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I hope that everyone enjoys the story and realizes that this is only a story.  I don't know any of the stars mentioned in this story personally, and their sexuality, although sometimes under scrutiny, is never anyone's business than their own.  If, on an odd chance, this story reflects actual events at all, that is completely coincidental.  I'm not a spy, and I would never stalk a star. :)

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Last Time:

    The audience screamed as Madonna and Skyler sang a medley of Like A Prayer, Express Yourself and Vogue.  The two of them were awesome together, and the crowd loved it.  JC stood, waiting until it was time for him and the others to run out on stage, watching the magic that was Skyler and Madonna.

    "ORLANDO!" cried Madonna when their medley was over.  "*Nsync!"

    JC, Justin, Joey, Chris and Lance came running out on the stage.  With Skyler, they sang Mission Impossible.  The crowd was only expecting JC, and when the rest of *Nsync ran out on stage with him, the screaming was so loud that it sounded like the entire crowd was on stage with Skyler.

    When Niki, Carlos and Britney came out to sing Holiday with them, it was as if the crowd had microphones of their own.  They screamed and cheered as the song went on.  The audience picked up pieces of the song and sang with the group.  The people from HBO couldn't believe how the crowd was reacting to the performance.  Neither was Johnny.  He'd agreed to this just hours before the show started.  He'd been worried about it, but seeing this, he was sure that it was going to make all of them, including Skyler Thomas, more famous.  He had to cover his ears as the crowds screams got louder when the music stopped and the lights went down.


"Skyler Thomas shocked Orlando along with the rest of America with his final show in Orlando, Florida last night.  HBO televised the show live, and Madonna, Carlos Marquez, Niki Harris, Britney Spears and all of *Nsync joined him on the stage, thrilling the sold out crowd. Madonna issued a statement from Orlando this morning, stating that she, Britney Spears and *Nsync will not be appearing with Skyler Thomas and Carlos Marquez at any other shows. That doesn't seem to bother fans. Tickets to the New York shows have already sold out. News of the powerful performance has spread across the land via HBO, and Washington DC, Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois have also reported selling out of tickets."

Kurt Loder:  MTV News

"JC Chasez, taking after Skyler Thomas, told reporters it was none of their business when asked about his rekindled friendship with Thomas. Spokesmen for *Nsync issued a statement that the sexuality of the boy band members really is none of anyone's business. 'They are clean cut, wholesome young men who entertain their fans and make music,' claimed Johnny Wright."

Jamie Beckham:  Entertainment Tonight



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Chapter 13

    "Hey sexy," said JC when he took the phone.

    "Hey," replied Skyler.  "Good to talk to you."

    "Same," said JC.  "You alright? You sound funny."

    "Just tired," replied Skyler.  "More mobs of fans than last time."

    "It comes with the territory," laughed JC.  "I miss you."

    "I miss you too," he said.  "We're still meeting in Dallas, right?"

    "Absolutely," said JC.  "Wild horses couldn't keep me from you."

    "I love you," said Skyler, trying not to yawn.

    "I love you, too," said JC.

* * *

    Shows were selling out all over the country, Skyler was even more popular than before, the tutor had arrived right on schedule, and the tour bus was almost too small for everyone.  Such is life on the road.  Skyler was happy, though.  He had another hit single, thanks to the tour.  Something Real was now number three in the country.  His lover's group held the number one slot, and his friend's group held number two.

    Howie called him almost as much as JC did.  He was happy that Skyler and JC had gotten back together, and he wished them nothing but happiness.  His reconciliation with Brian was short lived, and Skyler was sorry to hear that.  Howie was a great guy, and he deserved to be happy.  He couldn't think of what was going through Brian's head, but he sure knew the boy was having some kind of problem.

    Chad had surprised Skyler just a few days ago.  Skyler had come back to the hotel in Chicago to find Chad with a guitar, borrowed from a member of the band, and singing his heart out.  He'd written a song of his own, and Skyler loved the sound of his voice.  The song was a little raw, but with a little work, Chad could have a releasable single.  He planned to get Madonna to listen to Chad as soon as he saw her again.

    Several good things were happening on this tour.  Skyler was writing songs like crazy.  He and Niki sat together and, while she played the keyboard, they sang the lyrics he'd written down.  He was happy with his work.  He'd met so many different stars, traveling all over America.  His friends list was growing rapidly.  Everyone he met seemed to like him, and he was happy about that.  VH1 had expressed an interest in doing a Behind The Music« featuring him, and though he'd been too busy to attend, he'd won five MTV Video awards.  JC had accepted them in his absence.

    Cassie was getting rather good at playing the drums.  Tommy Beachem, the band's drummer, had been teaching her on off days.  Although he was sure that she would be giving him a headache for days and days, he had consented to buying her a set of drums when the finished the tour.

    He had been informed that filming for Hate Crime would be moved to Orlando, which couldn't have worked out better.  JC would be working in the studio almost as soon as Skyler and the twins moved to Orlando, and having the movie filmed in Orlando meant that he wouldn't have to be away from JC again so soon after the tour.

    Madonna had called to tell him that Rupert Everett would be taking the role of Skyler's character's best friend in the movie, and she said that Skyler was going to love Rupert.  She said he was a very great guy, and he was very fun to hang out with.  The two of them were planning to work on a movie project together soon, and she couldn't wait for Skyler to meet him.

    He'd been receiving scores of gifts and cards from fans along the tour, and a lot of the things they sent were really nice.  He laughed when he got a bunch of gay pride items, and he even decided to keep them.  It seemed some fans did believe he was gay.  Most of the stuff he received, he either gave to the twins, or sent it to organizations that specialized in helping under privileged children.  He was making quite a name for himself in the charity world.  He'd donated tons of money to several charities.

    He called Mark when he got to LA, and the two of them had a great day together just hanging out.  A lot of his friends from college came to see him while he was there, and it was good to see everyone again.  Mark told him that he'd been bitten by the acting bug, and Skyler promised to help him in any way he could.  He'd made a few phone calls, and Mark was flown to New York to audition for a role on Secrets Of The Morning.  Skyler was thrilled when Mark called and told him that he'd gotten the part.

    After spending three glorious days with JC and Justin in Dallas, the tour headed to Mexico.  Skyler learned to sing three songs in Spanish, and the two shows he did there were a raging success.  He did seven photo shoots in the two weeks he was in Mexico, and Mexican magazines had dubbed him the American Prince.  He and Niki had laughed about that. For a few days after that, Niki had started calling him Prince Skyler.

    As much as he loved his tour, he was never so happy in his life as he was when JC, Justin and Lance met him at the airport.  It was all he could do to keep his hands off of JC while they were in the airport, but as soon as they got to the house, Skyler was all over him.  JC didn't seem to complain, though.

    The day after he arrived, Lance and Rusty threw him a party.  He was happy to see Rusty Kirk again.  It had been a while.  Carlos was happy to be with Justin again, and Skyler thought that Lance and Rusty looked very happy with each other.  JC joked with him that Utopia was trying to infiltrate *Nsync by dating the guys in the group.  They all had a great time at the party, and later that night, JC and Skyler did some celebrating of their own.

    A week after he'd been home, Skyler sat at Lance's house, talking to Lance about the new album.  The two were rapidly becoming best friends, and Skyler was happy about that.  Lance was always available to talk when he needed an ear, and Skyler returned the favor as often as he could.

    "So where are Cassie and Chad?" asked Lance.

    "Chad is at Joey's, and Cassie is out with friends," replied Skyler.  "Did I tell you about Chad writing a song?"

    "No, you didn't," replied Lance.  "Any good?"

    "Great," said Skyler.  "I was going to sit Madonna down to listen to him, but I thought you might like to have the first shot at him for Freelance."

    "I would," agreed Lance.  "When would he like to sing for me?"

    "Well, I haven't exactly talked to him about that yet," laughed Skyler.  "So far, he just knows that I like the song."

    "We'll have to set something up," Lanced laughed with him.

    "I'm thinking of buying a bigger house," said Skyler.

    "What's wrong with JC's house?" asked Lance.

    "Nothing," he said.  "But if there are going to be three singers and a drummer living together, we may need a few soundproof rooms, and I was thinking about a studio."

    "That's a great idea," said Lance.  "You know the two houses across the street from me are for sale. You could buy both of them and have them connected. There'd be zoning stuff you'd have to go through, I'm sure, but it could work."

    "I'll look into that."

* * *

    The two houses were perfect.  Skyler fell in love with both of them when he saw them, and he knew that if he'd been asked to choose just one of them, he'd agonize over the decision.  Thankfully, the realtor assured him that there would be no problem in joining the two properties.

    The first house was just amazing.  There was a large living room with a marble fireplace and dropped crystal chandelier.  All of the floors on the first floor were hard wood, and they were perfectly polished and smooth.  There was a large foyer with another chandelier, and the stair case was hand carved mahogany.  A deep ruby carpet covered the stairs.

    The formal dining room was breathtaking.  The walls were all covered with oak panels, and a clock was carved into the wall above the mantle.  A hanging five globe light was suspended exactly where a dining room table would go.  The kitchen was so large that Skyler could imagine himself wearing roller skates to get from one side to the other while preparing a meal for the entire group.

    Off the kitchen, there was a laundry room, pantry and bathroom.  Skyler couldn't believe the size of the rooms in the house.  It looked much bigger inside than out, and he hadn't even gone upstairs yet.  He couldn't wait to see the four bedrooms upstairs.  He couldn't wait to tell JC and the twins about this.

    The bedrooms were all very large.  Each had a different color of carpet, and the wallpaper in each room, though different, was mock antique.  There were two full bathrooms on the second floor, too.  The Master Bedroom had its Master Bathroom with porcelain everywhere and chrome fixtures.  A small closet was directly across from the shower at one end of the room, and a claw foot porcelain bath tub sat on the other side of the room.

    There was a balcony right outside the Master Bedroom, and it extended from one end of the house to the other.  Downstairs, there was a porch that extended all the way underneath the balcony.  There was a large kidney shaped pool in the back yard, and behind it, there was a two car garage and a caba˝a.  Skyler thought that this house was awesome.

    By the time he got to see the second house, his mind was already made up.  He'd decided if he didn't like the second house, he'd just remodel it to suit what he wanted.  But as it turned out, the second house was just as great as the first.  He was told that both houses were built by the same contractor and they were almost identical inside and out.  The biggest difference was that the second house had only three bedrooms and one full bathroom upstairs with the half bath downstairs.

    He made his offer, and the realtor believed that it would be accepted.  Now, what he needed to do was contact a contractor to get the work started.  If they worked while he was filming, it would probably be done by the time filming ended.  He decided to keep his mouth shut about the project until closer to getting the houses finished.

    Back at Lance's house, the two of them talked about what Skyler wanted done to the houses, and Lance promised to look over the deed when it came for him.  He also promised to keep his secret.  Skyler wanted to surprise JC with the finished house.  He couldn't wait.

    "He's going to be thrilled," said Lance, smiling.  "I'm going to be thrilled to have you both living across the street from me."

    "It will be great," beamed Skyler.  "I can't wait."

    "While you were gone, I got a chance to hear Chad sing," said Lance.

    "You did?"

    "Yes, I ran over to Joey's to drop of something, and Chad and Joey were jamming," explained Lance.  "I asked him whose song he was singing, and he proudly said that he wrote it."

    "What did you think?" asked Skyler.

    "I think I want him to sign with Freelance," replied Lance.

* * *

    "So this is your big surprise for JC?" asked Rupert Everett.

    They were standing in front of what was rapidly becoming one house.  The construction crew was working very hard to get the project done before Skyler was done filming.  The movie was half way through filming, and Skyler and Rupert had become fast friends.  The two hung out almost as much as Skyler hung out with Lance.

    "It sure is," replied Skyler, smiling from ear to ear.  "Lance has a picture and diagram of what the finished house will look like on his lap top."

    "Well, JC should be thrilled," replied Rupert.  "Where is he today?"

    "He's in Miami doing a personal appearance," replied Skyler.  "He should be back the day after tomorrow."

    "So, he doesn't know about this, right?" asked Rupert.

    "No, he thinks that someone else bought the properties," laughed Skyler.  "Lance and I got him to think that they are going to turn it into some kind of clinic or something."

    "That's a good one," laughed Rupert.  "So you're still coming to dinner with us tomorrow, then?"

    "Absolutely," replied Skyler.

    A few of the actors working on the movie had invited Rupert and Skyler to dinner.  Alec Baldwin had just started shooting, and this was his way of getting to know the "new faces."  Skyler was thrilled to be working with Alec, but so far he hadn't even had a scene with him.

    When Skyler got home, the house was quiet.  Cassie was off with Britney somewhere.  She'd started modeling for Britney's new clothing line, and she was making a great deal of money.  Chad was probably still down at the recording studio.  Lance and Chad were working like dogs to get Chad's album ready.  They hadn't released a single yet, but Chad wanted to have it done in plenty of time to tour with Skyler.

    Skyler assured him that, since he hadn't even started working on his next album, he'd be done in plenty of time.  Justin was lending his voice to a few tracks on the album, but so far, Skyler hadn't heard anything.  He was dying to hear more of his brother's music.

    Skyler, himself, had recorded one new song.  Madonna had told him that it was a good idea to have a song on the soundtrack, but he hadn't been so sure.  After the first several weeks of filming, though, he'd written down what he was thinking and feeling.  The result had become a song that would be the title track of the soundtrack.  Janet Jackson had even lent her voice to the song.  She was doing two songs on the soundtrack.

    He was supposed to start shooting the video for the song tomorrow morning.  Alec, Rupert and three other actors as well as Janet Jackson were going to be in the video.  The message of the song was just like the movie, and Skyler was, for the first time, worried about what people would think of the video he planned to make.

    He'd talked to Madonna about it for hours on the telephone.  She liked the song, but she agreed that it was dark.  When she heard about the concept for the video, even she began to worry.  They'd banned her so many times, so she knew what you could and couldn't get away with, and they were definitely going to push the envelope.

    He was cooking dinner when Chad came home.  Joey was with him, and they were very excited about the work they'd been doing.  They talked a mile a minute, and Skyler had to laugh.  It was good to see Chad so excited, and he hoped that the finished album would be great.

    "Joey's going to produce three songs on my album," gushed Chad.  "Isn't that great?"

    "It sure is," replied Skyler.  "How close to finishing the album are you guys?"

    "Two more tracks," said Joey.  "This kid is way opinionated."

    "Just like my brother," smirked Chad, making Skyler laugh again.

    "No," said Joey.  "He's a bull dog, you are just opinionated."

    "Alright, guys," laughed Skyler.  "Come and eat."

* * *

    "Its a good video," said JC when they were finished watching the tape.  "It just isn't pleasant to watch."

    "It isn't supposed to be," replied Skyler.  "The subject matter is awful."

    "It was cool the way they faded Janet's face in above you when she was singing, though," he said, ignoring Skyler's last remark.

    JC was very uncomfortable with Skyler doing this movie.  Now with the video, he was even more concerned.  Skyler had been having nightmares, losing sleep and staring off into space at odd times since shooting had began.  JC was concerned that playing Tobias Clemmons was really affecting Skyler.  They argued when he voiced his concerns, so he rarely said anything.  He'd just be happy when filming was over.  He didn't even think he wanted to watch the movie.

    Lance and Justin had noticed, too.  Both of them were a little worried about Skyler.  Lance was so busy, working with Chad on the album, that he never had a chance to talk to Skyler about it.  Justin, however, made his opinion very well known.  He hated the script.  Skyler had let him read it just days before filming began.  They all remembered the news coverage of the death of Tobias Clemmons, and just thinking of the things that Skyler would have to be doing in the movie really made them uncomfortable.

    "When is filming over?" asked Justin.

    "Well, I'm done filming," replied Skyler.  "I've shot all the scenes that I'm in. All that's left are some of the aftermath scenes. I don't even have to go back to the set, if I don't want to."

    "Then don't," said Lance.

    "Guys," he said.  "Its a movie. I know how you all feel about it, but the movie is going to be good. The story needs to be told."

    "But why did you have to be the one to tell it?" asked Justin.  "Sky, I really don't like it."

* * *

    It turned out that Skyler and Madonna were both right to worry.  The video for Hate Crime aired one time on MTV, and then it was banned.  VH1 wouldn't even play it, so, of course, the single became a big hit.  The movie was about to premier, and none of Skyler's friends wanted to be there for it.

    He was more than a little disappointed, because the people that meant the most to him hated his movie.  JC was even more unhappy with the fact that Skyler had decided to sponsor an anti hate crime organization.  He said that was just opening himself up to more tabloid abuse.

    The two had really started to argue about it.  It had gotten to the point where they just didn't bring it up in any conversation, because it always sparked an argument between them.  Skyler was a little resentful, but he was determined not to let it do anything to his relationship with JC.

    Madonna went with Skyler to the premier.  JC and the others couldn't have been bothered to go.  Skyler was more than a little angry over it, but Madonna told him not to worry about it.  She said that it was usually the ones that caused to most conflict and controversy that really did the best.

    In January, Madonna was proven correct.  Hate Crime was the number one movie in the country, and Skyler was getting rave revues for his performance in the movie.  They were even saying that he might win an Academy Award for his role.  None of this changed JC's opinion, though.

    The only thing that made him even remotely happy was when Skyler surprised him with the house.  He came home from working on a song at the compound, and Skyler had insisted that they go to Lance's house.  At first, JC thought something was wrong with Lance, but when he got there, everything was revealed.

    "I'm glad you guys could come for dinner tonight," said Lance.  They were sitting around Lance's dining room table.

    Rusty was there, and Lance was in a very good mood.  He and Skyler kept laughing for apparently no reason at all, making JC think they were up to something.  He couldn't put his finger on it, but he knew that something wasn't right.  They weren't telling him something.  He would have been irritated, but they were both in such happy moods that he didn't question it.

    "What are they up to?" he asked Rusty, laughing.

    "I don't know," said Rusty, shaking his head.  "Lance has been acting like this all afternoon."

    "Well then," said JC.  "I think you and I are probably the only sane ones here."

    "That was rude," laughed Skyler.  "We're here to have dinner."

    "Is that why you rushed me out of the house like you were in a panic?" he asked.

    "We haven't had dinner with anyone in a long time, Josh," said Skyler, but his eyes told JC that there was more to it.

    "Alright," said JC, smiling.  "I'll leave it alone. Rusty, how's the album coming?"

    "Oh, we finished it today," replied Rusty excited.  "We're all pretty excited about it."

    "What's the title?" asked Skyler.

    "Superstar," laughed Rusty.  "Its all about what fame means to us."

    "That's really cool," said Lance.  "I can't wait to hear it."

    "Well, the first single will be released tomorrow," said Rusty.  "Its called Slave."

    "Nice song title," laughed JC.

    "Thanks," replied Rusty.  "I wrote the song. Its about being a slave to your career."

    "Sounds like a good song," said Lance.  "Did you bring the tape home?"

    "Oh, I have an advance CD single," laughed Rusty.  "We can listen to it later."

    "OK," agreed Lance.

    Skyler and Lance sent their lovers into the living room to listen to the song while they cleared the table and did the dishes.  The two were laughing the whole time.  Skyler couldn't wait to get JC over to the house.  Lance kept trying to get him to be quiet, so he could hear the song.

    "We're going to have to go and buy more furniture," said Skyler.

    "Antiques?" Lance's eyes lit up.

    "That'd be nice," replied Skyler.  "You wanna go shopping soon?"

    "Oh, I'd love to go antiquing soon," said Lance.  "I've been dying to."

    "Well then we'll do it," replied Skyler.  "After the Awards Show."

    "Are you going to the People's Choice, too?" asked Lance.

    "Oh, right," replied Skyler.  "I forgot all about that. I guess it won't be so soon then. I have to sing at the Golden Globes, too."

    "Its alright," said Lance.  "As long as we get to go."

    "I have an idea," said Skyler as he and Lance walked into the living room.

    "What?" asked JC, turning to look at him.

    "Why don't we go across the street and look at the building they built," said Skyler.  "It looks really nice."

    "We could get arrested for trespassing," replied JC, turning back to Rusty.

    "No we won't," said Lance quickly.  "I know the owner."

    "You never said anything about knowing the owner," said Rusty.  "Every time I asked you about it, you said you didn't know anything."

    "Oh, let's just go across the damned street," snapped Skyler.  "Josh, sometimes you just have to be led to your surprises."

    "My surprises?" he asked, standing up.  The light in his eyes made Skyler smile.

    "Come on, sexy," said Skyler, grabbing his hand.

    They giggled like kids as they walked across the deserted street.  No lights were on in the building, and JC wondered just what Skyler had hidden over there.  He had to admit, the place looked like a mansion more than a clinic.  He had thought about what it would be like to live in a house that big over the last few days.

    "Hey!" he cried as Skyler produced a key to the place.  "Where'd you get a key?"

    "From the realtor," laughed Skyler.  "Come on."

    He walked in and switched on the foyer lights.  JC stood stunned for a few minutes as he looked around the foyer and hall.  Everything was marble.  The walls, floor and ceiling looked like they'd been chiseled from marble and buffed until they shined.  The chandelier was beautiful, and it through little patches of light all over the place.

    "Surprise, Josh," said Skyler, grinning from ear to ear.

    "What?" asked JC, smiling at him uncertainly.

    "This is ours," Skyler said softly.

    "OH MY GOD!" cried JC.  "You did this?"

    "Well, I paid to have it done," laughed Skyler.  "But yeah, I did."

    The four of them wandered around the huge ground floor.  JC looked like a kid in a candy store.  The living room, dinging room, kitchen, pantry, bathroom and laundry room of the first house were unchanged.  The gap between the houses was now the huge hallway.  The staircase had been relocated to the center of the hallway, but Skyler had chosen to keep the mahogany.  It was a beautiful wood.

    The other living room was now a game room, though it was still empty.  The dining room was now an empty studio, and the kitchen had been gutted and redone.  It was now a video room.  Skyler had plans for the home theater.  Upstairs, there were now seven bedrooms.  JC asked him about why there were so many bedrooms, and he reminded him of how many times people flew in to see them, only to have to stay at a hotel, because they were full.

    There was a gym and a sitting room, three full bathrooms and a larger balcony.  It was too dark to show him the backyard.  The lights hadn't been installed yet.  But out there was an even bigger porch with tables, chairs, and a hammock.  The pool had been dug up and replaced in the center of the yard.  Instead of being kidney shaped, it was now a rectangle.  Both garages had been demolished and a five car garage had been built.  There was another building out there, too.  It would hold a bar with a stereo, so they could hold pool parties.

    "I love it!" cried JC when they got back downstairs.  "We even have our own studio."

    "Well, I thought that with three singers in the house, we'd need one," said Skyler.

    "Baby," sighed JC, hugging Skyler.  "You think of everything."

* * *

    "So you've done it again," said Rosie.

    "It looks like I've done something," laughed Skyler.

    "Act like you don't know," she said.  "He's so modest."

    "Maybe he doesn't know," screamed someone from the audience, making Rosie and Skyler both laugh.

    "Oh you know," she said, looking at Skyler with a mock stern look.

    "Yeah," he said in a low voice.

    "Yeah," she giggled.  "He knows he's got himself nominated for three Grammys, six Golden Globes, and an Oscar!'

    The audience cheered, and Rosie ruffled his hair.  Skyler blushed and smiled.  He had to admit that he loved doing Rosie's show.  Every time he came, she made it fun.  He just kept smiling at her.

    "So, the movie," she said.

    "Yeah," he sighed.  "I've been getting some pretty mixed reviews."

    "I went to see it," she said.  "I cried and cried when Tobias died."

    "It was a very emotional part for me," he said.  "I got really involved."

    "Yes," she said.  "Because of the movie, you are now a hate crime activist."

    "Well, I like to think that the movie just heightened my awareness," he said.  "I got involved in activism, because even after Matthew Shepherd and Tobias Clemmons, it just doesn't stop. Every day, you can turn on the news and find hate crimes happening all over America."

    "Its so sad," she said, nodding.

    "Its more than sad, Rosie," he said, trying desperately not to get agitated.  "Its an American tragedy that can and must be stopped. This is America. This is the country that people come to, from all over the world, to live in peace and freedom. Yet, some Americans can't walk down the street without being victims, and that's a tragedy."

    "It certainly is," she agreed.  "Do you think the movie will make people think?"

    "It will make some people think," he replied.  "But there are those people out there that it is too late to reach. Those people, Rosie, are the ones that need help."

    "I so agree," she said.  "Tell us about your hotline."

    "Well," he said.  "The hotline is a nation wide toll free number that anyone can call when they believe they are about to become the victim of a hate crime, or they already have been, and they can't get the police to help them. Its for people who want to help, and its for people who need help."

    "For those of you at home, the number is at the bottom of the screen," she said.  "For those of you in the audience, one of Skyler's Help Line cards will be passed out to everyone as you leave."

to be continued

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Working It Out

Prolific Nifty Authors That I REALLY Recommend:

Greg Bowden
Eric Case
Justin Case (In Loving Memory)