By Billy Burrew
JC and Lance were just emerging from their rooms to meet up with the rest of the guys of NSYNC for breakfast when the door to Justin's room swung open and a long brown-haired girl emerged, her arms and legs wrapped around the young singer's body and her hands tightly gripping his curly blond hair as she kissed him deeply.

JC looked at Lance and rolled his eyes at the public display. Lance shook his head and pretended to stick his finger down his throat and gag. JC smiled and surpressed a giggle at his Lance's antics and the two walked down the hall past the preoccupied couple. As they passed, Lance cleared his throat and quietly murmured, "Get a room!" JC elbowed Lance in the ribs and the two began to walk faster as they heard Justin pull out of the embrace.

"Baby....I gotta go!" Justin grinned, "The fellas and I have to eat! You wore me out!"

JC snorted and Lance coughed again, both obviously having had enough of the scene. Justin and the unnamed girl walked quickly to catch up to the two young men and, as they reached the end of the hall, Justin kissed the young girl once more and said goodbye, pointing out the elevator for her to take to the lobby. The girl sighed and hugged Justin again, "You were great Justin....better than in my dreams."

Justin blushed, the tips of his ears going bright red as he thanked her. He and the guys stepped onto a different elevator and were taken up to the private room where a breakfast buffet had been set up for them. As the elevator doors shut, Justin turned to JC and Lance with a smug grin.

"Good Morning!"

Lance smiled a saccharine smile back at Justin. "Good Morning Justin. How are you doing this morning?"

JC snorted, "Well Lance....are you deaf...You heard the little lady...he's great!"

Justin clicked his tongue in his mouth. "My my, but we're bitter JC....and you too Lance. I am surprised. I never make mention of your umm....stress release methods."

Lance's mouth opened up in shock and then shook his head. "That's because no one could have that much stress. That's what....the 6th this week...and it's only, what....Thursday?"

JC smiled and looked at Lance, "7th. You forgot one."

Justin sighed dramatically, "Actually....9th....One of them was triplets...and I did all three."

Both boys mouth gaped open in shock.

"Jesus Justin!", JC said after a second, "Less women went down on the Titanic than have gone down on you lately."

Justin snickered. "That's one way of thinking of it."

Lance sighed, "I hope you're using a condom."

Justin nodded and smiled. "Yep...I get them sent to me by the gross."

The doors opened and Lance and JC pushed Justin out of the way as they groaned and hurried to get out of the elevator.

"What?!?" Justin said with a laugh, knowing he had gotten their goats.

Breakfast for JC and Lance was almost intolerable as Justin spent much of the time regaling Joey and Chris of his early adventures, when both made the egregious mistake of asking how his night was, and then acting interested.

JC finished up his food, what little of it he could stomach, and he and Lance rose almost as one and headed back to their rooms.

"Hey guys...what are you doin today?" Justin asked before they could reach the door. "I was gonna head down to the pool and check out the hunnies."

JC looked at Lance, whose eyes begged him to reply in the negative, "Umm...Lance and I were gonna go do some work...but we might come down later this morning....after we've had a chance to digest our breakfast. Don't wanna get any cramps in the water."

Justin nodded. "Great. I'll see you then."

As the door shut behind JC and Lance, Lance let out a loud sigh of frustration.

"I swear to God, more day of listening to him tell us about his sex life and I'll get my gun and change him from a rooster to a hen with one shot!"

JC giggled as he realized Lance had unconsciously quoted from the movie, "9 to 5".

"'s pretty freakin' annoying! I don't need to know THAT much about Justin's prowess in bed."

Lance snorted, "Yeah...If it's not all talk."

JC's eyebrows went up. "What do you mean? You think he's stretching the truth?"

"JC. If he talked any more shit...we'd all have to wear hip waders around'd be so deep."

JC laughed.

Lance smiled and made a funny noise as they walked back to the elevator.


Lance smiled, "I think it's time to see if he's telling us the truth or if he's just feeding us a line."

JC's smile began to widen as Lance told JC of his plan to stake out and keep watch on Justin's activities.

Ten minutes later, Lance and JC emerged at the pool area, in trunks and carrying towels that they laid out onto the benches by the pool. JC and Lance jumped in and swam a minute or two and then got out and layed down on their benches and waited for their quarry to make his appearance. As if on cue, Justin burst into the room with a small entourage of fans that he had stopped to talk with as well as his usual contingent of bodyguards. Seeing JC and Lance reclining across the way, he stopped and smiled.

"Hey Scoop...C....whassup? I thought you said you'd be down later?"

JC lifted his head up a little and made it look like an effort. "Oh hey Justin...Yeah...we got back to the room and decided that maybe coming here and relaxing would be a better plan. We were more stressed than we thought."

Justin grinned a shit-eating grin. "I have some lady friends that could help you out with that stress."

JC shook his head no and smiled as he looked down and saw Lance give Justin the finger from behind the open screen of his laptop.

"No thanks Justin....We're good." JC smiled, Trying not to laugh at Lance's reaction.

Justin grinned and dove into the water, doing a few laps before getting out and laying down on his towel, which was nestled between two voluptuous blondes. Justin made small talk, chatting with them for a long while before getting up and heading over to JC and Lance's side of the pool.

"Hey fellas. I am gonna go sit in the steamroom and relax. You up for it?"

Lance looked at JC for a split second before shaking his head no. "Naah...I think I am just gonna finish my email and go upstairs and shower. What about you JC?"

JC shrugged. "I think I just wanna shower too. This chlorine is murder on my skin."

Justin nodded gravely. "I know. I am gonna have to trowel on the moisturizer tonight. Well...have fun guys."

Lance watched Justin walk over and pick up his towel, chatting at the two girls he had layed between and then headed into the men's locker room.

Lance watched out of half lidded eyes as, just minutes later, two of the young men that were in the crowd that Justin had brought with him also walked into the locker room. Lance breathed out heavily and turned towards JC.

"Hmmm...I may need to take a few minutes in the steamroom, come to think of it....what about you, JC?"

"Oh pores are ever so dry. Steam is just the thing I think." JC nodded sagely and winking to Lance, making it obvious that he had also seen the two attractive young men disappear into the locker room and his curiosity was piqued.

Both men took their time and packed up their stuff, then headed towards the door of the locker room, padding silently inside and stowing their bags in two lockers. Lance motioned towards the windowless steamroom, which sat just to the left of the whirlpool and opposite of the sauna. The two boys crept towards the steamroom silently and stopped just short of the door, cocking their ears to listen to any noise that might come from inside.

JC and Lance's eyes both widened as they heard the moans of both Justin and the young men emanating from inside the enclosed steamroom.

"Oh yeah, dude! Ride it! Fuck! So tight! Aww....yeah!"

JC looked over at Lance and grinned an evil grin as he saw the corners of Lance's mouth open and a soft whispered, "oh my..." exit forth from the younger blonde.

"Oh...fuck! Dude...I'm gonna cummm......oh shit! Ughhhhh!!!" Justin's voice groaned from inside the steamroom.

JC motioned to Lance and the two grabbed their bags and snuck back out of the locker room.

"We got him....We got him...we got him. Hehehehehe!" Lance snickered as the doors to the elevator closed and they headed back to their rooms.

JC grinned over at Lance who was rubbing his hands together gleefully as he laughed...almost like some Disney villain of old.

" that we know...what do we do?" Lance replied.

"I have an idea about that...let me get online and chat with a friend of mine about something..."

Lance followed JC out of the elevator and into his room, locking the door behind him. As he turned around, JC slid out of his swimtrunks and dried off with his towel.

"So what do you have planned, JC?"

JC smiled maliciously. "I think it's time to see if Justin is as good as he says he is....and let him know that we know his little secret. But first...."

JC walked over to Lance and pulled on the tie that held his trunks up, undoing the knot, then pulling them down past his knees.

"Listening to him made me horny as hell..."

Lance stood stock still as JC leaned over and pressed his lips against Lance's chest, sucking in his nipple and swirling his tongue around it.

"JCcccccccccccccccccccccccccccc!" Lance hissed at the feelings of pleasure eminating from his chest from JC's ministrations.

"C'mon Lance...tell me you don't want this!" JC smiled and took Lance's hand and moved it under his scrotum, letting it cup him gently.

Lance moaned softly and JC moved him back onto the bed, laying him down and straddling his waist as he continued to work on Lance's nipples.

Lance pulled JC off his sensitive nipple and up to his face, pressing their lips together in a passionate kiss as they ground their dicks against each other.

"So you want it...or do you want me to stop?"

Lance moaned. "Fuck me...or I'll go get Justin to do it!"

JC's eyes widened as Lance pulled his legs up to his shoulders, baring his rosebud for JC to plunder.

JC wasted no time, slicking up Lance's hole and his dick with spit and then ramming the whole of it into Lance's tight ass. Lance gasped at the intrusion, then sighed as he felt JC's pelvis come to rest against his ass.

"Oh....C....fuck me...Fuck me hard!"

JC was more than happy to comply, pulling the whole way out and then slamming home again, repeating the action with such speed and intensity that his balls began to slap noisily against the bottom of Lance's ass.

Lance moaned and dug his hands into the sheets as JC rutted wildly against him. JC began to moan, softly at first, and then louder as he came closer to his release. Lance pulled him into a deep kiss and the two moaned into each others mouths as their dicks fired off their loads together, Lance's coating both their chests and abs with his spunk as JC shot his hot juice deep into Lance's ass. JC continued to pump into Lance's ass after he came, causing both to whimper as they rode the end of their orgasmic high and became supersensitive to stimulation. JC collapsed onto Lance who wrapped his arms around him and moaned.

"C...That was so good!"

JC smiled "Give me a few minutes and I'll show you round 2."

Lance nodded and, after a few minutes, the two began their lovemaking again.

An hour later, after a quick shower, Lance lay on his stomach, watching JC as he chatted with his online friend, getting them the necessary information for their plan for Justin. JC signed off and called the company that his friend had suggested and placed the order, asking for a next day delivery...and that price was no hindrance. He smiled and gave them the address of the hotel, his credit card information, and then wrote down his confirmation and hung up.

"'ll be here tomorrow."

Lance smiled. "Good.Maybe after this he'll learn his lesson."

JC smiled and then rolled over on top of Lance, leaning down and whispering after his tongue traced the edge of his ear. "Round 3?"

Lance smiled and nodded as JC reached underneath him and pulled his boxers off, then spread his legs wide.

Justin emerged from the steamroom satisfied but exhausted from fucking the pair of hot men inside. He smiled as he took a sip of water and thought about his bandmates JC and Lance. they were probably up in their room, working hard as he spent his off time having some fun. He picked up his stuff and headed to his room, smiling as he imagined their faces the next day when they heard of his adventures with the two boys...well...he'd change the story a bit so that they'd be the two women he was laying between earlier. Justin had long known of his attraction to males....and changing the gender of his sexual exploits when he told his friends was a simple enough matter when it came right down to it. No one would suspect that he enjoyed sex with men...and that's the way he liked it.

JC and Lance awoke very early the next morning together, showering and dressing together after yet another bout of lovemaking. As Lance stepped out into the hall to get back to his own room to get some fresh clothes, he saw Justin's door open and an attractive young guy walk halfway out, turn and kiss Justin quickly on the lips, and then head down to the elevators. As the doors to the young man's elevator closed, the elevator beside it dinged and opened, and a long leggy brunette stepped out and made her way down the hallway to Justin's room, knocking on the door and waiting to be let in. Justin opened the door and smiled and then ushered the girl in and closed the door behind her. Lance quietly opened the door and crept across the hall to Justin's door, pressing his ear up against it and listening for conversation. As soon as his ear adjusted to the thin wood and metal door, the conversation began to come through loud and clear.

"...plan. All you have to do is kiss me when I open the door to go to breakfast in a half hour...and make sure the guys see you hangin on me. That's all. Sure...I'll sign autographs for you and your sisters. No problem...Can you do what I asked tho?"

Lance shook his head and walked back to JC's room. JC looked up at Lance, who was still dressed in his old clothes.


Lance explained what he had just heard through Justin's door and JC shook his head and laughed. "Oh my...he's making this way too easy!"

Lance nodded and then went back to his room and changed.

An hour later, JC called Lance and told him he was ready to go to breakfast. Both guys opened the door to their rooms and walked out. As they did so, Justin's door opened as it had the previous day and the girl, with both legs wrapped tightly around Justin's waist emerged.

Justin peeled the girl off him like a second skin and gave her a chaste peck on the lips, then walked quickly after his bandmates, who were almost at the elevator.

Justin smiled as the elevator doors closed behind him.

"We've seen the show Justin...really!" Lance said as he rolled his eyes at the younger blond.

Justin harrumphed noisily. "Spoilsports!"

As before, breakfast was filled with all manner of Justin's exploits of the previous day, as he told Joey, Chris, and whoever else would listen about his exploits in the steamroom with the two GIRLS he smuggled in, as well as that of this mornings tryst with a fan.

JC looked at Lance, and both broke out in knowing grins that they had to work to hide by eating constantly through the rest of breakfast. As they finished, the telephone rang and the hotel lobby informed JC that his package had just arrived. JC smiled at Lance and the two announced that they were gonna head down to the lobby and pick up the package. Justin's head perked up and he asked, "What'd ya get?"

JC smiled. "I'll show you tonite Curly. It'll be the most fun."

Justin smiled back, completely oblivious as to what was about to befall him. "Cool!"

Returning from the lobby, Lance held the door open for JC as he carried the heavy box inside their room. As soon as the door was locked, JC and Lance tore open the box and examined the contents.

"This won't hurt him, will it?"

JC shook his head. "'ll just keep him contained until we decide that he's learned his lesson."

Lance grinned. "This really is gonna be the MOST fun!"

JC nodded and then closed the top of the box and laid it beside the bed.

Justin was just heading back up to his room from a trip to the mall where, amongst other things like shopping, he had managed to pick up some entertainment for the evening in the shape of a 20 year old college wrestler that happened to be a huge fan of NSYNC. Justin smiled his best smile at him as they talked and the young man blushed and almost melted into a puddle on the floor. Justin knew he had him if he wanted him. Justin gave him his hotel room number and told him to come up later that night and they could talk some more. Justin's jeans began to grow tight as he thought about how much fun the night was going to be, fucking this studly wrestler boy. Justin was just passing the hotel bar, when he spied JC and Lance sitting in a booth talking to a devastatingly handsome man. Justin's curiosity was piqued and he decided to have the bellboy take his stuff to his room so that he could see who it was his friends were talking to.

JC nudged Lance in the ribs as he spied Justin approaching the table, charm, arousal and seduction showing clearly in his eyes. Justin stopped as he reached the table and he smiled at his bandmates.

"Hi C...Hi Scoop...Whassup? Who's your friend?"

JC smiled. "This is Johnny. He's a fan fiction author that I have been chatting with online.I read some of his stuff about us ages ago and have been emailing him ever since. I thought that since we're staying in his hometown here, I should have him for dinner."

Justin grinned broadly as his stare bored holes in the young man sitting opposite his friends. " that's a great idea, C...havin' him for dinner."

Lance quickly grabbed his water glass and took some gulps of water to mask his laughter. JC fake coughed into his napkin.

"Why don't you sit down Justin?" JC smiled. "We were just telling him about you. He's been keen on meeting you."

"Oh really?" Justin said, obviously enjoying getting his ego stroked.

The young man nodded and scooted over in the booth, allowing Justin room to sit beside him. Justin sat down and the four began to converse over dinner. As dinner progressed, Justin chatted more and more with the new guy, and he was receiving all the right eye signals back from him. As dessert arrived, Justin grinned as he felt the young man's hand on his thigh, slowly making its way up to his rapidly hardening nether regions.

JC and Lance smiled at each other and, at the appointed time, JC's cellphone rang.

"Hello? WHAT! OK...Hang on...lemme go get it from my room and I'll fax it to you."

JC looked at Lance and Justin and shrugged. "It's Johnny Wright...he wants something signed or's in my bag.'re supposed to be the other one that hadn't signed it yet. C'mon...and then I'll get the hotel to fax it to him so that he can keep his pants on. Sheesh!"

Justin smiled and shook his head as the two got up and left. He looked at the young man beside him and grinned. "They're too dedicated."

Johnny nodded and then unzipped Justin's zipper and pulled out his hard cock.

"Jesus! Not in here!" Justin moaned quietly as the young man began to stroke Justin.

"Eat your dessert, Justin." Johnny said as he dropped his fork and bent under the table to retrieve it, immediately latching his mouth onto Justin's cock and sucking for all he was worth.

Justin shakily picked up his spoon and began to eat his dessert, surpressing moans of lust as he opened his mouth to insert the sweet confection. Minutes later, Justin gripped the table and hissed as he shot his load into Johnny's waiting mouth under the table.

Johnny cleaned Justin's dick off and zipped him back up, then grabbed the fork and re-emerged on the other side of the table, using the napkin to blot the sides of his mouth.

"Yum...what a tasty dessert you make Justin."

Justin sighed, and smiled at the young man, excited that they hadn't been caught. The waiter brought over their bill and Justin put it as well as large tip on his room tab. Justin got up with Johnny and led him to the elevator and up to rooms upstairs.

As Justin and Johnny got off the elevator, Justin lead the way down the hall to his room, opening the door and motioning him inside. Justin was surprised when Johnny turned around and took conrol, pushing Justin down on the bed and stripping him of his clothes. Johnny used Justin's shoelaces to tie his arms to the headboard and straddled his waist. As Johnny finished, he leaned down and kissed the naked pop star beneath him and then got up off the bed. Justin looked up inquisitively as Johnny smiled and walked over to the door and opened it to the waiting faces of JC and Lance.

JC and Lance smiled, seeing Justin tied up to his headboard and struggling helplessly.

"C...Scoop? What the fuck?"

Lance smiled and sat down on the bed beside Justin.

"The jig is up, Curly boy."

Justin's eyes widened as JC sat down on the bed on his other side.

"We got you dead to rights. Now...Lance and I made a little wager. We're wagering that you're not as good as you say you are...and we're betting that a good many of your exploits are as fictional as our friend Johnny's fan fiction stories."

Justin pulled at his arms. "C'mon guys...let me out. This isn't funny."

Lance smiled and ran his fingers along the inside of Justin's ribs, causing the young man to squirm and giggle.

"'re's not a laughing matter at all. You see...we bet that you could get off 6 times in one hour...roughly once every ten minutes...since that was your boast about 2 weeks ago, if memory serves."

Justin's eyes opened wide. "What if I can't?"

JC smiled and the smile made his eyes light up maniacally.

" are just asking all the right questions today. Let me show you what happens if you fail to prove your boast."

JC opened the door and he and Johnny pulled inside the box that had been delivered that morning and opened the lid, pulling out a metal contraption that looked something like underwear.

"What the fuck is that?!?" Justin said nervously.

"Well.." Lance smiled, "Ever hear of a chastity belt?"

Justin's eyes widened, going white with fear. "Aren't those just for women?"

JC shook his head. "Nope....there's quite a few enterprising companies out there that make them for men too."

"Let me explain to you how it works, Justin." JC continued, "The back is open so that you can go to the bathroom without having to be unlocked from it. Your dick is encased in this spiked metal sleeve that points down to your balls. If you get a woodie, your dick will basically become a pincushion for these nasty little spikes."

Lance smiled as he saw Justin's eyes, which were already wide and white with fear, get even bigger.

"GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW!" Justin screamed as Lance pulled out a gag and stuffed it into his mouth, securing it in the back with a rubber strap.

"MMMMMMmmMMMMMLLLSMWLLGGGG" Justin screamed through his gag.

JC smiled down at Justin as his face turned beet red and he struggled against his bonds. "It's only if you can't get it up and off 6 times in an hour."

Justin whimpered and ceased struggling. As he did so, Lance pulled out a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed Justin to the bed, then untied his wrists, which were beginning to chafe from his shoelaces.

Lance pulled out Justin's gag and leaned close to him, their lips almost touching. "Ready to perform?"

Justin sighed and Lance pulled off him and began to pull off his clothes, JC following suit and stripping as well.

"What are you two doing?" Justin asked quietly.

"We're getting ready to see if you can get off as many times as you say you can."

Justin watched in shock as Lance put his arms around JC and kissed him deeply, as he had never suspected either of the two of being gay or together.

"Ready C?" Lance asked after the kiss.

JC smiled and licked Lance's lips with his tongue. "Always ready. But I bet he can't do it."

Lance smiled, "I think, if properly motivated, he can do it. He's at the height of his sexual activity right now. If you win, Justin has to wear that contraption until you think he's learned his lesson."

JC smiled, "And if I lose?"

Lance smiled even wider, "Justin and I both fuck you while you wear that contraption yourself."

JC's eyes widened. "WHAT?"

Lance smiled and winked at JC out of the eye that Justin couldn't see. "I can undo his cuffs if you don't wanna deal C."

JC snorted. "Fine! Let's do it. Start the clock!"

Justin moaned as Lance and Johnny decended on him, hands, lips, and mouths touching all his erogenous zones and driving him into a sexual frenzy. Minutes later, Justin's cock pumped out a load, splashing Johnny's lips and face with his hot jizz. Justin lay gasping and moaning, "Keep stroking me!"

Lance smiled and rubbed his hand in the puddle of Justin's own cum and used it as lube to keep stroking his hard dick. Justin thrust upwards and screamed as his hypersensitive dick was stroked back to life. Lance continued to stroke him as he used his lips and teeth on Justin's nipples, teasing each one and causing Justin to moan and squirm. Justin gasped as Lance bit down hard on his left nipple and his hips bucked forward and shot out a second load. Lance's hand strokes became lightning swift as Justin screamed in pain/pleasure from the overstimulation of his cock.

Johnny lifted Justin's legs onto his shoulders and used the drippings of Justin's cum to lube his dick as well as Justin's hole. Justin's breath became ragged as he felt Johnny stick one, then two, then three fingers into his ass, loosening him up for the penetration. Johnny slammed his dick into Justin and began to pump in and out savagely, fucking Justin's ass with an almost animal intensity. Justin yelled as his sensitive prostate was bludgeoned by Johnny's dick and ten minutes later, Justin screamed as a 3rd load shot out from his dick.

Despite Lance's hand movements, Justin's dick softened up and became flaccid.

Lance got up and grabbed a glass of water for himself and one for Justin, letting him recover a bit as JC smiled from the sofa and looked up at the clock, commenting that they had less than 30 minutes left for three more orgasms.

Justin sighed as Lance began to kiss him deeply, then he moved his head to the side and whispered, "I want you to fuck me Justin....fuck my ass!"

Justin moaned and looked down between his legs as his dick immediately rose to the occasion. Lance wasted no time, sinking his ass down onto Justin's prod, moaning as it filled him up.

Justin began to buck wildly, his hips slamming his dick into Lance's ass as gravity drove Lance back down onto his dick, again and again. Justin moaned as JC got up and walked over to the bed.

"You have to pull out and cum. I have to be able to see it."

Lance nodded and rode his dick a few extra strokes before pulling off and jerking off into Justin's face, his cum hitting Justin on the cheeks, mouth and chin. As Justin felt Lance's hot spooge hit his face, he came as well, smearing Lance's ass with two spurts of his lovejuice.

"Two more to go...and only 5 more minutes." JC said with a smile and then sat back down onto the sofa.

Lance reached under the bed and pulled out a buttplug wth a cord and inserted it quickly into Justin's ass. He then took Justin's half hard dick into his mouth and began to suck. Justin moaned at the blowjob and struggled against his bonds to get more of his dick into Lance's hot mouth. Lance clicked a button on the cord of the buttplug and Justin shrieked as a jolt of electricity from the buttplug pulsed into his ass, snapping his hole closed around the plug like a tight rubberband and causing his prostate to spasm. Justin moaned as he looked down and saw his dick belching forth his 5th load.

"One more to go Justin....and less than one minute." Lance said as he shook Justin's shoulders to keep him conscious.

"No! No more...please...I'm sorry I lied...sorry I bragged about my sex was all a lie...please stop...I can't do this anymore!"

JC smiled as the clock clicked and the sixty minute period passed. He looked down at Justin, who sighed deeply and surrendered to an exhausted unconsciousness.

JC looked at Lance, "I get to wear it while both of you fuck me?!? What the fuck was that? I don't remember that part of the plan!"

Lance stood up after he took off Justin's cuffs and smirked, "I wanted it to look realistic."

"He was one pop-shot away from winning, Lance!" JC sputtered. "That was cutting it a bit close!"

"No danger, no fun!" Lance smiled.

JC smiled as Lance handed him the cuffs and then the three of them dressed Justin in his chastity belt and locked it, then headed back to their own room, bidding Johnny a good night as he headed towards the elevators.

JC kissed Lance as they stepped inside the room, then caught his left hand in the handcuff and locked it to the right one.

"Let's see how much danger you can handle Lance." JC purred as he pulled Lance's boxers back off and spread his legs wide, inserting the electric plug and pushing him onto the bed. Lance moaned as JC rubbed his cock back to attention.

"C....c'mon...take this plug out of me...I want you in me." Lance moaned.

"Not yet Scoop." JC smiled darkly as he pushed the button on the cord that sent Lance into orgasmic spasms for the first of many times that night.

Justin woke up the next morning dying to piss and thinking that the previous night's activities had all been a dream. He stretched and moved his hands down to his hips until they clanked into something metallic. Justin's eyes immediately snapped open at the sound and touch of the metal. Justin looked down at the locked chastity belt as he felt his dick begin to swell from his need to piss, bringing his dick into contact with the spikes and he began to scream. "LANCE....JC!!"

JC laid in bed, listening to the screaming, until after some time, quiet reigned once again. An exhausted Lance awoke briefly, stirring against JC's chest and mumbling.

"Huh...whasssat? Who's calling me?"

JC chuckled down at Lance as he echoed the sentiments of the girl from the previous morning. "It's only Justin, baby. Go back to sleep. He's fact, he's great!"


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