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Chapter Five



"What the fuck is going on here?" Nick said again as Jessica looked at me again before leaving room. Nick looked at me confused.

"Not now." I said picking up my bag and heading upstairs.

My brain was working over time as I climbed the steps. I knew I went too far with Jessica and I would eventually have to apologize but she pushed the wrong buttons too, so I wasn't the only one at fault. I knew Nick saw her slap me and I knew he was going to be drilling her for answers, but I decided not to worry about that now. I opened the bedroom door and stopped in my tracks. The bed was unmade, which wasn't anything new, except the note I left was sitting on my pillow, exactly where I had left it 5 months ago. As I looked around the room I realized a lot of things were in the same place I had left them.

"After you left I couldn't sleep in here," Nick said behind me. He had always had a knack for answering my unanswered questions. "I've been sleeping on the couch in the den," he said putting his hand on my shoulder.

I couldn't look at him, until now I never really thought about how selfish my leaving was. I tried to hold back the tears but they came anyway.

"You ok baby?" he asked, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I am sorry Nick," I said so softly that I wasn't sure he heard me.

"It's all water under the bridge," he answered just as softly.

For some reason his reaction didn't sit well with me. I shrugged his arms off of me and turned to him. "Is it?" I snapped.

His eyes turned hard. "What the fuck am I suppose to say Caleb?" He asked throwing up his arms in disgust. "You left me, you just fucking left! I didn't even know anything was wrong with us, I didn't know what I was doing wrong. Everything was perfect and then I wake up one morning with a bullshit note." He pushed passed me and picked up the note. "It doesn't have an explanation on it," he said as he crumbled it up and threw it at me. "Jesus fucking Christ Caleb, I loved you, I still love you. So you tell me, what am I suppose to say?" He yelled at me as tears streamed down his face.

I looked at him, I couldn't answer his question, and when faced with something I couldn't handle, what do I do? I took off towards the door but he was quicker and his hand caught my arm.

"No!" He yelled pulling me back to him. "You are not running again," he said pulling me to his chest and squeezing me tightly. "Baby," he whispered to me. "I am here for you, I'll always be here. You just have to let me in. Can you do that for me? Please?"

"I'll try," I whispered.

"That's all I can ask," he said, holding me in his arms.


Later that day I was sitting out by the pool watching the water when I felt someone join me.

"Hey," I said.

"Hi," Jeff said sitting next to me.

I gave him a slight nod.

"Glad to be back in LA?" Jeff's question was probing.

I looked at him for a second, trying to decide if I really wanted to answer that question.

"I figured as much." he said, looking out over the pool. "If you hate it here so much, then why did you come?" he asked.

I thought long and hard about it before I realized that only one thing really made sense as to why I came back. "I owed it to Nick. I love him so much and I couldn't let him down again," I said, looking up at Jeff and letting a tear fall.

There was concern in his eyes as he stood and patted me awkwardly on the shoulder, "Things will be ok. You got Nick watching out for you and if that's not enough I'll make sure nothing happens," He said, bending down and kissing me on the top of my head.

I looked up at him and smiled. This was something I was not use to from Jeff, but with the mood I was in, it was welcome.


I saw Jessica just as she was leaving for a date that night. I caught up with her just as she made it outside.

"Jess, can I talk you for a second." I said to her back.

She turned and made eye contact with me and if looks could kill I would already be dead. I shuddered as she started speaking. "What do you want?" she sneered.

"I wanted to say I was sorry for the things I said today," I said trying to sounds as sincere as possible.

"Ok," she said before climbing in her car and backing out of the driveway.

"That went well," I mumbled to myself.


The next couple of days the guys had meetings before they started the tour. I was sick of sitting in the house so I found the keys to the BMW and decided to go exploring. I drove around for most of the day, I didn't go anywhere. I just drove. Sometime after the sun set my phone rang.


"Hey babe, where are ya?" Nick asked, with a tone of nervousness in his voice.

"Relax Nick, I am on my way home now, I had to get out of the house for a while," I said.

"Ok!" His voice brightened, "Well, Jess is cooking, which means, the pizza should be here soon," he said with a laugh.

"I'll be back in 10 minutes," I said laughing.


When I got back the guys and Jess were sitting around the coffee table devouring two pizzas. I watched the way they all interacted with each other and I was jealous. These people had something in common with each other, they had a connection. They were all famous and I didn't belong.

Nick looked up and noticed me standing there watching them. His eyes lit up when he saw me. I smiled at him, sometimes I didn't know why I thought the way I did when it was clear that he loved me, so did the rest of the guys, though not in the same way.

"Come on babe," Nick said waving me over.

I walked over to him and sat next to him.

"I love you," he said, kissing me on my cheek.

"I love you too Nick," I said, resting my head on his shoulder.


The next morning we all met at the studio and it was time for the tour. All of our bags were being loaded while the guys and Jessica talked to their managers.

I walked around for a little bit and tried to entertain myself but that was easier said than done. I had finally decided to play a game on my cell phone when Jeff interrupted me.

"You look like you can barely keep your excitement in check," He deadpanned.

I looked up at him and rolled my eyes. "What was your first clue?"

"Come on we're loading up. We didn't want to leave you," he said with a smile.

I smiled back at him as I looked around for Nick, but he was nowhere to be found. "Where's Nick?" I said standing up.

"He's already one the bus with Jess," Jeff said walking me to the bus.

"Nice to know he waited for me," I said with a hint of jealousy in my voice.

"I am not going to touch that," Jeff said, smiling as I took the steps to the bus.


The idea of the tour was to hit every major US city, so the tour wouldn't last more then a month, month and a half tops. This was good for me, because if the bus ride was a prelude of things to come, I was not going to be a happy person by the end of the tour.

Nick and Jessica sat together and talked the whole ride to the venue, leaving me to talk with the rest of the guys. Not that I minded too much but I came on the tour to be next to him. Eventually I got over it and decided to go with the flow, for now.

"You ok?" Jeff asked me.

I looked over at him, I really studied his face. His dark brown hair looked so soft to the touch; I had to suppress the urge to run my fingers through it. He also must not have shaved this morning because he had a fine coating of stubble on his face, not enough to really notice but just enough to add some ruggedness to his looks. His sea green eyes were the picture of concern. As I looked at him I could feel something brewing in me and I am not sure I liked where it was heading.

"Do you really care?" I asked, trying to make a joke.

He face frowned for a second. "Yea, I care. I know I may not have been the kindest person to you in the past, but I wanna change that," he said, putting his hand on my thigh.

I was going to respond to him, but Nick ruined that chance.

"There you are babe," Nick said, coming and sitting on the other side of me.

I had to force myself away from Jeff's eyes and look at Nick. "Have you been looking for me?" I asked, hiding the waver in my voice.

"Yea," he said pulling me into his arms as he kissed me on the forehead.

I smiled and looked at Jeff who, although he had a smile plastered on his face, it didn't reach his eyes. There was great pain in his eyes. He took his hand off my thigh and moved to talk to the other guys. I watched him walk to the back of the bus until Nick said something.

"Jessica told me what you two were fighting about." he said as I turned to face him. "You had no right to say those things to her, Caleb."

My mouth dropped opened, "Excuse me?"

His face was cold and he was getting upset about this. "You heard me. That was totally not cool what you said to her."

"Ok, I see what's going on," I said standing. "Do you even care about what she said to me? Or is it all about her?"

His face was starting to get red. "That's not what I said."

"Forget it Nick," I said, standing and walking to the bunks.


When we arrived at the hotel it was already agreed that I'd be in a separate room from Nick and I was fine with it that, especially after the conversation we had earlier today. It was also agreed that the label would foot the bill too, but I have more than enough so I decided to pay for my own room and get it on a different floor.

After I settled myself in my room I decided to go up and see the boys. I went to the elevator and pushed the up button. I waited a few seconds and the door opened. I was too shocked to move; in front of me were Nick and Jessica in a very passionate lip lock. They didn't know they had an audience until the elevator dinged.

They quickly pulled away from each other and then Nick made eye contact with me. His eyes widened and then a tear fell.

"Caleb..." he trailed off as the doors closed.


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