The Body Switch With Nick Carter Update

Hello! This is not a real chapter, far from it! It's just a little update I'm throwing in here to inform readers of some things I wanted to make clear, just so there is no confusion about where the story is going and how it's gonna get there.

First I want to give you this, a link to an obscenely quickly made website that contains the picture of what Tyler Ellis looks like. Just click his name. But if you would like to keep your own interpretations of what he looks like, and not know my version of him... then don't bother. I know what it is like to picture a character in your mind, and then see what he was meant to look like, and to be downright disappointed. Of course, he is very much fictional. His looks and his personality is not based on anyone I know, and the picture is just of an actor that I altered in Adobe PhotoShop (if you want to know more about my computer art pertaining to Nifty, scroll to the bottom). The website explains it in short detail.

Second, I want to explain the conception of this story idea. As I have told some people who mailed, this story is thirded into three parallel universes. Each one is based off of a "what if" question. Reclaim: what if Nick never left his original body completely? Live: What if the injury Hunter inflicted wasn't as bad as it seemed, and Nick not only lived, but was released in mere days? Die: What if Nick truly died, and there was no coming back?

Now each storyline, is as close as possible to each other, and in "Reclaim" and "Die's" case, are nearly EXACTLY alike until WAY later in the story- I am estimating at about chapter 9, they will finally branch off into two very different, night-and-day directions. But for now, you really should not read them both, for not only will it really confuse you, but they are sooo similar, it's a waste of time. The ONLY difference right now is that Tyler does not have any instinctual intuition of Nick's life in "Die", like he does in "Reclaim" (i.e. knowing the ring's inscription automatically, knowing Brian's nickname B-Rok without ever hearing it, etc.). Now, back to the stories being nearly exactly alike... As I said, we are dealing with parallel universes here... and more often than not, the guys are going to end up doing the same things, going to the same places, saying the same dialogue, cracking the same jokes, and feeling the same emotions, regardless of whether Nick lives or dies. Just as how the tiniest, most subtle skewed details can dramatically change an outcome, the path of getting there can still be shockingly similar. I am personally fascinated with the idea of time travel and life on other planets, and all that other X-Files hoopla, which of course includes the idea that there can be parallel universes. So, I threw together my beloved Backstreet Boys, some drama, a twist, and a Sliders-esque plot. For those not similar with the show Sliders, by the way, it is about a group of scientists who get thrown into a different dimension, and use a lil gadget to make portholes into different parallel universes. Each world is a version of Earth, but with only ONE thing different. Their main goal is to get back to their home dimension.

*NOTE* Just to point out the blatant obvious- until "Reclaim" and "Die" get to their fork in the roads, all I do is write "Reclaim" and then paste it at the bottom of the document, and edit out/change all the Tyler intuition parts, therefore creating "Die". It not only saves me a heap of time, but it coincidentally allows me to do exactly what I want with the story.

Speaking of what I want to do with this story, I have one more bit of information, and a request. I have each storyline mapped out in a big outline, in semi-detail. I am not willing to change anything about them. I have it exactly the way I want it. Granted, none of you know what that is, yet, but I am just saying any attempts to suggest ideas will be politely turned down. BUT the only thing I don't have down yet, is how to switch back Nick and Tyler at the end of "Live". I have no ideas! So if anyone would like to give it a whack and suggest something about *only* that, I'm here to listen!

Ok! I hope that clears up any questions anyone has, and not only helped those who already mailed (Glorafin, Uli), but also those who hate mailing authors about ANYTHING, lol. On a last note, I am not sure when chapter 4 will be out; I haven't even started it yet! Doh! And to calm another concern a lot of mail writers have been having... no, I am not ever going to just "stop" writing TBSWNC. Sometimes it may take a while, months even, to get out a chapter, but I will NEVER discontinue it. It WILL be finished eventually! So, that is that! Everything I wanted to say. Happy reading! -Sher ^.^

PS: I am a self-proclaimed Wizard in Adobe. Download the 2nd Screensaver that Malak (Dennis, author of Justin's Real World) made in the Nifty News directory. Here is a direct link: boybands2.html, that will take you right to the download. After installing, you can look up on the screensaver main menu for an information page, which lists which pictures I made for some of my favorite stories. Which include: Fixing The Backstreet Boys, Because I Love You, I Just Wanna Be Wit U, Nick and Brian, Justin's Dark Angel, Kevin and Justin, Kevin Behind The Scenes, Justin's Real World, and Brian and Justin. Some of these have more than one picture, however, only one of which is mine. But, my style is easy to notice. The background song is Britney Spears "What You See is What You Get" and the screensaver is fun to watch! Well that's it! Goodbye everyone!