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"Gabriel." Scott answered softly, his voice steady and calm. "We might have a slight problem here."

"Hold on." Gabriel instructed, moving away from Tiffany Barns.

Scott had backed up against the wall, his breathing shallow. Barely speaking out loud, he explained, "The power went out in the building."

"How long ago?" Gabriel asked, in the same quiet tone as Scott.

"A minute ago. But that's not all." Scott said, trying to focus on his conversation with his boss and trying to hear anything out of the ordinary. "Someone called for you, Fosters Acquisitions."

"Who was it?"

"He didn't tell me his name or what he wanted. He only said he wanted to talk to you. He had a hard accent, I couldn't place it though." Scott said as he moved along the wall till he felt the doorknob.

"Did you trace it?" Gabriel asked excitedly.

"He didn't stay on long enough, but I did track him. He was calling from Harrisburg." Scott stated bluntly. "Right after he hung up the power died. That's too much of a coincidence for me."

"A few seconds after the power cut out, I heard a bang against the front door." Scott whispered, putting his free ear against the steel door.

"Do you hear anything moving in the hall?" Gabriel asked, his mind racing. How did someone know where he lived? Where did he make his mistake at?"

"Nothing. All's quiet." Scott relayed. "Hold on, I'm going out."

Gabriel nodded into the phone, knowing that Scott would be cautious, he waited.

Scott put the phone the down, slowly unlocking the door, he turned the knob. Cracking the door, he held his gun at the ready. The dim safety lights caused him to squint as he peered down the hall. Noticing a letter pinned to the wall by a knife, he crept out into the hall. All was quiet the hall was empty.

Grabbing the knife, he walked back into the darkened apartment. Locking the door behind him, he grabbed the phone and walked over to the window. Cracking the curtains slightly, just enough to read the paper.

"Seems like you have an admirer." He stated blandly into the phone. Telling Gabriel about the letter he found in the hall.

"What does it say?"

"It only says Stay away from the Senator. This is your only warning." Scott read.

"Charming." Gabriel stated evenly. "Is it written or typed?"

"Typed. Looks like a normal font, probably a computer printout." Scott said absently.

"Since the letter was obvious for me, they might not know about you." Gabriel mused. "Is the power on yet?"


"Call the front desk, tell them the power is out." Gabriel instructed. "Keep the door locked and wait for me."

"Perfect." Scott stated angrily. "It's going to be very boring you know."

"Hey, read a book. You can't live your entire life glued to that computer." Gabriel said sarcastically.

"Whatever." Scott moaned, hanging up the phone. Looking around the darkened apartment, he sat down on the couch. His phone next to him, his gun resting in his hand he waited. "Boring."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pushing Scott from his mind, Gabriel turned back to the pretty brunet that was showing him around the stadium. Tiffany Barns, a slim attractive woman, dressed professionally in a woman's suit. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was waiting patiently for Gabriel to finished his call.

"Sorry about that." Gabriel stated with a grin. "Business you know."

"I hear that." She answered warmly. "I can't get away from my cell phone."

"This is a nice place. Much better than the old stadium." Gabriel chatted, playing the part of a businessman perfectly.

"Yes, we're proud of it." She said, her face glowing with pride. "It doubles the size of the old one."

As Gabriel looked around, his eyes focusing in on all the spots a hitter would set up. It was a normal stadium, just like countless others. It doubled as a hockey rink where the Hershey Bears played weekly as long as a venue for concerts, graduations, and any other event that you could think of.

At the moment, a stage was set up, huge banners baring the name Nsync. Hordes of people rushed around the stage, looking like ants from his height. As he peered out from the VIP booth, he saw the hidden spots a hitter might use. It would almost be impossible to guess the spot the hitter would set up. There were just too many hiding spots.

Again he was drawn to the stage. Tomorrow Justin would take that stage, performing for thousands of screaming fans. It seemed so surreal from where he stood. Images of his passionate night flickered in his minds eye.

He could feel Justin's hands caressing his back, gripping his butt tightly as he repeatedly invaded him. He could feel Justin's soft lips brushing against his. Imagining that he could feel the bite mark that he left on his neck, he sighed.

Get your head together, quit thinking about him. That attitude will get you killed, he scolded himself harshly. Hearing the pretty woman speak, he asked, "What?"

"How do you like it?" She asked sweetly. He remembered suddenly why he was here. He was supposed to be checking out the booth for Sunday's hockey game. Shaking his head, he tried to look undecided.

"I'm not sure, it's rather high up for a hockey game." He stated slowly. "Do you have any other private booths closer to the ice?"

At that moment, music started from the huge speakers that were placed around the stadium. A hip hop sound, the bass so heavy that he could feel it in his chest. A strong clear voice started singing, looking back to the stage, he saw the five members of Nsync dancing around on the stage.

They were all dressed in shorts, moving lithely through a complicated choreography dance sequence. He couldn't make out any of the words, except Bye Bye Bye. Shrugging, he thought, at least he's good in bed.

"They're performing tomorrow night." Tiffany explained, joining him at the rail. Her head bouncing to the rhythm of the beat.

"I figured." He stated pointing to the banners that covered the stadium.

"Don't you like them?" She asked, a knowing smile on her face.

"I don't really listen to music." He offered lamely.

"My little girls love them." She said, a far away look on her face.

"Are they going to be here?"

"Oh yes. One of the perks for working here, I get tickets to any show I want." She smiled. "We are going to be right down there." She pointed to the front row.

"Better bring ear plugs." He joked. "I imagine it's very loud."

"It is. I've seen them every time they perform here." She said. "You wouldn't believe it."

Thinking to himself that he would find out tomorrow night, he took one last look around the upper part of the stadium. Turning away from the railing, he started towards the door.

"So, do you want to reserve the booth?" She asked, back to business.

"I don't think so." He shrugged. "I like to be closer to the action. But thanks for showing me around."

Putting on a smile, she replied, "It's my job. But it was a pleasure."

"Do you know where Tom Pavone is?" He asked as they made their way towards the private elevator that would bring them directly to the lobby.

"I imagine he's in his office." She replied. "Do you know where that is?"

Shaking his head with a grin, he said, "Nope. First time here." Even though the blueprints showed where the security offices were, he continued his ruse.

"I can show you." She offered.

"Thank you Tiffany." He said with a warm smile making her blush. Once the elevator doors opened, she walked back in through one of the tunnels. Leading him back into the arena where Nsync was still rehearsing, the noise almost knocking him to the ground.

Conversation was pointless as they walked down to the floor, the noise was deafening. Flashing her security badge at a guard, she led him around backstage. Walking through a door marked Security Personal Only, the entered a long white corridor.

The music was only a dull roar now, and Gabriel shook his head. The sudden quiet almost more painful than the heavy beats from the music.

When he passed the stage, he noticed Justin staring at him. Up close, he could see that Justin was just a beat off from the others. His movements stiff, like he was having a hard time keeping the beat. Knowing the reason why, Gabriel shot him a smile.

Justin missed a step all together, his face turning red. He quickly looked away. But as Gabriel walked, he felt Justin's eyes burning into his back.

Stopping, Tiffany said, "His office is just down the corridor. You can't miss it." She pointed down the white hallway.

"Thank you." Gabriel uttered as he shook her hand. Leaving her staring at him, he made his way down the hall. All the offices he passed had large windows, he saw dozens of people scurrying around.

Reaching the door marked Security, he opened it. A large man wearing a uniform asked him abruptly, "Hey, you don't have a badge. You're not suppose to be back here."

Holding his hands out, and putting a smile on his face that he knew disarmed people, he explained, "Miss. Barns was showing me around. I'm a friend of Tom Pavone and he told me to come back here when I was finished."

Still showing signs of disbelief, the guard stated, "Tom isn't here. You really should have an escort Mr..."

"Foster. Gabriel Foster." He answered smoothly.

"Mr. Foster. I will tell Tom that you stopped by." The guard continued in the same manner as every security guard does. Making himself feel more important than he was, puffing up his chest. It was some macho thing that Gabriel never understood.

But cocky idiots like the one standing before him made his job all the more easier. A bit of flattery, a small show of fear and they would do whatever you wished them to do. He had to suppress the notion of taking the guard down a few notches. After all, he had to work there the next night. It wouldn't be good to start off on the wrong foot.

So instead of cracking the idiot over the head, he simply said, "That's perfect. Would you be so kind to escort me out of here? I wouldn't want to get lost and turn up some place I shouldn't."

"I'll have someone escort you out." The guard replied harshly, fussing with some papers on the desk to show how busy he was.

"Thank you."

Another idiot walked in and the first idiot ordered him to take care of Gabriel. Rolling his eyes, he followed the guard down the hallway. Bypassing the stage area, the guard opened another door, this one leading directly into the lobby.

"Thank you." Gabriel replied, sarcism dripping from his tongue. "Nimrod." He stated softly as the door closed rather quickly.

Looking around, he saw the same white guy that had followed him from the hotel. It was also the same one that he had startled in the hallway outside of his room. He was a big man, a busy goatee and a bodyguard for Nsync. Guessing that Lonnie was behind it, he chuckled as he made his way to his car.

The moment he drove away, the bodyguard followed in a black van. Very inconspicious he thought. Focusing on Scott and his problems, his face darkened. Someone knew where he lived. He had to find out who and fast.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Have you seen Lonnie around?" Justin asked his tour manager, absently chewing on one finger.

"No, not all day." Came the reply.

Justin walked back over to where the guys were sitting. They were waiting in their lounge, a private place for them to focus before and after a show. In a couple of minutes, they would run down a few of the songs, testing out the acoustics of the stadium.

Much to Justin's dismay, Lance asked if they wanted them to dance as well. Giving excuses that they needed to exercise off the heavy breakfast they had consumed earlier. Everyone loved the idea, so Justin found himself in a pair of shorts, dreading the moment.

"We're ready." One of the many assistants informed them.

"Let's get this over with." Justin groaned, receiving glances from his friends. He loved to dance, if they'd let him he'd dance all day long.

"Justin, not wanting to dance." Joey feigned a heart attack, falling into Chris who stated excitedly, "See what you've done. You killed Joey."

"You bastards." Lance stated, mimicking Stan from Southpark.

"Ha ha." Justin said dryly. Walking well ahead of them, wincing from the discomfort of his night of lust.

Jc didn't notice, Joey and Chris were off in some far away place, like Jupiter, but Lance had noticed it. Smiling at his deception, he felt a bit guilty for forcing the dancing, but not enough to call it off. He figured if Justin was going to play with the boys he would have to take the consequences as well.

They stepped out on stage, Lance noticed how much bigger the stadium was than compared to the old one. He imagined it full; fans screaming at them, it was going to be one hellva show.

Taking their places, the music started. Concentrating on his own performance, Lance still kept in eye on Justin. Smiling internally at the discomfort written on his face, he watched him.

Justin winced every time he moved, his butt felt like it was on fire. Grimacing, he tried to remember the words and the steps that went with the words. He became more frustrated when he realized that he was off a step with the guys, he tried missing a step to get back in sync. He bumped into Jc, who gave him a look that said, what the fuck is your problem.

Glaring back at him, he turned and his eyes met with Gabriel's. He stumbled when the blond smiled at him, turning away quickly; his mind reeled at seeing him there.

Lance, who was watching him closely, saw him lock eyes with some man walking by. What the hell is that about? Where does he know that guy from? I've never seen him.

At that point, Justin gave up. He walked over to a raised part of the stage and leaned against it, his chest heaving, trying to regain his breath.

"What's up Just?" Jc asked, finally noticing something around him.

Shaking it off, he mumbled, "Just stiff I guess. I didn't stretch properly."

"Are you okay Justin?" Someone called out to him from the front of the stage.

"I'm fine. Just a cramp." Justin smiled weakly, his legs threatening to give out.

Joey and Chris walked over to get some water, not really concerned about him. They knew he was in too good of shape to really be hurt.

Jc and Lance crowded around him. Jc offered, concern on his face, "Do you need someone to rub it out?"

"I'll be fine." Justin told him, finally sitting down on the stage. "Just give me a minute."

Lance looked at him, a small knowing smile on his face. Justin looked at him and blurted, "What?"

"Nothing." Lance replied, taking the water that some assistant brought him. Justin opened his and drank half of the water down.

"Hey Lance. Could you come here for a second?"

Lance walked over to where the tour manager was standing along with the head sound engineer. Jc followed him with his eyes, a longing look that intrigued Justin.

Turning back, Jc's eyes met Justin's. A look of sadness engulfed his face; he looked away, fumbling with his water bottle.

"What's wrong Josh?" Justin asked, his own pain forgotten for the moment.

"It's just..." He sighed loudly. "I don't know. Lot's of things."

"Want to talk about it?" Justin asked, being careful not to let his curiosity get the better of him. For a moment he almost blurted out that he knew about them. But something inside held him back.

"No." Jc said, a smile breaking his face. "It's something I have to work out on my own."

Looking at Jc then over to Lance, Justin replied, "I understand. But if you ever need someone to speak at, I'm here for ya."

"Thanks Juju." Jc stated, using an old nickname for Justin that no one used anymore.

Lance walked back over, his face concerned.

"What's up Lance?" Jc asked, all traces of his sadness gone.

"They want us to do a complete sound check tonight." He informed them as he waved Joey and Chris over. "There's been a change of plans."

When Joey and Chris arrived, Lance explained it; "Senator Hutchinson is attending tomorrow nights show along with several friends of his daughter."

"So." Joey replied bluntly, throwing an empty water bottle at Chris whom managed to duck behind Jc in the nick of time.

"Apparently his daughter is a huge fan and he's made a request to our record company. He wants us to bring his daughter and her friends up on stage at the end of the show." Lance stated in his deep southern voice.

"And we have to do sound check tonight because." Jc asked, waiting for the answer.

"They want us to hang out with the Senator and his daughter for some publicity stuff at Hershey Park." Lance said, wincing as he waited for the reactions of his bandmates.

"Fuck that." Joey spat. "We don't get involved with politics."

"It's been that way from day one." Chris continued the argument. "We don't back any candidate."

"It not about politics." Lance drooled on. "It's about us connecting and spending time with our fans."

"Don't you think it would be better to get some fans that don't have famous fathers?" Jc asked, a disapproving frown on his face.

"I know, but management wants this. The Senator isn't the type of person you want to piss off." Lance argued. "It will only be for a couple of hours. Two at the most."

"Fine." Joey exclaimed. Chris nodded his head and shrugged his shoulders.

"Well Justin, you might get your chance to throw up yet." Jc said good-naturedly, smacking him on the arm.

"Will see about that." Justin fired back, smacking the singer on the back of the head.

Turning to Justin, Lance asked seriously, "Are you sure your well enough to this?"

"Yea, I'll be fine." Justin said bravely. "Just let me go backstage and stretch."

Justin walked away as everyone started setting up for the sound check. Walking back to the tour buses, Justin knocked on the one reserved for the dancers.

"Hey Justin, what's up." A slim man called out, his face lighting up.

" Not much Todd, I've got a favor to ask." Justin replied, stepping inside the bus.

"Of course." Todd replied, leading the star back to his bunk.

Justin paused, trying to sort out what he was going to say. Finally he said, "I'm really sore, I need something for the pain."

"Pain killers I've got." Todd informed him, reaching for a small carryon bag. Opening it up, Justin saw several bottles of pills.

"What type of pain are we talking about?" Todd asked, turning his attention on Justin.

"It's kind of embarrassing." Justin explained. "You know, after a rough night of sex. Aches and pains."

Smiling wickedly, he asked, "Straight night of sex or more gay in nature?"

"Gay in nature type of sex." Justin answered, trying to act like it was normal for him to admit that.

"I see." Todd said with a smile. "I've got something that will take that all away." Grabbing a vial, he dumped out two white pills. A little bit bigger than aspirin tablets, he gave them to Justin.

"What are they?" He asked, rolling the pills in his hand. "Will I be able to rehearse or are they going to knock me out?"

"I take them all the time." Todd assured him. "You'll be able to act normal except the pain will be gone."

"Thanks. I really appreciate it." Justin said sincerely.

"Any time." Todd replied then adding, "And anytime you want to try more of that gay natured sex, I'm more than willing to help you out with that."

Smiling, Justin grinned. Stepping off the bus, he made his way back to the lounge. Take the pills with a huge gulp of water, he began stretching his aching muscles.

As he stretched, his mind drifted back to Gabriel. What was he doing here at the stadium? Seeing the long hair god had caused a whole new emotional roller coaster to seize him. Damn he looked good, all dressed in black. Stop it, he ordered himself.

Don't let the face cloud your judgement. And where the hell was Lonnie? Was he still checking up on Gabriel? It wasn't like him to disappear? He should get a pullover like the one Gabriel was wearing; it really accented the chest muscles.

"Fuck." Justin exclaimed, giving up on the stretching. "I give up."

Just then he realized that the pain was gone. Shaking his head as he flexed his butt muscles, he smiled and started dancing around the room. He started singing while he danced a funny sight to see a grown man dancing and singing to no music.

Which is exactly what Lance thought when he poked his head into the lounge. "Feeling better are we?" An amused smile on his face.

"Told you it was only a cramp." Justin fired back. "Let's go do this."

Justin followed Lance back to the stage doing a weird jig down the hallway. The other guys were waiting, sitting around talking amongst themselves loudly.

After an hour wait, they finally started the sound check. Mostly they sang cover songs, the band having fun playing something different for a change.

After a horrible cover of Madonna's Like a Virgin by Justin and Jc, Lance informed them that they pretty much had all the bugs worked out. It took them another hour to get everything together before they finally made it back to the hotel.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabriel finally made it back to his apartment, after many twists and turns to lose the black van that was following him. All in all, it would have been rather fun except the fact that someone knew who he was. Someone knew where he lived and what his name was.

Seeing Bobby at the door, he waved. Bobby walked over to him and said, "Mr. Foster, just to let you know, the building experienced a power out earlier today. It seemed one of the fuses blew. But everything is fine now and the building has power."

"Thanks Bobby." Gabriel replied as he entered the elevator. When the doors opened, he peeked out into the hall. It was empty, pulling his gun; he walked quickly to his door. Placing a finger on the hole in the wall from where the knife pierced it, he rang the doorbell and than knocked.

Scott answered the door, not even bothering with hiding his pistol. With a look of relief on his chubby face, Scott said, "Finally. Why didn't you answer your phone?"

"What?" Gabriel asked, pushing the small man inside the apartment forcibly. "What are you talking about?"

"Your mobile." Scott explained as he locked the door. "I've tried calling you for the last hour."

Pulling the phone from his pocket, Gabriel looked at the small phone. The bars for the battery display shown over half charged. Pushing the button, he listened.

"I have a dial tone." Gabriel insisted. "What about your phone?"

"It's fine." Scott stated as he dialed the number again. Gabriel looked at his phone, he could hear the ringing through Scott's earpiece but his phone remained silent.

"That's weird." Scott said, his brow furrowed deeply. "Let me try something."

He dialed another number, his favorite take-out place. It just rang and rang. Reaching for Gabriel's phone, he dialed the same number. When someone answered, he hung up.

"Yours works fine. Mine is the fucked up one." Scott admitted, looking at his phone. He plopped it in the charger and stated, "We've got problems."

"Go ahead. What was up with the lights?" Gabriel asked, back to business.

"Right after I called you, I went to the basement." Scott said as he grabbed something from the table. Throwing to Gabriel, he asked, "Ever see anything like this?"

Gabriel studied the small object, "Yea, it's a small explosive devise with a timer."

"That was in the power box." Scott relayed.

"So someone deliberately turned the power off in the building." Gabriel mused. "Why?"

"Maybe cause he knew you had camera's in the hall and he didn't want to be seen delivering the threat." Scott offered.

Shaking his head, Gabriel stated, "I don't think so. He could've just dropped in the mailbox downstairs. No, there has to be another reason."

"Like what?"

"I don't know." Gabriel admitted. "But I'm sure we'll find out soon."
"I think I should go back home." Scott said, pushing his glasses up with a shaking hand.

"Bad idea." Gabriel said, waving around his apartment. "It would take a lot to blow up that door and all the windows have bulletproof glass. I think it would be safer here."

"What if the power goes out? I'm be totally useless to you without power."

"Can we rig up some kind of generator?" Gabriel asked.

"I doubt it. Generator's are noisy, all your neighbors would complain." Scott insisted. "But I could steal electric from next door."

"Perfect, that should work till tomorrow night. Anything new on the hitters?"

"Nope, nothing. But I only started back up again, give me an hour or so and I'll let you know." Scott promised. "Oh, here's the file on that Nsync bodyguard. You were right, Special Forces, he served during Desert Storm."

Looking over the file, Gabriel's face was grim, "I knew it. He had the bearing of those Army pussies. What was his specialty?"

"Recon." Scott stated with a grin. "I wouldn't underestimate him."

"Please." Gabriel stated sarcastically. "I don't underestimate anyone."

Scott looked away, a slight smile on his face. He had never seen Gabriel look so scattered, he could tell his boss had other things on his mind, like a curly headed singer. He just hoped that his infatuation wouldn't get the two of them killed.

"What's on the agenda for tonight?" Scott asked brightly.

"I'm not sure." Gabriel mused. "I have to go and see Tom, the stadium is going to be more difficult than I first had thought."

"Alright, if you need anything." Scott said, pointing to the phone on the desk, "Remember my mobile is acting up. Call the business phone."

"Right." Gabriel nodded. "I'll check back in a few hours."

Gabriel left Scott hunched over the laptop, cigarette smoke trailing above his head. Reaching the bottom floor, he walked towards his car. In one hand he had the bio of Lonnie, the other was searching for his car keys. Dropping them, he cursed as he bent over to grab them.

A soft but distinct sound whizzed by his head. It was the unforgettable sound of a bullet travelling at high speed. Diving behind a car, he peered around the dimly lit parking garage. The folder lay scattered on the ground along with his keys.

The garage was silent. In his hand was a 9mm, deadly at close range. The absence of a silencer worried him; the noise would draw unwanted attention to him. But it could not be helped. Someone had fired a shot at him, missing him by only inches. Attention or death? Easy question for any idiot to answer. And he was no idiot.

Judging the direction of the shooter by the trajectory of the round, he made his way along the cars. His ears sharp to any sound. Coming out close to where he guessed the shooter would be, he peeked around the back of a car.

"What the fuck?" He muttered as he saw his friend Tom Pavone lying face down on the ground, blood trickling from a wound on the back of his head, a high powered sniper rifle lying along aside his body.

To Be Continued

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