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Last Time:

    He drew him into his arms and held him.  They kissed each other tenderly, and JC could still see the sadness in Skyler's eyes.  He embraced him again, and sighed.

    "We'll see each other soon, Sky," he said, sadness breaking his own voice.

    "I know," replied Skyler.  "I just don't want you to leave."

    "I know," he replied.


    "The Skyler Thomas/Utopia tour gets under way tomorrow night, and MTV's Carson Daly will be at the Pre Tour Party tonight.  Several stars are scheduled to be at the party including *Nsync, Sisqo, Pink, Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.  We'll continue to bring you the news at ten minutes to the hour, every hour.  I'm Kurt Loder, and this has been MTV News."

Kurt Loder:  MTV News

    "Tickets are sold out, and fans are already lining up to buy the last Skyler Thomas CDs on the shelves in local New York stores.  His popularity was boosted by an appearance on Rosie O'Donnell, and the rush to buy his Dizzy CD have sold out stores across America.

    "Tomorrow night kicks off Skyler Thomas's first American Tour at Madison Square Garden, and we're expecting an unforgettable show.  Sources tell us that there will be a few special guests appearing for opening night, and VH1 will be there."

Adam Price:  VH1 News

    "Maverick Entertainment announces their 'Win a night with Skyler' contest. One lucky winner will receive an all access backstage pass as well as a ticket to the sound check, before party and after party for Skyler Thomas's final concert of the tour in Los Angeles, California on September twenty-sixth."

Gloria Vent:  FOX News



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Chapter 8

    Skyler had never been more excited in his life.  He was sitting at a table in the Viper Room in New York City, surrounded by a packed room of people that had all come to see him and Utopia.  This was his pre tour party, and he was having the time of his life.  JC was by his side, and Madonna was constantly hugging him.  She was almost more excited than he was.

    Christina, Britney, Sisqo and Pink were all there, and each one had told him how excited they all were for him.  The boys from Utopia were having the times of their lives, and Justin seemed to be hitting it off rather well with Carlos.  Skyler and JC were thrilled about that.

    "I'm so happy for you," said JC, smiling at him.  "I can see that you're excited."

    "Josh, nothing like this has every happened to me before," he said.  "Growing up, I never even had birthday parties after I was four."

    "What?" asked JC, sure he'd heard him wrong.

    "You'll hear all about that later," said Skyler.  "Right now, I want to be happy."

    They were interrupted several times by various people.  Each of the other members of *Nsync stopped at their table to congratulate him, and Kristy, Brian and Laura were there, too.  The three of them couldn't have been more thrilled for him.  Rosie was there, and she was having a blast.

    "Put you arm around me, cutie," said Christina, sitting down beside Skyler.  "Carson Daly's on his way over."

    "Thanks for the warning," replied JC, scooting a little further away from Skyler.

    "What's the deal with him?" asked Skyler.  "He seemed really nice when I was on TRL."

    "He is nice, sweetie," said Christina.  "And he'll out you in a second."

    "Where's Justin?" asked JC.

    "Don't worry, Britney's got him," she replied, smiling.  "She's stirring up the rumor mill as we speak."

    "They'll eat that up," said Skyler as Madonna sat down beside JC.

    "Let's really start some rumors," she said as she grabbed JC, and Christina grabbed Skyler, both of them kissing the unsuspecting guys.

    "Sorry to interrupt," said Carson.  "I was wondering if I could have a word with Skyler."

    "You know, you are a rude one," said Christina, breaking her lip lock on Skyler.  "Can't you see, I'm having a moment with Skyler?"

    "Hi, Carson," said Skyler, blushing.  "What can I do for you?"

    "Well," he said, glaring at Christina.  "I was hoping you'd give us a quote."

    It was then that Skyler noticed the camera.

* * *

    "Did they really get you both on film with Madonna and Christina?" asked Chris when they were all back at Skyler's apartment.

    It was strange for JC to see everything in boxes.  He'd forgotten about Skyler moving.  He'd bought an apartment in Madonna's building.  Tim would be making sure that all of his stuff got moved while he was on tour.  JC had even gone with him to shop for furniture.

    "They got us, alright," said Skyler, shaking his head.  "Just wait until this gets out."

    "It could actually help keep us undercover, Sky," said JC, smiling softly at Skyler.

    "Yeah, and then we'll be linked to Madonna and Christina," he said.  "I don't want to be linked to anyone."

    "Get used to it," said Britney.  "Its going to happen repeatedly."

    "Welcome to show business," said Lance.

    "Did you see the look on Brian Littrell's face when he saw them kissing?" laughed Joey.  "I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his face."

    "I did see Howie kick him while he was staring," said Lance.  "Those two need to be a little more careful. Adam saw it, too."

    "Don't worry about Adam," said Britney.  "He's cool."

    "Carson sure looked satisfied with himself after cornering you guys," said Lance.  "What did he ask you, anyway?"

    "Oh, the usual," sighed Skyler.  "Are you excited, and all that jazz."

    "He's a creep," said Britney.

* * *

    "Calm down, Skyler," said Madonna as he fidgeted.  They were standing backstage at Madison Square Garden.  Utopia could be heard, singing Tonight.

    "I'm just excited," he replied, smiling at her.

    "Nervous?" asked JC.

    "Not anymore," he replied.  "I'm better now. I just want to get out there."

    "Man, Curly, he's worse that you," laughed Joey.

    "They're on their last song," said Britney as Utopia began singing Bridges.  "They're actually pretty good."

    "I wanted them on this tour," said Madonna.  "They weren't getting much radio time, and I thought opening for Skyler would do the trick for them."

    "So that's it," laughed Skyler.  "I wondered why no one was ever really excited to hear about them. How long have they been together?"

    "Well, I found them two years ago," she said.  "Their album has been out for a little over a year now."

    "And they haven't caught on?" asked Lance.  "I'd be devastated."

    "Well, none of them were until Skyler hit it big so quickly," said Madonna.  "Then they were almost unbearable. Once they heard that they would be touring with him, and what it could mean for them, they were all happy again."

    "Five minutes, Skyler," called a voice that Skyler couldn't identify.  He was too excited to worry about it.

    JC helped him into his costume for the first half of the show, and Madonna kissed him.  Everyone was excited now, and Skyler could feel their energy.  He loved this.  He couldn't believe that when they'd told him he was going to have to sing on the show, he was so scared of it.  This was awesome.

* * *

    "My God!" cried Britney from the VIP box.  "Look at him move."

    She and the others were watching the show.  Madonna had left them to get ready for her performance.  She was going to surprise the audience and come out singing her part when Skyler started singing Come Back To Me.  JC was nervous as Hell.  He couldn't believe that Skyler had been so relaxed about this.  He was always tense before a show.

    "The crowd loves it," said Justin.  "They won't stop screaming at him."

    "Do you wanna hear some more?" cried Skyler from the stage, and the crowd screamed again.  "I said, do you want to hear some MORE!"

    And then the music to Dizzy started, and the crowd went completely crazy.  When Skyler started singing, the crowd sang with him.  Lance chuckled to himself, thinking about how much Skyler hated that song.  It was ironic that he hated it that much, and the song was still in the top ten.

    Then the moment they'd been waiting for came.  The music to Come Back To Me started, and the crowd literally screamed at him.  He sat down on the edge of the stage and began to sing the song.  JC had tears in his eyes as he listened to Skyler poor his heart out with that song.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen," cried Skyler, getting to his feet.  "MADONNA!"

    The crowd went ballistic.  Madonna walked down the steps behind Skyler, singing her part of the song, and when she got to Skyler, she put her arm around his waist.  They turned to each other, and it was as if they were singing to each other alone.  Even Joey had tears in his eyes by the time the song was over.

    "Has he even said what he's going to be doing on the new album?" asked Britney as Skyler and Madonna left the stage.  It was time for Skyler to change clothes, and Madonna would return to them.

    "I don't think they've even discussed the songs for it, yet," said JC.  "He wrote one the other day that I thought was really great, but he said he wants to show it to Madonna before he even asks to record it."

    "I do know that he's covering Every Breath You Take by the Police," said Lance.

    "What?" asked Britney.  "How did you find that out?"

    "Madonna told me," he said, smiling.  "She said that there will be at least two songs on the album that are covers."

    "That sucks," said Justin.  "They should give him his own songs."

    "It isn't set yet," said Lance.  "She hasn't even talked to him about it."

    "Well, its not like he can back out of the record now," said JC.  "He signed the contract."

    "True," said Lance.  "But he can throw a fit."

    "He's never thrown a fit," said Justin.

* * *

    "You can't leave yet," said Rusty Kirk.  "They're still screaming in the auditorium."

    Rusty and the rest of Utopia were all backstage with Skyler.  He was ready to go celebrate, but the crowd refused to believe the show was over.  JC and the others came in then, and they were all almost as excited as he was.

    "That was amazing!" said JC when he got to Skyler.

    "You know how to perform," said Carlos.  "I didn't even change. I just kept watching you."

    "Nice job with my music, Kid," said Madonna coming over to hug him.  He'd sang Holiday and Crazy For You.  They'd arranged that to fill some time since he only had ten songs of his own to sing.

    "Thanks," he replied.  "There were a bunch of people in the front row that didn't think so."

    "Screw them," said Britney.  "Now I  want to work with you."

    They all laughed at that.  Skyler was on cloud nine.  He couldn't believe how well the show had gone.  He also couldn't keep a smile off his face for more than a few seconds.  His cheeks were actually starting to hurt.  He just kept hugging Madonna while she praised his performance.

    "Should I go back out there?" asked Skyler.  The crowd hadn't stopped screaming for him, yet.

    "No," said Madonna.  "They're about to go out and start asking people to clear the auditorium."

    "You'll be happy to know that all of the t-shirts, posters, buttons and other merchandise has sold out," said Lance.  "You, my friend, are a hit."

    "Remember, Niki will be with you for the rest of the tour," said Madonna.  "I can't follow you all over the country."

    "Niki?" asked JC.

    "One of my back up singers," she said.  "She's going to be filling in for me on Come Back To Me."

    "When do we get to meet her?" asked Carlos.

    "She'll be here in the morning," said Madonna.  "I'm going to be doing it myself again tomorrow night, but Niki will head to New Orleans with you."

    "I won't see you for the rest of the tour?" asked Skyler.

    "Oh, I'll hook up with you again in Detroit," she said.  "Have to be in my home town."

    "Anywhere else?"

    "I'll go with you to Chicago, and then I'll pick up again in Vegas and stay with you until the end of the tour," she said.  "Baby, I have commitments, too."

    "I know," he smiled.  "I just want to see you from time to time. It's nice to know that you'll pop in now and then."

* * *

    Skyler was about to leave for New Orleans with Niki and Utopia, and he was sad to leave all of his friends behind.  He especially didn't want to leave JC.  The two of them had gotten very close, and he hated the idea of being without him.  He got along great with the guys from Utopia, but he didn't really know them.

    "You have a two week break between Chicago and St. Louis," said JC.  "Stay in Chicago, I'll be there the week after you."

    "You have a two week break between St. Louis and Carbondale, and I'll come to see you," he replied.  "Then we won't see each other again until you make it back to Orlando."

    "It won't be so bad, Sky," said JC.  "We'll call each other every night."

    "We'd better," he said.

    "I just wish that we could have more time together."

    "Me too," said Skyler.  "But I have to leave in five."

    "I know," replied JC.  "Don't let Mickey drive you crazy."

    "I won't," he laughed.

    Mickey Sapp was Utopia's practical joker.  He loved to pull pranks on everyone, and he'd already gotten on Skyler's nerves.  He and JC had laughed about it all day.  They'd also gotten him back by replacing his microphone with a fake just before tonight's show.  Mickey had gone nuts.

    "No more pranks, promise?"

    "I promise," laughed Skyler.  "You be careful, and I'll call you tomorrow."

    They risked a hug before Skyler got on the bus with Niki.  The bus was actually quite large.  There were seven bunks at one end of the bus, two bathrooms, and a large lounge area that doubled as a kitchenette.  He wasn't exactly sure how he felt about sharing the bus with all five members of Utopia and Niki, but he supposed he really had no choice.

    He actually felt sorry for Niki.  Other than one of the Utopia boys' mother, she was the only girl on the bus with a bunch of guys.  He wondered just how she felt about that.  He hadn't really had much time to talk to her that day, because she'd arrived moments before his show.

    From New Orleans, they went to Orlando, and Skyler felt funny about being there without JC or Justin.  He didn't go sight seeing with the guys from Utopia, but he did go to Disney with Niki.  They had a great time together, and he liked her right off.  By the time they got back to the hotel, they were almost as close as him and Kristy.

    "You're sad," said Niki, sitting down with him in the sitting room of his suite.  "You miss JC?"

    "Like crazy," he said.  "I talked to him this morning before we went to Disney, but this is where he lives."

    "And it feels bad to be here when he's not here, right?" she asked.

    "Exactly," he said.

    "We'll see him soon," she said.  "Until then, you can just be my buddy, and we'll pick on Mickey."

    "Is he bugging you, too?" he asked, laughing.

    "He's bugging everyone," she shrugged.  "But I'm going to get that little imp."

    That night after Utopia had performed, Niki got her revenge on Mickey.  He was coming back to the dressing rooms to change, and she threw a bucket of cold water at him, drenching him from head to toe.  The others laughed like crazy, but Mickey wasn't thrilled.  He vowed to get her back, and all the way to Detroit, he tried and failed.

    By the time they reached Chicago, Skyler was exhausted.  Niki kept bugging him to get more sleep, but he stayed up late every night, talking to JC on the telephone.  They were both excited about seeing each other in a week.  They pulled into Chicago around three in the morning.  Skyler wanted to go straight to his room and crash, but it was in Chicago where he got his first experience of mobbing fans around the hotel.

    "What are they doing here?" he asked, irritated.

    "Be calm sexy one," said Niki.  "They've probably been here waiting all night long."

    She marveled over the fact that, though he was very tired and irritated by their presence, he was polite, charming and loveable with the fans.  He signed autographs for a little over an hour before Brent went and saved him.  By the time they reached their floor and received the all clear from security, he was almost asleep on his feet.  She decided to have a talk with Madonna about this when she arrived later that day.

    Niki was awake and waiting for her when she checked in.  As soon as Madonna got to the floor, Niki went to talk to her.  Madonna hugged her and asked how the show had been going, but she already knew, because MTV and VH1 gave her all the information she needed.  Skyler's tour was rapidly becoming one of the most successful tours in twenty years.

    "I'm worried about him," said Niki when they got into Madonna's room.

    "Why?" she asked, turning to look Niki in the eye.

    "He gets very little sleep," she said.  "He's up half the night talking to JC on the phone, they get him up before nine every morning for radio interviews, photo shoots, meet and greats, sound checks and rehearsals. M, I'm telling you, he's going to collapse if he doesn't get some real rest soon."

    "It's that bad?" she asked, worried now.

    "It's that bad."

    "I've got a copy of his schedule in my hand," she said.  "He's going to be staying in Chicago for the rest of the week, and I'm going to cancel some personal appearances. Its too late to cancel meet and greets, but maybe I can get rid of some of the photo shoots, interviews and radio spots while he's here. You've got to crack down on him a little harder after you guys leave here."

    "I'm glad you came," said Niki, hugging her.

    "Well when you called, you said it was important," she replied.  "You didn't tell Skyler that I was coming, did you?"

    "No, he was dog tired," she said.  She related the scene from that morning to her, and Madonna smiled.

    "He's so polite," she said.  "You wouldn't think he would be from the way those crazy people raised him."

    "He loves his fans," said Niki.  "Today was the first time I'd seen him get irritated because of a group of fans."

    "He was just tired, Nik," she said.  "He'll be all better when I get done screaming at him."

* * *

    Skyler sat up in the bed and looked around the room.  It took a few seconds before he remembered he was in a hotel in Chicago.  He didn't even know which one.  He only knew that in one week, JC would be back in his arms, and he couldn't wait.  He missed him like crazy.  He couldn't believe that he felt for him as much as he did already.

    When he looked at the clock on the nightstand, he almost freaked.  He was supposed to have been at a photo shoot at nine, and it was after twelve! He jumped out of the bed, took the world's fastest shower, got dressed and headed to the suite that was being used as the lobby for his group of people.

    "Why didn't anyone wake me up?" he asked Niki when he got to the room.  "I must have slept through my wake up call, and I missed my photo shoot."

    "Good afternoon, Sky," laughed Niki.  "Photo shoot was canceled. You're clear for the day until the meet and greet and sound check."

    "How did that happen?" he asked.

    "I canceled the photo shoot and radio interview," said Madonna from behind him.  "What's this I hear about you getting little to no sleep and staying up all night talking to JC on the phone?"

    "Where did you come from?" he asked, turning to face her.

    "Michigan," she replied.

    "I thought you said you were going to spend time there with your brother," he said.

    "Well, Niki called me and told me how tired you were," she said.  "So I came down to paddle your ass and make you mind."

    "Paddle me?" he asked.  "What for?"

    "Sky, you've got to rest," she sighed.  "If you keep running yourself this way, you're going to collapse from exhaustion. I know you miss JC, but can't you talk to him between appearances? Do you have to stay up all night?"

    "I talked to Lance this morning," said Niki.  "JC is in pretty much the same shape."

    "I'll deal with Mr. Serious when I see him," said Madonna.

    "Come on M," said Skyler.  "I've got to talk to him."

    "Not until all hours of the night, you don't," she replied.  "You are going to get some rest, Sky. I can't have you hurting yourself."

    "My performances aren't suffering," he complained.

    "But you are so tired at the end of every show that you can barely dress yourself," she said.  "I've talked to Carlos."

    "Why are you so mad at me?" he asked.

    "I'm not mad, Sky," she sighed.  "I'm worried. Niki called me upset, and when I heard what you were doing, I had to come here and tell you not to do it anymore. You've got to rest."

    "I know," he said.

    "Do you?" she asked.  "We have seven cities left on this little tour, Sky. How do you think you'll survive those if you keep this up?"

    "What's that?" he asked, pointing to the magazine on the table.  Niki winced.

    "That's nothing," said Madonna.  "Don't worry about it. Just Carson's little stunt at the party."

    "Great," he sighed, sitting down next to Niki.

    "Buddy, you can't worry about that shit," said Niki.  "That's going to happen all the time. Focus on your health."

    "I will," he conceded.

    "I've got a call in to your heartthrob," said Madonna.  "I'm expecting him to call me as soon as his radio interview is over."

    "You called Josh?" he asked, shocked.

    "Well, if he's doing the same thing as you are, which I had suspected," she said.  "Then I've got to tell him off, too. Would you rather that I had called one of his guards or managers?"

    "No," he said, looking at the floor.  "I would rather that you hadn't called him at all."

    "Well, Sky," she said.  "If you boys don't listen, you're going to hurt yourselves. Trust me, you have both got to get plenty of sleep."

    "I know," he replied.

    He was tired.  Even after sleeping as long as he did, which wasn't very long, he could use more sleep.  Madonna ushered him back to his room and made him go back to bed.  He protested, but he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

* * *

    "CHICAGO!" screamed Skyler to the crowd, making them scream even louder.  "Are you all pumped?"

    The crowd screamed at him, and he loved the feeling it gave him.  Every time he stood on a stage, he couldn't get enough of the crowd's reaction.  He loved to hear them scream his name.

    The music to Dizzy started, and he lost himself in the song.

    Madonna sat with Niki and the boys from Utopia, watching the show.  He was still as energetic and vibrant as ever, and she could tell that the crowd loved him.  She just hoped he didn't run himself to death.  She'd gotten him to go back to sleep, but she did wake him up when JC called her back.

    She'd berated him, too.  These two boys were going to be a handful, and she was only managing one of them.  She just hoped she'd gotten through to both of them.  If she got a call from St. Louis or White Sands, she was seriously going to slap Skyler.  He had to listen to her.

    As soon as the crowd was cleared, and the decoy bus was out of the stadium, she ushered Skyler into her limo, and they were off to the hotel.  Then she made him go back to bed.  He fought tooth and nail, but she wouldn't back down.  Secretly, she loved this.  It made her feel like a mother, and that was something she longed to be.

    "But what if JC calls?" he whined at her.

    "Then I'll tell him off again," she replied.  "Go to bed, Sky."

    "Did he go?" asked Niki as she came into the room.

    "Yes," she sighed, slumping down on the couch.  "Where are the other clowns?"

    "They'll be here in a little while," she said.  "I rode back with Debbie."

    "He's so tired, Nik," she said.  "He's got to listen to me."

    "He will, M," she said.  "Don't worry so much."

    "Its impossible," replied Madonna.

    "Well, until you hook up with us again in Dallas," said Niki.  "I'll become drill sergeant."

    They laughed at that one.  Madonna was so thankful that Niki had agreed to come on this tour.  She missed her and Donna very much, and having Niki to look after Skyler made her feel much better.  She was due back in New York the next day for a video shoot, and she was still worried about him.

    "Make him sleep, Nik," she said.

* * *

    Finally, it was Friday night.  Skyler paces back and forth in his room while he waited for *Nsync to arrive.  He knew that they would be staying on the same floor, and he couldn't wait to hear them come in.  He missed JC so much it hurt now, and Niki had only been letting him talk to him for a half an hour a day.  She was really cracking down on him.

    He understood why, though, and he had to admit, he was feeling better physically.  The shows had been awesome, but he was enjoying this break.  He only wished that JC would get there faster.  Utopia had already left on the bus for St. Louis.  That was where the original break had been scheduled.  He and Niki were flying out after tomorrow night's *Nsync show.

    He couldn't take waiting in his room for JC anymore.  He went to the lobby room and sat with Niki.  She patted his knee and told him he was going to be just fine.

    "He'll be here soon, Sky," she said.

    "I just miss him," he replied.

    "I sure do wish someone missed me as much as you miss him," she laughed.  "I'd be a happy woman, knowing that someone was waiting for me."

    "Where is he?" asked JC, coming into the room, and Skyler was on his feet.

    "Finally!" he cried as JC ran over and enveloped him in his arms.

    "I thought we'd never get here," said JC.  "I've been a real bitch all the way to Chicago."

    "You can say that again," laughed Justin from the doorway.

    "Hey, Curly," said Skyler.  "How's your gig going?"

    "Its been fun when this guy hasn't been moping over you," he laughed.

    "I don't mope," replied JC.  He added, "Much," when he looked at Skyler, and they both started laughing.

    "Well do the rest of us get to say hello to him, Josh, or are you going to hog him?" asked Lance, coming into the room.

    "Hey, Scoop," said Skyler.  "Missed you guys."

    "We missed you, too," he replied, smiling at him.  "But I have to admit, we're getting a little tired of hearing your name."

    "Shuddup!" laughed JC.

    "At least Madonna got you to start sleeping," said Joey.  "Josh is a bear when he gets no sleep."

    "Add that to how much he misses you," said Chris.  "And we were ready to buy him his own tour bus."

    "How long are you staying here?" asked JC.

    "Niki and I are flying to St. Louis the day after tomorrow," he replied.

    "So you'll be here to see our show!" cried Justin.

    "Yup," he replied, smiling.

    "Alright, guys," said JC.  "I think its time for me and Sky to get some rest."

    Everyone snickered at that.  Even Niki got in on the teasing.  Skyler hugged her as they left the room to go find his.  She whispered in his ear that she'd told him so, and he laughed, clutching JC tighter.  He was so happy to finally have him back.  It felt like he'd been away from him forever.

    "God, I missed you," he sighed when they got to his room, and JC had him in his arms again.

    "Ditto, sexy," replied JC before he started kissing him.

    They were all over each other, and then Skyler noticed the smell.  He stepped back from JC and looked at him.  They both started smiling, and then they were laughing.  Every time they started to try to stop, one of them would start laughing again, making their sides hurt from the laughter.

    "I hate to tell you this, Josh," laughed Skyler.  "But you stink!"

    "Yeah, I didn't take a shower," he said.  "I was so excited, because we were on our way to Chicago. Man, I've never been this excited to be in Chicago in my life!"

    "You go shower, sexy man," said Skyler.  "I'll be here when you get done."

    "See you in ten," replied JC, kissing him again.

    Skyler went back to visit with the other guys while JC was taking his shower.  He was truly happy to see all of them.  Chris told him stories of what their tour had been like so far, Joey hugged him, nearly crushing his ribs, and Justin asked him a million questions.

    "How has the tour been, Sky?" asked Lance, rescuing him from Justin.

    "Awesome," he replied, smiling.  "I love the stage and all the crowds."

    "I know the feeling," agreed Lance.

    "Its really been one of the most exciting experiences of my life!" he said.

    "Did you hear about Utopia?" asked Justin, coming over to sit with them.

    "No," he said, confused.

    "Party Girl made it to the charts," said Lance.  "Its number 5, and its the third most requested video on TRL."

    "Who's at number one?" asked Skyler.

    "Madonna with Frozen," replied Lance.  "The video is awesome."

    "I haven't seen it yet," he admitted.  "She was working on it before she came to Detroit."

    "We have it taped if you want to see it later," said Justin.

    "That'd be cool," he replied.

    It was so great to be with them all again.  He'd missed all of them so much.  The only thing that would have made it even better was if Britney and Christina were with them.  They were both on their own tours, though, and he'd see them much later.  For now, he'd be content with these guys.

    "Where'd you go?" asked JC, walking in wearing a hotel bathrobe and looking sexier than ever with his wet hair.

    "I didn't want to sit in the room all by myself, so I came to talk to these guys," he said, getting up.  "I missed them, too."

    "Come on," said JC, holding his hand out to him.  "Let's go get some sleep."

* * *

    "I had no idea their shows were this involved," said Skyler while he and Niki were watching the concert.

    "They are very involved," she said.  "The only thing more intense I've ever seen was Blond Ambition, but then I was in that one."

    "I never get to see Utopia perform, so I don't know what their show is like," he admitted.  "During their rehearsals, I was always at an interview or something."

    "Its nice that their song is on the charts and stuff," she said.  "But I like your music a lot better than theirs."

    "Thanks, Niki," he replied, smiling at her.

    "Well, we'd better get backstage if we're going to get to them when they get off stage," she laughed.

    He followed her back to the "party" room, and they laughed the whole way there.  He was glad Niki had stayed with him.  She was a lot of fun, and the two of them acted like children.  She did play the role of "Mom" very well, though.  After Madonna had left, Niki had taken up right where she had left off.  Still, he loved her for it.  He knew that if she hadn't, he'd be in a world of misery by now.

    Back at the hotel, the guys were even more excited than he was when after a show.  They were smiling and laughing, but he could also tell that they were kind of tense.  He wondered just exactly how strict their lives were.  So far, he only knew them partying and playing.  This was the first time he'd ever seen them at work.

    "Hey gorgeous," said JC, coming up behind him to put his sweaty arms around him.

    "You are beautiful, Josh," he said, turning to face him.

    "If I look have as good on that stage as you do, then I'm great," said JC seriously.  "I love to watch you perform, Sky."

    "I had seen you guys perform on television," replied Skyler.  "But that was nothing compared to seeing you guys live and on stage. You almost made me tired just watching you."

    "You two better separate," said Niki walking over to them.  "You're getting very weird looks from some of the people in this room."

    They both blushed and parted, looking around the room.  Lance came to the rescue, though, coming over and wrapping his own sweaty arms around Skyler.  He didn't look half as serious about it, Niki thought, but at least everyone stopped watching.  JC and Skyler were going to have to be more careful with their affections.

to be continued

Well there you go! Chapter 8 has concluded.  I'm having a lot of fun writing this story, and I'm really liking the way its headed.  I have many surprises in store for the characters, and the shows, although I'm not exactly sure how they're supposed to go, are a blast to write about.

Thanks for all of the encouraging email over this story.  I'm glad you all like Skyler.  I will be developing a few characters, as well as providing descriptions, from Utopia.  The group's story will be told.  I promise.  Right now, its just too easy to let them sit in the background, because the story is really about Skyler.

Its good to know that everyone likes the Skyler/JC connection.  Some of you were kind of let down, because Skyler didn't choose to be with Justin.  There are far more Justin stories on Nifty, and I like JC a little bit better.  I think both guys are awesome, but JC seems, to me, to be a little bit more loveable than Justin.

I know that there really isn't that much sex in the story, but this story is more about the relationships, and Skyler's rise to fame.  I'm trying to put more sex into the story, but sometimes the story itself gets in the way of that.

Thanks again for al of the encouragement!

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