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Dan’s Love
By JCoch62579

Dan’s Love
Chapter 1

I walked into a bar after a long stressful day at work, the music was a bit loud but i could handle it, I walked up to the bar to order a drink and noticed someone standing next to me,

“Hi” Andrew Said

“Hi” he replied back

“How's it going” Andrew Said

“Not bad, you” he said

“Pretty Good” Andrew Said getting my drink from the bartender

“Well it was nice talking to you, My Name is Andrew” Andrew Said

“Nice meeting you too, mine is Dan” he said

I walked over to a booth and sat down and started to enjoy my beverage, i was looking around the room looking at all the couples, My last relationship had ended bad about 7 months ago when i caught my boyfriend cheating with someone else in my bed. so i kicked him out and had been depressed since. I laid my head against the wall and sorta dozed off.

“Mind if i join you” said a Familiar voice

I opened my Eyes to find Dan the man i was talking to at the bar standing near the table.

“Oh Hi Dan, sure please take a seat” Andrew Said

“Thanks” he said sitting across from me

“Enjoying the club.” Asked Andrew

“Not really, i came here to meet people are your the only one to even talk to me since i got here” he said looking at me

“Yeah i know the people here can be pretty stuck up”

“Yeah” he said

“So Tell me about your self dan” Andrew Said

“Well, I am 21 years old i was raised in Ohio, but moved to Florida about a year and a half ago on business, i am the oldest of 4 children” he said

“Oh what kinda business are you in?” Asked Andrew

“the Music Industry, how about you” he said

“Well i am 24 years old, born and raised in Santa Monica California, but moved to Florida about 6 months ago because i got sick of life in California, i am a manager at a Barnes and Noble bookstore at the near by mall, and i am the oldest of 3 children” Andrew Said

We sat there making some small talk.

“I see your Drinks kinda low, would you care for another” Asked Andrew

“Sure” he said Smiling at me

“What are you having” Asked Andrew

“It is a Blueberry Margarita” he said

“Oh that sounds yummy, i’ll be right back” Andrew Said getting up and walking to the bar


“He is so cute and his voice is so sexy” dan thought to himself as he watched Andrew walk back to the bar to get more drinks. He was staring at Andrew when he noticed that he gave dan a wink. Dan snapped his head around and looked straight ahead.


“Here you go one blueberry Margarita” Andrew Said

“Thanks, sorry for Staring, i did not mean to” he said

“”It’s ok, i’ll take it as a compliment, and your Cute too” Andrew Said making him blush

“You know something, I think i am gonna like you” he said

“Would you like to go out sometime” Asked Andrew

“Yeah i would how about tomorrow” he said

“Sounds like a plan” Andrew Said back

We sat at that booth for another 4 hours talking about life and things. He yawned and i looked at my watch.

“Wow it’s kinda late, and you probably have to work tomorrow” Andrew Said

“Yeah, i should probably go, let me give you my cell phone number” he said

We both got up and walked out the front door and to the parking lot.

“Which car is yours” he said

“it is the Red Convertible just over there, yours”

“It is the Black Explorer right next to it.” he said

We walked over to the cars and stood looking at each other, he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thanks for taking a chance with a stranger and being so nice.” he said

“Well you make it easy,” Andrew Said backing up to my car

“Well i will call you tomorrow to set up the date.” Andrew Said to him

“Ok, until then” he said

I opened my door.

“Oh dan” Andrew Said

“Yeah” he said opening his door

“Do me a favor and say hi to Ashley, Trevor and the rest for me.”

“Ok sure … Wait how did you know.” he said turning around

“I realized who you were half way through the night but did not want to say anything and spoil the time we were having.” Andrew Said

“How sweat of you, thanks.” he said getting into his car

“See ya tomorrow” Andrew Said getting into my car

He started to pull off and he waved as he pulled out of the parking lot. I drove home and went into my Apartment and went straight to bed.

I woke up the next morning at about 11:00am.

“Oh shit i am late for work” i thought to my self

“Wait no your not, today is your day off, dork:” i replied to my self

I got up out of bed and did my morning things showered ate breakfast and i got my clothes ready for my Date with dan. at about 12:30 i pulled out his number and called his cell phone.

“Hello” sad a voice

“Hi is Dan there” Andrew Said

“This is Dan” he said

“Oh hi Dan, this is Andrew From Last Night” Andrew Said

“Oh yeah Hi how are you today” he said

“I am doing great you” Andrew Said

“I am good, and thanks for not saying anything last night, it really meant alot to me.” he said

“Oh it was no problem, i kinda thought you did not want to be recognized” Andrew Said

“So what are you up to today” he said

“Well today i am off and i am just sitting here out of my mind” Andrew Said

“Yeah me too, we were supposed to go to the recording studio but that got canceled so i am sitting and watching cartoons.” he said

“He i got an idea, wanna come over and hang out we can watch a movie and to a whole day date thing.” Andrew Said

“Hey that sounds like a good idea, give me your address and i will come right over” he said

I gave him my address and we said our good byes. I rushed to to a little cleanup of my apartment and to light some candles. I had some time left over so i sat down at my Piano and began to play. I had been playing for about 10 minutes when i heard the doorbell ring.

“It’s Open” Andrew Said as i continued to play

Dan walked into my apartment wearing a Hawaiian Shirt and some Cargo Shorts carrying a bottle of wine. He walked over to the piano and watched me play for a little while. I stooped playing about five minutes later.

“That was beautiful” he said

“Thanks, i enjoy playing” Andrew Said

“Oh i brought you this” he said handing me the wine

“Thank you very mush, we will have to have this later” Andrew Said

“I was hoping we would” he said with a grin

“Oh Boy” Andrew Said

“So when did you learn to play the Piano” he asked

“Well is sorta a funny story, come sit on the couch and i will tell it to you” Andrew Said leading him to the couch.

We sat on the couch legs crossed facing each other.

“Well like i told you last night i had caught my ex cheating on me, so as a way to vent my anger and frustration i took a few piano lessons after that to get the basics and i basically taught myself the rest” Andrew Said looking to his eyes

“That's amazing in those few learned to play so well, what else can you play” he asked as we both got up and walked over to the piano

He sat down next to me on the piano bench.

“You may recognize this one, i had to change it a little for the piano but the song is still there.” Andrew Said

I know when he's been on your mind
That distant look is in your eyes
I thought with time you'd realize
It's over, over
It's not the way I choose to live
And something somewhere's got to give
As sharing this relationship gets older, older

You know I'd fight for you
But how I can fight someone who isn't even there
I've had the rest of you now I want the best of you
I don't care if that's not fair

Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There's no where left to fall
When you reach the bottom it's now or never
Is it all
Or are we just friends
Is this how it ends

Dan put his hand on the back of Andrew’s head and leaned in for the most passionate kiss Andrew had ever experienced. he got up and took my hand and lead me to the couch where he sat down and pulled me down on top of him. We continued to kiss for what seemed like hours when Andrew pulled back and laid his head on Dan’s chest.

“So what do you wanna do today” Asked Andrew him

“We could watch a movie” he said

“Do you want to go out or stay here, i’ve got DVDs” Andrew Said

“Lets stay here just like this” he said kissing Andrew on the top of Andrew’s head

“What movie do you want to watch” Asked Andrew him getting up off him and walking over to the cabinet containing the DVDs.

“How about something romantic” he said

“How about Chocolat” Andrew Said to him

“Oh yeah, that one I have wanted to see it but have not had time”

“Well then Chocolat it is, you want something to drink before the movie starts” Andrew Said putting it in the dvd player

“Yeah how about we crack open that bottle of wine, do you have any popcorn?” he asked

“Yeah i’ll brb” Andrew Said walking to the kitchen

I was popping popcorn on the stove when i felt to arms circle around my waist. I jumped a little.

“I am sorry, i did not mean to startle you, i just got lonely out there” he said putting his head on my shoulder.

“That's ok, popcorn should be about done” Andrew Said dumping it into a bowl and sprinkling a bit of salt on it.

He took the bottle of wine and two wine glasses and i got the popcorn. he sat down on one side of the love seat and i sat down on the other side. He looked over at me with a smile.

“This won’t do” he said to me

“What's wrong” Asked Andrew

“Nothing big” he said kicking off his shoes and laying his head in Andrew’s lap

“Much better” he said looking into Andrew’s eyes.

i picked up a couple kernels of popcorn and placed them into his mouth and he ate them, and he did the same for me. We sat there for hours completely ignoring the movie, just feeding each other popcorn and looking into each others eyes. We started to watch the second movie that was in the dvd player and shortly after that Dan fell asleep while Andrew was stroked his hair.

“I love you Dan” i Whispered to him while rubbing his chest

“I love you too” he said turning his head grinning at me

“I thought you were asleep” Andrew Said to him

“I was but you woke me up when you were rubbing my chest” he said staring into Andrew eyes.

He reached up and brought my head down to his and proceeded to kiss me, Andrew let out a small moan.

“Andrew, Will you be my boyfriend” he asked me

“Only if you will be mine” Andrew Said back

“Of course” he said

I continued to stare at him when a yawn over took me.

“Excuse me” Andrew Said putting his hand to his mouth

“You Should take a nap” he said to me

“Only if you will hold me” Andrew Said

“Of course” he said

He got up from the couch and put his hand out for Andrew, they walked hand in hand into my bed room where there was a large king size bed, he laid down on the bed and Andrew got up next to him putting his head on Dan’s chest, Andrew quickly fell asleep.

I woke up some 2 or 3 hours later to the smell of cooking food, i looked around and dan was not there. I got up and walked out of the room following my nose, I found Dan out on the Deck using the BBQ.

“I hope you don’t mind, i thought you might be kinda hungry when you woke up and i wanted to make you dinner.” he said

“Not a problem” Andrew Said walking up to him and putting my head on his Shoulder.

“How do you like you steak cooked” he said

“Well done please, but i did not have any steak in the fridge.” Andrew Said

“I know I ran down to the market and picked up a few things” he said

“How sweat” Andrew Said Kissing his cheek

“The Steak should be ready in about 10 minutes, but until then i have something for you.” he said Pulling me into the house

“Ok Close your eyes” he said


He lead me somewhere with my eyes closed, we stopped.

“Ok you can open them” he said

I opened my eyes and he had in his hands what looked like 3 dozen Roses in various colors.

“Oh dan, thank you so much.” Andrew Said giving him a peck on the lips.

“That is just something small to say thank you for how you have made me feel these last two days” he said back

We walked back to the Patio where he resumed tending to the Steaks. I sat in one of the patio chairs and he sat down next to me. He took my hand in his and we stared out into the sky to watch the sunset.

“Dan, darling, i don’t mean to spoil something so wonderful but i have a question for you” Andrew Said taking a bite of my steak

“Ask away” he said

“I don’t know how open you are, but do your band mates know that your gay?” Asked Andrew taking a sip of wine

“Not yet, but after the way you made me feel today, i am gonna tell hem as soon as we have our group meeting tomorrow” he said

“I don’t want to cause any problems within your group” Andrew Said

“No don’t worry, it has to be done, i can’t live a lie any longer” he said

‘But if they decide they don’t want me any longer, then I will leave the group” he said to me

They Finished Eating their dinner talking about various things.

“Andrew, I had such a great time, thank you” he said pulling me into his arms

“Shall we get together tomorrow night” Andrew Said

“I would not miss it for the world” he said kissing me on the lips

“I love you Dan” Andrew Said to him while we were hugging

“And i love you Andrew” he said back to me

He opened the door and walked over to the Elevator he pushed the button and turned around to look at me.

“I will talk to you tomorrow” He said

“Okay” Andrew Said back

The Elevator Doors opened and he got in.

“Bye” he said

“Bye” Andrew Said back

He pushed the button for the first floor and the doors. the Doors closed and, I closed the door to my Apartment.

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