Chapter 14

The Eye of the Storm


If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please don't read on. If  you couldn't accept themes in the likes of homosexuality, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having intimate relationships and is considered FOR ADULTS ONLY due to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if you really like this stuff, please don't tell others. 

Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or it's not true!!! Even if this story involved the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, all that happens here is fictional... again, it's not true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC personally. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...


Temporary peace enveloped the BSB camp. And that's the scariest part. It was sort of the null of the storm. It's the time everything seemed to be so calm, but after a while the heavy winds will strike back, stronger than ever. Everyone knew they were sitting ducks. They have no idea how or when will Drew retaliate.

The BSB camp remained in silence. They demanded for a one-month break just to not be so publicized if this dreadful news reaches the public. Backstreet Boy rapes a friend. That's the headline in the front page that they are hoping that won't happen. They thought of a good cover story and AJ was kind enough to act as bait.

"Welcome guys in TRL. We have Nick of Backstreet Boys on the line." Carson said making the crowd break into big screams. It's the Backstreet Boys, that's expected. "What's with the unexpected call?" Carson asked.

"I'm not here to help with the countdown or just to say 'hi'. Actually, I've been tasked to announce that Backstreet Boys is on leave." Nick said and whispers spread across the studio. "I and the others want to be honest with you guys coz you deserve the truth. AJ has just committed himself to a rehabilitation center where he would be treated for alcoholism. I hope that all of you out there would understand this and keep the Backstreet spirit alive." Nick finished his announcement and ended his call.

"You heard it first here in TRL. AJ is in rehab and they're having a short leave..."

Almost everyone was shocked, even the NSYNC camp when they watched the announcement in the television. Joey didn't know what was happening and was panicking as hell. They were in their Pop Odyssey tour now and a few more days and their latest album, Celebrity would be out in the market.

Joey reached for his celfone and pressed for AJ's phone. After a few rings, someone answered the phone. "AJ here." AJ said.

"Alex, you're gonna give me a heart attack. Did you just see what I saw in the television? What's with this rehab thing? Why didn't you say anything? When did this --" a beep interrupted Joey's babbling.

"Can I speak now?" AJ said and Joey remained silent. "Well, I offered my services for the group. Brian is in no shape to do concerts in this state and we are trying to be inconspicuous from the public as much as possible especially we don't know what Drew would do." AJ explained. 

Joey sighed. Everything returned to normal for Joey. "AJ promise me one thing. If you're gonna put on a stunt like that again, tell it to me first or I'll really kick your skinny tattooed ass!" Joey warned AJ in a half-joking and half-serious manner.

The incessant ringing of the phone woke Kevin. Kevin gazed at the clock and read, 1:00am. Kevin groaned seeing that it was so late but when he gazed at the sleeping figure of his wife undisturbed, he answered the phone. "What do you want?" Kevin said sleepily.

"Is this Kevin Richardson?" the voice asked. Kevin tried to say a 'yes' but it just came out as a groan. "Um, sorry for the late call but there's something you have to know. It's about Drew's expose." The last few words of the anonymous guy brought Kevin to full consciousness. 

"Who is this?" Kevin asked the caller. It was surely strange for anyone calling up at this time and telling him that it's about Drew.

"It's Carson Daly. Well, just to make the story short. A Drew guy called up and told me something about Brian *raping* him. I was surprised at first but it didn't make sense to me. And being in the business, I don't go and babble things without clarifying it first and you're the perfect guy for those." Carson explained. Kevin's head was aching. Will he tell him or not?

"Carson, everything is in a haze for me as well. I've heard about the Drew person too but Brian is not speaking up so I don't know anything yet. Please keep it wrapped up first and when everything's cleared up, I'll give you a call." Kevin tried to cover up the mess they're in. It was not a big lie because with what AJ told them, everything is in chaos at the moment.

"Sure thing. Be careful about that guy, there's something really wrong about him." Carson told Kevin.

"Thanks again." Kevin said and hangs up the phone. He rubbed his temples as if it was a migraine coming, but this was truly one big headache. "It's time for the phone brigade." Kevin said as he lifted the phone and dialed his other friends to discuss the matter.

Since Josh and Justin's first kiss, everything seemed to move smoothly in the NSYNC camp. All were in good shape and the tour was being received rather well by the audience, including the new tracks up. The change with the two, caught the attention of the other members and when they saw them cuddle together in the bunk, they just didn't know what to think. Is this right? But for the fans' sake, they let it slide.

Justin shunned the existence of Brian in his conscious mind. As far as he's concerned, he didn't exist anymore. The pain and everything seemed to be locked in a special dark chamber in his mind. All he tried to concentrate was performing his 110% in the concerts and his 'love' for JC.

"Josh, are we gonna go out later?" Justin asked as he entered the dressing room. JC was lying on the couch tired of the concert they just did.

"What do you want sweetie?" JC said with a smile to his boyfriend.

"How about we just cuddle in the hotel and order room service?" Justin said as he sat on the couch and placing JC's head on his lap. Justin loved the long brown hair JC has.

"That's a good idea. These concerts are too tiring. I'm getting too old for this." JC joked. Everything seemed to be perfect in JC's world. Their career was soaring high as ever and he has his dream guy.

The other three entered the dressing room. Lance was so tired while the other two was so hyper still. "Let's go clubbing?" Chris asked.

"You go ahead, me and Josh are gonna stay in tonight." Justin said with a weak smile. Even if the others didn't say anything to Justin, he knew that they were uncomfortable with his relationship with JC. They still think that Brian and Justin would be the perfect pair. And deep inside, Justin held to that belief as well.

"I'm staying in as well. I have tons of paper work to do." Lance said as he slumped to the other couch.

"Chris, I'll follow in a short while. I have to call my man first." Joey said as he looked for his celfone. Once he found it, he dialed AJ's number and went to an isolated part of the room to talk. After a few rings, AJ answered the phone.

"Hi sexy." Joey said huskily. Joey knew AJ liked that side of him. Wild and filled with lust. Enough to satisfy him.

"Hey Joe. Got bad news here, it's starting to come out. Carson called Kevin and asked for confirmation. It appears that our Drew person is out to destroy Brian." AJ said.

"Since when?" Joey asked AJ with concern in his voice. Joey didn't know that the others were listening to him already. Even the new couple.

"Just last night. Carson called Kevin so we're all here in Kevin's house for the time being to discuss the matter." AJ said to Joey.

"Is Brian okay?" Joey inquired. The others' ears perked up when Joey said the word 'Brian'. Even Justin and Josh were surprised with the use of the name.

"He's holding up but with everything seemed to be falling apart, I don't know if that would last." AJ said truthfully. At that moment, AJ was looking at the lone figure of Brian gazing out of the window with tears flowing down.

"I want to talk to him." Joey said to AJ. AJ went to Brian and handed him the phone. Brian wiped away the tears and tried to act to be composed and answered the phone.

"Bri, how are you?" Joey asked filled with concern. 

Justin was fidgeting. All he wanted to do was get the phone from Joey and coo Brian. But some force is holding him back, which is JC's head on his lap. JC was sensing the change in Justin. He began to be more tensed and is now doubting his stand in this relationship now.

"Me? I'm fine." Brian said with a fake enthusiasm. It was a pathetic attempt and Brian knew that.

"I think that's the most pathetic attempt that a person could do. Tell me honestly." Joey said in a fatherly tone. Brian knew that it was no more way out of this. He just has to pour everything out.

"I feel like crap. Everything seemed to be against me now. First, I rape somebody. Second, I am jeopardizing my friends' careers and to top that, I just lost the love of my life." Brian was bawling at that moment now. Joey so wanted to be there for him at the moment. He knew that he needs everyone to be a rock for him.

"Bri, first of all, you didn't rape anybody. That Drew guy seduced you okay and he thought of everything. He made you drunk and dragged you to do it. It wasn't you that did it. Think about that. Secondly, you're in a group. Don't think of the 'I'm jeopardizing my friends' careers' on me. I know you better and you know that it won't do anything coz what the Drew guy said isn't the truth. I can't answer about the love thing but always think that you have many friends behind you and will support you." Joey said to Brian. 

For the first time, Justin heard everything. He understood everything. It was so clear for Justin now. Everything seemed to fill the puzzle. The sudden call from Leighanne. Justin was trying very hard to feel unaffected with what Joey was saying, but he's losing the battle and JC knew it.

"The point is I fucked up. And I couldn't do anything about it. Everything is lost, I don't even find the meaning of me being..." Brian's words were drowned by the tears and sobs.

"Don't you ever think about that! You have an amazing life and a bright future ahead of you. Don't ever think of suicide as a way out." Joey said in a louder tone that made him conscious of his surrounding. When he gazed back, his band members were looking at him intently. And when his eyes went to Justin, he saw the shock and the tears were falling already. Justin stood up and walked out of the room.

"Justin wait!" Joey shouted. "Oh shit!" Joey said to himself. Justin wasn't ready for this. It's too much for him and hearing the 'suicide' thing.

"Justin, wait!" JC shouted as he followed his crying friend out of the room. Lance was rubbing his temples thinking that they're back to phase one of Justin's depression. Chris was feeling guilty at that point. He didn't know what really happened.

"Justin's there?" Brian asked in between sobs.

"Yeah. Don't worry his boyfr..." Joey said absentmindedly but when his mouth already said boyfr, he smacked himself. This wasn't just Joey's day. Brian didn't react. Brian felt nothing. There was no pain. There was no regret. There was just nothing. "Shit! Sorry Bri. I didn't mean to bring that out now." Joey told Brian.

Again, there was nothing. Only silence and heavy breathing. That's Brian's response. Brian dropped the phone and walked out of the room. Eyes looked at Brian walking out, all were filled with confusion.

"Bri, are you still there???" Nothing. "Hellooo!!!! Anyone???" Again, nothing.

"Justin wait!" JC's voice echoed through the corridors. Justin didn't hear that and just continued walking and when he reached a room, he entered it and the tears flowed out.

Justin didn't know what to think about what he just heard from Joey's conversation with Brian. Everything seemed to be so crystal clear but so confusing as well.

JC peeked at the door and saw Justin crying. JC's heart melted with the show of emotions that Justin was doing. A question popped in his mind, will he do that for me? JC knew that he truly loves Justin but now, he's questioning if their relationship was true in the first place. It seemed to JC that Justin just used him to forget all the misery that he felt when Brian slept with another one.

They say that the greatest act of love is to sacrifice. Was JC ready to let go of Justin for his happiness? JC walked away and thought for the best solution to this new predicament.

Brian just walked and walked. It was the only thing that entered his mind when he learned that Justin has moved on. It was now hopeless for him. He could never have what he once had. Justin's love. JC now owns him. It's because of his weakness and his mistake.

Brian sat at the sidewalk and tried to think of everything that is going on. "What's the meaning of my life now?" Brian asked no one in particular. A strong breeze answered him. That's it. Brian sighed and stood up. There's nothing he could do, he just has to face the music.

Brian returned to Kevin's home with eyes peering on him. "Everything's okay." Brian said filled with... nothingness. It appeared that the crying Brian was no more, even the cheerful Brian didn't exist... only this being devoid of all emotions. And that's worse.

Nick approached Brian. Nick was still guilty with how he handled the situation. It was the first time he hit Brian. A memory which he locked away in his mind. "Bri, don't do this." Nick pleaded to Brian.

"I'm not doing anything." Brian said. Again, with the tone that seemed to be lifeless.

"Bri..." Nick sobbed. "Please..." Nick didn't want this anymore. The mask he was wearing was too much already, something has to let go. Brian looked at Nick. But there was just nothing. There was no pity or guilt. It was just like that it was hollow inside of him. Brian didn't answer and just closed his eyes like no one existed.

"Everything is working too slow!" someone shouted. "Carson should have plugged that in by now." He said. He walked towards the window and peered at the streets. It was again busy, a typical night in one of the busiest streets in New York.

A police car drove by and parked at an open space. The policeman walked towards a man and arrested him. Probably an old case. An idea sparked in the man's mind. Something devious knowing him.

He took his jacket lying around and walked out of his little apartment. "I'm sure now that I would get my revenge." He locked the door and walked to a big building where lots of men with guns stayed... the police.



Days have passed by, Brian didn't snap back to his old self. Brian just wakes up, and stares into nothingness the whole day. When he's hungry, he's gonna go eat in silence and in solitude. The others were worrying about Brian's state and when they talked with Joey, all the confusion cleared up. Justin has moved on... with JC. 

Nick was feeling depressed with all of what's happening. Part of him was blaming himself for not understanding Brian in the first place and just be irrational. It was like he was playing the 'what if' game. Nick decided to just get out of there for awhile and joined his brother, Aaron Carter in a few of his gigs. It was a good theraphy for Nick, and a big boost in his brother's career as well.

Alex and Joey kept on giving tabs with what's happening. Alex explained the sudden change in Brian and Joey would share the crying spree of Justin and the isolation of JC. It was hell for both camps, and they knew something or someone is gonna break soon.

"Is there something we could do?" Joey asked AJ. It was some sort of a rhetorical question because there was nothing that they could do. The best answer that AJ could give was his silence. Joey just sighed.

"I wish all of this would end. I'm getting tired with all of the crying and drama here." AJ whined.

"You could go here." Joey suggested. It was a good attempt to see AJ but Joey already knew AJ too well. The band comes first into this matter.

"I wish but with Brian in depression, I don't think it's possible." AJ said. AJ's celfone began to ring. "Joe, can you hold on for a minute." AJ said and took the phone and answered it. 

Joey couldn't hear anything with the conversation except for a loud, "What? I'm there!" There were lots of cursing that AJ was mouthing. Words even Webster didn't know. AJ took the phone again and talked to Joey. "Hey Joe, I have to leave. Bri was arrested for rape." AJ said and he didn't even waited for a reply. He drove to Kevin's house.



Once everyone reached Kevin's house, the four drove to the police station where Brian was detained. Kevin and AJ broke from the group and immediately walked towards a policeman to discuss the matter. Howie called management for damage control and to inform them as well with what was going on. Nick called Brian's family to inform them.

"Hey Nick. Harold here." Harold answered the phone.

"Hey Harold. I have bad news. Bri got arrested for rape." Nick didn't know how to say it so, he just went straight for it.

"What?" Harold exclaimed. Harold Sr. and Jackie heard the loud voice of Harold and came rushing down to ask what was going on.

"A Drew guy reported it to the police and now, we're here." Nick said.

"We're on our way." Harold said and ended the call. Harold looked back at his parents. Harold knew it wasn't his place but they have to know now or they would be shocked as hell once they hear this somewhere. "Mom, Dad, we're gonna go to Florida. Brian was arrested for rape." Harold started and when he saw the mouths opening from the two, he raised his finger. "I'll explain everything later. We need to get there the quickest possible." Harold told the two and left them to call an airline company.

"We just have breaking news! Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys has just been arrested for rape. It appears to be that a certain Andrew Welsh was allegedly raped by the popstar. The Backstreet Boys couldn't be reached and their management hasn't given any comment. We'll keep you posted on this." The news ended. 

The five NSYNCers heard it. They heard. They were shocked, especially Justin. Joey was immediately on the phone trying to reach AJ but only reached AJ's mailbox. Lance was on the phone verifying it in their record label which they share with the Backstreet Boys. Justin just reached for his phone and dialed the airlines company for the quickest way to Florida. JC just stared at his boyfriend surprised.

"Who is gonna join me?" Justin said out loud. Justin was dead serious. Seldom does he raise his voice, it's just when he's angry or he's serious. It was a mixture at that time, angry at Drew for ruining Brian and angry at himself for leaving Brian at his darkest hours. Three hands raised and one hesitant hand followed. It was JC's. "I need 5 plane tickets. Thank you." Justin hung up the phone and looked at his bandmates. "We're leaving in an hour. Get ready." Justin said as he walked to his room and prepare his baggage.

"As in Drew Welsh?" Jackie almost shouted. "He's the gay kid who was beaten severely if my memory serves me right." Jackie said as she tried to recall her encounters with Drew Welsh. There were lots because Brian was his best friend then.

"He's the guy. Drew was Brian's best friend back then. What could have gone wrong?" Harold Sr. pondered. 

Harold on the other hand was trying to figure out what was wrong with the picture. He just revealed that Brian was gay and they thought about who was Drew Welsh? "I just said Brian's gay, what's wrong with you people?" Harold asked the couple. The couple just looked at each other rather confused.

"Harold hun, we already know. I think it was before Brian left for the Backstreet Boys. Is it right dear?" Jackie asked his husband who just nodded. "That's why I didn't understand why he married that awful woman. What's her name again?" Jackie said while flicking his finger trying to remember the name of Leighanne.

"It's Leighanne dear." Harold Sr. said.

"That's right. Thank you." Jackie said as she smiled lovingly at her husband.

Harold looked surprised with the revelation. They already knew? They already knew. 

"Can I please speak with my cousin?" Kevin asked the policeman.

"Sure thing Mr. Richardson." He said politely. He turned to a man passing by. "Bring Mr. Richardson to Brian Littrell." He ordered. The man nodded and they went to the detention cell. Kevin's eyes kept on looking left and right, seeing the difference faces of criminals inside their cells. "My cousin isn't supposed to be here." Kevin said to himself.

After a few more minutes, they arrived in a cell occupied by only one figure. "We thought that it would be wise to just give him his own cell for the time being." The man said. Kevin gave him a smile which signified lots of things, and most of it were thanks. The man opened the cell and let Kevin inside. "I'll be just waiting there." The man pointed at a table and was soon walking away from the two.

"Bri, are you okay?" Kevin asked. Brian looked at him and attempted to give him a smile.

"I'm okay. It's comfortable here." Brian said flatly. The emotions weren't still there.

"Okay." Kevin said hesitantly. "The lawyer is fixing your bail, so you'll be out here in a jiffy." Kevin said. Kevin sat at the bed where Brian was sitting. It wasn't comfortable. Kevin couldn't hold the tears anymore and just let it go. "I can't believe that this is happening to us... to you." Kevin said. Brian stared at him intently and was slightly surprised. It was very rare for Kevin to show any sign of those kinds of emotions. 

"Everything's gonna be okay." Brian said. "Everything's gonna be okay." Brian repeated as he gave Kevin a hug.

"Are we still there yet?" Justin voiced out impatiently. They have landed a few minutes ago. They were met by a limo and now, they're somewhere in the city.

"A few more minutes, Mr. Timberlake." The chauffeur replied. Justin has asked that for God knows how many times already. Even the others were starting to get annoyed with it.

True to what the chauffeur said, they arrived in the police station... filled with press people. All shouting and screaming, trying to get any information about Brian's arrest. When they parked infront of the building, Justin immediately went out and got faced with a barrage of questions.

"How's Mr. Littrell?"

"Why is NSYNC here?"

"How's your new album coming?"

"Are you really with Britney Spears?"

"Ladies and gentlemen! As much as I want to answer all of your superficial questions. I think I have a more important person to meet and you are far from that list of important people. And I think that it's best if you continue your vigil here tomorrow. Give the man some sense of decency." Justin said out of frustration. The people were shocked with the rudeness of Justin and remained in silence. The other 4 walked inside the building having no problems whatsoever.

"We should get to know this Justin's side. Look at this, not a single reporter asking us." Chris whispered to Lance who just glared at him. Chris closed his mouth.

Once inside the building, Justin was met with 3 pairs of shocked eyes. "What is Justin... and NSYNC doing here?" Howie whispered to Nick who just shrugged because he himself doesn't know.

"Alex, this place is swarming with press people." Joey said giving the others worried looks. "Don't worry, they're marching out of the building right now." Joey informed them and looked at Justin who was talking to the person on the desk.

"I don't care! The place is swarming with those fuckin' press people! Secure this area. Now." Justin growled at the person who suddenly got nervous. He immediately stood up and walked away to gather a few of the cops there and barricade the place. The others were still amazed with how Justin was taking all of this. 

Justin averted his gaze and found another policeman. "I want to see Brian Littrell please." Justin said politely. The policeman looked so confused with the sudden change of Justin's mood. He thought that Justin would just eat him alive right there.

"Um, sure. Follow me." He said nervously as they walked towards Brian's cell.


"Are you sure, you're gonna be okay?" Kevin asked again... probably for the millionth time. Brian just nodded. "If you have any problems, just ask for me okay? I'll be just outside until you're out of this hellhole." Kevin said as he stood up and walked away from the two to give them their privacy.

"How is the others?" Brian's voice broke the silence. Kevin looked back at his cousin.

"They're holding up. But whatever happens, we're behind you. We know the truth." Kevin said truthfully.

"That's nice to hear." Brian said with a fake smile that Kevin immediately caught.

"Brian? Can we talk?" That voice was just too familiar for Brian. It was the voice that he hears when he sleeps. It was the voice of his angel. When he looked up, he saw the man of his dreams. Justin. Again, Brian just gave a weak smile and motioned for Justin to sit beside him which Justin followed. 

Brian couldn't look at Justin. Guilt was eating him up. The emotional tension in his system was already whacked, and with this, Brian's feelings were so mixed and so confused. Brian averted his gaze hesitantly and when he looked at the handsome face of Justin, he caught blue eyes staring at him. Brian suddenly felt something inside of him come out. "I'm so sorry. I didn't what..." Justin just placed his finger on his lips, and smiled at him warmly.

"I know everything. I'm just here to see if you're okay now and to have a little chat with my naughty friend, Drew." Justin said with a glint of evil in his smile. "Kev, call Leighanne and tell her that she's in the deepest shit and never mess with a Timberlake." Justin added.



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