Blissful Tears

by Kenitra

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Well, this is the second last chapter of Blissful Tears! I hope everyone has enjoyed the ride.

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Chapter 20

They both got out of the car and joined the rest of the family inside the house. Everyone was in a jovial mood and the champagne and sparkling juice was flowing. Both Brian and AJ made a conscious choice not to drink any alcohol. Neither wanted the memories of their wedding day to be dulled by the pain and fog of a hangover.

Appetizers, finger sandwiches and sweets were set out on trays throughout the kitchen, dining room and living room. People mingled from room to room chatting with one another. Brian and AJ never released the other's hand. They slowly worked their way through the rooms greeting everyone and talking with each person for a few minutes. In the living room, they encountered the boys from Westlife.

"Guys! Thanks for coming!" AJ said, shaking hands with the five Irish singers.

"No problem man," Mark replied.

"So you have your song list planned?" AJ asked.

"Pretty much," Shane said.

"And you know what song you're doing first, right?" Brian asked.

"Well," Nicky started. "We had a request before yours Brian so we'll do your song second, okay?"

Brian raised his eyebrows. "A request huh?" He looked at AJ who was grinning sheepishly. The group laughed.

"Don't worry Brian, we told him we wouldn't play anything you wouldn't expect to hear at a wedding," Kian said. "So he had to go down to about number twenty on his list," he added.

"Hey!" AJ protested and everyone laughed.

Brian and AJ continued to mingle until eleven. They slipped outside to the backyard and sat on the garden swing, staring at the stars.

"Can you believe we've made it to this point," Brian asked softly, twining his fingers with AJ's.

AJ smiled gently. "Its incredible isn't it? I can't imagine anything better than what's going to happen tomorrow afternoon," he paused. "Except maybe what will happen tomorrow night."

Brian laughed. "I've dreamt about making love with you Alex. I can't wait until I can feel you inside of me, loving me completely." He leaned over and began to nibble softly on AJ's ear. "So can I have a hint about where we're going on our honeymoon?" he murmured seductively.

AJ laughed and gently pushed Brian away. "No way baby. The deal was, you plan the wedding, and I take care of the honeymoon. I did give you a hint when I told you to pack for moderate weather. So, you know we aren't going tropical, or skiing. That's all you get."

They were silent for a few minutes.

"I wish it was tomorrow already," Brian whispered. "Then I wouldn't have to say goodbye." He looked intently at AJ. "After tonight, I never want to spend another night away from you. I want to go to bed every night holding you in my arms."

AJ stroked Brian's cheek with his long, lean fingers. "I want that too Brian. One more night alone, then an entire lifetime of nights together," he whispered. He leaned forward and found Brian's lips.

They lost themselves in the kiss. They may have stayed there all night, if Kevin hadn't interrupted them.

"Huh-hem, guys?" Kevin said quietly.

Brian moaned softly as AJ pulled back. They both looked at Kevin. "Sorry guys, but it's a quarter to twelve. You two were the ones that wanted to follow tradition," he pointed out, reminding them that they had decided not to see each other the day of the wedding, until the wedding.

Brian sighed. "Okay, Kev. Just give me a minute." He turned back to AJ. "I love you Alex, and in just fifteen hours, I will give my life to you," he said, kissing AJ softly one more time.

"And I love you Brian. I will accept your life in my heart, if you accept mine in return," he responded softly.

"Gladly," Brian said.

Brian stood up and reluctantly released AJ's hand. He finally turned back to the house and walked inside with Kevin. Many of the guests were already gone. Brian thanked Denise, Ann and his Mom and left the house with Kevin and Nick.

AJ waited a few minutes on the swing before going back into the house. He thanked his Mom and the other women for their efforts before heading to his apartment with Howie.

Brian thought the time would never come. He woke up early in the morning, the morning of his wedding. He wasn't so much nervous as he was excited. Today he would commit himself to AJ for life. He couldn't think of any commitment he would rather make.

After a late breakfast, once Nick and Kevin got up, the three men got ready to go to the church. They each showered and made sure their tuxedos were ready to go. They would change at the church. Kevin made sure he had the ring as well.

Brian was impatient and wandered out to the balcony. He started reciting the vows he'd written, making sure he wouldn't forget any of the words he wanted to say to Alex.

More than anything he just wanted to see his love's face, and hear his voice. His voice! There was no rule against talking to your intended the day of the wedding, just seeing them. He ran back into the apartment and grabbed the cordless phone. He quickly punched in Howie's number and waited.

"Hello?" Howie said.

"Hey D, it's Brian," Brian responded.

He could hear Howie laugh. "Hi B. Something I can do for you?" he asked.

"Well, would it be possible to talk to your house guest for a minute?" Brian asked with a grin. Brian could hear a scuffle on the other end. "Howie?"

"Nope, guess again!" AJ's smooth voice said.


"I miss you so much baby," AJ said quietly.

"Me too," Brian whispered. "I just had to hear your voice, had to be sure this was real," he murmured.

"It's real baby. Only a couple of more hours," AJ reminded him.

"I love you Alex," Brian said softly.

"Love you too, Brian. I'll see you soon, okay?"

"Okay." Brian sighed and set the phone down. He turned around to find Nick and Kevin grinning at him. "What?"

They both laughed. About half an hour later the three men left for the church across town. They walked into the small room set aside for them to dress and proceeded to put on their tuxedos.

"Brian, stop fidgeting!" Kevin said in exasperation, as once again he tried to fix the bow tie around Brian's neck.

Nick giggled in the background. "And you all said I was the hyper one!"

Brian turned to look at his friend. "Yeah, well just wait till you and D do this and then we'll see," he said with a grin as he let Kevin finish his work.

Nick just smiled and jumped off the table he'd been sitting on to look at himself in the mirror. "Looking good Carter," he muttered. A pillow came flying from behind him and knocked him in the head. "Hey!" he protested and spun around. Kevin and Brian were both standing there laughing at him. He quickly joined in.

"Rok is going to love you in this A," Howie said as he watched AJ finish dressing. AJ had chosen a full fitted black tuxedo, despite planting the rumors that his clothes were going to be unique and outrageous. The ceremony was too important to him and especially to Brian, to fool around with. He wanted Brian to know how serious he really was.

"I can't believe how calm you are AJ," Howie commented as he paused in front of AJ to straighten the bow tie.

AJ smiled broadly. "Why wouldn't I be D? This is the smartest thing I've ever done in my life," he said confidently and knew the words were true.

"I hope Nick and I reach this point some day," Howie said wistfully. AJ smiled at his friend.

"You know if you were to ask the boy he'd say yes in a second," AJ said seriously.

Howie smiled, knowing AJ was right. "I know. Someday. But today is for you and Brian. I am so happy for both of you."

AJ pulled Howie into a hug. "Thanks man," he said intensely.

They pulled apart when Denise McLean knocked at the door.

Howie opened the door and let AJ's mother in. She stood there and stared at her son, tears glistening in her eyes.

"Wow, Alex, you look so handsome," she said. "I'm so proud of you, son."

AJ walked over and gave his Mom a careful hug. "Thanks Mom. Are they ready?" he asked.

Denise nodded. "Yeah. They're going to start the music in about two minutes," she said.

"Okay. We'll be there," AJ said.

The knock at the door caused all three men to look towards the door.

"Come in!" Kevin called out.

The door opened and Ann Richardson poked her head in. "It's time," she said with a smile. She stepped into the room and beamed at the three men. "Wow! You guys look incredible!"

Brian walked over to his Aunt. He looked at her solemnly. "Thank you Ann, for everything," he said quietly, and embraced her.

Ann left the three men alone. Brian looked from Kevin to Nick. All at once they moved together and had a three-way hug. "I love you guys," Brian whispered, trying not to cry.

"We know!" the two taller men said simultaneously. All three laughed, and turned towards the door.

The instrumental version of Brian's favorite song, You've Got a Friend, played softly in the background as the entire congregation rose to their feet and turned to either the left or right. As the music played, Howie began walking down the right aisle, followed by AJ. Nick and Kevin started down the left aisle, followed by Brian.

All five men reached the front of the church at the same time. The best men stood off to either side while Brian and AJ stepped forward to face each other.

Brian gazed into the face of his love and felt the tears he'd tried to hold back, slowly start to fall. It was almost too good to be true. Alex looked so handsome in his black tux, Brian had to stop himself from reaching out and running his hand down Alex's chest. He never thought they would reach this point, ever, yet here they were.

AJ lost himself in Brian's blue gaze and couldn't stop himself from reaching out and tenderly wiping the tears away. He mouthed the words 'I love you'. With his left hand, he took Brian's right and they turned to face the minister.

The ceremony proceeded flawlessly. Then it came time for the vows.

"Brian and Alex have written their own vows to express their love for each other," the Reverend informed the guests. "So I will let Brian begin."

Brian and AJ turned to face each other, holding their hands between them. Brian took a deep breath and gazed into AJ's expressive brown eyes.

"My Love, my life," he began softly. "For so long I have loved you that I don't remember what it was like not to have you in my heart. Every moment God gives me with you is a blessing." As he spoke his voice gained strength. He gained confidence from the look of pure love on AJ's face. "I never believed I was capable of loving another human being so deeply and completely. And if you were another person, I don't think I would." He paused for a moment. "We have been through so much together. And these last few months have certainly been a trial." He blinked back the tears that threatened to fall again. "If I could, I would take away all the memories of the pain and sorrow, but because we've survived the bad, I think we are stronger than ever." His voice lowered again as he spoke directly to AJ's heart. "You are part of my soul, the air I breathe, the sunlight that brightens my day. You 'are' what makes me complete. I will love you, cherish you and be yours for eternity and beyond if you will have me. You honor me by agreeing to be my husband."

The congregation was completely silent as the love displayed by the two men enveloped the church. AJ reached up to gently brush away an errant tear from Brian's face, before beginning his own vows.

"Brian, my angel. You have been my sanity and my inspiration, for so many years, that I cannot believe we have made it to this point. On more than one frightening occasion, I thought I would lose you, yet you fought back and remained here with me." His voice quaked as he remembered how close he came to losing Brian. Brian squeezed his hands to comfort him. Another deep breath and he continued. "While we have been to hell and back, we survived because our love is stronger than anything else. Even in death, hopefully many decades away, our love will keep us together. You are my destiny. To me, you are love. Your beauty and goodness, both outside and in, leave me in awe that you return my love. I will be forever grateful to God for bringing you into my life all those years ago, and for allowing you to remain here, to reach this day when you become my husband."

There was absolute silence. Brian and AJ were lost in each other's gaze and the guests watched the soundless exchange. Finally the Reverend continued.

"By exchanging rings and these heartfelt vows with each other, Brian and Alex have declared their love for one another in front of their family, friends, and God. As God has decided they be together, let no one put asunder." He paused and looked at the two men who were oblivious to anything but each other. He leaned forward. "You may kiss," he said, startling them. The guests laughed softly. AJ reached up and lightly ran his fingers along Brian's jaw as he pulled Brian close to him. Their lips met in the gentlest of kisses. Only the two men knew what the kiss promised for the night and years ahead.

The Reverend put his hands on Brian and AJ's shoulders and turned them towards the congregation. "May I be the first to introduce, as husbands, Brian Littrell and Alexander McLean," he said formally.

The guests applauded, and flashes went off as family and friends alike took pictures to remember the happy occasion.

AJ turned to Brian and pulled him back into his arms, kissing him passionately, ignoring the applause and calls from their friends. When the kiss ended, they hugged.

"I love you, my husband," AJ whispered into Brian's ear.

"I love you, husband," Brian whispered back.

Finally, they turned to face the guests. Hand in hand, they walked down one of the side aisles to the back of the church. In the large foyer, they mingled, accepting congratulations and best wishes. Over half an hour later, they finally made it out of the church to a waiting limousine.

To be continued...