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Rage runs rampant Always been abandoned Killin' for some pocket change Blames being force fed rules Governed by fools Slammin' you against the grain And the nation's glued to CNN To watch their own creation Behold...R Beach

As he peered around, looking for any sign of movement, he walked silently over to Tom's prone form. Kicking the rifle underneath the car, he knelt down. Tucking Tom's 45 in his pants, he felt for a pulse.

Tom moaned, his eyes fluttered open, glazed. Gabriel pulled him upright, leaning him against the fender of the car. Holding the gun on his friend, he looked around the garage nervously, too many places to hide.

Tom muttered as he felt the cut on his head, "Son-of-bitch."

Looking at Gabriel, his eyes shown his confusion. Gabriel asked bluntly, "What the fuck happened Tom?"

Realizing that Gabriel had a gun pointing at his head, Tom answered quickly, "I saw...damn this hurts."

"Tom, someone just took a shot at me." Gabriel replied harshly. "You better explain what you're doing here."

Seeing his own gun tucked inside Gabriel's pants, he said haltingly, "I saw you leave the stadium, I had some news to tell you about the Senator."

"Okay." Gabriel said softly, still apprehensive with Tom's presence. "Go on."

"I decided to wait for you here." Tom waved around the parking garage. "My car is over there. I was just about to call out to you when I heard the ricochet and saw you dive behind that car. I snuck up behind the shooter, but I guess he got the best of me." Tom admitted as he rubbed the cut gingerly.

"Who was it?" Gabriel asked, relaxing slightly.

"I didn't get a look at his face, but it was a huge man. Like three hundred pounds, sorry but that's all." Tom explained, trying to make it to his feet.

Gabriel reached out and helped the big man to his feet. After making sure he could stand up, he looked at the gash. It wasn't bad, but all scalp wounds tend to bleed profusely making it seem worse than it is.

"How you feeling?" Gabriel asked, bending over to retrieve the rifle from under the car.

"Okay, a bit shaky but that will pass." Tom assured him, looking at the rifle curiously. "That's quite a weapon."

Emptying the magazine, he unloaded the weapon. "I haven't seen this type since the war. It's old."

"It would've still killed you." Tom stated. "Can I have my gun back?"

"Oh sure." Gabriel said with a smile. As he handed it back to him, he said, "I hope you understand. It wasn't personal."

"Perfectly." Tom flashed a grin. "Reminds me of that time in Saudi."

"Which time?" Gabriel shot back, moving towards his car. "Your right, they all start to blend together after a while." Tom said, as he waited for Gabriel to lock the gun up in his truck.

"What did you want to tell me?" Gabriel asked, his attention back on his task at hand. The sniper incident retreating from his mind.

"Oh yeah, the Senator's plans have changed."

"In what way?" Gabriel asked, expectantly looking at his red head friend.

"He's going to Hershey Park. Some kind of publicity junket. His daughter and some of her friends will be hanging out with Nsync at the park." Tom explained, pressing a handkerchief to his head.

Gabriel's eyes widened, fuck. His mind raced, that meant that Justin could be in danger. Just his being around the Senator assured that. Trying to control his raging emotions in front of Tom, he asked, "When is this going to happen?"

Tom noticed his wild look but attributed it to the change of plan. Ignoring the look on his face, he said, "Around noon."

"You have to get me on the security team." Gabriel stated with a determined look on his face.

"That might be a problem." Tom stated, leaning against the car. "The Senator will be surrounded by his personal security team as will Nsync. Both camps have agreed to use their own staff."

"Fuck me." Gabriel exclaimed. "What is your role in this?"

"To handle park security. We have extra guards on duty but they won't have anything to do with the Senator." Tom explained his face neutral as he studied his friend.

"Get me a free pass." Gabriel ordered. "I'll keep an eye on it as a guest of the park. Is there someway I can get inside without going through security?"

"I can let you in the security entrance." Tom said after a moment. "But if you get caught inside the park with a weapon I won't be able to do anything."

"Don't worry. I've gotten through worse situations." Gabriel admonished with a grin. "Remember the Russian embassy in 92?"

Tom's eyes lit up, laughing he asked, "How did you get that inside? I've always wanted to know."

"Trade secrets." Gabriel replied mysteriously. "Let's just say that it involved some smelly avenues."

"You were always the best." Tom admitted proudly. "The best thing I ever did was recruit you."

"I learned from the best." Gabriel stated his eyes filled with respect at the man that had saved his life more times than he could count. And it looked like he saved him again.

"I owe you for today." Gabriel said seriously. "Anything you need."

"Don't worry about it. You would've done the same for me. Hell you have done the same for me." Tom informed him. Right then his phone started ringing, he answered.

After a moment, he said, "I've got to go. Business you know."

"Yea, so do I. I have something to take care of." Gabriel said, shaking his friend's hand.

"Hey, you'll have to come over for dinner sometime. Kelly misses you." Tom explained.

"That would be great. How about tonight?"

"Perfect. See ya there. Around six."

Gabriel watched his friend walk away. The one thing he could always count on was his friend. During Desert Storm, they had served in the same outfit, Shadow Company. Along with six others, they had gone places none dared go. For most of the war, he had been close enough to spit on the Iraqi dictator.

Several times he had the vicious man in his sights, awaiting clearance that never came. The seven of them became quite close, making bonds that nothing could sever. They were more like brothers than anything else.

Each one owing someone his life. No matter how hairy a situation got, no matter if someone had a gun to his head, Gabriel had always known that his friends would save him.

He thought back to a conversation he had with Tom after a deadly encounter with an Israeli soldier. They had run into a small group of Israeli's deep inside Baghdad.

The Israeli snuck up behind Gabriel, pointing a gun to his hand. Hearing the soldier cocked his weapon, Gabriel knew that the man was going to fire. Luckily, Tom shot the soldier before he could fire.

After they had reached a secure place, Tom asked, "How did it feel to look death in the face?"

He had responded immediately, "I don't know. I've never faced death before."

"What do you call that?"

"I knew you would save me." He replied simply.

That was true, he never felt fear when Tom was around. It was as inevitable as the rising sun, a bond that only veterans know or understand.

Getting into his car, he felt ashamed at his actions. For a moment, he had suspected Tom had tried to kill him. It was a feeling that he never wanted to feel again. Tom was one of the only people he could trust, along with Scott.

Leaving the building, he drove to his safe house. A small storage facility outside of Harrisburg that he owned. No one knew about it, not even Scott. He hired someone to take care of it for him with strict instructions to leave the two bays he occupied alone and untouched.

This is where he stored all his gear, his huge cache of weapons along with his most sophisticated toys. In the other bay he had all the information that he had collected over the years. All his contacts worldwide along with his many identities. It was also a haven, in the event that something happened, he could hide out for weeks in the small enclosure. Food and water were stored neatly on shelves, a small bed in the corner along with a small kitchen area.

Going inside the first bay, he shut the door behind him. A gun vault took up half the room, in the middle of the room was a table. Along the walls were various tools, a blowtorch, a sander, and a retooling machine. He had everything he needed to make his own bullets. He hated going through stores to get his high powered ammunition, too many questions.

Along the far wall, a table that looked like a woman's makeup vanity rested. This is where he altered his looks; it had everything he needed to transform himself into his many identities.

Placing the rifle on the desk, he studied it for any clues. Aside from the hollow point shells, the gun was nondescript. No markings of any kind. He didn't expect any. No professional would leave behind any traces that would lead to the owner.

Pondering why the shooter left it behind, he dismantled completely. Cutting the barrel in half with a blowtorch, he destroyed the gun systematically. When he was finished, there was no sign of the rifle left. Even the plastic stock had been melted down.

Satisfied with his attempt, he opened his gun vault. Turning on the light, he looked around. Neatly laid out in carrying cases and lined along the walls was his arsenal. Handguns of every type, 9mm, 45's, an assortment of silenced twenty-two's along with several sniper rifle's fitted with nightvision scopes. From his old army days, he had several machine guns. A few M16's, AK47's along with several machine pistols.

In the center of the vault was a desk, he sat down and cleaned his 9mm. When he was done, he emptied out his extra clips. Opening a drawer, he pulled out a black box. With this new ammunition he loaded the clips. Grabbing a matching 9mm from the wall, he did the same thing.

Loading the clips in a belt pouch, he put on a duel shoulder holster. He clipped the pouch on his belt in the small of his back. Placing the guns securely in place, he cleaned up the desk. After putting on a leather coat, he checked himself mentally.

Things were getting a bit out of hand, he needed to focus and forget about Justin for the moment. He found himself thinking about him nearly all the time. Accusing himself of growing soft, he locked the vault.

Making sure everything was in place, he walked over to the vanity and switched on the lights. After deciding on a red wig, he placed it in a duffel bag along with several noses and a pair of contact lenses. Stuffing a makeup kit inside the bag, he switched off the lights.

Loading up everything in his car, he headed towards the hotel. It was only two o-clock, plenty of time before he had to be at Tom's for dinner. If Nsync was still at the stadium, he could sneak into Justin's room and observe the layout.

The Senator's room was directly aside Justin's suite, and knowing that most hotel rooms are the same, he figured seeing Justin's room was just as good as the other.

Again he told himself that his interest in Justin was purely business. He needed access and Justin could get it for him. But as he drove to the hotel, a small voice in the back of his head told otherwise.

Parking his car, he walked into the lobby. Standing next to the elevator was the same bodyguard that he had given the slip earlier. Smiling at him, Gabriel pushed the button. While he waited, another bodyguard joined the first one. When the doors opened, Gabriel was pushed into the elevator roughly.

"Lonnie wants to see you." The big white guy stated.

Straightening out his coat, he stated quietly, "Please don't touch me."

They took up positions on either side of him, both staring straight ahead. Gabriel noticed that they had pushed the fifth floor button, probably to make sure that Justin wouldn't see them manhandling me.

Gabriel shifted slightly, dropping his bag. He went to take a step forward when the white guy placed his hand on his shoulder. Moving so fast that he never saw it coming, Gabriel turned and brought his palm to the guy's throat. The man gargled and fell to the floor clutching his throat, gasping for air.

Continuing the turning motion, letting the momentum carry his fist he brought it crashing into the guy's jaw. He slumped to the floor, his eyes glazed. Picking up his bag, he smoothed his hair down.

The door's opened and Lonnie was there. His eyes wide as he saw the two men on the floor. Gabriel flashed a grin and stated casually, "I asked them not to touch me."

Whistling, he headed towards his room. Lonnie called out to him, "Mr. Cain, wait."

Gabriel placed the bag down and faced the man. Mentally weighing the man and calculating his weaknesses. "Yes."

"May I talk to you?" Lonnie asked, anger in his black eyes. Flashing him a grin, he replied, "Since you asked so politely."

His room was a few doors down; he unlocked it and stepped aside for the big man to enter. Lonnie took in the room in one long look. Walking over towards the chair, he asked, "May I sit down?"

Throwing his bag on the bed, Gabriel said as he took a seat on the couch, "Please. Now what can I do for you?"

Lonnie answered, never taking his eyes off the younger man, "First I want to let you know that I had nothing to do with what just happened. I asked Mike to give you a message that I wanted to speak to you. Whatever they did was not my doing."

"I figured, which one is Mike?"

"The one with the goatee."

"The one that you have following me all over town." Gabriel managed to look upset, though he found it all amusing.

"Sorry, but that's kind of what I want to talk to you about." Lonnie said cautiously.


"I know that you are registered under a false name." Lonnie stated, holding up his hand, "Let me finish. It's none of my business why you did that, or what you might be doing in town. But Justin is my business."

Gabriel nodded and waited for the man to continue. After a moment, Lonnie started again, "I won't allow you to do anything that might hurt him or cause anything else to hurt him. I haven't told Justin anything that I've found out, but I'm asking you to leave Justin alone."

Gabriel sat there in silence for several moments, Lonnie staring at him expectantly. Gabriel read his face and smiled inwardly. Lonnie was telling him to stay away from Justin but he did it in such a polite way. No threatening undertones, only the truth spoken directly.

Lonnie saw Gabriel's eyes flash for a moment, it looked like the man was smiling. When the elevator opened, he had been surprised to say the least that Gabriel had manhandled the two bodyguards. Both men were well experienced in handling themselves and he was shocked that Gabriel had effortlessly incapacitated them.

"Tell you what." Gabriel finally said. "First, I doubt I will see Justin again. After all he left this morning without speaking to me so it's safe to say that he won't be coming down here anytime soon. And second, I have a few pressing business matters to take care of so I'll be extremely busy the next few days."

Standing up, he stated plainly, "And whatever my business is, it has nothing to do with Justin. Meeting him yesterday was pure dumb luck. Let's call him a pleasant diversion from my life. I didn't even know who he was until last night. And don't worry, my lips are sealed about what happened in here last night."

Lonnie stood up and stuck out his hand, "Thank you. And I do believe you when you say that Justin is in no danger from you."

"Perfect, now if you'll excuse me, I have some things to do before dinner." Gabriel said, opening the door.

Lonnie walked out into the hall, he turned around when Gabriel called out, "Don't have Mike follow me anymore. We both know he couldn't keep up with me and I hate wasting the time to lose him."

"Okay." Lonnie promised.

Gabriel shut the door and opened his laptop. He had something's to work on before he headed over to Tom's house for dinner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lonnie rode the elevator up a floor. The whole time lost in thought about Gabriel Cain AKA Gabriel Foster. Something in the way he spoke, Lonnie felt like he could trust him. Maybe it was the way he carried himself, the twinkle in his eye so to speak. He had a habit at peering at you while you spoke. A trick that Lonnie used as well.

Justin had trusted him enough to sleep with him, which surprised Lonnie the most. And Justin did not seem embarrassed by it either, another thing he found strange. Lonnie had figured out Justin's game from the very beginning.

He still did not understand why the singer continued his dumb act. Lonnie knew for a fact that Justin was highly observant and he had a knack for reading people that was unparalleled by anything Lonnie saw.

When they were alone, Justin would change into an intelligent young man. They spent hours talking about Shakespeare, literally weeks trying to understand Homer's Iliad. But the moment someone entered, Justin would revert to the dumb blond act. Even with his friend's, he was good ole Justin, the baby of the bunch.

Walking into his room, he sat down on the couch. Grabbing the phone, he dialed Fred Worthington's number an old army buddy. After the war, he had moved over to the federal government, he was now a NSA agent, well respected by his peers.

"Agent Worthington." Fred answered professionally.

"Hey Fred, you old war dog. It's Lonnie Shepherd." Lonnie shouted into the phone.

"What's up Lonnie you old rascal?" Came the reply.

"Same ole same ole. And you? How's the wife?"

"Perfect, someone went and got her pregnant again though. She's as big as a house and mean as a three dollar Asian hooker." Fred stated with a grin, it was his fourth kid.

"You better clip your nuts boy. Soon you won't be able to afford them anymore." Lonnie said laughing loudly.

"If I could only find the asshole fucking my wife I'd be set." Fred tried to explain, laughing just as loud as Lonnie.

"I hate to do this, but I need a favor." Lonnie said, trying to figure out the best way to ask.

"What? One of them Backstreet Boys giving you problems? Fred asked, the amusement dripping from his voice.

"It's not the Backstreet Boys, it's Nsync. And it kind of pertains to them." Lonnie corrected him.

Grabbing a picture of Gabriel, Lonnie placed it in the fax machine. "I'm sending you a picture, I need you to check on him for me."

Within seconds, the fax was sent. A few seconds later, Fred was looking at the long hair man. "Handsome. Who is he?"

"Try under Gabriel Cain, or Gabriel Foster." Lonnie suggested. "And as soon as you can."

Fred was already scanning the picture into his database. Punching in the name, he whistled loudly. "I have a match."

"Already." Lonnie commented, surprised that it didn't take long.

"Damn." Fred muttered. "Why are you interested in this guy?"

Lonnie replied slowly, "Let's just say that someone I know is a bit interested in him and he seemed a bit suspicious. Things just don't add up about him. I was asked to check up on him."

"I could get sent to jail for telling you this." Fred said angrily. Then making sure no one was around, he said quietly, "The reason why the database found a match so soon was he was already in the database. He's one of ours."

"What? You mean he works for the NSA?" Lonnie asked in disbelief.

"Yep, right now he's on assignment somewhere in Pennsylvania." Fred informed him, apprehension in his voice.

"That makes a bit more sense. What's his name?" Lonnie asked, knowing full well that Fred wouldn't tell him.

"I can't give you that information. I've already told you to much." Fred insisted.

"Thanks Fred, you've been a real help." Lonnie said genuinely, "I owe you one."

Hanging up the phone, Lonnie relaxed. The first time since Justin met Gabriel. It all made perfect sense now. Gabriel, or whatever his name was, worked for the NSA. He was probably in town because of the Senator. That's why all the lies and aliases.

No wonder he could take care of himself. He was a spy. How cool is that? I wonder what Justin will think when he finds out that he fucked a spy. Just like James Bond.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When they arrived back at the hotel, the members of Nsync were sweaty and a bit tired. All of them had stayed up late the night before and after the sound check, they needed to rest.

Lance had informed them in the car that they had a special dinner to attend later on in the evening. It was a fundraiser for AIDS, hosted by the Harrisburg Gay and Lesbian Switchboard. It was to be held in the grand ballroom of the Hershey Hotel and the governor would be in attendance.

Everyone but Justin moaned, he loved mingling with people. Especially really snobby rich people that always attended those parties. It wasn't that he like them, but he loved insulting them. Letting his celebrity status buffer him from any real backlash. Most of the people laughed, thinking him to be joking.

Lance stated, "The dinner will start at eight. So we need to be down there no later than 7:30."

Joey and Chris muttered and shuffled off to their rooms respectively. Justin informed him that he was going to get a shower. Jc followed him to his room.

They sat down on the couch, their legs resting against each other comfortably. Both were wishing for something more, both helpless as they wrapped up their lives together tighter and tighter.

Jc stared at the wall, his hands clenching and unclenching unconsciously. Lance looked at his friend, in every way but a sexual one his boyfriend. Their lives had so entwined that he had lost sight of where he started and Jc ended. Longing for the one thing denied him, Jc filled the roll of everything else perfectly. He spent more nights in bed with Lance than anyone else ever has.

"Josh." Lance stated softly.

"Mmm yes." Jc looked at him, his blue eyes filled with sadness.

"What's wrong?" Lance asked, his hands coursing through his bleached hair.

"Nothing, tired I guess." Jc lied perfectly. He had become so use to the pain that it seemed normal now.

Seeing the worried look on Lance's face, he forced a smile, "Really, I'm fine. It's been a long day and long night."

"Okay, why don't you take a nap. I'll wake you in a few hours." Lance suggested, rubbing the man's leg tenderly. Jc sighed loudly, shutting his eyes. He tried to just focus on the sensation, but the fact that it was a guy weirded him out.

"Do you mind if I crash in my room?" He asked, stretching and yawning loudly.

"Of course not." Lance stated, surprised that he would even ask. "It is your room."

"Thanks." Jc mumbled as he gave his friend a hug before retreating to the safety of his own room.

Lance sighed loudly, thinking he could use a nap, he called an assistant. Leaving instructions with her to wake him in two hours, he quickly fell asleep on the bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Justin bypassed his room and knocked on Lonnie's door. Lonnie opened it and grinned at him. Justin noticed the abnormally good mood and asked, "What's with you? Win the lottery or something?"

"I've got some good news to tell you." Lonnie said excitedly.

"About what?" Justin asked, his own questions fading. He rarely saw Lonnie excited about anything, his curiosity was peeked.

"I found out some things about Gabriel Cain today that you might like." Lonnie said mysteriously.

"So did I." Justin stated. "He showed up at the stadium today."

"I know, I had Mike following him."

"What was he doing there?" Justin asked, dying to know.

"He was checking the view from the VIP booth, he has tickets to Sunday's hockey game." Lonnie informed him, smiling broadly.

"Oh really." Justin said, a bit disappointed that Gabriel wasn't there to see him.

"Well." Justin exclaimed impatiently. "What did you find out about him?"

"I know the reason that things don't make sense." Lonnie said slowly, for once enjoying tormenting his friend. "And all I can say is I have no problems with you seeing him anymore."

"Really." Justin smiled, "And what made you change your mind."

"A friend told me some things about our friend." Lonnie skirted the issue. "Let's just say his resume is perfect."

"Lonnie if you don't tell me I swear I'm going to kick your ass." Justin threatened his face a mask of anger.

"That was good, but I still didn't believe it." Lonnie praised him.

"Damn, but was I scary?" Justin asked, a smile on his face.

"No, sorry but I don't think you can be scary. You're way to cute for that." Lonnie chided.

"Tell me you fuck."

"I find out that Gabriel Cain isn't his real name. But then neither is Gabriel Foster, the other name he goes by around here." Lonnie said, enjoying the face Justin was making.


"He works for the NSA. He's an agent, on assignment here." Lonnie laughed when he saw Justin's eyes widen. "That's right, he's a spy."

"The NSA aren't spies." Justin explained. "More like real suspicious cops with lot more power to abuse."

"Either way, he's probably here because of the Senator." Lonnie mused while Justin processed the information.

"That would explain why the lies." Justin nodded slowly. "What is his real name?"

"My source wouldn't give that to me." Lonnie admitted. "But it means that I can stop worrying about you."

"Thanks Lonnie." Justin said, jumping up and down in excitement. "I've got to go."

Lonnie watched him go with a smile. If Gabriel was on assignment, it was probably a good bet that sleeping with Justin was spontaneous just as he claimed. Justin did not deserve to be toyed with.

When Justin got back to his room, he picked up the phone. "May I have room 538 please?"


That voice had a way of bringing a smile to his face, a stupid grin that wouldn't go away. "Hi Gabe, its Justin. Remember me?"

"The man who snuck away from my bed this morning. I remember." Gabriel said, a mocking tone in his voice.

"I can explain that."


"Not over the phone. What are you doing tonight?" Justin asked, toying with the phone cord.

"Not much. Why?" Gabriel replied, still unsure of Justin's intentions.

"There's this dinner tonight in the grand ballroom. I was wondering if you would like to meet me there." Justin said casually, but Gabriel picked up the breathless way he spoke. Like he was saying it really fast.

"I don't know..." Gabriel said, hearing in his voice how bad he wanted him to show up. By now all thoughts of the Senator were far from his mind, Justin had completely dominated his attention once again.

"Come on, I'm sorry about this morning. I'll make it up to you, I promise." Justin assured him, biting on his lower lip.

"What time?" Gabriel asked finally.

"Between seven-thirty and eight o-clock." Justin told him.

"Is it a formal dinner?" Gabriel asked.

"Yes, do you have a tux?"

"Of course. See you down there." Gabriel said, hanging up the phone suddenly.

"Fuck fuck fuck." Gabriel yelled. He had completely forgotten about his promise to Tom. What was he going to do? Should he stand up his closest friend or a man he barely just met?

To Be Continued

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