This story contains graphical descriptions of homosexuality between consenting adult males. If this is not your desire to read such kind of articles, or you are not of consenting age in wherever you are residing, please do not continue.

This story is written completely based on fantasies. The author does not know, or own, the celebrities, establishments, cities or countries mentioned in the story, hence has no knowledge on the sexuality of the celebrities mentioned. It is of pure coincidence if the story should resemble any real life experience of any individual.

Classification: RPS AU
Catergory: Drama
Part: 1/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jeff/Drew from 98 Degrees
Copyright: © 2002 Jasper Jeff
Author Notes: Are we having enough of Jeffrew yet? Naw ah... I don't think so! Please also note that this story is under a different name "Second Chance" on my website.
Summary: If they're having a relationship, what kind of relationship will it be?

The Relationship

I was lying on my back, holding my left leg up to my chest. My right was on Jeff's shoulder. He was trying a different angle to punch his cock into me. He thought it could add more spices into our relationship.

Yeah, we were fucking each other. It was a sexual relationship between us, other than the professional one.

Well, technically, it was more like Jeff's fucking me than the other way around. Not that was something I would complain about.

Jeff was very enthusiastic about this whole thing - considering that he was straight. I was very much into this too, if you ignored my initial rejection to the idea.

Who wouldn't be into sex with Jeff? He was a gorgeous straight single man. Personally, he was a great guy, a nice co-worker, a good friend, and one hell of a pool player. Physically, he's got a fascinating body from sports and gym -pecs begging to be licked, strong arms and tight abs, not to mention that round tight butt. And that cock of his could work wonders. Good length, nice girth. Adding his expertise in using it, that was a perfect combination.

Jeff was basically the wet dream came true.

So why would I refuse his request of sex in the beginning? I thought he was joking about it!

Most people at work knew that I was gay. I wasn't feminine in my behaviors, in case someone was wondering. I simply never hid it. I had posters and pictures of sexy men that I admired on my partition wall. When guys at work were talking about hot women, I shared my views on hot men with them. Yeah, they were a little uncomfortable at first, but they got used to it. It eventually got them to understand a little about what a gay young man like me saw in guys. I might be a little hesitate to reveal my sexuality to random people, but I didn't think hiding it from people I worked with would be a good idea. It worked out fine for me.

Jeff and I worked in different departments. I only got to know him about three years ago when they started a baseball team in the company to play with other companies in the same building. We hit off as friends quickly. We were always in each other's apartment watching baseball games, football games or basketball games.

And one day, all of a sudden, he decided to ask me for sex.

I was about to call in a psychiatrist, claiming that Jeff was momentarily crazy. He changed my mind immediately. He had his hands rubbing me up and down when I started to protest, earning moans of pleasure from me.

Without any hesitation, his left hand unbuttoned my shirt and caressed sensuously on my nipples and chest. His other hand went down and started rubbing the little spot behind my balls. Those two places happened to be my pleasure points. So, in less than ten seconds, he had me willing and whimpering with lust. He had this earnest look on his face - liked that of a child exploring with his new toy. For a straight guy, I had to give him credit for knowing where to touch another man.

Well, that was how this relationship between Jeff and me started.

"Wow! You were amazing! It gets better and better, every time."

"Is that a compliment?"

"Don't be such an ass. I meant what I said."

"I'm an ass? Isn't that exactly what you want from me?"

Jeff was pissed. "I'm taking a shower. Wanna grab a bite after that?"

"Sounds good."

He got up and headed for the bathroom, without another word.

I knew I was being a jerk. We just had another round of fantastic sex and he was trying to show his appreciation, but I blew him off.

Why would he care though? It's only sex to him. There's no doubt that he was good at sex, but it was not the only thing I wanted from him.

I wanted his affection. And I wanted to kiss him bad. Yeah, I liked him more than I allowed myself to admit.

Jeff once told me that he wasn't into casual dating. So whichever girl he dated, she would be long-term. So, he wasn't going around bedding every hot chick he came across with. However, his own high sex drive was disagreeing with his celibacy when he didn't have a stable girlfriend.

So in his twisted state of mind caused by too much masturbation, he figured having sex with a man wasn't really sex. He felt comfortable with me enough and decided to ask. And I became his stable sexual release.

I knew, this guy couldn't think logically. He would do the world better if he didn't run for the president.

"You coming to the charity dinner this friday?" Jeff asked over pizza.

"Yeah. I don't have any good excuse up my sleeves to get away with it this year." It was a company's annual event which no one could get out of even if it was the end of the world.

"You got a date?"

"Not yet. Sharon from the Accounts department dropped hints that she doesn't have a date. Maybe I'll ask her. Or maybe I'll just go by myself."

"You'll be amazed at how many girls in the company would give a leg to go out with you."

"They know I'm gay."

"They think they can turn you straight."

"Not in this lifetime."

"Ever been with a girl?"

"Once when I was sixteen. Scared the fucking daylights out of me. I didn't even know why I tried in the first place."

"Bad experience, huh? Girls will love you. You're a hot guy, you know that?"

Okay, Jeff thought I was hot... What was I supposed to say then?

"I'm short," I said. "You're five eight and just average height. I'm five six, and everyone considers me short. In all the clubs, they only think of me as a cute underage guy and never take me seriously as a man. That sucks."

"Girls don't think like that."

"Oh really? They like me cause I'm nice to them and I'm not trying to get into their pants. If I were straight, they wouldn't think the same."

"Oh man, come on. You have a higher self-esteem than that! You've got charisma. Girls can go crazy over you."

I never thought Jeff could use the word "charisma". No, I didn't mean that he was stupid or anything, even though he could be rather thick in the head sometimes. He simply never seemed like the more literate type.

"Enough about me. Do you have a date?" I ignored his comments.

"No, not yet. But I have an idea who I'll be asking."

"You're making it sound like prom all over again."

"And have hot wild sex after it? Now that's an idea."

"Hey pal, you oughtta see a shrink about that hyperactive sex drive of yours."

"Why would I need to when I have you as my best friend?"

Okay... What did he mean by that?

Friday was here. The company was letting everyone off early in the afternoon, so all the employees could get ready for the night. I never knew why they made such a big fuss over a dinner. I mean, rising money for a charity was noble, but was it necessary to get all worked up about it? I doubted that.

Anyway, I was kind of worked up in my own way. I stood there in front of my closet pondering what to wear. I had the jacket and pants. And I needed to find a shirt.

The plain white one? That was too boring. The bright navy one? Didn't fit the occasion. The light pink one? Not formal enough.

Why was I so fussy about the shirt? It was about two things that Jeff said two days ago. He thought I was hot and he was having ideas of hot wild sex after tonight's dinner. So, I had to dress to impress him, to arouse him - to seduce him.

Okay, I was obsessed with Jeff. Was that against the law? I didn't think so.

Seduction. That gave me an idea. I ran through my shirts and found a black semi-transparent dress shirt which I hadn't worn for quite awhile. I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror.

Good. I was satisfied with how I looked in that shirt. It was not tight but very form-fitting. I might have gained some bulk from all those gym sessions since I didn't remember the shirt hugging to my body so closely liked it was almost a second skin. It still left some space between the shirt and my body. So with the light on the semi-transparent material, it would cast shadows to enhance my tight definitions.

That was so much I could do trying to seduce a straight guy. Although I was starting to doubt if Jeff was as straight as he claimed to be. When a man enjoyed sex with another man so much, he had to be at least bisexual. Right?

I got into the pants and looked again in the mirror. It was taut around my butt, showing off a nice curve. My abs was the part of my body I was most satisfied with. My butt was the second. But when it came to showing off, my butt did the best job.

Was I sounding like a slut here? If I were a slut, I wouldn't need to rely merely on Jeff for sex. I was not arrogant but I did believe I could get most of the men that I want, had I wanted to.

Anyway, I sprayed myself with 'Allure' and put on the shiny black silk tie and jacket. After a final look at the mirror, I headed out the door.

I still had Sharon to pick up before going to the dinner.

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