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AUTHOR NOTES: Okay, I know I said Chapter Twenty was the last one, but I figured the ending was a bit two abrupt so I decided to post this Epilogue, kind of tying up loose ends so to speak. So I promise, this is the last posting of Blind Revolution. Cheers and tears, Josh.


EPILOGUE: Evolution

BY: RogueWolf/FireAngel

The greatest threat to mankind is the impossible evolution of humanity...T Talbot

The tall man stretched his lean frame, his mouth opened wide as a yawn escaped his lips. He was a tall man, standing right at six foot. His blonde hair was cut short and pushed forward in the style of the day. Shaking his head, he rubbed his eyes tiredly. To say the last three days were stressful would be an understatement on anyone's part. For five long years he had hunted the assassin known as Robert all around the world. Sometimes following a sighting, sometimes following a hunch, sometimes just hoping that lady luck would actually be on his side for once. Through Middle East countries where a single wrong word could send you to your death, through Asia where anything and everything was for sale for a price, through Africa's hatred of whites and all things Democratic. He had patiently and painstakingly hunted a ghost, no more than a name whispered on the winds. Five long years with nothing more to go on than a name, an internet alias at that. Five long years of bitter disappointment, five long years of failure. And then it all came to a head in an indoor pool in the small town of Hershey Pennsylvania. A million miles away from Africa, Asia, Russia, a million miles away from everything he thought about the man known as Robert. To the by the book Special Agent, he not only broke every creed he ever lived by, but risked imprisonment and maybe worse.

Even now as he finished the final touches on his report, he paused before sending the email to Washington. With one click of the mouse, he would cross the line that separated the good guys from the bad guys. A small distinction for most, but to one that believed in the greater good of humanity, the belief that the general public need not know or understand the extent the United States Government would go to protect its citizens, this one simple act threatened to destroy him. No one would understand, though he had a reason for his deception, he would be expected to fulfill his mission no matter the consequences.

Hitting the button, he exhaled deeply as he watched the file quickly upload to a secure server before being forwarded to the proper channels. Next to the laptop was a five inch file, every piece of information about the assassin known as Robert. On top of the file was a picture of Gabriel Foster sitting at a table talking to a handsome man. Both were wearing tuxedos, both were staring at one another longingly. A small smile played across his lips as he grabbed the file and walked into the bathroom. Dumping the file into the trash can, he doused the paper with lighter fluid and calmly set it ablaze. Turning on the exhaust fan, he watched the paper disappear as the flames quickly engulfed the pictures. Now it was over. As far as anyone knew, the man killed at the pool earlier tonight was the assassin known as Robert. Mission fulfilled, task finished.

When he was satisfied that all traces of evidence were gone, he dumped the trashcan into the bathtub and turned the water on, letting the black ash disappear down the drain. The ringing of his cell phone startled him, with a grim face, he snatched up his phone.

"Special Agent Timothy Cain."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mehment slammed down the phone, his eyes cold and hard. Taking a deep breath, he turned to his right hand man and stated, "Frederick has failed. Both the Senator and Robert live. We must alter our plans. Call in Tiger Lane; tell him I have an offer he can't refuse. Tell him no matter the cost, I need his unique talents."

Mehment didn't even hear the response as he stared at a picture sitting on his desk, a picture of the mysterious Robert, finally a picture to go with the name. Mehment muttered, "So our little assassin is a faggot and fucking Justin Timberlake." Grabbing a picture of Justin Timberlake from his desk, he pinned the pictures up side by side on the wall. Tapping Justin's picture with a boney finger, he stated coldly, "You are the weakest leak."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"This is definitely the weirdest stop we've ever had." Joey declared to Chris as they peered out the bus window at Lonnie as he shuffled across the parking lot aided by the biggest pair of crutches either one of them had ever seen.

"I hear that." Chris echoed as they watched with some amusement as the hulking bodyguard tried to keep upright. "Not only did Lance and Josh get together but I know something's up with Justin and that director guy, whatshisname."

"All I'm saying is I'm not wearing spandex." Joey said fiercely, pounding on the table with his hand for dramatic affect.

"I bet Lonnie falls before he gets to that red Tercel." Chris stated as the bodyguard struggled to maintain his balance on the crutches.

"You're on." Joey said gleefully, a twinkle in his eyes as he stared out the window.

The pair watched intently, giggling like two little kids as they bantered back and forth. In the end, Joey resulted in trying to distract Lonnie by rocking the bus back and forth like a madman. Either the bodyguard was so intent on maintaining his balance or he was desensitized by their antics. Either way he made it past the Tercel without incident. Joey started dancing up and down shouting out, "I won."

Chris sat down with a smug look on his face, his arms crossed. Joey stopped in mid shout and asked, "What?"

"Just what did you win exactly?" Chris asked innocently.

"The bet..." Joey started to say before smacking his head with his hand. "Damn, we never said an amount."

Chris stood up and patted Joey on the back as he walked towards the front of the bus saying, "Good job. You won one."

Joey stared at Chris's retreating back, muttering softly, "Well, at least I won."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Scott pulled up to the Pavone's house with a frown on his face. Wishing again that he hadn't agreed to this, he grabbed the briefcase from the passenger seat and opened the door. His puffy eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses and his clothes looked like he had worn them for a few days. Throwing his cigarette on the ground, he absently stuck another between his yellow teeth. After lighting it, he pushed the door bell and waited.

After a few minutes, a very drunk Kelly Pavone shouted out through the door, "What do you want?"

"I have something for you from Tom." Scott replied neutrally, sticking to the story Gabriel gave him.

Kelly opened the door a crack and peered at him with blurry eyes. Scott smiled weakly at her, gesturing with the briefcase. Her eyes widened and she opened the door quickly saying, "So it's over. He succeeded."

After making sure the door shut behind him, Scott took a long drag off his cigarette and said quietly, "Its over. But Tom didn't send me, Gabriel did."

Kelly gasped and backed away slowly, her hand covering her mouth, her eyes wild. Scott reached out with a hand and said, "It's nothing like that."

By the look she gave him, he knew she didn't believe him. So he looked around and saw a small table with a statue sitting on it. With the briefcase he knocked the small statue on the floor and set the case down. Opening it, he let her see the contents. Her mouth opened and she took a false step towards him.

"Gabriel figured you knew by the way you were acting the other day." She started to say something but Scott hushed her with a wave of his hand. "It doesn't matter. Gabriel wanted you to have this, it's a million dollars cash."

"Oh my god." She struggled to say, running her hand over the packs of crisp hundred dollar bills.

"There is a condition to it." Scott said seriously, staring at her intently. "I wanted to kill you, tie up all loose ends but Gabriel didn't wish that. Killing your husband was bad enough and he doesn't want to cause your daughter any more pain."

"What's the condition?" She asked, seemingly uncaring about the demise of her husband.

"That you forget everything about Gabriel Foster, everything about Foster Acquisitions, everything about what he was into." Scott recited perfectly. "And you can take this money and do whatever you wish with it."

Scott stepped close to her and said plainly and clearly, "But know this, if Gabriel hears your name again, if he even suspects you're remembering something about him, he will hunt you down and put a bullet right between your eyes." He accented this by tapping her lightly on the forehead with his finger. "Understand?"

"Yes." She replied, her hand covering her mouth again. "He'll never hear about me again."

"Be warned." He stated before turning and leaving hurriedly. Once the door was shut behind him, he leaned against it and promptly lit a cigarette. Taking a deep drag he walked to his car, hoping he was convincingly tough enough. As it was, he almost lost it when he threatened to kill her. The things he did for his friends. Glancing at his watch, he jumped into his car and sped away. He had a few minutes before he had to pick Gabriel up and less than an hour to make the plane they chartered. And it wasn't soon enough for him, the sooner the better.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lonnie paused to wipe the sweat from his brow, silently cursing the sun in his anger as he struggled to traverse the parking lot. This was the first time he ever had to use crutches and his size didn't help matters any. Seriously thinking about losing weight for the first time, he looked at his destination about fifty yards away. He was heading for the last place he had seen Justin heading, Bus Number Four, otherwise known as the Dancing Bus. Knowing the singer needed someone to talk to, someone he could trust and Lonnie figured he was the only one for the job. So blocking out the pain in his leg, he heroically headed out. But not quite half-way there, he was seriously reconsidering his judgment. Not only did he feel like a fool, but he knew by the sounds coming from Bus Number One that he looked the part as well. Though it did give him incentive to make it to his destination without completing the picture of a fool as well.

As he passed a red Tercel, he heard someone call out softly, "Hey." Turning his head, he couldn't help but grin slightly at the man walking towards him, "Hey man. What's up?"

Gabriel fell in beside him, his right arm held snuggly in a sling. Looking a bit pale but none the worse for wear, Gabriel smiled warmly at the big man. "How's the leg?"

"Achy." Lonnie said with a shrug. This caused him to loose his balance, the only saving grace being Gabriel's strong arm catching him. Grinning, Lonnie stated, "So I guess you won."

"For now." Gabriel replied, a far-away look in his eyes. Shaking his head, he asked, "How's he doing?"

"I don't know." Lonnie replied truthfully. "After putting you in the car last night he kind of disappeared."

"I never—if only things could've been different." Gabriel stated sadly, absently scratching his right arm tenderly.

"Sometimes we have to play the cards we're dealt." Lonnie offered weakly, torn completely apart inside. He could feel the love between the two men and the impossible situation that surrounded them.

"That's not very comforting." Gabriel said with a laugh, a dry sound that spoke of giving up. "I gather he didn't take it very well then?"

Lonnie didn't reply but stared at Bus Four which was only a few steps away by this time. Maybe Justin would talk to him; maybe they could somehow make it work. But inside he knew it never would. Too much had happened, too many differences. Sadly Lonnie said, "Maybe you should disappear as softly as you appeared."

"I guess." Gabriel replied softly. Pulling Lonnie into a one armed hug, he whispered into the big mans ear, "No matter the circumstances, no matter what, you need me I'm there." Pressing a card into the black man's hand, he smiled and headed towards the other end of the parking lot. Lonnie watched him for a few moments before glancing at the card. Smiling he tucked the card into his pants pocket and rapped on the door of the bus.

After a few moments, one of the dancers opened the door, his bare chest glistening in the morning sunlight. Frowning at the big man, he asked somewhat out of breath, "Can I help you?"

Immediately choking back his anger, Lonnie asked gruffly, "Is Justin here?"

"Yes but he's a bit busy at the moment." The dancer said smugly.

In the background, Lonnie could hear Justin's muffled voice call out, "Todd, who is it?"

"It's me." Lonnie screamed out, loud enough for the singer to hear him even in the back of the bus.

Giving the black man a glare, Todd turned as a very disheveled Justin came to the door. His hair was messy and his shirt was half-unbuttoned and his pants were twisted on his lean frame. "What's up Lonnie?"

"Can I talk to you?"

"Can't you see he's busy?" Todd said with a wave of his hand. "Come on Justin." The dancer pulled at the singer's arm.

"Todd can you excuse me for a moment." Justin said flatly, in a tone that caused the dancer to jump back as if he had been slapped. Justin stepped off the bus and waited for Todd to shut the door before asking, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Lonnie said hotly. Letting Justin know that he knew what the singer was up too. "I could ask the same about you."

Shrugging, Justin stated, "I needed to find something out and Todd was the closest thing I had at the time."

Absently buttoning up his shirt, he looked across the parking lot and noticed a man getting into a black sedan. Instantly recognizing who it was, he turned and faced Lonnie, anger flashing in his eyes. "He was here." He said it like an accusation, not even bothering to ask.

All the anger drained from his face as he asked, "How's he doing?"

"He'll be fine." Lonnie said with a shrug. "He wishes things could have been different. Maybe in another time, different circumstances."

Justin motioned Lonnie to follow him as he headed back towards Bus One. "I figured out some things last night and from what Scott said later but I have to know the whole story."

Lonnie grunted and said, "What do you want to know?"


"That's a long story." Lonnie said with a grin as he slowly made his way back to the bus. "Gabriel is what they call an assassin..."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabriel tried to relax but the background noise on the plane subtly encroached in his sub-conscious pushing away sleep from his tired brain. After a fitful hour, he let out a groan and stood up to stretch. Immediately Scott woke up and looked at his friend across the aisle, asking, "You okay?"

"Not really." He replied honestly. "I'm thinking I at least should have talked to him before I left."

"Maybe but what's done is done." Scott stated, sitting up and reaching for his cigarettes. After lighting one, he asked, trying to change the subject, "So what now boss?"

Grinning mischievously, Gabriel replied, "I think I need to see how Mehment is doing. Care to join me?"

Taking a deep drag, Scott's only answer was a cloud of smoke.

THE END (no really)

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