This story contains graphical descriptions of homosexuality between consenting adult males. If this is not your desire to read such kind of articles, or you are not of consenting age in wherever you are residing, please do not continue.

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Classification: RPS AU
Catergory: Drama
Part: 4/4
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jeff/Drew
Copyright: © 2002 Jasper Jeff
Author Notes: okay... this is the last chapter. since you all haven't told me what kind of ending you want, i'm putting the ending that i want here. Please also note that this story is under a different name "Second Chance" on my website.
Summary: Last chance to make a difference. Last night to be remembered.

Last Chance

Jeff had probably figured out my feelings for him. Like I had said before, he wasn't dumb. Just a little thick enough in the skull for things to get through to him at times. Maybe he was humoring me and giving me what I had been dreaming of. When this night was over, we would be over.

He moved close again, attacking my neck this time. Sucking and nibbling around the carotid. Moving down to where the shoulder and the neck met, he bit down slightly causing me to suck in a sudden breath. Not as hard as to draw blood, but I was sure there would be a visible mark the next day.

My hands again held his head to me, unwilling to let him go. He didn't bite down any further but changed into a suckling motion. The sensation of his mouth on my skin had me moaning without knowing. He muttered something with his face in my shoulder. That was a low whisper and it was hard to tell what he said in my highly aroused state.

Moving downwards, his tongue searched my chest and found a nipple. Bit down a little, causing me to gasp for air. Then flickered it with his tongue and sucked on tenderly but firmly. That rendered half of my body numb, he then repeated the treatment to my other nipple making me almost paralyzed.

Moving further down, he laid me down on the counter and started licking my belly button. Diving in to the small opening, it did nothing but drive me wilder. Never had I known that tiny spot could have me panting like a dog in heat. He was performing a re-invention of my body.

It wasn't hard to notice how turned on I was. Just took a look at the wet spot at the front of my boxers and one would think it was already over for me. Not only did Jeff's hands know where to touch me, his thin lips and serpentine tongue knew how to bring never-heard-of pleasure to me as well.

His hot breaths left my stomach and travelled further down. Next thing I knew in my incoherent mind were his lips clamping down tight on my erection through my soaked boxers. It was one thing for him to treat me impressionably and not using me for sex. It was absolutely another thing for a self-proclaimed straight man to put his mouth on another guy's erection even if there was a thin sheet of cotton covering it. Not to mention that sheet of cotton was soaked through with precum.

With all the pleasure his mouth was bringing me and the shocked realization of what he was doing to my groin, I was hotter than I had ever been. His mouth lifted from my covered crotch only long enough for him to pull my boxer down to my knees, and then completely off.

I thought he would stop there and move to another part of my body. But I was wrong. A hot tongue against my skin was what I felt. He took a leisurely lick from the base to the tip. Then he slowly took about half of me into his mouth sucking gently, and swirling his tongue around the crown. He might be new to this thing, but he had no doubt in what he was doing and what he was about to do. It wasn't the best head, but knowing who this was from, it was already fucking heaven for me.

After a couple minutes for his new experiment, he gradually kissed his way back up to my mouth. His eagerness and experience made him one hell of a good kisser and he was showing me a whole new definition of french kiss. During the time he was down there pleasuring me, he had gotten rid of his jeans and underwear as I could feel his hardness pressing against my thigh.

I climbed onto him. With my arms around his neck and my legs wrapping around his hip, he held me off the ground while we were kissing. The strength exhibited by him was intoxicatingly arousing. My right hand went down trying to guide him into me. Fetching the lube and condoms would ruin the mood and I was not going to do that to my once in a lifetime experience being Jeff's lover.

Hell to precautions and safety check. This very night, raw passions ruled.

Jeff might be thinking similar things but he didn't object to what I was doing. He lowered me a fraction at a time and eased himself in slowly. It would be a lie if I said it didn't hurt. However thanks to the perspiration, precum from him and the emotional rush I was on, the pain was at its minimal.

Both my hands were around his neck holding on for dear life. My head was resting on his powerful shoulder like it could shelter me from the harm of the world. Breathing quick and shallow, I started to relax and wholeheartedly appreciated the fullness in me at the moment.

He was nibbling on my neck and shoulder. My skin was so sensitive at the moment that his nibbling caused me to tremble in sensory overload. The trembling turned into involuntary convulsions, which had both of us moaning almost non-stop.

As the sensation died down a little, we could hear the labored breathing of each other. He smiled in a content way like he had proved himself right. Then he kissed me again. This time, it was slow and non-urgent like the first one we shared. It almost had me believed that there was real love in him for me.

Almost. But I couldn't lead myself on.

Jeff started to walk out of the kitchen with me impaled on him. The movement caused jabbing in and out of me. That brought another round of moaning into his mouth from the stimulation.

He walked into my room, got on the bed and walked on his knees to the head of the bed. Slowly and carefully, he laid me down on the bed and held himself hovering over me. Still buried deep inside of me, he began a steady rocking motion. Like the kisses, his movements were leisurely and filled with tenderness.

He propped himself up with hands beside me on the bed as mine were roaming all over his perfectly sculptured torso. His eyes kept mine locked in a lustful but yet impassioned hold. There was no rush in getting off from his side. The bond we were sharing that moment was all that mattered. What we were doing was almost the same as what we used to do. But how we were doing it was entirely different. A missing link from before seemed to be established at this moment.

I kept telling myself that it was not love from Jeff but my feelings were saying different things. I simply shut down all traces of thought and indulged myself into the love he was giving me. There was no reason why I should be thinking while this gorgeous man was giving me the ultimate fuck of my life.

He bent down to lick my Adam's apple and caused his abs to crash hard on my erection. Encaged by our abdomens and lubricated by our sweat and my precum, it was getting me close. Even though I tried to endure as long as I could to prolong the experience, he had me blasting off on a particular in-stroke by hitting right on my prostate. My orgasmic groan was muffled by his mouth on mine and reduced down to a satisfactory whimper.

He stopped the rocking and release my mouth allowing me to breathe. Slowly he withdrew himself but stayed in his position with my legs lowered from his waist. The blue eyes never left took their sight off mine during the whole time. His right hand rose and wiped off the cum which hit my chin. Unexpectedly, he put his fingers to his mouth and fondly licked them clean, with broken moans of satisfaction. I could hardly believe my eyes at the sight.

If Jeff wasn't gay or bisexual, he sure was an unbelievably adventurous and experimental guy.

He bent down yet again, licking my chin clean and moving down my body. He licked clean every inch of my body, teasing my nipples in the process and drove his tongue deep into my navel again. The heat of his tongue burned against my skin. When he was done with his oral cleaning, I was primed to go again. He noticed and smiled gladly at me.

He rolled himself off me to my right. Left hand slipped underneath my neck and came around caressing the left side of my chest. Occasionally he would pinch a nipple to accent the sensation. Right hand came on my abdomen rubbing softly, giving a few tugs to my renewed hardness once in awhile.

When the heat had built again, he tilted us both onto our left side. Instinctively, my right leg bent up towards my chest. He guided himself into me in one slow, long push. Another moan escaped my throat uncontrollably.

His hands stayed on my chest and stomach, holding me to him in a tight embrace. His mouth was kissing behind the base of my neck, where fine hair started to grow. We were lying still on the bed, pressing tight against each other. I could feel his groin muscles flex causing the part of him in me to jump, sending off vibes of sexual pleasure through me. It was a sweet teasing and the arousal grew gradually.

After the seemingly eternal teasing, the pumping action started again. It was slow at first. Speed built up minute after minute, so did the level of our moans and groans. I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the passion I felt and the urge to release again. Jeff was whispering things behind my ears. But I couldn't tell what he was saying as I was too caught up in my own bliss.

My eyes clenched tight when the white heat of orgasm hit me. I couldn't hear myself but it wouldn't be a surprise if people across the street could tell that I was screaming my love for Jeff. His grip on me tightened seconds later while his body went into consecutive convulsions. After planting his essence inside of me, he went limp but never releasing his hold on me.

Afterglow and tiredness washed over the both of us. Drifting off to sleep was inevitable. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea to have Jeff spooning me from behind on our first and last night together.

The last conscious memory I had was Jeff whispering something into my ears and his kiss on my shoulder.

Morning came. I woke up and saw it was already ten.

Like I had expected, Jeff was gone.

A tear rolled down my cheek. Finally, I had lost him. I knew that I should be grateful for having my chance pretending to be his lover, although it was only for one night. However, I was miserable despite me telling myself to brighten up.

Washing up, I looked into the mirror and saw the mark Jeff's bite left near my collarbone. Like this whole facade with Jeff, it was there but it would fade with time. Until one day, it wouldn't have any significance anymore.

Switching on the computer, I opened up the letter of resignation that was written a few days ago and printed it. It would go out that day bidding my farewell with my job and New York. Packed a few clothes and retrieved the ticket to go home from my desk, I was ready to leave.

I called Nick, my brother, who agreed to come from Boston the next weekend and pack the other stuff for me. He would then send them to our parents' place where I would be staying until I had my next move decided.

I was leaving this screwed up mess I had gotten myself into. Life would have to begin again some place else.

A place far away from Jeff.

"The dinner was very nice. I had a great time. Thank you," I told my companion. He decided to walk me home after our dinner date.

"The pleasure is all mine." He smiled. It was a nice, pleasing smile.

"Would you like some coffee?" I offered.

"Sure it would be nice."

"Then come up with me." The lift chimed its arrival.

I had left Jeff and New York behind. It had taken almost two years for me to recover and have another try at a relationship. What Jeff and I had was messed up. I was determined to live a normal life again. A life without complicated issues on emotions and sexuality.

I deserved a second chance to live an uncomplicated life. Preferably, with a man who loved me.

Even though that man was not going to be Jeff.

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