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Last Time:

    Both guys were quiet as Brian left the apartment.  When he was gone, they sat there and stared at each other for a few minutes.  Skyler knew that JC had something he wanted to say, or at least needed to say, but he also knew that it wasn't going to be easy for him to say.

    "Brian is just a good friend," he said, breaking the silence.  "He's straight."

    "Oh," said JC, looking down at the table.  "So you know."

    "Yeah," replied Skyler.  "But that doesn't mean I'm going to go running to anyone and blab."

    "I think I know that already, Sky," he said.


    "Skyler Thomas to hold press conference to address rumors.  In a surprise announcement today by Madonna, alerting the press that Skyler Thomas would be holding a press conference tomorrow morning, she unwittingly announced that she is now Thomas's manager.  More to come."

Paul Brinkman:  E News Daily

    "Utopia issued a statement of support today for tour mate Skyler Thomas.  The group is scheduled to begin their short American Tour with Skyler Thomas on July 2 at Madison Square Garden in New York.  Sources for the group say that they were shocked to learn of the tabloid reports, but they are behind Thomas one hundred percent."

Sabrina Duncan:  MTV News

    "Spokesman for Pop Star, Skyler Thomas, say that the star is planning to sue The Enquirer over an earlier article stating that he was the victim of sexual abuse. The spokesman said that Thomas was not contacted before the article was released, and the star has suffered mental anguish since the release of the issue."

Tanya Sanlin:  CBS News



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Chapter 7

    "We have this statement," said Madonna as cameras flashed and reporters tried very hard to quiet themselves.  "As of June tenth, Skyler Thomas is no longer a client of Hills Bingham Management. His up coming album will be released under the Maverick Record Label, and he is now a client of Maverick Management.

    "As for The Enquirer article, we are not prepared to issue a statement.  Mr. Thomas has filed a lawsuit against The Enquirer, and any statements made at this time could compromise that lawsuit.

    "We'll begin taking questions calmly, and one at a time," she said, taking her seat.  "Kurt."

    "Kurt Loder, MTV News," he said, standing.  "Skyler, why the sudden change from Hills Bingham to Maverick?"

    "My previous management didn't know how to handle my music career properly," he said, clearing his throat.  "We're all still very friendly, but Madonna stepped up to the plate, and we'll be working together from now on."

    "Tanya," said Madonna, nodding at Tanya Sanlin from CBS.

    "Tanya Sanlin, CBS News," she said, standing.  "Any truth to the rumor that you will be touring next year with *Nsync?"

    "Well, I must admit, I hadn't heard that rumor," laughed Skyler.  "I've become friendly with the group, as well as various other celebrities, but no, I won't be touring with *Nsync. At least, that hasn't been decided. We haven't even began the first tour, and the follow up album hasn't even been agreed on."

    "So you won't be doing a follow up to Dizzy?" she asked.

    "I didn't say that," he replied calmly.  "What I said was that it wasn't agreed on yet. The new album will be recorded. We're just working on new material."

* * *

    Joey, Chris and Lance sat watching the press conference in Sacramento, California.  They each wondered just what, if anything, Skyler was going to say about the sexual abuse article.  They were shocked to hear that Madonna would be managing his career, but Lance told them it was a very wise move.

    "He seems to be handing the conference well," said Joey.  "He's got the press eating out of his hand."

    "He does seem to be a natural," agreed Lance.  "JC called this morning and said Skyler was a nervous wreck."

    "When are Justin and JC meeting us?" asked Chris.  "JC's been in New York two days past schedule."

    "Well, JC wants to be there for Skyler right now, and Johnny's giving him a little breather," said Lance, making his friends look at him strangely.

    "JC and Skyler?" asked Joey, smiling.

    "I don't know," said Lance.  "But he sounded very protective."

    "Poor Justin," said Chris.

* * *

    "I'm just glad its over," said Skyler, rubbing his temples.

    "You did great, Sky," said Madonna from across the table.  She and Skyler were sitting in a restaurant with JC and Justin after the press conference.

    "Thanks," he replied.  "I'm just glad that no one asked about the article."

    "That was rather strange," said Madonna.  "The vultures usually love to dig into a wound."

    "Maybe they were afraid of your stern look," laughed Justin.  "I know I'd never seen you look so threatening before."

    "How was your photo shoot?" asked Madonna.

    "Boring," he replied.  "I'd have much rather have been at the press conference."

    "JC, when do you have to meet up with the others?"

    "In three days," he sighed.  "Justin leaves tomorrow."

    "Why do you get to stay longer?" demanded Justin.  "He's my friend, too."

    "I know, Curly," replied JC.  "Johnny is giving me a little break."

    "Anything you guys want to tell me?" asked Justin, pouting.

    "Like what?" asked Skyler clearly irritated by the question.

    They were all silent for a bit after that.  Justin knew he'd blown it.  He couldn't believe he'd blurted that out.  JC was still glaring at him, and he knew that he'd hear it sooner or later.  He wanted to support them if that was what they were doing, but he couldn't help being jealous.  He liked Skyler and wanted him for himself.

    "Well," said Madonna, standing.  "I think we've given the surrounding customers enough gossip information. I have to get going."

    She kissed Skyler on the lips and hugged him, shocking all three of the guys.  When she stood up, she patted JC and Justin on the shoulder and walked away.  The three sat there, looking at each other in stunned silence.

    "We better be getting out of here, too," said JC, clearing his throat.

* * *

    "That was good, Justin!" cried JC while Skyler was downstairs talking to Tim.  "You want that to be on the cover of every newspaper in the country?"

    "I said I was sorry, Josh," replied Justin, sulking.

    "Sorry?" gasped JC.  "Think, Justin."

    He got up and left the living room.  Skyler found him in the kitchen when he came back upstairs.  He sat across from him and looked at him for a minute.  JC wouldn't return his gaze, and Skyler knew he felt bad about berating Justin like that.  He and Tim had heard the exchange in the hall.

    "I think you should tell Justin you're sorry," he said finally.

    "I know," replied JC miserably.  "I just overreacted."

    "Well, I understand," said Skyler.  "But you hurt his feelings, Josh."

    "I think its time that you and I had a talk, Sky," said JC, looking back down at his hands.

    "I've been waiting for this," sighed Skyler.  "Josh, if you don't want to hang out with me anymore, I'll understand. I'm sure by now you've figured me out."

    "What?" cried JC, snapping his head up and staring at Skyler.  "Why would I stop hanging out with you?"

    "Because I'm gay," said Skyler, looking away.

    "That's not a good reason to stop hanging out with you, Sky," said JC.  "I thought you knew how I felt about you."

    "I know you think of me as a friend, Josh," he replied.  "But would it change your opinion if I told you that I think I want to be more than a friend?"

    "Sky, I think you have all of this wrong," said JC, taking Skyler's hand.  "I want that, too."

* * *

    "It was awful, Lance," Justin moaned as he hugged Lance as soon as they got to Lance's house.  "He yelled at me like I was stupid or something."

    "Well, you did cause a scene," said Lance.  "And he's talked to me about it, and he's really sorry, Curly."

    "But," Justin gasped and then stopped.

    "You're upset because of Skyler and Josh, aren't you?"

    "I want to be happy for them," he said.  "But I like Sky."

    "I know you do," said Lance.  "Josh says they are both willing to just forget about it and be friends if you can't handle it."

    "They are?" asked Justin hopefully.

    "Just, that's not fair," said Lance.  "You know they like each other, and you know how hard it is for any of us to have a relationship. Would you deny Josh the chance to be happy with Skyler?"

    "No," he said softly.

* * *

    "Sweetie, I'm so happy for you both," said Madonna when JC and Skyler told her their news.  "You just have to be very careful."

    "I know," replied JC.  "We're both getting ready to head off on tour, so that shouldn't be too difficult."

    "Well, just make sure that you both get to spend a little time together," she laughed.  "How did Justin take this?"

    "Not good," said Skyler, looking down.

    "Lance is talking to him and trying to get him to understand," said JC.  "I think its working."

    "Well, he needs to find someone of his own," said Madonna.  "Then he'll be alright."

    "That's not easy," said JC sadly.

    "What about Carlos?" asked Madonna, smiling.

    "Carlos?" JC asked confused.

    "Carlos Lopez from Utopia," replied Skyler.  "He thinks Justin is awesome. He asks me about him every time he calls me."

    "Justin doesn't know him," he said.

    "Well, I'm fixing that," said Madonna.  "We're throwing a party for Skyler and Utopia's tour, and I'm inviting your entire little family."

    "That'd be perfect!" cried JC.  "Justin would get to meet Carlos, and I'd get to spend a little time with Sky."

    "Exactly," she replied.  "But you'll have to be careful at the party. Carson Daly will be there, I'm sure. And we all know how he loves to get a good story."

    "I have to do TRL with him tomorrow," said Skyler.

    "That's right!" said Madonna.  "Wait till you meet him, Sky."

    "Am I not going to like him?" he asked.

    "Well, Carson can be a bit much," laughed JC.  "You'll see."

    "I guess I will," he replied.

* * *

    "Alright guys, here he comes," said Carson Daly.  "Skyler Thomas!"

    The audience went crazy, and it was Skyler's first experience.  The TRL audience wasn't overly large, but he got a warm feeling inside from the response he got.  The band started the music, and he waited for his cue.


I'm so Dizzy My head is spinning
Like a whorl pool it never ends
And its you, girl, making it spin
You're making me Dizzy

First time that I saw you girl, I knew that I just had to make you mine
But its so hard to talk to you with fellas hanging round you all the time

I want you for my sweet pet
But you keep playin hard to get
Goin' round in circles all the time


I'm so Dizzy My head is spinning
Like a whorl pool it never ends
And its you, girl, making it spin
You're making me Dizzy"

    He held the microphone out to the audience, and they sang the next verse with him.

"I finally got to talk to you, and I told you just exactly how I felt
Then I held you close to me and kissed you, and my heart began to melt

Girl you got control of me
'cause I'm so dizzy I can't see
I need to call a doctor for some help


I'm so Dizzy My head is spinning
Like a whorl pool it never ends
And its you, girl, making it spin
You're making me Dizzy
My head is spinning
And its you girl making it spin
Like a whorl pool it never ends
You're making me Dizzy"

    As the last notes of the song were played, the audience cheered like crazy.  Skyler loved it! He'd had no idea what performing live was like.  This was a small audience, and he couldn't wait to find out what performing in front of a stadium full of people would be like.  Madison Square Garden was going to be awesome.

    "So, Skyler," said Carson when Skyler took his seat next to him.  "You rose to fame really fast, how does it feel?"

    "Its awesome!" he said.  "I was a little nervous about it at first."

    "You first show in your tour is three weeks away," said Carson.  "Excited?"

    "Very," replied Skyler.  "Utopia is already here."

    To this, the crowd only applauded.  Skyler didn't know much about Utopia, but he'd thought they'd have more fans.  He wondered just why they were touring with him now.  Maybe they were just too new for this crowd to be excited over their being in New York.

    "That brings us to our debut video of the day," said Carson.  "Skyler, why don't you announce it."

    "Alright guys and girls," he said, smiling at the camera.  "Here they are in their first video.  Utopia with Party Girl."

* * *

    "It was awesome!" breathed Skyler after kissing JC.  "How do you stand it?"  Then he realized what he did.

    "Well that's a good greeting," laughed JC.  "I like that."

    "I guess I got a little excited," said Skyler, blushing.

    "Its ok, Sky," said JC, pulling him back into an embrace.  "I loved it."

    "I'm just so pumped from the show," he explained.

    "Your first time hearing them cheer for you, huh?" said JC, smiling at him.

    "Yeah," he replied excitedly.

    "Wait till Madison Square Garden," chuckled JC.  "They'll blow you away!"

    "I can't wait!" breathed Skyler.

    "So what do you want to do to celebrate?" asked JC.

    "Well, I thought we'd stay here," he said.  "You're leaving the day after tomorrow, and I want to spend some time with you."

    "That sounds nice," replied JC.  "Why don't we order something to eat?"

    "Pizza," said Skyler.  "I'm dying for it."

* * *

    "Did you guys see TRL?" asked Justin when he got to Lance's house.

    "We watched it," said Lance.  "He's a natural."

    "I love to watch him dance," said Joey.  "He moves like a stripper!"

    "And this from Mr. Straight Man," laughed Lance.

    "Hey!" he laughed.  "I just said I wasn't gay."

    "Well put," said Justin.  "And he does move like a stripper. The tabloids are going to have a field day with the way he dances."

    "I'm sure he'll handle it," said Lance.  "He was great at his press conference."

    "Yeah, but they didn't ask him anything about the tabloid article," said Justin.  "You didn't see him when that came out."

    "Do you think it had any truth to it?" asked Lance.

    "It must have," replied Justin.  "He said that he hated that they found that story. So what does that sound like?"

    "Poor guy," said Chris.

    "Yeah," agreed Lance, looking at the floor.

* * *

    "I like this," said JC.  He and Skyler were cuddled together on Skyler's couch watching a movie together.  Every so often, one of them would start caressing the other.

    "It is nice," replied Skyler.  "I still can't believe I'm doing this."

    "You've never done anything like this before?" asked JC.

    "Well," said Skyler.  "I've had sex before, but I've never done this."

    They were quiet for a bit after that.  JC continued to caress him, but Skyler was sure that his admission of having sex before had dulled the mood for JC.  He wished that he would have just kept him mouth shut, but he wanted to be honest with JC.  Lies could kill their relationship.  They had agreed to just take things slow and see where it went, but honesty was very important to Skyler.

    "I've had sex before, too," JC said after a long silence.  "Our pasts don't really matter, Sky. Being together is all that's important to me. I want you to know that."

    He turned to face Skyler, and he softly kissed him.  Skyler put his arms around him, and the kiss got a little deeper.  When JC felt Skyler's tongue grazing his bottom lip, he opened his mouth slightly to accept Skyler.  Their hands roamed all over each other, and soon they were getting hot.

    "Why don't we take this into the other room," whispered Skyler when they broke their kiss.

    "I was thinking the same thing," replied JC, smiling down at him.

    JC stood up and put his hand out to Skyler.  He led him into the bedroom where he stopped to kiss him again.  This time, JC let his hands graze lightly over Skyler's ass, making Skyler's eyes pop open.  They continued to kiss each other as their hands freely roamed each other's body.

    "What exactly do you want to do?" asked Skyler.  "I've only done this once, and I didn't do very much."

    "Well," said JC, rubbing his abs.  "Why don't we just go with it and see how far we get. If you get uncomfortable about anything, just let me know."

    They'd reached the bed, and JC was unbuttoning Skyler's jeans.  He slid them down over his ass and kissed him again.  Skyler mimicked his actions, and then they were standing there in their underwear, socks and shirts.  JC smiled at him, and Skyler pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor only to watch as JC did the same thing.

    He drank in JC's body with his eyes.  He wasn't really muscular, but he could see that all of the dancing he did on stage was paying off through an excellently toned body.  He filled the pouch of his boxer-briefs nicely, too.  Skyler leaned forward and kissed him again as his hand cupped JC's groin.

    JC took that as a sign to take his underwear off, and he released Skyler and pushed them down.  Breaking their kiss, he bent down to push his underwear further down until he stepped out of them and stood before Skyler in only a pair of white socks.  Skyler again mimicked his actions, and they were both only wearing socks.

    JC reached out for him again, and they were kissing as they fell onto the bed.  Skyler landed flat on his back with JC on top of him.  JC kissed his neck and chest before going back to his lips, and Skyler moaned into him.  JC ran his hand down the length of Skyler's torso and grasped his hard dick.

    "Ah," sighed Skyler.

    "You have an awesome body, Sky," JC whispered before kissing him again.

    Breaking the kiss, JC made his way down Skyler's body leaving kisses behind him.  He stopped long enough to lick and suck at each of his nipples before moving down to run his tongue lightly around the edge of Skyler's navel, making Skyler moan.  He put his nose in Skyler's pubic hair, inhaling the scent of him before letting his tongue play around the edge of the head of Skyler's dick.

    Skyler gasped when JC engulfed him.  In one full plunge, he was buried in JC's throat, and JC used the muscles of his throat to work Skyler's dick.  He knew that he was oozing precum by now, and it was all sliding down JC's throat.  He ran his fingers through the silky hair on JC's head as JC gave him the blowjob of a life time.

    JC took his mouth off of Skyler's dick long enough to lick and suck at his hairless balls.  Skyler loved the sensations that JC was giving him, and he moaned and sighed continually.  JC took that as a sign of encouragement and went back to sucking Skyler's dick.  He knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer, though.

    JC sensed Skyler's impending orgasm and backed off his dick once again.  This time, he spread Skyler's legs a little more and, with one hand, he lifted his balls so that he could lick the tender skin of Skyler's perineum.  Skyler moaned and lifted his pelvis to give JC better access.

    JC licked lower and lower until he had Skyler's legs over his shoulders.  He found Skyler's hole with ease and lightly ran his tongue around it.  Skyler gasped as JC's tongue ran across his hole, and he worried about just exactly what JC wanted.  He was about to voice his concern when JC went back to licking and sucking on his balls.  He cried out when JC engulfed his dick again and started sucking him with vigor.

    "I'm close," he warned him, but JC didn't let up on the suction or speed on his dick.

    Skyler gasped and moaned as his balls let go of his cum, sending it up through the shaft of his dick and into JC's waiting mouth.  JC moaned as he swallowed the load of cum that Skyler offered him, and when he'd gotten the last drop, he kissed the head of his dick.

    Kissing his way back up Skyler's body, he made it to his lips again, and Skyler tasted his own load on JC's tongue as he sucked it into his mouth, making JC moan.  He turned them over until JC was on his back, and he tried to remember all of the sensations that JC had pushed him to.

    He kissed his nipples and licked at them with his tongue, making JC moan this time.  He trailed kisses down JC's toned torso until he got to his magnificent dick.  Lightly running his tongue up and down the shaft of JC's dick, he used his hand to massage his balls.  JC spread his legs and lifted his pelvis off the bed, shoving about half of his dick into Skyler's mouth in the process.

    Skyler used his tongue to stimulate the underside of JC's shaft as he brought his dick in and out of his mouth.  JC was moaning and sighing, and Skyler knew he was doing a good job of making him feel good.  When he let go of his dick, JC let out a disappointed moan, but he sighed happily when Skyler started to lick and suck his balls, taking first one, and then the other into his mouth.

    He licked at JC's perineum, and JC raised his hips, putting his hole right in Skyler's face.  Skyler let his tongue drag up and down the exposed crack of JC's ass, making him moan louder each time his tongue came into contact with his hole.  JC was moaning non stop by the time that Skyler just let his tongue run around the outside of his hole.

    When he accidentally placed his tongue directly in line with JC's hole, he was surprised that JC pushed his butt down and into his face.  He drove his tongue in and out of JC's ass, making the boy moan and gyrate.  Over and over again, he plunged his tongue into JC and drew it back out.

    He looked up and noticed that JC's dick was dribbling all over his stomach, and he went back to sucking his balls.  JC didn't seem as satisfied with that, but he sighed contentedly when Skyler took his dick into his mouth again.  Skyler used his tongue again, and soon JC was warning him of his own impending orgasm.

    Just as JC had done, Skyler sucked and swallowed until every drop of JC's precious juice. JC's body shook from his orgasm, and Skyler was amazed that he was the cause of it.  He kissed his way back up JC's shaking body until JC wrapped his arms around him and shoved his tongue into his mouth.  They kissed for what seemed like eternity, and then JC pulled him over until he was lying beside him, and JC put his head on Skyler's chest.

    Skyler kissed the top of JC's head and pulled a blanket over them both.  JC snuggled closer to Skyler, and then they were both asleep.

* * *

    The next morning, they acted like shy kids around each other at breakfast.  Skyler cooked breakfast, and JC smiled when he sat his plate in front of him.  Both of them stole glances at each other over their plates, blushing and smiling when they caught each other.

    "I had a great time last night Sky," said JC, finally breaking the silence between them.

    "So did I," said Skyler.  "You tasted wonderful."

    "I thought we'd never get that far," admitted JC.  "There are so many things I want to do with you."

    "Small steps, Josh," laughed Skyler.  "Remember, we are taking this slow."

    "Its hard for me," laughed JC.  "You're just so . . ."

    He stopped when they heard the doorbell.  Skyler smiled at him before getting up to answer the door.  When he returned to the kitchen, Madonna was with him.  She smiled at them both, looking from one to the other, making them both blush.  Skyler just knew that she could see it on their faces.

    "You two look happy this morning," she said, smiling.  "You really do make a cute couple."

    She hugged Skyler before sitting down at the table.  They were all quiet for a while, and she just kept smiling at them.  She loved seeing them this way.  Skyler had been so depressed since the tabloid thing, and seeing him this way was great.  She only hoped that the tabloids would leave him alone for a while.

    "I suppose we'd better get ready if we're going to make it over to the studio today," said Skyler.  "You are coming, right?"

    "Wouldn't want to be anywhere else," said JC, smiling at him.

    "Well, you two better wipe those looks off your faces before the show," said Madonna.  "JC, if she finds out that you're there, she's going to pull you out on stage, and the world will know everything if you guys keep pining away at each other like that."

    They both busted out laughing, and then Skyler went into the bedroom to change.  JC stared at his plate, and a sad look crossed his face.  The smile on Madonna's face faltered when she saw it.

    "What's wrong?" she asked him, putting her hand on his arm.

    "I'm leaving tomorrow," he said, looking at her with sad eyes.

    "Distance," she said.  "I know it well."

    "I don't want to leave him now," said JC.

    "Well you and the guys will be here for the opening show, right?" she said.

    "Yes, but that's three weeks from now," he replied, looking even more miserable.

    "Well, where will you be until then?" she asked.

    "Orlando for the first week," he said.  "I don't know after that. I haven't talked to Lance, yet."

    "Well, how about if we fly out to see you when you know?" she asked.

    "That'd be great," he said smiling at her again.

* * *

    "My first guest is such a cutie-patootie," said Rosie to her audience.  "You all know him well, I'm sure."

    "SKYLER!" screamed the audience, making Skyler gasp from just off stage.

    "That's right!" beamed Rosie.  "I finally got him to come and see me! Give him a warm welcome, now. Skyler Thomas!"

    The entire audience was on its feet at the mention of his name.  JC smiled at him when he looked at him, and Skyler made his way over to the band.  The music started, and Skyler began to sing.  He sang another song from the album.  Fool For You was number four on the charts, and the crowd loved it.

    Skyler got completely into the reaction of the crowd and gave the song his all.  JC and Madonna watched him with open mouths as he danced around the stage, moving his body and making the audience scream for him.  Rosie was stunned at she watched him move, and she couldn't believe he could move like that and still sing.

    "He acts like me," said Madonna quietly as she watched.

    "The tabloids are never going to leave him alone," said JC sadly.

    When the song ended, the crowd was once again on its feet.  Skyler smiled at them and bowed for them, making them scream again.  He was floating on air as he walked over and hugged Rosie.  She patted his back, and then he took his seat.  She beamed at him for a few minutes.

    "Well," she said finally.  "That was some performance. If that was any indication of what we have in store for us in your show, you're going to be a huge success!"

    "Thank you, Rosie," he said.  "You're coming to the opening show, right?"

    "Wouldn't miss it," she said.  "Luckily, I have connections. Your show is sold out for both nights."

    "We were talking about that on the way over here," he said.  "I'm very excited."

    "You should be!" she beamed.  "You're face is on the cover of almost every magazine. You're gracing this month's cover of Rolling Stone, but there's no interview. Why not?"

    "I wanted you to be the first to interview me, Rosie," he said, smiling at her.

    "You are so adorable," she said.

    "Thank you," he said, smiling at her again.

    "If he smiles at me like that one more time," she said to the audience.  "I'm going to swoon!"

    He smiled at the audience, and all of the girls screamed again.  Madonna smiled at him from off stage.  She couldn't have been more proud.  JC was speechless.  He couldn't believe the response Skyler was drawing from the audience, and he was charming Rosie completely.

    "So, tell me what its like to work for Madonna," said Rosie when the crowd quieted down again, making Madonna laugh.

    "Madonna is great," he said.  "I love her to death, and I couldn't dream of working with a more professional person. She has set up every date of my tour, and we're going into the studio to work on the follow up album as soon as the tour is over."

    "That's fabulous," said Rosie.  "I believe you have a gift for the audience."

    "I sure do," he said, smiling at them as five men came out and started passing out copies of his CD, making them cheer again.  "I even have one for you."  He handed a copy to Rosie.

    "Guys, he's even signed these," she said to the audience.  "Isn't he a keeper!"

    "I understand that you have a gift of your own, Rosie," he said, smiling at her.

    "Well, aren't you clairvoyant," she laughed.  "I sure do. Pick a number out of this bowl, cutie."

    He reached into the bowl as the audience got quiet.  He pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it slowly, dragging out the suspense.

    "What does it say?" asked Rosie, pretending to be in agony while he stared at the audience.

    "Number fifty-seven," he said, smiling and a girl started screaming.

    "She's screaming because she and a friend have just one back stage passes to see you and Utopia at Madison Square Garden on July second," explained Rosie.

    "Awesome," he said, smiling at her.  "I hope its good for them."

    "Oh, well," said Rosie, eyebrows raised.  "If you dance like that at the show, it'll be wonderful for them, I'm sure."

    "Oh, I have plenty of dance moves for the show," he said.

    "Do you believe that?" she asked the audience.  "He looks like a Greek God, dances like a cross between Madonna and Elvis Presley, and he's so sweet, too."

    "Thank you, Rosie," he said, beaming at her.

* * *

    "He's on fire!" cried Justin in Orlando.

    "His show is going to rock," laughed Chris.  "Did you see the way he danced?"

    "I saw," replied Lance.  "JC says we all have backstage tickets to the show."

    "Really?" cried Justin.  "Awesome."

    "What time is Josh coming back tomorrow?" asked Joey.  "We're supposed to work on a new song for the album."

    "He'll be here around noon," replied Lance.  "He doesn't want to leave Skyler."

    "Can you blame him?" asked Joey.  "Look at the guy. If he's half as cool as Justin said he was, I can't wait to hang out with him again."

    "He's way cool, Joe," said Justin, excited.  "One of the coolest guys I know."

    "He does act like he's just a regular guy," said Lance.  "You'd think that with all of that, he'd be kind of big on himself."

    "Not Sky," said Justin.  "He just acts like everyone else. You should have seen him in New York when a bunch of girls surrounded him outside of a store and demanded his autograph."

    "How'd he take that?" asked Chris, smiling.

    "He acted embarrassed at first," he replied.  "Then he went out and charmed them to death."

* * *

    "You are by far one of the most fun guys I've had on the show, Skyler," said Rosie as the audience was filing out.  "I can't wait to see your show."

    "Thank you, Rosie," he said.

    "You know, you could come back tomorrow," she said.  "Surprise everyone. Utopia will be here."

    "I just might," he replied.  "This was fun."

    "I see you JC Chasez, don't think I don't," she said, turning to face JC and Madonna.  "He's such a cutie, too."

    "Thanks, Rosie," said JC, walking out onto the stage with Madonna on his heels.

    "So you've been hanging out with this stud," she said, smiling at him.

    "We've been having fun," he replied.

    "I'd bet on that," she said, smiling at Skyler.

    "They're a regular couple of knuckle heads," laughed Madonna.

    "Hey woman," said Rosie.  "I thought you were going to be in Texas."

    "Change of plans, thank God," she laughed.  "I stayed to be here with Skyler."

    "Excited about his show?"

    "Very," she replied.  "If he does dance like that, it'll be quite a show."

* * *

    "I wish you didn't have to leave tomorrow," said Skyler as he sat on the bed watching JC pack for his trip.  They'd just come back from dinner with Rosie and Madonna.

    "I'm going to call Madonna with my schedule, and she's going to fly you out to see me some time between now and the show," replied JC.  "Otherwise, I'd be a mess right now."

    "You're all coming to the party, right?" he asked.

    "Wouldn't miss it," he said.  "When I talked to Joey, he sounded more excited about it than Justin."

    "How's Justin doing with us?" he asked.

    "Better," replied JC.  "Lance had a long talk with him."

    "Good," he said.  "I hated seeing him so upset. I really do like hanging out with him."

    "Curly will be just fine," replied JC.  "Don't worry about him. It's Joey I'm worried about."

    "Why Joey?" he asked.

    "Well, Lance says that Joey's kind of infatuated with you," laughed JC.  "Strange, because just a month ago, he insisted he wasn't gay."

    "Well, everyone can surprise you," said Skyler.

    "We're still having breakfast with Kristy, right?" said JC.

    "Yeah, we're meeting her at Doc's," replied Skyler.

    "Come here, sexy," said JC, turning around when he heard the sad sound of Skyler's voice.

    He drew him into his arms and held him.  They kissed each other tenderly, and JC could still see the sadness in Skyler's eyes.  He embraced him again, and sighed.

    "We'll see each other soon, Sky," he said, sadness breaking his own voice.

    "I know," replied Skyler.  "I just don't want you to leave."

    "I know," he replied.

to be continued

Dizzy is a Tommy Roe song from 1969  All other lyrics in this chapter are mine and are copyrighted material.  Please remember that.

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