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This is a story of friendship and love. I have read some other stories on the Nifty Archives and I wanted to try my hand at writing, so here I am. Any questions or comments can be emailed to me at I would like to hear what you the readers have to say about my story. But please, don't send me flames. I would never do that to other people.

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JC was beside himself. He had just lost contact with Kellen. He heard what the plane captain said and knew that things weren’t looking good. He yelled for the guys to come back to the lounge. They quickly came in to see what was wrong with JC. The other four were wondering what was up, but before they could ask, JC started filling them in on what had happened. He’d moved to turn on the TV. Grabbing the remote and flipping through the channels, he silenced everyone. They all listened to a reporter talk about a plane that had just crashed a quarter of a mile from the Oklahoma City airport.

“…Again, this is Jen Murray reporting this disastrous news. A plane bound to Will Rogers World Airport from Denver Colorado just crashed in Oklahoma City. Reports are still sketchy, but from what we were told, the plane engine was severely damaged during a storm. That damage caused the pilots to have to make an emergency decent. Sources at the scene say that the pilots were able to stabilize the decent however the landing gear malfunctioned. This malfunction is what caused the plane to crash. From what we’ve been told, there aree several fatalities onboard. Hold on. We’re getting some more information. Stay tuned with CNN for the latest news on this late breaking event.

JC looked at the screen with disbelief. He was so withdrawn at the moment that he didn’t even hear the guys calling his name. “Yo JC, snap out of it man”

“Huh?” JC said dumbfounded.

“What’s up Jace?” Lance asked genially concerned.

“I can’t believe it, Kellen Bradley and his sisters.” JC said looking down.

“We should say a pray for them.” Lance said as he grabbed hold of something to support himself on.

“Yeah” Justin said. “We should say a prayer for their safety.”

After they said a quick prayer, Lance got up and left the lounge. He climbed into his bunk and shut the curtains. He felt an empty feeling inside him. The possibility of him losing one of his friends was almost overwhelming. He reached over and picked up his laptop and signed onto messenger.

Fishing4bass: Hey man, I just wanted to tell you that we are heading to our next venue. I remember you telling me you went to the Nsync concert. Was it fun? Let me know.

Lance knew that Kellen wouldn’t respond. A tear traced its way down his cheek as he signed offline. He desperately hoped that Kellen and his two sisters were okay.


“Kellen? Kellen it’s me, it’s Nicole. Can you hear me?

“Huh? What…happened?” Kellen asked weakly. He could barely see anything. It was all a blur.

“Here hold on, let me get you one of these pillows to lay your head on. You got hit in the head by the corner of that briefcase. It knocked you unconscious. You’ve been out for about twenty minutes. The captain came out earlier and said that there were rescue workers outside the plane trying to get to us. There’s a gasoline leak and they don’t want to take any chances.”

“It’s going to be okay Kellen. You’ll be alright.” Jordan said trying to comfort him. She grabbed his hand and started to rub it softly. “Mom and Dad will be here soon enough.”

“What happened exactly?” Kellen asked. “I know the plane was going down. After that, things went dark.”

“After you got hit, the pilot came on and told everyone to hold on because the landing gear wasn’t working. He said he was going to try to put us down in one piece. About 10 seconds later, the plane hit the ground violently. I thought for a minute that we were all going to be dead.”

“Oh my head is killing me.” Kellen said painfully as he rubbed his forehead. A flight attendant came over to him and asked if he was all right. “Can I just get some Tylenol or something?”

“Sure you can, I’ll be right back. Don’t fall asleep. You could have a concussion.” She got up and headed back to the back to get the medicine. She came back out a few seconds later and gave Kellen two Aleve’s.

“Oh man! I forgot about my phone. It shattered into a million pieces.”

“Don’t worry about it right now. I called Mom and Dad after we crashed. They know that Jordan and I are okay. I told Mom you got knocked unconscious. She went hysterical,” Nicole said chuckling trying to calm Kellen down.

“But I was on the phone with JC. He’ll think I’m dead or something really bad happened.”

They talked about nothing and everything for a few minutes. Nicole knew from her training that she had to keep Kellen conscious. “No Kellen stay awake. Mom told me to keep you awake as long as possible. Come on stay awake for me.” Nicole said trying to keep Kellen awake. She was losing this battle so she found one of Kellen’s pressure points and started to press as hard as she could. Kellen’s eye flew open and he yelped in pain. “I said stay wake.” She moved to check Kellen’s pulse rate. After that she looked him down head to toe. Feeling muscles and checking his blood pressure with something she pulled out of her carryon bag.

Right about that time at the front of the plane, the compartment doors opened and rescues workers came aboard. They told everyone to stay calm and that all those with injuries should come forward to be unloaded first. Jordan and Nicole helped Kellen to his feet and they made their trek to the front of the plane.

Kate and Anthony Bradley’s world came crashing down on them when they heard news that their children’s plane had crashed on route back to Oklahoma. Kate lost all strength and fell into the arms of her husband. He cried so hard as he held her. They both sat down in the waiting area chairs; neither one having the strength to stand up. For Kate, it felt like someone had stole her life from her. Three of her four children were possibly dead in a plane crash. She wouldn’t be able to go on any longer the worst had happened. Her life was over at the moment the plane crashed.

For Anthony, it was devastating. His two little girls and son were dead. No one ever survived a plane crash. He felt like it was his fault somehow for even suggesting that they get the kids tickets to see a concert. If he hadn’t done that, than his children would still be here with him. It was such a painful thought to think about his children not being with him anymore.

What would they do? Their lives were over. Suddenly Kate’s cell phone rang. She fumbled in her purse looking for it. She was perplexed when she saw her daughter’s name on the caller ID. She ferociously moved to press the talk button. “Nicole Baby? Is that you?”

“Yes Mom, It’s me.”

“OH GOD!” Kate cried into the phone. She started shaking with sobs. Thanking the lord as she cried. Anthony just stood there silently thanking God for his Children’s safety. “Are you okay Baby? Are Kellen and Jordan okay? Please tell me they are okay.” Kate said desperately into the phone.

“The plane crashed. It shook so badly. Oh Mom, it was so scary. Jordan is okay. But Kellen,” Nicole started to cry.

“What? What about Kellen? He’s all right isn’t he?” Kate asked. She started to feel her world crash down on her again.

“Mom, Kellen was hit with something when the plane was going down. He got knocked unconscious. That was fifteen minutes ago. He hasn’t regained consciousness since. I’m afraid if we don’t get him help soon, he’ll go into a coma.” Nicole said.

“Okay Baby. They are sending rescue teams to you now. Just sit tight and be careful. Try to get Kellen to wake up. Do what ever you have to do. Your father and I are going to try to get to you.”

“Okay Mom. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye Sweetheart. I love you.” Kate hung up her phone and grabbed Anthony’s arm. Together they both ran to the front desk to find out how to get to the plane.

The airline workers were very cooperative in getting them a car to the crash site. The two boarded a worker’s cart directly outside of the terminal and the cart drove them towards the crash site. When they got there, they gasped at the condition of the plane. It seemed ok except for the fact that the underside was completely destroyed. Running up to the plane, they were stopped by firefighters.

“My children are in that plane!” Kate yelled at the man.

“I’m sorry Mam, but we can’t let anyone any closer than 1,500 feet. The plane is leaking fuel and the scene is too dangerous. They started evacuating the passengers a few minutes ago.”

Kate thought about hitting the man; however her upbringing convinced her that he was just doing his job and protecting them. Jordan, Nicole and Kellen would be all right. After all, they had her blood coursing through them. She had to be brave and hope for the best. Anthony had moved to talk to an airline official about the wreckage. Kate was standing by herself when she heard the high pitched yell of Jordan calling her.


Anthony moved back over to Kate as the three kids walked towards them. Jordan and Nicole were on either side of Kellen holding him up. He didn’t look too good. Anthony ran over to the kids followed closely by Kate. Kate grabbed Kellen and started crying and asking him if he was okay. Anthony took Jordan’s place holding up Kellen. They moved over to one of the ambulances there.

“What happened to him?” a paramedic asked.

“He got knocked unconscious by the corner of a briefcase when it fell out of the overhead compartment on the plane.” Nicole said as she and Anthony helped Kellen onto the vehicle. He was barely conscious. “I did a head to toe examination.”

“Are you a doctor?” The paramedic asked.

“No, but I am in my third year of medical school.”

“What did you get?” the paramedic asked

“5’11, 155 lbs., his heart rate was 110, 30 breaths per minute, and his blood pressure was 70. He has a moderate laceration on the forehead. Approximately 1 ½ inch. Eye pupils are dilated and somewhat responsive to light. Bruising is apparent on shoulder, and arms.” Nicole said without faltering. “That’s all.”

“Did you examine yourself as well?” The paramedic asked. “Because you have a one inch contusion on your forehead.

“No I didn’t. I was too concerned with my little brother.” Nicole felt her head and pulled it away quickly when she felt the sting rage through her head.

“Here, let’s have a look at both of you.” He directed Nicole to the ambulance. Then he turned to Anthony, “Sir? Can you help me get your son onto the ambulance?” The paramedic started lifting Kellen up. Anthony moved to join him. When they got him into the vehicle, the medic started to ask the very groggy Kellen questions and giving him meds. After about five minutes of examinations, the paramedic told Anthony and Kate that they were going head to the hospital for the night.

Anthony, Kate, Nicole, and Jordan went back to the airport and collected their car to meet the ambulance at Mercy Hospital. When they got there, the ambulance had been there and gone back to the airport. After getting Kellen’s information, the family made their way to the seventh floor. They walked into Kellen’s room and saw that a doctor and a couple nurses were examining him. Kate’s motherly instinct took over and she made her way to the front line of the examination. “How is he?” She asked concerned.

“He’ll be fine. The concussion has subsided. He can get some rest now if he wants. Tomorrow, we’ll send him down for x-rays and some tests, but with any luck, you should be home later tomorrow afternoon.” The doctor looked over at Kellen and saw that he was asleep already. She looked back at Kate, “I’m sorry I didn’t introduce my self. My name is Dr. Laura Thompson.”

“Kate Bradley.” Kate said indicating herself; “This is my husband Anthony, our two daughters Nicole and Jordan. You already know Kellen.” She said pointing to him.

“Wait, are you the sporting goods store Bradley’s?” Dr. Thomson asked.

“Yes.” Anthony said looking at her questionably.

“My two boys spend a lot of their time at Bradley’s.” Dr. Thompson said laughing.

“Oh Okay.”

“Well, I’ll leave you and your family alone. Have a good evening. There will be nurses coming in every now and then to check on him, but everything should be fine.” Dr. Thompson turned and walked out of the room.

The next day was sunny as if there hadn’t even been a storm the night before. Kellen had spent a greater part of the day in tests and was now on his way back to the ranch. As they pulled into the long driveway, he rolled down the windows and took in to the familiar smells around him.

He got out of the van and made his way to the double doors leading into the kitchen.

“Is dat my boy?” said the familiar voice of Aisha. “Come over here child and give me a hug.” She commanded. Kellen did as he was told. “I heard bout what happened to ya. Is you all right? You ain't gonna go an die now are ya?”

“I’m not planning on it.” Kellen rebutted. “I think I’m going to go upstairs and rest for a while.” He made is way out of Aisha’s grasp and headed through the kitchen towards the stairs.

As he was walking down the hall, he realized that his laptop was on the plane as well as was all of his luggage. “Damn.” He cursed.

He walked into his room and turned on the stereo to CD one and pressed the skip button a few times.

I need love,

You need love

We all really need love

I just wanna tell you how I feel
I just wanna have a love that's real
How can I stop this burning desire…

Kellen walked to his closet and put on a pair of shorts and a pair of sandals. Then he walked over to his computer, turned it on, and waited for it to load. Signing on to messenger on the invisible mode, he was greeted with a plethora of offline messages.

Fishin4bass: Hey man, I just wanted to tell you that we are heading to our next venue. I remember you telling me you went to the Nsync concert. Was it fun? Let me know.

Mouseketeerboy: Kellen, I hope you’re okay. Shit, I’m so worried. What happened? We were talking and then nothing? Please tell me your okay.

This message got to Kellen. He knew he had felt something when he met JC. Did JC feel the same way? He couldn’t have. He was just being a friend. How often do stars get to meet down to earth people right? Besides, Kellen hadn’t even discovered his own true feelings yet. He had come to the conclusion that he did feel an attraction to JC, a very big Attraction. But did he want to explore it? Kellen was drawn out of his trance when something ran into his room and grabbed him knocking him out of the chair and to the ground. “Whoa, Tyler, be careful with me now.”

“You’re alive. I was so scared. We watched the news last night when they said your plane crashed. Was it scary? Were you scared?” Tyler Bradley, Kellen’s 10 year old cousin hammered him with hugs and questions.

“Yes I was scared Tyler. I was very scared you know why?”

“Why? Cause you thought you were gonna die?”

“No, cause I promised you I would spend time with you when I got back and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise.” Kellen said laughing.

“No you weren’t.” Tyler said laughing. Kellen grabbed his cousin and body slammed him on the soft mattress and started tickling him. All the time, Tyler was crying with laughter. “Stop it Kellen,” he said between laughs. “I’m gonna pee my pants.”

“Okay.” Kellen said, “Tag, your it.” Kellen immediately ran out of the room and down the hall. He took the other set of stairs that lead to the Library. Tyler was hot on his trail. Kellen ran through the house and into the kitchen. “Aisha? Can you call down to the stables and tell Ray to saddle up two horses for me?” he asked panting.

“Sho ting child” She replied, “Yous betta run, I hear him a comin.” Right about that time Tyler ran into the kitchen to see Kellen bolt through the doors outside.

“I’m gonna get you Kellen!” Tyler yelled running out the doors. He stopped just outside to listen for Kellen. Before Tyler could dodge it, Kellen ran up to him and grabbed him. Kellen was cradling his younger cousin as he made his way to the pool. “No Kellen. I’m not in my trun…” He was cut off the force of the water that was around him. When he came to the surface, he saw Kellen laughing. Tyler, however, saw something Kellen didn’t see. Jordan was behind Kellen. She gave him a big push and he fell in. Only Tyler saw the look on Kellen’s face as he hit the water.

“Jordan!” Kellen yelled once he realized who had done it.

“Next time don’t throw my cousin into the pool.” She said walking off. Kellen and Tyler both went back inside to change clothes. When they came back out, Kellen was wearing brown Justin Ropers, dark blue jeans, and a light blue, short sleeve, button up shirt. Tyler was dressed in almost the exact same thing. They made their way to the stables and mounted the horses. An afternoon was spent riding around the ranch. As they walked up to the house, Kellen noticed a vehicle in the driveway that was unfamiliar. When he walked inside he saw the boy from the plane sitting at the dining room table with a young lady.

“Kellen this is Mary Sanderson and her son Peter.” His mom said introducing them.

“Hello Mrs. Sanderson. Hello Peter.” Mary got up and gave Kellen a hug and thanked him profusely for protecting her son on the plane. She looked over to Peter and nodded her head. Peter reached down into his backpack and pulled out Kellen’s laptop.

“We looked at the identification tag on the back. And thought you would want this.” She said.

“Thank you so much, I was wondering about this.” Kellen said reaching for the laptop. They talked for a little while before they got ready to leave. Kate Invited them to join them for supper, but Mary said that they had to get back on the road. After a quick exchange of goodbye, they left. Dinner was served and Kellen headed up to his room. He moved over to his computer and saw that JC was online as well as Lance. He decided to let JC know that he was okay. Kellen had turned on the news earlier and realized that the list of survivors hadn’t been released yet. JC was probably worried sick.

Kis4kool: Hi JC. I made it back in one piece.

Mouseketeerboy: OMG!!! Kellen? You’re alive?

Kis4kool: Yeah, I’m alive. A little banged up but I’m alive. Hold on, I’m gonna IM Lance. Did you tell him that I know who he is?

Mouseketeerboy: No I haven’t told him. He has been really depressed since we saw the news report last night. I think it really got to him. Are we still going through with the prank?

Kis4kool: Yep.

Kellen opened another box and sent Lance a message.

Kis4kool: Hello man. How’s it going?

Fishin4bass: Hey, things are going really good now!

Kis4kool: What do you mean “now”?

Fishin4bass: Well, I look forward to hearing from ya Goof.

Kis4kool: Oh okay. So what is happening with you?

Fishin4bass: Well, this morning our keyboards man told us he was leaving the tour in Buffalo New York because his mom has cancer and he wants to be with her.

Kis4kool: So your gonna be without one of your musicians for a while?

Fishin4bass: Well, our management team is going to find us someone to replace him.

Kis4kool: You must be big to have a management team.

Lance realized that he might have given out too much information after Kellen said they were big. He was very happy to know that Kellen was okay and that he made it back home. However, he still couldn’t risk telling him that he was Lance Bass of Nsync yet. He continued to type.

Fishin4bass: We aren’t that big. I mean we are known in our town. But, yeah our manager is going find someone to replace our current keyboardist.

Kellen read Lance’s response. Then an idea hit him like a bolt of lightning. He opened Internet Explorer to Yahoo; thought about it then typed ‘Wright Entertainment Group contact info.’ Then he clicked ‘search’.