Crossed Paths

Chapter 12

Tears and Shouts!


If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please don't read on. If  you couldn't accept themes in the likes of homosexuality, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having intimate relationships and is considered FOR ADULTS ONLY due to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if you really like this stuff, please don't tell others. 

Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or it's not true!!! Even if this story involved the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, all that happens here is fictional... again, it's not true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC personally. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...


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It was the mood inside the limo bringing the Backstreet Boys to the airport. Inside the limo, seven young men maintained their silence as if someone died and among these boys were two NSYNCers and two Backstreet Boys who looked so glum as ever. It was one of those times that they have to let go of their love ones because of the call of their job. After lots of bitching with their management, they were finally beaten and they there were... quiet inside a limo waiting for the airport to come in view.

No one wants to break the silence inside the vehicle. They all knew that they would miss the terrific time that they had. No fans. No concerts. No NSYNC. No Backstreet Boys. Just themselves having down time with their friends. It was like they were mourning for the moment. A few more minutes in silence except the humming of the engine, the airport came into view. "There it is." Brian said sadly finally breaking the heavy mood inside the limo.

Justin looked at Brian lovingly and took his hand. Justin gave it a gentle squeeze reassuring him that everything would be all right. But is it? "Don't worry Bri. We'll meet again soon and I could visit you anytime you know. It's just album work for us anyway." Justin tried to lift Brian's hope over their temporary separation.

"Curly is right. We'll visit you so we can see how the famous Backstreet Boys perform their concerts." Joey said with a grin. "And probably get some ideas there." If you need to lighten up the mood, Joey's the man. Everyone started to laugh.

The limo came into a halt. It was time for them to go. "I'm gonna miss you Brian." Justin whispered to Brian as he dove to Brian's mouth for a kiss that he knew that he would miss.

"Sure. From the noise last night, I'm sure you'll miss each other a lot." AJ retorted making the couple snap to his direction and blushed like a red tomato. The others just burst into fits of laughter.

"Stop teasing the kids AJ." Kevin defended the lovely couple from the jeering of AJ. "You were also noisy last night!" Kevin said to AJ that made AJ's eyes bugged out. He just looked away from the others with a blush forming in his face.

Joey just gave AJ an embrace and whispered to his ear, "He's just jealous because he isn't getting any." AJ bellowed in laughter when his eyes met Kevin's forgetting his embarrassing moment but it did cause other's eyes to go unto him.

"Quit the jokes. We have a plane to catch. Tell the others to come visit us in the road 'kay?" Kevin said as he opened the door of the limo and got out. Howie and Nick followed Kevin's lead but the other two were glued to the sit not wanting to leave their beloved behind. The pain was obvious in their eyes knowing that their separation was inevitable.

"I guess this is it." Justin said with a weak smile. Justin was trying hard not to shed any tears because he knew that it would pain Brian more seeing Justin in that fragile state after everything that has happened. Brian stared into Justin's eyes seeing the pain of their separation.

"I wish we won't have to do this but I have to." Brian said dejectedly. Brian gave Justin one kiss and left him inside the limo with the teary eyed Joey. Unlike Justin, Joey failed miserably to control his emotions, his relationship with AJ was just starting and they have to be separated for a few months.

Justin's eyes were so swollen with the crying he was doing for the past few hours. Brian's departure just hit him so hard because of his near death experience and the thought of almost loosing Brian. No one could comfort Justin and now that Joey was bawling his eyes as well. The NSYNC camp was really in distress.

"Any plans on how to stop the crying kids?" Chris asked the other two who were so tired of listening to Justin and Joey's rambling about Brian and AJ respectively.

"Clubbing?" Lance suggested with a weak smile. It was a good plan but the question is will it work?

"Do you think they'll agree to go out?" JC reasoned out. Well, he was correct. "How about we ask AJ and Brian to talk to the two?" JC voiced out his suggestion, which would probably work. Chris and Lance looked at each other and immediately dialed the number of Brian's cellular phone.

"Brian's phone." Someone answered the phone and it's not Brian.

"Kevin? Can we please talk with Brian?" Lance said on the phone.

"Like you could talk to him. He and AJ locked themselves in their hotel rooms crying their eyes out. We've been listening to their 'I so miss Juju' and 'I want my Joey' for two hours already." Kevin said while rubbing his temples from the headache he was having from the noise and tension.

"I guess we have the same problem." Lance sighed.

JC took the phone and talked with Kevin. "Um Kevin, can you give me the numbers of Brian and AJ's hotel rooms? I think my plan will work." JC said on the phone and when Kevin gave the numbers, he took note of them. JC ended the phone and went to Justin's room leaving the Lance and Chris in a haze of confusion.

JC knocked at the door but no one answered except the cries from Justin. JC opened the door and what he saw totally broke his heart. Justin was all curled up on his bed still crying out. He was trembling and kept repeating the name of Brian. "Justin?" JC's voice reverberated in the room. Justin didn't answer.

JC walked towards the bed and lay beside Justin. JC so wanted to kiss Justin's worries away and blamed Brian for leaving Justin in such a fragile state. JC was just contented with the embrace that Justin was giving. "I miss him so much." Justin stuttered.

"You know, you can still call him." JC suggested.

"I can't let him hear me like this. I don't want him to worry about me." Justin rebutted JC's idea.

"Well, what if Brian is also feeling the same thing there? You don't want to call each other because you don't want to worry each other. And you're not solving anything and just making things worse." JC explained.

"Do you think he wants to hear me? Even like this?" Justin asked weakly.

"I know that he wants to hear you." JC said with a smile and he handed him Brian's number. JC wiped away the tears that streaked Justin's beautiful face... the face he dreamed every night.

Justin smiled and gave JC a hug and kiss on the cheek. "You're really a good friend." Justin said that made JC feel guilty. JC stood up and walked out of Justin's room to go to Joey and end the crying spree once and for all.

The room in Brian's room was dark. Similar to what Brian was feeling at that time. The cries echoed in the dark room sounding so sad with his temporary separation with Justin. "I so miss you Justin." Brian cried out again. It seemed that their eyes never ran out of tears to shed but it did pain their eyes as time progressed.

No one dared to ask how they were because the last person who did that almost had a vase thrown at his face. That was Kevin. Brian just wanted to be alone and pity his self with his sad fate in terms of love. 

The ring of the phone added on the cries of Brian in the room. Brian thought if he should answer the phone or not. Brian doesn't want to talk to anyone except Justin but he feared that Justin will just think of him as a wimp and he doesn't want Justin to worry about him. After a few hesitations, Brian answered the phone.

"Brian?" Justin's hoarse voice said on the phone.

"Justin what happened to you?" Brian's worry overcame his sadness at the moment. Justin on the other hand was also worried because of the hoarse voice that Brian has. Brian realized that he prolly was crying as well. "Also?" Brian asked.

"Yeah. I miss you so much." Justin said on the phone. Brian's heart just melted with Justin's concern and love.

"I miss you too Justin. It just hit me so hard this time after everything that happened after the Grammy's." Brian explained the reason of his sudden breaking down.

"Same thing with me here. I don't even know how I'll continue with the album. I'm just not in the mood to write or sing." Justin told Brian his frustration. 

"Oh baby." Brian cooed. "Just always remember that I love you especially when you look at the ring I gave." Brian said. "I've been kissing the ring you gave me for the past two hours. I know it's not you but I could always picture the time you gave me that ring in the beach house. It was just so perfect." Brian thought back of their little escapade in the beach house that Kevin and Lance set for them.

"You are perfect." Justin said. The moods that were burdening them were finally lightening up. It's just a matter of hearing each other's voice and declaration of love for each other.

"Finally!" Nick shouted as the two fell into silence. "Peace and quiet at last." Nick made a victory dance.

"Nick stop horsing around." Kevin said in his fatherly tone. Nick did stop but it didn't stop him to pout.

"If I know you, you want to celebrate as well because of the silence." Nick said to Kevin who just shrugged. "But you're just too OLD." Nick jeered at the oldest member of the Backstreet Boys.

"Oh please! I can still take you anytime." Kevin shot back. Nick's face changed to a mischievous one as he dove at Kevin sitting on the bed. Kevin did fight back and thus started a wrestling match.

"Kids." Howie said with a shrug as he returned reading a magazine by the corner.

It went on for a few more minutes and the next thing that happened was Brian and AJ entering the room with grins pasted on their faces. "What happened to you? You're so happy." Nick tried to play shock with the two as he tried to untangle himself from Kevin and the bed sheets.

"Very funny." AJ said to Nick in a very sarcastic manner.

"Anyway, AJ and I are in the mood to PARTY!" Brian shouted as he danced stupidly in front of the other Backstreet Boys.

"Cool!" Nick shouted. "What should I wear?" Nick muttered as he walked out of the room to go to his and prepare. Howie followed Nick's lead silently.

"Look who decided to join the world of the living!" Chris said dripping with sarcasm as Joey and Justin walked down the stairs from their quarters. Lance smacked Chris and gave him the evil eye. "What?" Chris acted innocent. JC just remained silent and out of it like he's there physically but he isn't really there. Justin noticed this.

Justin sat beside JC to talk to him. "You wanna talk about it?" Justin whispered to JC. It was the only way Justin thought that he could repay JC for his good words that made him call Brian and end his misery. On the other hand, it was hell for JC. He didn't know what to do... should he tell Justin or remain silent about it. It was an easy answer if he wanted to save his relationship with Justin but there's one thing... guilt. Guilt that he almost killed Justin indirectly. And that's something that was burdening JC.

"Excuse us guys." Justin just dragged JC out of the living room and on they went to Justin's room again. The four just looked surprised with the sudden exit of the two.

"I hope that they won't talk about that." Joey muttered to himself, which gained Lance's attention. Joey just shrugged it but deep inside, he was worried that it would lead to the early demise of NSYNC.

"First it was Justin and Joey, now it's JC and Justin. Who's next?" Chris said out loud. Chris frowned after he gained a big 'shut up' from Lance and Joey who walked out of the living room to be away from Chris' incessant childishness. "So it's Lance and Joey." Chris said.

"Now this is how to party!" Brian shouted who was drunk already. He was grinding with almost all the people surrounding him who also seemed to be eager to dance with Brian. He is Brian Littrell of Backstreet Boys.

The others were all scattered around the club but it was just Brian who seemed to be so loose in the club. It was probably a way to forget his worries even if he already talked with Justin and settled their depression together. 

Amidst the noisy crowd, and the blaring music picked by the DJ, a pair of green eyes kept watching Brian's moves. It seemed that his interest only lay on Brian. Good or bad... it's to be determined.

Brian walked on one of the booths and ordered rum and coke... again. Brian was in the middle of his drink when someone sat beside him. "Is this seat taken?" He asked.

"This? Nah!" Brian said with a stupid grin on his face, a sign of him being very, very drunk. "Here, take a seat." Brian pulled the chair and patted it for the guy to sit.

"Thanks! It's a full night and it seemed that it's hard looking for a seat this night." The guy explained with a smile as he accepted the offer and sat at the chair offered by Brian. The guy called a waiter and ordered a rum and coke for himself. "Anything you want? It's on me for being so good to me!" The guy asked Brian.

"Sure! How about a rum and coke?" Brian slurred. The waiter nodded and walked away from the two. "Tell me something 'bout you?" Brian said staring at the brown eyes of his newly found friend.

"My name is Andrew Welsh but just call me Drew." Drew said with a smile.

Inside Justin's room, the tension was thick. JC was silent and was feeling fear because he could lose his best friend and love interest with just one confession and he didn't want that but the guilt was already eating him slowly. Justin was worried with JC's depression and afraid because he couldn't do anything about it. "You wanna talk about it?" Justin asked.

"Do you really want to hear it?" JC asked nervously. Justin just nodded and held JC's hand as a sign of support in anything that he would say. "Please promise that after you hear anything that you won't get mad at me and always be my best friend." JC asked almost in the point of bursting into tears. Justin could see the desperation in JC's eyes.

"Josh, you know I'm your best friend and I won't get mad at you except that if you planned to kill me." Justin joked that made JC pale as white. Justin noticed the change in JC and his smile diminished and was replaced with a frown. "I'm not promising that I won't get mad but I'll try to understand it." Justin just said with a weak smile but his heart was pounding... his best friend tried to hurt him?

"Just, I can't bear the guilt in my heart anymore. I couldn't take the feeling that I could have..." JC's voice cracked and tears flowed out of his eyes. "To be true to you, I was Leighanne's partner in breaking you up with Brian." JC's didn't even look at Justin's eyes, which was surely filled with confusion and anger. Justin withdrew his hand. "I never imagined that Leighanne would resort into something that would hurt anyone especially you so I ended our deal." JC finished.

"What was the deal?" Justin said with a hint of anger and disgust. It was something that JC didn't want to hear again in his life. It was filled with hate and so cold. It was not his sweet Justin that he love and adore but someone else.

"You two would break up and Brian would return to Leighanne." JC paused to say the next words that would surely raise question and reveal everything. "And you would return to..." JC's voice cracked again but he didn't finish this time.

Justin just remained silent trying to process all the information he was getting but all his thought was being clouded by one emotion... anger. "You WERE my best friend!" Justin shouted at JC who just flinched with the tone of anger and disgust especially hearing 'were' best friend.

"Um, Brian can you excuse me first coz I have to take a leak." Drew asked Brian. Brian did remember who Drew was but all he remembered were the good times they shared... the moments when they were STILL best friends in Lexington. Due to the alcohol, all the pain of Drew's coming out was just hidden in his mind.

"Sure! Just be back coz I wanna catch up with things pal!" Brian slurred. He was really drunk. Drew walked away from their booth but he didn't go the comfort room but to a secluded area of the club where he took his cell and dialed a number. After a few rings someone answered. "Leighanne, I got him." Drew said with a mischievous grin pasted on his face.

"Good. Everything is right on the plan. Do what we have talked about." Leighanne said and he hung up the phone. A venomous smile appeared on her face that was so hateful. "I'm gonna break you up Brian and Justin and I'm gonna take what's really mine." Leighanne said to no one... just to herself.

Leighanne walked towards the counter and took a piece of paper from her purse. She took the phone and dialed the number written in the piece of paper. After a couple of rings, a man answered the phone. "This is Leighanne Wallace Littrell and can I please get the number of Justin Timberlake with the request of my husband." Leighanne chimed on the phone. After a few minutes, Leighanne was writing a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper... the number of Justin's.

"I'm back!" Drew exclaimed behind Brian that made Brian jump from his chair. When Brian looked at Drew, he just gave a dumbfounded grin and returned drinking his rum and coke. Drew slipped in to his chair and looked at Brian in a provocative manner. "So, do you have anyone in your life now?" Drew asked.

Brian was silent for a while and thought for the appropriate answer. "Nah! After that bitch cheated on me, I'm gonna be single forever!" Brian said with a laugh. That remark made Drew make a venomous smile that Brian didn't catch due to his state.

"You know, this club is becoming to tight for us." Drew suggested looking around the large number of people surrounding them.

"You're right! How about you and I just go to my hotel?" Brian said and then he finished the drink in front of him. Drew just nodded and Brian signaled a waiter for the bill and he paid it. The two stood up and struggled to get out of the people filled club.

In another part of the club, a pair of watchful eyes looked at Drew and Brian. Questions rushed in his mind because he knew Brian like a book and Brian doesn't mingle with strangers especially one who looked like he has something up his sleeves. "Do you know who Brian is talking to?" He questioned the person beside him. The person looked at the pair and the face did trigger some memory.

"Yeah Nick. If my memory is correct, that's Andrew Welsh, Brian's best friend back in Lexington during high school." He informed his friend.

"I see." Nick affirmed the new information learned. "I just hope that he's good news and my intuition is wrong." Nick said that left the person confused.

"Nick, that's his best friend and I knew him before." Kevin defended Drew from Nick's inquisitive mind.

"Kev, people change." Nick said that Kevin failed to answer. "Just look at how he act around Brian. It's like there's something going on there that's not good." Nick said with a shrug. Kevin did what Nick said, he observed the two exchange their words and how they act... something was extremely wrong with the picture. It was like Drew was trying to seduce Brian but why. 

"Oh my God!" Kevin said as another memory came back to him. Nick looked at him quizzically. "Drew was the guy in school who was always beaten because... he's gay." Kevin said and looked at Drew with pity replaying the scenes from the past that was so horrid especially in Drew's eyes.

"What happened to him?" Nick asked.

"It all started when they were in the 6th grade and it went on till high school. Brian told me that he really wanted to ease the pain of Drew's but he couldn't do anything coz he's so scared then." Kevin explained. "Then one day, Drew just disappeared and Brian was so depressed at that time. He didn't go anywhere and just locked himself in his room. Even Harold can't pull him out of his shell." Kevin said with sadness remembering the same feeling he felt a few years back.

"What is he doing here with Brian... and seducing him?" Nick inquired.

"I have no idea." Kevin said not knowing the answer for that question.

"You conniving piece of shit!" Justin shouted at JC's face. Justin's face was red with anger and disgust. All the years of friendship they shared suddenly disappeared in Justin's mind and was all replaced with the thought of him dying because of Leighanne's lie, which JC was a part of.

"Please Justin. I'm so sorry for what I did." JC said as he knelt down in front of Justin pleading for Justin's forgiveness. It just seemed that JC couldn't survive with Justin by his side.

"Tell me one thing." Justin asked coldly.

"Anything!" JC said filled with exasperation.

"Why?" Justin asked the brunet. JC didn't say any word. JC just hung his head and thought if he should tell Justin the truth. JC thought if he should tell him that he doesn't want him hurt. JC thought if he should tell him that he would offer his life for him. JC thought if he should tell him that he loves him. "Why!" Justin interrupted the flow of thought that JC started. JC looked at Justin filled with love and pain.

"Coz I'm in love you." JC said softly but it was loud enough for Justin to hear. Justin looked at JC with horror. His best friend is in love with him. The love similar that what he has with Brian... a love of loving couples. Justin just looked away from JC and walked out of the room leaving JC crying his heart out.

Justin hurriedly walked down the flight of stairs. He didn't want to be with the same room with JC. He didn't want to be in the same house with JC. He needs to be away from him... from everyone to sort this out.

Chris who was enjoying the show in the television was surprised when Justin slammed the front door, which made Lance and Joey go to the living room as well to check what happened. "What just happened?" Lance asked Chris.

"Justin just walked out and it appeared that he's angry." Chris said with a shrug. "But one thing baffles me... why?" Chris asked.

"JC finally told Justin." Joey said out of nowhere. Lance and Chris looked at him quizzically. "You don't know?" Joey asked the two.

"Know what?" Lance asked. Chris just shrugged.

"God you people are so oblivious! This is gonna be a long story." Joey said as he slumped down on the sofa. Lance followed his lead and the three sat there on the sofa. "It all started in Stockholm..." Joey started the story.

Justin just kept walking and walking. He just needs to think and absorb all he heard straight from JC's mouth. JC was his best friend for years. He was his confidante in everything... he even knows Justin better than Lynn.

Justin tried to think everything in a rational manner. 'JC worked with Leighanne coz he wants Brian and me to break up. Brian goes to Leighanne and me to JC.' Justin summarized everything. All the unanswered questions that plagued Justin's mind were finally answered. From why JC was hostile towards Brian and how Leighanne knew how to strike but one questioned remained unanswered... what now?

There were many answers that were popping out of Justin's mind but choosing among them was difficult. Should he forgive JC or not? How will this change their friendship IF he ever forgives JC for what he did? Should he tell Brian about JC? From the question 'what now?' it multiplied with countless others that regards the future and not the past anymore.

If he forgives JC, surely everything will change. Justin would think that JC would steal him away from Brian. Justin would try to control himself if he's in front of JC and Brian. Justin still didn't want to see JC hurt so it would limit his affection with Brian. Justin was in a tight situation... a very tight one.

Justin's cell phone suddenly rang interrupting the possibilities that Justin was picturing in his mind in regards to their future. Justin pulled his phone from his pocket and looked at the number... it was not JC. Justin sighed with relief but it was a number unfamiliar to Justin. "Hello?" Justin answered the phone.

"Is this Mr. Justin Timberlake?" A woman's voice said from the other line.

"Yes this is Justin. May I ask who is this?" Justin said politely on the phone. The voice was familiar to Justin's ears but he couldn't pinpoint who it belonged to.

"This is Leighanne Littrell." Leighanne said emphasizing the family name of Brian. 

Brian and Drew were near the exit when a hand grabbed Brian. Brian looked at the person who grabbed him and it was just his band mates. "Where are you going?" Kevin said in his fatherly tone.

"Me and Drew, you know Drew from high school." Brian pointed at Drew who just smiled at them. Kevin nodded. "Well, the club is too stuffy so we decided to continue our little reminiscing in my hotel room." Brian said with a grin.

"Nice to meet you Drew." Nick said extending his hand to Drew. Nick tried hard to hide all his suspicion with Drew. The others also said their hi's with Drew.

"We gotta go now, okay? Have many things to talk about." Brian said with a giggle. Brian's band mates were uncomfortable with how Brian was acting but they just let it slide.

"Be careful." Kevin instructed him. The two walked out of the club and went into the limo to return to Brian's hotel room and continue their 'party' as how Brian put it.

"I don't feel good about this." Nick said to his friends.

"Me too. There's just something with that Drew guy that I can't point to." AJ said. "It's like he's planning something with Brian." AJ said with a shrug.

"My sentiments exactly." Nick said.

"C'mon, let's just hail a cab and return to the hotel as well." Kevin said that the other three agreed upon. 

"What do you want?" Justin said filled with hostility.

"Can't I talk to my husband's boyfriend?" Leighanne said in hurt tone.

"Sure, let's compare notes about him." Justin said dripping with sarcasm. "Why did you call exactly because it's just not the best time right now especially that my best friend just confessed to me that he was a part of this scam to break Brian and I apart." Justin said.

"Really?" Leighanne said.

"Oh please! Cut the innocent crap! All the people in the world know that you're a bitch." Justin said with disgust.

"Ouch! Harsh words." Leighanne said in a mock hurt tone. "I don't want to be blunt about this but you want it direct so here it goes... I called to warn you about Brian." Leighanne said. Justin just rolled his eyes and continued to listen. "Well, let's just say that I cheated on him as an act of revenge because he also had a lover while we were married." Leighanne said in a cracked voice putting on a dramatic mask. 

Justin gasped when he heard Leighanne's words. In the other line, Leighanne grinned hearing that she has caught Justin in her trap. "I've know Brian's homosexuality for years but I thought that I could change him because he did marry me but I was wrong. Brian would come home late and sometimes, guys would call our house looking for him." Leighanne cried out. She's an actress after all. "Knowing that you'll be with Brian, I thought that it would be only fair to warn you about Brian so you know what your going into." Leighanne finished that surely got into Justin.

"I trust Brian and I know that he loves me too much to do what you're saying." Justin said dismissing the idea of Brian cheating on him.

"I didn't call you to convince you but to warn you so my conscience will be clean when he dates other guys aside from you." Leighanne said.

"Like I said, I trust Brian and who in the right mind should believe someone right you. You've lied to all of us before so how can I believe you now?" Justin uttered the words like daggers but Leighanne remained unaffected with the facade she's keeping up to convince Justin.

"If that's how you play it, goodbye but I'll be saying a lot of 'I told you so' in the future to you." Leighanne ended the conversation with a grin pasted on her face. "Got him!" Leighanne said with a laugh.

"We're here!" Brian shouted as he entered the dark hotel room. He flicked the switch and the room lit up. Brian walked towards the bed and lay down.

"Nice room." Drew said as he inspected the room with his eyes. Drew was truly impressed with the extravagance and the beauty of the room that housed the Backstreet Boys temporarily.

"You want another drink?" Brian offered as he tried to stand up but the alcohol has consumed all of his being both physically and mentally.

"Nah, you seemed that you can't handle it anymore." Drew said with a chuckle as he slumped down on the bed beside Brian. Brian was still trying his best trying to lift his body from the bed but he just fell on top of Drew.

Drew's eyes met Brian's. Even if Brian's eyes seemed that they're out of it, the beauty of the blueness of Brian's eyes could still be admired. This beauty, the same beauty that attracted Justin to Brian, enthralled Drew. On the other hand, Brian too was mesmerized by the uniqueness of Drew's green eyes. Drew's eyes were like Kevin's... green but Drew's has a certain sparkle in it. It seemed that it's filled with life and jest, like Justin's blue eyes.

For the two, time seemed to stop as their faces inched closer. Still, swimming in their own gaze, their lips met and the passion started to heat up the two and the room as well. Brian was lost in the heated kiss that all of Justin just melted away in his mind but not in his heart. "Justin..." Brian moaned out. 

Drew heard Brian but he was just enjoying the passionate time with Brian too much that he didn't care if he didn't recognize him. The kiss seemed to last forever but fate has other plans. Brian's phone began to ring. "Let it ring..." Drew groaned.

"I can't, the others might get worried and interrupt our little game." Brian said with a grin. Brian pulled out the phone from his pocket and answered it. "Brian's phone." Brian said with a giggle.

"Brian, it's Justin." Justin said shyly. Justin's heart was pounding fast. He just couldn't let Leighanne's word be forgotten in his mind; his insecurities got over him.

"Hi Justy!" Brian slurred out. Drew was kissing Brian's neck that made Brian moan. Hearing that, Justin's eyes began to water... he's with someone.

"Are you drunk? Where are you?" Justin asked nervously.

"I'm here in my hotel." Brian said with a giggle. "Stop that!" Brian said as he slapped Drew's hand from his belt.

"Is someone with you?" Justin's heart was racing. It was either yes or no but if he did say no, he's lying.

"Oh yeah! I'm with a friend." Brian said as he let Drew pull his pants off of him.

"Oh, who is it?" Justin asked as a tear escaped his eye.

"Justin, what's with the questions? I'm with a friend and we're having fun! That's it!" Brian said with traces of irritation in his voice. "You're not my father and you're not yet my husband so get off my case." Brian shouted as he ended the conversation and threw the phone on the pile of his clothes. "C'mon! Let the games began!" Brian said as he dove on top of Drew forgetting everything about Justin in his drunken state.

"Is this possible?" Justin said staring at his phone. Justin was debating if who he heard was really Brian due to the difference he had with the Brian he knew. Brian didn't turn off the phone and heard every word, moan and scream that came out of Brian and his 'friend'. Even he wanted to stop the tears from flowing down, they just didn't. Justin was helpless... he just lost Brian.

Justin did what he thought would ease the pain, he ran. Justin tried to run away from the pain of hearing Brian doing 'something' with someone. Justin tried to run from Leighanne's taunting of Brian's so-called infidelity in their marriage. Justin tried to run away from JC's revelation earlier on. Justin just wanted to run away from his life as an NSYNCer and at the moment, he regretted living from his suicide attempt after the Grammy's.

"God! Why do I have to live this through?" Justin muttered as he tried to overexert himself. The tears continued to pour down from his eyes. Again, Brian broke his heart and there's no JC he wanted to go to... he's just alone with this burden now.

Justin's legs finally gave up from the tiring run that Justin made. Justin collapsed on the lawn still crying his heart out. "Justin!" Someone shouted from somewhere. Justin didn't bother looking at the source of the voice because he's just too preoccupied to deal with his own pain.

Three people surrounded the crying form of Justin trying to give comfort to the bawling kid. What's the matter?" A bass voice said that caught Justin's attention. Justin looked at the three persons surrounding him... Chris, Lance and Joey.

Justin just grabbed Lance and cried on his shoulder trying to exorcise the pain in his heart. "Tell us what's the matter so we can solve this." Joey said massaging Justin's shoulder to show his care.

"I... I called Br... Brian..." Justin cried again as he said the name of his boyfriend. "He's... cheating on me." Justin said the final words and his mind slipped into unconsciousness.

The four Backstreet Boys were in Kevin's room watching a movie in pay per view. They were enjoying the quiet time that they were having. There was no work and no problems but just relaxation. A ring of the phone disrupted this tranquility.

Kevin answered the phone. "Hello."

"Where the fuck is Brian?" Chris said in rage. Kevin was taken aback with Chris' words giving the notion that something was extremely wrong and it surely concerned Justin.

"He's with a friend of his in his room. Why?" Kevin said as calm as possible. His three friends were staring at him so he decided to let them join the conversation and not get the heat from Chris alone. "Chris, I'll place you in speaker phone so Nick, AJ and Howie could hear as well." Kevin pressed the button and placed the handset back.

"Hi Chris!" the three chimed oblivious of the gravity of anger that consumed Chris.

"I wish I could be that happy but no, we have to baby-sit Justin who fainted on the lawn!" Chris said filled with anger.

"Why, what happened with Justin? Is he hurt?" Nick asked worriedly especially that it concerned Justin's welfare.

"You know why he fainted? Well, Justin just heard your fuckin' Brian fuckin' with someone on the phone!" Chris shouted.

"He's what!" The four exclaimed.

"You heard me right! Tell Brian to not go near Justin ever if he knows what's good for him." Chris ended the call leaving the four in shock. Nick's expression turned into a scowl knowing that Brian has indeed hurt Justin. Nick stood up and walked furiously towards Brian's room. The three followed Nick.

Once in front of Brian's door, Kevin took the master key from his pocket and opened the door. Once the click was heard, Nick grabbed the knob and pushed the door with force. The next scene left the four in shock.

Brian was on bed sleeping naked. The tangled sheets wrapped around Brian tightly. Drew was nowhere in sight but a cry was heard coming from the bathroom. The four decided to see where the source of the noise was and when they opened the door of the bathroom, Drew was there under the shower crying.

Kevin approached Drew and gave him a hug. "What happened Drew?" Kevin asked as he pulled him out of the shower.

"Brian... raped me." Drew said as tears began to fall again and cries were heard again.


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