Dare to Dream

By: L.D. Griffin


This story is purely fictional. I do not know *NSYNC. This is not implying anything about *NSYNC's true sexuality. I do not know if they are gay or not. Do not read this if you are under 18 or it is illegal in your state to read literature with homosexual content.

Pairing: JC/Justin

Chapter 4

The rays of sunlight streaming into the room caused Justin to awaken. He sat up, and rubbed his temple. Getting up off the bed, he noticed the note on his suitcase. Picking it up, he recognized JC's handwriting:

Dear Justin,

I'm leaving for the airport now. I tried to wake you up, but you weren't ready, so I'm writing this note to tell you that's where I am. Hope you have an absolutely marvelous birthday. I'm so sorry I'm going to miss it. When I get back the guys and I are going to throw you a HUGE party, so don't get to partied out on Sunday night. Watch for me on The Wonderful World of Disney. Not to mention the fact we're showing Model Behavior. So, I'll see you Monday morning bright and early I promise!


The thoughts settled into his mind. Josh has gone to LA for three days. He won't be here for my birthday. Josh, the love of my life, is missing my birthday.

`Why Josh...why can't you love me the way I love you, I mean...' Justin's thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door which he automatically recognized as Melinda's.

Folding up the letter and setting it back down on the suitcase, he walked to answer the door.

"Morning sunshine!" Melinda said as she placed a quick kiss on Justin's cheek as they


`Morning, Mel. Did Josh say goodbye to you this morning? I mean he left me a note, but I wanted to tell him goodbye," Justin said, his eyes slightly watering.

"No, he didn't say goodbye to me personally, but he said goodbye to the rest of the gang. Lance said he tried to wake you up, and when you finally sort of woke up and he asked you if you wanted to go with him you said something about your mother and lunch," Melinda said, chuckling a bit.

`My mother and lunch?' Justin thought, `Now why in God's name would I be thinking about my mother and lunch with Josh sleeping across the room?'

Then his dream from the night before hit him.


"Justin, come here sweetie!" Lynn Harless cried out to her curly-blond 13 year old son.


"Hey, honey. How was your first day as a Mouseketeer?" Lynn asked as Justin and her walked to her red Jeep.

"It was awesome, I met one of the other guys named Joshua Scott Chasez, but everyone calls him JC. He's really nice, Mom. He was the only one to not tease me today. He let me eat lunch with him and everything!"

"Oh baby. I'm so glad you've made a friend already. I was so worried you weren't going to fit in. I mean, you're a boy from a small town in Tennessee, not New York City."

"Josh, that's what JC wants me to call him, is from a small town in Maryland. Almost everyone on the show is from a small town, isn't that weird?"

"Yes, dear, it really is; did you meet any girls?" Mrs. Harless asked, changing subject and not knowing what to expect as an answer.

"Mom!!!" Justin said, blushing slightly.

"Well, I'm your mother I'm supposed to know all of these things," Lynn asked laughing quietly to herself.

Justin opened the door to the passenger door, and climbed into the car.


`She didn't know the half of it!' Justin thought to himself.

"Justin...earth to Justin, you there?" Melinda asked as she waved her hand in front of his face.


Justin stood looking into space, with an intense feeling of tranquility pasted on his countenance.

"Yo, Justin, buddy...are you in there?"

"Huh...what?" Justin asked snapping out of his love sick daze.

"You zoned out for a little while. You kind of looked like you either just saw God or just met the love of your life," Melinda asked filling him in on what Justin had been doing for the last 10 minutes.

"Oh, sorry...I've just got a lot on my mind."

"What are you thinking about that's making you hard?"

"Oh my god!!" Justin screamed as slammed the door in Melinda's face and looked down to see the huge bulge in his pants.

`Think needles, think needles!' Justin said as his erection started to subside.

He regained his composure, and opened the door again.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sorry, I'm fine now."

"Okay, then...so how about some breakfast? The other guys left already since you have the day off, and I thought we might spend the day together enjoying New York," Melinda managed to spit out the lie. It was true that they had the day off, but the other guys hadn't left in fact they were listening to their conversation through the wall.

"Uh...guys why did Melinda just tell Justin that we'd already left?" Joey asked, with a tone of stupidity evident in his voice.

"How the hell should we know? Do we look like psychics?" Chris answered playfully.

"Why would Mel say something like that?" Lance questioned, obviously confused.

"Maybe she wants to cheer him up a bit, I mean he's probably really depressed that JC left for three days, not to mention the fact that JC'll be gone for his birthday," Joey answered, stumping the other two by the sophistication of his words.




"Guys...open up. It's Melinda."

"Coming, Mel!" Lance yelled as he ran to the door.

"Hey. I'm taking Justin out to breakfast and then I think we're gonna see the sights. He's really depressed, as a matter of fact when I went to see if he was up, he zoned out on me for like 10 minutes. He had this extremely weird look on his face; it was scary. Besides, there's something really important I need to tell him," Melinda finished, shifting her weight from her left to her right foot.

"Uh...okay. Then I guess we'll see you two later," Chris responded coming up behind Lance.

"Bye!" Melinda smiled and walked away.

"I wonder what she's going to tell Justin!" Lance piped in.

"You don't think she..." Chris started, but was interrupted.

"Likes Justin?" Joey completed Chris's thought.

"JC may have some competition," Lance answered.

Justin was sitting in his room, his hands folded neatly in his lap. He really didn't want to go out to day, but Melinda had sounded so excited about getting some time alone with him that he didn't have the heart to turn her down. He had taken a quick shower, and fixed up his mop. Within fifteen minutes, Melinda was there knocking on his door.

"Ready?" Melinda asked as Justin walked out into the hall.

"Uh, yeah, I guess so," Justin answered half-heartedly.

`Let the games begin!' Melinda thought as they walked to the elevators.

"JC, stand over here. The camera will pan and zoom in on you. Stand and smile; act as if you have not a care in the world," the director, James Phillips, of the Wonderful World of Disney instructed him.

Even though the show wasn't for two days, JC was already having to practice stage directions and his lines. He really hated acting; it just wasn't his thing. But, he had no choice, Johnny and management were forcing him to do this all without his precious little Justin.

"Take it from the top," the director called out.

"Practice run-through number four in 5...4...3...2...1," the assistant director yelled at the top of his lungs, counting down the numbers with his fingers.

"Good evening and welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney. My name is JC Chasez and I will be your guest host this evening. As you may already kn..."

"Stop!" The director stood up, and walked over to JC.

"You have to put your heart in it. You must present yourself to the audience as if you were having the most wonderful time in the entire world. You have to act like this is the thing you've always wanted to do. Remember, the fans of this show voted you the guest host for this week's movie."

"I know I know, it's just...I don't think my heart's in it today. Can I take 5?"

"Yeah go ahead, but hurry up...we've got to run over your little interview with Mickey!" James instructed huffily.

JC ran out of the studio and into the bright California sunshine. He really couldn't do this today; he just had a really strong feeling that told him something wasn't right.

Well? What do you think will happen? is JC's prediction correct? Is something really going to happen? What is Melinda going to Justin...these questions and more are answered in the next chapter of Dare to Dream, same time same channel.

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