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Encounter In The Sand

by Jeremy


~Part 7~

Last Time:

   Ricky smiled as Justin pulled him close again. Leaning forward, his lips brushed against Justin's and he spoke softly. "I've fallen so absolutely head-over-heels for you, Justin. I've known you just a few short days and already I can't imagine my life without you there."

   Silence ensued for a moment as Ricky paused, then he began to babble, "I don't know what I'm going to do when you go back on tour. Maybe this is a bad idea. Long distance relationshi..." Before Ricky could finish, Justin silenced him with a long, deep kiss.

   "Shhh," Justin said as he gently broke the kiss. "I intend on spending as much of my off time as I can with you. If that means racking up an insane amount of frequent flyer miles, so be it. Plus, we'll have the phone, the internet, and more to communicate. But for now, I don't even want to think about it. I just want to spend as much time with you as possible."


And now, the continuation:

   Later that night, the group returned to the condo. As they pulled up, JC spoke up from the back seat. "We had a really great time tonight, Ricky."

   In the two weeks that followed, Justin and Ricky spent every waking moment together - literally. Justin had spent every night there. During the day, Justin would go to work with Ricky, and then they would return to his house, where the guys would usually be waiting for them. The group would swim, play video games, have dinner, and then the guys would leave. Justin and Ricky would then stay up for hours at night, just talking, holding each other and learning everything about one another.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   The morning sun streamed through the blinds onto Justin's face. Slowly, his eyes fluttered open and he looked around the room. He sleepily reached over and patted the bed next to him, feeling for Ricky, and his hand came in contact with a piece of paper. Squinting as his eyes adjusted to the light, he read the note.


You looked so adorable sleeping there. I just couldn't bear to wake you. I've gone for my run. Will be back soon.

I love you,

   Justin smiled at the note and sighed. This was going to be their last night together for a while. He and the guys were leaving the next morning. Setting the note aside, he slid out of bed, pulled on a t-shirt, and headed downstairs. A few minutes later, pans could be heard clanging in the kitchen, as Justin made breakfast.

   Ricky entered the house a little while later, following the smell of food to the kitchen, where he found Justin dishing up the eggs. His eyes wandered to the sink that was heaping with dishes and he inwardly cringed as he gave Justin a big smile. "You didn't have to make breakfast," he said, stepping up behind Justin and sliding his arms around his waist.

   "I wanted to," Justin replied simply as he picked up their plates and took them over to the kitchen table. Ricky grinned and whistled as he followed Justin's boxer-brief-clad ass to the table.

"What a view," Ricky commented, wiggling his eyebrows.

   "Just eat your breakfast," Justin said, smacking him in the arm before taking a seat. "I know I'm not Wolfgang Puck, but I haven't poisoned anybody with my cooking... yet."

   "Should I call the paramedics before I eat, then?" Ricky asked, grinning. Justin just stuck his tongue out and ate his own breakfast.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   Later that morning, the two sat cuddled together in the living room, watching TV. "So, what are we doing today?" Justin asked.

   "I already called in to all three locations, and let them know that I wouldn't be in today," Ricky replied. "I figured we'd just stay here today," he said with a sigh. "Since it is your last day."

   Justin nodded and lay his head in Ricky's lap. "The guys coming over?" he asked.

   "Later," Ricky said with a nod. "I gave them directions to Blockbuster. They're going to get some movies, and then go to Ralphs for junk food." Justin nodded, turning his attention back to the TV.

   Ricky remained as he was, watching Justin watch TV. After a moment, Justin felt as though he were being watched. Turning, he looked back up at Ricky who was now gently running his fingers through Justin's curls. "What?" Justin asked.

   "Nothing," Ricky responded, quietly. "Just thinking."

   "About what?

   "Just wondering how I'm going to get by after you leave. I've gotten kind of accustomed to waking up next to you."

   Justin reached up, brushing his fingers across Ricky's cheek. "You could always come with me."

   Ricky smiled. "It sounds very tempting."

   "Then why not say yes?" Justin asked, hopeful. "You could come and stay with me for a couple weeks."

   "I don't know, Just... I mean, I'd love to, but I don't know about leaving my business behind for so long."

   "C'mon... it's only two weeks. Besides, you're the boss, aren't you entitled to vacations?" Justin asked, propping himself up, moving his face very close to Ricky's before leaning in and kissing him tenderly.

   "Mmmm..." Ricky replied, giving in completely. "I suppose I could have Courtney take on my duties while I'm gone."

   Justin grinned and kissed him again before sitting up and grabbing his cell phone. Ricky gave him a questioning look.

   "Who're you calling?"

   "Lance. Gonna have him get you a seat on our flight."

   "Justin, you don't need to do that. I can take care of it."

   Justin just shook his head and hit one of the speed dial buttons on his phone. He waited for a moment until someone answered, and then he started to speak. "Lancey-poo," he said sweetly, "I... What do you mean, what do I want? Can't I call one of my best friends without wanting something?" Justin stared into space in mock disbelief. "Okay, fine. So I do want something. I need you to do me a favor. Since you're so good with handling travel arrangements, would you book an extra seat for our flight back home? Yes. I don't know. I'll deal with that when we get there. Bye."

   Ricky had been listening to Justin's end of the conversation, and his eyebrow raised up at his last sentence. "What will you deal with when we get there?" he asked after Justin had disconnected the call.

   "My mom," Justin replied, after a moment's hesitation. "She doesn't know about you, yet."

   Ricky froze. "She does know about you, right?"

   "Know about me?" Justin asked, a bit puzzled, but then a light bulb went on. "Oh! Know that I'm gay? Yes. She's totally cool with it."

   Ricky sighed with relief and smiled. "You should call her. At least let her know that someone's coming with you." Leaning in, he stole one more kiss and then slid out from under Justin. "I'm going to call Courtney. Call your mother." With that, Ricky disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Justin to make his call.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   Ricky hopped up on the counter, grabbing the phone and dialing the number. Quietly, he leaned against wall, waiting for someone to answer.

   "Pacific Surf Cafe, this is Tony," the voice said with a hint of attitude.

   Ricky raised an eyebrow and frowned. "Can I speak to Courtney, please?"

   "Courtney's busy," Tony replied shortly.

   "Surely she can talk to me. This is Rick."

   "I said she was busy."

   Ricky was starting to get angry. "Perhaps I didn't phrase that correctly. Let me speak with Courtney. Now."

   Click. The line went dead. Now Ricky was seeing red. Quickly, he hit the redial button and waited for someone to answer again.

   "Pacific Surf Cafe, this is Tony," he answered with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

   "Tony, is it?" Ricky asked, maintaining his calm.

   "Yeah. Listen, man. I told you, she's bus..."

   Ricky interrupted. "No, you listen. Do me a favor. You're standing next to the register, correct?"


   "Pick up one of the business cards right next to the register. Read me the name on that business card."

   "Rick Bailey," Tony read. "So?"

   Ricky was fuming. "What did I tell you my name was a moment ago before you hung up on me?"

   "Rick," Tony replied simply. After a moment, Ricky heard a gasp.

   "That's right, Tony. I'm *that* Rick. Now, you have 30 seconds to get Courtney on the phone, or in 30 seconds, you'll be looking for a new job."

   "I... Mr. Bailey... I... I'm sorry," Tony stuttered.

   "Twenty-five... Twenty-four..." Ricky counted down. He heard the phone drop onto the counter and then twenty seconds later, Courtney picked it up.

   "Ricky?" She asked.

   "Yes... Who the hell was that, Court? Somebody needs phone etiquette lessons - big time."

   "I know. He told me what happened. He feels horrible."

   "He should!" Ricky exclaimed. "The bastard hung up on me."

   "Oh, geez, hon. I'm sorry." Courtney apologized.

   "Don't worry about it. I just don't want him answering phones any more. Got that?"

   "You're the boss," she replied.

   "Yes I am... and actually, that's why I'm calling," Ricky explained. "I'm going to be taking a vacation for a couple of weeks, and need you to take over and manage all the locations for me."

   "That's cool, Ricky. You need a vacation. So, when are you leaving?"


   Courtney choked on whatever it was she happened to be taking a drink of at the time. "Tomorrow? Geez, Rick. Nothing like short notice."

   "I know," Ricky apologized. "It just kind of came up. I'm sorry."

   "It's okay," Courtney chuckled. "So... headed back to Orlando with lover boy, eh?"

   "Yeah. Justin asked me..." Ricky froze mid sentence. "I mean... I... How... How did you?"

   "I may be blonde, Rick, but I'm not blind. I caught the way you two looked at each other." Courtney giggled at him. "Besides, I think it's cute."

   "Court," Ricky said quietly. "You can't..."

   "Don't worry," Courtney interrupted. "My lips are sealed. Studly's secret is safe with me."

   "Thank you," Ricky sighed with relief. "So. Can you handle all three shops until I get back?"

   "No problem. Go, have fun. Find me a straight boyband member and bring him back to me."

   "I don't think they exist," Ricky joked, "but I'll try.

   Courtney giggled. "See you in a couple weeks."

   "Yep. Love ya."

   "Love you, too," She replied, disconnecting the call.

   Ricky slid off of the kitchen counter and headed back into the living room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   "Okay, mom. See you tomorrow night. Love you, too," Justin said, hanging up his phone as Ricky returned.

   Ricky walked up behind the couch, leaning down and sliding his arms around Justin. "So? Everything okay?"

   "Yeah. I knew she'd be okay with me bringing a friend home."

   "A friend?" Ricky asked, eying Justin.

   "That's what I told her. We'll tell her the whole story in person."

   Ricky nodded, tipping his head slightly as he kissed Justin on the cheek. "I'd like to get that out of the way right after we get there. I don't want to start off on the wrong foot with your mom by lying to her straight away."

   Justin smiled at him. "Have I told you lately how wonderful you are?"

   "Oh, not in the last twenty minutes or so."

   "My bad," Justin said apologetically. "You're wonderful." Gently, he placed a hand on his cheek, bringing Ricky's face closer to his own. He softly traced a finger along Ricky's lips before leaning closer, brushing his own lips with Ricky's.

   Justin's hand slid behind Ricky's neck, deepening the kiss. Their tongues entangled passionately. Both were becoming lost in each other until...

   "Backstreet's back, alright!" The doorbell rang.

   Ricky sighed, breaking away and heading for the door. As he pulled the door open, he shook his head at the four men staring at him.

   "Great timing as usual, guys," he said, motioning them in.

   JC caught on to the tone in Ricky's voice. "Did we uh... interrupt something?" he asked with a grin. Justin shot him a look. JC laughed. "I'll take that as a yes."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   A while later, they had all settled down in the living room to watch a movie. Ricky and Justin had the sofa with Ricky sitting at one end while Justin took up the entire length, laying down with his head in Ricky's lap. Lance and JC took the love seat, Joey had taken the recliner, and Chris sat on the floor in front of the sofa.

   "So guys, what movie did we get?" Ricky asked, glancing around.

   "A real special treat," Chris said with a grin. "When we saw it on the shelf, we had to get it. Just push play."

   Ricky looked at him curiously for a moment before pushing play on the DVD remote. The Disney logo came onto the screen, and Justin groaned. "You didn't!" Suddenly, 'N Sync's song, "Here We Go" began to blare through the surround sound speakers. Justin groaned again and covered his face with his hands. "You did."

   Ricky looked confused as he watched the screen. "You guys don't strike me as the Disney type. What gives?" Just then, Justin's name flashed on the screen. Ricky realized what was going on. The guys had rented Model Behavior. "This is the movie that Courtney told me about."

   "This definitely requires movie lighting," Ricky said after leaning forward and kissing Justin lightly on the lips. Reaching over, he picked up a remote off of the table. As he pressed a button, the lights dimmed, and the room grew dark except for the light coming from the TV. Absently, he played with Justin's curls as he watched the movie.

   By the movie's end, Justin had been lulled to sleep by Ricky's fingers combing through his curls over and over. Ricky smiled down at his sleeping boyfriend, then looked around at the rest of the group. Lace was asleep as well, snuggled into the lap of JC, who smiled lovingly down at Lance's sleeping form. Chris and Joey each stared at the TV screen with dazed looks in their eyes as the credits rolled by.

   Ricky broke the silence, speaking softly to those who were awake. "I'm so glad that I met you guys. Not only have I found such a terrific guy like Justin, but I've also gained four wonderful new friends."

   Joey smiled back at him. "Well," he said, "you're partly right there. Justin is a terrific guy. But you didn't gain four new friends. What you've gained is four new brothers - you've quickly become a part of our 'family' in the short time we've been here. That doesn't happen very often."

   "Stop," Ricky said, "you're gonna make me cry."

   Chris finally spoke up. "Oh, great. Another drama queen in the family."

   "Watch it, Kirkpatrick," Ricky warned playfully. JC and Joey giggled quietly.

   "So Ricky," JC said, eying him, "you ready to meet Justin's parents?"

   "I suppose. I don't really see any reason to be nervous. The way Justin has described them to me, they sound absolutely wonderful."

   "They are," Joey replied. "His mom's the coolest. I'm sure she'll love you."

   "I agree," JC and Chris said in unison.

   Ricky smiled, looking down at the still sleeping Justin. 'I hope your parents like me,' he thought. 'I don't know what I'd do without you.'


To Be Continued....