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NOTE: This is a BRIAN/JUSTIN story not a JUSTIN/JC one or others having a 'relationship' with BRIAN or JUSTIN but there will be instances. The point is the story circles on BRIAN/JUSTIN relationship, but there is room for other pairings.

BIG NOTE: This chapter contains a sex scene. It's the first smut scene in the whole series and... it's the first smut scene that I ever did in my whole career as a slash fanfic writer. I am not yet that good in writing smut so sorry...

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Crossed Paths
Chapter 7

Brian's eyes fluttered as the light from the sun hit his eyes. Brian's head was throbbing like he had a hangover because of the chloroform that he was forced to take. Then, it hit him. Brian remembered the four masked men, the same four men that kidnapped him. 'Where am I?' Brian absentmindedly thought.

Brian's eyes tried to adjust with the sunlight that was causing pain to him. Brian tried to stand from the soft bed that he was laying when another body shifted closer to him. The body felt to be a body that was so tight and muscular... the feeling was just like Justin's. Brian gazed on the body beside him and it was his curly haired lover.

Brian shook Justin for him to wake up. "Justin, wake up." Brian said to Justin's ear. Justin just groaned and returned to sleep. Brian felt a little naughty and decided to kiss Justin forgetting about their situation at hand. Brian's lips inched closer to Justin's until their lips met into a lip lock. Brian tried to brush his tongue in Justin's teeth for them to open up and accept Brian's tongue. Justin reluctantly accepted Brian's tongue and moaned with the passion that was building in their kiss.

Justin felt the tongue that was invading his mouth and accepted it. Then, the events from the night before returned to him and his eyes shot open and were met by a pair of blue eyes. Eyes that were filled with love and peace. All the anxiety that was eating Justin inside just disappeared. He just went with the flow.

Justin embraced Brian and eagerly kissed Brian more. The straining hard-ons in their pants were beginning to pain them and pleaded release. Brian broke the kiss they were sharing and gave him a goofy smile. "I can't believe you did all of this." Brian said and kissed Justin again.

This time it was Justin's turn to break the kiss and confusion traced his face. "What did I do? I was about to thank you for doing this." Justin said. They thought that it was the other's scheming idea for them to have their Valentine's.

"We have to get to the bottom of all of this." Brian declared as he stood up from the bed and examined where they were. "Do you know where we are?" Brian asked out loud. Justin stood up and walked towards the window to look outside of their room. Justin peeked through and looked at the beach... they were in a sort of a beach house.

"I think we are somewhere in the coasts. There's a beach out there." Justin pointed to the amazing view of the ocean from the room. Brian looked at the ocean and smiled. His gaze shifted to the counter near their bed. Brian's eyes locked on a white envelope lying there. Brian walked towards the counter and picked up the envelope. It was addressed to 'Brian and Justin'.

Justin caught Brian's gaze on the envelope and walked beside Brian. "I think we should open it." Justin suggested. Brian just nodded 'yes' and opened the envelope. Inside the envelope was a letter that was neatly handwritten. Brian read the letter.

Dear Brian and Justin,


If you're reading this letter, you must have discovered that you were sort of kidnapped and taken here in this beach house. Please don't be alarmed by any of the event that happened but it was part of the surprise. :-P


We are very sorry if we scared the shit out of both of you but I know you'll love all of this. Well, we pulled a couple of strings and got you a Valentine's vacation here. Don't worry about the photo shoot that we were saying, it's just part of the plan to see you squirm in pain. <laughter>


Well anyway, you have this day until the 15th off. It will be just both of you there. No work. No fans. No everything except both of you having the time of your life together. We know that it's difficult for you two to be separated always being a Backstreet Boy and an NSYNCer. This is a little gift that we want to give the both of you this Valentine's for finding your true loves and mending the broken relationship of our bands.


Don't worry about the other guys. After you've read this, they've already been informed by all of these events. Just have a good time and let this be your first Valentine's together and perfect.


Luv ya both!


Lance, Kevin and Johnny


PS: Don't do anything that I wouldn't do. - Kevin :-)

Tears cascaded Justin's cheeks upon reading the letter. It was a good start for Brian and Justin's relationship. "Bri, remind me to thank Kevin, Lance and... Johnny?" Justin's voice grew louder with the shock that their manager knew their relationship. Justin wipes away the tears that was shed and gazed intensely to Brian.

Brian looked at Justin nervously. Brian forgot to tell Justin that he, well Nick, told Johnny and Jive everything. "Um, Justin." Brian started nervously. "I kinda told Jive and Johnny about everything... well, it was actually Nick." Brian said with his patented goofy smile.

"What did they say?" Justin was frantic with what management thought about their relationship.

"They didn't mind except that we have to cut down our public appearances together." Brian said. "They are supporting our relationship." Brian finished to reassure Justin that everything would turn out okay.

Justin looked at Brian and gave him a kiss again. "Thank you." Justin said.

"Thank you for what?" Brian asked in between their sweet kisses.

"For being my Brian Thomas Littrell." Justin giggled while pronouncing Brian's name.

"Well, I should also thank you for being my Justin Randall Timberlake." Brian said with a laugh.

The two lay on the soft bed intertwined. Their lips locked in a passionate kiss and their legs and arms searched for nothing in each other's body. It was a sight filled with love and passion that Brian and Justin has been deprived off. Their lives as artists is very arduous and this is their only consolation for themselves, being with each other.

Brian and Justin felt the hardness of their penises confined in their underwear.

"Do you think we're ready for... you know?" Justin asked curiously feeling a little embarrassed talking about sex. Brian didn't say a word thinking if they are ready or not.

"I think I am. This just feels so right." Brian said. Brian gazed in the eyes of Justin and discovered the love once more found in those blue eyes. "The question now is, are you ready?" Brian threw back the question to Justin.

It was Justin's turn to remain silent. It has been 2 months already since they started this relationship and it was the best and worst months of Justin's life. Without Brian, everything was so out of place and in chaos but if he's with Brian, whether there's a catastrophe in their midst, it seemed perfect for Justin. "I think I am. But I want to take this real slow and easy." Justin said.

"I know, that's what I'm thinking too. I don't want our relationship based in sex. I love you too much for that." Brian said. 

They were still fully clothed, and what's the first step... get more comfortable. Justin kissed Brian's lips again trying to savor its succulent taste. On the other hand, Brian was unbuttoning Justin's pants to ease Justin's confined cock. Justin's hand reached for the Brian's belt and started to unbuckle it.

Minute by minute, clothes were being removed from the two lovers but their lips never separated... maybe a few times to remove their shirts. At last, only their pairs of underwear were covering their bodies.

Brian broke the kiss and took a moment to look at Justin's amazing physique. It was very masculine with the rippling muscles in his arm and the perfect chest that's not too big but not to small. For Brian, it's the most suitable body for him.

Justin too was admiring Brian's body. Justin's feelings towards Brian's body was pretty much the same except when Justin saw the scar on Brian's chest, a sad feeling doomed unto Justin. Justin reached for the scar and touched it. Brian sensed the change of mood in Justin.

"Justin, don't think about it. It's in the past." Brian embraced Justin tighter. It was an act to show that Brian will not leave Justin and he'll be always a part of Justin's life.

"I know but I can't stop thinking that you almost died before and you could..." Brian's hand brushed on Justin's lips making Justin shut up.

"Let's just enjoy the present." Brian declared.

Brian's lips returned to Justin's lips like it was his home that was left a long time ago. Brian's mouth moved down to Justin's neck making Justin moan in ecstasy especially when Brian licked Justin by the ear. Justin's moans motivated Brian more because Justin loved it, which is an understatement of what Justin was really feeling.

Brian moved from Justin's neck to his chest. Brian momentarily laid his head on Justin's developed chest hearing the rapid beating of Justin's heart. 'His heart is beating because of you' a voice in his mind said that made him smile. Brian's eyes gazed upon the erect brownish-pinkish nipple. Brian's lips inched closer to the nipple until his lips sealed it and began sucking like his life depends on it.

Justin's eyes shot open from the sudden intense feeling that made him scream. "Brian! Don't stop!" Justin's voice echoed the room. All of his moans were very much audible that motivated Brian and made him more excited as well.

Once Brian satiated himself with the nipple, he decided to move on to the main object of his desire. Inch by inch Brian got closer and closer to Justin's erect phallus, which was still confined inside Justin's boxers. Brian reached for the waistband of the underwear and slowly pulled it off of Justin and the vision of Justin's erect penis left Brian in awe.

"That's an amazing art you have there." Brian said out of nowhere. Justin just giggled with Brian's remark and Brian soon laughed out of his remark.

Brian's hands reached for Justin's cock and felt its heat and the hardness. It was a different feeling for Brian. It was his first time touching another's penis and he didn't feel uncomfortable but he felt that it was just right. 'All of the girls want this and it's all mine!' Brian thought that made him smile. Brian began stroking Justin's cock slowly making Justin moan Brian's name.

It was a foreign feeling in Justin's part. 'Someone's touching my dick.' Justin thought but like Brian felt, it just feels right with Brian's touch. It was like his penis was longing for Brian's touch. All Justin's feelings were clouded as the intense feeling due to Brian's stroking took effect on Justin. "Bri! It feels so good!" Justin moaned out.

The image of Justin in total ecstasy made Brian smile. 'Here's my love one enjoying something and I'm the cause of it.' Brian thought. Brian's mouth inched closer to Justin's dick. Brian licked the head of the Justin's cock that made Justin jump with the sudden surge of electricity. Brian concentrated on licking the head while stroking Justin's shaft.

Justin's moans and groans were getting louder and louder which Brian enjoyed. It was Brian's proof that Justin indeed loved every second of what he was doing. "Bri, I'm getting close." Justin warned Brian but Brian didn't stop or pause. All Brian did was engulf almost the whole shaft and began bobbing up and down. "Bri!" Justin shouted as he reached his climax and shoot out his cum in Brian's waiting mouth.

Brian welcomed the foreign liquid and swallowed it. Brian was initially disgusted with the consistency of the liquid in his mouth but he thought that it came from Justin and drank it generously. Once Justin has finished, Brian stood up and looked straight to Justin with a smile.

"I love you Bri. That's amazing." Justin said.

"Anything for my Justin." Brian said as he dove to Justin's mouth and kissed him.

"Wait, you haven't cum yet." Justin said to Brian.

"You don't have to. This is enough for me... and besides this is just the first day." Brian said with a grin and kissed Justin once more.

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