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Well, this is Chapter 5 of my Crossed Paths series. This is really not at it's best but I hope that all of you would still like this one. I promise that the next would be better.

NOTE: This is a BRIAN/JUSTIN story not a JUSTIN/JC one or others having a 'relationship' with BRIAN or JUSTIN but there will be instances. The point is the story circles on BRIAN/JUSTIN relationship, but there is room for other pairings.

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Crossed Paths
20's a charm!

"Hi baby!" A voice said in the phone.

"Brian! God I miss you already!" The curly blond hunk answered. It seemed so long for the two who were forced to be separated temporarily due to their responsibilities as musicians. Brian was still rehearsing for their big tour while Justin was bored in the studio.

"I miss you too, Curly." Brian said with a sigh. Everything seemed to be in close guard in the BSB camp. AJ is having his therapy session to fight his addiction. Nick has really become a big pain in the ass. Kevin and Howie were trying their best to hold the group intact.

"How's practice with the guys?" Justin asked as he waited for the other guys finish laying their voices in the studio.

"God! It's so tiring. I'm too old for this thing." Brian joked. Brian was trying very hard to hide what he was really feeling from Justin. He just didn't want Justin to worry about him.

"You can always join me here in NSYNC anytime." Justin offered slyly.

"And do those moves you do? C'mon, didn't you just here me say... I'm too old for this." Brian said.

"But you can learn it from THE Justin Timberlake." Justin showed his ego once more. Brian just laughed with Justin's remark. It was one of the things that were keeping Brian sane, Justin. Brian remembered his childishness years ago with Nick.

Nick. The man he remembered to be his best friend. The man who he believed to be the most understanding in the situation proved Brian's assumptions wrong with his reaction with the news. Brian wanted to strangle that boy at that moment. Brian never thought that Nick could be so narrow-minded with his relationship with Justin.

"Bri, is there something wrong?" Justin asked worriedly sensing the abrupt silence in the other line. "Please tell me." Justin said softly.

"Just, it's nothing. I'm just having a hard time with Nick about... us." Brian confessed partly of the problems he was having. "I couldn't believe that he doesn't like you being with me. Well, he doesn't like all of you there in NSYNC." Brian sighed.

"C'mon! Give him a chance. He's just afraid and trying to adjust with the new situation. I remember the time when Chris and Dani WERE together." Justin emphasized with the 'were'. "I was really giving Chris hell. It's just that my best friend's attention isn't with me anymore. I have to share him. That's kinda difficult of a situation." Justin told Brian from his experience with Chris.

Actually, it makes sense, Brian thought. Sometimes, Justin really surprises him with his intelligence and wisdom. Justin was so young yet so wise in life. Another part of Justin that Brian truly loves.

"Thanks Curly. I needed that." Brian said. A shout behind Brian echoed in the room where Brian was in. "Just, I gotta go! Fatima finally noticed me here by the side." Brian said hurriedly.

"Okay. Love you!" Justin said.

"Love you too!" Brian said and hanged up the phone. Brian ran towards Fatima who was giving him a deadly stare. Brian just gave her his patented goofy grin and joined the rest of the guys.

"Called your 'frofreak'?" Nick said sarcastically. Brian looked at him madly. Brian was trying to ease the pressure mounting inside him not to pour all of his anger to Nick who deserves it really.

"Shut up Nick!" Howie said irritated also with the hostile attitude Nick was showing.

"Lance?" Justin peered in the conference room. Lance was seated on a chair with all the papers on the table. "It looks like a storm passed here." Justin said jokingly. Lance seemed not to hear him because of all the paper works he has to finish for FreeLance and for N SYNC as well.

After a few minutes, Lance finally sorted everything into two stacks. Lance shouted happily and noticed that he was not alone in the room. "How long have you been in here?" Lance asked quizzically.

"Long enough." Justin said with a grin. "Need help there?" Justin offered.

"Stop. What is it this time?" Lance asked Justin. Justin gave a shocked innocent look.

"What? Can't I help a friend in distress?" Justin said with false hurt. Justin was really a good actor.

"Just help me separate those that needs to be signed and those which needs to be discussed with the others." Lance said as he looked in the stack of papers in front of him. Justin pulled the other stack of paper and began reading them.

"Lance?" Justin said softly. "I hate seeing Chris this way." Justin said. It was evident that Justin was deeply affected by the breakup of Chris and Dani, actually, everyone in NSYNC were affected with the sudden change in Chris. The old goofy Chris they knew was gone and a depressed one replaced him.

"I hate seeing Chris this way too Justin." Lance said without looking at Justin but still putting most of his attention to the paper in front of him. "Let's just wish that Chris will snap out of his shell soon." Lance said.

"What if he doesn't be his self again? What will happen then?" Justin asked again as his eyes began to be blurry because of the tears that were forcing their way out.

"I don't know." Lance said finally looking at Justin. Lance approached Justin and gave him a warm hug. It was different from Brian's affectionate hug but the warmth of Lance's friendship could be felt.

"I'm scared." Justin said softly as his voice cracked and his eyes were starting to water.

"Don't worry Curly. Chris is just mourning for his lost right now. He studied psychology for Christ's sake. Surely he'll see his situation rationally... again." Lance said knowingly even if he was also scared that this could lead to the early demise of N SYNC.

"Lance, it's not about Chris. I'm scared for myself and Brian." Justin said as he embraced Lance tighter. "I don't know what I'll do if Brian and I will break up. I think I couldn't live without him anymore." Justin cried harder in Lance's shoulder. Lance didn't know what to do. It was the first time after Christmas that Justin cried again.

"Justin, listen to me. I know that you and Brian love each other. That's a known given already. I don't think that you and Brian will ever break up." Lance paused for a while. "Wait, I KNOW that your relationship with Brian is permanent." Lance said trying to comfort his friend.

"I hope that you're saying is true. I really hope so." Justin said as he broke his embrace with Lance. Lance went back to his chair and glanced quickly at Justin who resumed reading the papers in front of him. Lance thought of the experience he had with Justin before Christmas, and he was more scared with the strong bond Justin and Brian were sharing. The big ones make the big falls.

Outside of the conference room, Chris listened intently to what Justin and Lance talked about. Chris never thought that he has affected so many people because of his break up with Dani. Chris looked in his actions for the past few days. True, he was really being an ass, but he couldn't help not think of Dani especially their final goodbye to each other.

Chris knocked the door of Dani's house. It was supposedly a fun night for both Chris and Dani. They set the date to have a time for themselves and Chris was actually planning to propose already. The sound of Dani's footsteps grew louder and louder as Dani approached the door to open it.

Dani opened the door. The smile that painted Chris' face faded when he saw that Dani was not dressed up to the occasion. "Why aren't you dressed yet?" Chris asked Dani.

"I don't feel going out today." Dani said with a singe of coldness.

"Okay. We'll just chill here." Chris said with a renewed smile painted on his face. Dani just nodded and motioned Chris to enter the house. Chris felt the difference in Dani, but just shrugged it off thinking that she might be tired.

"Chris, I wanna talk to you." Dani said. Chris looked at Dani's face intently gauging if Dani was serious or not... she was serious. Chris sat on the sofa thinking of what was Dani gonna say. Dani sat on the other side of Chris looking at him straight to the eye.

"What is it?" Chris asked nonchalantly. Dani looked at her hands and started to tear up.

"Chris, I think I don't want to continue our relationship anymore." Dani said as she hugged herself.

"You... you're breaking up with me?" Chris stuttered trying to hide all the pain that he was feeling at the moment. Dani didn't look at him but she gave him a shy nod. "Why?" Chris asked slowly.

"It's just we have grown apart. You're always out touring across the States and I'm just here... all alone." Dani explained what she felt when Chris was out touring. "I think I don't love you anymore." Dani said as more tears flowed out of her eyes.

"Be honest with me. Is there another one?" Chris asked softly. Chris has suspected that there was someone else but still, he was hoping that there was none.

"I'm really sorry Chris. It was...." Dani started.

"Don't be. You want to break up? Okay, we'll break up! Goodbye!" Chris said infuriated. Chris walked out of Dani's house to his car and drove off from Dani's house... from Dani's life forever.

"I think moving on is the answer for all this problems." Chris said softly to himself as he walked away from the door of the conference room.

"How will we pull this out?" A man whispered to the phone inside a secluded room.

"I'll just talk to HIM first. I know he's dying to see Brian again after everything." The voice in the phone said.

"Okay. Just be sure that this will keep them apart." The man said.

"It will." The voice promised.

The man hang up the phone and went outside of the room. He walked towards his other friends who were apparently having a good time. He pasted a smile to keep the happiness sustained and to hide his dubious plan.

A phone in the studio rang incessantly. Joey approached the phone and answered it.

"Hello?" Joey said.

"Joe! Don't tell anyone I called, okay?" The voice in the phone said.

"Brian, what is it?" Joey said quite surprised.

"Well, Curly's birthday is on the 31st right?" Brian said. Joey affirmed the question of Brian. "Well, I wanna surprise Justin so don't tell him any of this 'coz he thinks I'll still be in tour." Brian explained his plan to Joey.

"Brian, why on earth will you call me to just say that? Actually, we don't care if you'll come or not... except Justin of course." Joey said.

"Okay. I'll be straight to the point. I want you to help me..." Brian explained his whole plan for Justin's private party. And Joey did love Brian's ideas and he's beginning to like Brian more.

"One question... why me?" Joey asked confused. Well, if one wants to have a party, they should go to Lance, but not Joey.

"Because I know you can do it." Brian said. "Actually, I was thinking of talking to Lance first but I know he's busy with something. Chris is really not in good shape for this. JC? I still think he hates me. So that leaves you." Brian said with a laugh.

"You ass... but I'm still honored!" Joey said with a grin painted on his face. "I won't let you down." Joey said and they started to finalize the surprise party for Justin.

"I guess that's it." Brian said.

"Um, can I ask you a question?" Joey asked hesitantly.

"Sure. What is it?" Brian said.

"How's AJ?" Joey said softly.

"AJ? He's starting to really come around." Brian said uncomfortably. "He's still seeing his therapist who is really making progress but he's still battling the urge and the pain." Brian said trying to soften the worsening situation of AJ. AJ has been really making the tour suffer. Everyday, he'll just walk out of rehearsals or he'll lock himself inside his bathroom because there was always someone with him... one of the therapist's orders. It's difficult enough having a tour around the world and with this added bonus of seeing AJ squirm in pain when the urge hits him was just becoming too much for the Backstreet Boys.

"That's nice to hear." Joey said. Joey knows that Brian was lying but let it slide. Brian just didn't want Joey to worry about AJ, but no one knew that AJ was always calling Joey especially when he was feeling the pain. Joey has become AJ's solace during his episodes and his times of loneliness. Joey was the glue keeping AJ together and hopeful that all of this was gonna end.

"Joey, I gotta go, okay? Just keep with the plan and I trust your creative mind there." Brian said with a grin.

"JC, where will we hold the party?" Lance asked the older guy. JC looked in the paper he was holding where all plans they were making where written.

"How 'bout your house?" JC suggested.

"Sure, put all the trashing in my house." Lance said sarcastically.

"I guess that's a no from you." JC said dejectedly. JC paused for a while searching the most appropriate place where they could hold a party. "How about a hotel ballroom?" JC said.

Lance pondered on the suggestion. "It's a good place. Now, let's think how we'll keep those two numbskulls oblivious." Lance said with his evil grin painted on his face.

The days went fast and two NSYNCers were a year older. Lance and JC, the minds behind the party that they were having were just relaxing on the side of the ballroom of the hotel they reserved where the fun was roaring. The two were grinning together seeing the success of the party and the big smiles on the faces of their two friends.

"Guys, I don't know what to say about this!" Justin exclaimed as he approached the Lance and JC's booth.

"Anything for our Curly!" JC hugged Justin tightly. It was partly out of their long friendship since MMC, and another part of JC's undying secret love with Justin. JC was also happy seeing his best friend and secret love so happy this day.

Lance gave Justin a hug too but it was interrupted by the voice of Chris. "Two of my friends here are older. Justin who's 20 now... my baby." Chris said with faking a cry. The crowd laughed at him. "And our Joey who's... let's not just say it!" All again laughed at his remark. "Just wanna give them a big happy birthday and... let's just open these damn gifts!" Chris shouted as he approached the big stacks of gifts.

Justin and Joey followed Chris' lead smiling widely seeing Chris back to his old self (no pun intended!). The two sat on the sofa and waited as the gifts were handed down to them one by one.

Gift wrappers flew across the room as the two tore them just to see the gifts hidden. Some were gag gifts, their favorite stuff and lots more making all of them very excited. All the gifts were opened; Justin's high slumped noticing that Brian didn't give anything to him on this special day. As a matter of fact, Brian didn't even call him just to greet him a simple 'Happy Birthday'.

"Justin, a package just arrived for you and it's in Room 214." Joey whispered to Justin's ear. Justin's eyes widened as he heard Joey's word, he knew that it was from Brian.

"Guys, I just have to go to get one more gift. I'll be back!" Justin said as he hurriedly walked out of the room to get his gift. Once he reached the door of the room, he straightened himself up and knocked on the door.

There was no answer.

Justin twisted the knob of the door and the open pushed open. Justin peered inside the room seeing that it was dark inside. "Hello?" Justin asked the darkness of the room. There was no answer. Justin's hopes of Brian slumped down again noticing that the room was empty. Another of Joey's tricks.

Justin backed out of the room when he noticed a small envelope on the floor by the door. Justin picked it up and read the letter inside.

Curly. Your gift is in the next room.

Justin grinned and knocked on the next door. The door opened slowly and a soft music filled Justin's ear. Justin walked inside the room and was in awe with what he saw. The room was filled with candles giving it an amazing ambiance. There was a table for two by the bed with two plates arranged perfectly.

"Love it?" A voice from the inside said. Justin looked for the source of the voice. Once he pinpointed the location of the voice, a figure walked from the darkness and approached Justin.

"Brian!" Justin said and he ran towards Brian and gave him a tight embrace. "I thought you forgot about today." Justin sniffled a little bit... actually, Justin was sobbing like a baby upon seeing Brian.

"Justin, how can I forget this day? I just have to keep this a surprise with you. Thank Joey for all of this." Brian said and he pressed his lips on Justin's. The simple kiss turned into a very passionate one that lasted for a few minutes until Brian broke it. "I think we should eat first." Brian said grinning.

Justin walked towards the table while Brian walked towards a dark side of the room and pulled a cart filled with food. Brian placed the cart beside the table making it an improvised buffet table. The two talked about the latest happenings about their life... the tour with BSB, the studio sessions NSYNC has, and loads more.

The two were just having their desert when Brian walked towards the bathroom of the room. After a short while, Brian walked out with something hidden from Justin's sight. Brian propped down to his seat.

"Justin. Just was wish you a happy birthday and I love you." Brian said as he handed a small velvet box to Justin. Justin stared at the box and Brian that started tears to flow out from his eyes. Justin reached for the box and opened it. Inside, there was a turquoise ring. It was a simple light blue ring with a silver band bordering it.

Justin just stared at the ring with his mouth slightly open from awe. "There's an inscription there inside." Brian said softly. Justin searched the inscription and found it. "JT, I love you. This I promise you. BL." Justin inserted the ring on his ring finger and looked at the sudden difference with his hand earlier.

"Brian, you wanna MARRY me already?" Justin swallowed hard. Justin knew that it was too early for an engagement, but if Brian asked him... Justin knew in his heart that he would definitely say 'yes'.

"Oh no but I want it soon. This is just a promise ring that will remind you that I'll always love you especially when we are apart." Brian said as he walked towards Justin and gave him an embrace.

Justin kissed Brian sensually and looked in Brian's eyes... Brian's soul. "Brian, I really love you. This is the best gift anyone has given me." Justin whispered to Brian's ear.

"I don't think so." Brian said grinning. "Wanna bet?" Brian said and kissed Justin again.

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