Chapter 13

Black and Blues


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Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or it's not true!!! Even if this story involved the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, all that happens here is fictional... again, it's not true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC personally. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...


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All eyes were on the sleeping form of Brian. Nick walked hastily to Brian with thoughts being clouded by one thing, Justin hurt. He was overflowing with anger and disgust with Brian. Nick couldn't think of any reason how Brian could ever cheat on Justin. The next thing that happened was Nick's fist flying towards Brian's face.

Brian woke up with the buzz from the alcohol and the punch of Nick. "Why did you do that?" Brian asked angrily to no one in particular because he even didn't know who did it. Brian tried to focus his eyes on Nick, which was met by another punch.

"Fuck you!" Nick shouted. "How could you rape someone?" Nick said as tears began to flow down his face from the emotions overflowing from inside. All the kept anger just burst. Nick's love with Justin just exemplified the anger because he knew that Justin was badly hurt by Brian's infidelity.

"Rape? I didn't rape anybody." Brian said still feeling his head and face throbbing. Everything seemed to be in a haze for Brian... oblivious of the chaos going on around him.

"You didn't rape anybody? What do you think happened here? What do you think happened to that person? I have no idea how you would get out of this mess now." Kevin started his sermon. "What you did is the most irresponsible thing you have ever done in your whole life. First, you make yourself drunk then you rape your old friend and to top that, you dissed Justin!" Kevin's voice grew louder. 

Brian's eyes grew wider upon hearing everything that Kevin threw unto him. His eyes fixed on the crying figure curled like a ball. His heart began to beat faster not knowing what to do. 'You dissed Justin', these words made Brian remember the phone conversation. "What have I done?" The only regretful words that came out of Brian before going to a crying fit.

Everyone around him remained silence with a little confusion with the matter at hand. AJ's heart began to melt and started to comfort Brian. AJ knew that Brian was in a very difficult situation and giving him a sermon won't changed what has happened. All he needs is a friend ready to comfort him. "Bri, everything will be okay. Just believe." AJ whispered to Brian's ear as he continued to give Brian a comforting hug. 

Kevin's defense was beginning to deteriorate as well. He knew that whatever Brian did, he couldn't stay angry with him. It's not that he's family but there is more to it. On the other hand, Nick was still infuriated with what Brian did. Actually, he wasn't mad with the issue Brian raping Drew but he was more angered that Justin was heartbroken due to Brian's stupidity. Nick couldn't stomach the site of Brian and just walked out of the room.

"Did I really... do it with you?" Brian stuttered between sobs while looking at Drew. Again, silence prevailed in the room. All eyes were locked on Drew who's still crying. 

Drew looked at Brian filled with hate. "You! Fuck you!" Drew screamed out. "After the friendship we shared before and you ask me now if you raped me? YES! You raped me! What ever I said to you meant nothing. You treated my like a piece of meat! I can't forgive you... ever." Drew said and run out of the room with tears still flowing down.

Brian again collapsed in a crying spree. Everything seemed to be falling apart at that moment. Brian is faced with many problems at that moment and the hate made the situation worse. With Nick walking out of him and Justin heartbroken... Justin. "What did Kevin mean when he said I dissed Justin?" Brian asked in between his sobs.

AJ looked at Brian with pity in his eyes. "Well, Chris gave us a call and told us that... how did he placed it?" AJ paused for a while thinking of the exact phrase Chris used. "Oh yeah. Justin just heard your fuckin' Brian fuckin' with someone on the phone. That's the exact phrase Chris used actually." AJ said softly while stroking Brian's head (no pun intended).

Brian cried harder but he's not even sure if that was true. Brian wanted to talk to Justin so hard to just apologize and apologize. Brian stood up and took the phone from the pile of clothes lying near the bed. He pressed the speed dial of the phone to Justin's.

Joey entered Justin's room. The room gave out the exact feeling that Justin was feeling then, pure sadness and darkness. Joey gazed at the sleeping form of Justin and Joey could just empathize with what Justin was undergoing at the moment. Joey tried to feel how painful is it to hear your boyfriend have sex with another person while you were listening. Too painful. Joey sat beside Justin.

The tears weren't dry yet and that left a streak down to Justin's smooth cheeks. Even in Justin's slumber, he looked so drained and so lonely. The peaceful aura that surrounded him was gone but was only replaced with misery. 

Slowly, Justin's eyes began to flutter. The memories raced in his mind that made his eyes open wide and again, tears began to flow. Joey didn't know what to do but just give Justin a comforting embrace. There was no Josh that Justin could run to. There was no Brian that Justin could ask for love. It was just Joey in that room and Justin.

"Please tell me it was a dream?" Justin cried out. Joey wished he could say that it was all a dream but that's just a wish. Everything that happened was real. The pain and the betrayal were real and no one can do anything about it.

Joey just remained silent and continued stroking Justin's head as a sign of comfort for the young man. Joey knew that Justin was so drained emotionally with the barrage of emotions that entered him from joy, anger and betrayal. And Joey felt helpless because this is the only thing that he could do and not take the pain that Justin was carrying.

"God! I can't believe it..." Justin cried out as he clutched at Joey tighter. Justin thought that the love that he and Brian shared was so strong that no one could break it after everything that they have went through.

"Just, everything's gonna be fine." Joey's comforting voice echoed in the room. It was a sign of hope that someday that everything's gonna be fine. But the question is, when is that someday?

The deafening silence was interrupted by the phone's ring. Joey looked at Justin if he wanted to answer it but Justin was crying too much to ever answer the phone. He lifted the handset and answered the phone.

"Can I please talk to Justin?" The other party asked. Joey immediately recognized the southern accent that the voice carried and thought about what was the best for the situation.

"I don't think that it would be a good idea at the moment." Joey whispered while stealing glances from Justin. Justin didn't need this right now. He was definitely hurting and him knowing that Brian was the one who called would definitely make things worse.

"Is he okay?" Brian asked quietly but it was filled with concern and love that Joey also sensed making him think of the whole situation they're all in. Is this the Brian who allegedly cheated on Justin?

"I'll be frank with you, he's not. I know you love him very much but he's in so much pain right now that it also pains me seeing him like this. Just take your time and think everything out first before you try to talk to him." Joey suggested to Brian. Joey knew that Brian and Justin would be together again, coz they're meant to be for each other. Perfect for one another. But still, the question earlier resurfaces... when is someday?

"What have I done to Justin? Please tell him that I'm so so sorry." Brian cried. Brian's sob could be heard from the line but Joey waited for Brian to compose himself. "And tell him that I love him very much." Brian ended the call.

Joey sighed and hung up the phone. When he looked at Justin, they're eyes met and butterflies invaded Joey's stomach. Justin knows that it was Brian who called. Tears were still cascading down and the sobs were still audible.

"What did he say?" Justin asked. It was mixed with emotions ranging from curiosity to coldness but one emotion was evident, hope.

"He said that he's sorry. Very sorry." Joey said and breathed in to give the second message that Brian asked him to tell Justin. "And he said, he loves you very much." Joey continued.

At first there was just silence but then, it began again. Tears were flowing more generously. The cries were louder this time. Justin wants to be angry with Brian but he can't, he still loves Brian.

Atlanta. The place where the Litrell abode was situated. Leighanne Wallace-Littrell, was sitting on the family room waiting for the call of her accomplice. With frequent gazes to the watch, and another movie ending in the television, Leighanne was becoming impatient.

The phone rang after a few minutes and all the irritation left her and a smile traced her face. She took the phone and answered it.

"So what happened? Did Justin and Brian break up already?" Leighanne asked excitedly.

"Okay, so this is what happened..." Drew told the story to Leighanne, from the party until the others discovered them in the room. "I was so good! I can't believe that they fall for that stunt." Drew laughed looking back at how he acted to be the poor rape victim.

"You told them that Brian raped you?" Leighanne asked filled with shock.

"Yeah! Teach them that I can't be left alone without any revenge." Drew answered nonchalantly.

"That was not part of the plan. You just sleep with him and let Justin hear it and then you leave. No rape! You fucking asshole!" Leighanne hurled at Drew.

"This is more fun. Sorry honey, change of plan." Drew hung while laughing evilly.

Leighanne was shocked and afraid as well. They might have succeeded in separating Justin and Brian but this would also bring Brian to jail if Drew would press any charges. And the press. The press would eat Brian alive... even Leighanne would be hounded by the press.

"I think I shouldn't have made the deal with Drew." Leighanne said to no one.

"I can't believe I... raped somebody." Brian broke down again. AJ was still holding him trying to give the comfort that Brian needs but he knew only one could give that and that someone was crying his eyes out because of the pain he's undergoing.

"Quiet now Bri. Everything would be fine. You and Justin are meant to be for each other. Just give it time." AJ tried his best to comfort Brian. Brian didn't stop.

Howie just sat at the sofa thinking. 'Is this the end of the Backstreet Boys?' The thought has entered his mind. If this scandal hits the public, no one would support Backstreet Boys again. Who would support a rapist? Howie sighed and closed his eyes hoping for the best.

On the other hand, Kevin was trying to use his diplomacy with Johnny, their manager while explaining the whole situation with him. And Johnny wasn't very happy hearing about the 'rape' thing. Kevin tried his best to think of any solution that would stop all of this... but there was none.

After a few more exchange of words, Kevin hung up the phone and held his temples to ease the pain that the conversation with Johnny made and to think of the best thing to do. Kevin stood up. "Group meeting now!" Kevin bellowed in his authoritative tone.

The four assembled in the sofa and after a few more minutes of waiting, Nick arrived with a scowl still on his face. Nick searched where he could sit and saw that there was an available sit... beside Brian. Nick sighed out and sat beside Brian.

"First, I want to know what really happened here. Drew said that you raped him. Do you remember anything from last night?" Kevin asked Brian. Brian's sob seized and tried to concentrate on what happened last night.

"Everything is in a haze. There are images that I could remember but I couldn't remember any rape there." Brian said sincerely.

"Did you sleep with Drew?" Howie asked.

"I remembered that but I know that I didn't force myself to him." Brian said. "I can't bring myself to rape anyone. You know me. I can't." Brian broke down.

"You were drunk! We know that you love Justin so much but still you cheated on him. Now you expect us to believe that you didn't rape that Drew guy?" Nick hurled at Brian. Brian couldn't answer anything because Nick was right. He cheated on Justin. He could as well raped Drew.

"Enough with that Nick. We're here to control the damage if Drew would ever press charges." Kevin interjected the heated conversation.

"There's nothing we could do 'coz we can't deny the fact that something did happen. It's just a matter of hoping that Drew won't press charges." Nick voiced out. The others knew that Nick was right. And there's nothing that they could do about it.

JC's room was enveloped in pure darkness. JC intentionally shut off the lights of the room so he could sulk in his misery alone in the dark. Because he was indeed alone. His love interest who was his best friend hates his guts. Tears were still flowing from his eyes. Justin hates him. That's the continuous thought that was swimming in JC's mind. 

The door slowly opened, and someone entered JC's room. The person walked slowly trying to see if this was the right thing to do. He sat beside JC and looked at those beautiful blue eyes. The same eyes that was then filled with joy and life was replaced with pain, sadness and bitterness.

"What are you doing here Justin?" JC asked bitterly. JC's tone hurt Justin. There was no love in that tone, but only pain and disgust. Is it too late?

"I came to apologize." Justin said in a meek voice. "What I did to you was something stupid and I am so sorry for saying those words to you. I should have been more sensitive with how you feel coz you're my best friend." Tears were falling from Justin's eyes. Justin knew that he was alone and he needed somebody close to him. "Please forgive me?"

JC couldn't talk with the different voices that were speaking to him. The love and hate were debating whether JC should forgive Justin. But as their eyes met, the answer was evident. "I forgive you Justin." JC said lovingly as they locked their reconciliation with an embrace. One out of love and the other out of friendship.

Justin broke down again crying out the pain that he was feeling with Brian's infidelity. JC was patient and just continued to comfort Justin. Deep inside, JC was hating Brian to the gut. It was the worst thing that Brian has ever done to Justin and he won't let it pass this time. "Everything's gonna be fine. I'm here now." JC said to Justin.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do and..." Justin was interrupted with a finger on his lips. Their eyes met once more but the earlier pain was no more to be seen but the love that JC's eyes possess filled it. Time seemed to stop as their gaze were still locked to each other. There were no other that existed. Only JC and Justin... and the kiss that they were sharing.

"You know, we are in the deepest shit!" AJ said on the phone. 

"Duh! We are in one big hellhole as well. You should have seen Justin. God, he looked so awful." Joey said looking back at the image that Justin left when they were in Justin's room. Joey shrugged from the thought.

"Well, good thing for you is that you're just worried about Justin's crying spree but we're scared shitless when this Drew guy presses charges against Brian." AJ sighed.

"What charges?" Joey asked quizzically oblivious of the pandemonium in the Backstreet camp.

"Drew said that Brian raped him." AJ explained to Joey. Joey's thoughts began to wander. Brian raped somebody. Brian raped somebody?

"That's impossible. Justin heard the whole thing and there's no rape there or Justin would have said it." Joey said.

"Are you sure?" AJ asked Joey to make sure that Brian didn't really rape Drew.

"Definitely." Joey confirmed what he said earlier.

Drew lifted up the phone and dialed the number he got from one of his so-called 'friends'. After a few rings, a man answered.

"Is this Carson Daly?" Drew asked.

"Yeah, who is this?" Carson asked.

"I just have a scoop for you about Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys..." Drew smiled manically.

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