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NOTE: This is a BRIAN/JUSTIN story not a JUSTIN/JC one or others having a 'relationship' with BRIAN or JUSTIN but there will be instances. The point is the story circles on BRIAN/JUSTIN relationship, but there is room for other pairings. 

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Crossed Paths
Chapter 8
Say what?

The irritating sound of the doorbell disrupted the heavy making out of the handsome couple. After three days filled with love and lust, their vacation ended inevitably. A look of disappointment traced their faces as they straightened themselves to look as decent as possible for their visitors.

"I guess this ends our valentine's vacation?" The curly one asked. It was their first Valentine's together and with the help of their friends, it was the best.

"At least we had one, right?" The brown-haired southerner answered. He was trying to keep all of his disappointments inside him to not add weight to his boyfriend's. He gave a weak smile and walked towards the door to greet their expected visitors.

Once he opened it, his two friends gave him a warm smile and hugged him. "Bri, how's everything?" Kevin asked.

"It was the most amazing vacation ever." Brian said with a huge grin.

"They did it." Lance said nonchalantly as he passed Brian and went to the room where Justin was. Kevin just grinned at his cousin and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"How is everything with the others?" Brian asked. Kevin entered the house and sat at the sofa. Brian followed Kevin's lead and sat beside Kevin.

"AJ is better. He's talking to a friend that's really helping him a lot." Kevin paused for a while. "Howie is still the same, silent as usual but Nick..." Kevin trailed off as he took a deep breath. "He was the most pissed when I informed the others about you're little vacation with Justin. I really want to know what the problem is with Nick." Kevin sighed.

"Justin said that he maybe feels that all of the attention I gave him was sort of divided now." Brian said trying to understand Nick.

"But he didn't react this way when you married Leighanne." Kevin retorted. Brian thought about it and what Kevin said was true. Nick was even 100% supportive with Brian and Leighanne's relationship. Deep in Brian's mind, he knows the answer... Nick is homophobic but he doesn't want to believe that his best friend could be such.

"Let's just not talk about all of this for now. So how's Kristin?" Brian changed the subject trying to avoid to the thoughts of his best friend being a cruel bigot.


*    *    *    *    *

Lance entered the room and he saw Justin trying to squeeze in his clothes in the duffel bag. Justin saw Lance and his eyes brightened with excitement.

"Did you bring it?" Justin asked as he rushed towards Lance.

"Where's 'how are you and the others'?" Lance said sarcastically. Justin didn't mind Lance's remark and just kept asking about the 'thing' that he asked Lance to bring. "Of course, I brought it." Lance reached inside his pocket and pulled out a small box. Lance handed it to Justin and he opened it to check the content. When he saw the object inside, Justin just smiled happily.

Justin closed the box and placed it inside his pocket. "So what's the scoop back home?" Justin inquired as he walked back to his bag and continues fixing his things.

"Chris is better compared last month. Joey is becoming more secluded by the day. He doesn't party anymore and he just locks himself inside his room talking on the phone." Lance said as he inhaled deeply. "And JC, I don't know about him. It's just he has this mood swings especially after I told them about you're little vacation." Lance said evidently confused.

"I'll deal with all of the problems when we return home. For now, I'll give something for my little B-Rok." Justin said as he walked happily to where Brian was. Lance just shrugged and followed Justin.

Brian and Kevin were still talking and it seemed that they were having a fun conversation. Justin sat on the lap of Brian and whispered something to Brian. "Excuse me, Kevin. Justin needs to talk to me for awhile." Brian excused himself as he and Justin walked towards the bedroom leaving Lance and Kevin to talk.

Once the two reached the room, Justin closed the door and looked deeply in Brian's eyes. "Bri, it seemed that I won't make it in your birthday." Justin immediately silenced Brian who was gonna rebut. "So, you gave me something special in my birthday and I'm giving you something also for you to remember me while on the road." Justin reached in his pocket and pulled the little velvet box. Justin placed it on Brian's hand and kissed him sensually.

"Justin, you shouldn't have but thank you." Brian said. Brian opened the box and was in awe when his eyes met the object inside the box. The box contained a silver ring bordered with gold. It was well decorated with an intricate design all-around it. Brian pulled it off the box and spotted an inscription inside the band. "B, I Promise you with everything I am, J" Brian read the inscription out loud.

Brian's eyes were starting to water with the sentiment of Justin. When he looked at Justin having that love struck stare, he couldn't stop the tears falling. Brian grabbed Justin and embraced him tightly. "I so love you!" Brian kept repeating the same words to Justin. Justin returned the embrace equally and just gave Brian the warmth and love that he could possibly offer.

They broke their embrace. Justin wiped away the tears that Brian shed. "Stop cryin, babe. Put it on so I'll see if it fits perfectly." Justin suggested. Brian pulled out his wedding ring and stared at it for a while. It was the symbol of the union that Brian and Leighanne shared, the same union that Leighanne broke when she had an affair. Brian placed the wedding ring in his pocket and inserted the ring that Justin gave in his ring finger. It fitted perfectly like it was made for him.

"It fits perfectly. Thank you, Just." Brian said as he gave Justin a kiss filled with love.

Justin pulled away and just smiled at Brian. "Come on, Lance and Kevin are waiting for us." Justin said to Brian who just nodded with Justin's words. Brian and Justin took their duffel bags and walked towards their two friends.


*    *    *    *    *

The phone rang incessantly until a person answered it.

"Hello" the one who answered the phone said.

The other party recognized the voice. "They're coming home." the person said bitterly.

"At last! I can't bear the thoughts of the two fuckin' there. Lance and Kevin will pay someday but for now, let's proceed with the plan." The woman said on the phone.

"Okay." The person said and hanged up the phone. The person thought for a while if he was doing the right thing but nothing could defend his actions, they're all selfish. All of his doubts were erased as his thoughts of his love surfaced in his mind. The person walked out of the room and joined his friends waiting for the arrival of his secret love.


*    *    *    *    *

"We're here!" Justin shouted as he entered his humble abode. His three friends scooted down to welcome him. Joey and JC hugged him tightly and when it was Chris' turn, a huge grin was plastered on his face. "What?" Justin asked confused.

"Did you do it?" Chris asked excitedly. Justin was still oblivious with what he was talking until it hit him. Justin blushed and smiled meekly. "I know it! Yes!" Chris said acting like he won the Grammy's or something. Chris hugged Justin.

The gloomy look of Joey didn't change while JC's face contorted with disgust. JC walked behind Joey to hide his disgust with the revelation of Justin. JC composed himself immediately and made a fake face to not cause any suspicion with his secret desire with Justin.

Justin noticed the gray expression Joey was sporting and frowned a little bit. "Joey, can I talk with you for a moment?" Justin asked. Joey just nodded and the two walked away from their other three friends who were confused.

The two walked towards the dining room and sat there. Justin looked at Joey intently. "Anything you wanna share?" Justin asked.

"Huh? Nothing." Joey said weakly.

"Okay. Is AJ okay?" AS Justin said the name of AJ, Joey looked at him with surprise. "I know your phone calls with AJ... everyday." Justin confessed.

"You're spying on me?" Joey inquired angrily.

"No. I patched all things up. AJ was talking to an unknown friend that was helping him and you're always locked in your room with the phone. It really makes sense." Justin explained. "Are you in a relationship?" Justin asked.

"Uh... I don't know." Joey said sadly. "I just feel so helpless that I can't be there with him. If you can just hear his cries when the cravings come to him, or the nightmares he was having. It just pulls me down as well." Joey said as he began to tear up.

"Joey, you're an amazing friend. I know it's difficult being away from the one you love but you have to be strong for AJ. He's depending on you for the strength and love you give him. Don't let his downs come on to you, he needs you to be the one who can make him laugh, the one who can make him feel safe, or the one who he can love." Justin uttered.

"Thanks Curly. That's a nice advice." Joey said as he wiped away the tears and smiled, his first genuine smile for weeks. "So how's your off with Brian?" Joey asked anxiously.

"Off with Brian?" A voice behind them said. When the turned around, a vision of Britney mad as ever filled their minds.

*    *    *    *    *

"I'm back!" Brian declared as he entered Kevin's room where everyone was meeting. All acknowledged Brian's arrival with a warm and tight embrace. Well, not everyone 'coz Nick was sporting a scowl and gave him a cold hug. Brian noticed Nick's actions and decided that he would talk to Nick and flush out the answer that was bothering him.

"Did you two, um... you know?" Howie said uncomfortably. Everything stared at Brian waiting for the answer but they only saw a confused Brian not knowing what Howie meant.

"What little D's trying to say is did you two have sex?" AJ said with a grin plastered on his face that's also anxious to hear the answer. Brian was dumbfounded for a second but a grin said everything. "They actually did it!" AJ shouted.

"Well, we didn't go ALL the way... yet." Brian said still sporting the same grin that gave the answer. Upon hearing Brian's word, Nick stood up and stormed out of the room angrily. "What just happened?" Brian inquired.

"My friend, you just experienced Nick's moments." AJ walked towards Brian and pat his shoulder. Brian's worry was intensifying by the moment because it was his best friend that just walked out and he doesn't know the problem, a first in Brian's life.

"I think Nick and I need a little chat." Brian said as he walked out of the room hurriedly. Brian walked towards his room following his intuition. Brian knocked at the door. No answer. He knocked again. Still no answer. Brian twisted the doorknob and let himself in Nick's room.

The room was dark, only the light from the window lit up the room. "Nick?" Brian called out. But no one answered him. Brian knew that Nick was in the room, somewhere. The bed was empty. The sofa was empty. The bathroom! Brian walked towards the bathroom and knocked at the door.

"Go away!" Nick hissed. Brian was appalled with Nick's cold tone. Sure, Nick could be pissed off but he never used that tone with him ever... until that time. Brian was more determined to get to the bottom of all of this. Brian opened the door and saw Nick sitting in the tub with his knees by his chest. Nick was apparently crying that softened the hardening heart of Brian.

Brian walked towards the tub and sat beside the bawling Nick. "Please tell me." Brian pleaded with Nick.

"You don't wanna know." Nick muttered. Brian was confused at that moment. What did Nick have that could possibly infuriate him?

"I'll try to understand everything. Just tell me." Brian begged again. Nick looked at him gauging Brian, thinking if it's right for him to tell Brian everything. Nick finally made a decision... he wants it; he'll get it.

"You wanna know what's eating me up? I'll tell you." Nick said with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "I am sickened by the sight and news of you and Justin in a relationship! That's why!" Nick said out loud.

Brian wasn't shocked that much because he sensed that Nick could be a possible homophobic. Brian kept his silence thinking of what he would say to Nick that wouldn't increase his anger. "Okay. I'll tell the guys not to mention anything about me and Justin when you're around. And I'll try to stay away from you." Brian said dejectedly as he stood up.

"I never said that I hate you. I accept fully that you are gay because..." Nick trailed off. Nick looked at his palm looking for the answer if he should tell him. "Because I am gay too." Nick whispered softly but Brian caught that up that caught his attention.


*    *    *    *    *

"Britney, I think I really have to tell you this now." Justin said softly to Britney who appeared to be very pissed. Britney just stared at Justin adding the guilt that Justin was feeling.

"That's right Justin! I need a very good explanation with your sudden disappearance and on VALENTINE'S DAY! For God's sake!" Britney shouted. Joey made a beeline out of the dining room to not feel the wrath of Britney Spears. Once Britney composed herself, she sat on the chair beside Justin. "Tell me!" Britney said not looking at Justin being very angry.

"Brit, I really don't know how to say how sorry I am for not being with you. I don't know what to say but I feel that this is already going out of hand and you are really a special friend but you deserve to hear it but it's..."

"Justin! Stop giving me long excuses! Just spit it out!" Britney interrupted Justin's soliloquy.

"I'm gay! I don't love you! I love Brian of BSB! I was with him on Valentine's day sucking each other off!" Justin shouted who appeared to be as pissed as Britney. Justin got his senses back and felt guilty with the manner of how he explained everything to Justin. "I'm sor..."

"Can I have a moment." Britney was taken aback with Justin's revelation. "The guy I know to be my boyfriend is gay. We were in a serious relationship and then he gives me this bombshell." Britney babbled. "It's okay." Britney said inhaled deeply.

"You're really okay?" Justin inquired his friend.

"Yup. I really didn't love you that much. I know that everything is just to make us be more publicized." Britney said nonchalantly. "Wow, I'm single now... how's Josh?" Britney blushed.

"Brit, there something you have to know..." Justin started.

"Brit, I'm gay too." JC interrupted Justin as he entered the dining room and walked towards the ref not paying attention with the conversation that was taking place.

"Can I have a moment again." Britney said looking at JC and Justin. "My now ex-boyfriend is gay. My crush since MMC tells me he's gay too. Fine!" Britney said out loud.

"Brit, are you REALLY fine?" JC asked as he sat beside her while drinking a Pepsi.

"Of course I am." Britney said with a smile. "Let's see... Justin is gay. JC is gay too. That leaves me with cute little Lancey." Britney said as she started to stand up and go to Lance.

"Brit, he's bisexual." Justin said weakly. Justin looked away not wanting to catch the dreaded expression that would be painted on Britney's face.

"Another moment please!" Britney slumped down on the chair. She inhaled deeply trying to absorb everything that she was being informed. "Ex-boyfriend, gay. Long time crush, gay. Cute albino guy, bisexual. I'm nearing being pissed off now." Britney said as she glared at Justin and JC.

"Please understand Brit." JC pleaded with Britney with those puppy eyes.

"Okay, I guess there's still Jo..." Britney gave in to JC's plea.

"Joey's not available right now. He's on a love conquest at the moment." Justin interrupted Britney.

"And don't think about Chris, he's heart just been broken so don't even think about it or I'll personally kick your sorry little ass!" Lance entered the room.

Annoyance built inside Britney as she shouted. "God! What do you want me to do? Be single forever? I had a boyfriend, he's gay. That's fine. Then, I find out that my long-time crush is also gay. That's also fine. I thought there's still hope with a cute albino boy who I find out to be bisexual and Joey's attached or something." Britney said out of frustration.

"Why do you look for NSYNC guys anyway?" JC asked. Silence followed that question and all eyes were on Britney who appeared to be thinking hard.

"That's a good question. There's a lot of fish out there anyway. But the question is why do all fine men ends up to be gay?" Britney asked herself.

"I'm not fine enough for you?" Chris said as he stepped inside the dining room.

"Chris, Shut up!" Everyone in the dining room said simultaneously. Inwardly, they were happy because Chris was finally getting back to his old goofy self.


*    *    *    *    *

"Say what?" Brian questioned Nick. Nick said nothing and just kept staring into nothing. Brian sat beside Nick and rubbed his shoulder to give him comfort.

"I'm gay, Bri. I just feel so alone when I see you happy with Justin. It just makes me lonelier when I hear that 'I'm so happy with him' or 'I'm in love, I'm the luckiest person alive'. Why can't I get my love." Nick poured his heart out. Tears trickled down his cheeks again.

"When it's your time, it will just come and hit you." Brian said. Wait, Nick said 'why can't I get my love'. Questions rushed inside Brian's head. Everything that happened for the past 4 months replayed in Brian's mind patching up all the pieces of the puzzle... Nick is... "Nick! I never knew. I'm so sorry but I really love Justin with all my heart." Brian said as he embraced Nick.

"I know that's why I hate your relationship. I could be in that relationship but no, I have to be miserable and alone seeing the two of you being lovey-dovey." Nick said.

"I'm still your friend Nick. Let's just place all of these things in the past and let's move on. If I didn't meet Justin, surely, I'll fall in love with you." Brian said.

"What?" Nick asked confusedly.

"You're in love with me right?" Brian questioned back.

"No! That would be so disgusting. It's like I'm doing it with my brother Aaron. Yuck!" Nick said with disgust. "I'm not in love with you... but with JUSTIN."

That's Chapter 8! Wow, isn't this chapter fun? Well, if you didn't find it fun, I actually did. This is one of the easiest chapters to write so far. So, Nick's added in the gay list... and a big revelation there. I hope that you liked it. Well, at first I was thinking that Nick should fell in love with Justin but that would be cliche, so I decided to alter it by making Nick fall for Justin.

Chapter 9 is under construction, so watch for it! :-)

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