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Dan’s Love
By JCoch62579

Dan’s Love
Chapter 2

Last Time
He opened the door and walked over to the Elevator he pushed the button and turned around to look at me.

“I will talk to you tomorrow” He said
“Okay” i said back

The Elevator Doors opened and he got in.

“Bye” he said
“Bye” i said back

He pushed the button for the first floor and the doors. the Doors closed and, I closed the door to my Apartment.

Now on with the Story


Dan woke up to his alarm clock, he looked over to it, it read 8:00 am, he got up and did his morning stuff in the bathroom and walked downstairs to the common are that he shared with the rest of the group. Ashley, Erik, Jacob and Trevor were sitting around the Dining table eating breakfast and talking.

“Morning Dan” Ashley said

“Hey Guys” he replied scratching his head

“You Were out pretty late” said Jacob

“Yeah i was visiting a friend” He replied

Dan walked over to the counter and got a bowl and filled it with Cereal and milk and sat down at the table next to trevor.

“Hey Guys, i wanted to talk to you about something” he said

“Sure go ahead” Erik Said

“Well it is kinda hard, and i don’t know how you guys will take it” he said

“You don’t want to quit the group do you” said Trevor

“God no, you guys are like my brothers and i love doing this” he said

“Then what is it that you want to talk about” Said Ashley

“Well it is very hard but i am um ...... i am.... um.... I am Gay” Dan said looking down at his bowl

Ashley got up from his seat and walked over to Dan he bent down to Dan’s head.

“We already know Dan” Ashley whispered into his ear

“What, how, how did you know” Dan asked surprised

“Well we have known since before you replaced Ikika” Said Jacob

“Are you guys ok with it” asked Dan

“Yeah we are totally fine with it, if we weren't we would have not recommended you to replace Ikika” Said Trevor

“Your part of this group forever, you are like a brother to us, we will stand by you through what ever you go through” Said Erik

“You Guys have no idea what this means to me, i was so worried that you guys would ask me to leave the group.” said Dan

“Nonsense, but you still have to tell Mike and Mike” said Ashley

“When do we get to meet the man, that captured your heart.” Asked Jacob

“When do you guys wanna meet him, he is such a nice guy, and he is so smart and he can play the Piano like you would not believe” said Dan

“How about tonight, we can invite him over for dinner, and get to know him” said Ashley

“Ok, i’ll go and call him and let him know, Thanks so much guys” Dan said

Dan got up from the table and placed his bowl in the sink, he went around to each of his band mates and gave them each a hug. He walked back upstairs to his room and sat down on his bed and got his cell phone. He dialed Andrew’s number and waited for him to answer.


“Ring, Ring Ring” said the telephone

“Ugh, this better be good” I said rolling over to the phone

“Hello” i said in a sleepy voice

“Hey Sexy” a Voice said

‘DAN!!, How are you” I Said

“I am doing great, Did i wake you” Asked Dan

“Yeah but it is ok, i had over slept” i Said

“So, i have been busy this morning, i got up and told the guys about me” said Dan

“Oh, and how did they take it?” i Asked

“They took it well, they told me that they knew all along even before they asked me to replace the Guy who left” Dan Said

“Wow, that's wonderful” I Said

“Yeah it is, guess what” said Dan

“What?” I Asked

“They want to meet you” Dan Said

“Really?” I said

“Yeah, they suggested you come over for dinner tonight so they can get to know you.” Dan said

“Sure, what time” I asked

“Say About 3:30Pm or so” Dan said

“Ok give me the address” I asked

Dan proceeded to give Andrew the address to the O-Town House.

“Very Cool, i wanted to tell you i had such a good time yesterday” I said

“Me too, I really had a Good time as well” said Dan

“Well i guess i should go and get ready to meet your friends, i will see you at 3:30” I said

“Ok i will see you then” said Dan

“I Love you” I said

“I love you too” said Dan

“Bye” I Said

“Bye” Said Dan

I got out of bed and got ready for my dinner with Dan and his Band mates. I choose a nice pair of Slacks and a button up long sleeve button up shirt.

I pulled up to the house at about 3:45 and walked up and rang the door bell.

“He’s Here, he’s here, He’s here” Dan yelled while he was running through the house towards the door

“DAN!” Jacob Yelled

“Yeah” Dan said

“Calm Down” Jacob Said

Dan opened the door for me.

“Hey Good Lookin” he said to Andrew

“Hey, your not so bad lookin your self” I Said back

“Come on in” he said

We started to walk through the door.

“I brought this for you guys, i don’t know who else is old enough to drink it, but maybe we can have it with dinner” I Said handing dan a Bottle of wine

“Oh that's great thank, well all the guys are in the Living room waiting to meet you.” Dan said Grabbing my hand and leading me into the living room

“Guys this is Andrew” Dan said

“Hi I am Ashley” Ashley said shaking Andrew’s hand

“Hi, I am Erik”

“Hi, I am Trevor”

“Hi, I am Jacob”

“hi Guys” I Said

“Your Right Dan he is Cute” Ashley said causing Andrew to blush

“Ashley” Dan said

“Sorry” Ashley said

Dan led me over to the couch and we both sat down.

“So Andrew, what kinda work do you do” Asked Ashley

“I am a Opening Manager at a nearby Barnes and Noble” I Said

“That's cool, do you like it” asked Erik

“Not really, it’s not what to want to do” I Said

“What kinda work do you do” said Ashley

“I really want to do something with music, but not totally sure” I Said

“Oh that's right Dan said that you play the Piano Pretty well, would you play something for us” Jacob asked

“Only if you guys sing along with me” I Said
“He plays a piano version of one of our songs and it is pretty good” Dan said

They all got up and walked into the den where there was a Grand Piano.

“Wow, i have never played on a Piano this big” I Said

“Well there is a first time for everything” said Trevor

“You Guys ready” Andrew asked

“Yeah” they all said

Andrew Played his adapted version of All or Nothing for them as they sang along.

“You Know, it sounds better with just the piano instead of all the background instruments’ said Jacob

“Yeah that was great, how did you learn that song, i did not think the sheet music was available” asked Ashley

“Oh it’s not, it took me like 3 weeks of listening to the song over and over again to get it down” I Said

“Wow, you must hold a world record now, the longest someone has listened to a single song off our album” Erik said

“Yeah well it was worth it, i really enjoy playing it” I Said

“Do you know how to read music” asked Jacob

“Yep sure do” I Said

Jacob ran off to another room of the house and returned with a folder.
He walked back over to the piano and placed a piece of sheet music on the piano.

They continued to listen to Andrew play the piano for like an hour.

“Hey guys, what are we gonna do for dinner” Asked Dan

“I put 2 of those Stoffers Family size Lasagna in the oven, before Andrew came over, they should just be about done.” said Ashley running off into the kitchen to check the food

“Andrew, as far as I am concerned you are welcome here any time you want” said Jacob just as Ashley was coming out of the kitchen

“Yeah“ said the rest

“Yeah, what?” asked ashley

“Oh Nothing Jacob said that when ever Andrew wants to come over he can have your room” Erik Said

“Oh yeah right” said Ashley

“No i told him that as far as i am concerned he can come over when ever he likes” Jacob Said

“Oh yes most definability” said Ashley

“Thanks, guys you make me feel so loved” I Said fake Crying

“Well Dinner is ready when ever you lazy bums want to eat” Ashley said

“Well lets get to it, them maybe we can watch a movie afterwards” Erik Said

They all walked into the dining room, Andrew right at Dan’s side, they all dug into the food and it was gone in no time, they even broke open the bottle of wine that Andrew Brought with him. After dinner they all slipped into the Living room in front of a huge TV. Andrew sat down on the couch at the far end and Dan Snuggled up right next to him. the rest of the guys took various seats around the living room leaving the couch to Dan and Andrew.

Dan and Andrew started kissing which grew attention from the other 4 guys.

“Aww, come on you two, get a room” Trevor said

“Sorry” dan said

“Just Kidding, it’s ok if you want to, just not too loud” Trevor Said

Dan and Andrew resumed their kissing while the movie started, once it had started Dan scooted down the couch and laid his hear in Andrews Lap. Andrew said with dan in his lap stroking dan’s hair while dan Stroked Andrew's thigh.

By the time the movie was over Dan had fallen asleep in Andrews Lap. All the guys got up to Stretch.

“Aaw, now isn't that cute” Jacob said with a little laugh

“Oh yeah” said Ashley

“Hey guys, what time is it” I asked

“It is 15 till 11, do you have to work tomorrow?” said Trevor

“No” I said

“Well you can stay over if you like” said Jacob

“Ok, point me to Dans room and i’ll put him in there and i’ll crash on the couch” i said

“It is the First up the Stairs on the Right” Erik Said

Andrew picked up Dan and proceeded to carry him up the stairs and into his room, Andrew was impressed by the size of the room. Andrew placed Dan on his bed and took off his Shoes.

“Dan, it’s time for bed” I said

“Ok, will you take off my pants for me” he said sleepily

Andrew took off Dan’s pants and laid the over a chair, he placed dan under the covers.

“Ok i am gonna go sleep downstairs on the couch” i said Kissing him on the forehead

“No, sleep here with me, hold me” he said

“Are you sure?” I asked

“Yeah” he said

“Ok” i said

Andrew took off his shirt and Pants and slipped into bed with Dan, Dan scooted over and placed his head on Andrews Chest and the two fell asleep.

“No, No please don’t hurt me” Dan said

Andrew Woke up when he heard this.

“No No Stay away from me, don’t hit me.” said Dan

“Dan, Dan” I said

“Wha... What” he said

“Sounds like you were having a bad dream” I said

“Yeah, the jocks used to beat on me in school to make me do their work, and i have the dream every once and a while” dan said

“Don’t worry I am here to protect you, i won’t let anyone hurt you.” I Said

“I know, and I love you” Dan said Putting his head on Andrew’s Chest

“I know, i love you too” I said laying back down

Andrew and Dan both went back to sleep.

Andrew woke up right as the light started to spill into the room, he looked over at the Clock and saw that it was 8:00, he looked down at Dan who was looking back at him.

“Hi” I Said

“Hi, i was watching you sleep, you are really cute when you sleep.” Dan said

“Thanks” I said kissing him on the lips

“Aaw look at the love birds, they act is they are married” a Voice said

Dan and Andrew looked towards the door and Saw Ashley, Trevor, Jacob, and Erik looking in on them.

“Hey Guys, you never know maybe someday” dan said rubbing my chest

“Yeah you never know” I said

“Well we will leave you 2 alone, but Dan we have to be in the studio in 2 hours” said Ashley

The Guys at the door left to get ready for the studio.

“You wanna tag along with us to the studio and see us work?” Asked Dan

“Sure, but i need to go home first and get some clothes” I said

“No you don’t you are like my size you can borrow some of mine” he said Kissing Andrew

“Ok” I said to him

Andrew and Dan laid in the bed for about 30 minutes more.

“Maybe we should get up and take our showers” Dan said

“Yeah, you can go first” I said

“Ok, you can pick some clothes out of the closet and boxers or underwear are in the top left drawer over there” Dan said

Dan walked into the bathroom attached to his and started to take his shower. He was in there for about 10 minutes when he came out with a towel wrapped around his waste.

“Wow, you even look good in just a towel” I said to him

He looked at me, and Quickly Opened and Closed his Towel exposing himself to me.

“Oh, my I do Declare i am gonna blush” i said

Dan walked over to Andrew and put his hands on Andrew’s Shoulders, and kissed Andrew.

“You better go and take your shower, or we might be late” Dan said to Andrew

Andrew walked off into the bathroom and got into the shower, Dan walked into the bathroom shortly after that Still wrapped in his towel, he snuck up to the shower and quicky opened the shower curtain.

“See Caught ya” he said

“Shit, Dan you scared me” I said

“I am sorry” Dan said

“That's ok, wanna come in with me” I said

“I already took a shower” he said

“So, i need help washing my Back” I said

“Oh, ok” he said dropping his towel and climbing into the shower

“Come here” I said Pulling Dan towards me

Andrew pushed him up against the wall and started to kiss him, He kissed up to Dan’s ear and started to kiss down his throat. Dan let out a Small Moan. Andrew went down and started to kiss his chest and nipples. and kissed his way down the Trail between Dan’s Belly Button and his Penis. He looked up at Dan who was totally out of it his eyes had rolled back in his head with Pleasure.

Andrew Took hold of Dan’s Penis and kissed the head, it instantly started to get hard. He took and put the head in his mouth, and started to suck the entire length into his mouth. Dan Let out another moan that was Deeper than the last. He started to bob in and out faster and faster, taking dan all the way into his throat, Dan did not last much longer, his Balls pulled up close and his Penis started to spew load after load of Cum into Andrew’s mouth, it lasted for 3 minutes and then Dan was Spent.

Andrew stood up and looked at Dan,

“Wow, that was so intense, i have never felt anything like that before, thank you so much.” Dan said Kissing Andrew

“I Enjoyed it just as much as you did” I said to him

We finished our shower and got out and got dressed and went down to the living room where the others were waiting,

“It’s about time, did you guys fall in the Shower” Jacob Said

“Something like that” Dan said

“Well since were all ready lets go” Jacob said

They all filed out of the house leaving Trevor to lock the door, Dan and Andrew sat together in the back seat of the groups expedition, and they drove off to the Studio.

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