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Chapter Three


 I woke up the next morning in Nick's arms. I think these were the times I missed the most. Just having him near was a blessing to me. But I had problem, I had to pee like a race horse. I tried to slip out of the bed but in the process fell hard on the floor. Theses are the times when I am happy that Nick sleeps like a rock.

After washing my hand, I noticed the smell of coffee. So that meant the guys were up. I walked out into the living room when I heard Jeff and Drew talking.

"So when do you think Nick is going to tell him?" Jeff asked.

"Hopefully soon, it's just a freaky coincidence that it happened like this, him finding Caleb and then the whole scandal. I hope he's going to be able to explain."

"You think he's going to go for the idea?" Jeff asked.

"The idea is bogus and the record label is grasping with it. But if Caleb agrees then I think it has a chance." He thought for a second. "Convincing Caleb is going to be the hard part. I hope he goes for it, it'd be nice to have Caleb around again." Drew said taking a sip of his coffee.

"Yea, I have to admit you right. Once I took the time to actually see him as a person and not some groupie, he really grew on me." Jeff said.

"Told you so." Drew said with a smile.

"Oh fuck!" I whispered nearly falling over as Nick put his hand on my shoulder.

"I didn't mean to scare you babe." He said as his arms circled my waist.

Part of me wanted to push him away and ask him what's going on but I was a sucker for those strong arms. Plus I had been eavesdropping and it wasn't my place to demand information I wasn't supposed to know about.

"I smelled coffee and when I opened my eyes I realized I was alone." He pouted. "That's a horrible thing to do to your boyfriend." Nick said and he must have seen the look of horror on my face. "We are heading back that way." he said in a nervous tone.

"I don't know Nick. Maybe that's not a smart idea." I said slipping out of his grasp. "Maybe after you and then guys leave... maybe we should just ... go our separate ways." I said.

He looked at me like I slapped in him the face. "Baby, it was my intention for you to come back with me, with us. So we could be together like we used to be." He said taking my hands.

"What?" I said taking my hands away. "Nick that would be great expect for a few small details. One would be my life here! I have a home and I have the shop. I just can't leave the two of them. The second is the fact that you're still a public figure and you can't have a secret relationship with out it getting out. Because if it does, what happens to your career?" I said to him. By this time the rest of guys found us and our argument.

"So what?!" he said forcefully. "Right now you mean more to me than any of that. I have more money then I know what do with but the only thing I don't have is you and that hurts." He said.

"Nick I can't make a decision like this in only a couple days. I am sorry." I said.

"Plus Nick he doesn't know everything anyway." Jeff said giving him a glare.

Nick matched his glare for a few minutes, I didn't like the way this is heading. "Jeff's right you gotta tell him." Justin added.

"Tell me what?" I said nervously. I looked at Drew, Jeff, and Justin but they wouldn't make eye contact with me. I looked up at Nick and he had this pained looked on his face.

"Baby," he started and I knew this wasn't going to be good. "It's just a weird coincidence that the PI found you at the same time..." he stopped to choose his words carefully. "this thing happened." He said.

"What is this thing?" I said.

"We were on this interview and the reporter asked about you. Well his exact words were `Where's that gay cat that spent every waking moment with you guys?' and I was having a bad day so I answered, `I don't know, and I don't care.' Then I mumbled something under my breath and he thought I said something bad about gay people. So he took it and ran with it."

"The next day I am on the front of every tabloid in the country. "Boyband members denounce gay fans." So while I freaked out the label came up with this plan. They get you to come tour with us and hang out again at every public event we do." he said looking down at his hands.

"And the label came up with this?" I said my words dripping with venom. He nodded. "The same label that sent the PI to find me?" he nodded again. "Well I guess this works perfectly for you doesn't it? I saw I am not coming back with you because I want to help your career and then you pull this shit knowing I can't say know because I know how much your career means to you." I shook my head at him and went to my bed room slamming the door.


I don't know how long I had been sitting there, when someone knocked on my door.

"If you're a member of any boyband I suggest you don't come in because I will castrate you." I deadpanned.

"Thank my lucky stars I am a woman." Manuela said.

I turned to look at her. "They called you?"

"Yea they are pretty worried about you, and surprise surprise, who leading the pack of worriers."

I smiled "Is he pacing the living room? He usually paces when he gets really worried." I said smiling as I thought of Nick.

"He's willing to be known as, his words not mines, `the homophobic boyband member' if you'll talk to you him again. Personally, I think something fishy is going on and I think your feelings are valid. But I already know you're going so I won't talk you out of it." she smiled at me.

"So what are you here for then?" I said returning her smile.

"Well I got someone to take of the shop and I'll be getting your mail and stuff. So everything is taken care of." She said.

"Thanks Manny." I said pulling her into a hug.

"Ok now I have to go. Some of us have to earn their money." She said rolling her eyes at me. She looked at me for a second. "Are you going to be ok?"

"I am with you. Something here is fishy, but it looks like I am going. If I don't I'll feel guilty and even though I am pissed with him, it'd be nice to be with him again. But thanks for asking and I'll call you before I leave." I said.

She smiled at me and left. I stood and walked to the window. I heard someone else enter the room.

"What's up?" I said.

"Nothing really, Manuela said that you were coming on tour with us." Justin said coming and standing next to me.

I looked over at him. He was the member of the group that people barely talked about. But in the three years that I knew the guys, Justin slowly became my favorite, beside Nick of course. He was genuine and there was no hiding with him. He was someone that could see right through you.

"Yea, I'll be with you guys." I said smiling at him.

"It'll be cool having you around again. You were the only one I could actually talk to." he said putting his arm around my shoulders in a friendly way. "So are you going to talk anytime soon?" he asked.

"Yea I will." I said.

"Ok. Well Drew, Jeff and I are going shopping." He said poking me. "So we'll see you later." He said leaving the room.

A little while later I heard the front door close. I knew Nick was out there by himself. I got up and made my way out to the living room. As I neared the living room I heard him on the phone.

"He said he's coming."  He listened. "Yea, I am relived too. Yea he's a life saver."

I cleared my throat.

He turned around quickly and made eye contact with me. "I gotta go." He said hanging up the phone. He made eye contact with me again and I gave him a look that could put out a raging fire. I turned and walked back to the bedroom.

He started to follow me and right as he got to the door, it slammed in his face.



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