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Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or it's not true!!! Even if this story involved the Backstreet Boys and N SYNC, all that happens here is fictional... it's not true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but I hope it's true... hehehehe...

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Crossed Paths
Knowing the Facts

"What on earth just happened?" JC asked Justin. The smile painted on Justin's face just can't fade away in that moment. 'BRIAN talked to me!!!! And I have HIS number' Justin thoughts were running amok in his head. The feeling inside Justin was so... so overwhelming. JC on the other hand, was very much confused with the spectacle that he was witnessing in Justin.

"What on earth just happened?" JC repeated himself. Justin looked at him with the pain and fear gone from his eyes, but replaced with pure happiness with the events that just happened in that lobby with Brian Littrell.

"C'mon! Let's go to my room, and I'll tell you the WHOLE story." Justin said cheerfully. 'Tell him the whole story? Am I crazy?' Justin thought and giggled out loud. Nevertheless, the feeling inside Justin was too unbearable for him to handle, he just have to let it out and the most qualified person was JC... as in Justin's bestest friend for life. JC looked at Justin with confusion not knowing the WHOLE story.

Justin and JC hopped on the elevator and went to Justin's room. The trip going there was enveloped by silence. JC was trying to sort out what just happened and Justin was just too happy to even talk. Justin was trying to reminisce every moment that he and Brian shared in that lobby. Justin was trying to recall Brian's beautiful voice talking to him, Brian's eyes that seemed to capture his heart, and that smile that can leave anybody awestricken.

Justin opened the door of his room and laid on the bed. Justin then started laughing uncontrollably like a toddler being tickled by his mother or someone. Justin just kept repeating the incident in the lobby in his mind. It seemed that he can't satiated with the face of Brian painted in his mind. JC looked at him and a smile traced his face seeing his friend very happy.

"NOW, tell me?" JC said trying to sport a straight face. Justin was too funny for JC and he started giggling also. "Seriously, Just. Tell me." JC said as he propped himself beside Justin.

"Okay. I know that we have been friends since... forever! This is gonna be a shock to you but please, don't hate me." Justin said as he tried to sit beside JC. JC was still confused. 'Where am I when this things happened?' JC thought.

"Curly, nothing can make me hate you." JC said. JC touched Justin's golden curls and felt its softness... and the passion he feels when Justin's around him or just the vision of Justin in his mind.

"Okay. I'm... how do I say this." Justin said. Justin paused for awhile and thought of the softest manner he could say his secret. "I love guys!" Justin just blurted out.

"Huh?" JC was indeed shocked with the revelation of Justin. JC's blank face made Justin feel uncomfortable. 'Oh my God! He's gonna hate me.' Justin thought. "YOU... you're gay?" JC said out loud questioning everything he just heard.

"Um... yes. I'm still the old Curly you know. You'll just not see me with more Britney or anyone with a pussy in the future." Justin said trying to joke around the situation he was having. "You're okay with this, right?" Justin said awkwardly waiting for the response from his friend.

"Definitely!" Josh said with a big grin. 'I DO have a chance with my Curly.' Josh thought.

"And did you notice Brian a while ago? He's SO cute!!!" Justin just blurted out and giggled. Justin just kept giggling and giggling not sensing the change in the mood of JC. JC's emotional hype sank to the bottom upon hearing Brian's name.

"As in BSB's Brian!!! Are you fuckin' crazy?" JC said with anger in his eyes. JC stood away from Justin because of the anger building up in him and knowing himself the best, JC could do something if he was too close to someone even if it's Justin. Well, another guy, a guy who can probably destroy their career, Brian Littrell of Backstreet Boys, has captured Justin's heart.

"Nope! I think I'm in love." Justin said like he won the lottery or something. Justin was in cloud nine so to speak but the traces of joy in JC's face can't be found. Disappointment and anger traced JC's face, a side of JC that even Justin hasn't seen ever.

"In love? Come on Justin. Don't be damn stupid. HE's married for God's sake." JC shouted. Justin's giggles diminished and a shock dominated Justin as he stood up and looked at the furious guy. 'This is new.' Justin thought.

"Whatever. Anyway, did you see his eyes? The way it sparkles as you stare straight at it. Or did you..."

"Did you just hear any word I said? He's straight and he's a Backstreet Boy! He's never gonna be with you... ever." JC's words were filled with despise over Brian. JC hated Brian for competing with them in the music industry and the hate grew knowing that he again has to compete with Justin's love and affection, which he would lose eventually.

"What's gotten into you anyway?" Justin asked who's also becoming irritated with the conversation. Justin gave JC a bad stare, which JC returned to him. In their minds, everything was just one-tracked; everything was just through their point of view only.

"What's gotten into me? I'm just putting sense to my friend who seems to be out of it! I'm just protecting my best friend from getting hurt from that asshole." JC said as he sat at the chair by the bed where Justin laid.

"Asshole? Brian's not an asshole. Maybe YOU'RE the asshole!" Justin screamed at JC as tears began to form in his eyes. The emotion that he was trying to control was just too unbearable for the 19-year old. "Please get out." Justin said coldly as he laid face down on the bed.

"Fine! But you'll be hearing a lot of "I told you so's" from me in the future." JC said as he walked out of Justin's room. 'I thought he's okay with this.' Justin thought as he began to cry.

Everything started bad with the lost in the EMA and the coldness of Brian earlier, but it began to be better when Brian talked to Justin and now this with JC. Justin began to crumble into pieces as more tears began to flow out of his eyes and the disappointment with JC finally seeped in.

After a few minutes of strolling in the lobby of they hotel trying to sort things out, Brian felt exhausted physically and emotionally. Brian was practically battered with too much stress from the EMA where they performed and the emotional breakdown with Leighanne's infidelity.

Brian stepped inside the elevator and thought of the things that just happened. "We won best group, but I lost a wife today." Brian said out loud. The elevator soon opened to his floor and walked towards his and Leighanne's room... now Brian's room only. The walk was so long like the door just goes farther and farther from Brian. 'I'm just tired I guess.' Brian thought.

The flow of Brian's thoughts was disrupted by two voices that seemed to be fighting. At once, he recognized Justin's voice, an angry Justin's voice. And another, which he can't recognize but very much familiar.

After a while, the shouting stopped and a skinny brunet slammed the door with anger tracing his face. Brian looked at the guy and felt the resentment towards him as their eyes locked. JC's eyes were filled with hate towards Brian. One thing ran in JC's mind, 'You stole my Curly!'

"What happened JC? Is everything alright with Justin?" Brian asked even though he sensed the hostility in JC's eyes.

"What do you care? Just get the hell out of my life... and Justin's." JC said as he passed Brian. Brian was irritated with JC's actions but he didn't want to face a very much angry JC. Brian then heard cries from the room where JC came from.

Brian knocked on the door, but there was no answer except the incessant cries inside. Brian decided to let himself in and know the answers for the questions in his mind. The figure crying on the bed left him surprised and sad. Brian walked towards the crying figure and sat at the bed beside the figure.

"Justin, are you alright?" Brian asked softly as he touched Justin's back. The sobs suddenly ceased and Justin looked at the person beside him and the source of the majestic voice. Justin looked up and saw a worried Brian looking at him.

"I'm so embarrassed that you're seeing me crying. I must look pathetic." Justin said as he tried to wipe away the tears from his eyes and straighten himself. Brian gave Justin a smile.

"Don't be. Crying is as natural as breathing. I cry too you know." Brian said to Justin. Justin gave Brian a smile but the traces of his crying were still present on his face. "You wanna tell me what's wrong?" Brian asked Justin. Justin's smile diminished and a frown appeared.

"Nothing serious. It's just an argument with JC." Justin said. 'About you.' Justin wanted to tell Brian, but Brian didn't know ANYTHING that happened inside his room.

"Oh, I see." Brian said softly as loneliness traced his face. Justin sensed the change in the mood of Brian that left Justin in confusion.

"You don't look fine. Wanna tell me?" Justin asked Brian with a smile unaware of the emotions mixing inside of Brian. Brian began to tear up as the events in the party returned to him. Justin sat closer to Brian and offered him an embrace for comfort, which Brian gladly accepted.

"Leighanne and I are over." Brian whispered but loud enough for Justin to hear. Justin's embrace tightened hearing those words.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." Justin said to him as he began to tear up as well. 'Brian is right here comforting me while he has bigger problems to face.' Justin thought and felt guilty. "Wanna tell me what happened?" Justin asked curiously.

Brian let out a sigh, but his tears flowed down continuously. Brian narrated everything that happened from the moment that Justin and Brian's conversation by the bar that made Justin frown until the time Brian spotted the bitch.

"Maybe it's just a misunderstanding or something?" Justin said absent-mindedly. Justin was talking with Brian in his most vulnerable moment, but he didn't take advantage of the moment and tried to do what a good friend would do, patch up the relationship.

"I don't think so. Actually, I was waiting for this moment to come." Brian said. Justin was more confused than ever with the words of Brian.

"I don't follow." Justin walked towards the bathroom to get a towel for Brian. Justin tried to patch every word that Brian said but he couldn't put up the picture that Brian was trying to show. Justin soaked the towel with cold water and returned to the room. Justin handed the towel to Brian and Brian thanked him.

"I think I regret marrying Leighanne." Brian said as he wiped his tears from his eyes and feeling the cold comfort that the soaked towel was providing him. Justin was surprised with Brian's remarks.

"Oh come on! You think I'll believe that you that you wasted 8 years of your life being with Leighanne?" Justin said jokingly.

"I mean I love her, but not that romantic kind but just as a friend. She was a good friend but there's always something missing in our relationship. I just don't feel complete with her." Brian laid down on the bed and stared at the white ceiling. Brian tried to recall every moment that he and Leighanne shared and searched for the answers that was bothering him for a long time. 

"Why did you marry her then?" Justin laid beside Brian and gazed at the ceiling too. Justin was happy already being with Brian and Brian's honesty with him made him overwhelmed with joy.

"I don't know. It's just something that I have to do. It was expected out of me. You know, others think that Leighanne and me were the perfect couple that everyone was dreaming, but no. It was pure hell for me, but I tried my best not to show it and tried to play along. It's just I hate to see her in pain because she stood by me every time. I know that SHE love me, and marrying her is just a payback for all the good things that she gave me." Brian's eyes began to well up again. Justin's heart began to melt with the compassion that Brian was showing towards Leighanne even though that she has inflicted pain to him. "I guess seeing Leighanne with another guy just gives me a concrete reason to end this lie."

"In that case, I think you're right in ending it. Sometimes, we have to think for our happiness. Being a celebrity is not enough reason to give up everything just to cheer up strangers. We have our own lives too to live up and enjoy." Justin said thinking of his own happiness that's just beside him.

"That's a nice thought coming from a 19-year old curly guy." Brian said with a laugh. "Let's lighten up the mood. Let's not talk about stuff that would kill the mood. Let's just get to know each other more." Brian suggested with a smile. The pain that traced his face was soon fading, but replaced with this temporal joy.

"Okay. Hi! I'm Justin Randall Timberlake and I'm 19 years old. I'll turn 20 this January 30. I have 2 sets of loving parents, Lynn and Paul, and Lisa and Randall. And two siblings, Steve and Jonathan." Justin introduced himself. Brian laughed hard with the manner that Justin was introducing himself, but when it was his turn, Brian used the style of Justin in introducing himself.

Justin and Brian just laid on the bed talking about their lives, getting to know each other better. From their favorite colors, up to their greatest fears, they shared it to each other. It was not typical for the both to just bare their souls but it seemed that there was just an unexplainable connection that they share.

"How 'bout you and Britney? I heard that you're official now." Brian said with a grin. On the other hand, Justin seemed to be out of words. Justin and Britney's relationship was no secret in the world of music. In the mind of Justin, `That's how you kill a moment.'

"It's nothing. Honestly, it's for publicity only." Justin blurted out. Justin was very uncomfortable with what the conversation was heading. There's one thing that Justin hates talking about was that his alleged relationship with Britney Spears.

"And you're advising me on thinking of my own happiness?" Brian laughed. Justin caught the humor of what Brian said and giggled as well.

"Well, I'm not thinking of my happiness as well even if I have this charade with Britney. " Justin just blurted out without thinking. Brian's laughter ceased and gave Justin a confused look. "Forget that I said that." Justin said trying to lead Brian off the subject.

"Ooh... Justin has a secret. Is it a special someone?" Brian asked mischievously. Justin blushed and shyly nodded. It seemed that Justin was too head over heels with Brian that he wasn't able to lie. "Someone I know?" Brian asked again. Again, Justin gave a shy nod. "Describe her?"

"Well, the person has a pair of wonderful blue eyes, and an amazing smile that could melt almost anything." Justin closed his eyes as he created the image of his love one in his mind, Brian. "And that person has brown hair and has this cute nose, and I think that this person sings very well and has this golden heart even if it had a problem. I think this person is the most wonderful person in the world but I think that HE'S attached..." Justin trailed unaware of what he just said.

"HE?" Brian said in a louder tone as he jumped out of bed. Justin's eyes opened gazing at a very much-surprised Brian standing in front of him. Brian stood at distance not knowing of the best thing to do at the moment. Justin eyes began to water as he witnessed the reaction of Brian.

"Yes." Justin said weakly as his head hung low. Brian just remained standing surprised of the revelation that he heard.

"You're gay?" Brian said. Justin just gave a nod. Brian thought of everything that Justin just said a while ago. The words of Justin replayed in his mind until a statement caught his attention, 'the person has a pair of wonderful blue eyes... had a heart problem.' "The special someone is... me?" Brian said with surprise. Justin didn't reply but just cried harder.

Brian was lost in that moment and leaving seemed to be the only answer that popped in his mind. Brian just left Justin crying in the room without saying something. Justin's heart began to crumble, similar to what he had experienced in the party earlier with Brian also.

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