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Last Time:

    JC leaned over, and Lance held him while he cried.  He hated to see JC like this.  He was always the one that they all went to when they were down.  It wasn't easy to watch him suffer when he was always the strong one.  He wished that Skyler would get there soon.  Then the doorbell sounded, and his prayers were answered.

    "Will you get it, Scoop?" asked JC.  "I don't really want to see anyone tonight."

    "I'll be right back," said Lance, getting up and going to the door.

    JC foolishly hoped that it was Skyler at the door, but he knew that he was still in Canada.  He decided he would find out where he would be when they finally got back to the states, and he would go to him.  He'd beg him and plead his case.  If God was happy, then Skyler would take him back.  He picked up the phone, intending to call Madonna.

    "Hello, Joshua," said Skyler from the living room doorway, and JC was stunned.


"Skyler Thomas wrapped up the Canadian Leg of his Mission Impossible Tour last night in Toronto. As he was headed to the airport, his Toronto fans lined up along either side of the road, holding signs that said, 'Come Back Soon, Skyler!'. Sources say the star was touched by their show of love."

Sway:  MTV News

"Paul Masters, a member of the now successful boy band, Utopia, issued a statement from San Antonio, Texas yesterday, saying the band was not breaking up. Rumors have been circulating that Carlos Marquez was leaving the group to pursue a solo career. Marquez, who is currently on tour with Skyler Thomas, couldn't be reached for comment."

Jamie Beckham:  Entertainment Tonight

"Skyler Thomas gains another guest performer for his Orlando, Florida shows. JC Chasez from *Nsync will be performing with Thomas for both sold out shows in Orlando. Fan reaction was ecstatic. It is reported that Chasez will fill in for Jordan Knight's vocals on Thomas's hit song, Something Real. This will be the first time that Chasez and Thomas have performed together."

Randy Reagan:  The Rag



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Chapter 12

    "What are you doing here?" breathed JC, trying to grind the tears out of his eyes, and looking from the real Skyler, standing in his living room, to the Skyler on his television screen.

    "I had to come," said Skyler close to tears himself.  "I miss you, Josh."

    "I miss you, too," replied JC still not moving.

    "Josh, why are we still not talking to each other?" asked Sky as he lost the battle, and tears streamed down his face.

    "Because I'm stupid," replied JC.

    "I love you, Joshua Chasez," said Skyler, trying very hard not to break down and sob.  "I love you so much, it hurts."

    "I love you, too," sighed JC, walking over and grabbing Skyler.

    The two stood there, embracing as they cried on each other's shoulders.  Both men were releasing emotions that they'd bottled up since August.  JC was so happy that Skyler had come, and Skyler was just happy that JC was in his arms again.  He felt a huge sadness lifting from him.

    Then they were kissing.  Their kisses were hungry and devouring.  JC seemed to be trying to consume Skyler.  Skyler just passively let himself be consumed.  He loved this.  The feel of JC's lips on his, JC's tongue in his mouth, arms around him, body pressed so tightly against him.  This is what he'd been dreaming about.  JC was his again.

    "I'm never letting go of you again," sobbed JC, gripping Skyler tightly.

    Niki, Lance and the twins were smiling at them from the hall, but Niki lead them away to give Skyler and JC some private time.  She was so happy that this was happening.  She was almost in tears, herself.  Skyler had been hurting for so long.  She hoped that now he would be happy.  Maybe now he'd drop the strange Male Madonna act, and leave the press alone.

    "I'm sorry about the tabloid," said Skyler when JC finally let go of his mouth.

    "Baby, don't," whispered JC.  "I don't care about that stupid tabloid anymore. I care about you and how stupid I've been."

    "I love you, Josh," said Skyler.

    "I love you, too," he replied.  "I think about you all the time, and I've been crazy without you, Skyler. I can't do that again. I promise, I'll never break your heart again. Listening to The Way Back To You about tore me apart."

    "You should have been there when I wrote it," said Skyler.  "All I could think about was you."

    "When you sang it at the Grammys, and you looked at me the whole time," said JC.  "I thought I would just stand up and scream that I loved you, right there."

    "I was singing it to you," said Skyler.  "When I saw you, I didn't want to sing it, because I thought I'd crack while I did. But then, I was on the stage, and you were looking back at me."

    "That night has never left my mind, Skyler," breathed JC.  "I got back to the hotel and cried myself to sleep, thinking about it."

    "Is it safe to come in there, yet?" called Lance from the other room, making both of them laugh.

    "We're not immoral, Lance," laughed JC.  "Come in here."

    "Finally," said Lance, smiling at them.  "I thought I'd never get you guys together again."

    "You tried," said Skyler.

    "I'm happy for you both," he replied, smiling again.

    "Are you going to be happy again?" asked Cassie, standing beside Lance.

    "Boo, I'm going to be more than happy," laughed Skyler, hugging JC again.

    "Carlos called," said Niki.  "He's checked in, and he's fine."

    "Where is he?" asked JC.

    "Oh, Carlos went to the hotel," said Skyler.  "There wasn't room in Britney's car for all of us. The rest of the band will be there tomorrow anyway, so Carlos said it would be fine."

    "Your show is Friday night," said JC.  A strange, calculating look crossed his face.

    "Yeah," dragged Skyler.

    "How about if I sing You Don't Know Me with you while you're here," said JC.  "Give Carlos a break."

    "I'd like that," replied Skyler, smiling at him.

    For the rest of the evening, they all sat in JC's living room, talking about anything and everything.  Skyler didn't leave JC's side, though, and several times, Lance thought that they were about to get obscene with each other, but then they would stop what they were doing and just look at each other.

    They ate a late dinner together in the dining room, and Lance thought that, finally, everything would get back to normal.  He missed the JC that was sitting at the table, smiling and laughing.  It was so good to have him back.  Skyler looked a lot happier, too.  He didn't look so pained and lost now.  Lance really cared about Skyler, and the fact that he was happy made Lance happy.

    Niki couldn't wait to call Madonna and tell her about this.  Madonna would be so happy, she'd probably fly in from LA just to see these two together again.  The fact that they were going to perform together at both Orlando shows would probably raise her eyebrows, but she'd be happy about that, too.  They had very unique voices, and Niki couldn't wait to hear them together.

    Justin was just as happy about this, finally, as everyone else.  He'd never really liked it when Skyler and JC were together, but seeing them they way they were apart changed his mind rather quickly.  He still liked Skyler just a little too much, but seeing both Skyler and JC when they weren't speaking to each other, ripped his heart out.

    Cassie beamed at them.  She loved the happy looks on both of their faces.  She'd lived with the depressed Skyler since last August, and she was excited about going home again with the new Skyler.  JC definitely did something for him.  She hadn't seen him smile so honestly, and so much, in a really long time.  She hoped that this meant that they guys would all start coming to New York again.  She missed them all so much.  Joey rarely ever came to see them anymore, and Cassie had a big crush on Joey.

    Chad was just happy to see his brother happy.  He didn't know about the gay thing, but as long as Skyler was happy, he wasn't going to cause any problems.  He liked JC, so it wasn't like he had to be stuck with a homosexual he couldn't stand.  Besides, having JC and Skyler together meant that Justin and Joey would be at the apartment more, and that was  a great thing.  He loved playing video games with those two.  Spending any amount of time with Joey was a load of fun.

    Britney smiled at them every time she looked at them.  It was so great to see them together like this.  It was almost like they were a normal couple.  She hated that fame could tear them apart, and she wished that the press would just leave them alone.  She knew that JC performing with Skyler would start up the rumor mill again, but right now, neither of them seemed to care about that.  Maybe this time, they'd make it.

    When everyone started winding down, JC lead Skyler upstairs to his room shyly.  Both of them were nervous about being together again after so long.  Neither of them had been with anyone else, but their reunion had been so emotional so far, and JC didn't want to cry again when they were trying to be intimate.

    Skyler didn't seem to be too worried about it.  As soon as they were in JC's room, with the door closed, he was stripping him.  He kissed his lips softly as he unbuttoned the shirt he was wearing.  He kissed his neck, just as softly, as he pushed it down JC's back.  Skyler didn't stop until JC was gloriously nude, and then he pushed him, gently, back onto the bed.

    JC stretched out on the bed and watched, hungrily, as Skyler stripped in front of him.  Skyler kept his eyes on JC's face, but JC let his eyes sweep slowly down the ever appearing body of Skyler.  Skyler smiled at him when he had finally removed all of his clothes.  JC waiting in anticipation for what Skyler would do next.

    Skyler slid into the bed, straddling JC's thighs.  He leaned forward to kiss his lover, using his hands to brace him.  They shared a soft, but deep, kiss, and JC moaned into his mouth.  Softly, and slowly, running his hands down the length of JC's torso, Skyler sat back up and smiled at him.

    "I love to touch you," he said, leaning a bit further to run his hands back up JC's body.

    He missed nothing, and his fingers lightly tweaked and played with JC's erect nipples, making him moan in pleasure.  Skyler ran his hands all over JC's chest and stomach, paying special attention to his navel.  He used the tip of his index finger to lightly rub the outer ring of JC's navel, making him shiver, and his body covered in goose flesh.

    This continued until JC thought he'd die if Skyler didn't stop.  Then, sensing that JC was just about on sensory overload from his stimulating his navel, Skyler leaned forward and brought his lips to JC's left nipple.  He let his tongue lightly play over the hardened nub of flesh, and then he lightly tugged at it with his tongue and top teeth.  JC moaned and gripped the bed sheet.

    Duplicating the same sensations in JC's right nipple, Skyler paid just as much attention there as on the other one.  JC was slowly moving his head back and forth, and his dick was leaking onto his stomach.  He kissed his way back to the center of JC's chest, and then he let his tongue lightly drag across the sensitive flesh as he made his way down his torso.

    He lapped at the pool of precum on JC's stomach, and let the fingers of one hand graze the shaft of his dick so lightly that JC hissed from the sensation.  Skyler ran those fingers up and down the shaft of JC's dick a few more times, eliciting the same response.  Removing his fingers, Skyler leaned forward and kissed JC again.  JC tried to wrap his arms around Skyler, but his lover sat back up too fast.

    Smiling at JC, Skyler slid further down his legs, and leaned forward, lifting his dick with one hand.  He ran his tongue around the rim of his head before taking just the head of his dick into his mouth.  Twirling his tongue around it, he slowly sank lower and lower, taking more of JC into his mouth.  He applied suction, creating a vacuum around JC's dick as he slowly began to turn his head from side to side on every downward motion.

    He continued to work JC's dick like that until he felt his body stiffen.  He knew that he was getting close, and Skyler wanted this to last.  He took his mouth off of JC's dick and starting licking his balls.  He loved the texture of the skin of JC's sack, and it wasn't long before his balls slid back down to hang loosely again.

    Skyler lifted JC's legs, and ran his tongue down his perineum.  JC moaned and sighed as Skyler lifted his legs higher and let his tongue come into contact with his hole.  Driving both of the crazy, Skyler took his time.  He ran his tongue all around the outside of JC's hole, and he barely let it pass over it on every other pass.  By the time he started to really rim him, JC was panting and moaning again.

    "Make love to me, Sky," moaned JC, shocking Skyler and making him stop all of his actions.

    "Are you sure?" he asked, after detaching his mouth from JC's ass.

    "I've never been more sure of anything in my life, Sky," said JC, propping himself up on his elbows.  "I want you inside me."

    He reached into the drawer of his nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lubricant.  Handing it to Skyler, JC smiled at him, and the look on his face made him love Skyler even more.  He couldn't wait until they became one.  Ordinarily, JC didn't like to be a bottom.  He'd done it only once, but with Skyler, he knew he wanted it.

    Skyler had read about it enough times to have a general idea of what he needed to do to get JC ready.  He covered his fingers with lube and brought them back to JC's hole.  He ran his lubed index finger all around the outside of JC's hole, making him whimper.  JC's eyes were locked on his, so he knew that it wasn't a sound of fear.

    Being a bit bolder, Skyler slowly inserted his finger into the resistant tunnel that was JC's silky ass.  He didn't stop until he had his finger all the way inside of him, and it took him no time to find the hard knot of flesh that so many erotic stories had told him would make a guy see stars.

    JC's head snapped back against his pillow as Skyler made contact with his prostate.  A billion bolts of electricity spread through JC, starting with that one point inside his ass.  He let out a strangled moan as his dick began to drip like a faucet in bad need of repair.

    Skyler inserted a second finger, making JC moan again, and he was worried that it might be too much for him.  He looked up to see JC looking back at him again, and the look in JC's eyes told him to keep going.  There was no way that JC wasn't going to have this.  He wanted it too much.

    Skyler began to slowly push his fingers in and out of JC's tight ass, making very sure to graze his prostate every time.  He noticed that JC's dick was still rock hard and leaking a steady flow of precum, so he knew it couldn't be too bad for him.  Whatever he was feeling, it had to be good enough to cause the precum to flow like that.

    He dared a third finger, and JC's eyes widened momentarily before they closed, and a look of sheer concentration came over his face.  Skyler was about to pull his fingers out of him when JC pushed back with his anal muscles, and all three fingers slowly slid inside of him.

    "I'm ready," breathed JC with his eyes closed after Skyler had worked his ass with three fingers for a few minutes.  "I want you."

    Taking his fingers out of his ass, Skyler lubed his dick and looked into JC's hungry eyes.  He'd never felt so much love for a person in his entire life.  JC was giving him something that was so special, and Skyler could tell by all of the reactions that he'd gotten that this was not something JC gave away very often.

    He placed the head of his lubed dick at the outside of JC's hole, and the two of them looked each other in the eye again.  Skyler saw the permission in JC's eyes, and he applied pressure, slowly forcing his way past JC's sphincter muscles.  JC groaned as the head of Skyler's dick popped inside of him, and Skyler froze.  He wanted this to be special for JC, and hurting him was the last thing on his mind.

    After a few more minutes, JC opened his eyes again, and silently let Skyler know that he was ready for more.  They stared at each other as Skyler applied more pressure, shocking both of them when Skyler's balls were against JC's ass.  They stayed like that for a while.  Skyler wanted to, again make sure that JC got all the time he needed to get used to having him inside of him.

    "We can stop if you need to, Josh," said Skyler lovingly.  "I don't want to hurt you."

    "Make love to me, Sky," breathed JC.  "I want you now."

    Skyler looked into JC's eyes, seeking true permission one last time, and then he slowly withdrew his dick until just the head was trapped inside by JC's tight sphincter.  JC groaned again from the emptiness, and Skyler slowly started pushing back inside of him, filling him again.

    Slowly, Skyler picked up his pace until they were moving against each other in a steady, but slow rhythm.  He didn't know if he was hitting JC's prostate or not, but the wetness between them when he leaned over to kiss him let him know that there was still something going right.

    "I love you, Josh," said Skyler when their lips parted.  "I love you even more right now."

    "I love you, too," panted JC.  "I love the way you feel inside me, Sky. I love you so much."

    Skyler continued to slowly pump his dick in and out of JC, marveling at the time that they were taking with this.  He didn't look at a clock, but he knew that it was getting really late, and JC wasn't showing any signs of tiring.  Skyler knew that he couldn't last much longer, but he was definitely going to try to stay put for as long as possible.

    Then, JC's ass clamped down on him like a vice grip, and JC's cum shot from the head of his dick up to his chin.  JC's body spasmed with the waves of his orgasm, and the clenching of his ass milked Skyler's dick until he was crying out as his own cum flowed into JC's silky hot ass hole.

    When they were both spent, they collapsed against each other and sighed.  JC wrapped his arms around Skyler as he brought he legs down, causing Skyler's softening dick to slide out of his ass.  He stroked his back lovingly, and silently cried tears of joy for having Skyler back.

    "Thank you," said Skyler into JC's shoulder.  "You've given me the best gift in the world, Josh."

    "That's because I love you," replied JC.

    "Now I'll never want to leave you," said Skyler.

    "Move here with me, Sky," said JC.  "I know we'll both be gone touring for a while, but when I come home, I'd love nothing more than to come home to you every day for the rest of my life."

* * *

    The next morning at breakfast, everyone noticed how attentive to each other they were.  Neither of them could go without looking into each others eyes and smiling every few minutes.  Niki could feel the love they shared between them, and she knew that Skyler would be happy again.  She was so happy now, herself.

    Lance and Justin had gone home last night, but Lance had called to see how they were doing, and Niki told him about the way that Skyler and JC seemed to be doing everything for each other.  Lance laughed and told her that he would be over a little later.  She smiled when he told her that everyone was so happy to hear that their silence was finally over.

    After breakfast, Niki took the twins to Disney World, and JC and Skyler went back to bed.  They made love almost exactly the same way that had the night before, and they were lying peacefully against each other, enjoying the afterglow of orgasm when Lance wrung the doorbell.

    Utterly lost in one of Skyler's shirts, JC answered the door with a warm smile, and he pulled Lance into an embrace as soon as the door was shut.  Lance could feel the happiness radiating from his friend as they held each other.  He was so happy for him, and it made him forget his own loneliness for a little while.

    "Thank you, Lance," said JC when they let go of each other.  "I know you are responsible for this, and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart."

    "I just couldn't stand to see you both making each other suffer like that, Josh," said Lance.  "You belong together."

    "He's the most wonderful man in the world, Lance," said JC.  "And he's moving in with me."

    "Aren't you afraid of what the world will think of that?" asked Lance a little worried for him already.

    "I don't care anymore," said JC, smiling.  "I have him back, and I'm never going to let go."

    After JC got Skyler out of bed and dressed in a pair of Chris's swimming trunks, they went out to the pool with Lance to talk about the show the following night.  Somehow, the information had leaked to the press that JC was going to be performing in the show, so the element of surprise was gone now.

    Lance thought that it might have been overheard when Niki was relating the news to Madonna.  They were all very thankful that the news about the show was the only thing in the paper that morning.  They all knew that the press was going to have a field day with them once Skyler moved in, but they didn't want to start the first day after getting back together worried about the press.

    The decided not to worry about it.  JC was adamant that he wanted Skyler and the twins with him in Orlando, and he'd be damned if he was going to let gossip stop him.  They'd deal with it when it happened.  If the world didn't like it, there was nothing they could do about that.

    Joey and Justin showed up just after lunch, and the five of them had a great time together in the pool.  They dunked each other, splashed each other and just generally horsed around.  Joey had to come over to see this for himself.  He was just as happy for them as Lance was.

    When Niki and the twins got back, just before dinner, Chad was excited to see Joey.  He dragged him and Justin off to the game room to play video games until dinner was ready.  Cassie and Niki relaxed by the pool, and Skyler and JC stuck together in the kitchen, making dinner for everyone.

    Chris, Britney and Carlos arrived just before dinner was done, and Justin raced into Carlos's arms.  Skyler was very happy to see that the two of them had hit it off so well.  It was good to see that sappy look on Justin's face.  JC smiled at them, and then he kissed Skyler again.  It seemed that was all they'd been doing all day long.  When they sat down to dinner, JC and Skyler delivered their news to the group.

    "We're moving here?" asked Cassie excited.  "You mean no more cold weather?"

    "Wow!" gasped Chad.  "That means I can hang out with Joey all the time."

    Everyone laughed about that one.  They were all happy that Skyler and the twins were moving to Orlando.  That meant that there really would be more chances for all of them to hang out with Skyler.  They were all a little worried about it, too, though.

    "You really don't care about the press?" asked Chris.

    "We cared a little too much about them already," said JC.  "Let them speculate. The world will decided what they decide. You saw for yourself that our record sales jumped when the story came out last time. Why would this be any different?"

    "Have you discussed this with Johnny?" asked Justin.

    "No," replied JC.  "I don't have to have Johnny's permission to live a happy life, Justin. He's our manager, not our father. And Skyler and I are adults."

    "Well said," said Britney.  "But Johnny might have something else to say about it entirely."

    "Let him say what he's going to say," said Lance.  "JC's right. He can't tell us what to do with our private lives. As long as none of us are too showy with what we're doing, we will be fine."

    "Well, Madonna will be all for it," said Niki.  "She doesn't care what Skyler gets himself into with the press. He's shown her countless times that, even though the tabloids were attacking him, he could turn it into a huge publicity plus for himself."

    "I guess this means that you have to break things off with Howie, Sky," laughed Britney.

    "I'm sure he'll be crushed," Skyler said.  "He and Brian have patched things up."

    "That's great," gushed JC.  "I have to admit I was more than a little jealous of all the time you were spending with Howie, Sky."

    "Well, I didn't say that Howie and I would stop hanging out," replied Skyler.  "I'm not dropping my friends over this, Josh. I'm gaining a lover, not letting my entire world crumble."

    "I would never try to control who you hang out with, Sky," assured JC.  "I love you. I want to make you happy, not hold you prisoner."

    After that, the conversation grew lighter again, and they all just enjoyed being with each other.  Lance thought that if this was what he had to look forward to with JC and Skyler together, then he couldn't wait until the tours were over.  This was almost perfect.  He just wished that he had someone of his own to love.

* * *

    "Are you ready, Orlando?" cried Skyler to the crowd, making them scream so loud that Justin had to put his hands over his ears.  He'd never heard a crowd this loud.  "My friends are here to sing with me tonight, Orlando. And we're going to rock this place!"

    The crowd roared as JC, Carlos, Niki, Britney and Jordan Knight walked on to the stage.  The music to Holiday started and the crowd's reaction was deafening.  Lance and Justin were so excited.  This show was by far the best show they'd ever seen Skyler performer.

"Holiday Celebrate
Holiday Celebrate," sang Britney and Skyler, clapping their hands over their heads, and the crowd roared again.

"If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice," sang Madonna walking onto the stage to join her friends, shocking the entire audience.

    The group of them started dancing around the stage, doing the Bus Stop, bumping into each other and having a ball.  The crowd loved it, and Justin was dancing around off stage so much that Lance had to laugh at him.  They were having the times of their lives.

"Everybody spread the word
We're gonna have a celebration
All across the world
In every nation
It's time for the good times
Forget about the bad times, oh yeah
One day to come together
To release the pressure
We need a holiday," the group sang together.

"If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice," sang Niki, Madonna and Britney, walking in circles around the guys.

"You can turn this world around
And bring back all of those happy days
Put your troubles down
It's time to celebrate
Let love shine
And we will find
A way to come together
And make things better
We need a holiday," sang the guys as they danced around the girls.  They all came together, dancing and clapping their hands as they sang the chorus.

"If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice," they sang together as one, and Lance could see the excited smiles on their faces as they lined up one at a time, behind each other.

"Holiday Celebrate
Holiday Celebrate," shouted the crowd as they all zigzagged back and forth for the crowd.

"If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice," sang Skyler by himself, walking to the edge of the stage, making the crowd roar again.  He bent down to touch the uplifted hands of the crowd in the front row.

"Holiday Celebrate
Holiday Celebrate," he sang with the crowd, dancing back and forth from one foot to the other, shaking his body like only he could do.

"Holiday, Celebration
Come together in every nation," sang the rest of the group, and the lights went down as the crowd screamed.

    When the lights came back up, Skyler and JC sat on stools with hand held microphones in their hands as the music to You Don't Know me started.  The crowd cheered for them, screaming I love you's to both guys.  They sounded awesome together, singing their hearts out, never taking their eyes off of the audience.

    They worked the song perfectly, and the crowd loved it.  Madonna stood watching with tears in her eyes.  She was so proud of Skyler, and she was thrilled that he and JC had finally come to their senses.  She loved the sound of them singing together, and the wheels were turning inside her head.

    Carlos came out on the stage, and the three of them sang Something Real together.  The crowd ate it up.  Skyler had made the right choice when he decided to sing that song.  Madonna had been against it at first, but, listening to them out there, loving the song, she was happy that Skyler hadn't taken no for an answer.

    She joined Skyler on the stage again as the guys left, and they finished the show with a bang.  Matching him word for word, Skyler and Madonna electrified the crowd.

"This rag, that rag all of them have something to say
Just rumor, just a lie a different tail about me every day
Some even say that I am just crazy in my head
They won't stop talking about me 'till way after I'm dead," they sang on opposite sides of the stage.

"Its not your business
Who I chose to love
Its not your business
Where I chose to go
Its not your business
What I eat at every meal
Its not your business
Oh its just unreal
Its not your business," sang Skyler as he and Madonna slowly walked toward each other.

"Yesterday I heard that I was gay
Different story, different lover ever day
Image is only part of me
Guess your too blind to see
I'm me and no one else," they sang together, getting a huge response from the crowd.

"Its not your business
Who I chose to love
Its not your business
Where I chose to go
Its not your business
What I eat at every meal
Its not your business
Oh its just unreal
Its not your business," sang Skyler, and the crowd sang with him.  They loved that song!

"I shouldn't care what two bit writers have to say
But everywhere I go its seems their always in my way
Can't have a friend around, because they all will speculate
I wish that all you liars would just go the Hell away
I'm just doing my thing and this is what I get in return
Lies and rumors everywhere making my anger burn," Skyler and Madonna sang together, standing side by side.  They danced together, and the crowd ate it up!

"Its not your business
Who I chose to love
Its not your business
Where I chose to go," sang Skyler.

"Its not your business
Which bed my shoes are under
Its not your business
So just go find another," sang Madonna.

"Its not your business
You hear what I'm saying
Its not your business," they sang together, and the crowd roared louder than ever.

    "That was the most intense show ever!" cried Cassie, hugging a dripping Skyler when he got back to the "party" room.  "I had so much fun watching you out there!"

    "Sky, you rocked them!" cried Chad, rushing over to join his brother and sister.

    "I had a great time tonight," he told them, hugging them both.  "This was unreal!"

    "It certainly was," panted Madonna.  "The crowd was amazed."

    "I think we left them in a daze," chuckled Carlos.

    "I am totally pumped!" said JC, smiling at all of them.

    "C'mere, you," said Skyler, pulling his sweaty lover to him and kissing him.  "Thank you for singing with me, Josh."

    "Baby, it meant as much to me as it did to you," he replied, kissing him again.

    "What are you guys cooking up for tomorrow night?" asked Chad.  "Isn't HBO going to be taping the show tomorrow?"

    "No," replied Madonna.  "The show will be live tomorrow night."

* * *

    "Alright America!" cried Skyler on the same stage the very next night.  A camera hovered just above the crowd, transporting his image all of the country.  "Are you ready to rock?"

    The crowd screamed.  Some of them had been to the previous night's show, and they were excited about the prospect of getting another dose of the same show.  Skyler looked awesome.  He was standing there in a pair of tight leather jeans with no shirt, and his hair was soaked with sweat as he smiled sexily at the crowd.

    "My friends are here tonight," he continued.  "And we're going to give you the best show you've ever seen in your lives! ORLANDO! Welcome MADONNA!"

    The audience screamed as Madonna and Skyler sang a medley of Like A Prayer, Express Yourself and Vogue.  The two of them were awesome together, and the crowd loved it.  JC stood, waiting until it was time for him and the others to run out on stage, watching the magic that was Skyler and Madonna.

    "ORLANDO!" cried Madonna when their medley was over.  "*Nsync!"

    JC, Justin, Joey, Chris and Lance came running out on the stage.  With Skyler, they sang Mission Impossible.  The crowd was only expecting JC, and when the rest of *Nsync ran out on stage with him, the screaming was so loud that it sounded like the entire crowd was on stage with Skyler.

    When Niki, Carlos and Britney came out to sing Holiday with them, it was as if the crowd had microphones of their own.  They screamed and cheered as the song went on.  The audience picked up pieces of the song and sang with the group.  The people from HBO couldn't believe how the crowd was reacting to the performance.  Neither was Johnny.  He'd agreed to this just hours before the show started.  He'd been worried about it, but seeing this, he was sure that it was going to make all of them, including Skyler Thomas, more famous.  He had to cover his ears as the crowds screams got louder when the music stopped and the lights went down.

to be continued

Well, there you go! Chapter 12 is finished.  I took several liberties with schedules and all this time.  But I think the story is better because of it.  I hope you all liked the show.  I know its hard to picture something like that, but it was sure fun to write it.  Holiday is, of course, one of Madonna's hit songs.  With her singing with them in the story, I don't feel so guilty about using her lyrics here.  Something Real is a song by Mr. Mister, and even though I didn't use the lyrics this time around, I thought I should give credit where credit is due.  It's Not Your Business and The Way Back To you were written by me, and I remind you that all of my own text is also copyrighted material.  Even my lyrics.

Eric Draven®

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