when Justin answered the question for him.

"Remember, it's a brand new stadium. We've never played in there before. The crew wants to make sure everything works and they have the sound right." Justin said, a smug smile on his face.

"But I thought that was what sound check was for?" Chris asked, leaning back on the couch, his eyes closed.

"Tomorrow is the real sound check." Lance explained, as he glanced at Justin. Maybe all his hard work was paying off; Justin actually listened in yesterday's meeting. "But we need to get familiar with the facilities, we have two days to fine tune everything, no since in wasting it."

"When?" Joey asked.

"In an hour or so." Lance shrugged. "We won't be there long."

"Okay, I guess I should go and get a shower then." Chris stated, bringing his armpit to his face.

"You should." Justin said eagerly. "You stink."

"Hey." Chris managed to look hurt.

"You too Joey. You smell a cross between a brewery and a tobacco field." Justin said, crinkling up his nose as he looked at his friend.

"This is a first." Jc blurted out suddenly.

Four pairs of eyes shifted on him, he had been quiet for most of the morning. They looked at him expectantly.

"Justin ready before me and Lance." Jc said with a weak smile on his face.

"That's right." Justin realized, looking smug.

Joey and Chris left the room, Jc just moments after them. Justin stood up and said, "Well, I should let you get a shower."

Lance mumbled a thank you and watched Justin leave the room. Even with his hangover, he noticed the way Justin walked away. He recognized it immediately; he had walked that way many times after a good night of getting fucked.

As he got his things together for his shower, he mused on it. Turning over past incident's in his mind, he tried to make the pieces fit. Mentally he ticked off the items in his head as he washed his hair.

Justin breaks up with Britney suddenly for no reason. And just weeks after they all had walked in on Carson banging some kid in his office. Lately he had been distant, keeping to himself during the breaks. He had always been closed, but lately he was even more so.

But Lance's gaydar had not picked anything up. He realized as images sped through his mind, just how much he had watched the young singer. But not once had he ever caught him checking out a guy. He still flirted with every girl he met, he acted liked a normal straight guy would.

But then it was the business of yesterday. Disappearing all night, being mysterious about who he was with. Walking like he had been fucked real good, and he had a smug look on his face all morning. Knowing the Lonnie knew what happened but also knowing the Lonnie would not say anything to anyone.

Lance wondered, could Justin be at least bi-sexual? Or maybe he had just been curious. The more he thought about it, the more the pieces didn't fit. He hated things that weren't ordered and in it's place. For years he thought that Justin wasn't what he appeared to be but he could never catch him at it.

Shivering, he realized that he had been in the shower for awhile, his smooth skin slightly pink from the water. He looked like a prune, all shriveled up. Shaving quickly, he brushed his teeth and then finally getting dressed. He would have to watch Justin more closely and find out what was going on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After he spoke to Gabriel, Scott searched through the information he had compiled so far. Taking off his thick glasses, he rubbed his eyes. He didn't realize how tired he was, as nice as Gabe's apartment was, it just wasn't home.

The ringing of the phone startled him. It was the line for Fosters Acquisitions. He stared at the cell phone, smiling madly. Maybe this was the break they were waiting for.

Clearing his voice, he answered in a deep voice, "Fosters Acquisitions, how may I help you?"

"Yes, I'm looking for Gabriel Foster." A man asked his voice thick with an accent that Scott couldn't place.

"I'm sorry." Scott started, sticking with the ruse that he and Gabriel had come up with. "He's out of town at the moment. And if this is about a shipment, I'm sorry to inform you that we've had some trouble. Our offices burned down and we lost all our information about our customers."

"This is not about a shipment." The man stated harshly. "I'm looking for Gabriel, do you have a number I can reach him at. It's very important."

"I'm sorry, I can't give you any information on his whereabouts. If you give me your name and number I can give him a message." Scott ran through professionally. The whole time running his trace, trying to find out where the call came from.

"When do you expect him back?" The man altered his approach, frustration evident in his thick accent.

"A few days at most..." Scott said slowly, trying to buy more time for the trace to work.

"Fuck." He screamed as the man terminated the connection. Peering at the computer screen, he wasn't on the line long enough to trace. But he did find out that the caller was somewhere in Harrisburg.

As he dialed Gabriel's number, the power in the apartment cut out. Shutting his notebook, he reached for his 45. Cocking the powerful handgun, he put the phone to his ear. His ears strained to hear, but there was only silence. A thud against the front door started him sweating. He whirled around, the phone in one hand and the gun in the other.

"What's up." Gabriel's voice rang out.

To Be Continued

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