Dan's Love
Chapters 5 thru 6
By Jabe

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Last Time
They went at this for about an hour everytime Andrew got close Dan backed off and then started again.

“Honey, I... I”

Was all that Andrew Managed to say before his body violently started to shake, Wave after wave of cum hit the back of Dan’s throat, he Drinking it all managed to not let a single drop of it escape his mouth, after 5 minues Andrew was finally spent, Dan snuggled up next to Andrew.

“Oh Baby, that was the most increadible thing i have ever felt, can i pay you back tomorrow i am so exausted” he said Kissing Dan on the lips

“Sure, i intend to spend the entire day in bed with you so we will have many many chances to play” Dan Said

Andrew snuggled up to Dan’s Chest and they both quickly fell asleep.

Dan helped Andrew over to the Couch and he sat down.

Now On with the Story
Chapter 5

Andrew Slowly kissed over Dan’s chest causing him to stir, he started to suck on his nipples causing Dan to Moan. He moved up and started to lick and kiss Dan’s lips, Dan wrapped his hands around Andrew’s Neck.

“What a way to wake up in the morning” Said Dan

“What can I Say” Andrew

Andrew slid over to his side and they looked at each other.

“So what do you wanna do today” Dan said Draging his finger down Andrew’s chest stopping to play with his nipples.

“This is fun, we could do this” Said Andrew

“Yeah we could.” Said Dan

Andrew drew his head closer to Dan and kissed him on his lips.

“I love you” Said Andrew

“I love you too” said Dan

“We could choose the song we want to sing together” said Andrew

“Yeah, or we could just enjoy our selves and have fun, we could go to disney world” Said Dan

“Hey now thats a good idea, I have not been there yet” Said Andrew

“Well lets go then, should we invite the other guys” said Dan

“Yeah, lets get ready and go” Said Andrew

“The best part is we get in for free” Said Dan

“Hows that” Asked Andrew

“We will use the Group pass that the record Company, it allows up to like 10 people in at once and there is free parking” Said Dan

“Very Cool, how many times have you used it” Asked Andrew

“Like once i think, when you live here you don’t go that often” said Dan

“Well i guess we have to get up now’ Said Andrew

“Well not this soon, it is only 6:30 and the park does not open till 10:00” Said dan

“Ok Cool” said Andrew

“Why are you up this early anyway” said Dan

“This is when i usually get up to go to work, so it is a habit, lets go back to sleep” Said Andrew

“Ok i’ll set the Alarm Clock for 9:30” said Dan

“Come here” Andrew Said

Dan Moved closer to Andrew, and Andrew Wrapped his arms around Dan and Held him tight.

“Andrew baby’ said Dan


“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Asked Dan

“I see myself right where i am, hold you in my arms” Said Andrew

“Really” said Dan

“Yes, i want to spend the rest of my life with you” said Andrew

“I wanna spend the rest of my life with you too.” said Dan

Dan put his head on Andews chest and closed his Eyes and Dozed off, Andrew sat there thinking to him self. He sat there watching Dan sleep, his bueatiful prince whom he loved so much and would do anything for. He decided he was gonna write a special song just for Dan.

Andrew had been hit with some inspiration so he eased Dan out of his arms causing Dan to stir.

“Where you going baby” dan said sleeply

“I am going down stairs for a few, i need to take care of something.” Said Andrew

“Ok” dan said Turning back over

Andrew quickly got on his clothes and grabed his music notebook and went down stairs, and quickly sat down at the piano and began to work out the song. He was working for 30 minutes when he noticed that Jacob was watching him.

“Morning” Andrew said to Jacob

“Morning” Jacob said Yawning

Andrew went back to work writing some music notes down on the page.

“That sounds pretty good, you just come up with it?” Asked Jacob

“Yeah, I am writing it for someone” Andrew said

“Oh, who might that be?” Said Jacob

“You have to keep it secret, but it is for Dan” said Andrew

“Wow thats totally cool” Said Jacob

“It’s gonna be a birthday Present” Said Andrew

“Cool” Said Jacob

“Yeah, can i ask a favor of you” said Andrew

“Sure, what ya need” said Jacob

“Once i get the music, would you help me with Lyrics” said Andrew

“Yeah sure, i am already having some ideas, Once you get the music down record it on to a cd and i will come up with some lyrics” said Jacob

“K, well i am just about done” said Andrew

“K, so what are you guys gonna do today” Asked Jacob

“Well we were thibnking of going over to Disney World, and were gonna ask you guys if you wanted to go” said Andrew

“Hey I am up for it just don’t know about the rest” Jacob Said

“Ok, well i am gonna go wake up my sleeping Bueaty” said Andrew

Andrew walked back up to their room and crawled back into bed with Dan,
He wrapped his arms around dan like he had before, and begain to play with Dan’s nipples causing dan to Start laughing, Andrew quicky closed his eyes like he was sleeping and Dan turned over to look at Andrew.

Dan started to kiss Andrew all over his face and then began licking Andrew’s lips while sucking on them. Un knowing that Andrew was really awake, Andrew quickly bought his hads to the back of Dan’s head and broght him into a tight passionate kiss.

“Hey Lover boy” said Dan

“Hey, How are you” ANdrew Said

“I am good, even better now that you are with me.” Dan said

“Oh you know just the right thing to say” said Andrew

“Well you just bring out the best in me” said Dan

“Jacob said that he would go with us” said Andrew
“Cool, what time is it” said Dan

“Oh about 8:30” said Andrew

“Kinda too late to go back to sleep, how about we talk” Said Dan

“Sure, what about” said Andrew

“How about umm...oh you” said Dan

“What about me” said Andrew

“Everything about you” said Dan

“Ok well i was Born on Sept 3rd 1977, I am an only child...” Said Andrew

“... Then about 5 years ago my parents were taking a trip over in europe when their Plane crashed and killed them, after that i sold their house and moved to Floridia.” Said Andrew

“Oh i am so sorry” Dan said Hugging Andrew

“It’s ok, we really did not get along to well, well on my 21st birthday i recieved a letter from the Lawyer handeling their estate, and come to find out they had left me a trust fund, worth about 20 million dollars, they were both avid investors and they did very well on the stock market and put most of it away in this fund” said Andrew

“Wow thats wild, i got me a rich boy friend” said Dan

“Yeah i guess” Andrew said looking down

“Hey, i am joking i don’t care about your money, i just care about you.” said Dan

“I know i was just playing with you” said Andrew

“Well i you got so much money why do you drive that ratty thing” asked Dan

“Heh thats a very good question, i had planned to go car shopping soon, so i guess you can come along and help me with that” said Andrew

“Only if you want me to” said Dan

“Oh i do” said Dan

They got out of bed and got ready for their long day ahead of them, they gathered with all the guys what were going and headed off to have the time of their life. By the time they got back it was one o’clock in the morning and they all went to their prespective rooms and fell asleep almost as soon as their head hit the pillow.

The week proceeding Andrew and Dan’s birthday was crazy, Andrew was working with Jacob in secret to get the song ready for Dan, and Andrew went out to pick up Dan a birthday present. Come September 6th they were all in the Studio rehursing for the tour.

“Well since it is Dan’s birthday, i have decided to give you guys the rest of the day off, enjoy it” said Mike

“Thanks Mike” said Dan

They all went back to the house and went into the living room to sit and talk.

“Well happy birthday sweety, i have two Presents for you” said Andrew

“Ok” said Dan

Andrew quickly ran up stairs and brought some things down, He handed dan a small box. He opened it and was in shock.

“This is bueatiful” said Dan

“Yeah i saw it and thought of you, it is a Promise ring” said Andrew

“I don’t understand” said dan

“Well this ring symbolizes my promise to you that i will Marry you when you feel it is right” said Andrew

Dan started to cry and Andrew pulled him into a hug

“Thank you, thank you so much” dan Whispered

“Your welcome” said Andrew

“it is one promise i am sure to call you on” said Dan

“K, and this next gift Jacob helped me with a lot, i want you to close your eyes” said Andrew

“Ok” Dan said as he closed his eyes

Andrew went over to the Piano and began to play the song that he and Jacob wrote for Dan, It even made the other guys Cry, and by the end of the Song Dan was Sobbing. Andrew walked over to him and pulled him into a huge hug and they sat there for hours just hugging each other, Dan and Andrew felt so comfortable in each others arms that they quickly drifted off to sleep.

“Aaw isin’t that cute” said a voice waking up Andrew

When he opened his eyes he found Ashley and Erik standing over them.

“Hi Guys” Andrew said

“Hi, did you guys sleep here all night?” asked Ashley

“All night what time is it?” asked Andrew

“It is 8:30 am” said Erik

“Wow, i guess we did” said Andrew

Ashley and Erik walked off to the kitchen to get some Breakfast while can woke up Dan.

“Dan, sweety, time to wake up” Andrew said blowing in Dan’s Ear

Dan started to stir and then he yawned and streached.

“Hi” Dan said

“Hi, did you sleep well” said Andrew

“Yeah, I always sleep well in your arms” he replied giving Andrew a kiss on the cheek

“Me too” said Andrew

“I want to think you for the presents, they were totally nice and very thoughtful, and you put a lot of love into them” said Dan

“Nothing is to good for you Dan” Andrew Said

“You just know the right things to say” sad Dan

“I try, I don’t want to spoil this but we have to get up and get ready, I have to go into the studio to record a couple of the last tracks for my CD, and you guys have Tour stuff to take care of” said Andrew

“Yeah, if we have to “ said Dan

They both got off the couch and walked hand in hand upstairs. They took seperate showers, and got ready and met the guys down stairs.

“Well i guess i will see you guys later” Said Andrew

“Yeah, Have Fun at the Studio” Said Trevor

Dan walked up to Andrew and put his hands around his neck.

“I am gonna miss you today” he said giving Andrew a kiss

“Not as much as i am going to miss you” Andrew replied

“K, Bye” said Dan

“K, this is only suposed to take a couple of hours then i might stop by and watch you guys rehurse.” said Andrew

“Cool” Said Jacob

They all walked out the door and went on their respective ways, Dan, Ashley, Erik, Trevor and Jacob to Tour Rehursals and Andrew to the Recording Studio

Chapter 6

Andrew got into his truck and slowly made his way over to the recording studio to do some much needed work on his upcoming album. When he finally reached the studio he rushed in to get his work done as fast as he could so he could go watch the guys pratice.

“Hey Andrew” Said the Producer

“Hey Tony, How is it going” Andrew Said

“Not bad, are you ready to work” said Tony

“Yes Sir” Andrew said walking into the recording booth

The recording booth was fairly large so that it could accomodiate the large Grand Piano and the necessary Microphones.

“Ok Andrew, take 10-20 minutes to get warmed up and we can run through these before we try and record them” Said Tony

Andrew proceeded to sit down in front of the piano and warm him self up, going through scales and vocalizing.

“Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, Ti La So Fa Me Re Do” Andrew Sang Repeating them in higher and higher octives until his voice cracked

Andrew placed some sheet music in front of him and began to play some of the songs he had written.

“Ok Andrew I think we are ready” Said Tony

“Ok Tony” Replied

“Begin 5 seconds after you see the Recording like come on” Said Tony

“Ok” Said Andrew

... At the O-Town Studio

“Will some one please answer that Damn Phone” Screemed the Coryographer

“It’s Mine, i got it” yelled dan

He walked over to the table and picked up and answerd his cell phone.

“Hello” He Said

“Oh My God” Dan said Puting his hand over his mouth sinking to the floor

“Yeah, I am here. I’ll get the next flight out there” Said Dan

“Ok Bye” Said Dan

The guys ran over to him with a look of worry on their faces.

“Dan are you ok” said Jacob

Dan sat their quitem with tears streaming down his face

“Dan, what is wrong” said Ashley

“My, Mom and Dad, were in a Car accident and they are in critical condition” said Dan

“Oh My God, I am so sorry” said Ashley

“I need to get out there” said Dan

“I’ll call the airline and book you a flight there, one of us should go with you” said Jacob

“Ashely will you go with me” Asked Dan

“Yeah Sure” Ashley Said

10 Minutes Later

“Ok Dan I got you to First Class Tickets the flight leaves in 30 minutes” said Jacob

“Thanks Man” Dan said to Jacob

Dan and Ashley left for the airport.

“Ok Andrew thats a wrap, we’ll see you tomorrow” said Tony

“Ok Tony See you later” Said Andrew

Andrew left the recording studio and headed over to where the guys were praticing. When he arrived there he realized that there was no one there.

“They must have gotten off early” he thought to him self

He got back into his truck and headed back home.

“Hey guys” Andrew said walking into the living room

“Oh my god Andrew we totally forgot about you” Said Jacob

“What, Whats wrong” Said Andrew

“Dan had to leave today, his parents were in a Car Accident” said Jacob

“Oh my god, are they alright” said Andrew

“We don’t know” said Jacob

“Ok well i am going to go upstairs and take a nap” Andrew said feling a tear fall down his cheek

Jacob saw this and sat dumbfounded for a second.

When Andrew reached the bedroom he closed the door and fell on the bed crying. Andrew fell asleep crying.

There was a knock at the door. Andrew did not hear the door open.

“Andrew” Jacob Said shaking Andrew gently

Andrew sat up and Jacob saw his tear streaked face.

“Oh Andrew i am sure he did not mean to forget you” said Jacob

“I know but it still hurts” Andrew said Crying

Jacob got closer to Andrew and pulled him into a hug, Andrew put his head on Jacob’s Shoulder and continued to cry, Jacob patted Andrew’s Back.

Andrew and Jacob seperated and looked at each other Jacob Leand forward and placed a small kiss on Andrew’s Lips. They both seperated and continued to stare at each other.

They went in for another kiss this time it was longer. Andrew could feel Jacob’s tounge probe his lips seeking entrance to his mouth, Andrew parted his lips and Jacob’s tounge explored the inside of Andrew’s Mouth.

They both laid down on the bed and continued kissing.

Jacob reached under Andrew’s shirt and gently rubbed his chest, feeling the definition of his chest and abs, Andrew Wrappe his arms around Jacob’s neck and continued to kiss him.

Jacob lowered his hand to the waist band of Andrew’s jeans and unbuttoned them, and slid his hand into them feeling Andrew’s enormus erection through his boxer breifs, he started to rub and squeeze it causing Andrew to Moan.

They stopped kissing and feeling just long enough to get each others clothes off, They just stood there lookin at each others bodys.

Andrew noticed how definded Jacob’s body was, Hard Chisled Pecs with quarter size nipples with a slight bit of hair between them leading down to his washboard abs and his cure belly button.

Jacob’s pubic area was quite trimmed and Andrew was suprised to see Jacob sporting a 10 inch uncut cock, Andrew’s mouth fell open. Jacob moved closer and put his hand under Andrew’s chin and gently closed it whilt placing small kisses on his lips.

“God you are Bueatiful” Jacob Sad

“Your not Half bad yourself” Andrew Replied

Andrew took Jacob’s hand and led him back to the bed pushing him down on to it and climbing on top of him, he ground their crotched together causing Jacob to moan in total pleasure, and bent down and started to suck on one of Jacob’s nipples causing it to become erect, he licked his way down his chest to his abs.

He encurcled each one of Jacob’s Abs with his tounge and worked his way down to Jacob’s snake like penis, he took the entire thing into his mouth and down into his throat causing Jacob to scream in pleasure, he started to slide his mouth up and down his cock causing him to moan louder and louder, he would take it so that just the head was left in his mouth and then slam back down on it. It did not take long for Andrew to feel Jacob’s Balls contract.

“Andrew...Ugh... I... I” was all that he said

He release volley after volley of cum into Andrew throat and mouth, when Jacob finally had finished he just laid there on the bed with a dazed look on his face.

“Jacob “are you allright?” asked Andrew

“That was fucking wonderful” he said

They both cuddled together and quickly fell asleep in each others arms.

“Andrew, Andrew wake up” Jacob said Shaking Andrew

“Wha, What” Said Andrew

“You have to get up” said Jacob

“What time is it” Said Andrew

“It is 8:00 AM” said Jacob

“What happend” said Andrew

“We Fell asleep together” Said Jacob

“So then the kissing was not a dream” said Andrew

“No” Said Jacob

“Oh, God I can’t believe i did that, i am so sorry” said Andrew

“It was not your fault it was mine” said Jacob starting to Cry

“I let you so it is just as much mine” said Andrew

“We have to tell Dan, i know you love him too much to let me Fuck it up for you” said Jacob

“Yeah, I don’t know if he will forgive me” said Andrew getting off the bed.

Jacob walked out of Dan and Andrew’s room and into his room.


“Hello anyone home” Dan yelled through the house.

Trevor and Erik came walking through the living room to great Dan.

“Hey Dan, how are your Parents” said Erik

“They are ok, was not that serious” said Dan

“Thats good” said Trevor

“Where is Andrew” asked Dan

“He is up in your room” said Erik

“Thanks” said Dan

“Dan, he has been acting kinda wierd lately” said Trevor

Dan walked up the stairs to the room and gently knocked on the door and opened it to find a Sleeping Andrew on the bed.

Dan kicked his shoes off and crawled on the bed and looked at Andrew’s face seeing that it was Tear Streaked. Dan leand forward and placed a small kiss on Andrew’s Lips.

Andrew bliked back into consience.

“Hi” said Dan

“Hi” said Andrew

“Are you ok, you look like you have been crying” said Dan

“No i am not alright.” said Andrew

“What, Whats wrong” said Dan worried

“I Betrayed your trust” said Andrew starting to cry again

“What do you mean” Dan asked.

“Well when i found out that you left and forgot about me, Jacob came up to Comfort me and we ended up kissing and fell asleep together” said Andrew looking at the Floor

“I.. I..” Dan Stammerd

“I know i am sorry” said Andrew

“How could you do that to me” Said Dan getting angry

“I am so sorry, i should leave” said Andrew

“What else did you two do” Asked Dan angerly

“I gave him a blow job” Andrew said sobbing harder

“Was I a fool to think this relationship would work between us” said Dan

“I am sorry Dan, for what it’s worth I still love you” said Andrew closing the door behind him.

Andrew walked down the stairs and noticed it was dark, he ran out of the house and got into his truck and drove away, he finally reached his old apartment which he still had for 2 weeks maybe longer now that he and Dan had just had a fight.
Notes from the Author
I hope you enjoyed reading the Third Installment of my Story, I will have the Next chapter done as soon as possible. Please email me and let me know what you think.