Dare to Dream

by: L. D. Griffin


This story is a figment of my imagination. In other words it's F-I-C-T-I-O-N!!! It is not implying anything about the true sexualities of *NSYNC or anyone associated with them. I do not know if they are gay or not. Do not read this if you are under 18 or it is illegal in your state to read literature with homosexual content.

Pairing: JC/Justin


Justin thrust in one more time before the sensation of JC's tight ass caused him to cum.


Load after load of hot cum squirted into JC's asshole. Justin's body shook vigorously, and he moaned over and over.

Justin collapsed on top of JC and wrapped his arms around him. They drifted off to sleep, with Justin still a part of JC.

Daylight broke through the tiny windows of the old warehouse. Streaks of sunlight, shown down from the skylights, highlighting the contents below.

Slowly, Justin awoke. Looking down at the face of his newly founr lover, he smiled and gently pressed his lips to Josh's forehead.

"Morning..."JC beamed as he was stirred from his dreaming.

"Morning," Justin said as he placed a gentle kiss on JC's lips.

Justin sat up and slid out of Josh. Standing up he brought Jace to his feet as well.

"Justin, it's still early. Let's go back to bed." JC whined as he again captured his lips with Justin's.

"MMM, Josh...we can't. We need to get up. Oh, oh, oh...mmm, I guess one more time wouldn't hurt." As he laid back down on top of JC.

JC flipped Justin over onto his back and licked down his body. He swirled his tongue around both of Curly's nipples bringing them to erection. Continuing his trip down Justin's torso he dipped his wet tongue into his bellybutton, tasting the bit of skin that was there. He then continued down until he was face to face with Justin's now throbbing, red, and engorged penis. JC gently blew on it, eliciting a deep, throaty moan from Justin.

"Oh Josh...ohhh."

JC gently placed kisses up and down it. Each feather-light touch of his lips to the sensitive skin made it throb harder and Justin moan louder.

"Justin, you are so beautiful." JC stated before he started to swallow him.

"Oh god Josh..."

JC slowly swallowed Justin inch by inch, licking the underside with his hot, wet tongue. Once Justin hit the back of his throat, he gently started to bob up and down, taking it deeper with every bob of his head.

Justin thrust his hips up, trying to get more of himself inside of JC's hot cavern. With each bob Josh made, Justin neared orgasm. Closer and closer he got until he was on the brink...

JC could feel Justin's balls tense as they bounced up and down hitting his face; he could taste the amount of precum leaking from Justin's dick getting fuller and more substantial. He could sense Justin's dick swelling ready to blow.

"Josh, I'm...I'm...gonna cum," Justin said as he JC prepared himself for what was to happen.

With a glass shattering scream Justin came, moaning Josh's name with ever burst of hot, white cum that shot from his dick. Load after load came while JC swallowed as much as he could.

Laying back on the couch totally spent and out of breath, Justin motioned for Josh to come up to him. JC slithered back up Justin's body.

"Thank you." Justin said as he placed a light kiss on JC's lips, licking up the extra drops of um from the corners of Josh's mouth.

"But what about you?" Justin said as he placed his head on Josh's own throbbing organ.


Justin too that as a cue. Using all the strength he had left, he started to jack JC off, quickening up his pace at the undecipherable noises coming out of JC's mouth. JC bit down on Justin's shoulder, trying to least as long as he could.

After 5 minutes had passed, JC couldn't hold back any longer. With a deep moan, he came all over Justin's hand and chest.

Panting and out of breath he kissed Justin passionately.

"I love you"

"I love you too," Justin said running his hands through JC's hair.

They lye there for about 15 minutes just kissing and nuzzling into each other's necks and bodies.

Soon, JC looked over at the clock next to the couch: 10:35

"Justin, we need to get up. The guys are going to be wondering where the hell we are," JC said crawling off of Justin and standing up.

"No, I don't want to get up." Justin murmured turning over.

"Baby, we got to. They have probably already assembled a search party."

"Fine," Justin grumbled standing up.

They got dressed fast but as completely as they could, and set off for JC's house.

When they arrived, they saw all the guys and Melinda seated on Josh's front step.

Chris stood up and glared at JC and Justin as they got out of JC's jeep.

"Where the hell in god's name have you two been? We've been worried sick since both of you disappeared last night. Well, start explaining."

"We don't have to explain anything to you Chris. You're not our mommy and we are grown men."

"Fine Justin, if you don't owe me an explanation don't you think you owe Melinda one? You may say you don't love her but she is your wife."

"Why do I owe Melinda one? I don't even life with her. She used me. Now, if you'll excuse me Josh and I need to take a shower and change. Come on JC." Justin said, pushing his way through to the door, hand gripped tightly in JC's, pulling him along.

JC shrugged his shoulders at the group and followed, stepping inside the door right before Justin slammed and locked it in everyone's face.

"Justin, why the hell did you do that? They're our friends--they were just worried about us, and whether you like it or not Chris is right, Melinda is your wife. You do owe her an explanation.

"I don't owe anyone an explanation. I'm a grown boy, I can do what I please. I can love who I please, make love to whom I please."

"Well, Justin, you go right ahead- but don't do it with me. I love you Justin, but I can't." JC said rushing out of the room.

Justin stood dumbfounded. He loved JC, hadn't he proved that last night. Then he remembered Melinda.

"How do I prove I love you Josh and not her?"

Outside, everyone else had left except Melinda.

"How do I make you, Justin, believe that JC doesn't love you?"

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LD Griffin


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