For k'Chaera
Written by:  Dark Phoenix

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** Last Time **

        After dinner, Zak had gone out like Midnight suggested and spent a wonderful night at a local karaoke bar, singing his heart out and actually earning tips.  After having fun singing, Zak decided to stroll around Lake Eola to get some fresh air and relaxation.  He was just walking around when he heard chanting.  Zak looked around and saw that he was surrounded by masked fighters.

    "Man, on my night out, and I get jumped," Zak swore, with that he prepared to defend himself.


    "Hey guys? What's that?" Brian asked as he pointed to the sparks and lights.

    "Don't know," Kevin said, "let's go check it out."

    "After all this is our hometown," Nick said as the rest of the guys agreed and started to head down to Lake Eola.  They all got their cell phones ready just in case.

** Now on with the Story **

    Zak looked around and noticed that he was surrounded by the masked fighters, but strangely enough that there was a dome around the park, turning away all the "normal" people.  He could still hear the hum of the chanting, but couldn't locate where it was coming from.  It sounded like it was coming from all around him, but he still couldn't place the exact location.  Out of nowhere the masked fighters pulled out swords, axes, and other various hand-to-hand weaponry, some even opting to go barehanded.

    "Guys, really, could you just leave me alone tonight?" Zak asked the masked fighters, while thinking to himself, "Ya know these Agents really get to me."  He stood up straight and brought his hands together like he was praying and began to hum.  Zak continued to hum and he began to glow with Light.  The Light was tinged the ForestGreen that he always favored.  He separated his hands and the Light engulfed him in SpellFlame, the SpellFlame glowed ForestGreen.  He stood in a basic fighting stance and the Agents started to attack him.


    The boys had just run down Central Avenue, when they saw a dome of sparkling light over Lake Eola Park.

    "What the heck?" they all exclaimed at once.  Brian then pointed to the people in the dome, it was a horde of masked fighters with medieval weaponry and one guy that appeared to be engulfed in ForestGreen Flame.  The boys then stood there in shock as they saw that one flaming guy hold off the onslaught for a good five minutes, with only his hands, feet, and the Flame.  He was a sight to see, fighting easily 10 - 15 of the masked fighters at a time and sending them to wherever they came from in a flash of Light and Flame, but he was starting to be overwhelmed.

    Brian was watching the fighter that was engulfed.  He was completely captivated by the beauty and grace of the fighter. An unbelievable sight, a 5'11" guy, with long black hair that has a silver streak in it, fighting in an Oriental Martial Arts style.  This same guy is doing flips and kicks and various feats that an Olympic gold medal gymnast would be shocked to see done, moves that look so impressive that they seem humanly impossible.  It looked so graceful and well practiced that it almost had to be choreographed, but by the sheer numbers that the warrior was facing, it was impossible that this fight was planned.  Brian just stood there in complete shock and awe.


    Zak was extremely overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Agents.  He was holding his own, but he was going to need help, and need it soon.  The chanting never stopped and it seemed more and more agents were coming from nowhere and joining the battle.  Zak looked over his shoulder and saw people watching him.

    "Damn!  Just what I need, witnesses!"  Zak spat out before swearing in several different languages.  He shook his head and decided to deal with the consequences later.  He raised his hands and concentrated his SpellFlame into a semblance of his beloved's MagiusStaff.  He sang a long and high note and the SpellFlame burst into a ForestGreen blast and the MagiusStaff was there.  He reached up and grabbed the MagiusStaff and sent a flicker of SpellFlame into it, lighting the CrystalMatrix the crowned it, bathing all the surroundings in the deep ForestGreen.  He also whistled a high note and then two other warriors teleported in.  He shook his head at having to call in the KaosTwins, but with the numbers that he was facing, they would at least be good chicken fodder when all was said and done.  He chuckled at this and set anew to taking on the Agents with his MagiusStaff, knocking them left and right and using what Magick he could to send them fleeing as well.  The Twins pulled out their swords and began to fight in earnest, laughing and joking the entire time.


    Brian and the gang just stood there and saw the other fighters come into the picture.  They also saw the ForestGreen flame coalesce into a staff for the first fighter, not believing their eyes at all.  No one could really explain what just happened, but as inexperienced as they were in the ways of war, they could tell that the three very highly trained fighters were against awesome odds to stay alive.

    AJ was the first to dial on his cell phone, "Damn! I got a dead signal, anybody else have a signal?"

    They all looked to their phones and saw that nobody could get a signal through.  Nick and Kevin looked around, seeing if anybody else was in the area, not a soul in sight.  They all looked at each other.

    "Now what?"  Nick asked nervously.  Even though he loved his comic books and knew a little bit of fighting, he knew that he would be of little use in the situation.  He looked around and locked eyes with Kevin, noticing that once again, Kevin was staring intently at him, his eyes completely unreadable.  He shook away his personal feelings of the matter for right now and worried about the strangers in the battle, three on so many.

    "Now, gang, should we get involved?"  Howie asked, not really knowing what to do.  He looked to AJ and then Kevin, eyes imploring.

    "I think we should go in and try to help them," Brian said with a confidence that surprised even him, earning surprised looks from everybody else as well.


    Zak and the Twins were having a difficult time keeping up with all of the Agents.  They were all sweating profusely and were starting to tire of the fighting.  The twins decided to split up and try to divert attention from Zak.  They started to run down opposite sides of the Lake, drawing off part of the Agent hordes and buying Zak some time.  Zak looked at the boys, surprised at the tactic,  it was one that they normally shied away from, normally preferring to fight side by side.  Zak nodded and returned to defending himself from the Horde surrounding him.  He had now had enough of this.  Zak griped his staff with both hands and brought one end down on the ground, hold the MagiusStaff upright.

    "Flareon Lux!!" Zak cried with all of his voice.  At this the Agents surrounding him burst into Flame, creating a wall of Flame between him and Hordes.  Zak took this respite to catch his breath.  He looked towards the people he saw earlier and noticed that they were coming at him.  Zak started to shake his head at them when he noticed that the one in front had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen; they were a bright blue.

    "Oh this is not the time for this to come up,"  Zak muttered as he stood there in shock; they were coming at him and into the battle!  He shook his head now and wondered what to do.  He could use the help but he didn't want to endanger people who weren't ready or didn't know of the War.  The War was still unknown to the common people.  They were coming and were almost to the park.  He shook his head and brought up the Wall of Flame higher.  He looked around, it was keeping the Agents at bay, that was good.  But now he couldn't see how the Twins were doing, from the sounds of the fighting they were keeping their own, but for how long?  He didn't know, but the strangers were almost upon him.  They look familiar but he couldn't quite place their faces in the heat of battle, nor frankly did he care.  They were witnesses and they needed to be protected, and as the saying goes, the best defense was a good defense.  Zak concentrated and pulled them through the air, using his sheer willpower alone not wanting to freak them out with too much Magick, into the area protected by the Wall of Flame.  They stumbled and fell as they suddenly appeared next to Zak.  They were dazed from the fall but essentially all right.  Zak floated over and helped them up, quenching his own SpellFlame for now.

    "Are you guys okay?"  Zak asked the five young men that stood before him, they looked familiar but he still couldn't place their faces.  At this he shook his head.

    "We're fine, but how are you?"  Brian asked Zak, seeing him shake his head, "You don't look like you are in the best of conditions right now though.  Is there anything we can do to help?"

    The guys then looked around and saw that they were in the middle of the Ring of Flame.  The Flame was starting to die down under the power of the Agents outside, their chanting growing in proportion along with the Flame, trying to smother it.  Zak could feel his control over the Flame begin to waver.  He turned to all the guys, looking at each one of them.

    "Do you boys know how to Fight?  Anything?"  Zak looked at each of them in turn.  They all sadly shook their heads, not really knowing too much about what he was talking about.  Zak shook his head in turn.

    Brian was the first to speak up, "We saw you fighting and wanted to be of some help.  The odds were obviously stacked against you and your friends."

    Nick then spoke up, "It's cool how you fight, can you teach us and we'll help?"

    "Okay then, each of you touch the Loden CrystalMatrix atop my staff; it'll give each of you a weapon to use and some rudimentary knowledge of it,"  Zak told them as he held out his MagiusStaff.

    Kevin stepped up and touched the Loden Crystal.  It flashed a bright light and an archery set appeared in his hands.  "Wow," he thought, "I was always interested in archery."  He noticed that the bow wasn't an everyday bow either.  Kevin looked at Zak.

    "Ah, you have the LodenBow.  It's aim is near flawless, you can't miss even if you meant to.  The bow is also strong enough to act as a weapon in and of itself, the string will slice through what ever you wish it too,"  Zak told Kevin, as he nodded.

    Nick then stepped up to the Staff and touched the Loden Crystal.  A light flashed and a pair of shimmering straight Katanas appeared in his hands.  Nick took a couple of practice swings and they were perfectly weighted to his frame.  Nick looked in awe from the blades to Zak.

    "Katana Swords are the weapon of choice for ninjas and samurai.  The ones you have appear to be Diamond edged, the Loden must have gotten them from the armoury," Zak shrugged, "but be careful, they are very sharp."  Nick nodded and looked around for his first target.  He and Kevin locked eyes for a second and looked away at the same time.  "Damn, he caught me checking him out again."

    Howie then stepped up and touched the Crystal.  A large MorningStar appeared in his hands.  He looked in wonder at the weapon in his hands and was slightly intimidated by it, who wouldn't, for it was a metal staff, about three feet (just under one metre) long with a large spiked ball at one end.  The large spiked ball appeared to be made of crystal as well, it's beauty a stark contrast to the large spikes that protruded from it.

    "MorningStars were the weapon of choice for many religious warriors.  They allowed for damage to be done to enemies in a more humane manner than just hacking them to bits."

    Howie nodded his thanks to the stranger, swinging his new found weapon a few times to test its weight, which to his surprise was perfectly balanced to him.  He stood there in shock as AJ stepped up to the MagiusStaff and placed his hands upon the Loden Crystal.  The Light again flared around AJ's hands and then they were covered in SpikedGauntlets.  The Gauntlets had spikes along the backs and sides of them.  The Gauntlets came halfway down his forearms and were gilded perfectly to his hands, causing no discomfort in wearing them.  Clenching his hands and releasing them, the Gauntlets then sported some nice spikes on the fingertips, giving him what looked like claws.

    "SpikedGauntlets give you some extra strength to your hand-to-hand strikes.  Use the Spikes on the sides and backs of your arms to defend yourself from the strikes of the Opposition and the claws on your fingertips as your primary weapons."

    AJ nodded in understanding and stepped away from Zak as Brian walked up and placed his hand upon the Loden Crystal in turn.  Strangely enough this time both Brian and Zak flared up in Light, but this time Flame tinged both of their auras of Light, Zak's Flame coloured ForestGreen and Brian's Flame coloured MidnightBlue.  Both sets of eyes, Zak's and Brian's, shot wide open and locked on each other, both seeing the most perfect set of eyes that they each have ever seen, Zak's black eyes streaked with Silver and ForestGreen looking into Brian's perfect blue eyes.  The both gasped and stepped back from each other, a sword now appearing in Brian's hands.  The sword was a four foot blade (just over one metre) with a one foot handle (just under a third of a metre).  The sword glowed MidnightBlue and looked like the blade was aflame, but no one could be sure if it was or not.

    Zak took a second to regain his composure before continuing, "You hold before you a LodenBlade.  It's design and purpose will fit its bearing completely, becoming an extension of your will.  You will be able to wield your blade as if you were trained in it from birth, for such blades confer that level of skill upon their bearer."

    Brian nodded and thought to himself, "Oh my god, I've just seen the most beautiful eyes ever."

    Zak then looked around at his shrinking Wall of Flame.  He then looked to the boys, noticing that they were in club clothes like he was wearing.  His clothes were designed to fight in and were made of SteelCloth, cloth that was similar to Kevlar but much much lighter, but the boys were just wearing normal clothing.  He motioned for all of them to come closer.

    "Okay, this is going to be a difficult battle.  We are easily outnumbered and you guys aren't too familiar with your weapons yet.  Your clothing is not up to such fighting so I'm going to exchange it for some more fitting clothes. Please reach out and touch the Loden Crystal again, "  Zak spoke as he once again held out his MagiusStaff.  They each touched the LodenCrystal and were bathed in Light again.  After several moments, the Light faded and all the boys, including Zak, were clothed in more fitting attire.  Kevin was fitted with some leather pants and a light armour made of the same black shiny leather.  Nick was fitted in what appeared to be a Ninja's outfit, but it was more form fitting and a somewhat satin finish to its black colouring.  Howie was fitted into a light armour that looked like chain mail, but to him felt like cloth.  AJ was fitted into a body armour that protected him from the shoulders on down to his feet, similar in nature to his Gauntlets but with no spikes on it.  The body armour was similar in design to the ninja outfit that Nick wore, but was more of a metallic substance.  They all looked at each other and were surprised at one thing, both Zak and Brian were wearing the same outfit, except in different colours, whereas everybody else had different outfits.  They were wearing what appeared to be armour, it was metallic in colour and shine but it looked as flexible as cloth.  It was cut and molded to the in shape bodies of both of them, showing off their muscles and abs.  It proved to be very light and easy to wear, Brian noticed, moving and stretching about.  Zak and Brian looked at each other and Zak shrugged.

    "The LodenCrystal gave armour to you five from your personalities and Auras.  My armour, I've had for a long time now,"  Zak explained.  He shrugged again and noticed that the Wall of Flame around them was beginning to be overcome by the Opposition.

    "Okay, now this is * hopefully * going to be a quick battle because you guys are involved now.  Be very careful, the Agents out there are more than meets the eye.  There is a field at the other end of the park and I've got two boys out there fighting as well.  They're okay together but they split up.  I would like for you guys to go and help them out and get them to the field on the other side of the lake.  Oh yeah whatever you do, do not touch the water tonight.  Now who's going to pair up with who?"  Zak said while motioning to the two boys running and fighting on the sides of the park.

    Kevin and Nick looked at each other and raised their hands together, "We'll go down this side of the park," Kevin said and pointed down one side, where there were some ledges to give him a height advantage for his LodenBow.  Zak nodded and looked to the other guys.  Howie and AJ pointed to the other kid.

    "We'll go after him, " AJ said and Howie nodded.

    Zak nodded and looked at Brian, "Well that leaves you with me, doesn't it?"

    Brian nodded and looked around, not quite sure if he could help this tall beautiful stranger.  Zak then turned to Kevin and Nick, asking with his eyes if they were ready.  They looked at each other and nodded together.  Zak nodded in return, looking at AJ and Howie, also asking them with his eyes if they were ready.  They each looked at their weapons and each other.  They turned to Zak and nodded as well.

    "Okay, I'm going to jump you to where they are and please get the boys to the field at the other side of the park, we'll meet you there, " Zak said as he began to gather his willpower together.  Zak's brow furrowed deeply, causing Brian some concern, but the rush of air that suddenly occurred brought Brian up in shock.  Zak gasped from the exertion, causing Brian to look about in wonder.  Kevin and Nick were now running down their side of the park and Howie and AJ were running down the other side.  Both groups were taking out the Agents left and right as they ran towards their respective targets of the KaosTwins.  Brian looked at Zak in shock, remembering that they were just all standing together.    Zak noticed Brian's look.

    "Yes, they were just standing next to us, " Zak said to Brian, "I used my mind to move them the distance away from this group."  With that comment Zak held his MagiusStaff at ready and motioned for Brian to be ready.

    "This is it, huh?"  Brian asked as he held the LodenBlade at ready.  He saw Zak nod and whisper something, causing a small twister of air to surround them.  Brian felt the heat of the twister, it was twisting and circling along with the energy causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end.

    Zak looked around after sending the others off and saw his Wall of Flame failing.  He looked to Brian and nodded at Brian's comment.  Zak held out the MagiusStaff and started to incant a small spell.  Zak began the Whirlwind spell at a small whisper and increased the volume of his voice into a song, increasing the power of the spell.  Brian noticed the change from voice to music and was awed by the sheer power of the song, feeling it deep within his soul vibrating the core of his being.  Zak ended in a high note, holding it, that not even Brian could reach, causing Brian to jump with shock.  Brian turned to look at Zak.

    Zak was flying in the middle of the cyclone, arms outstretched and feet together, toes pointing down.  His Silver hair laying down his back and his head was still gazing at the MagiusStaff that floated before him and spun in tune with the Whirlwind that surround him.  Brian could see the lines of energy that laced the cyclone.  Brian stood there in shock and wasn't sure how to handle it.  Zak sang an even higher note and the Whirlwind took action.  The Wall of Flame died under the new onslaught as the Whirlwind expanded and took out several rows of the Agents surrounding the Wall, giving Zak and Brian time to recover and get ready.  Zak floated down and was engulfed in ForestGreen SpellFlame as he began to do battle with the agents again.  Brian leveled the LodenBlade out and prepared for the onslaught that was sure to come.  Zak held the MagiusStaff at the ready and watched the Agents come pouring at the two.  Zak and Brian proceeded to do battle with Flame, MagiusStaff, and LodenBlade, working very hard at keeping the Agents at bay.


    Howie and AJ landed after their flight through the air and looked around.  They saw one of the KaosTwins surrounded by what looked like 30 or so Agents.  AJ ran, jumped, and somersaulted into the crowd, taking out three or four agents in the first hit.  Howie decided to take a direct approach and plowed into the Agents with the MorningStar.  Both finally managed to catch up with the kid as he ran onto a pier on that side of the Lake.  The Agents tried to corner them on the pier, but they managed to throw some of them into the water.  AJ and Howie watched as the harmless goldfish in the pond morphed into piranhas and started to attack the agents in the water.  Howie looked up and noticed that there were Agents on what looked like skimmers flying over the water.

    AJ was having a blast just fighting the Agents.  He deflected another sword with his hands and clawed the Agent's ribs apart.  AJ thought to himself, "Wow, this is fun.  And it's a better workout than dancing on stage," finishing the thought, he jumped and somersaulted over the Agent's body, kicking into the ribs of the next agent.  AJ watch in shock as the Agent's ribs caved in grotesquely and then the Agent just disappeared into thin air, leaving no body or blood even.  This is really starting to unnerve AJ but then there are quite a few of the Agents so he just shrugs and continues to fight his way toward the lone child.

    KaosMyst right now was fighting for his life using just one of his normal two swords, his short sword having been lost sometime ago when an Agent kicked it into the Lake.  He knew that the Lady of the Lake would return his sword but not right now, for she was busy with the Agents too.  He looked up at first and saw the two guys fighting their way toward him as he was being cornered on the pier of the lake.  He looked into the water and saw the goldfish turn in to piranhas and thought, "Oh no not again."  Myst shrugged at that and decided to have some fun.

    "Hey, guys!  Throw them in the water!"  Myst yelled as he proceeded to do so, kicking and flipping the Agents into the waters.  He noticed that the two guys were doing the same and smiled, this was going to be fun after all.  He was definitely getting a kick out of seeing the guys reactions when the goldfish/piranhas tore into the Agents, causing them to dematerialize.  He'd fought Agents before, so he knew what to expect, daemons who could fight like hell broke loose, but no body or blood to speak of.  The one with the MorningStar caught up with him finally.

    "Hey kid, we're supposed to head for the field at the end of the park, " Howie said, gasping for breath.  By now, Howie had worked his way through most of the horde, using his MorningStar to bat and smack the Agents away and into the waters.  He thought it was strange that for such a large weapon, there was very little blood shed.

    AJ made his way over to Howie and Myst.  He was sweating heavily and panting.  Howie continued to fight at the onslaught with his MorningStar, not doing to bad, but not doing too good either.

    Myst noted this and waved, "Guys stand behind me."  AJ and Howie looked to each other and shrugged, thinking that they had nothing lose, and did so, keeping their weapons handy, just in case.  Myst nodded and planted his sword into the ground before him point first, revealing a pummel with a large blue crystal in it.  AJ and Howie then noticed that Myst was wearing armbands on his forearms that came from his wrist up about half of his forearm.  They began to glow the same blue as the crystal, which was shining bright, keeping the Agents at bay.

    "Flood Waters RISE!!!!!!"  Myst hollered, clapping his hands together loudly.  At this a dome surrounded the three and the waters of the Lake rose in a wave fill with piranhas, over washing all the Agents.  The dome kept the water away and the boys dry.  Once the waters receded, they all noticed that the Agents surrounding them were gone, but that there were more coming over the lake.  AJ and Howie grabbed Myst and started to pull him toward the field and they all took off at a dead run for it.


    Kevin and Nick landed and looked around.  They saw the other Twin, being easily overwhelmed by the Agents surrounding him.  Nick and Kevin looked at each other.

    "Now what?" Nick asked, his Katanas glistening.  He was itching to test out the blades.  These were easily lighter and more balanced than his own set at home.  Kevin looked in and shrugged.

    "I don't know.  I do know that we can't rush in like AJ would do, " Kevin chuckled slightly, looking to the other side of the park to see AJ doing just that.  Kevin nocked and arrow and aimed at the Agents on his side of the park.

    "I'm going to find some high ground to shoot from, take care and good luck.  Remember the field at the end of the park, okay?"  Kevin said as he shot the arrow and ran up the concrete steps near them.

    Nick nodded and turned to see the arrow split into several arrows, striking down several agents with the first shot.  Nick nodded appreciably as a grin grew on his face.  The Agents turned and saw him, running toward him.  Nick held his blades at the ready and faced the onslaught.

    Kevin found a nice perch about 15 feet or so (just about 5 metres) above the fighting.  He looked in awe seeing Nick keeping his own very well against the horde with his swords.  The twin on the other hand was visibly tiring, being easily outnumbered by the Agents.  Kevin nocked another arrow and fired into the crowd, watching the arrow split into about 5 beams of Light and strike down just as many agents.  Kevin nodded appreciably and continued to fire into the crowd.  Several Agents looked up and saw him.   He could see them start to fly up at him.

    "Uh oh .... " Kevin thought as he saw them fly up at him.  He moved to more level ground and nocked another arrow.

    Nick noticed that some of the Agents were flying up toward Kevin.  He started with surprise, trying to figure out what to do.  Nick decided to try a dance move that he'd been working on.  He looked and stepped on someone's knee for some leverage.  Using this he flipped backward, landing on the shoulders of an Agent, spring boarding up in the air and  just barely reached one of the flying Agents.  Nick took his blade and sliced through the Agent and landed on the ground again.  Nick was very surprised that he pulled that move off.  He stood and looked around seeing that he was behind the kid that they were running after.

    "Hey kid!" Nick yelled as he ran back into the fight, swords flashing and felling several Agents at a time.

    KaosStorm looked and saw the blond guy running toward him with Katanas flashing.  He brought up his own sword and blocked another Agent's sword.  He spun and took out several more Agents with his sword.

    Nick made it to the kid and yelled, "We're supposed to head toward the field at the end of the park."

    Kevin looked up as several of the Agents landed.  He shot his arrow at them and struck only one.  The other came at him with a BattleAxe.  Kevin brought up his bow and easily deflected the BattleAxe.  This surprised Kevin and he swung the bow, string first, at the Agent, easily slicing through him.  Kevin turned and ran down the steps toward the boys again.  Reaching the bottom, he saw Nick and the other boy deep in battle.

    "Over here!" Kevin yelled as he let loose with more arrows, opening a path for them to run through.  They saw the opening and ran.  Kevin let loose with a few more arrows before following them.

    They ran onto bridge over a rivulet of the Lake.  There they turned and saw the Agents still coming after them.  Kevin let loose with some more bolts and looked to the boys.  KStorm had looked into the water and saw the goldfish/piranhas.  He nodded at this.

    "Guys, knock them into the water, "  KStorm said as he held his sword at the ready.  Nick and Kevin nodded as the horde came upon them.  This lead to several minutes of fast and furious fighting.  As they threw the Agents into the water, Nick and Kevin were surprised as piranhas the colour of goldfish attacked the Agents.  They were starting to get overwhelmed again and KStorm stepped forward.

    "Stay behind me, "  KStorm warned as he pulled out a small sphere of Light.  He held it out and it began to glow a rustic red along with the armbands that appeared on his arms.  KStorm held it out and leveled it at the Horde.

    "EarthWave RISE!" KStorm yelled at the Horde.  At this the very earth beneath him started to ripple in a wave, rising and going directly at the Agents.  This sent the Agents flying or rolling along the ground.  Nick and Kevin grabbed the boys arms and pulled him toward the field, all of them breaking out in a dead run.


    Zak and Brian by now had been fighting hard-core.  Not losing any ground nor gaining any.  Zak was engulfed in his SpellFlame and Brian's LodenBlade was aflame with similar fire.  They were keeping up with the horde that was coming at them.  Brian was keeping his own very well, impressing even the battle worn Zak, and Zak was magnificent and graceful with the MagiusStaff, which left Brian in a state of awe.

    Zak stopped fighting, stepped back and swung his staff, bringing up a new Wall of Flame around him and Brian.  This gave them a much needed breather.  They stood there and Brian looked over the Lake, seeing everybody almost at the field being followed by hordes of Agents.  He looked to Zak and couldn't believe his eyes.  Even after the long hard fight, Zak was barely breaking a sweat and was just barely panting in breath.  Zak's body was very finely toned, appearing to be skinny yet Brian had seen him throw some Agents about 50 yards with a good hit of the MagiusStaff, which was also mystery to Brian along with it's owner.  Brian noticed the long silver hair and dark eyes, over a classic asian face, high cheek bones, small face, almost elven in appearance.  Brian stood there in awe of the fighter that stood next to him calmly, looking at the Agents surrounding them.

    Zak stood there after building a new Wall of Flame, looking over the surrounding Agents trying to get through the new wall.  He noticed that the blond next to him was looking at him again, and he still couldn't place where he recognized the face and bright blue eyes.  Zak shook his head and looked over the lake, almost everybody had made it to the field and these two needed to get there.

    "You ready to head to the field?"  Zak asked as Brian caught his breath from the fighting.  Brian nodded and looked bleakly at the surrounding Agents and then back at Zak.

    "What do we do about these guys?"

    "We go over them."

    "Over?"  Brian looked incredulously at Zak.

    Zak nodded and looked around them.  The Agents had backed off and were preparing something to take down the Wall with.  He had no intention of being around for whatever it was they were planning.  Zak walked behind Brian and put his hand on Brian's shoulder.  Brian turned and saw Zak behind him concentrating and starting to sing a new tune, this one a lighter and airy tune, but it sounded incredibly old.  Brian felt the air around him literally pick him up and hold him up.  Zak let go and Brian became airborne.  Brian looked down at Zak and watched him flare up in SpellFlame again.  Zak also took to the air and floated next to Brian.

    "All you have to do is concentrate on where you want to go.  The SongSpell will keep you airborne with movement.  You can go just about anywhere, but we have to get to the other side of the Lake,"  Zak explained.  Zak was still holding the MagiusStaff and tapped the LodenBlade in Brian's hands with it, causing the Blade to flare up in Flame.

    "This will help you fight more effectively in the air,"  Zak said as he started to fly over the Lake at a cautious speed.  Brian started to follow when he got the distinct impression that he was being followed.  He turned around and saw that some of the Agents had become airborne as well and most were following over the water on what looked like skimmers.  Brian looked around and tried to find some open space to fight with.  He noticed that Zak had the same idea and was floating in largely open airspace above the Lake.  Brian brought the LodenBlade up at the ready and prepared to fight, when he saw the most unexpected thing.

    Now Lake Eola is known for it's ducks and graceful swans.  These very ducks and swans were now to do their part in protecting all the boys.  The began to fly and flock around Zak and Brian, giving them a living barrier against the onslaught that was sure to come.  They flew in circles and got faster and faster, and started to glow with Light that came from within them.  Brian looked at them in shock and was even more surprised at the next move.  They stopped circling the boys and flew directly at the Horde, becoming a wave of AvianLight that was not to be ignored.  Brian saw that the ducks and swans literally slammed into the Horde, dispersing them for a while.  Brian saw Zak zoom off toward the field and followed suit.

    By now everybody else was at the field fighting for their lives against a new onslaught of Agents.  They all could see that Zak and Brian were in the air flying toward them.  Nobody could believe what was going on but then they were just a tad busy in a battle in which they were outnumbered 100 to 1 easily.  The Agents seemed to be less coordinated then they were so it was an easy task to keep them at bay, but even then they were beginning to tire.  Zak and Brian were flying over the Horde when all of a sudden tons of them took to the air right in front of them.  They ended up just crashing into the airborne Agents, with weapons held at the ready, LodenBlade and MagiusStaff aflame.  The Agents simply fell beneath their kamikaze tactic.  Zak and Brian landed with the others and joined the fight.  They all fought hard and furious.  The boys having danced together were coordinated somewhat, with the KaosTwins running in and out making a game out of the fight and Zak, still engulfed in ForestGreen flame, adding his SpellFlame to their weapons and taking out Agents with well timed blasts.  They were fighting hard when they saw something big dark and menacing start to stomp its way toward them.  It easily was 25-30 feet tall (about 8-11 metres) and glowed with evil energy.  Brian noticed that it focused its baleful eyes on one of the crew, turning around he saw that Zak was the one being targeted.

    "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Brian screamed as he took to flight and bee lined toward the beast.  Brian held out his LodenBlade and flew at the creature.  The beast let loose with an ocher coloured beam of energy at Brian.  The entire gang saw this and were in shock that Brian would do such a thing.  The beam hit Brian dead on; he was going so fast that there was no way that he could have dodged it.  The beam threw Brian back and threatened to just simply incinerate him.

    Everybody stood there in shock and some in anger.  Everything felt like it was in slow motion.  Zak was the first to react and leveled the MagiusStaff at Brian, letting loose with a beam if ForestGreen SpellFlame, engulfing Brian in it.  Everybody turned and looked at Zak, seeing him concentrating with all of his might to overcome the ocher energy that engulfed Brian.  Out of nowhere a voice was heard, everybody identified it as coming from where Brian should be but nobody could see him, so intense were the energies that bathed him.  An explosion rocked them and knocked everybody to the ground, Agents and even the beast included.  They all looked up and saw Brian floating in the sky with his LodenBlade at ready but there was a significant difference from the Brian they saw earlier.  Brian was now engulfed in MidnightBlue flame, the new flame took on the shape of a Phoenix.  Brian looked down at the beast and pointed, engulfing it in MidnightBlue flame, and reducing it to ashes.  Once that was done, Brian flew back to the guys and fainted, falling out of the air.  Zak saw Brian fall and leapt up to catch him.  Bringing Brian back to the ground, Zak noticed that moonset was soon and this needed to be ending.  Zak took up the MagiusStaff and it started to glow with his ForestGreen SpellFlame.  Pointing the LodenCrystal into the air, Zak activated the hidden portal there.

    "Everybody, into the portal NOW!"  Zak hollered at the guys.  They saw the portal and started to run toward it, fighting every step of the way.  They each made it to the portal and jumped through it, seeing that it was the only way out of the fight.  Zak handed Brian to the KaosTwins and they took him through the portal with them.  Zak turned and faced the Horde by himself now.  Pointing the MagiusStaff above the Horde, Zak sang a pure and crystal clear note, one that would have had opera singers in tears, it was so high, clean and pure.  All of the Agents fell to the ground thrashing when they heard the note.  The waters of the Lake churned and a Lady floated up from the depths of the Lake.  The Lady of the Lake looked at the Agents on her beloved land and frowned.  She raised a hand and a large crystal wand appeared in her hand; made of pure diamond and jewels, the wand was very bright and beautiful.  Zak raised his staff in benediction and he himself flew into the portal, exhausted both physically and mentally.

    The Lady of the Lake looked at the Agents sprawled her precious land and in her Lake.  This enraged her and she floated up to the crest of the dome.  She struck the dome with her wand, causing it to crumble and crash to the ground.  As pieces of the Dome struck the Agents, they simply disappeared and the park returned to its normal shining splendor for the new day.  She looked about in satisfaction and returned to the depths of the lake after restoring the ducks, swans, and goldfish back to normal.

    The guys all were tired and exhausted going through the portal.  They all looked around and saw that they were in what appeared to be a sparkling blue tunnel, all racing towards the other end of the tunnel.  They all saw the Light at the end of the tunnel and gladly flew through the tunnel towards it.

TBC ..................

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