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Last Time:

    Back at the hotel, the guys were even more excited than he was when after a show.  They were smiling and laughing, but he could also tell that they were kind of tense.  He wondered just exactly how strict their lives were.  So far, he only knew them partying and playing.  This was the first time he'd ever seen them at work.

    "Hey gorgeous," said JC, coming up behind him to put his sweaty arms around him.

    "You are beautiful, Josh," he said, turning to face him.

    "If I look have as good on that stage as you do, then I'm great," said JC seriously.  "I love to watch you perform, Sky."

    "I had seen you guys perform on television," replied Skyler.  "But that was nothing compared to seeing you guys live and on stage. You almost made me tired just watching you."

    "You two better separate," said Niki walking over to them.  "You're getting very weird looks from some of the people in this room."

    They both blushed and parted, looking around the room.  Lance came to the rescue, though, coming over and wrapping his own sweaty arms around Skyler.  He didn't look half as serious about it, Niki thought, but at least everyone stopped watching.  JC and Skyler were going to have to be more careful with their affections.


    "Skyler Thomas, *Nsync, Utopia, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Sisqo and Pink are all scheduled to perform at this year's MTV Video Music Awards.  The show airs on MTV this Friday, and the stars seem to be excited.  We have the most requested videos, right here on TRL."

Carson Daly:  MTV's Total Request Live

    "Skyler Thomas shows his support for friends, *Nsync, in Chicago after their show. Sources say that Thomas is really close with the group, and that finding him backstage at one of their shows was not a surprise."

Random Clip Found In Entertainment Weekly

    "Utopia lands their first big hit. Party Girl has reached number 1, and the recently virtually unknown boy band from Missouri is excited. Its been over a year since the release of their Paradise Album, and the boys weren't seeing much success. Manager, Madonna says that she knew they boys had talent, but now the world does, too.

    "Some speculate that it was the success of Utopia's tour mate, Skyler Thomas, that catapulted them to success. The group has been opening for Thomas during his short American Tour. Several photos below show the boy band as well as Skyler Thomas in Detroit during a show."

Randy Reagan:  The Rag

    "Skyler Thomas has had a whirl wind career. He started out as the long lost cast member of NBC's Secrets Of The Morning, and now he's taking the music world by storm. This bright, fun, energetic young star has had four top ten hits since the release of his debut album, Dizzy. He's now touring across America, making fans scream and cheer along the way. With Madonna as his manager, Skyler Thomas is sure to be a mega star."

Ron Hively:  Rolling Stone Magazine



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Chapter 9

    "You've been called such things as 'The Fame Grabber' in the recent past," said Mazy.  "How does it feel to go from College Jock to Rock Jock?"

    "I wouldn't say I was ever a College Jock, Mazy," laughed Skyler.  "I was more of a book nerd, and I'm not a Rock Jock. I just get out there and do my thing, have fun, try to give a good show, and it all works out for the best."

    "So, Skyler," said Mazy.  "The new album. Can you tell us anything about it?"

    "Right now, all I can say is that there will be one," he replied.  "I'm touring right now, and the VMA awards are tomorrow, so there hasn't really been much time to work on the album. I've written two original songs for the album, but I'll be covering a few as well."

    "There's been some talk about a movie in your future," she said.  "Any truth to that?"

    "Studios send scripts for me to read through," he smiled.  "But again, with the tour, interviews, photo shoots, and meeting the fans, there really isn't much time for me to really read through a script. I'd like to do a movie. You know, I started as an actor, but it's going to have to wait."

    "You've been nominated for several 'MoonMan' awards, Skyler," she said.  "Care to tell us what you think about that?"

    "I'm thrilled," he said, looking excited.  "There are many great singers nominated for awards, and I hope that we all make out good tomorrow. I'm also performing at the show, so I'll have fun no matter what."

    "Tell us about the Skyler Thomas/*Nsync connection," she said.

    "Connection?" he laughed.  "I wouldn't call it that. We're all really good friends. I met Lance Bass shortly after arriving in New York, and then Justin Timberlake and I got to be good friends. Through the two of them, I met the rest of the gang, and we hit it off. They're a great bunch of guys."

    "What do you think about Utopia's finally hitting the charts?" she asked.

    "I think its great," he said excitedly.  "They are awesome, and I think its sad that the world didn't really hear their sound. They were out there for a while. I'm happy for them."

    "Some say that you are responsible for their recent success," she said.  "Does touring with you have anything to do with it, in your opinion?"

    "That's not a fair question," he laughed.  "I think that Utopia would have made it with or without me. Like I said, they are awesome. Their music is great, and their shows are really amazing. I don't understand why America didn't pick them up before now, but no, I don't think that touring with me had as much to do with them gaining success as their hard work did. After all, if they weren't out there, putting on a great show every weekend, then the world wouldn't love them as much as they do."

    "You've been on a break from your mini tour for a while," she said.  "Are you eager to get back out there?"

    "Oh, I am," he said, eyes lighting up.  "I'm kind of sad, now, that the decision was made to only tour twelve cities. I love the stage, and the fans have been amazing. I can't tell you how it makes me feel to stand there and perform for them. I think next time, I want to do something bigger."

* * *

    "You did great, Sky," said Niki as they were leaving the MTV studios.  She'd been worried a few times over the questions that were asked, but Skyler proved to be very good at being interviewed.

    "Thanks," he replied.  "I about died when she asked about *Nsync."

    "Yeah," she laughed.  "That one made me hold my breath a little."

    "Mazy was great, though," he said.  "She stuck to the questions that Madonna set down, and I enjoyed it."

    They arrived back at his new apartment, and everyone was there waiting.  The apartment was huge with four bedrooms.  There was a living room, office, kitchen and full dining room.  A laundry room was off the kitchen, and their were two bathrooms.  The Master Bedroom had its very own Master Bath.  Everything was white, and Madonna had told him that was so he could decorate it any way he wanted.  What made it even more wonderful was that it was his.

    "Hey Fame Grabber," said Lance when Skyler and Niki came in.  "How'd it go?"

    "He's very quick," said Niki, looking at Skyler proudly.  "She asked about his connection to you guys, and he completely nailed the question."

    "What exactly did she ask you?" asked JC, coming to give him a hug.

    "Just about my connection to you guys," he replied, kissing him.  "I told her that I met Lance when I got to New York, then became friends with Justin, who introduced me to the rest of you, and we all hit if off."

    "That's my guy," said JC with a smile.

    "So what's next on the agenda?" he asked, looking to Niki.

    "You have nothing for the rest of the day," said Tim before Niki could even speak.

    "Well, hello Tim," said Skyler.  "I didn't know you were here."

    "I am still your assistant," replied Tim.  "When I heard that you were in New York, I thought I'd better get over here."

    Skyler reminded himself to talk to Madonna about replacing Tim.  He didn't want to not like the guy, but he was really sarcastic, and most of the time, he made everyone a little angry.  He was annoying to a fault, and Skyler didn't really need his services with Niki around.

    "Thanks, Tim," he said, holding JC a little tighter.

    "Be calm, sexy man," whispered JC into his ear, making him smile.

    For the rest of the day, Skyler put away his clothes and personal items.  He and JC were never far from each other, and he was happy for that.  After tomorrow night, the two would be headed to different cities again, and he probably wouldn't see him again until the end of the *Nsync tour.

    Skyler had three cities left on his tour schedule, and Madonna had added another.  He would be returning to Texas, but this time, he'd be performing in Huston.  It was a benefit show, and he couldn't turn it down.  JC was proud of him for it, but he really wanted to do it anyway.  After that, he could relax and miss JC in peace.

    "Let's go shopping," he said when everything was put away.  "I want to get out of here for a while."

    So, Niki, JC, Lance and Justin hit the city.  Their body guards were with them, and Tim seemed to be a little put off by not being invited.  Skyler was just happy to be out of the apartment, not being interviewed, and away from Tim.  He liked spending time with Lance and Justin, so this was a great idea.

    They snuck into stores, dodged large groups of teen aged girls, and had a great time.  It wasn't until they stopped for lunch that Skyler was found.  JC, Justin and Lance managed to hide themselves really well, but Skyler stuck out like a sore thumb for some reason, and before he knew what was happening, he was surrounded by a crowd of screaming girls.

    Lance marveled at the way he handled the girls.  Skyler smiled, laughed, hugged, even kissed them at all the right times.  He patiently signed autographs and answered questions.  He loved the attention.  That much was completely evident.  Lance had never witnessed Skyler with his fans before, but he'd heard all about it from JC and Justin many times.

    He stood out there for a little over an hour until Niki went out and pulled him inside.  He thanked them all for coming and gave a few last minute hugs.  Then he was inside the restaurant, facing the smiles of his friends.  His cheeks heated, and he put his head down slightly.

    "What?" he asked.

    "You are amazing," said JC.

    "You really do know how to work them," said Lance.  "I didn't see your smile slip even once."

    "I love them," he said simply.  "Back in LA, when all of this was about to happen, I was afraid of this. But now . . ."

    "We know, Sky," said Niki, putting her arm around him.

    Skyler still hadn't told JC or any of the guys about his life.  He'd dropped little hints to his past a few times, and each time, JC looked like he had questions.  He'd tell them all when he was ready.  The tabloids were still busy digging up bones, so he knew he couldn't keep things secret much longer.

    The unspoken question was in JC's eyes over the first Enquirer article, but he was patient, and Skyler was thankful.  That particular part of his past was very painful to talk about.  He'd tell him about it when he was ready.  JC seemed to understand that, so he never asked questions.

    Later, at the apartment, Skyler was quiet.  JC and Lance noticed it right away.  JC wanted to comfort him.  He knew that something was on his mind, but if Skyler wouldn't tell him what it was, he'd just have to be patient.  He sat with him and tried to cheer him up, but Skyler just went through the motions.

    "What's wrong?" asked Lance when he and Niki were alone in the kitchen.  "He hasn't said more than two words since we got back.

    "I don't know all the details," she said quietly.  "But Lance, Skyler had a very bad childhood. He's talked to Madonna about it, and she said it was awful. The article about sex abuse really shook him up, so I guess there's something to it. Neither of them will tell me much. Just be there for him. Tell JC to just hold him and let him know he's cared about."

    "Poor guy," said Lance.  "I wish there was something we could do to help him."

    "Being there for him is what will help him," she replied.

    They heard the telephone wring, but that wasn't out of the ordinary.  Skyler's phone was always wringing.  It was the silence that followed that got their attention.  Everyone all over the apartment was silent.  Niki felt a cold chill run down her back, and Lance had the most pained expression.

    "Sky?" cried JC, making Niki's blood run cold.

* * *

    Skyler stood, holding tightly to Kristy's hand as Niki stood on the other side of him.  In front of them were two graves.  The graves were for two people that had been very important to his life at one time.  One was his mother; a woman he couldn't understand.  The other was for the brute abuser, his step father.

    Skyler had no tears to shed for these two.  It was for Cassie and Chad that his tears fell for.  His little sister's scared voice would haunt him for the rest of his days.  He'd let them down, and he could never make it up to them.  While he was in LA, he called them every week to at least let them know that he cared.

    Since making it to New York, he'd talked them twice.  He was ashamed of himself, and nothing anyone could say would make him feel better.  Sure, he'd canceled the award show appearance to be here with them today, and the first show in Vegas had been canceled, but that couldn't make up for the ass that he'd been.

    Each time he looked at their beautiful teen aged faces, his heart broke all over again.  Cassie had hugged him tightly when he walked in to the house.  She was completely forgiving of his lack of attention.  Chad's greeting was what broke his heart so much.  The boy was an emotional wreck.  He'd clung to Skyler for almost an hour while his step father's sister had told him what happened.

    They'd been killed in a car accident.  A drunk driver was the explanation.  Linda, the sister, couldn't care for Cassie and Chad.  That she'd even considered taking care of his brother and sister angered him.  They were his, and he was theirs.  They belonged with him, but with the life he lead now, could he really take them in?

    He had to do it.  He'd work it out.  There was no other way.  They belonged with him, and he would make it work.  Several stars had children, and they had flourishing careers.  It wasn't written in stone that a man like him couldn't take care of his fifteen year old brother and sister.

    "You alright?" asked Kristy, squeezing his hand.  They were back at the house that he'd tried so hard to forget.

    "I'll be alright," he said.  "Its Cassie and Chad I'm worried about."

    "What will they do?" shed asked.

    "They'll come with me," he replied.

    "I saved all of your posters, Sky," said Cassie, coming into the living room.  "Chad taped every episode with you in it, too."

    "Cassie," he said, and his voice broke.  "I'm so sorry."

    "For what?" she asked as if he'd called her every day to tell her how important she was to him.

    "For leaving you," he replied, sobbing.

    Kristy gripped his hand tighter, and Niki put her arm around him as he cried and cried.  Cassie looked confused for a moment, but then she knelt down in front of him.  She took his other hand in hers and waited until the his sobs stopped jerking his body.  She loved her big brother so much.  She had never been more proud of anyone in her life.

    "Sky," she said.  "You had to leave. He was hurting you, Sky. Chad and I understand that."

    "But I should have taken you with me then," he replied in agony.

    "They never would have allowed that to happen, Sky," said Chad, coming to stand beside his sister.  "They were awful to you, and now they're gone."

    "I just wish that you both'd had different lives," he said.  "There are so many things that both of you should have had, and I'm so sorry for neglecting you when I moved to New York."

    "You were busy, Sky," said Chad.  "We saw you almost every day on the television. Cassie listens to your music all the time. You didn't neglect us. You were always here."

    On the plane, he pored his heart out to Kristy.  He told her everything about his life and about JC, begging her not to hate him or tell anyone.  She was angry at him, at first, for even thinking that she wouldn't understand.  She held him while he cried over his childhood, and she promised to help out in any way she could.

    Madonna was there when they got to the airport.  The only annoyance was the press.  They were all over the airport, snapping pictures and begging for quotes.  Madonna and Brendt did the best they could to hustle the group out to the limo.  It was too late, though.  Cassie and Chad had been photographed over and over.

    "I hate this," he sighed when they were safe in the limo.

    "Sky, its going to be alright," said Madonna.  "You know I'll take care of you. I'm sorry about the press, but you are one of the hottest stories in the country right now. Canceling a show made you even more interesting to the press. I had to issue a statement."

    "I'm not mad at you," he replied.  "I just wish they'd leave us alone for a while."

    "I wish I could tell you a trick that would make them go away," she said seriously.  "But there isn't one. You're a star now, Sky, and they'll never leave you alone."

    The twins were dazzled by his apartment.  They both picked their rooms and wandered around, looking in every room.  He smiled as he watched them.  They looked so happy.  He was sure that the others were wondering why they weren't heartbroken.  But he was sure that Madonna understood why.

    That night, he, and a very excited Cassie and Chad, boarded a plane that would take them to Vegas where he'd join Utopia.  The show had to go on, and he was ready.  Cassie and Chad loved the idea of being with him on the road.  Madonna promised to see to it that they had a tutor.  She said she could talk to Lance about it, because he would know all about tutors.

    That made Sky think of JC.  They'd talked to each other briefly before he'd left for Detroit, but every time they tried to call each other after that, they didn't get to talk.  JC had commitments, and Sky had his problems.  He missed him incredibly, and he wondered how he would tell Cassie and Chad about that.

* * *

    "Vegas," said Skyler to the crowd of screaming fans.  "There are two people here tonight that are very special to me, and I couldn't go on without acknowledging them. My brother and sister, Cassie and Chad Thomas are backstage right now, and I want to dedicate a song to them. So, Vegas, help me out here."

    The crowd screamed when the music to Heal Your Pain started.  Skyler cried through most of the song, and the crowd loved it.  Cassie and Chad both stood glued to their spots, holding hands while they watched their brother on the stage.  They were so proud of him.  He had no idea.  He'd apologized a thousand times for leaving them behind, but what he didn't know was that they were so happy to be with him at that moment, that nothing else mattered anymore.

    Madonna stood with them.  Tears streamed down her face as she watched the flowing emotion Skyler put into the song.  Her heart went out to him for the pain and suffering he was enduring, and, like so many other times, she wondered at how he could put on such a powerful show with all of that suffering in his heart.

    The world knew him as Skyler Thomas, the star.  She knew him as the scared little boy that lived inside his heart.  She hoped that JC was strong enough to love him the way he deserved, but she knew that for that to happen, Skyler had to open up to him.  She knew that he hadn't so far, and she'd held her tongue.  She didn't want to stick her nose into his love life, but she believed that they loved each other, and she'd learned, first hand, that secrets could destroy even the most solid relationship.

    Niki was in awe of him.  The entire show had been better than any other that he'd given.  When he'd sang Alone she thought the audience could feel the pain in his voice as if it were a tangible thing.  Even through his shaky voice, he touched the crowd, and they screamed for more.  It was beautiful.

* * *

    "That was awesome!" cried Chad when Skyler got backstage.  The crowd was still screaming, and everyone in the "party" room had tears in their eyes.

    "Thank you for the dedication," said Cassie, hugging her sweaty big brother tight.

    "JC called," said Niki.  "He said to call him back."

    Everyone had something to say, and they all wanted to say it at the same time.  Skyler didn't know what or who to respond to first.  He was tired and drained.  He just wanted to get back to the hotel and sleep.  This show had taken more out of him than any he had ever done.  He hugged Cassie and patted Chad's shoulder.

    Kissing Niki, he took his cell phone out of her hand and walked over toward the dressing room where he could have a little privacy.  He dialed JC's cell number and waited.  He missed him so much, and he hoped that JC would understand that Cassie and Chad belonged with him.  He wasn't sure, but he thought that some of his friends didn't think it was such a good idea.

    "Sky?" asked JC's tired voice.

    "Oh, man am I happy to hear your voice," sighed Skyler, and tears ran down his face.

    "Baby, what's the matter?" asked JC, sounding more awake and concerned.

    "It was a tough show," said Skyler, clearing his throat.  "We're leaving for San Fran Cisco in the morning, and I really need to see you."

    "I'm sorry about your parents," said JC.  "I tried to get away to go with you to Detroit, but I just couldn't make it happen. I'm sorry."

    "No, that's ok," said Skyler quickly.  "Believe me, I understand. I just really need to sit down and talk with you about something."

    "Is it about Cassie and Chad?" asked JC, flooring Skyler.

    "How did you know?" he asked.

    "Madonna called," he replied.  "Sky, I'm fine with it. It might make our relationship a bit more secret, but they belong with you. I'm very proud that you brought them to live with you."

    "When did Madonna call?" asked Skyler.

    "This morning," he replied.  "She asked Lance about tutors, Sky. What's wrong?"

    "Nothing," sighed Skyler.  "I just miss you so much."

    "I miss you too," replied JC.  "You have two more cities, and then you can head to Orlando. I'll be there the night after your show. We have an unexpected break."

    "Really?" asked Skyler, getting excited.

    "Yeah, a water pipe burst, and the concert hall that we would have been performing in is flooded," replied JC.  "There's too much damage, so a lot of shows that were going to be held there have been canceled. Ours was one of them."

    "You don't know how happy I am to hear that," laughed Skyler.  "I feel bad for it, but I'm happy."

    "Me too, sexy man," laughed JC.

* * *

    Cassie and Chad were absolutely excited to be riding to California on the tour bus.  Chad said it made him feel like a star.  He was getting along great with the guys from Utopia, and Cassie and Niki were hitting it off just fine.  Skyler sat at the cramped dinette table with Madonna, watching Chad playing video games with Carlos.

    "They're great people, Sky," said Madonna.  "Just like you."

    "Thanks," he replied, smiling.  "But I can't take any credit for them."

    "I think its wonderful that they're with you," she said.  "I know we haven't really discussed it, but I do."

    "Thanks," he replied, smiling at her.  "That means a lot. I get the feeling that some of the guys don't think its such a good idea."

    "Everyone is happy about it, Sky," she said.  "But if anyone isn't, don't worry about them. You do what works. You call your own shots."

    "Thanks for calling about their tutor," he said.  "I completely forgot about that."

    "Well, you had a lot on your mind," she replied.  "I was happy to do it. Cassie and I had a long talk today, and she's a very wonderful girl."

    "She's one of your biggest fans," he laughed.

    "She mentioned that," replied Madonna.  "Its always nice to meet a fan."

* * *

    In San Fran Cisco, they met up with Britney.  She fell in love with Cassie the moment she saw her.  She took her sight seeing and shopping, and Skyler didn't see his sister for the better part of the day.  He was happy that Britney liked her so much.  Chad was gone with Carlos and Paul, and he was planning to get some much needed sleep.

    "Hey sexy," said JC's voice on the phone.  "I was hoping you'd call when you got there."

    "I'm so tired," replied Skyler.  "I should be in bed, but I wanted to call you first."

    "I'm glad you did," said JC.  "We're having a free day."

    "Wish I could be there with you," sighed Skyler.  "I hate it that we're both touring."

    "Well, we don't have a fall leg to the tour," said JC.  "So we can spend some time together."

    "When are you going back into the studio?" asked Skyler.

    "Not long after we get home," he replied.  "But I will make time to see you."

    "I'm probably going into the studio around that time, too," said Skyler.  "Madonna wants to get the album out there."

    "It seems strange for us both to be recording new albums when our first ones are still doing so well," said JC.  "And yours hasn't really been out that long."

    "I know," he replied.  "We probably won't release it until Dizzy gets done burning."

    "Well, you'd better get some rest," said JC.

    "Yeah," he replied.

    "See you in three weeks, sexy man," JC said softly.  "I can't wait."

    "Same here," he replied.

    Later, after a long nap, shower and shave, he sat down to dinner with his brother and sister, Madonna, Niki and Britney.  The twins moaned about the lack of "good" food, but Madonna quickly explained to them that on tour, we had to eat healthy.  Britney and Cassie giggled and told them about all the junk food that she and Britney had on their shopping trip.

    The rest of the night was pretty calm.  Skyler had to be up early in the morning for a radio interview, and the twins were already tired by the time the dinner carts were taken away.  Britney took Cassie to stay with her, and Chad bunked with Skyler that night.  The two of them talked until Skyler couldn't keep his eyes open.

* * *

    "So, we heard about your performance in Vegas," said Jon Wilcox, the DJ for whichever radio station they were at.  "Can we expect as powerful a show here?"

    "I always give it my all, Jon," replied Skyler.  "That show was just a bit more emotional than the others."

    "With your recent tragedy, I can understand that," said Jon.  "Care to talk about that?"

    "Not at this time," replied Skyler.  "I'll be holding a press conference soon, and I'll tell the world all about it then."

    "Can't blame me for trying," said Jon.  "Now, let's play some music. This is the fourth single from your monster debut album. Her it is, Into You."

    Madonna was listening to Skyler's radio interview from another room with Chad.  They talked about what subjects Chad liked, sports, cars, and Skyler.  Chad was so proud of his brother, and being on the tour with him was like a dream come true.  He couldn't wait to meet *Nsync, even though he wasn't as big a fan as Cassie.  Meeting stars seemed to just blow his mind.

    She was thrilled by his excitement, and she marveled over his youthful resiliency.  She couldn't imagine what she would have felt if she had been in his shoes at fifteen.  She was so happy that Skyler had taken them to live with him.  She just wondered what their lives were going to be like.

    "We have a problem," said Niki, coming into the room, and placing a magazine on the table in front of Madonna.

    The cover featured a picture of JC and Skyler hugging, and the caption read:  Pop Stars A Little Too Friendly? She felt her blood run cold as she picked up the magazine and thumbed to the article.

Pop star, Skyler Thomas seems to be more that friendly with *Nsync singer, JC Chasez. Our sources tell us that the two have been seen together countless times. Although neither star was available for comment, several close friends were available to tell us what was going on.

"They're really close," said one source. "When they're together, its like no one else matters."

We can only wonder why Chasez was not present at the funeral for Skyler's mother and step-father. As our pictures show, the two are usually always together when they can get away from their hectic schedules. We tracked down a very close friend of Skyler Thomas who had this to say:

"Skyler is a great guy. He's lucky to have found JC. The two are perfect for each other, and they're very loving."

Though few would comment on this information, none would deny it. So that leads many to speculate over the type of relationship the two stars have. Some are even speculating that they are both homosexual and in love.

    "Oh, my God," she sighed as the magazine fell from her fingers.

to be continued

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Stories That I Really Like On Nifty:

High School:
Matthew Figures It Out
Carrots And Celery

Family Album
My Step-Brother, Jacob

Working It Out

Prolific Nifty Authors That I REALLY Recommend:

Greg Bowden
Eric Case
Justin Case (In Loving Memory)