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Last Time:

    "Mark, this is Brian Krause," I said as I pulled the other pair of jeans up over my hips and buttoned them.

    The two of them said hello to each other, and Mark told him about how much he liked the show while I fumbled with my shirt.  I didn't know why, but I was suddenly very uncomfortable.  Mark and I had seen each other in boxers countless times, but we'd never looked at each other like that before.  I was sure that Mark had no idea that I was gay, but the way that he'd looked at me was strange.   I'd seen hunger in his eyes.

    "All ready?" asked Brian, dragging me away from my thoughts.

    "Where are you going?" asked Mark when I grabbed my wallet and keys.

    "I got the part," I said, smiling at him.  "Brian is taking me out to celebrate."

    "You got it?" cried Mark, and he was so excited.

    We talked about it for a few minutes, and I was about to ask him to come with us when he said that he really needed to get his studying done for the test.  I promised him that I'd talk to him and tell him all about it when I got home.  He just smiled at me with that excited look in his eyes again.

    When we got back in the car, I noticed Brian looking at me strangely for a minute.  I was about to say something about it when he smiled and started the car.  I wondered just what he'd thought of the show that Mark had put on while watching me change clothes.  It worried me.  I'd been in the closet for so long.

    "Can I ask you something?" asked Brian.   "Its kind of personal."

    "Sure," I said nervously.

    "Is Mark gay?" he asked.

    I started laughing almost hysterically.  Part of it was from relief.  The other part was the idea that Mark could be gay.   Sure, I was beginning to suspect that he was at least curious, but I seriously doubted that he was gay.  Brian must have thought I was crazy.  He just kept looking at me.

    "I'm sorry," I said, trying to stop laughing.  "The question just kind of caught me off guard."

    "There's nothing wrong with it if he is," Brian said quickly.  "I just wondered."

    "No, he's not gay," I replied, still trying not to laugh.


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Chapter 2


   Brian took me to a restaurant on the other side of the city.  We were ushered to a table in the back, but lots of people saw us, and they kept staring at Brian.  I wondered if this was what my life would be like soon.  Having fans would be nice, but I didn't want to give up any freedom.  I'd die if I couldn't do the things that I normally took for granted.  That was something I would just have to worry about later, though.

    "This place is very good," said Brian, grabbing his menu.  "I've eaten here just about every time I've been in L.A."

    "I'll take your word for it," I replied.

    I looked at the menu, but everything was so expensive.  Brian may not have had to worry about the prices, but I hadn't been paid for anything yet, so my funds were very limited.  I was going to feel stupid ordering a bowl of soup and a roll.  I just hoped that he didn't make a federal case about it.

    "I'm paying, Skyler," he said, looking at me over his menu.  "Order what you want."

    "I can't let you pay for this," I said quickly.

    "Yes, you can," he laughed.  "I told you I was taking you out to celebrate. Naturally, that means that tonight is on me."

    I couldn't get over how attractive he was.  I'd never really paid much attention to him on television, but up close and personal, Brian Krause wasn't just attractive, he was gorgeous.  His blue eyes sparkled when he smiled, and I found myself captivated by them every time.  His bleached hair was cut short and parted nicely to the side, but some hair still seemed to like to rest on his brow.

    I had to drag my eyes away from him before he thought anything of my staring at him.  I hoped that he would just chalk it up to my being star struck, but I couldn't take any chances.  I thought of the tabloids and how they loved to splash rumors about the stars across their pages.   I would have to be very careful if I wanted my secret to remain safe.

    We ordered, and when the waitress left with our orders, we sat there in silence for a few minutes.  I had no idea what Brian was thinking, but I was trying to figure out how I was going to spend the evening with him and not get caught up in his looks.  The last thing I needed was for him to not like me.

    "So tell me about you, Skyler," he said finally.

    "First of all, call me Sky," I said.  "What do you want to know?"

    "Well, let me see," he said, scratching his chin playfully.  "I know that you go to college, you told me that you were studying for a degree in business, your room mate is a big fan of the show, and you are going to be playing my long lost brother on the show. Anything you care to add to that would be fine with me."

    "Well, I grew up in Michigan," I said slowly.  "I have a younger brother and sister back there, but I rarely get to see them anymore. We write letters back and forth, and I call them every chance I get."

    "Why don't you get to see them?" he asked.  "Don't you go home for breaks?"

    "Well, I'm not really welcome at home," I said, hoping he would leave it alone.

    "Why not?" he asked, not letting me off the hook.

    "Well, when I left home last year, my mother and I weren't exactly on good terms," I said.  "I don't like her husband, and she chose him over me."

    "What about your father?" he asked.

    "That's a good question," I replied.  "I haven't seen my father since the twins were born. He took one look at them, and then he was gone."

    "That must have been hard," he said.  "Were the two of you close?"

    "We were," I said.   "My dad was my world. When he left, I didn't know why. My mother did her best to run him down, so I never asked her any questions."

    "That doesn't seem fair," he said.  "Your mother should have been a little more supportive."

    "Well, she didn't waste much time," I said bitterly.  "She married Dave a year later. Dave wasn't the father type at all. He was more interested in his motorcycles than us. He wasn't too disinterested to give me a good back handing from time to time when my mother and I would argue."

    "How old were you then?" he asked.

    "I was four when my father left," I said.  "Dave started to pretend to be my father when I was six."

    "Wow," he said.   "I'm sorry that you had such a rough time."

    "I worry about my brother and sister now," I said, looking down at the table.

    The waitress chose that moment to arrive with our meals, and she made sure that we had everything we needed before going away.  She lingered a bit longer than usual, I thought, but then, Brian was a celebrity.  I guess it was to be expected.  I used the time to collect my thoughts.  I hoped that this part of the conversation was over.

    "So, tell me more about you," he said when the waitress left.

    "Let's see," I said.  "I started working out in school when I was thirteen, and that became my best outlet. I tried to spend as much time as I could with Cassy and Chad, but they were just kids, and they weren't interested in doing much more than playing, so I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked."

    "Tell me about them," he said.

    "Cassy is the typical teen-aged girl," I said, smiling as I thought of her.  "She loves the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. She has posters of them all over her walls. She's always so excited about something when I talk to her on the phone. Chad is all boy. He likes cars and baseball. That's his world."

    "Do they look like you?" he asked.

    "You can tell the we are all siblings," I said.  "They don't look a great deal like me. They take after our mother, and I have been told that I am the spitting image of my father."

    "That must have been tough on you since your mother was so angry with him," said Brian compassionately.

    "It wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but I survived," I said, looking at my plate.

    "So how did you pay for college?" he asked before taking a bite of his food.

    "Oh, I was awarded a full scholarship," I replied.  "My grades in school were excellent."

    "Ah," he said.   "So will it be hard to give up school for acting?"

    "I don't have to give up school," I replied.  "I can always come back during the summer."

    "They have summer classes?" he asked.

    "Well, I heard about some sort of program that they offer for students who have to take time off," I said.   "It would be sort of like independent study. I'd log on to their site to take exams and receive my grades by mail."

    "That sounds good," he said.  "Sounds like you've already got things pretty well planned out."

    "I hadn't really thought about it," I said.  "I guess I don't have much to worry about, though."

    "So what do you like to do for fun?" he asked.  There was a glint in his eyes that I hadn't seen before.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "Well, I was thinking of going to a club tonight," he said.  "I'd like it if you'd go with me."

    "That sounds like fun," I replied.

    We finished our meals and left to find a club.  He suggested that I change clothes, but I told him that I was quite comfortable in what I was wearing, and I wasn't out to impress anyone.  He laughed and changed the subject.  I found it really easy to talk to him.  He seemed so interested in what I had to say.  It was clear that he didn't want to talk about himself, and I figured that was because he was tired of interviews.

    "Oh, what kind of music do you like?" he asked.

    "Just about anything," I replied.  "As long as I can understand the lyrics."

    "Right," he laughed.  "Well, I know a club that plays really good music, and we'd have a good time."

    "Cool," I replied.

    He pulled out his cell phone and called the hotel.  I didn't know what to think when he asked that two bodyguards meet us at the club.  I'd never needed a bodyguard before.  I didn't think I needed on then, either.  I tried to point that out to Brian, but he just laughed.

    "Well, I'm just so used to hanging out with other celebrities," he said.  "Besides, you might as well get used to having someone tailing you all the time. As soon as your first show airs, you won't want to be out and about alone."

    "You make it sound like I'm about to become a rock star," I laughed.

    "Well, the lives of television actors aren't quite that hectic, but we still need security," he said.

    I decided to just let that slide.  I'd think it all over later.  Right then, all I cared about was that I was going to a club with Brian Krause.  I was still trying not to let the fact that he was a celebrity alter my actions, but it was difficult.  I'd never been faced with a star before, so I didn't really know how to act.  In the end, I just decided to treat him as I would any other person.  That seemed to work.

    The club was packed, and the music was loud.  Two guards met us in the parking lot.  They gave us simple instructions that they expected us to follow, and I thought that if we did everything they told us to do, we wouldn't have any fun at all.  We were told not to stray too far from them.  They wouldn't be right next to us all night, but they wanted us within eye sight.  We weren't to drink too heavily, because they said that drinking impaired judgement.

    When we entered the club, I got a little static about being under age, but Brain and his bodyguard talked to the bouncer, and everything was settled.  I had to promise that I wouldn't drink any alcohol, and then we were ushered inside.  No one seemed overly thrilled to see Brian, but I guess that was because stars came to clubs in L.A. all the time.

    We went straight to the bar and he ordered something, but I didn't hear what it was.  I only ordered a coke.   I wasn't much of a drinker at that time anyway.  We settled at a table not far from the bar and in plain view of the dance floor.  I watched the people dancing for a while.

    "Hey," he called across the table.  The music was so loud that he'd had to yell for me to hear him.   "Let's dance."

    "Sure," I yelled back.

    We got on the dance floor and had to wade through the crowd to a spot that was relatively open.  He began to dance, and I wondered where he'd learned to dance.  When I started to dance, he almost stopped completely to watch me.  I was moving to the music and closed my eyes.   I blocked everything out and just listened to the music.

    Before long, I felt someone moving against me.  I snapped my eyes open to see a blonde haired woman writhing against me.  She had a stupid grin on her face, and I could smell the alcohol on her.   Instead of pushing her away as I would have normally done, I wrapped my arms around her waist and matched her body movements.  The two of us danced for a while before Brian tapped me on the shoulder.

    The girl hugged me and tried to say something.  I couldn't hear her, so I shook my head to let her know, but she seemed to think I was being rude or something, because she spun around and charged off.   I stood there and watched her for a few minutes before Brian dragged me off the dance floor.

    "That girl is a sleaze," he said as we took our seats at the table.  "She was all over you."

    "We were just dancing," I replied and shrugged.

    "That didn't look like dancing," he laughed.

    "Well that's what it was," I said flatly.

    "You dance like that after you start filming, and you'll be on the cover of every tabloid rag from here to England," he laughed.

    "Well, I haven't started filming yet," I said.  I didn't know why I wanted to defend myself so badly, but it seemed like he was trying to make me feel like I had done something bad.   All I had done was dance with the girl.  It wasn't like we were having sex on the dance floor.

    "Hey, calm down," he said.  "I wasn't trying to say that what you were doing was wrong, Sky."

    "I'm going to get another drink," I said, getting up.  I walked away from the table before he could say anything more.

    I didn't understand what was going on.  He said he wasn't trying to make it sound like I was doing something wrong, but that wasn't how it sounded when he'd started.  He made it sound like I was being trashy, and I didn't like that.  No one else in the club seemed to mind the way we were dancing.  Why did he mind it so much?

    Sure, I was going to be working with him on the show, but what business was it of his how I danced and with whom? I was waiting for the bartender to finally get to me when Brian walked up behind me.   He put his hand on my shoulder, and I fought the urge to shrug it off.

    "I really didn't mean to make you mad, Skyler," he said.  "I was just trying to warn you about what people will say after you become known."

    "Its alright," I said, calming down.

    "No, its not," he said.  "You're upset, and that wasn't my intention."

    "Just forget about it, Brian," I said as the bartender finally came to me.

    We didn't talk much for the rest of the time we were in the club.  He danced with several different girls, but I stayed off the dance floor.  I did notice that he kept his distance from the girls that he danced with.  He seemed so worried about who would see something.  I made up my mind that I wasn't going to be that uptight about life.  Becoming an actor wasn't going to change me.  I'd see to it.

    I talked to everyone who said hello after that.  I didn't give them a bunch of information about me, but I wasn't cold to them, either.  Brian seemed to watch everything I did like a hawk, and I was seriously rethinking my opinion of him.  He seemed to uptight.  That was something that I just couldn't handle.

    When it was time to leave the club, we drove in silence for a while.  I kept watching out the window, and he didn't say anything for a while, either.  All I could think about was getting back to the dorm.  I wanted to go to bed and forget about all of this for a little while.   It was just past midnight when we left the club.  That was actually pretty early for me on a Friday, but I didn't care.  I just wanted away from Brian.

    "Skyler," he said finally.  "I'm sorry I made you mad."

    "I'm not mad," I said.  I can't say for sure if it was a lie or not.  I didn't know what I was feeling.

    "Well then I'm sorry for making you feel however you feel," he said.  "I really didn't intend to hurt your feelings or anything."

    "I know you didn't," I replied.  "I guess I just need to think about a few things."

    "Not about doing the show, hopefully," he said quickly.

    "No, not about that," I replied.  "I signed the contract. I'm obligated."

    "Don't say it like its such a bad thing," he laughed.

    "Isn't it?" I asked myself more than him.

    "What do you mean?" he asked.

    "Well," I said, turning to look at him.  "If I have to worry about every little thing I do or say, then is being on the show really worth that?"

    "You don't have to worry about everything," he said.

    "That's what it sounded like," I said.  "Let me get one thing out in the open right now. I'm not going to let this change me. I'm going to go on with life just the way it was before Milton stopped me on the sidewalk. If I want to dance with anyone, I will. If I want to talk to someone and not worry about what pops out of my mouth, I will."

    "Fair enough," he said.  "Just be careful about who you talk to. I'm not saying watch what you say. Just make sure that the person you are talking to isn't just in it because of who you are."

    That one made me think for a minute.  I hadn't thought about that at all.  I'm sure he'd had to deal with things like that countless times, but I didn't really know what it was like.  I was more confused than ever.  Being an actor was really starting to sound like going to Hell.

    When we pulled into the parking lot of the dorm, he reminded me about dinner the following day with Laura.   He said he'd pick me up at five.  I told him I'd be waiting for him and got out of the car.  He didn't say anything else, so I just walked into the building.

    "Hey, Mr. Star," laughed Mark when I opened the door to our room.  "Have fun?"

    "Not especially," I replied flinging myself on my bed.

    "What happened?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.  I guess he'd expected me to be a little more excited.

    "I just need to think," I replied.

    "Listen," he said.   "I have that bottle of vodka that Larry gave me last week. We could talk about this and drink a little."

    "Sounds like a plan to me," I replied.

    "Come on over to my bed, so we can share the bottle," he said.

    "Let me change," I said after looking at him.  He was wearing a t shirt and boxers, and I was completely dressed.  It didn't seem right to me.

    After taking off everything but my boxers and shirt, I climbed into his bed, and he handed me the bottle.  I took a good pull on it, and I could feel the vodka warming my cold insides as it went down.   I shivered and handed the bottle back to him.  He looked at me with this goofy grin on his face.

    "So what happened?" he asked before taking a drink from the bottle.

    "Well, we had a nice time at dinner," I said.  "Then we went to a club, and things got a little harder."

    "Huh?" he asked.

    "Well, you've seen me dance," I said.

    "Oh, did he think you were coming on to him?" he asked.  His eyes were wide.

    "No, nothing like that," I laughed.  "I didn't dance with him exactly."

    "So what exactly?" he asked, smiling at me.

    I told him all about the girl that started dancing with me and about how Brian reacted to the way we were dancing.   I told him about everything we said in the car and how it was all making me feel.   I told him that I wasn't so sure that this was really what I wanted to do.

    "I'm not going to like having to watch what I do in public," I said.

    "You think that you do bad things in public?" he asked.  "Sky, I've seen you dance. Its sexy, yes, but it isn't bad. I've seen worse on television. From stars just like Brian."

    "Whatever," I said wanting to change the subject.

    "So what do you want to do now?" he asked, getting my point.

    "I don't know," I replied.  "Movie?"

    "That sounds good," he said.  "But I think we both need a shower."

    "You saying I stink?" I laughed.

    "Kinda," he said before busting up.

    "Well you don't smell like roses, buddy," I laughed back.  "You wanna go first?"

    Instead of answering me, he jumped off the bed and bounded to the bathroom.  I could hear him giggling in there as soon as he shut the door.  I was really going to miss Mark.  We'd become friends really quickly, and we'd gotten really close.  Sure, we'd had our share of arguments, but they never lasted long.

    I thought about what had happened earlier, and I suddenly wished that I was in the bathroom with him.  I could remember ever ounce of his naked flesh, and the more I thought about it, the hotter I became.  I was sure that the few drinks of vodka that I'd had were probably adding fuel to the fire, but I really wanted to be in that bathroom.

    Just as I was about to spring off of his bed, he came back out of the bathroom wearing only a towel.  I know my eyes must have showed the amount of lust I was feeling for him, but I couldn't have cared.  He smiled at me, and he actually blushed.  I didn't know if he was thinking about what had happened earlier or not.

    "Didn't take anything into the bathroom to change into," he explained as he rummaged through his dresser for a pair of boxers.

    "Ah," I said, hearing my voice crack.

    "You alright?" he asked, stopping to look at me.

    "Fine," I replied.   "Just tired I guess."

    "You know there probably isn't going to be much hot water," he said without turning around to face me.

    I thought about it for a few minutes, and then I decided to just find out.  I tried to think of something to say that wouldn't be too risky.  I mean, I didn't want to ruin our friendship.  I just wanted to find out if he was interested.  I didn't know how to ask him though.

    "You shower with the guys on the swim team, right?" I asked slowly.

    "Yeah," he said, coming over to sit back down on the bed.  He dropped the towel, and I saw that he was still wearing his boxers.  I had to laugh at him.  "Why?"

    This was it.  I had to say something.  Suddenly, I was a coward.  I had started this thinking that I would draw him into something, but now I didn't know what that was.  I couldn't just say "Well then, why don't we just shower together."  He'd really freak on me over that.

    "I was just curious, I guess," I said.

    "Well," he said.   "We could both use the shower at the same time. Its big enough. It would save us both from getting a splash of cold water in the middle of our shower. . ."

    He trailed off, and we were both silent.  I was starting to wonder what was going on.  I had thought that I was the one who was going to try to get him to do something, and here was doing the same thing.  Maybe it was just that he knew that I'd be leaving, and he wanted to do something.

    "We are pretty good friends," I said quietly.

    "Well, why don't we just shower together then?" he asked.

    "Huh?" I replied stupidly.

    "Well, like you said, we are good friends," he said.  "We've seen each other naked before. What would be the big deal?"

    He turned around and headed back to the bathroom.  He didn't take a pair of boxers with him, either.  I didn't know what to do.  I was suddenly very nervous.  It was stupid, I know.   I mean, I was the one who started the conversation, and what had resulted from it was exactly what I was hoping for, but now I was scared.

    I dragged myself off the bed and headed for the bathroom.  When I got there, Mark had already turned on the water.   He had his back turned to me as he took off his boxers.  Just so that he wouldn't see me looking at him, I turned around and took my own boxers and shirt off.

    I heard him get in the shower, so I turned around and followed.  When I stepped into the shower, I was face to face with Mark.  He had a strange look on his face, and he was trying very hard to keep looking me in the eye.  We both stared at each other like we were afraid.

    "I guess there's no need to be nervous," I said finally.  "I mean, like you said, we've seen each other naked before."

    "Right," he said.   He visibly relaxed as I grabbed the soap and began to lather myself up.  When I was done with the front of my upper body, I handed him the soap.  He took it and turned around.

    "Can you wash my back for me?" he asked.

    "Sure," I said quietly as he handed the soap back to me.

    I ran the soap over the backs of his shoulders a few times.  I rubbed the lather all over his silky back, and my dick got rock hard.  For some reason, I didn't get embarrassed about it, though.   I just kept washing his back.  When it was evident that there was nothing left for me to do unless I intended to wash his ass, I handed him the soap and turned around.

    "My turn," I said.

    His hands brushed against my lower back, and then I felt the soap being rubbed lightly into my back.  Neither of us said anything for a while.  I was just enjoying the feeling of his hands on me.   I couldn't believe that we were doing this.  I mean, earlier that morning, he was talking about wanting to have sex with his girlfriend.

    "This is kind of hot," he said just above a whisper.

    "I know," I replied in the same tone.

    He kept washing my back even after I was sure that he'd cleansed me thoroughly.  I didn't say anything about it, though.  I was still enjoying it.  But after a few more minutes, I started to worry about the water.  He'd said that there probably wasn't much hot water left.   I turned around to face him and he froze.

    "I think my back is clean," I said, trying to laugh.

    "Do you feel strange about this?" he asked suddenly.  There was a look of fear in his eyes as he waited for me to respond.

    "No, I don't," I said.  "I'm enjoying it, actually."

    The next thing I knew, I was leaning into him.  He closed his eyes as my lips softly touched his.  When I felt his mouth open slightly, I snaked my tongue out and touched his.  It wasn't long before he responded and our tongues were both dueling.  Then I felt his arms going around me.  Then he pulled back and looked me in the eye.

    "Wow," he said and shook his head as he stepped away from me.

    "Mark, I'm sorry," I said quickly.  I was trying to think of something more to say when he put his hand up.

    "The water's getting cold," he said.

    "Oh," was all I could think of to say.

    We both rinsed our bodies and then we were getting out of the shower.  I tried hard not to look at him while I dried myself off.  He didn't seem to be looking at me, either, but neither of us were hurrying to get dried off.  I wanted to say something to him to let him know that I was sorry for kissing him, but I really wasn't sorry.  I mean, I was sorry that I'd freaked him out, but I'd been wanting to kiss him and touch him since the day we'd met.

    I'd never had sex with anyone before, so I wasn't sure what I wanted to do after all of the kissing and touching, but I'd known from the moment that I'd first saw him that I wanted to do all of it with him.  I couldn't believe that I'd done it, though.  I'd promised myself that I wouldn't do anything to hurt my friendship with him, and now I'd done this.

    I walked out of the bathroom first, and I was pulling on my boxers when he came out.  He didn't say anything to me as he put his boxers on, but he grabbed the bottle of vodka and took a drink.  Then he held it out to me.  When I looked up at him, he was looking me in the eye.  I took the bottle and took a quick drink before passing it back to him.  After that, I sort of sunk down onto my bed, scooted back and leaned against the wall.

    He came over and crawled in next to me.  He didn't say anything for a while.  We just took turns passing the bottle back and forth between us.  I couldn't figure out if this was the end of our friendship or if we were just going to pretend that nothing had happened.

    "I liked it," he said softly.

    "What?" I asked.

    "I liked it," he repeated.  "Sky, I'm going to tell you something that I've never told anyone before."

    "Ok," I said for lack of anything better to say.

    "The reason that I don't stay with one girl isn't because I like to play around," he said slowly.   "I've never had sex with a girl in my life. As soon as they start hinting that that's what they want, I'm gone."

    "Why?" I asked, thinking I already knew that answer to that question.

    "Until a few minutes ago, I wasn't really sure why," he said.

    "Oh," I said.

    "We've lived in this damned room for a year," he said.  "In all that time, all I could think about was you. I'd try really hard not to think about the way you make me feel, but no matter what I did, I couldn't think of anything else. I was so sure that when I told you that you were sexy last night, you were going to hit me."

    "Mark, I think you about the sexiest guy I know," I said, taking the bottle from him again.   "I always have."

    He looked at me, and before I even knew what was happening, he was kissing me again.  I sat the bottle on my table, and kissed him back.  I pushed him until he was lying flat on the bed.   This was as far as I'd ever been before, so I just let things go.  I started to feel that our dicks were both hard, and we were grinding them together.  I let my lips leave his mouth, and I started kissing him on his neck and just under his ear.   He must have liked it, because I heard him sigh once, and he even moaned.

    I kissed my way down and across his chest, stopping at each nipple to lick them both.  When my tongue touched his nipple for the first time, I heard him take in a rush of breath through clenched teeth.  I knew that he liked what I was doing then.  He started to thrust his pelvis into me, but I just kept attacking his nipples.

    Finally, I left them alone and kissed my way down his stomach to the top of his boxers.  Without a word, he lifted his hips and let me pull them down to his thighs.  That was when I had my first real look at Mark's dick.  It was hard as a rock, and a drop of precum was just starting to escape it.

    I kissed my way around his dick without actually touching it.  He kept trying to lift his pelvis off the bed, but I wouldn't go to his dick yet.  I kissed both of his balls, and he sighed again.   Then I started to lightly lick my way up the shaft of his dick slowly.  Just before I reached the head of his dick, I sat up and looked at his face.  His eyes were shut tightly, and he had the look of a determined man on his face.

    His eyes snapped open, and there was a look of pure pleading in them.  I think he thought I had changed my mind, but that was the last thing I intended to do.  I smiled down at him, and then I went back to his dick.  As soon as my lips touched the head of his dick, his body tensed.   He relaxed as I opened my mouth and began to take a little of his dick inside at a time.  He wasn't massively large, so I had no problem taking all of him.  When his pubic hair started to tickle my nose, I made my way back up his dick only to slowly plunge back down to the base again.

    When I'd made my way back up to the head the next time, I swirled my tongue around it a few times before letting it slide back into my mouth.  He started to moan louder and then I felt his hands on the back of my head.  He didn't try to push my head down.  He just let them rest on my head.  I started speed up my actions after that, and it didn't take long.  He started to moan non stop.

    "I have to cum," he breathed as I felt his dick swell in my mouth.

    Before I had even decided what to do about this, my mouth was flooded with a river of his cum.  It was warm and salty, but a little sweet at the same time.  I just swallowed hard to make sure I didn't spill any.  I guess swallowing made my mouth shift around his pulsating dick, because he yelped and started to whimper.

    When I was sure that I'd gotten all of him, I let his dick fall from my lips.  He lay there spent and smiling at me.  I made my way back up his body until we were face to face.  He brought his lips to mine and opened them to accept my tongue.  I know he was tasting his own cum on me, and that just seemed to make it hotter.

    He rolled me over, and then he was on top of me.  He was still kissing me, and his hands were roaming the length of my body.  Just like I had done, he started to kiss down my neck, and he attacked my nipples with as much vigor as I had shown his.  I writhed under him as his tongue darted over my nipples again and again.  Then he moved down my stomach to the top of my boxers.  He didn't wait for me to lift my hips before he started tugging them down.

    "I want you," he breathed, and I felt my boxers rip, and then his mouth was on my dick.

    His mouth clamped down on my dick like a vice.  He applied suction as he moved his mouth up and down on my dick, making me moan just the way he had.  It didn't take long before I felt the tell tale signs of my own impending orgasm.  I tried to warn him, but that only caused him to suck harder.

    When my dick erupted in his mouth, he moaned around it, and I thought I would scream from the ecstasy.  He did his best to drink all of what I had to give him, but some dribbled out from his lips and down the shaft of my dick.  When I stopped cumming, Mark licked up what he'd missed.   Then he kissed his way back up my body until we were face to face with him on top of me again.

    I wrapped my arms around him and brought his face to mine for a long kiss.  When I released him, he laid his head on my chest.  Before I knew it, we were both asleep.


Well there you have it.  The question has been answered.  Hope you liked it! More to come.  Thanks to all of you who have sent email.  I didn't expect such a response from this story.  I hope chapter 2 was as good as the first, and I hope that chapter 3 out does them both!