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Dan’s Love
By JCoch62579

Dan’s Love
Chapter 3

Last Time

We finished our shower and got out and got dressed and went down to the living room where the others were waiting,

“It’s about time, did you guys fall in the Shower” Jacob Said
“Something like that” Dan said
“Well since were all ready lets go” Jacob said

They all filed out of the house leaving Trevor to lock the door, Dan and Andrew sat together in the back seat of the groups expedition, and they drove off to the Studio.

Now on with the Story

Jacob lent over to Dan and whispered something in his ear. Dan nodded to Jacob. Jacob repeated the same thing with Erik and Trevor and Ashley and got the same result.

“Hey Andrew, I have an idea that might Benefit Both you and the Group” Jacob Said

“Oh Yeah what's that” I asked with interest

“We would still have to approve it with Mike and Mike, but we will be looking for an opening act to tour with us when we start the tour in like a month, and we would love it if you could be that act.”
Jacob Said

“Wow, that would be totally cool, I don’t know what I could do to repay you” I said

“Well you can start off by being good to our Danny Boy” Ashley Said

“Yeah it might be just the Kick in the pants that you need to break into the music Scene” Jacob said

“Yeah” Said Dan

“Did you have anything to do with this” I said looking at Dan

“Nope, it was totally Jacob’s Idea, he just asked us” Dan said

“But we still have to ask Mike and Mike” Jacob Said

“Of Course, i just want thank you for thinking of me” I said Patting Jacob on the back

Dan Put his head on Andrew’s Shoulder for the rest of the trip to the studio.

They all filed out of the Car and went into the studio and Dan motioned for Andrew to sit on the couch. Dan walked over to Mike and Mike.

“Guys can I talk to you for a minute” said Dan

“Sure, lets go into the office over here” said one of the Mikes

The three of them walked into the office and Dan closed the door.

“What can we do for you Dan” said Mike

“Well I already Discussed this with the group and they understand and are supportive of me.” Dan said

“Nothing bad I hope” said Mike

“No not at all” Said Dan

“Well what is it” said Mike

“Well, Mike and Mike, I am um... I am Gay” Said Dan

“Is that all” Asked Mike

“Yes” Said Dan

“Why did you decide to tell us now?” Said Mike

“Well did you see the other guy that came in here with us” said Dan

“Yes” both of the Mikes said

“Well he is my boyfriend” Said Dan

“Ok, Cool I think i speak for both of us, when i say we are behind you one hundred percent” said Mike

They both got up and walked over to Dan and gave him a Hug.

“Well lets go meet this Guy” Said Mike

They walked out of the office to find Andrew Sitting at the Piano. With the rest of the Guys standing around it. They were all singing. All the guys except for Andrew looked over to Dan who was holding his finger up to his lips telling them to be quite. All who was left singing was Andrew.

“At work i just take time, and all through my Coffee Break time” Andrew Sang

“I say a little Prayer for you” Sang Andrew

“Forever and Ever, you will stay in my heart...” Andrew Sang stopping

They all started to Clap. And Dan walked up behind Andrew and put his hands on his Shoulders

“Andrew, This is Mike and Mike” Dan said

Andrew got up to shake their hands

“Nice to Meet you” Andrew Said

“You have a great voice, ever thought of Performing or Recording” Said Mike

“That's what we wanted to talk to you about, We would like Andrew here to be our opening act when we go on tour” said Jacob

“I don’t see a Problem with that, but i will have to take it up with J-Records” Said Mike

“Cool” all the Guys said together

“Well we should do some work today, guys get setup and Me and Mike will go call Clive” Said Mike

The two Mikes walked back off into the Office and closed the door.

“Congrats dude, sounds like you might get it” Said Trevor

“Thanks guys, I won’t let you down” Andrew Said

Andrew walked over to Dan and put his arms on his Shoulders, and pulled Dan Close.

“And i won’t let you down” Andrew said Pulling Dan into a Kiss

“Uh. Hum, We do actually have to work to get paid” Jacob said Laughing

“Oh Sorry” Andrew Said

Dan walked with the rest of the group over to the recording area and Andrew went and sat back down on the Couch, and the group began their task of recording some of their songs for their next album.

Mike and Mike exited the office about 20 minutes later and walked over to Andrew.

“We just talked to Clive the Head of J-Records, and he is coming out here tomorrow to listen to you and possibly sign you, and if he does you will be going on tour with o-town as their opening act” Said Mike

“Congratulations” said the other mike

“Thank you I will not disappoint you” said Andrew

The guys walked over

“What's up” Said Jacob

“Well Clive is gonna be coming over tomorrow to check out Andrew” said Mike

“YES!!” Dan yelled

“Well some one is excited” Said Jacob

They all Laughed

“Do you need to make arrangements to be here tomorrow?” asked Mike

“No I am off until Wednesday, but I do need to go back to my apartment to get some clothes and my Music.” Said Andrew

“Well i can see we won’t get any more work done here today so why don’t you guys take the rest of the day off and Andrew get your music together for your meeting with Clive Tomorrow.” said Mike

They all shook hands and the guys left and went back to the O-Town house.

Andrew walked up to Dan’s room to collect his clothes, so he could go home. Dan walked up be hind him and put his arms around his waist.

“You leaving so soon” Dan Asked

“I gotta go home so i can get ready for tomorrow” Andrew Said

“Would you stay here with me again tonight” Dan said

“Yes I would love to, but i still need to stop by my place.” Andrew said

“Ok lets go” dan said Kissing Andrew

They both walked down stairs

“Guys, I am gonna run over to Andrew’s Apartment with him” said Dan

“Ok Later” Said Ashley

They both walked out of the house and climbed into Andrews Truck, and drove over to Andrew’s Apartment.

“I’ll just be a few minutes to gather some clothes, help yourself to anything in the fridge.” Andrew said

“Ok, thanks” Said Dan

Andrew came of his bedroom with a backpack with some clothes in and went over to the piano to gather his music.

“Will you play something for me.” Dan said Leaning on the Piano

“Sure” Andrew Said

Andrew started to play the piano

“You are so Beautiful to me, Can’t you see, your everything i hoped for, your everything i need, you are so beautiful, To Me.” Andrew Sang

Dan buried his face into his arms, and Andrew could tell he was crying. Andrew got up and went over to Dan.

“Are you all right” he said pulling Dan to him

“Yeah, it’s just that song, no one has ever sang anything like that for me” Dan said

“I Meant it from the bottom of my heart” Andrew said

Dan started to kiss Andrew, Andrew parted his lips to let Dan’s tongue in, and he explored every surface of Andrew’s mouth, Andrew’s hands fell down to take hold of Dan’s firm round butt.

They started to walk towards Andrew’s Bedroom discarding clothes as they went along, by the time they reached the bed they were totally naked. Dan picked up Andrew and threw him on the bed and climbed on top of him and started to kiss his chest.

He worked each nipple in his mouth and licked his way down to Andrew’s belly button. while he was tongue fucking Andrew’s Belly button he was playing with Andrew’s balls. A loud moan escaped from Andrew’s mouth that sent Dan into a further frenzy working his way down to Andrew’s penis he stuck the head in his mouth gently sucking on it.

As soon as it was totally erect Dan took Andrew’s penis all the way till his nose was in Andrew’s pubic hair, drawing back he thrust all the way down, causing Andrew to Moan even louder. Repeating this over and over until he could feel Andrew’s Balls draw up close to his body.

“Oh God, Dan I am Cumming” Andrew Managed to speak

Dan took the Penis all the way to the Hilt just as it started to spew Cum, he swallowed about 10 loads from Andrew’s cock before it soft and he pulled it out of his mouth.

Dan moved up to Andrew and put his head on his chest and they both fell asleep.

When Dan finally woke up it was dark, when he looked at the Alarm Clock on the night table it read Nine o’clock.

“Andrew. Honey” he said shaking Andrew

Andrew started to wake up.

“Andrew, Honey it’s nine o’clock, we should probably head back over to my place.” Dan said

“Yeah that's probably a good idea” Andrew said sitting up in the bed

They both got up and put their clothes on in the dark, and proceeded to exit the apartment with the Backpack and the Music, and Drive back to the O-Town house.

When they got back to the O-Town house the guys were sitting in the living room watching MTV. They looked over at Dan and Andrew and Jacob started to laugh.

“What's so funny?” Dan asked

“Next time you guys decide to Put your clothes on you should do it with the lights on” Jacob Said

“Huh” Dan Said

“You two are wearing each others clothes” Jacob said

Dan and Andrew looked at each other realizing they there were indeed wearing each others clothes and started to laugh.

Dan and Andrew made their way into the loving room hand in hand looking for a spot to sit.

“Did you Bring your music with you?” asked Jacob

“Yes Sure Did” said Andrew

“Can I take a look at it?” asked Jacob

“Sure, here you go” Andrew said handing the music to Jacob

Jacob took the music and was looking at it while Dan and Andrew were cuddling on the couch.

“Wow, this is really good” Jacob said Continuing to read the music

“Thanks, that was one of my first songs that i wrote” said Andrew

They continued to talk about Andrew’s music for quite a while.

“Wow look at the time” Ashley said Looking at the clock

“Yeah, I should probably hit it if i want to be fresh for the morning” said Andrew

Andrew Looked down at Dan

“Shall we” Andrew said to Dan

“I’ll be up in a minute, i wanna talk to the guys for a few” Said Dan

“Ok, night guys” Andrew said walking up stairs

Dan sat back down on the couch

“So, guys what do you think of Andrew” Asked Dan

“I like him, he is a totally cool guy and he is very Talented” Said Erik

“Yeah, i am glad you found each other, you are totally perfect for each other” Said Ashley

They all were looking at Dan

“You Like you have another question” Said Trevor

“Is it that Obvious” Said Dan

“Well Yeah” Said Trevor

“I have thought about this and I wanted to ask you first.” Said Dan

“Ok, what's your question” Asked Ashley

“Well, I wanted to ask you if I could Ask Andrew to Move in with me i mean Us” Asked Dan

“Are you sure you wanna take that step this soon?” Asked Jacob

“Yes, it just seems so right. I am totally in love with him” Said Dan

Jacob looked at the rest of the guys as if getting approval

“I think that would be a Great idea.” Said Jacob

Dan Jumped up and Hugged all of them

“Thanks guys, you don’t know what this means” Said Dan

Dan Ran off upstairs to tell Andrew the news but found him Asleep on the bed. Dan stripped down to his Boxers and Climbed into the bed with Andrew and Cuddled up close laying his head on Andrew’s Chest and fell Asleep.

“NO!” Dan Screamed sitting up in bed

“What's wrong Honey” Andrew Said Sitting up

“I Dreamt that i woke up and you were gone” Dan said Crying

“I am here and i am not going any where” Said Andrew Holding Dan’s head to his chest.

Andrew Looked over at the clock and it read 7:30 am

“To late to go back to sleep” he thought to him self

“I have a question for you” Dan Asked sitting up to look at Andrew

“Yeah, Ask away I am an open book to you” Andrew Said

“I’ve done a lot of thinking about this and I would like to know if you would move in with me?” Dan Asked

Andrew Sat there looking at Dan

“Never mind , of course you don’t want to move in with me” Dan said

“Why would you say a thing like that, of course i will move in with you, what do the guys think.” Andrew Asked

“Really you Will, mean it?” Asked Dan

“Of Course i will” Andrew Said back to Dan

“Oh Thank you Thank you” Said Kissing Andrew on the lips

“Your Welcome, but I need to deal with something important” Sand Andrew

“What's that” Asked Dan

“I am Nervous as Hell” Said Andrew

“About Moving in?” Said Dan

“No No, About the Meeting today” Said Andrew

“Oh Right, I am sure you will knock them dead” Said Dan

“Thanks for the Vote of Confidence” Andrew Said

“Anything for you, why don’t we go back to sleep” Said Dan

“I would but i am too excited” Said Andrew

“What do you wanna do then” Dan said

“How about we just sit here and talk, we hardly know each other” Said Andrew Stroking Dan’s Hair

“What's to know, I already know that you are the man i wanna spend the rest of my life with and die with” Said Dan

“You just know the right things to say don’t you” Andrew said

Dan and Andrew continued talking till they could hear the other guys walking around out side their room

There was a knock at Dan’s Door.

“Yeah” Said Dan

Jacob Poked his Head in

“Just got a call, we have to be at the Studio in 1 Hour, so better get a move on” Jacob Said

“Thanks” Dan Said

Jacob Closed the Door

“Well, maybe we should take separate showers, so we can get done quicker” Andrew Said

“Yeah that would be a good idea.” Said Dan

Dan And Andrew Met the other guys downstairs and they all left for the studio.

“Guys you can not believe how nervous I am, and i wanna thank you again for the confidence and the opportunity. Said Andrew

“We are just giving back to the system which gave us a break” Said Ashley

When they Arrived at the Studio they all went in to be greeted by Mike and Mike.

“Clive Just called he will be a little late, the plane was Delayed but should be landing soon.” Said Mike

“You might want to practice a little before he gets here” Said the other Mike

“Yeah that's a good idea” Said Andrew who walked over to the Piano sat down and pulled out his sheet music.

He Started to Play Chopstix and the group started to laugh.

“Wow that one is sure to win and Emmy” Said Ashley

“Hey, it is one of the Songs i use to warm up” Said Dan

He Went back to playing and then started to play some of his songs, unknowing that Clive Arrived and was listening to him. After about 30 minutes Andrew finally stopped playing and got up and Stretched.

“Andrew, there is someone i would like you to meet” Said Mike

Andrew Walked over to the group of men.

“Andrew, This is Clive Owner and President of J-Records” Said Mike

“It is an Honor to meet you sir.” Said Andrew

“Nonsense, Please call me Clive” Said Clive

“Ok Clive, would you like me to play for you now” Andrew Asked

“No that's quite all right” Said Clive

Andrew had a Questioning look on his face.

“To Tell you the truth, i have been here for 30 minutes listening to you play” Clive said

“Did you enjoy it” Asked Andrew

“But...” Said Clive

Andrew got a look of Rejection on his face

“... I am afraid that a one record contract just won’t do it, i would like to offer you a 3 Record Contract.” Said Clive

It took a few seconds for what Clive said to sink in and when it did Andrew’s Eyes Grew Huge in his head.

“Oh thank you Sir, I mean Clive, i won’t let you down” Andrew said

“I am sure you won’t, I’ll have my office courier the Documents to you tomorrow, but if you excuse me i have to catch a plane back to New York” Clive said back

“Thank you so Much, Clive and it was a please meeting you” Said Andrew

“And it was a pleasure meeting you, Gentlemen” Clive said Walking out of the Building.

“Yes, Congratulations” Dan Said

Andrew just stood there with a look of shock on his face.

“Andrew, are you all right” Said Dan

“I think i need to sit down” Andrew said

Dan helped Andrew over to the Couch and he sat down.

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