This story is fiction and not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of any of the artists mentioned in the story.

Author: Angel

For any of you who don't know, a Brazilian wax is one that girls get so that there's no hair down there, if you know what I mean. You need to know this for part of the chapter. ;-)

Getting it Back

Chapter 4: A Day at the Beach

Britney had ordered pancakes. A lot of them. She was working on the last pancake of her third short-stack, meaning she had already consumed somewhere around 8 of the doughy flapjacks. JC was silent, just watching her. They had talked for the twenty minutes between when they were seated and when their meal arrived, Britney laying the groundwork for her story about Wade. The instant her pancakes had come, however, she had interrupted her own story and began to eat like a madwoman. She had finished them, and devoured JC's as well. And then Britney had ordered more.

A lot more.

JC wrinkled his noise as she tried yet another different flavor of syrup. "Uhh Brit, don't you think that maybe it's time you stopped?" He asked, pushing away his half eaten omelet and two slices of toast. JC wasn't very big on breakfast food.

Britney merely held up the hand that wasn't using her fork, stopping him from saying more. Then she went back to eating, finally finishing the last pancake on her plate. JC blanched as Britney called the waitress over yet again. This time, though, she didn't ask for more pancakes.

"Could I get a refill on my iced tea, please?" She asked politely, and smiled, as if the entire restaurant staff hadn't just watched her chow down on nearly a dozen pancakes in a row.

"Oh sure, yeah, of course, I'll be right back." The waitress hurried away again, a little frightened, and JC sighed.

"Ok, so where were we?" Britney asked, turning to JC like nothing had interrupted them other than their server.

"Britney, you just ate a dozen pancakes!" JC gasped slightly, his eyes widening.

Britney looked around. "Well so I did." She replied. Looking at JC's horrified face she asked innocently: "Is that bad?"

"You have pancake on your face!" He exclaimed, and she took out her small compact with the tiny mirror.

"Hmm yes you are correct." She wiped the crumb off her lips and popped it into her mouth.

JC was absolutely flabbergasted. Sometimes, he just didn't understand how Britney got away with the things she did.

"So anyway," She began brightly, smiling at him. "Do you want to hear the rest of the story about Wade?"

JC decided to set aside his shock and nodded at her to continue.

"Ok, so first off, Tom Shah sent someone over to check on the gym, right? Well, when they got there they found it trashed of course, but they also found the note, which was supposedly written by Wade." Britney smirked evilly. "So then Tom decided to go talk to Wade personally to see what was going on, just like he promised he would, y'know? Well, when he got to Wade's house, he wasn't the only one there!" Britney was so excited by the prospect that JC knew it had to be something big.

"Who else was at Wade's house?" He asked, mightily curious.

Britney leaned in to whisper conspiratorially. "Wade's security company, three cop cars, and a tow truck!"

JC's mouth dropped open. "Are you serious?" He asked, a bit shocked.

"Yes, they thought that he was the supposed intruder, and were in the middle of towing his car and arresting him for breaking and entering when Tom got there!" Britney crowed, laughing so hard her gut hurt. "He was already in cuffs!"

"Oh my god!" JC eyes widened. He didn't know whether he should feel bad about what they had done or grin ecstatically. It took him only a moment to choose ecstatic.

"What did Tom do, did he get Wade out of it?"

"No, he told them to add vandalism to the charges!"

JC's mouth dropped open once again. "Are you serious?" He whispered, a little scared. As much as he hated the man, he didn't want Wade sent to jail.

"Yeah." Britney grinned, showing her teeth, looking like a cat who has found the cream.

"Sadly though, he eventually asked the cops to let Wade go, saying it was all just a big misunderstanding, and the cops believed him." Britney looked a bit disappointed. "It's too bad really, I would have loved to visit Wade in jail." She grinned then, reminding JC of nothing more than a hungry wolf. "So anyway, he's been ordered to take today off work, pay the tab for the cleanup of the gym, and is being put on probation by the office until further notice! One little peep out of him and he is SO fired!" Britney obviously had a point further than what it seemed, but JC couldn't figure out what in the world it might be.

"Meaning?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Meaning that we," She gestured between the two of them. "Are fucking un-touchable."

She smirked, and JC had to laugh. Britney really knew her shit all right.

The waitress returned with Britney's iced tea then and the blonde gulped it down in a few long swallows.

Afterwards, Britney slapped enough money onto the wood table-top to cover the bill plus a generous tip, and informed JC that she was ready to go.

JC rolled his eyes. He had been ready to go since he finished his first and only breakfast twenty minutes ago.

"So what do want to do today?" Britney asked as she pulled open the driver's side door of her car.

"I don't know, a bit of shopping maybe?" JC asked.

Britney groaned. "On my day off? I don't think so. We're going to the beach." She said descively, revving the engine.

"Britney, why did you ask what I wanted to do if you already knew you wanted to go the beach?" JC asked, glaring at her.

"Don't know." She shrugged. "Trying to be polite I guess."

JC rolled his eyes. "Nice job." He said dryly, and Britney flashed him a toothy grin. "Anyway, we can't go to the beach yet, I don't have my trunks." JC said, but Britney only smirked.

"Doesn't matter, we're going to the nude beach." She explained.

"The nude beach??? Brit, what if someone sees us!?!?" JC exclaimed, rather startled by her choice.

"Now c'mon J, it's ten o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday, who in the world is going to be there besides us? And even if there are a few people hanging around, they'll be grown adults, they won't care one way or another who we are. Besides, I just got an extremely painful Brazilian wax, I ought to at least show it off to somebody."

"You already showed it to me." JC volunteered, but Britney brushed him off.

"You don't count." She paused for a moment to respond to another driver who was flipping her the bird. "Yeah you're number one with me too, buddy!" Britney screamed as he passed her by, and JC had to reach over and grip the wheel so they wouldn't go off the road.

"Thanks." She said, finished with her tirade. She grasped wheel and swerved wildly into their former lane.

"So are you coming with me or not?" Britney asked. "Don't you want a nice, all-over tan?"

JC didn't answer.

"C'mon, it'll be fun!" She cajoled him, and he sighed, giving in.

"Fine fine fine yes I do want a nice even tan. Besides, if I didn't go along you'd probably forget to put sunscreen on the part of you that that Brazilian wax has revealed." He smirked at her horrified look.

"Do you think I have to?" She asked, a little shocked and wide-eyed.

"Well do you want it to get burnt?" He asked.

"NO, most definitely not." Britney shuddered at the thought.

"Then yes you have to use sunscreen on it. Now, do you have towels in here?"

She glanced at the back seat. "Crap, no, I don't." She spotted a K-mart on the opposite side of the road. "We'll get some, hang on for a moment."

At her words JC instantly gripped at the ceiling handles, which he had secretly nick-named `Britney's Oh Shit!' handles. She quickly checked her mirrors and did a sharp u-turn maneuver, driving on the wrong side of the road for a moment so that she could turn into the parking lot of a Super K-Mart they had passed seconds before.

"Okay, let's run in, get what we need, and get out. I want to make this quick, my cheeks are screaming for some sun on them."

JC was afraid to ask which cheeks she meant.


An hour later they were at the beach, applying sun screen to every inch of their bodies.

"Do you think I really need it there?" Britney asked once more, pointing down.

"Yes Britney, you really do need it there." When she didn't move to follow his instructions he glared at her, crossing his arms. "Would you like me to apply it?" He asked testily, tapping his foot.

"I don't know." Britney grinned. "Do you want to?" She asked cockily, shifting her hips and thrusting out her already prominent chest towards him.

He grumbled, turning around. "Do my back?" He requested, and she did, slicking him up. She was gently rubbing the sun screen in when her hands on his back suddenly stilled, and JC felt a hand on his butt.

"Nice cheeks." She whispered, giving him a gentle squeeze, flicking her tongue across his earlobe.

"Britney!" He yelled, and jumped around to face her, shocked. She merely laughed and went on applying her own sunscreen.

"Oh what, I'm not allowed to have any fun?" She asked when he continued to stare at her.

Soon JC laughed too, he should have known what he was getting into when he agreed to come to the nude beach with Britney.

Britney placed the broad-brimmed sun-hat she had bought during their shopping excursion lightly on her head, laying down.

"Aren't we going to swim?" JC asked.

"Yes, just not quite yet." Britney replied, snuggling down into the already warm sand beneath their pitched beach umbrella.

JC shrugged and slipped his striped fisherman's hat over his hair. At least these would keep them from being recognized by a cursory glance, he thought, looking around. Britney had been right, there was no one here yet, but he still worried that people might show up later on.

After fifteen minutes of forced inactivity JC was starting to get ancy. "C'mon Brit," He whined, nudging her. "We aren't going to get tan laying under here, let's go swim, or at least splash around some."

"Oh all right." Britney replied, sighing, and out of habit reached to tie her bikini top. She smiled when she realized that she wasn't wearing one.

They carefully made their way down the ten feet of sandy incline to the water's edge.

"Oh it's cold!" Britney hissed as she stuck a toe in.

"Duh, what did you expect?" JC asked, and stood a foot or so behind her as she moved a few inches in.

"Hey Brit." He called, and she turned around, immediately noticing the evil twinkle in his eye.

"Oh you had better not!" She yelled, knowing what JC planned to do, but it was too late to stop him.

He grabbed her by the waist and swung her up and around, tossing her bodily into the water. Where she landed wasn't very deep, but it was enough to engulf her sprawled body, and she screamed from the shock of the cold water running over her.

"Why you little cunt!" She yelled, and stood up, spitting water and laughing. "You are SO DEAD!" Britney shouted good-naturedly, and took off after JC, who had already started running.

Britney was always a strong runner, fast too, so the weight of the water slappping around her ankles inconvenienced her only a little. She soon caught up to JC and dived onto his back, tackling him.

"HA! Who's all wet now buddy!" She exclaimed triumphantly when he hit the water, but her victory was short lived as JC flipped her over so that now he was on top, shoving her down into the sand. She spluttered curses, but there wasn't much she could do until JC made the mistake of trying to stand. Britney quickly reached out and seized his ankles, yanking so that he fell on his ass in the cold water.

"Ow! You bitch!" He sat up and dived at Britney, who tried to dodge, and almost made it, but the mucky bottom slowed her down and she was flattened by JC's arm slamming across her chest.

"Those are my BOOBS!!!" She hollered in pain, and grasped JC's arm, rolling away and taking him with her into deeper water.

"Ahh!" JC screamed as he was kicked in a sensitive spot and they both continued to battle for dominance, rolling over again and again as they tried to push each other under.

Soon they were in water deep enough that they could barely stand, and began to head the other direction, towards shore, though they continued their struggle.

JC felt pain in his shoulder and yanked harshly at Britney's hair, accidentally pulling off a long extension.

"That was expensive you evil whore!" She screamed when she realized what he had done, and tossed JC underneath her like a rag doll, smacking him into the water with an audible `thwack!'. She pulled his rag-muffin hair too, though she didn't expect it to give like hers had.

The two continued to wrestle, but finally they had reached shallow enough water that they could both sit and it would come up to only their waists.

"Truce, truce!" They both screamed, and then looked at each other, bursting into laughter at the sight of their bedraggled, seaweed and mud-spattered selves.

After a moment, Britney noticed a group of men standing about fifty yards away, past the water's edge, watching the two of them and pointing. Apparently they didn't realize this was a nude beach for all had on various amounts of clothing.

Joggers, she realized after a moment, and started to laugh, pointing them out to JC. After a quick moment of fear, he realized that with their distance they wouldn't be able to make out who the two wrestling in the water were, and started to laugh loudly as well.

The group must have realized that they had been spotted, for all five or six of them scattered, going their opposite directions, all away from the water.

Both still laughing, the two friends helped each other up, slinging their arms around waists, hips, and shoulders so that they could stand upright without stumbling.

"What do you want to bet that they were all saying catfight, and trying to decide which of us to cheer on?" JC asked, and Britney sniggered. It was probably true.

"We should do this more often you know," Britney turned to JC. "We could get a whole hell of a lot of dates!" She exclaimed, laughing. JC joined in.

"Yeah really," He agreed, touching his abs. "I think I've already burned off the calories from breakfast too!" He smiled perkily, but Britney waved her hand, dismissing that thought.

"Forget breakfast, I'm pretty sure we just rid ourselves of the fat from last nights dinner!"

Both groaned, remembering how their stomachs had felt after they had sent Joey back yet again for a third and final pizza.

They walked on, the shore seeming endlessly far away by both their standards. Suddenly Britney realized that three of the highlights at the back of JC's hair seemed to have gone missing. She reached up to yank off the piece of sea-weed covering them, and was quite shocked when the three locks of blonde hair fell into her hand as well.

"JC!" She gasped. "You never told me you got extensions too!" Britney exclaimed, elbowing him softly in the ribs.

JC turned around, rather startled when he saw the hair in Britney's hand. "Oh, yeah, I did, I was too chicken to highlight my own hair blonde, so I just had them weaved in." He paused a moment. "They weren't supposed to come out in water though." He said, perplexed, and Britney grimaced.

"That was my fault I'm afraid, I was trying to get you the hell off of me. Sorry."

He laughed. "Don't worry about it, I did the same to you." He pointed to a rather large hank of blonde hair floating about ten feet away from them, and Britney's hand flew to the back of her head, where the middle section of her hair didn't reach down nearly as far as it had.

"Jeez JC! I didn't think you yanked out that much! That's like, 500 dollars worth of hair right there!" She pointed to the floating chunk, sounding as if she wanted to rescue it.

"Oh calm down, I'll buy you new. Now, am I missing any more of mine?" He asked, turning towards her.

"Uhh, yeah, those three in back, plus..." She counted. "Another one in front on your left bang, and..." She flipped up the sides of his hair, looking. "And one more on the side over here, but that's all."

"Ok, well that's fine, they are easy enough to replace." He looked down for a moment and spotted his nails. Almost all were rather ragged, and two had been ripped, one hanging on by a mere thread. When he glanced at Britney's he saw that four of her acrylic nails had been torn from one hand, and another two were missing from the other. Britney followed his gaze and viewed the damage.

"Want to go to the salon later?" She asked, and he nodded.

"Let's hit the spa too." He said fervently, looking down at his spattered skin.

"Sounds like a plan." She agreed as they stepped onto the sandy shore. Both went to their former places, slipped their hats back on and laid down, determined to tan.

After a half hour on their backs JC was beginning to doze. "How long until we are supposed to roll over?" He asked, yawning.

"Umm, I don't know, now maybe?" An equally tired Britney replied, exhausted from their wrestling match in the water.

"Okay." JC rolled over onto his stomach while Britney did the same, placing her head securely down in her arms and nodding off.

The sun warming his back, JC's mind wandered aimlessly through the many things they had planned for later that day, wondering if there was anything else that they needed to take care of.

Soon, Britney wasn't the only one asleep.


It was hours later when JC began to slowly awake from his nap. The fierce sunlight pierced his weary eyelids even though they weren't open, and sound violated his ears painfully. All he could think of was that he was tired, sore, and had sand in his mouth. This couldn't be good.

This really couldn't be good, he decided, trying to remember where in the hell he was.

Britney, he definitely remembered her being there with him. That thought didn't really comfort JC any. Who knew what kind of trouble she had gotten the two of them into?

"Britney?" He whispered, but got no reply. He reached out slowly, and feeling flesh, he assumed it was hers and began to shake. "Britney, Brit, wake up." He said, still not opening his eyes.

She moaned and rolled over, but he gripped whatever piece of her he had already grabbed, her arm, he suspected, and continued to shake.

"No, Justin, go blow yourself, or get some groupie to do it for god sakes, I'm trying to sleep." She said loudly and rolled over again. JC sighed, and drew his hand back slowly, finally realizing that he was feeling sand. A lot of sand. More than just what had filled his mouth.

The beach, he realized, exclaiming. They had come to the nude beach! He sighed thankfully. That was a lot better than what he had suspected. He rolled over and opened his eyes. There were more people here now, though still not a lot, and the irritating blaring was coming from a boom-box about 10 feet away from him. They obviously hadn't been recognized yet, as there wasn't any kind of commotion being made, and he pulled the hat low across his eyes to keep it that way.

JC looked over at Britney, whose backside was a bright pink color from neck to foot, and groaned, suspecting that he looked the same himself. That would explain the soreness, he realized, and sighed.

"Okay Britney, seriously, it's time for you to wake up." He said and scooted over, stroking her arm. "Brit, Brit hun, you gotta wake up." He said softly, and she opened her eyes just a little at his voice.

"JC?" She asked, looking perplexed.

"Yeah, it's me."

"Where are we?" She inquired, fishing a stray lock of hair out of her open mouth as she did, looking mildly disgusted.

"At the nude-beach."

"The nude beach?" Britney sounded a little shocked and levered herself up some to look around. "Oh, right." She sighed and laid back down. "This was my idea, wasn't it?"

JC knew he didn't really have to answer, but did so anyway. "Yes. It would have been a good one too, if we hadn't fallen asleep."

Britney touched her back gently and groaned. "Are you burnt too?"

"Yes, very."

"Do you want to go buy some aloe-vera?" She asked, not being able to think of anything else.

"That's probably the best thing to do." He agreed, and reached under the extra towel to grab their clothes. They decided to get dressed in the car, for fear they might soon be recognized now that they were awake, and packed up, tramping to where Britney had parked the car.

Britney put on her underwear, but then took them off just as quickly. "Too tight." She muttered to JC, who realized it must have irritated her burn. He then saw the jeans she was struggling to get on in the cramped space of her car, and knew that if her tiny thong underwear had been uncomfortable, the close-fitting denim might well kill her.

"Here." He said, handing over his boxers, and Britney smiled gratefully.

"Thanks." She murmured, slipping into them. And so they were back in the same situation as yesterday, Britney wearing his boxer-shorts and JC himself going commando.

"You're lucky that I've been wearing boxers both these times you know." He pretended to grumble. "Lots of time I don't."

Britney snickered. "I know, most of the time your underwear are skimpier than mine." She laughed, and JC looked a little offended. He began to pout. "Oh c'mon JC, don't even try that act on me, it may have worked with Lance, but I've been in your closet, I know all of what you have." She pointed out.

JC smiled at his friend. "Oh, well I suppose so." He agreed. After all, it was true that some of his undergarments were a tad more revealing than most men's underwear.

"Besides, I know you sometimes wear my g-strings." Britney said, shifting the car into forward gear.

JC looked shocked. "I do not!" He exclaimed loudly, causing a peal of laughter from the blonde.

"I know." She smiled and slapped him lightly on the thigh. JC grumbled, but soon grinned back at her. He could never be mad at Britney for long.

"So who's house do you want to crash at tonight, yours or mine?" Britney asked and JC bit his lip, considering.

"Is yours clean?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Britney shrugged. "Clean as it ever is, I suppose."

JC shuddered. "All right, then we're staying at mine."

Britney couldn't help but laugh, JC was such a neat-freak sometimes.

"Well it will be clean by tomorrow at 10 a.m., I finally got that maid like you kept telling me to. She comes every Wednesday now." Britney confessed, knowing her friend would be pleased.

"Well thank god, it`s about time you know!" JC exclaimed, smiling. "Finally we can start hanging out at your place again." He sighed happily.

"Yup, we can." She agreed. "Where's the nearest Safeway?" She asked after a moment of scanning the horizon.

"Uhhh, the only one I can think of is the one that's just down the road from my house."

"Well that will be good, we can just go there." Britney snapped on her turn signal.

"Oh, actually, that's a Cub Foods, do you care?" JC asked, remembering.

"YES." Britney replied emphatically. Safeway was the only market she would shop at, the others she considered sub-par.

"Oh, well ok, umm I don't know then. Wait look there's one!" He pointed to the just passed free-way exit, and Britney immediately flipped one of her U-turns, almost tilting the car over the edge of the off-ramp.

"Britney you really aren't supposed to do that on the freeway!" JC screamed at her, but she shrugged, pulling into the parking lot of Safeway.

"I had my turn signal on, didn't I?" She asked innocently.

"You still do." JC replied acidly, but Britney smiled at him while she turned it off without looking, nearly activating the panic button that the car was equipped with.

"Next time I'm driving." He grumbled.

Britney stared at him. "JC, you drive a piece of crap car that you won't even let me fix, and it breaks down every twenty miles." She quipped snappishly.

"Hey shutup! I love that car!" He shouted at her. He did love his car, even if he never drove it anywhere.

"I know you do. That doesn't make what I said any less true." She smiled and sauntered ahead, JC jogging to catch up.

"You're evil." He muttered.

"Yes, I'm evil, and you need to buy a new car."

"Whatever." JC snorted as they entered the market.

"So what all do we need to get?" Britney asked, grabbing a cart.

"Well, let's see, some aloe-vera, and numbing spray, and any sun burn relief product they have pretty much." He replied. "Oh, let's get some Chinese food too." JC added, spotting the China Express that was located inside the store. "I think that's all. Unless you want to rent some movies too. I don't really feel like going out any more after this."

"Yeah, me either." Britney agreed, remembering their plans to hit the salon and the spa. Maybe tomorrow, she decided.

They walked up and down the aisles, Britney tossing various amounts of junk food into the cart while they looked for the skin-care section. Once found, they quickly picked out their sun burn relief products, settling on cucumber-melon aloe vera, lidocaine numbing spray, and cocoa butter lotion with herbal extracts.

"Will that be enough, do you think?" JC asked, biting his lip, and Britney shrugged, tossing another bottle of each of their three favored items into the cart.

"That certainly should." She decided, and headed on down the aisle.

"Hey hold on a minute let's look at these dyes." JC said, stopping in front of the aisle-long selection of hair color boxes. Britney immediately grabbed his shoulder and dragged him away.

"Hey," He whined painfully, and she looked at him.

"Don't you remember last time?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, right." JC grimaced. The last time that they had tried at home dyes on each other, her hair had been mildly pink, while his had turned a sickening orange color. Management had spent a small fortune on a series of colorists who had tried to undo the damage with minimal success, until one finally resorted to just bleaching the color out and re-dyeing it back to brown and blonde. Management had not been happy, to say the least.

"What movies do you think we should get?" Britney asked as they entered the small video rental section, browsing the wall of new releases.

"Oh I don't really mind, as long as it's nothing too sad." JC replied absently, still thinking of their hair-color follies.

Britney rolled her eyes. "JC, you think everything is sad."

"I so do not, that is such a lie!" He exclaimed indignantly.

Britney looked at him. "JC, you cried at the premier of Crossroads for god sakes." Britney had nothing against her film, she liked it of course, but she really didn't think it was worthy of tears.

"HEY! That was sad ok, she miscarried her baby Britney!" JC still got upset whenever he thought about it.

"I know I know, but it turned out good in the end, right?" Britney said supportively, not wanting JC to cry about it all over again.

"I suppose." He replied, not much comforted.

Britney rolled her eyes. "Anyway, how about this, I never got to see this." She held up the case to Glitter, and JC nodded his head. Britney handed him the movie to hold while she walked along, looking for another.

"Mariah Carey is so pretty." JC said dreamily, and Britney laughed.

"You are such a girl." She replied, rolling her eyes.

"Shut up, so are you!" JC shot back testily, and then realized that it wasn't much of an insult. "Anyway," He snapped, tossing his hair while Britney continued to giggle sporadically. "We should see this too." He thrust a movie case at her.

"The Fast and the Furious, really?" She asked, mildly surprised.

"Yeah, the blonde guy is hot."

Britney had to agree. "Hey, we met him, remember?"

"We did? No, I don't remember that actually. Did either of us jump him?" JC asked, smiling a little.

She had to think about it for a moment, but finally Britney replied. "Umm, no, not that I recall."

"Oh, well why in the world not? He's a cutie." JC fanned himself with the movie case to Glitter, wondering why that section of the market was so hot when the rest seemed fine.

Britney rolled her eyes. "So anyway, is that all we are getting?"

"Uhh yeah I think so, that should be enough."

"K great, let's go get some food, I'm absolutely starved!" Britney tossed the movie in the cart and bee-lined for the ordering counter of China Express. She stared at the menu a moment, waiting for the server to ask her what she would like.

"Uhhh, I'll have the Family Package, with both kinds of rice." She decided, trying to select the right amount of food.

"What entrees would you like with that?" The man asked politely, and Britney hmmmed and hawed.

"I'll have the sesame seed chicken, the sweet and sour pork, and some vegetable lo mein as well." She finally decided. "Oh, and could I get ten of the cheese and crab wontons as well?"

"Of course, will that be all for you?"

"Yeah, I think so. Oh, actually, I'd like an order of egg rolls as well. Thanks, that'll be it."

"Ok, and for you sir?" He asked, turning to JC.

"Oh, no, nothing for me, thanks." JC replied politely, and they moved down to the cash register.

"Britney," He said quietly, tugging at her sleeve.


"Who in the world is gunna eat all that food?" He asked, looking at the enormous bag full of Chinese take-out.

"Well, you and me, of course." She replied.

"All that food? For just the two of us?" JC looked almost queasy at the thought.

"Well yeah, I thought you said you were hungry!" Britney exclaimed, alarmed.

"I am, but for a plate of food, not eight plates!" JC gestured at the bulging bag.

She shrugged. "Oh well, so we'll have left-overs for tomorrow."

JC shuddered. He hated it when Britney left food in his fridge, she never ever ate the rest of it.

Soon they were out of the market, JC having picked up the tab for the groceries, since Britney had paid for everything else that day.

They were halfway to JC's house when Britney nudged him. "Hey, look at that guy."

"Oh wow, he's hot." JC agreed when he spotted the guy she meant walking the sidewalk.

"Whistle." She commanded, prodding him.

"What?" JC asked, confused.

"Whistle! Whistle at him!" Britney demanded.

"What?! No way, I'm not gunna whistle at him!"

"C'mon we're gunna be past in a second!"

"No, I don't care!" He refused.



"Yeah! Whistle c'mon!"

"I don't even know how to whistle!"

"Well shout then!"

"Britney I'm not going to-"

"JC!" She screamed, and he gave up.

"Woohoo!" He yelled, just to get her off his back, and then ducked as the guy looked their way. "Speed up!" He slapped Britney's thigh, and she did, getting safely past the pedestrian.

"I cannnot believe you said `woohoo'!" She laughed after a while, shifting gears to slow down.

"Well you said to shout!"

"Yeah, but `woohoo'???? I mean c'mon JC, have some class!"

"Oh shut up!" JC crossed his arms across his chest, refusing to speak.

Five minutes later they pulled into the driveway of JC's house, Britney trying to chow down an egg roll and park evenly at the same time. It didn't work out so well.

Britney seized the still warm Chinese food while JC grabbed the sun-burn gear, and they took off into the house, Britney screaming that she was going to die if she didn't eat this very minute.

JC quickly sated his own hunger with a large helping of sesame chicken and lo mein, but once Britney started eating, she didn't stop. She ate her way through all of Glitter and half of The Fast and the Furious without skipping a beat.

"Jeez Brit, you must have a hollow leg tonight!" JC exclaimed at one point as she shoveled another huge mouthful of food.

"No, it's the boobs, they devour it." She replied seriously, and kept on eating.

JC looked at Britney's chest. It certainly could be the boobs, he decided, noticing that she had a large piece of lo mein stuck in her cleavage. He decided not to mention it and turned back to the movie.

The blonde cop really was hot.


Later, they lay in JC's bed, listening to the summertime cricket chirps that haunted his backyard.

"Britney, what do we do next?" JC asked quietly as he smeared more lotion onto Britney's burnt back.

"Next you'll lay down and I'll rub some aloe-vera on your poor shoulders." She replied absently, and he sighed.

"No no no, I mean, what's next in our plan, you know, about Wade?"

"Oh, what's next with that?" Britney bit her lip. "Hmm, well I'd say it's breaking and entering time." She replied, and JC looked perplexed.

"What do you mean?" He asked, gently rubbing his hands in circles on her pink skin.

"I mean, we have to break into Wade's house." She said matter of-factly.

JC gasped. "What! Why???"

"Cus it's the next part of the plan, duh." Britney replied, as if she wasn't just making the plan up as they went along.

"Well, but he has a security system, we'll get caught." JC chewed nervously at his lip.

"No he doesn't, they ended his contract after the incident yesterday."

"They did?" JC thought back, wondering if Britney had remembered to tell him that, and deciding that she probably hadn't.

"Yeah, I said so at breakfast, remember?"

"Umm, well no not exactly."

"Well you didn't remember meeting Paul Walker either." Britney smiled, and stretched.


"The blonde cop, JC." She laughed.

"Oh, right. Well anyway, it could have been me forgetting, or it could have been that you just didn't tell me." JC began to raise one of his eyebrows, but stopped when he realized that unless Britney had eyes in the back of her head, which he thought possible, she couldn't see his face.

"Well yeah, it could be that to." She admitted, smiling. " But anyway, I figure it will take him at least a week to get a new one, so now is our chance."

"How is breaking into Wade's house going to help though? I mean, what are we going to do in there?" JC wondered aloud.

"The regular stuff, you know, read his diary, steal some jewelry, eat any cookies he has in the house." Britney smiled over her sore shoulder at JC, who laughed.

"Well ok, but how are we gunna get him out of there?" Both knew that Wade preferred to spend his free time at home, either alone or with friends.

"Easy, you'll have a party, and he'll come."

"A party? With Wade?"

"Yeah, a costume party!" Britney said excitedly, rolling over. "I'll do you now." She told him, and sat up so that JC could lay down. She straddled his waist, grabbing the bottle of aloe-vera, which JC preferred to the lotion.

"You'll have a costume party here, and you can invite a million people, and everybody will come, Wade and all his cronies, Justin, Joey, Lance, Chris, the dancers for our tours, management, everyone! We'll invite them all! And since everybody will be here, no one will notice me missing, and I'll sneak over to Wade's and stage a break in!" Britney said excitedly, and pressed a bit too hard.

"Ow!" JC shouted, and she immediately softened her grasp, apologizing.

"Sorry." She murmured contritely and JC lay still.

"So what should I go as?" He asked after a moment, and Britney was silent, considering.

"Me." She finally replied.


"You should go as me." Britney smiled at thought.

"YOU? You mean that I should go as you, Miss Britney Spears?" JC sounded a little shocked, though Britney couldn't figure out why.

"Well yeah, why not, it'll be fun."

"I don't know Brit." He replied reluctantly.

"Oh c'mon, we can get you one of those really cool, funky blonde wigs that they have down in the costume department at the offices, and dress you up in some of the clothes from my last tour. You're skinny enough to fit." She gave his sides a gentle squeeze. "Even if you are a bit hippy." She murmured softly.

"Hey now I am not hippy!" JC exclaimed, rolling half-over to look at her, and she laughed.

"Yeah I know, I was just teasing." Britney smiled.

He grumbled but rolled back over, satisfied.

"Anyway, it'll be great, we can dress you up in those hot pink leather pants that I wore for the meet-n-greets! Or no, wait, the velvet cowboy hat and skimpy halter-top that goes with it would be better, now that would be hot." She said, mentally cataloging all her costumes.

JC was about to protest when Britney suddenly shouted aloud.

"I've got it! You can wear the outfit I had on in the Baby One More Time video!"

"Which one?" He asked suspiciously, sure he already knew which clothing she meant.

"The one I wore at the very beginning, you know, the little catholic school girl one."

JC groaned. "Britney, there is no way in hell I am wearing that, EVER."

"Oh c'mon JC, you'd look so cute in it, and all you'd have to do is shave your legs." She said.

"NO." He replied emphatically, burying his face in the mattress.

"Please JC. Pretty pretty please." Britney begged, but JC turned his head away. She slid down beside him on the bed.

"Oh, c'mon, you know, you know it'd be so good, you being me, c'mon JC it would be so good, so good, so, so GOOD!" Britney carefully let her voice drop into a low register and began to almost moan. "Please Josh, oh, please won't you, just for me? Just this once, I swear I swear. Ohhh,"

JC began to squirm then, wishing she would stop. Britney silently cursed him for not breaking yet, but decided all she needed was a little more.

"When I think about it, it just makes me feel so-" At that moment she reached out her tongue and gently licked JC's cheek.

"Enough!" He screamed, sitting up and jerking away. "I will consider it, if you will just STOP that!" He yelled, hoping she wouldn't have the audacity to say what, exactly, it made her feel.

Britney laughed happily and clapped her hands. "Oh this will be so great!" She decided excitedly. "You'll be me-"

"I said I would consider it." JC interrupted, but she waved his specification away.

"Anyways, you'll be me, looking totally hot, and oh! I should go as YOU so that we can go as like the two of us, except different! And-"

"Brit," JC cut her off. "You're going to be breaking into Wade's house, remember?"

"Oh that's right." She sounded a little disappointed, but quickly perked back up. "Well that doesn't mean I can't come for the last part of the party, right?"

JC laughed. "Well ok." He agreed.

They fell to the planning of the party.

Britney was excited.

JC wondered how he would look in a mini-skirt.


Later, when they were laying silently beside each other on their stomachs, so as not to irritate their burns, waiting for sleep to come, JC spoke up again in a soft voice.

"You should go as Justin, not me." He whispered into the darkness, even though he didn't know if Britney was awake.

"Justin? Why?" She asked softly, confused.

"Because, you two were a couple, it'll be like a big joke, me as you and you as him." JC smiled and Britney giggled a bit.

"Go as baldie though? That seems a little extreme." She murmured.

"Oh, you wouldn't be bald." JC assured her, and smiled.

"I wouldn't?"

"No. I mean, if I'm going as you from the Baby One More Time video, you have to go as him from something in that same time period, right?" JC had already thought this through in his head.

"Yeah, I suppose." Britney agreed.

"Well he still had his curls then."

"Oh, well ok. That might be kind of fun, the two of us like that." She didn't sound so sure though.

"Yeah, and it would drive Justin absolutely bonkers." JC smirked, and that made Britney laugh aloud.

"All right, it's a deal then." She agreed, now smiling.

They talked randomly of other things for a while, but soon both quieted down, falling gently to sleep, their plans forgotten for a time.

JC smiled in his dreams. They had a big day ahead of them.


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