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Last Time:

   I kissed my way down and across his chest, stopping at each nipple to lick them both.  When my tongue touched his nipple for the first time, I heard him take in a rush of breath through clenched teeth.  I knew that he liked what I was doing then.  He started to thrust his pelvis into me, but I just kept attacking his nipples.

    Finally, I left them alone and kissed my way down his stomach to the top of his boxers.  Without a word, he lifted his hips and let me pull them down to his thighs.  That was when I had my first real look at Mark's dick.  It was hard as a rock, and a drop of precum was just starting to escape it.

    I kissed my way around his dick without actually touching it.  He kept trying to lift his pelvis off the bed, but I wouldn't go to his dick yet.  I kissed both of his balls, and he sighed again.   Then I started to lightly lick my way up the shaft of his dick slowly.  Just before I reached the head of his dick, I sat up and looked at his face.  His eyes were shut tightly, and he had the look of a determined man on his face.

    His eyes snapped open, and there was a look of pure pleading in them.  I think he thought I had changed my mind, but that was the last thing I intended to do.  I smiled down at him, and then I went back to his dick.  As soon as my lips touched the head of his dick, his body tensed.   He relaxed as I opened my mouth and began to take a little of his dick inside at a time.  He wasn't massively large, so I had no problem taking all of him.  When his pubic hair started to tickle my nose, I made my way back up his dick only to slowly plunge back down to the base again.

    When I'd made my way back up to the head the next time, I swirled my tongue around it a few times before letting it slide back into my mouth.  He started to moan louder and then I felt his hands on the back of my head.  He didn't try to push my head down.  He just let them rest on my head.  I started speed up my actions after that, and it didn't take long.  He started to moan non stop.

    "I have to cum," he breathed as I felt his dick swell in my mouth.

    Before I had even decided what to do about this, my mouth was flooded with a river of his cum.  It was warm and salty, but a little sweet at the same time.  I just swallowed hard to make sure I didn't spill any.  I guess swallowing made my mouth shift around his pulsating dick, because he yelped and started to whimper.

    When I was sure that I'd gotten all of him, I let his dick fall from my lips.  He lay there spent and smiling at me.  I made my way back up his body until we were face to face.  He brought his lips to mine and opened them to accept my tongue.  I know he was tasting his own cum on me, and that just seemed to make it hotter.

    He rolled me over, and then he was on top of me.  He was still kissing me, and his hands were roaming the length of my body.  Just like I had done, he started to kiss down my neck, and he attacked my nipples with as much vigor as I had shown his.  I writhed under him as his tongue darted over my nipples again and again.  Then he moved down my stomach to the top of my boxers.  He didn't wait for me to lift my hips before he started tugging them down.

    "I want you," he breathed, and I felt my boxers rip, and then his mouth was on my dick.

    His mouth clamped down on my dick like a vice.  He applied suction as he moved his mouth up and down on my dick, making me moan just the way he had.  It didn't take long before I felt the tell tale signs of my own impending orgasm.  I tried to warn him, but that only caused him to suck harder.

    When my dick erupted in his mouth, he moaned around it, and I thought I would scream from the ecstasy.  He did his best to drink all of what I had to give him, but some dribbled out from his lips and down the shaft of my dick.  When I stopped cumming, Mark licked up what he'd missed.   Then he kissed his way back up my body until we were face to face with him on top of me again.

    I wrapped my arms around him and brought his face to mine for a long kiss.  When I released him, he laid his head on my chest.  Before I knew it, we were both asleep.


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Chapter 3


   I awoke the next morning to find Mark laying next to me in my bed staring at me.  He smiled at me when I opened my eyes.  I just pulled him closer to me and kissed his neck.  His arms wrapped around me, and then we were kissing again.  I couldn't believe that I'd finally gotten what I wanted.

    "What do you want to do today?" he asked, smiling at me again.

    "Well, I have to at least try to contact my councilor and let her know that I'm leaving tomorrow," I said, and I instantly regretted saying it.  As soon as the words came out of my mouth, he stopped smiling and looked away from me.

    "I don't know how, but I had forgotten about that," he sighed, pulling away from me and getting out of bed.

    "Mark," I said.

    "No, its alright," he said.  "I guess I knew it in the back of my mind and just chose not to think about it."

    "But . . ."

    "Sky, you're going to be a star," he said.  "I'm going to watch you on television every week."

    I could see that he was really trying to convince me, or himself, that he was ok with this.  I didn't know what to say to him.  He was upset, and I didn't know what to do to make it better.   I couldn't believe that it had all come to this.  I couldn't believe that I'd signed the damned contract.  For a few seconds, I thought about calling Laura and telling her that I'd changed my mind.  Then another thought came to me.

    "Come with me," I said, getting up and standing in front of him.

    "I can't come with you, Sky," he said.  "I have to finish school, and you'll be busy all the time."

    "Please," I whispered.  I didn't know it until he'd said he couldn't come with me, but I was just as upset about leaving him as he was about me leaving.  I reached for him, but he pulled back from me.

    "Sky, what we did last night was great," he said.  "But last night was the end of it. We can't do that. You have to go to New York, and I have to stay here in L.A. Now, get dressed. We're supposed to meet Shelly for lunch to celebrate."

    He turned around, grabbed some clothes out of his dresser and went straight to the bathroom.  When the door clicked shut, I almost started to cry.  I couldn't believe that he could be so cool about it.  It was really ripping me up inside.  I didn't believe that I was in love with him.  I mean, that wasn't possible, but I did feel something, and that something was trying to tear my heart apart.

    I got up and pulled myself together when I heard the shower start running.  I wanted to march in there and jump into the shower with him, but I knew that he'd just get mad at me.  I fished out a pair of shorts and a shirt from my side of the closet and got dressed.  I didn't bother to put on boxers.  I just wanted to be dressed when he came out of the bathroom.

    Looking in the mirror above his dresser, I brushed my hair.  Grabbing my sunglasses from the desk, I quickly wrote him a note to tell him that I'd be down in the quad waiting for him when he was ready.  I just didn't want to look him in the eye when he came out of the bathroom.


    "Sky, its so cool that you're going to be on the show!" gasped Shelly when Mark told her I got the part.

    We were sitting at Subway, and Mark and I hadn't said more than four words to each other.  That's not counting when he practically bit my head off for trying to buy my own sub.  I'd stopped at the ATM machine in the quad to get a little money to pay for my lunch.  When I'd tried to give the girl my money, Mark grabbed my arm and damn near broke it off.

    "Put that away," he hissed.  Even the girl behind the counter flinched at the sound of his voice.   "I told you we were taking you out. I'll pay for it."

    "Fine," I said, putting my money back in the pocket of my shorts.

    I walked over to a booth and sat down.  Shelly came over a few minutes later, but she didn't seem fazed by Mark's outburst, so I didn't say anything about it.  Now, here we were with her bubbling about my being given the part.  I hated myself even more when she started telling me how she thought I was going to be a big star.

    For the rest of the time we were in Subway, I tried not to let Shelly see that I was miserable.  Mark was a little snappy with her, but she didn't seem to notice.  I just couldn't wait to get away from both of them.  I wanted out of there.  I kept looking at my watch and gazing around the restaurant.  People were beginning to stare at us with Shelly acting so excited.

    "I just can't believe it!" she cried.  "Sky, I'm so happy for you."

    "Thank you," I said, smiling a fake smile at her.

    "When do you leave?" she asked, taking a drink from her soda.

    "He leaves tomorrow," spat Mark.

    "What's wrong with you, baby?" she asked, patting his hand.

    "Nothing," he said, turning away from both of us.

    "Well I hate to cut this short," I said, standing.  "But I really have a lot to do. I have to find my councilor and get packed. Thank you both for lunch. Shelly, I'll see you some time, I hope. Mark, I'll see you later."

    With that, I walked away from them.  As soon as I was outside, I sighed the biggest sigh of relief.  It was hard to believe that all of the excitement of yesterday had turned into the anger and heartache of today.  How was it possible that I could almost be on cloud 9 just twelve hours earlier, and now I was riding a wave of disappointment?

    I made my way back to campus and to the Student Services offices.  Luckily, my councilor was in his office doing some paperwork.  I told him about the show, and he said he was thrilled for me.   We talked for a while about the online classes that the school had to offer.   Then he gave me some forms to take with me and fill out.  I could mail them back.  I was to keep my books to study for the online classes.  It seemed that I was all set.

    I asked that he make sure that my personal belongings got to me.  I told him that I was on my way to my room to pack them up, and he told me that he'd have someone over there within an hour to collect my boxes.  They would be stored in the Student Services offices and be shipped to me as soon as I provided the college with a forwarding address.  It was all very simple, actually.  I couldn't believe how simple.

    Once back inside the dorm room, I stood there, looking at my bed for a few minutes.  The torn boxers were still lying on the bed.  My sheets were twisted and tangled, too.  In my haste to get out of there earlier, I hadn't done anything to hide the evidence of last nights activities.

    I quickly took the torn pair of boxers off the bed and made the bed.  I threw the boxers into the trash.  I was determined not to let myself get drawn into being depressed over what had happened between me and Mark.  I was going to get packed, and I was going to dinner with Laura and Brian to discuss what was in store for me in the upcoming two weeks.  I was leaving tomorrow, and nothing was going to stop it.

    As I was packing the last box, the door burst open, and Mark came into the room.  He looked at me for a few seconds when I stood up to face him.  Then he walked over and threw his arms around me.  He held me so tight that I almost couldn't breathe.  I held him back, and he sighed.

    "I'm sorry," he said into my shoulder.

    "What for?" I asked him.

    "I was an asshole," he said.  "I didn't know how to tell you that I didn't want you to leave, so I just stopped talking to you."

    "Mark, I have to leave," I said.  "I can't stay now."

    "I know," he said.   "But it doesn't have to ruin our friendship."

    "I'm so glad to hear you say that," I moaned as I tightened my grip on him.

    He helped me carry the boxes down to the truck that had come for them.  I left two suitcases in the room to take with me when I flew out the next day with Brian and Laura.  The rest of my belongings were all on their way to Student Services.  When we got back to the room, I took a shower and changed into the outfit that I was going to wear to dinner.  I had a half hour left before Brian came to get me.

    "I hope that you have a really nice time tonight," said Mark, watching me clasp my watch around my wrist and stare at myself in the mirror.

    "Thanks, Mark," I said, smiling at his reflection.

    Just then, the telephone rang, and I rushed to answer it.  It was Brian asking if I was about ready.  I told him that I was, and he said that he just had to call Laura, and he'd be on his way to get me.  I told him I'd be waiting and hung up.  Now I was nervous.  I kept telling myself that was stupid, but it did no good.

    "He's on his way to get you, isn't he?" asked Mark.

    "In a few minutes," I said, turning around to face him.

    "Sky, I hope you have a great time tonight," he said, getting up and walking over to me.  "I really am sorry for the way I acted."

    "You were upset," I said.  "I understood."

    "It still doesn't mean that it was right for me to treat you the way I did," he said.

    I reached out and pulled him to me.  My arms were around him before I knew it, and his head was resting on my shoulder.  I didn't know what to say now.  There were so many things I wanted to say to him, but they all sounded stupid in my head.  We were friends not lovers.   We'd had sex once.

    "I'll call you every chance I get," I said.  "And I'll write to you."

    "I'll even write back," he said, laughing.  Mark hated to write letters.

    He looked me in the eye, and then we were kissing.  It was a long kiss.  After it was over, he hugged me tight again.  I never wanted to let him go, but the phone started to ring, and he stepped away from me to answer it.  I stood there watching him move, and I couldn't get over how sexy he was.

    "He's right here," he said, handing me the phone.

    "Hello?" I said when I got the receiver to my ear.

    "I'll be there in just a few minutes," said Brian's voice on the other end.  "Bring whatever you have packed with you. We're leaving really early in the morning, so you might as well stay at the hotel."

    "Ok," I said, looking at Mark.  "I'll see you in a few minutes."

    "Everything ok?" he asked.

    "Yeah," I replied.   "Everything's fine."

    When I hung up the phone, I stared at Mark.  I didn't know how to tell him that I wouldn't be coming back tonight.  I had really hoped that we could have talked for a while when I got back.   That wasn't going to be possible now.  I thought about calling Brian back and telling him that I would stay in the dorm tonight, but that didn't seem logical, either.   What Brian said made sense.  If we were leaving early in the morning, it made sense that I would stay at the hotel.

    "What?" asked Mark when I only stared at him without saying anything.

    "Brian says that I should stay at the hotel tonight," I said.  "We're leaving for New York early in the morning."

    "That makes sense," said Mark, agreeing with what I was thinking.

    "Yeah," I said.

    "Look, let's not have this big long good bye," he said, turning away from me suddenly.  "I'm no good at those. Just call me when you get to New York."

    "I will," I said.

    "I'm going to run and get something to eat," he said, turning around to face me again.  He walked over to me and kissed me.  "Have a safe trip, and I'll talk to you tomorrow."

    With that, he walked out of the room and left me standing there feeling numb.  In a way, I was glad that he wasn't going to be there when Brian showed up.  I didn't think I would do very good at telling him good bye, either.  At the least, Brian would have seen a few things he shouldn't have.  It really sucked that things had to be this way.

    My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.  I opened the door to see Brian standing on the other side smiling at me.  He looked at me for a minute before he came into the room.  I didn't say anything, so I was sure that he wanted to ask me what was wrong, but he didn't.

    "All set?" he asked instead.

    "Yeah," I said, grabbing my two suitcases.

    "Let me take one of those," he said, taking one from me.

    We made our way down the stairs and out of the building to a sight that both shocked me and made me feel really good.  Just about everyone that lived in the dorm was standing outside waiting for me.  The all came over to tell me good bye and wish me luck.  I couldn't believe that word had spread so fast about this.  I'd only told Mark and Shelly, but I guess that one of them had told everyone else.

    After saying good bye to half a dozen people I'd never talked to before, I was in the car, and we were pulling out of the parking lot.  I laid my head back against the head rest of the seat and sighed.  I kept telling myself that I would love New York.  There were so many things there that I'd never seen before, and I intended to see them all.

    "Good byes are never easy," said Brian, breaking the silence that had settled over us.

    "No," I agreed.

    "Where was Mark?" he asked.  "I didn't see him in the room or outside."

    "He was somewhere with his girlfriend," I lied.  "I haven't seen him since lunch."

    "So he doesn't know that you won't be back tonight?" he asked quickly.

    "Its alright," I said.  "I'll call him from New York."

    "Alright," he said, but I could tell that he wanted to say more.  Thankfully, he didn't.

    When we got to the restaurant, Laura was waiting for us.  She smiled when she saw me.  She talked to the hostess for a few seconds, and then we all followed her to a table in the back.   She took our drink orders and walked away.  We were left to ourselves, and Laura and Brian erupted in chatter about the flight.

    "Our flight leaves at seven tomorrow morning, so you two make it an early night," she said, lighting a cigarette.  "Sky, you'll be taken to your new apartment when we get off the plane. If you'd like I will come with you."

    "Sure," I said.   "What do I have to do tomorrow?"

    "Spoken like a true celebrity," she laughed.  "Nothing. Tomorrow is all clear. You just settle in the best you can."

    "We'll have to take him to dinner or something," said Brian.  "There won't be any food in his apartment."

    "We'll take care of that when we get off the plane," she said, dismissing his suggestion.   "We'll send someone out to stock his refrigerator and cabinets. We'll make a list on the plane."

    "When am I due back in the studio?" asked Brian sounding very professional.

    "Why bright and early Monday morning," said Laura as if that was obvious.  "You're shooting all day."

    "What about me?" I asked.

    "Well, with you its a bit different," she said.  "You'll be at the recording studio Monday morning. Then you'll sit down and talk with the writers for a few minutes, and they'll shoot some test scenes to get you going."

    We talked about everything from what was expected of me professionally to what kinds of foods I liked to eat.   She gave me so much information that I just knew I'd forget most of it before the plane landed in New York.  I was going to make a fool of myself for sure.  I just hoped I didn't cause too big of a scene when I did.

    When we left the restaurant and went straight to the hotel.  When we got there, we were ushered upstairs by a body guard who checked the floor before letting us off the elevator.  It seemed strange to me, because it was after 11 when we got there.  I didn't think anyone would be lurking around on the floor, but then I didn't know anything about what it was like to be a celebrity.  I'd heard about a few people trying to sneak into a hotel full of celebrities, but I didn't think that it would happen here when only one celebrity was in the hotel.

    After we got the all clear, Brian and I stepped off of the elevator, and I followed him to his room.  He'd told me that I would be spending the night in his room and that there were two queen sized beds in the room, so I wasn't worried about sleeping with him.  I couldn't get last nights events with Mark out of my head all day long, and now that I was in the hotel, I wished that Mark was there with me.

    He showed me where everything was.  There was a small refrigerator in the room, and he opened it to show me the contents.  I tried not to turn my nose up at the cold fried chicken and gravy that was inside it.  I hoped that there would be something good to eat on the plane.

    "We don't really have time to enjoy the rest of what this room has to offer," he said, closing the refrigerator.  "Wake up call is at five, so you can have the shower first. Just leave me some hot water."

    "Thanks," I said, going over to my suit case to get the shorts and shirt I was going to wear to bed.

    His crack about the hot water made me think of Mark again.  I couldn't stop thinking about him, and it was starting to worry me.  I was sure that I wasn't in love with him.  Every time I thought about it, that just didn't make sense.  Mark and I were close, but I didn't love him that way.  Still, I was going to miss him.

    I took a quick shower and dried off just as fast.  I got dressed and went back to the room to find Brian in a bath robe.  He had a pair of boxer briefs in his hand.  I guess that's what he was planning to sleep in.  That was fine with me.  I hoped to be asleep before he even got out of the shower.  I asked him which bed was mine, and he pointed to the one closest to the door.  As soon as he shut the bathroom door, I was under the covers. I turned on my side and faced the wall.  Luckily, sleep took me rather quickly.

    "Wake up, sleepy guy," said Brian's voice, jarring me out of sleep.

    "What time is it?" I asked, scrubbing sleep out of my eyes and sitting up.

    "Didn't you hear the phone?" he asked.

    I opened my eyes to find him standing over a suit case.  He was putting clothes in it, and he was completely dressed.  I wondered just how long he'd been awake.  I hadn't heard the telephone, so I didn't know.  I just yawned and slid out from under the covers.

    "I didn't hear it," I said, trying my best to stifle another yawn.

    "Its five-thirty," he said, laughing.  "I let you sleep a little longer. You were out of it."

    "Thanks," I said.

    "Don't thank me," he laughed.  "We have to be down the hall in fifteen minutes for breakfast, and then we're off to the airport. Milton loves his schedules."

    "Shit!" I cried and jumped out of bed.  I grabbed the clothes that I had sat out for this morning and ran to the bathroom where I frantically changed clothes.  Looking in the mirror, I decided to wear my ball cap.  I didn't want to take the time to try to get it to lay right after going to bed with it wet.

    "That was fast," said Brian when I came back out of the bathroom.

    "I'm ready," I said after stuffing my night clothes into my suitcase and closing it again.

    "Let's go," he said.  "Just leave your bags in the room. They'll grab them while we're eating."

    "Who will?" I asked quickly as we walked to the door.

    "Don't worry," he said, smiling at me.  "They'll be in the car when we get to it."

    "Ok," I replied.   I wasn't exactly the brightest person first thing in the morning.

    "Hungry?" he asked as we walked down the hall.

    "Starved," I replied.  "What are we going to eat?"

    "Depends on what they sent up for us," he shrugged.  "Right now, I don't care what it is as long as its there when I get there."

    "Good morning, gentlemen," said Milton, opening his door before Brian could even knock.   "I trust you slept well."

    "Fine, Milton," said Brain.

    "Morning," I said as I followed Brian into the room.

    Breakfast had indeed arrived before us.  There were two carts full of food.  I saw pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and muffins on one cart.  There was fruit and bagels on the other.  I opted for the fruit and bagels when Milton told us to dig in.  I noticed that Brian made himself a plate of eggs with bacon and sausage.  He was definitely on the road to a heart attack.

    "So, are you excited?" asked Milton when he sat down across from me at the little table in the room.

    "Yes," I replied simply and went back to eating.

    "Not a man of many words in the morning, are you?" he asked, smiling at me.

    "Not really," I replied.

    "That's fine," he said.  "What I really need for you to do is listen. First thing tomorrow morning, a driver will be at your apartment to take you to the recording studio. I have a tape of the music, and a sheet with the words of the song that you're going to sing.   I'll give them to you on the plane. I want you to memorize them by tomorrow."

    "Alright," I said.

    "You'll start on the set on Tuesday if the recording goes well," he said.  "We'll shoot a few test scenes to get you ready, show you how the teleprompters work and all of that. Then, if you're doing alright, you'll begin shooting your first scene around noon. We shoot until three every day. Weekends off unless there are problems that need to be fixed. Rare, but it happens."

    "Got it," I said before taking the last bite of my bagel.

    "Good," he said, smiling.  "We have about five minutes before they'll want us downstairs. Any questions?"

    "No," I said, thinking that maybe I should have thought of some questions to ask, but I was still not awake enough to form coherent thoughts.

    "Alright," he said.

    When we got down to the limo, I was shocked, but I didn't say a word.  I hadn't expected to be riding to the airport in a limo.  We talked about everything all over again on the way to the airport.  Milton was trying to make sure that I didn't forget anything, and Brian was just talking to hear himself talk, I think.  In any event, the ride to the airport was short.

    I was told that my bags would be checked, and I didn't have to worry about them.  Brian pulled me through the airport, bypassing lines of people trying to get tickets.  We went straight to an area of the airport that I'd never been to before.  I had never really knew it was there.  There were people there, but not near as many as there were everywhere else.

    After Milton gave them our tickets, we were ushered onto the plane.  We took our seats, and Brian was excited.   He told me that he always got excited when he flew, so I just put my head back and thought about what it was going to be like to be on television.  For the most part, I just blocked Brian out.

    He quieted down once the plane took off.  We were now on our way to New York City, and I was on my way to find out if I was going to be a star.


   The apartment that they rented for me was huge.  There were three bedrooms, a living room, dining room, study, and two bath rooms.  I didn't know what they expected me to do with all the space.  I was only one person.  Luckily, I didn't have to worry about furnishing the apartment.  That had already been taken care of.  Every room was filled with furniture.

    In the living room the decor was modern.  There was a couch, and two recliners.  An entertainment center lined almost one complete wall, and there was a very large television, VCR, and stereo housed inside it.  The recliners were over stuffed, and they looked comfortable.  The couch was standard, but it matched the recliners.  End tables were beside both recliners and at each end of the couch.  A long coffee table sat in front of the couch.

    The kitchen had every convenience I could hope for.  There was a large cooking surface with the oven right beside it coming out of a floor to ceiling cabinet.  The double sink was next, and there was a lot of counter space.  Cabinets lined that entire wall.  A medium sized table and chairs sat in the middle of the room, and another counter lined the opposite wall.  On that counter, I saw a blender, food processor, microwave, coffee pot, and various other appliances.  Some of them I couldn't identify.

    All three bedrooms had queen sized beds with a night stand on either side, a chest of drawers, and a walk in closet.   The master bedroom had two chests of drawers and a large bay window overlooking Central Park.  It also had its own bathroom with a large oval tub in the floor.   There was a shower in one corner, and the toilet and sink were along the opposite wall.

    My personal belongings from the school wouldn't arrive for a few more days, but both of my suitcases seemed to have made it to the apartment before me.  My kitchen was stocked with the foods that I had told Laura that I liked.  She'd been true to her word.  I was startled when a voice called my name from the living room.

    "Skyler Thomas?" called a male voice.

    "That's me," I said, walking into the living room to find a thin young man with very short light brown hair and eyes standing in the living room.  He looked to be around my age.  He was dressed in a polo shirt and jeans.  In his hand was what looked like a date book.

    "Hello, Mr. Thomas," he said, smiling at me.  "I'm Tim. I'll be your personal assistant. The studio sent me over to make sure that you have everything you need and want whenever you want it. I'll also keep your schedule and let you know in advance what you are required to do."

    "Ok," I said unable to think of anything better to say.  I'd never had any kind of assistant before in my life, so I didn't know how I was supposed to treat the guy.

    "I have a few things for you," he said, handing me a large folder.  "The lyrics to the song you'll be singing tomorrow are in there along with the lease for the apartment. You have to sign that. Your credit cards and check book are in there. They've opened an account for you at The First Federal Bank. Your balance is in there, too. They've already paid you for the six episodes that you are going to be doing as well as the two premier episodes."

    "I've already been paid?" I asked, dumbfounded.  I'd thought that I would have to wait until I'd fulfilled the terms of the contract for payment.

    "Of corse," he shrugged.  "The account was set up and payment was received shortly after you signed the contract. Its standard practice."

    "I'm new to all of this," I explained as I opened the folder to look at its contents.

    Inside there was a First Federal Visa Platinum Card with my name on it, a check book with my name and the address of the apartment on every check, a separate deposit book, a copy of my contract and the lyrics to the song.  I pulled the sheet of lyrics out of the folder and sat the folder on the coffee table.  I read over the lyrics, and I was impressed.

Thought I heard your voice yesterday
I couldn't think of anything to say
Your memory leaves my heart shaken
Its been a year since you were taken
Life without you is dark and cold
My heart breaks every time our story's told
I wonder how I can ever be free
And if your memory will ever just let me be

Just leave me alone and let me live my life
And don't pretend you don't realize
what the sound of your voice can do to my heart
Just looking at you tears me apart

My friends think I should go out again
Then your face comes to mind and I can't say when
Without you, my life is an emotional waste land
Remembering only the touch of your hand
Hours go by and I stare off into space
Just clutching the memory of your face

Just leave me alone and let me live my life
I can't go on like this and you know its not right
Being without you is breaking my heart
Thinking of you tears me apart

I'm here again to talk to you
I wonder what the hell I'm gonna do
I know that I have to get over you
My problem is that I just don't have a clue
How to rid my mind of fact that you're gone
So now to you, I sing this song

Just leave me alone and let me live my life
I can't let go of you and that's not right
Memories of you are breaking my heart
Talking about you tears me apart

Are you listening? Can you hear me?
You've got to break these chains and let me be
I can't go on like this every day
Life has to go on some way

Why won't you leave me alone and let me live my life
Your memory cuts through me just like a knife
I can't go on with this broken heart
Missing you tears me apart

Just leave me alone and let me live my life
And don't pretend you don't realize
What missing you does to my heart
Being without you tears me apart

    "You have nothing for today, Mr. Thomas," said Tim as I put the paper down beside the folder.  "I saw that you only had two suitcases. Might I suggest that we go and do a little shopping for some clothes and personal items?"

    "My things will be here in a few days," I said absently as I fished the check book and credit card out of the folder.

    "Mr. Thomas," he said.  "You may want to at least purchase some clothing for the two days that you'll be without yours. I don't know what you have in the suitcases, but Tuesday night, there will be a formal dinner for the cast, and everyone is expected to dress for it."

    "Call me Sky," I said.  "Dress how?"

    "Well, its not black tie," he said, smiling.  "A casual suit will do."

    "Well, I guess we should go do a little shopping," I said, smiling back at him.

    I opened the check book and looked at the balance of the account, and I thought I would fall over.  I had been paid for every episode already.  The balance of my account was almost 3 million dollars.  I just stared at the sum, and I know my eyes bugged out.  I couldn't believe it.  They'd paid me almost 3 million dollars.  Two days ago, I'd been worrying about how I was going to pay for food, and now I was a millionaire.

    "Are you all right?" asked Tim, staring at me.

    "I'm fine," I replied, closing the check book and putting it in the pocket of my shorts.   "Let's go."

    Shopping with an assistant was a little annoying.  He tried to pick things out that he thought were appropriate, but none of what he showed me was what I liked.  I finally decided on two "casual" suits and bought both.  I would worry about which one to wear to the dinner.

    After the suits were bought, I went to other stores in the mall, thankful that I wasn't well known yet.  Tim explained that soon, I wouldn't be able to just walk into a store in the mall without people asking for autographs or just screaming.  I didn't know how I would react to that when the time came.

    It turned out, however, that I was really in the mood to shop.  I bought six different out fits and two pairs of shoes.  That didn't count the other two pairs of dress shoes that I'd bought to go with both suits.  I'd let Tim pick out one pair, and was surprised to realize that I liked them.

    By the time we got back to the apartment, it was well past lunch time.  Tim suggested that we order out after looking at what was in the kitchen.  I hadn't really looked at the food yet, so I went in to the kitchen and looked at everything.  The food was all to my liking, so I didn't really want to order anything.

    "I'm not really hungry," I said.  "I'll just make a salad for myself. If you want to order out, feel free."

    "I'll do that," he replied, walking over to the telephone.  I was surprised that it was already connected, but then with everything else that had happened that day, I didn't know why I was so surprised over the phone being connected.

    While he was on the telephone, I went into the kitchen to make my salad.  Half way through making it, I decided that I wanted something more, so I scanned the contents of the refrigerator and found what I was looking for.  In the freezer, there were two boxes of frozen fish.   I took one box out and started to prepare it.

    "That really stinks," said Tim, wrinkling his nose in the doorway.

    "But it tastes great," I replied, putting the now thawed fish into the oven.  "It'll be ready in about thirty minutes."

    "Great," he said.   "That's how long they said that it would be before they deliver my food."

    "What did you order?" I asked.

    "Chinese," he said.  "Most of the stuff that you have here is too healthy for my taste."

    "Not everything is healthy," I said, pointing to the four boxes of macaroni on the counter.   "I love macaroni and cheese."

    "I'll remember that," he said.

    I went back to preparing my salad while I waited for the fish to be done.  Tim and I talked about what other kinds of foods I liked, and we both agreed that most of my tastes were different than his.   He said that my tastes were different than any other celebrities he'd worked for.

    "Who have you worked for?" I asked, cutting onions.

    "Well, up until I found out I was going to be working for you, I worked for Brian Krause," he said.   "Let me tell you, Brian eats like a pig, and he doesn't care about what goes into his body."

    "I saw a little of that this morning," I said.  "We had breakfast at the hotel in L.A."

    "Before that, I worked for Kirk Cameron," he said.  "He's a healthy eater, but nothing compared to you."

    "Do you always work with television actors?" I asked as I started to toss the contents of the salad.

    "I worked for a record producer when I first came to New York," he said.  "That was an experience. I was mostly just a glorified 'gofer,' or at least that's the way it felt."

    "Well, around me, you will be one of my friends," I said.  "I don't really know what to do with an assistant, so I'll just treat you like a friend."

    "Sounds good," he said.  "But I will still look after your schedule. I promise to talk it over with you before I book you for anything."

    "Thanks," I said as the buzzer went off, signaling that my fish was ready.  At almost the same time, the doorbell rang.

    Tim went to get his food while I finished the preparations on mine.  We ate in the kitchen, and it took me a little while to learn where everything was.  Tim seemed to know already, so he kept directing me.  When we finally sat down to eat, we were silent.  I didn't like it, so I asked him about himself.

    "What do you want to know?" he asked.

    "Well, for starters, what do you do for fun?" I asked before taking a bite of my fish.

    "Oh, I don't know," he said slowly.  "I guess the same as any other guy. I like movies and music. I go to clubs when I get a chance."

    "How old are you?" I asked.

    "I'm twenty-five," he said.

    "Well, I won't be going to any clubs with you," I said.  "I'm only eighteen. I don't like the club scene much, anyway."

    "Well, what do you like to do?" he asked.

    "Well, I like movies and music, too," I said.  "But I really like amusement parks and thrill rides."

    "Really?" he asked.

    "Definitely," I replied.  "Especially, rollercoasters."

    I remembered going to Magic Magic the preceding summer and riding Viper for the first time.  Mark had been a little weary of the ride at first, but I dragged him on it anyway.  I was sorry shortly after the ride started, though.  We got to the top of the lift hill, Mark took one look down that hill and fainted.  I spent my entire first time riding it, holding his head so he didn't get whiplash.  He was embarrassed when we got off the ride, but he eagerly agreed to ride it again.  I think he was so eager, because he wanted to prove to himself that the ride didn't intimidate him so much.  He rode it the second time with his eyes closed, and he didn't pass out.  I smiled at the memory.

    "What are you thinking about?" asked Tim.

    "The first time I rode Viper," I replied, remembering that I'd promised to call Mark as soon as I got settled for the day.

    "Viper?" he asked.

    "It's a rollercoaster at Magic Mountain," I replied, distracted.  I looked at my watch.  It was almost ten minutes after one in the afternoon.  "Excuse me."

    I got up and went to the living room.  Grabbing the phone, I dialed the dorm room and waited for Mark to answer the phone.  It rang four times, and I was about to hang up when he finally answered.  He was out of breath, so I assumed he'd ran to get the phone.

    "Hello?" he breathed.

    "Mark, its me," I said, measuring the volume of my voice.  I wasn't sure if I wanted Tim to hear our conversation or not.

    "Sky!" he cried.   "I was hoping it was you."

    "I promised I'd call," I said.  "Its still morning there isn't it?"

    "Yeah, its like just after ten," he said.

    "I miss you already," I said, thinking of him standing there staring out the window at nothing.

    "You do?" he asked.  I could hear a hint of hope in his voice.

    "Mark, I lived in that room with you for a year!" I said.  "How could I not miss you?"

    "Oh," he said.

    The conversation was strained, and I wondered if he was really alright about what happened between us.  I told him all about the apartment and the money, and I even told him that I'd fly him out here to visit once classes were over.  He sounded excited at all the right times, but something was wrong.

    "Mark, are you alright?" I asked him.

    "I'm fine, Sky," he said quietly.  "I've just been thinking about a lot of things."

    "And?" I asked.

    "Well, I'm not sure that I am really up to coming to see you this summer," he said slowly.

    "Is this about what happened?" I asked, getting it out there.  "I thought we settled that."

    "No, its not about that," he said.  "I really need to stay here and get a job."

    "What's wrong?" I asked.

    "Well, I talked to the office, and with you not here, I have to either get a new room mate or pay for the room all by myself," he said.  "I don't really have the money to do that, and I don't want a room mate unless its you, so . . ."

    "I could send the money for the dorm until classes are over," I offered.  "Its not fair to you to have to pay . . ."

    "Sky, stop it," he said sounding angry.  "I knew I shouldn't have said anything to you about this. You don't live here anymore, and you're not paying for me."

    "That wasn't what I meant," I said.

    "I know, and I'm sorry," he said.  "I guess I'm still in asshole mode."

    "Mark, I really do wish that you could have just come with me," I said.

    "Sky, look," he said.  "What happened between us was great, and I even thought that maybe it would continue. That isn't going to happen. The sooner that both of us realize that, the better off we'll both be. You are in New York, and I'm in L.A. That's one reason, and the other is that we are not gay.

    "Don't say anything," he said, cutting me off when I tried to reply to what he'd said.   "I know that I'm not gay, Sky. I love Shelly. What happened between us is something that I can't really explain, but I don't want to explain it. It was great, and I really enjoyed it, but it will never happen again."

    After the phone call, I was a little angry and confused.  He loved Shelly? I couldn't get that one to fit in my mind.  He'd told me that he'd never been with a girl for a particularly long time, and every time that she would ask for sex, the relationship would end.  He said that and a lot more.  Now what he was saying was exactly the opposite.

    "Everything all right?" asked Tim, coming into the living room.

    "Fine," I replied.

    We went back to the kitchen to eat, but I wasn't hungry anymore.  I picked at my food and stared at the table.  If he noticed, he didn't say anything.  I guess he was used to being around moody stars all the time.  If he was used to that, then he wouldn't have a problem with me.  I could be moody like no one on Earth.

    After dinner, Tim told me what my schedulle was for the next day.  I was supposed to be in the recording studio for most of the day, and then there was a meeting on the set.  He said that I was required to attend the meeting.  It was mainly to introduce the new cast members.  That made me nervous.

    "I'm sure you'll do alright," he said, smiling to himself.

    "Thank you for the vote of confidence," I replied, smiling as well.

    I spent the biggest part of the rest of the day getting to know my apartment.  Tim went home around seven, and then Brian called to ask me how I liked the place.  We talked for a little while, but when he invited me to go out with him, I decided to stay in.  It was going to be an early morning for me, and I knew that I'd need my sleep.

Well there you go, guys.  I hope you liked it.  I know there's no sex in this chapter, but you have to remember that when I wrote this story, I didn't intend to break it up and post it one chapter at a time, so it didn't seem important to have a sex scene in ever chapter.  Sorry.  I don't think there should be sex in every chapter anyway.  But anyway, Chapter 4 is now being edited.  I should have it out soon.



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