Chapter 15

The Rainbow appears...


If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please don't read on. If  you couldn't accept themes in the likes of homosexuality, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having intimate relationships and is considered FOR ADULTS ONLY due to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if you really like this stuff, please don't tell others. 

Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or it's not true!!! Even if this story involved the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, all that happens here is fictional... again, it's not true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC personally. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...

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Kevin walked towards his friends in a daze. He himself was asking, what just happened? Even though he witnessed everything, he was confused with the sudden change in Justin and Brian. 

Upon seeing Kevin, the others approached him asking a barrage of questions. Kevin wasn't too focused yet and didn't get a single question they all asked. When Kevin looked at them, it appeared that they were waiting for something. "Um, Justin's gonna be out shortly." Kevin said shrugging and separated from the group. JC on the other hand was talking with one of the cops on the desk away from the commotion.

"Justin, I'm so sorry with everything." Brian repeated again as tears were falling down from his eyes. Brian was already kneeling in front of Justin begging for forgiveness with the act he committed with Drew.

"Bri, I told you that I've forgiven you already. You should know that I could never stay angry with you." Justin said with a real smile. It was great that Justin could smile again which is authentic. It wasn't his camera smile that makes all girls go gaga, but a simple smile that could melt anyone's heart.

"If this is a dream, please don't wake me up." Brian said as he laid his head on Justin's lap still crying while Justin was stroking through the blond semi curly hair that Brian possessed. His favorite pastime, even when he's with... JC. The mental picture of JC in his mind shook him back to reality. Will he go with Brian or with JC? "Can I ask a question?" Brian said when he finally composed himself.

"Of course. Anything." Justin said to Brian. 

"Does this mean that we're together again?" Brian asked hopefully as he stared to those mesmerizing blue eyes of Justin which he adores profusely. Only silence answered him. "I guess not." Brian smiled weakly as he wiped away the tears that streaked his face and stood up from his position and sat beside Justin once again. "It's okay. I know that it's impossible for an 'us'." Brian said sadly.

"I'm with JC now. As much as I want to, we are together and he helped me out when I was 'mourning' my loss. I'm sorry." Justin said as he placed a hand on Brian's lap.

"Be with him Justin." A voice said from nowhere. Justin and Brian looked for the source of the voice, JC's. Justin was shocked with what JC said. "Just, I know that you'll never be happy with me. You love him, not me." JC stated. Justin knew it. Every time they cuddle, Brian was the first image that comes into Justin's mind. And when they first made love, it wasn't JC, but Brian.

Justin walked to JC and gave him an embrace. "Thank you Josh. But for the record, I do love you." Justin whispered as he gave JC a final kiss. It wasn't all that sad for JC coz he himself wasn't that happy in the relationship. JC knows in his heart that he loves Justin but there was just something missing there, like it was incomplete. Probably, he expected so much in the relationship.

Brian stood up and gave JC an embrace as well. "Thank you for another chance. I'll try my to be the best for him." Brian whispered to JC as they broke their embrace. At first it was awkward, but they knew that they have to settle their differences for their peace of mind. 

"Just don't hurt him. We'll be good friends." JC smiled at him. Brian knew that JC was dead serious. When it comes with Justin, everything is serious there. And he knew that JC would be an addition to one of his best friends.

"I'm gonna go ahead. I need to have my little chat with Drew." Justin said as he left the two with troubled looks. They knew that this could be trouble, big trouble.

"Look it's Justin!" Joey shouted. All the other members of Backstreet and NSYNC went to Justin and asked him lots of questions. It was like a press conference without a moderator. Justin just stuck his hand in front of them and walked towards the desk.

"Why are they shutting us down?" Chris asked to no one in particular. Everyone just returned to their seats where they waited for another person to come and ask about what was going on.

"Kevin!" Someone shouted out of nowhere. When they gazed at the source, they found three people standing with worried looks pasted on their face. Kevin stood up and walked to the three new persons. They hugged each other and it appeared that Kevin was informing them what was happening.

"That's Bri's family." Nick informed the NSYNCers who were all oblivious with the appearance of these new people in their little drama. "The old guy is Brian's dad, Harold Sr.. The woman is Brian's mom, Jackie. And that guy is Bri's older brother, Harold." Nick added. Chris, Joey and Lance just nodded with the new information they learned.

Brian's family accompanied by Kevin walked towards the direction of the guys. Once the exchange of greetings and names were done, they again slumped down to the bench and waited for something to happen. 

Inside a room, Drew waited patiently for the cops to clear him out. He already told them his story about Brian's alleged crime. It was his ultimate revenge against Brian for everything that happened in their early years. "Feel the solitude of the prison. Feel what I felt when you abandoned me." Drew whispered to himself. There was just silence in that room.

The door opened and Justin entered the room. For the first time, the two guys in Brian's life met. One belonged to the past and the other belongs to the present. Their eyes just locked trying to feel the real aura of the person. "So you're the famous Drew." Justin broke the silence with a sarcastic tone.

"And you're the Justin almighty." Drew shot back. Justin sat at the vacant chair in front of Drew. Again, they were in a glaring competition. "What do you want?" Drew asked coldly.

"I came here to put an end with your charade." Justin said nonchalantly. "I know everything Drew. Stop playing games and acting, we know that you weren't raped by Brian and as a matter of fact, you just made him drunk and seduced him." Justin said it with so much feeling in it. Justin's words were like bullets that could pierce through anything.

"I am not playing..." Drew started.

"Don't fuckin' lie to me. I heard everything. Every moan that escaped your mouth. Every 'go Brian! More!'. I heard them all. The phone wasn't turned off. I heard everything." Justin interrupted Drew. Drew didn't shook with Justin's words. Drew knew that his plan was already beginning to crumble but like any great devious minds, there must be a contingency plan.

"So? Okay then, Brian didn't rape me. I seduced that son of a bitch. The point is Brian is destroyed now and he'll rot in that cell. Everyone knows that he's gay now and if you testify for Brian, they'll all know that Justin Timberlake is gay as well and Brian's lover while he was still married with his wife." Drew shot back at Justin. Justin didn't shook with Drew's words; a smirk even appeared in his face.

"Actually, I don't care. I already asked my management to make a statement for the press informing them of my real sexuality and my relation with Brian. And if you think you would destroy our careers, think again. Our fans are the best! They would understand once they know that complete story. And everything you just said were recorded." Justin informed Drew who lost all the color from his face. "Check mate." Justin added as he stood up and left the room with a shocked Drew while cops entered the room to arrest Drew.

"I'm bored!" Joey said for the nth time already. The others were tired and tired of hearing him. They were glaring at him every time he said it so, they just remained in silence and ignored Joey's whining.

After a while, a door opened and Justin appeared before them. Justin was grinning like a cat and the others were sporting a frown for they were so oblivious with everything that was going on. "Bri is off the hook!" Justin exclaimed to them that brought cheers from the guys. Everyone was hugging and rejoicing because the truth prevailed. "The people here are getting Brian at of this time." Justin informed them that resulted to another barrage of merriment.

"By the way, that's Brian's mom Jackie, Brian's dad Harold Sr. and Bri's older brother, Harold." Howie stated. Justin snapped at the direction of the three new persons. It was apparent that Justin was uncomfortable with the presence of Brian's family there. He didn't even know if they know who he was in Brian's life.

"So you're the Justin that Brian talked about." Harold said as he gave Justin a warm embrace. Justin didn't know how to react so he just returned the hug. "Thank you for being with Brian." Harold whispered to Justin's ear.

"You gonna be my future son-in-law?" Jackie asked in her heavy southern accent. Justin just smiled at them.

"I hope so ma'am." Justin said meekly. The NSYNCers were again confused with the sudden change of the couples. First it was Brian and Justin. Then, Justin and JC. And now, back to Brian and Justin. After they got it, they smiled because they knew that Justin would be really happy now that he got his real love, not a rebound one.

"And polite too." Harold Sr. chimed that made Justin smile comfortably because the butterflies in his stomach wer gone. Brian's family has already accepted Brian and Justin's love.

"By the way, where is Josh?" Justin inquired his friends. They just shrugged not knowing the answer.

Brian and JC were still in the cell talking with each other. It was the first time the two has spoken, as in a normal conversation between two friends. They were trying to move on from the differences that happened in the past. It was a time for a new future for all of them. And hopefully this would be bright.

"Brian Littrell, you can go now." A cop said. Brian and JC embraced each other as a sign of success. They stood up together and started to walk away from this cell. Away from this nightmare.

"Are you ready to face the world?" JC asked as they walk the corridors from this jail. It was actually a short distance only but it was truly a long one for the both of them.

"I dunno. The world knows now that I'm gay and I dunno what will happen next." Brian voiced out his worries. True, Brian was afraid. Afraid that the world will hate him. Afraid that the persons he love will leave. Afraid of being alone in this hateful world.

"Don't worry. All of us will be there to support you." JC reassured Brian. Brian just smiled weakly. 

The door opened and in came Drew being dragged by two cops. Drew was fighting the two cops but they overpowered him. When the two met face to face, time stood still. Drew stopped fighting the two cops and silence enveloped the place. Drew was glaring at Brian. On the other hand, Brian was just calm; there was no hate in those eyes, only compassion.

"Why Drew?" Brian asked the person in front of him. Drew didn't speak for a moment. It seemed that he was trying to collect himself. Brian sighed and started to walk away from the three guys. But when Brian walked past Drew, a voice spoke up.

"You left me." Drew said. It was filled with anguish and pain. There was no hate in there but just sadness. "Those were my darkest times. Almost all people around hated me." Drew said as tears flowed down. Brian was speechless. It was true. He left him. "Have you felt being unloved? Like the world is just against you?" Drew added that struck Brian to the core. It was a feeling that Brian didn't want to feel ever.

"I'm sorry. I admit I was afraid then. I wasn't sure of myself at that time. I was so confused. People were telling me this and that and I just didn't know what to believe anymore." Brian explained his side. "I know it's a poor excuse but that's the truth. I was a coward then but I did regret leaving you alone. I was supposedly your best friend and I left you alone dealing with this heavy baggage." Brian continued. Drew just continued weeping and JC was also crying as well hearing the sad story of Drew. JC wanted to embrace Drew and make him forget everything. The pain was already overwhelming for him. Brian's voice broke his flow of mind. "Gentlemen, I'm not filing any charges against him. You may remove the cuffs now. And Drew, I know I don't deserve your forgiveness. But I'm so so sorry for everything." Brian said as he started to walk away from Drew who was being uncuffed by the two confused cops. JC was following behind.

"Bri, I forgive you. And I wanna say sorry too for doing this. I guess the pain was just too much and my mind was too clouded by revenge." Drew said but it wasn't receive by any reply but a tight embrace from Brian who was crying on his shoulders. Drew returned the hug and knew then that their friendship won't be broken again. "And Bri, I think I'm gonna see someone to talk everything out. I have too much pain inside and I don't know what to do with it." Drew said weakly.

"I'm so proud of you. And thank you." Brian said with a genuine smile. JC was happy with the reconciliation of the two and was just happy seeing Drew smile... that angelic smile.

The three walked out together with smiles painted on their faces. Justin frowned upon seeing Drew but when he saw that they have real smiles, he forgot about the anger inside of him. It was the same when it went with the guys of Backstreet and NSYNC; it was so uplifting seeing Brian smile at last and seeing that the three have resolved their differences.

Brian's smile diminished upon seeing three familiar faces. It was embarrassing enough for him being jailed but seeing his family was just too much already. Brian wanted to run away but Drew and JC held his hands. It was a good sign of support and reassurance. Brian went on.

There were lots of hugging and rejoicing in Brian's case and lots of warnings in Drew's case but Drew didn't mind it that much because he knew he was at fault and totally deserved it. Drew even expected that they would beat him up and the warnings just made him sigh in relief. 

Brian and his family came face to face. Brian couldn't speak. Brian couldn't even look at them. Guilt was written all over his face. "I see that everything is settled between you and Drew." Jackie said. Brian just nodded without looking at them. "And I see that a certain boy named Justin Timberlake has captured your heart." Jackie chimed that made Brian look at them. 

All Brian saw was acceptance and pure love. "You don't hate me?" Brian said shyly. It was answered by a smack at his head.

"Don't ever think that we would hate you. Ever. Or I'll give you one hell of a spanking!" Jackie chastised his son jokingly. Harold Sr. and Harold just chuckled and were also smacked at the head. "You men are so full with it!" Jackie said out of exasperation that made the group burst into fits of laughter.

"When are you gonna present your boyfriend to us?" Harold Sr. said while still rubbing the back of his head where Jackie hit. Brian just blushed and held Justin's hand.

"Mom, Dad, Harold this is Justin Randall Timberlake, my boyfriend." Brian said shyly. The Lance, Chris, and Joey was confused with the sudden switching. JC approached them and whispered something in their ears that made them smile and hug JC. Everything seemed to be perfect at that moment; there was no hate in there. Only unending love.

"Now, to deal with the world." Brian said fatigue in his voice.

"Just tell your management to call ours coz I told them to make a statement for me. I'm coming out. 

"Lance, can you call management and tell them that I'm out too." JC chimed in. Lance nodded and averted his sight to Joey who just nodded.

"I just hope that this won't harm the sales of 'Celebrity'." Lance mumbled as he took the phone out of his pocket and dialed Johnny Wright's number.

"But they're out there, I have to say something." Brian said.

"Don't worry. They won't bother you for now." Justin said with chuckle that made Brian frown due to confusion.

"Let's just say someone blew his top on the way here." Kevin said to Brian.

"You know, we could use him as a good press repellant. You should have seen the press people rushing away after Justin's scolding." Nick added that made the group burst into laughter and Justin's face into a big red tomato.

"Then, let's get out of here. This place gives me the creeps." Brian said and they walked out of the building and into two waiting limos. 

Once inside the limo, the two were locked into a passionate kiss. The passionate kiss that they wanted for the past months. The kiss that they waited for. The touch that they longed for after the incidents. "God I missed that." Justin said breaking their hot lip lock.

"You know, we won't get sleep now. This two would be just doing it like rabbits." AJ said as he entered the limo.

"Like he's not doing it with Joey." Howie mumbled and entered the limo as well.

"Let the couple do what they want. They haven't done that for months." Kevin said as he sat beside Howie.

"Yeah. Look at Kevin after the tour. He looks like everything is bursting inside of him." Nick joked that prompted another fit of laughter from the group except Kevin who was glaring at Nick. "Let's go home now." Nick voiced out once he got his composure back.

It was a tiring day for all of them. But with all of the action, it ended into a very sweet ending. Justin and Brian were cuddling in bed. A first after the long drama that they underwent. Justin was toying with Brian's blonde hair that seemed to becoming a fetish of Justin. Brian wasn't complaining.

"Everything will be out tomorrow." Justin whispered to Brian breaking the comfortable silence inside the room. 

"I know." Brian said nonchalantly. "I guess it would be a good thing. We don't need to hide our affection and we could go out together without the fear of being seen together. We could also build a house for ourselves. It would be ours. And..." Brian stood up and went to his closet. Justin was confused with what Brian was doing. When Brian came back he looked at Justin straight to the eye. "And we could be married?" Brian asked as he knelt down with a ring presented to Justin.

Justin was speechless. Every part of his body wanted to scream. "Yes! Yes! Yes!!" Justin shouted as he dove for Brian and kissed him deeply. The two were lying on the floor and as their eyes locked, they knew that it would be for the long run... or is it?






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