Dan's Love
Chapter 4
By Jabe

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Last Time

It took a few seconds for what Clive said to sink in and when it did Andrew’s Eyes Grew Huge in his head.

“Oh thank you Sir, I mean Clive, i won’t let you down” Andrew said

“I am sure you won’t, I’ll have my office currior the Documents to you tomrrow, but if you excuse me i have to catch a plane back to New York” Clive said back

“Thank you so Much, Clive and it was a pleasue meeting you” Said Andrew

“And it was a pleasure meeting you, Gentalmen” Clive said Walking out of the Building.

“Yes, Congratulations” Dan Said

Andrew just stood there with a look of schock on his face.

“Andrew, are you alright” Said Dan

“I think i need to sit down” Andrew said

Dan helped Andrew over to the Couch and he sat down.
Now On with the Story

“Man it has been a crazy month” Said Andrew

“What do you mean” Asked Jacob

“Well who would have guessed that I would be preparing to tour withO-Town and have my own Record Deal?” Said Andrew

“Yeah it has been pretty Amazing.” Said Jacob

“When do we go on tour anyway?” Said Andrew

“We have about 3 weeks, but you will be pretty busy laying down tracks for your Album” Said Jacob

Andrew Motioned for Dan to come over.

“Hey Babe whats up” Said Dan

“I have a question for you, actually Both of you” Said Andrew

“Oh?” Jacob and Dan said

“I would like you guys to sing along with me on a song or two” said Andrew

“Cool, I would love to” Said Dan

“Yeah Me too, and i have just the song too” said Jacob
“Which one is that?” Andrew said

“It is Over the Top” said Jacob

“Thats the song i was thinking too?” Said Andrew

They Butted Fists

“We can take a look at my songs and see which one you like” Andrew said to Dan
“Yeah we will go over them later” Said Dan

Jacob Walked away and left Dan and Andrew to them Selfs

“When do you wanna move in?” Asked Dan

“When do you want me to move in?” Asked Andrew

“We Could do it this Weekend if you like” Said Dan

“Yeah that sounds good, oh you just reminded me, I have to quit my job” Said Andrew

“Yeah that would be a good idea” Said Dan

“Can I Borrow your cell” asked Andrew

Dan handed Andrew his cell phone and Andrew walked back over the the couch, Dan went back to the other guys to continue their work.

Dan dialed his work number

“This is Sara, Can I help you” the Phone said

“Hi Sara, this is Andrew” Andrew said

“Oh hi Andrew how is everything” Said Sara

“Oh Not bad, is Bonnie there” said Andrew

“Yeah, let me get her for you” Sara Said putting Andrew on hold

Andrew sat on the couch watching the guys pratice their dance moves.

“This is Bonnie Can I help you?” Said the phone

“Hey Bonnie, it’s Andrew” said Andrew

“How is it going’ said Bonnie

“Oh not bad.” said Andrew

“Good, so what can I do for you today” Said Bonnie

“Well, I would like to tender my resgination” said Andrew

“Ok, Why if i may ask” said Bonnie

“Well for starters i am going to be moving and someone offered me a job that I could not pass up.” Said Andrew

“Ok, when will this be effective?” Said Bonnie

“Today” Said Andrew

“Ok, Please come by within the next week to turn in your keys” Said Bonnie

“Thanks Bonnie” Said Andrew

“No Problem, we will miss you but good luck in the new job” said Bonnie

“Thanks, Bye” Said Andrew

“Bye” Said Bonnie

Andrew Closed the cell and a bit sad, Dan saw him and walked over.

“Everything OK” said Dan

“Yeah” Said Andrew

“The why the long face” Said Dan

“I enjoyed working there, and I freel a little bad for doing this to them” Said Andrew

“Not Having Second Thoughts are you?” Said Dan

“Not a Chance, this is what I always wanted to do and I am gonna give it my best” Andrew said

“I know you will.” Dan said sitting on the couch next to Andrew

Dan Looked at Andrew.

“You Know we have know each other for 3 days but it seems so much longer, and yet I don’t even know your full name.” Said Dan

“My Full name is Andrew Mark Peterson” Said Andrew

“No Shit, My Middle name is Mark too” Said Dan

“My Birthday is September...” Said Andrew

“If you say 4th I am gonna be freaked out” Said Dan

“Nope September 3rd, Still kinda wierd though” Said Andrew

“Yeah, and our birthdays are not to far odd” Dan said with an Evil Grin

“Oh Boy” Andrew Said Laughing

“I’ll have to plan a little something special” said Dan

Saturday Dan and Andrew enlisted the help of the rest of the guys to get Andrew moved.

“I am gonna buy you guys dinner tonight” Said Andrew

“Cool” Said Trevor

“Where do you wanna eat” Asked Andrew

“Well there is this really kickin italian Place like 2 miles from here’ said Jacob

“Any idea of the name” asked Andrew

“I think it is called Marco’s" Said Jacob

“Ok i’ll make reservations for say 8:00 PM tonight” said Andrew

“Cool” Said Jacob

The guys got most of all of Andrews things moved in Except for his piano.

“I think I am gonna have to sell this” Andrew said Pointing at the Piano

“Was it given to you?” Said Dan

“No I bought it after the breakup, so it is not that important” said Andrew

“We can try to figure out a way to keep it if you like” said Dan

“Your so thoughtful, but it is ok, I’ll sell it and use the money and geta Korg or something, or just use the one at the house.” Andrew Said

“I love you so much” Dan said Putting his head on Andrew’s Chest

“I love you too” Said Andrew

“Guys, it’s 7:30 are you all ready” yelled Andrew

Dan hopped down the stairs and stood next to Andrew

“You look and smell good” said Andrew

“Thanks, so do you” said Dan

The rest of the guys finally came down stairs about 7:45 and they all took off to the restruant.

“Welcome to Marco’s can i help you” Said the Host

“Yeah i have a Reservastion for 8:00pm under Peterson” Said Andrew

“Ah yes right this way” the Host said leading them.

The Host lead them up stairs to a secluded dining area.

“Enjoy your Meal, your server will be here shortly” said the Host

The Host walked out and closed the door behind him

‘Wow, a private dining area, very nice” said Jacob

“Yeah, whould not want all those fans disturbing you guys now would we” said Andrew

“Oh where did you find this guy Dan” Asked Trevor

“Oh, We Met in a bar” said Dan

“Cool.” Said Trevor

“Yeah” Said Dan

A Waitress came in a few moments later.

“Welcome Guys, Can i take your drink order” She said

“I’ll take a large Coke” Said Dan

“I’ll Have the same” said Trevor and Jacob

“I’ll Have Water” said Erik and Ashley

“I’ll take a Glass of Red, Please” Said Andrew

“Sure, I’ll be back in a few” said the Waitress

She left and closed the door behind her.

“Oh a Wine man” Said Jacob

“I like a glass on occasion, and this is the perfect ocassion” said Andrew

“Hey thats cool” said Jacob

They all continued to look at the menus, until the server came back with their drinks.

They Proceeded to give their order to the waitress, and then they all talked about the upcoming tour.

“I am all excited about this” said Andrew

“Excited about what” said Erik

“Well going on tour with you guys, I have a secret to tell you, I watched you all on tv and I have been a big fan of yours since then, I have all three of your CDs.” Said Andrew

“Hey thats cool, but now you don’t have to buy them” said Ashley

“Yeah, So how many cities are we stopping at on this tour” Asked Andrew

“Something like 50 or 60, not as big as a normal tour but still big, most of them have already sold out, and most of them hold 20,000 -30,000 people” Said Dan

“Wow, i would have never guessed, thats a lot of Teenie Boppers, how do you guys manage?” asked Andrew

“Lots of Security, we had an incident last year where someone got back stage and into our dressing room, it was pretty freaky” said Ashley

They were soon chowing down on their food like there was no tomorrow.

“I wanna thank you guys again for all your help and i would like to toast the Long life of O-Town” said Said Andrew

“And I would like to toast to the Long carrier of our new friend Andrew” Said Trevor

Andrew paid for the dinner and they all left back to the house.

“You guys wanna watch a movie or something?” Asked Andrew holding Dan’s hand

“Nah i am Beat” said Jacob

The rest of the guys answered the same and went up stairs.

“Do you want to watch a movie” Andrew Asked Dan

“I would rather lay with you in my arms in Bed” said Dan

“Well you don’t have to tell me twice” said Andrew

They two of them walked up to their bedroom hand in hand and locked the door behind them.

“We don’t have to work tomorrow so we can sleep in late” said Dan

They Stripped down to their Underwear and Dan Just looked at Andrew.

“Do i have a Booger sticking out of my Nose” Andrew Said

“No No, I just realized that you are the most bueatiful thing i have ever seen” Dan said with a Tear in his eye

Andrew Walked over to Dan

"Why the Tear” asked Andrew

“I am just so happy” said Dan

Andrew Kissed the tear off of Dan’s Cheek and continued down to his Mouth, Dan opened his mouth and Andrew’s Slipped his tounge in and Dan started to suck on Andrew’s tounge causing Andrew to let out a light moan. They backed over to the bed and Dan layed Andrew down as they continued to kiss, They got further on to the bed and Dan started to kiss down to Andrew’s Chest, he reached Andres nipples and started to suck on them causing Andrew to moan and thrash his head, Dan quickly continued down licking and kissing his way to Andrew’s Navel, he quickly darted his toung hin and out of Andrew’s Navel while pulling Andrew’s Boxer Breifs down. He quicky went after the prize he Sought after holding Andrew’s Erect Penis in his hands and Licking the head, slowly taking the entire penis in his mouth and slowly moving up and down on it causing Andrew To buck his hips.

They went at this for about an hour everytime Andrew got close Dan backed off and then started again.

“Honey, I... I”

Was all that Andrew Managed to say before his body violently started to shake, Wave after wave of cum hit the back of Dan’s throat, he Drinking it all managed to not let a single drop of it escape his mouth, after 5 minues Andrew was finally spent, Dan snuggled up next to Andrew.

“Oh Baby, that was the most increadible thing i have ever felt, can i pay you back tomorrow, i am so exausted” he said Kissing Dan on the lips

“Sure, i intend to spend the entire day in bed with you so we will have many many chances to play” Dan Said

Andrew snuggled up to Dan’s Chest and they both quickly fell asleep.
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