Dare to Dream

by: L. D. Griffin


This story is a figment of my imagination. In other words it's F-I-C-T-I-O-N!!! It is not implying anything about the true sexualities of *NSYNC or anyone associated with them. I do not know if they are gay or not. Do not read this if you are under 18 or it is illegal in your state to read literature with homosexual content.

Pairing: JC/Justin


JC was cut off by Justin's thick, moist lips on top of his own. At first JC hesitated. but then he let himself be totally wrapped up in the moment. He grabbed Justin's back and pulled him in closer, wrapping his arms around the young blonde. Justin moaned and enfolded his arms around the brunette's shoulders. after about a minute, Josh pulled back.

"Justin...what the hell..."

"Shh...it's okay. I heard everything."

"Then why did you just kiss..."

"Because I'm in love with you too."

"You're what?"

"I'm in love with you Josh, not Melinda. I swear. I've been in love with you for 8 years, through everything we've been through. All I've ever wanted is to be in your arms, protected and safe."

"Justin, you must be drunk. You have to be. You should love Melinda. You are just saying you're in love with me. I mean there's no way you could love me like I love you."

"Josh, what can I do to prove my love to you?"

"I don't know Justin."

"Let me show you Joshua. Let me show you how absolutely in love I am with you."

Justin leaned in and once again captured JC's soft lips with his own. He wrapped his arms around Josh's back, pulling him up close. JC's tongue asked for entrance to Justin's cavity, and Justin gladly received it. Their tongues battled an erotic duel, each man tasting and experiencing the other's mouth

Justin pulled back and started kissing down JC's neck. Slowly he unbuttoned JC's navy-blue button-down shirt. Sliding it off, he pulled the muscle shirt off with his teeth. Justin started to kiss up and down JC's torso, darting his tongue in and out of JC's navel.

"Justin, oh god...Ju...Ju...Justin, mmm," JC panted.

Justin took that as a sign to keep going. He leaned down and unzipped JC's fly with his teeth. Sliding JC's jeans off with one hand, Justin undressed JC leaving him only in his red silk boxers. The humongous bulge in JC's underwear made Justin drool.

Josh just stood there, not really knowing what to do. Then it hit him. He quickly undressed Justin.

"Oh Justin, oh god..." JC moaned, running his hands over Justin's chest.

Justin started to push JC backward until he fell on a couch. Leaning over him, Justin stuck his hands down JC's boxers and grabbed onto JC's rock hard, throbbing organ.

"Oh LORD have MERCY...JUSTN!" JC yelled as he bucked his hips up, trying to get more of himself in Justin's hand.

Justin started to jack it off, slowly at first but gradually got faster. JC moaned and writhed beneath him.

"Justin, make love to me, please," JC begged.

"Of course, Josh."

Justin stripped off his boxerbriefs and inserted one finger into Josh. JC winced at the slight pain of the intrusion. Once JC got used to the feeling, Justin inserted two fingers, than three.

"Jus, I'm ready."

Justin sat up and wrapped JC's legs around his waist. He positioned his own throbbing cock at the small entranceway to JC's ass. With one thrust, he pushed his engorged head in. JC's face contorted in pain.

"Josh, we don't have to do this."

"No, Justin...we're going to do this. I'm fine."

"Okay, but tell me if you want to stop."

"Okay, I will."

With that Justin pushed all the way in and waited for a sign to signal he could go on. JC smiled and Justin pulled out, rubbing up against JC's prostate.

"MMM, oh God...oh god, Justin..."

"Oh Josh, you're so fucking tight, oohhh....mmm."

Justin pushed in again and reached up and continued to jack off JC. JC moaned, and started to buck up his hips, trying to get more of Justin into him.

"Oh good Lord Joshua, mmm oh Lord," Justin purred as he thrust into JC again.

"Ju...Jus...Justin...I'm gonna cu...cu...cum!" JC moaned right before his orgasm racked through his body. He gripped his ass tight around Justin's cock and blew his load all over both their stomachs.

Justin thrust in one more time before the sensation of JC's tight ass caused him to cum.


Load after load of hot cum squirted into JC's asshole. Justin's body shook vigorously, and he moaned over and over.

Justin collapsed on top of JC and wrapped his arms around him. They drifted off to sleep, with Justin still a part of Justin.

Well, JC and Justin are finally together :) Now, what is Melinda going to do ::smiles evilly:: Thanks for all the great feedback. A big appreciation goes out to Brink. I don't know what I would do without her friendship.

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LD Griffin