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If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having an intimate relationship and is FOR ADULTS ONLY. If you really like this stuff, please don't tell others.

Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or it's not true!!! Even if this story involved the Backstreet Boys and N SYNC, all that happens here is fictional... it's not true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys. I don't own them, okay? AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but I hope it's true... hehehehe...

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Hey guys.. and gals too!

This is my first ever celebrity story. I still write fiction but in another genre [--> plug: The New Things, Exchange of Hearts (Nifty-highschool)]. This is my first attempt to construct a story out of real people so bear with me. Sorry for the grammar errors and/or spelling errors because English is not my first tongue and I'm doing this very late at night.

Chapter 6 already??? Yup! It's chapter 6 for y'all! It's part one of my Valentine's treat for all of you. Actually, next part will probably come out on Valentine's day itself... still hoping!

NOTE: This is a BRIAN/JUSTIN story not a JUSTIN/JC one or others having a 'relationship' with BRIAN or JUSTIN but there will be instances. The point is the story circles on BRIAN/JUSTIN relationship, but there is room for other pairings.

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Crossed Paths
Cupid's Conspiracy

Brian walked in the room full of people that were familiar to him. The people in the room were composed of his band mates, their management, The Firm and some representatives from Jive Records. Brian scanned for an open seat for him to sit. Kevin noticed it and motioned Brian to sit beside him. Brian walked to the chair that Kevin directed and smiled at everyone. The smile was his mask to cover the nervous feeling he was feeling at that moment.

Brian sat down. "Did you tell them?" Brian whispered to Kevin. Kevin shrugged. It means that all these execs are still oblivious with the real situation.

"Okay. We were called here for an important caucus, according to Kevin." One of the execs said. There were three of them present in the room. All of them were wearing formal suits and really looked serious. They really mean business. "Let's start." He added.

"Brian here has something to tell you." Kevin said. Kevin looked at Brian and gave him a smile to reassure that everything will turn out great... hopefully.

"Okay. I'll start with the smallest issue. Miss Leighanne Wallace and I have decided to have a divorce due to some problems we were having since STOCKHOLM." Brian said with a flinch of anger and disgust when he said the word Stockholm. The memories of the night in the bar were still fresh in Brian's mind. The memory of his 'wife' making out with another guy made Brian truly suffer.

"It could cause some bad publicity. On the other hand, it could widen your audience again because they'll think that they have a chance to marry Mr. Brian Littrell." The balding guy said. The others whispered to each other noting the pros and cons of the situation. "I think that could be settled. Is that all?" He added after they have agreed that it would be for the good.

"But there's more." Brian said. The nervous feeling in Brian rose to another level making him sweat.

"Bri, be straight to the point!" Nick said to him. Brian glared at him but Nick was unaffected with it. "If you don't want to say it, I will. Gentlemen, Brian here is GAY and he's having a sexual relationship with Justin Timberlake of NSYNC." Nick said. Brian and the others looked at Nick with shock. It was a sensitive issue that needs utmost care but Nick really hit the softest area there. The other Backstreet Boys gave Nick a glare that could kill.

"Is this true?" The guy with glasses said. Brian looked at the three gentlemen and slowly nodded.

"I think that we can't say to you to be straight because you are gay. It's who you are." Johnny Wright said. Brian gave him a smile. "BUT, I'm giving you a directive to be extra careful when going out with Mr. Timberlake. There will be no public appearances of you two only." Johnny ordered. Brian was actually relieved with what has transpired. He thought that he would be kicked out or something from the group.

A series of positive nods from the execs followed Johnny's word. "We are leaving now. Be careful and I hope that you're relationship with Justin will last forever." Johnny said with a smile as he stood and motioned to the door.

Brian stood up and accompanied the 'big people' out of the room. "Thank you very much." Brian smiled, a real one. Once the execs got out of the room, four pairs of eyes looked at Nick. Nick's face was mixed with emotions. "Nick, please tell me the problem." Brian said as he sat beside Nick.

"What made you think there is a problem?" Nick said coldly. Nick glanced at Brian and saw that he was deeply affected with his actions. It was very insensitive of Nick but he has internal problems too and Brian was part of it.

"Nick, you're acting like a prick since Christmas. You keep on bashing NSYNC, Justin in particular. AND you keep on avoiding Brian." Howie voiced out his observations of Nick.

"Nick, what you're doing really pains me. You're my best friend. We are Frick and Frack. It really burdens me knowing that my best friend hates my new lifestyle." Brian said as tears cascaded down his cheeks. Nick was trying to control his emotions too. Nick wanted to say that 'you and Justin look good together' but he can't... or doesn't want to.

"Kevin, AJ and Howie, I need to talk to Brian about this alone." Nick said. The three got the message and filed out of the room. Once alone, Nick looked at the sad expression of Brian. Nick was also in pain seeing Brian like this. "Bri, I want to give you my okay but it would be very hypocritical of me. I don't want to give you that for the sake of just saying it. It's just I have to look inside my heart and mind to find the answers that are bothering me this past days." Nick said.

"Nick, I'm here for you. Tell me what's bothering you. Maybe I could help." Brian said. Brian has always been Nick's confidant. Brian was so used to Nick. If Nick has a problem he would just knock at Brian's door and pour his soul to him. It was then... before everything.

"Bri, this time I have to settle this alone. I know that you won't be there always for me. I have to learn to solve this by myself." Nick turned his back from Brian to hide the pending tears that was trying to pour out. Nick walked towards the door and out of the room leaving Brian defeated in the room.

"Lance, what's on the week's agenda?" Justin said happily as he sat on the sofa. Since Justin and Brian's little date, Justin was happy all the time... too happy in fact that he was already scaring everyone. Justin was also excited with his date with Brian this Valentine's.

"It's a light week for us actually. Joey and I would be working separately for our movie. And you guys could do anything you want, but don't forget the studio time we have." Lance paused thinking of the other things they have to do. "Oh yeah, Justin you'll be doing a photo shoot on the 13th and 14th in California. I'll give your plane ticket later, okay?" Lance said.

"What!" Justin shouted angrily. "You expect me to do a photo shoot on Valentine's Day?" Justin said. Lance looked nervous as hell but shyly nodded 'yes'. "No! The answer is no!" Justin shouted angrily as he stomped out of the room.

JC entered the den when he heard Justin shout. "Lance, what was that all about?" JC asked Lance curiously. Lance just gave him a shrug and sat beside Joey to talk about the movie they'll be shooting in the near future.

Justin walked towards his room and slumped down on his bed. Justin's eyes were starting to tear up. It was Justin and Brian's first Valentine's together and he did want to return the favor to Brian who made him a surprise private birthday special.

Justin stared at the promise ring that Brian gave him and gazed on the phone by the counter. Justin reached for it and pressed a few numbers.

"Hello. Can I please talk to Mr. Wright?" Justin said still angrily. The receptionist connected Justin's call to Johnny's room after a series of questions that pissed Justin more.

"Johnny Wright speaking." Johnny answered the phone.

"What is this photo shoot on the 13th and 14th?" Justin said as he paced in his room.

"Lance told you already. You'll be in California for a photo shoot and interview with a magazine. Let me check what magazine..."

"I'm not going." Justin interrupted.

"Who said so?" Johnny retorted.

"Me! I'm not going." Justin said angrily. Justin sat at his bed trying to get a grip of himself.

"You're the boss now? I'm saying that you're going and that's final. Stop acting like a child! You're 20 already for God's sakes. Goodbye!" Johnny said as he hanged up the phone. Justin threw the phone across his room out of frustration and cried.

JC entered the room and saw the state of Justin. JC immediately went beside Justin and whispered words of consolation. JC knew that it was a poor attempt but he couldn't do anything. Justin was too upset at the moment.

"Why can't they understand that this is important for me. I wanna be with Brian." Justin whined. JC hugged Justin that he accepted. JC felt like being electrified with Justin's touch. It's the closest that they can get.

"Justy, stop crying. Everything will be okay. I'll be here for you." JC tried to comfort Justin with his words. "I know that Valentine's is important to you, but you have a job to do." JC tried to reason out the side of their management company. "February 14 is just a date. You can make Valentine's every day. It just depends on you and Brian." JC said with a flinch when he said his rival's name.

"You're right. Thank you Josh." Justin said as he wiped off the tears on his face. Justin gave him a smile and reached for the phone lying on the floor. Justin quickly dialed a number too familiar for him.

"B-Rok here!" Brian said in the other line.

"Brian, it's Justin." Justin said. "I have some bad news." Justin added dejectedly. JC slowly crept out of Justin's room to go to his room and sulk.

"Curly, what is it? You're making me worry." Brian said with utmost care.

"Management sent me to California on the 13th and 14th. I guess we can't do the Valentine's date we're planning." Justin said as he pouted.

"That's okay. It's your job. We can make Valentine's day everyday anyway." Brian said trying to cheer Justin up.

"You know, that's the exact thing that JC said earlier." Justin said. Brian frowned a little with the word JC. Brian always knew that JC really hates his guts but Brian didn't know the reason.

In another part of the same house Justin was in. Someone was talking on the phone finalizing a devious plan. "Is everything set for them?" The person whispered to his phone.

"Everything is set." The voice in the phone said casually. "He has talked to me and everything is according to plan. I've sent a couple of guys to take him to the place we would keep them. Try to keep everything quiet there." he added as he hung up the phone.

The person dialed in a bunch of numbers and waited for his accomplice to answer. After a few moments, the phone was answered.

"He'll be taken by 10 later this evening." The person said. "How about there?" He asked.

"I'm on my way to inform him at this moment of the diversion." The other party answered and hanged up the phone.

The person ended his call and grinned with all things falling in their rightful place. The plan was smooth and perfect. The person opened the door and walked towards his other friends.

"Curly, can I talk to you for a moment?" JC asked as he peered in the room of Justin. Justin was still lying on the bed bored. Justin looked at JC and motioned him to enter the room. Justin stood up and placed his attention to JC.

"What is it Josh?" Justin asked with a smile. JC walked towards Justin and sat beside him silently. Justin looked at him intently trying to read his friend's actions, but it was impossible.

"Justin, how did you know that it was 'love'?" JC asked softly to Justin. Justin looked at JC and searched his heart for the answer.

"Josh, you just can't pinpoint love. I myself don't know but I know I'm in love with Brian. It just hits you and you feel this feeling of security when you’re with him. It's like when you see him, your day is already complete." Justin tried to word out all of his inner feelings but the words are not enough to describe how Justin truly loves Brian.

"Okay." Silence covered the room of Justin.

Justin decided to break the silence. "Is my Joshy in love?" Justin joked knowing nothing of JC's true feeling with him. JC looked at Justin and was overwhelmed of Justin's beauty.

"I think I am." JC said softly. JC walked towards the door and went out of Justin's room. "I'm in love with you, Justin." JC whispered to himself as he walked down the flight of stairs.

"Brian, where will you be going tomorrow?" Nick asked as Brian and Nick walked towards their respective hotel rooms. After their little talk, everything seemed to be back to normal in the Backstreet camp. Brian and Nick were again civil to each other.

"I dunno." Brian shrugged. "Justin will be going to California for an interview and photo shoot and I can't go to him because we have a concert." Brian said with depression in his voice. Everything that he told to Justin were just words Justin that wanted to hear but deep inside, he wanted to kill their management for interfering in their relationship.

"I guess it would be just us after all." Nick said happily. Nick was truly happy knowing that Justin and Brian wouldn't be celebrating their first Valentines together. Brian gave him a weak smile and affirm Nick's notion.

"Hey Brian! Have a good rest. You have to finish a photo shoot tomorrow at 8." Kevin shouted from his door. Brian groaned knowing that it would be a boring day again. Nick gave Kevin a death glare and pouted knowing that Brian would be gone for the whole day tomorrow if it was a photo shoot.

"Okay. Good night everybody." Brian said as he opened his room. Brian entered his room and looked at the room he stayed in. It was a very spacious and elegant room but it looked so incomplete without the contagious laughter of Justin or Justin's whining.

Brian looked at the phone lying on the counter and decided that he should call Justin. Brian dialed Justin's number and waited for Justin to answer his phone.

"Hello?" Justin answered.

"Justin! Brian here." Brian said happily. "How's everything there?" Brian asked as he fiddled with the telephone wire.

"I'm actually packing some clothes for my trip. The guys are okay except JC who's too distant this days." Justin said absentmindedly as he folded a blue shirt and placed it in the bag. "How's the concert Bri?" Justin asked. Justin walked from his closet choosing carefully the appropriate outfit for his trip.

"The concert? It was pretty much fun I guess but it sure was tiring." Brian said trying to hide the sadness he was feeling.

"You're right! You're too old for these concerts. Why don't you just mellow out with me." Justin suggested to Brian jokingly.

"I wish I could do that Curly, but this is my life... live with it." Brian said.

"You know after everything..." Justin's voice trailed off. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" Justin said out loud seeing four masked men.

Brian heard what Justin said and worry overcame his feelings. "Justin? Are you okay there? What's happening?" Brian was frantic with what he was hearing in the phone. Brian could hear a struggle but couldn't determine what was truly happening in there. Justin was shouting obscene words to the masked men then silence... an uncomfortable silence.

"Justin? Justin! Please talk to me!" Brian's eyes were tearing up but no one answered in the phone. Brian hanged up the phone and motioned to go to Kevin and book him a plane to Florida to see what happened.

Brian opened the door but four masked men blocked him. Brian's eyes widened upon seeing the hooded men. "Who are you?" Brian asked the men while backing in his room. The four men didn't say a word. They just advanced to Brian and held him. Brian tried to fight the four guys by moving incessantly but everything was useless. One of the masked men covered his nose and mouth with a piece of cloth probably soaked in chloroform. Brian moved less until he remained still and was unconscious.

Two of the men carried Brian out and walked towards the flight of stairs to not cause any suspicion. One walked towards one of the hotel room and knocked. When the door opened, the person was grinning. "He's being brought to the van as of the moment." The masked man reported.

"Good. Make sure that they'll be there! Go now before someone sees us." The man said as he closed his door. He quickly went to his phone and dialed his accomplice's number.

"Everything here is done." He said when the phone was answered.

"Everything is okay here also." The man in the other line answered.

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