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Looking at his watch, Gabriel had two hours till his appointment with Tom. Walking to his garment bag, he pulled out his Tuxedo. Laying it by the door, he called the Concierge.

"Concierge, how may I help you Mr. Cain?" The man replied pleasantly.

"I need my suit pressed for tonight's benefit dinner." Gabriel informed him, taking off his shoulder holster.

"Yes, I'll send someone up for it right away." He replied then adding, "Mr. Timberlake made arrangements for the ticket earlier. I'll have it waiting for you at the front desk whenever you're ready."

"Thank you." Gabriel replaced the phone on the cradle. Smiling, he wondered when Justin arranged for the tickets. Knowing him it was before he had accepted or even called him.

Hiding his weapons in a bag, he opened his laptop. While he was checking his mail, a knock on the door interrupted him.

Looking through the peephole, he opened the door.

Handing the bellhop the suit, he asked, "How long will it take?"

The bellhop replied, "One hour unless you need it sooner."

"No, that's fine. Thank you." Gabriel assured him. Giving the man a bill, he shut the door.

He opened the small fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. Sitting back down, he checked over his email. There was nothing pressing and after deleting most of them, he stripped down and went to the bathroom.

Tracing the scar that covered the right side of his face, he frowned. A motion that accented the scar all the more making it stand out menacingly on his tanned face. Many times he wished that he had allowed the plastic surgeon to correct it, but something inside him always stopped him. Maybe it served as a reminder too never lose sight of the mission.

Kind of like what was happening now. Justin had been an easy answer to a small problem yesterday. Now Gabriel was struggling to maintain his focus. Either Justin was the worst thing to ever have happened or the best. Depending on your point of view.

Rubbing his face, he decided to shave. He told himself over and over that it wasn't to impress Justin, but to fit in the exclusive company of the evening. But he had his doubts.

The bathroom consisted of two rooms. The first room had a large vanity sink along with a space to hang clothes on and a rack to place a suitcase to aid in dressing. The next room hosted the large shower and toilet area.

He turned the shower on and stepped underneath the frigid water. Going back years earlier, as a little child, he still could not take a warm shower. He took his time, shampooing his hair and than conditioning it. Scrubbing his body harshly, he frantically tried to wash away the scars that covered him, inside and out. The ones on the inside no easier to remove than the ones on the outside both sets were permanent.

Stepping from the shower, he began drying off. Goose bumps covered his body, his nipples pink and hard. Shivering, he quickly ran the towel across his chest.

A noise from the outer room startled him. Reaching into his bag, he gripped his 9mm tightly. Without bothering to cover himself, he flung the door opened. Seeing the bellhop placing his newly pressed tuxedo on the bed, his back to him. Gabriel dropped his gun in the bathroom and grabbed a robe. The bellhop turned, surprise on his face.

Smiling while he covered his nakedness, Gabriel admonished, "Sorry, you startled me."

"I'm sorry Mr. Cain, I didn't know you where in the bathroom." He stammered apologetically. "And we don't normally leave suits out in the hallway."

"No problem. I understand." Gabriel stated with a smile. Reaching into his pants, he handed the man a bill. The bellhop smiled and let the room.

The smile slipped from his face, he started cursing loudly.

"Stupid fucking kid. I almost shot him." He stated to the wall. Storming back to the bathroom, he picked up his gun and replaced it in the bag.

Throwing the robe on the floor, he untangled his long hair. After spraying it with some leave in conditioner, he started dressing. He had decided to keep the dinner appointment with Tom and just leave early to make it back to meet Justin. So what if he was fashionably late, that was the vogue thing to do anyway.

Deciding to wear a pair of black slacks with a fitted black T, he quickly dressed. Opting to let his long hair down, he put on a pair of black boots. Adjusting his shoulder holster, he donned a light leather jacket. Checking himself in the mirror, he walked out of the room.

The hall was empty as he made his way to the elevator. When the doors opened, he smiled. Mike the bodyguard was standing there, his eyes opened wide, a parcel of suits in his hand.

"Mike, how are you holding up?" Gabriel asked brightly, grinning at the man's discomfort.

"Lonnie explained everything to me, I want to say how sorry I am." Mike replied his voice harsh and scratchy.

"No harm done. I hope that doesn't hurt to much." Gabriel replied good-naturedly.

"I'll be fine in a few days." Mike shrugged.

"That's the spirit."

When the doors opened, Gabriel made a show of allowing the big man to go first. Mike turned towards guest services and Gabriel headed for the front desk. Might as well pick up the tickets he thought.

"May I help you sir?" The pretty blond behind the desk asked, her blue eyes lighting up at the sight of him.

"Yes, Mr. Timberlake left something for me here." Gabriel said with a smile, his manner flirtatious.

At the mention of Justin's name, she blushed deeply. Grinning at her, he took the offered envelope. "Where is the benefit held tonight?"

Pointing across the lobby towards two sets of double doors, she intoned, "In the Grand Ballroom."

Flashing her a smile, he replied, "Thank you." Looking at her name badge he added, "Barbara."

He turned and headed towards the door. He could feel her eyes on him as he walked outside into the humidity. Instructing the valet to pull his car around, he waited.

Looking around, he noticed several people setting up an aisle way with velvet ropes. Guessing that would be the avenue the guests would arrive, he smiled. He hated swanky parties and the people who attended them. All that self-importance in one room gave him a tremendous headache. Wondering if Justin liked those types of parties, he tipped the valet and drove away.

Tom Pavone lived on the outskirts of Hershey. As close as his humble salary could afford. Hershey was as exclusive as Beverly Hills, only the richest could afford the high property taxes in the small town. Hershey prided itself on being a snobby community, stressing the fact with cliches that ran the town.

As Gabriel drove through the small streets he frowned. He hated Hershey and everything it stood for. Which is why he moved to downtown Harrisburg when he settled here. Harrisburg was a fun town, loaded with bars and clubs. More to his liking, a bar on every corner and hookers walking around. The city.

Gabriel turned into Hershey Estates, a wannabe complex that billed itself exclusive. But if you had the money you had the condo. Kind of pointless to Gabriel but Tom was happy and appearances were everything in this town.

Pulling into their driveway, he noticed that he was forty minutes early. Stopping behind Kelly's Maxima, five years old and a bit rundown, he got out. Cursing himself for not bringing a bottle of wine, he knocked on the door.

After a few minutes, a petite woman answered the door. She was dressed in a fancy business suit, her long auburn hair pulled back tight along her head. When she saw who it was, her green eyes sparkled and she caught him in a hug.

"Gabe." She said excitedly as he pulled him inside the modest condo.

"Kelly." Gabriel grinned broadly, kissing her on the cheek. "You look good."

It was true, even at forty she still had that flawless beauty that shown through, still the same knockout that Tom married twenty years ago. The few wrinkles she had only accented the beauty, giving her a mature look mixed with quiet reserve.

"Come in. You're early." She chided him while she led him to the kitchen.

"I just couldn't wait to see you sexy." He teased her, taking in the apartment while he chatted.

As always it was spotless, an anal habit that drove her to vacuum the floor twice daily. The furniture was classy, if not a bit old, but it spoke of expensive taste. Many paintings covered the walls, each one accented with track lighting. Flowers decorated the interior on small stands around the room.

The kitchen was bright and airy, all done in light pinks and reds. The smell was overpowering. Spices mixed with the distinct smell of meat roasting assaulted his senses, making his stomach growl.

"Tom's not home from work yet." She informed him while she went back to chopping vegetables.

Gabriel sat down at the bar and said, "That's okay. I only came over to talk to you."

"Stop it." She stated with a smile, taking a gulp of wine.

Noticing the half-empty bottle, he glanced around the kitchen. In the recycle container, he saw several empty bottles. Her eyes that looked so bright outside now had a glazed look.

"Can I get you a drink?" She asked, opening the refrigerator.

"Sure, I'll have a beer."

Getting him a glass, she handed it to him. Thanking her, he noticed a stack of mail on the bar. Not being able to help himself, he noticed the return addresses, bill collectors. Then it all made sense, the frayed clothes, the old cars, Tom wasn't doing as well as he wished people to think.

"So how you doing Kelly?" He asked, concern in his voice.

"Fine, everything is perfect." She smiled at him while she prepared dinner. "I'm so glad you could make it. I know how busy you are."

"I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to see you." Gabriel said taking a sip of the bitter liquid. "When are you going to leave Tom and run away with me."

"Stop it." She said, enjoying the game they played. "You know full well that I'm not the right type for you."

"I'll change." Gabriel promised, his blue eyes twinkling.

"Better women than me have already tried." She said, sighing loudly. Taking another gulp of wine, she filled up the glass.

"How's Christine doing? Does she like college?" Gabriel asked, suddenly feeling uncomfortable in her presence.

Her face lit up with pride. "She loves it. And the grades that girl gets, sometimes I wonder whose child she really is."

"She's going to NYU isn't she?"

"Yeah, several of our friends has children going there as well." She replied absently, still stuck with keeping up with the Jones.

"You know it's hard on us, sending a child through college." She explained suddenly. "But it's worth it."

Gabriel wondered what she meant. Was it worth it because she was getting a good education? Or was it the bragging rights of the parents?

"How about you?" She asked, her speech slurring slightly. "Do you have someone special in your life?"

"No. You know with work and all." He stated sadly. What did he have? What was Justin to him? Probably just another fling in a string of flings that encompassed his life.

"You need to get someone. You aren't getting any younger." She lectured, waving a knife at him.

"What? You mean settle down and raise a couple of kids." He stated with a smile, draining the last of the beer down.

"Yeah—No, you know what I mean. Settle down find some nice guy to spend the rest of your life with and stop all that foolishness you do. Tracing across the world, selling yourself to evil men." She shivered at the thought of what he did for a living.

Laughing at her bluntness, he replied, "I don't know. Maybe one day but for now I'm enjoying the single life."

"I swear, you are worse than Tom ever was." She stated to the ceiling. "At least he finally settled down."

"Only because of you." He teased her, getting up to fetch another beer. "You made him change his ways."

"Not me, love did that." She reminded him, drinking more of her wine. Without thinking about it, she filled up the glass again.

"Kelly, I'm home." Tom shouted out from the front room. "In here." She called back, a slight frown on her face.

Gabriel noticed the look and watched as Tom bounded into the kitchen, kissing his wife on the cheek.

"You're early." Tom teased Gabriel, shaking his hand vigorously. He grabbed a beer from the fridge.

Kelly scolded him; "Get a glass Tom."

Grinning, he poured the beer in a glass and sat down next Gabriel. "How's everything going?" He asked, emphasizing the words slightly.

"As well as came be expected." Gabriel replied. Looking at the big man, he mused silently. Tom looked nervous when he walked into the kitchen, something about seeing Gabriel and his wife talking. His red hair was messy and his tie was crooked and both of them had a worried frown on their faces.

While Tom scooped up the mail, Kelly opened another bottle of wine. Gabriel had never seen her drink so much or Tom so spooked. It must be hard sending a kid to college on his small salary. Maybe that was it, just average money problems.

They made small talk while Kelly finished dinner. As they sat down at the table, Kelly had to open another bottle of wine. By now she was visibly drunk, a stupid grin on her face as she spooned her soup noisily.

This was turning into the weirdest night he had ever had. In the years he had known them, he had never felt so out of place. Breaking the silence, he stated, "Hey Tom, you know I hate to eat and run, but I had this dinner pop up suddenly that I can't miss."

"Oh, that's too bad. I was hoping you could stay for awhile." Kelly slurred as she reached for the bottle of wine.

"Don't you think you've had enough sweetie?" Tom asked, his voice straining to control his anger.

"Don't tell me when I had enough." Kelly shot back. "You try having to put up this front..."

"That's enough." Tom barked, his face turning red from his anger.

"Maybe I should go." Gabriel said as he stood up. "I should go and get changed."

"Do you have too?" Tom asked, his face a mix of anger and regret.

"I wouldn't want to stay here if I was him." Kelly slurred, draining her glass.

"Yeah, maybe I should." Gabriel walked towards the door with Tom following closely behind.

"I'm sorry about Kelly." He offered with a small grin. "She has a lot on her mind right now."

"I understand." Gabriel nodded. "But I really have to go."

"See ya tomorrow night." Tom said, shaking his hand friendly.

"Yeah, I'll call you." Gabriel said, walking out the door. Sighing loudly, he started his car. That was the most fucked up night. I hope the rest of the evening isn't like that. He headed back towards the hotel. Forgetting about Tom and his problems, he mentally prepared himself for the night. Going over his prefabricated identity, he quizzed himself on the details. After all most of his job was nothing but details, little small items that either cemented his persona or blew it apart. Much like what happened with Justin and those damn pictures.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After Justin had finished with arranging the tickets for Gabriel, he tried to take a nap. After an hour of tossing restlessly, he gave up and went looking for Jc. He needed someone to talk to and figured Josh was the best person.

Knocking on the door, he waited. Lance opened the door and replied sleepily, "What's up Justin?"

"Did I wake you? I'm sorry I was looking for Josh." Justin said quietly, peering behind Lance into the room.

"He's not here." Lance explained through a yawn. "He's sleeping in his room."

"Oh, sorry to have waken you." Justin said.

"No problem." Lance mumbled as he shut the door.

Justin walked one door down and knocked loudly. Thinking that was the only thing that would wake Josh up if he were sleeping. The door opened quickly and Josh was there, glaring at him.

Seeing it was Justin, a smile popped out on his face, "What's up Curly?"

"Nothing, just wanted to see what you were doing." Justin replied, walking past Jc. "Lance said you were sleeping."

"I couldn't." Jc stated as he sat down in a chair. Two books were beside him; Homer's Iliad and the Bible. "I figured I would catch up on my reading."

That's strange, Josh hasn't read the Bible in years. I wonder what he was trying to find in those pages. "What are you reading?" Justin asked, looking at him with an empty headed expression on his face.

"The Iliad." Jc replied with a grin, holding up the thick volume.

"Is it any good?" Justin asked, even though he had read the book many times along with Homer's Odyssey. Still playing the role of an idiot, he toyed with the cushion of the chair.

"Yeah, it's a bit hard to understand. But it's really interesting." Jc said, his brow furrowing up deeply.

"Why? It makes sense to me." He stated casually.

"When did you read Homer?" Jc asked, grinning.

"Well, I never read it but I have seen the movie." Justin replied sheepishly.

"What's the story about?"

"The journey." Justin said simply.

Snorting loudly, Jc said, "Everyone knows it's about a journey."

"No." Justin said forcefully. "Not a journey but the journey. Most of the Odyssey deals with one man trying to get home. Twenty years he struggled and fought with gods to get home to Penelope. It's about his journey, that life is made up of thousands of small journeys. It doesn't really matter where you wind up but how you got there. The start of the journey is pointless as is the end, life is the journey."

"Wow." Jc admitted. "I guess all that time watching movies has done some good after all."

"You know." Justin shrugged his eyes wide and innocent. "I'm not that stupid."

"No one ever called you stupid." Jc assured him. We just said that you were a bit slow. Outloud he said, "That was the best interpretation of Homer I've ever heard though."

Grinning like a child, Justin squealed loudly. "Even I get lucky sometimes."

Jc laughed his face lighting up. It was the first time in a while that he truly smiled. Justin decided to wait, he could ask Jc questions later. Instead he would try and drag out whatever had been bothering Jc lately.

"So, what's up with you?" Justin asked, sprawling out in the chair lazily. A position that lulled people into an easiness and more apt to talk about things.

The sad look came back to his face. Jc sighed unconsciously and stated, "Nothing much. Same ole same ole. I can't wait for the tour to finish."

"I know, I miss my bed." Justin stated lightly. "I want to relax naked in my house and not bother about anything."

Smiling again, Jc added, "Yeah, and not having to answer the same questions over and over again."

"No more crappy room service. I want a home cooked meal."

"And to hell with everyone trying either to get in your pants or steal them from you." Jc spat out. "To be able to be by yourself and away from everyone. No more having to pretend that you're happy."

Looking at Justin, Jc stopped himself. Realizing he might have said too much, he added weakly, "You know, for the fans and all."

Sitting up straight, Justin asked bluntly, "What's wrong Jc?"

"Nothing." Jc assured him, offering him a weak smile. "I'm just tired."

"Don't lie to me." Justin continued. "I know you better than you know yourself. You've been unhappy for months now."

"I have not."

Justin pretended to think for a second, his face a worried frown. "Yeah you have. Ever since that night in St. Louis."

Jc's face blanched a look of fear crossing his features. St. Louis was the place that Jc and Lance shared a night together and Justin figured it was time that he talked about it. Outwardly his face was innocent, showing the concern that was very real but inwardly he was shouting for Jc to just admit it and get over it.

"What happened in St. Louis to make you so sad?" Justin continued his bombardment.

"Nothing." Jc denied loudly, anger creeping in his voice.

Keeping with his caring demeanor, Justin argued, "Yes it was. You went out and got fucked up remember. The next day you were hurting so bad you could barely walk."

Jc thought back to that morning. That was when his world crashed over him. The day he realized that he was truly in love with Lance and the day that he realized that he could never have him. The day when his pain really started.

"What happened?" Justin asked, probing for answers that he already knew. "Did you knock some girl up?"

"No." Jc stated angrily. "Just leave it alone."

Weighing the consequences in his mind, he wondered if he should come out and say that he knew. He could blame Lonnie for telling him or something. Obviously it was eating up his friend and he hated to see someone he cared about hurting. Especially when it was something so frivolous as this.

"Josh, something happened. And if you won't tell me maybe you should talk to Lance about it." Justin resorted to manipulation instead. He could he somehow trick Jc into telling the truth, than he wouldn't have to confess that he knew all along.

At the mention of Lance, a look of longing crossed his face. He had tried to tell Lance several times but never could find the courage. The morning after it happened, he gave Lance an excuse and swore that it would never happen again. But he never did tell him the truth. And now the truth was so blurry even to him he did not even see it anymore.

"I talked to Lance about it already." Jc lied smoothly. "He couldn't really help me."
"Then try me." Justin said softly. "Maybe I can help you like I did with Homer."

Jc studied his friend. Justin Timberlake. Basically the frontman for the band, the cute popular one that everyone fawned over but none took seriously. Voted one of the hottest bachelors in the world this year by people magazine. The one everyone loved because of his naïve attitude and friendly smile.

Raising one eyebrow as he thought, Jc smiled at his friend. He was sitting there with a look of expectation on his face, a youthful smile and an empty headed expression. It wouldn't hurt to try and talk to him. Maybe his naivete outlook could blow away the fog and shed some light on the subject.

Shaking his head, he said, "Really, it's nothing. I'll work it out."

Justin's smile faded from his face. For a moment he could've swore that Josh was going to breakdown. Racking his brain for something, he suddenly smiled.

"Okay, if you don't want to talk about it." He grinned mischievously. "I have something to tell you."

"What?" Jc glad that the spotlight was off him and that fateful day in St. Louis.

"I met someone." Justin started out with a dopey grin on his face.

"I know, you got laid last night." Jc had to smile at his youthful exuberance.

"Yeah." Justin said, blushing slightly. This wasn't how he wanted everyone to know but if it would help Josh confront his own feelings then so be it.

"It was a guy." Justin stated calmly.

"What?" Jc exclaimed. Completely shocked he added, "You slept with a guy?"

"Yep." Justin replied smugly, slouching back into his seat.

"I didn't know you were—a guy?" Jc asked again, still unable to comprehend. His mind racing he asked, "Is that why you broke up with Britney?"

"No." Justin stated emphatically. "She was always trying to get me to have threesomes with some guy."

"Really, she knew you liked guys?" Jc asked becoming more shocked by the moment.

"Of course. It's not something I've tried to hide." Justin stated offhandedly. "She had her affairs with girls too you know."

"But I didn't know." Jc stated, breathing out loudly.

"That's because I wasn't fucking you." Justin informed him, a grin on his face.

At the mention of fucking, Jc blushed again. "What?"

"I don't hide it from people I sleep with." Justin lied perfectly. "I told her that I like both guys and girls a long time ago."

"I never knew. Why didn't you tell me?" Jc asked.

"What's the point?" Justin asked seriously. If he could've done it, he would never have told anyone that he slept with a guy. Not that he was ashamed, but he figured there was no real reason to broadcast it. His entire life had been one long secret and one more wouldn't have killed him.

Explaining it a bit more he added, "Josh, who I fuck is really no ones business. I didn't tell you because it doesn't matter what you think. I'm not asking for support nor do I need any."

Being a bit offended, Jc asked, "Why wouldn't you need support? Especially from people who love you."

"Support of what?" Justin countered. Straightening up, he continued, "I like guys and girls. What my parents think are irrelevant?"

"But that's lying to them." Jc argued shaking his head.

"How? I never understood why kids tell their parents anyway. It's almost like they are looking for a fight. Why give someone power over you? Justin stated simply.

"Don't you care what people think about you? What if the fans found out?" Jc asked, fear in his eyes.

"I won't go shouting I'm gay from any rooftops. But I'm not ashamed of what or who I am and I feel no need to tell everyone. People who are into bondage don't tell all their friends at work that they go home and get spanked every night." Justin explained calmly. It was a lot easier to talk about than he first thought. He realized suddenly that he wasn't ashamed. A smile broke out on his face.

"But that's different. Being gay isn't accepted. Not to mention all the religious beliefs." Jc argued.

"Fuck em'." Justin said casually. "Not my problem. I don't worry about small-minded bigots. I've got to much to worry about as it is."

Jc was completely dumbfounded. All the reasons and fears he had melted away from Justin's onslaught. He never thought about it that way. What was the big deal? Lance thought like that also. He wasn't worried about coming out nor was he worried about being found out.

"What about your parents?" Jc asked finally.

Smiling broadly, Justin shrugged, "What about them? If they can't accept it oh well. I'm not going to live my life scared that people will hate me."

"Are you going to tell them?"

"No. They'll find out when they find out. It all comes down to one thing. It really isn't any of their business." Justin stated triumphantly, leaning forward in his seat. He could see realization creeping over his friend slowly like the coming of the tide. Washing away his fear and doubt and cleansing his soul clean.

"Your right. I never saw it like that." Jc stated excitedly. Standing up he rushed over and hugged his friend tightly. "Thank you."

Justin watched him leave the room, a smile on his smooth face. One problem solved he thought as he leaned back in his chair. While he was talking to Jc, his own fears subsided and he relaxed in his own skin. All the things he had said to Jc he really believed. He had just never thought about them before.

Realizing that he was alone in Jc's room, he stood up and went searching for Joey and Chris. He had some explaining to do and he didn't want them screwing up what he had so carefully built.

To Be Continued

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