This story is fiction and not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of any of the artists mentioned in the story.

Author: Angel

Getting it Back

Chapter 1: Bouncing Balls

Britney was bouncing up and down on a medicine ball, looking at herself in the wall-length mirror. It really didn't feel good. Fuck, when it wasn't on Justin, it just wasn't god damn worth it! She watched Wade chat up Justin on the other side of the room. Wade was the one making her do this. She hated Wade. She hated Justin. Her butt hurt.

JC decided that if he even had to try and lift this dumb 20-lb dumbbell one more time he would either die or scream bloody murder. That was it, he was just done. He couldn't build arm muscles no matter how hard he tried. He was skinny, and he was always going to be skinny, and he just didn't care anymore. Stupid Justin, stupid Wade, stupid Lance! He hated them all for being able to build muscles in a way he couldn't. He felt eyes on his back. It was Lance and Wade looking at him, standing around flexing their nicely toned, very well muscled arms while he worked his butt off trying to make his that way. He realized he had put the bar down, that was why they were staring at him like that. He snarled and glared and picked it back up. He was not going to lose.

Britney had traveled half the length of the room, bouncing up and down on the idiot ball, before she realized she had even moved an inch. She was close by to JC now. JC, who she could hear grunting from the physical exertion of lifting those weights, trying to make his arms develop some muscle, any muscle, even just a little muscle.

"Hey." She said, her newly-blonde hair flying up and down when she bounced further towards him without breaking her stride.

"Hi there." He grated out, trying for what he promised his arms would be one last lift, and then another, and another.

He was suffering, Brit could see it. But Lance was watching, along with Wade and now Justin, drinking their water and cooling off with their damp towels, and JC wasn't going to give it up. He had an iron will, almost the equal of hers, but he was exhausted, and she could see it. She hated those weights. She hated the ball. But she hated those three stupid sets of ever judging eyes watching JC even more.

"Wanna switch?" She asked, forcing the words out through her sternum while still trying to gasp in breath.

JC knew what she was offering, he had to; redemption without shame. But he wasn't going to take it. "No, I'm ok." The words were an effort, and they both knew it.

"We're switching, now." Brit rarely commanded, but when she did, JC listened.

He tried to resist, but it only took a moment for him to weaken. He hated himself for that. "Ok...." He agreed reluctantly, but he was secretly relieved. Brit knew it.

JC took up her position on the ball. Bouncing, now bouncing he could handle. But then he looked up.

Look at them, those three asses, standing pretty, smirking at him like they knew he had given up without getting anywhere.

Britney was tempted to find a lighter set, she didn't usually use ones this heavy, but she didn't want to break either of their strides, so she hefted the dumbbell, lifting it over her head, and then the other, and then the first again, over and over. Her arms loved her for letting them do something, and her ass was so thankful to be off that ball that she could have sworn she heard it promise to firm up all by itself. She drilled her eyes in to the back of Wade's head, daring him to comment on the change, or Justin on her incorrect overhand lifting technique, but both stayed silent.

"Look at them, all stupid and smug and done with their idiotically easy work out already." Britney growled, irritated.

"Damn Wade for going easy on them just cus he wants to fuck them, that asshole." JC agreed vehemently, pissed and thinking the same.

"As if either one of them would ever bottom, especially for his ugly self." Britney barked out the words with every breath she could muster from her small, over-worked frame.

"I know. But at this rate, don't you wish he wanted to fuck you too?" JC asked, feeling a little light-headed and wondering when they would be told it was enough, or at least be given time for a drink.

"Oh yeah, a lot, big time." She replied, still feeling the tingling in her backside from the cursed ball.

"So do I." JC spared enough time for a little smirk and Brit had to laugh, though she quickly lost her breath.

They were silent for a moment, each one working hard at their respective work-outs, shooting fire at the three men standing in the middle of the gym, preening and admiring themselves in front of the mirror.

"Where the hell are Chris and Joey, anyway?" At this point her arms were beginning to burn from the strain, and all she wanted were more people around her who could suffer with her. These things were damn heavy.

"Assholes skipped out after 20 minutes, made some lame excuse about using the restroom or some such crap like that."

"And they never showed back up?" She hadn't been paying much attention.

"Nope, and Wade doesn't even care." JC was very obviously bitter about this.

"Because they are both flabby old men anyway, and he doesn't have a grudge against them." Britney reasoned correctly, but it didn't make her any happier about it.

"Exactly." JC had to agree, even if he didn't want to.

"As if we could help the fact that we are so much hotter that he could ever be." Britney wasn't being immodest, that's not the kind of person she was. Brit only called them like she saw them.

"Like it's our faults that Lance and Justin wouldn't even bang him if he was blindfolded with his eyes closed and hands tied behind his back. Unless Justin is into that, of course." JC didn't think he was, but who knew with Justin.

"He's not, we talked about that once. Is Lance?"

"He never asked me to do it, so he must not be." JC's reasoning might not have been air-tight, but it was the best he had.

"Didn't think so, he doesn't seem like the type." Of course, she considered, not many people really do.

They were silent again for some moments, both trying to wipe the sweat out of their eyes and un-stick the long, sweat plastered hair from their fore-heads while maintaining their exercise routines without a flaw. All they needed was for Wade to have to come back here to snipe at them.

"Do you miss him?" JC finally asked, now bouncing more lightly upon his ball because of the heat.

"Justin? Yeah, he was fucking good in the sack." Justin and Britney had broken up a month before, and it had been Justin who had done the dumping. "Do you miss him?" Even though it was the same question, it was now implicitly clear that the man in question was Lance.

JC sighed. "Yes, I do, a lot." It had been only a slightly shorter amount of time since JC and Lance had broken up, and just like Britney, JC had been on the receiving end. "If you thought Justin was good in the sack though, damn, you should have tried Lance first. Now he's something else."


"Oh yeah, a-MAZE-ing, made me cum without even touching myself."

"Damn." Britney wasn't overly shocked that JC would tell her something like that, but filed the information away in her personal memory banks. "Well I guess that kinda makes sense though. I mean, he would have to be, with that giant's dick he's got on him."

JC was briefly startled until he remembered that, on occasion, Britney had been obliged to share a locker or dressing room with them. And things as big as Lance's equipment just couldn't be hidden behind a towel. Especially one that Britney had managed to peek down when it was just her and Lance alone. She did it merely out of pure curiosity, of course.

Britney lifted again, using her other arm to grab the water bottled that had probably once been JC's and taking a big gulp, hoping she wouldn't hit herself in the mouth with the opposite dumbbell.

Suddenly Wade looked over at her, giving her the smuggest smirk she had ever seen. She hated that he exerted this much power over her, over JC, over anyone. Damn record companies with their damn hourly rates and psycho control-freak choreographers.

"We should get him." She muttered, mostly to herself, and only half serious about her desire to cause him severe pain.

But JC heard. "Which one?" He asked, curious.

"I don't know, all of them maybe?" Suddenly the idea sounded much more appealing to her as she contemplated never having to look at anyone of them again.

"You have no idea how much I'd like to. But I can't, not to Lance at least, I still love him too much for that."

Britney sighed, that was the problem with her too. "I feel the same way about Justin." She admitted.

"I'll hurt yours or if you hurt mine?" JC suggested, but wasn't serious, and knew Brit wouldn't take him that way.

She laughed though, it was certainly a unique idea. "Wade though, we could still get him, couldn't we? I'm assuming you don't harbor any loving feelings towards Wade?"

"Wade?" JC looked as if he wanted to spit on the floor. "No, I definitely don't feel anything for him." JC couldn't even begin to explain how angry that man sometimes made him.

"So you agree that he should be punished for his sins?" Britney categorized these as making them work out too long, going easier on the others, and trying to move up on their men, even if they had already been dumped.

"Oh yes, most definitely. Maybe we should make him bathe in our sweat." JC said, wiping his forehead once again, while Britney did the same.

She grimaced. "God knows there's enough of it."

"Which I blame him for." JC muttered, irritated.

"So do I, along with various other things." Britney didn't want to think about those other things.

JC silently agreed. "So what are we gunna do?"

"I don't know, but it's gunna be good, really fucking good, and he's gunna be sorry afterwards that if he ever tried to pull this shit on us."

"Yeah, really sorry. We'll teach him that me messed with the wrong little pop stars!"

"That's right!"

This agreed upon, they both looked up at Wade, staring him directly in the eyes, as if letting him know that his time was short. Wade, though, didn't appear disturbed in the least, he knew that their workouts wouldn't be over for a while to come.

Britney saw this. She groaned. JC did the same. But they wouldn't stop, they were too strong for that, and now they had something to look forward to, a cause that would drive them. They would go on the same way until they were told to stop. JC and Britney both prayed that that moment would come soon. They weren't alone.


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