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Encounter In The Sand

by Jeremy


~Part 5~

Last Time:

   Justin looked at him questioningly for a moment. "Ricky?"


   "There isn't some big muscular guy, is there?" Justin asked, genuinely concerned about it.

   Ricky chuckled, pulling him up out of the chair and into his arms. "Justin, you can rest assured that there's nobody but you." Placing a gentle kiss on Justin's lips, he tipped his head toward the door. "C'mon... let's go." Justin smiled at him, hugging him tightly one more time before releasing him and wandering back into the public eye.


And now, the continuation:

   After making a quick stop at his house to change clothes and switch vehicles, Ricky and justin arrived in front of the 'N Sync condominium in one of the cafe's delivery minivans, which Ricky kept at home. As they walked up to the door, Justin put his key in and unlocked it. The sight Ricky saw when the door opened was a shock, but a definite comfort at the same time. Lance and JC lay snuggled together on the couch, watching a movie. Ricky eyed them and then gave a questioning look to Justin, who just nodded to him, confirming his upcoming question about their sexuality.

   "I guess I don't have to worry about displays of affection in front of them, do I?" Ricky asked sliding his arm around Justin's waist.

   "Nope," Justin replied, leading him in.

   JC looked up and smiled at them as they entered. "How was your run this morning?" he asked.

   "Great," Justin said quickly, before Ricky could tell them about his mishaps. Ricky just grinned at Justin who led him over to the love seat, where they sat down. JC eyed him for a minute before making a mental note to ask Ricky later about what had happened during their run.

   "Whatcha watchin'?" Ricky asked as he glanced at the TV, then at JC.

   "Here On Earth," JC replied.

   "Ooh," Ricky replied, "Such a sad movie."

   "But Chris Klein and Josh Hartnett are so hot," JC and Ricky said in unison. Lance and Justin just looked at each other, which made Ricky and JC crack up. Both laughed for a bit longer but then quieted down as the humor of the moment faded. All the while, Justin and Lance just sat there, shaking their heads.

   Grinning, Ricky kissed Justin gently, and then leaned in, snuggling closely with him. JC followed suit and did the same with Lance. Lance chuckled and looked over at Justin. "How can we resist this?"

   "We can't," Justin said, shaking his head. "We just have to give in."

   Silence ensued as they all settled to watch the rest of the movie. Occasionally, Ricky would divert his attention to Justin to steal a kiss or two, and vice versa. By the end of the movie, all four had tear stained faces, from some of the sadder scenes in the movie.

   Ricky glanced to his left to find that Justin was sound asleep against him. He giggled, looking back over at JC, only to find that Lance was sound asleep as well. JC just looked at Ricky and shook his head. "These two can fall asleep easier than any one I've ever known."

   "I see that," Ricky replied, chuckling.

   "Let's go outside and let these two snooze for a while," JC suggested as he slid out from under Lance and stood up, waiting for Ricky.

   Ricky reached over and gently ran his hand across Justin's cheek before sliding out and placing a pillow under Justin, who mumbled something incoherent, wrapped his arms around the pillow and started to snore quietly. Leaning forward, Ricky kissed him gently and then stood, following JC out into the back yard.

   As he walked out the sliding doors into the back, Ricky started to laugh. JC looked up at him confused. "What?" he asked.

   "See the roof of the house on the other side of the wall?" Ricky asked, motioning over the 10-foot stone wall that separated them from the houses on the next street over. JC nodded.

   "I used to live in that house, Ricky continued. "From the back yard, you can see right into that window." Ricky motioned toward a window on the second floor of the 'N Sync house.

   "That's mine and Lance's room," JC said.

   "Well," Ricky told him, "I'd consider having the windows tinted or something. Teenage girls live in that house now. Who knows what they would see if they discover that you can see most everything that goes on."

   JC's eyes widened. "I'll make a note of that. Thanks."

   "No problem," Ricky said.

   JC's expression changed and grew serious. "Ricky, can I ask you a question?"

   "Of course," Ricky replied, "Ask away."

   "What are your feelings for Justin? I mean, are you as serious about him as he is about you?"

   Ricky nodded immediately. "Absolutely. I'm not a game player, or some groupie, JC. If I wasn't serious about him, I wouldn't be any closer to him than you and I are."

   JC nodded and smiled. "You realize, don't you," he said, "that I'm only looking out for him. I just don't want him to get hurt."

   "Rest assured, JC," Ricky replied, "that I would never hurt him. I've never felt like this about anyone before."

   JC just smiled, pulling Ricky into a hug. "Well," he said, "that puts my mind at ease." Suddenly, the sound of two throats clearing could be heard behind them. Turning, they found Justin and Lance standing there.

   Lance shook his head, teasing. "Can't leave you two alone for two minutes."

   "I thought I could trust you!" Justin played along.

   Ricky caught on and teased back, taking JC's hand. "I guess you two should know, we're together now. I want to have Joshua's children." At that, Ricky burst into laughter, followed by the others.

   JC and Ricky stepped over to their respective beaus, wrapping their arms around them and kissing them deeply. Justin's and Lance's eyes grew wide, then closed as they gave in to the kisses.

   "So," Ricky said, breaking the kiss. "We gonna stand around here all day, or go do something?"

   "I suppose," Lance replied, reluctantly breaking away from JC.

   "Where are Chris and Joey?" Ricky asked, glancing in the house.

   "Still sleeping," JC replied. "They were up until 4:30 this morning trying to kick each other's asses on the Playstation.

   A grin formed at Ricky's lips. "They strike me as deep sleepers, am I right?"

   "Yeah," Justin replied. "They'd sleep through earthquakes, tornadoes, anything really. Why?"

   "I have an idea."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   "My God," Justin complained, "his feet stink."

   "Shush. Just hang on to his ankles, we're almost there," Ricky said, chuckling quietly as they carried Joey down the hall. Justin had his feet, and Ricky and JC each had a shoulder. Lance was ahead of them, opening Chris' bedroom door.

   "Couldn't we have at least put some clothes on him first?" Justin asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

   "He sleeps nude, so that's the way he's going to wake up."

   "You're evil, Ricky. Just evil," Justin said, trying to contain his laughter.

   "I know," was Ricky's reply as they entered Chris' room and moved around to the empty side of the bed. Lance had pulled back the covers, revealing the fact that Chris also slept au naturale.

   "I couldn't have planned anything more perfect," Ricky said, giggling quietly as they set Joey down next to Chris.

   Very gently they rolled Joey onto his side, putting his arm over Chris' chest. Ricky grinned up at his accomplices. "Alright, let's leave them uncovered. It's time for our grand entrance."

   The four men regrouped outside of Chris' room, getting all the giggles out of their systems. "Ready?" Ricky asked. They nodded and took their places. Ricky nodded back to them as a signal to set the plan into action.

   JC stepped into the doorway. "Hey Chris," he said loudly. "Time to get... Oh my God!" JC covered his mouth to look surprised, though it was really there to cover the laughter, as Chris and Joey shot up in the bed.

   "Wha...?" Joey blinked, trying to get his bearings.

   Just then, Justin, Lance and Ricky rushed in. "What's the matter Jace? Oh my God!" Justin exclaimed as he glanced at the bed. Lance and Ricky just gasped and covered their mouths.

   Joey and Chris glanced at each other at the same time, then at their naked, uncovered bodies.

   "Oh, honey!" JC said in his most effeminate voice, adding a flourish as he looked at Joey. "We're so happy for you!"

   Joey rushed to get out of the bed, falling on his rear. He stood, stealing one of Chris' blankets to cover himself. "It... It's not what it looks like," he stammered, looking over at Chris who was covering himself up. "Tell them," Joey demanded.

   "Are you telling me that last night meant nothing to you?" Chris feigned a broken heart. "You said you loved me!"

   Joey's mouth dropped as he looked back at the other guys. "You can't believe him! It's not true!"

   At this, everyone except Joey burst into fits of laughter. Ricky leaned against the door jamb, tears of laughter streaming down his face.

   "How'd you figure it out?" he asked Chris.

   "I heard you morons come in."

   Joey just stood there, dumbfounded. "This was a setup? How'd you get me in here?"

   "We carried you and your stinky-assed feet in here," Justin replied.

   "And I might add," Ricky interjected, "it's no wonder that you're so popular with the ladies. Move over Sly Stallone, there's a new Italian Stallion in town." Joey turned several shades of red as Ricky winked at him.

   "Hey!" Justin responded, jabbing a finger into Ricky's side.

   "But of course," Ricky recovered for himself, "nothing compares to you, my Tennessee Tight End." Grinning, he glanced back at Justin's posterior, wiggling his eyebrows.

   Chris groaned. "Could you guys get out of here so I can get up?" Everyone nodded and vacated, including Joey, who walked by grumbling, wrapped in the blanket.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   "Hey Joey! How long does it take to comb hair?" Ricky called up the stairs.

   "Be right down!"

   "Yeah, that's what you said fifteen minutes ago," Ricky said, just shaking his head and taking a seat. Justin sat next to him and they snuggled together while they waited. Eventually, Joey made his way down the stairs.

   "Nice of you to join us," Chris said.

   "Oh, shut it. You can't rush perfection." Everyone just rolled their eyes.

   "So are we ready to go?" Ricky asked.

   "Yes," Joey answered.

   "Let's go then!"

   At that, they all headed out for an exploratory tour of Ventura County.


To Be Continued....