Happy Birthday, Lance!!!
by Justin

I do not know the sexuality of any member of NSYNC. I just wish to know. It is fantasy and is only in my warped imagination. If this ever did happened, I would want front row seats to it. I know that most of the people reading this would probably want front row seats as well. It is May 4th and the blond-haired, green-eyed babe known as James Lance Bass turns 22. Feedback is appreciated, but not needed. I write for fun and will always do so.


I slid the key into the lock and turned the knob. The door immediately gave way and swung open into a sea of darkness. "Hello?" I called out hoping that someone would be there and answer me. I stepped into the room and turned on the lights. The room was just how I had left it hours before -- cold and vacant.


When I woke up this morning, I was so excited. It was my birthday again and every year I had a blast. The guys usually come bursting into my room to kidnap me and force me to do various things. Of course, every year I put up a struggle claiming not to enjoy what they do. The fact is that I absolutely love it and wouldn't mind doing it on a regular basis.

I looked at the clock and noticed that it was already past nine. They were late. I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out a pair of jogging pants. I slipped them quickly on, grabbed my cell and made my way to the common room. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Chris, JC and Justin were lounging around waiting for breakfast to arrive. Joey was taking the opportunity of our down-time to fly home and visit his newborn baby. "Hey, Lance!" Chris called out when he saw me standing there. "We're glad that you finally decided to show up."

I walked over to the sofa where Chris was sitting and plopped down onto it. The sudden excitement that I had felt when I woke up earlier had completely drained for my body. It appeared that none of them had remembered my birthday this year. Breakfast came and we began to eat in relative peace and quiet. We talked about how exciting the new tour would be, how we hoped the new album would be another huge success and various other things. As the time continued to pass, I slipped further into a dark funk.

My cell started to ring. I flipped it open and brought it to my ear. Before I could even say a word, I heard Johnny's booming voice coming from the earpiece. It sounded like there was major trouble. I sighed and walked back to my room. I had a feeling that it was going to be a long and stressful day.

Thirty minutes later, I finally managed to get Johnny off the phone. I managed to answer most of his questions and the ones that I was unsure about, I told him that I would get back to him later the day. I threw my cell onto the table and walked back into the common room. When I entered, I saw that Chris was the only one that was still there. "What did Johnny want?" he asked. I could hear concern in his voice.

"Nothing much." I sighed heavily. "He just needed to know a bunch of things about the upcoming tour. He had misplaced some files and needed to know the logistics for someone." I looked around the room hoping to find some clue that they remembered but didn't see anything. "Where did Justin and JC go?" I asked Chris knowing that he could hear the depression in my voice.

Chris stared at me for a few moments before answering. "They said that they had a few things to do and that they would be back around dinner." I sighed and Chris heard me. "Is there anything wrong, Lance?"

I could feel the tears starting to form in my eyes and knew that I had to get out of there as soon as possible. I took a deep breath and answered, "Naw. Just still a little bit tired." I turned and started toward the door. I stopped and faced Chris once more. "I'll see you later tonight." Without waiting for Chris to finish, I walked out the door and back into my room.


It was six o'clock and I was supposed to meet the guys to go out to dinner. We decided to just go to a nearby restaurant rather than go through an elaborate ordeal. I still couldn't believe that no one had wished me a "Happy Birthday". It seemed that everyone, including my relatives, forgot about it.

I made my way to where we were supposed to meet. The guys were standing around waiting for me once again. I can't seem to arrive early anywhere today. I walked right up to them and, without a word, we head out to the restaurant.

Dinner was very uneventful. Again, not much was said. The topic of clubbing soon popped into the conversation. Justin and JC immediately decided that they wanted to go. Chris said that he had a few things to do and would catch up with them later. When they looked at me to get my answer, I sighed once more and shook my head. "I'm going to pass, guys. The conversation with Johnny earlier drained me a little more than I expected. I think I'm going to just go back to the hotel and crash."

As we exited the restaurant, Justin and JC headed off to the club. Chris and I made our way back to the hotel. Chris went into his room and I went slowly into mine. I shrugged off my clothes as I made my way to the bedroom. I collapsed face first onto the bed. The tears that I had managed to contain for so long finally started to seep from my eyes.

I don't know how long I lay there. I could feel the start of a trouble filled sleep start to overtake me. Just as I was to drift into unconsciousness, I felt a warm hand touch the back of my leg. I thought it was just an illusion so I just let the warmness spread. I felt the bed move but still was a little too far out of it to do anything. I felt another hand touch my back and let out a small moan in pleasure. The warmth of them were easing the tension that I was feeling. My breath caught in my throat when a pair of lips brushed across the small of my back. I flinched and bolted off the bed when the kiss was followed by a wetness.

I quickly turned to see who was in the room with me. When my eyes flickered over the intruder, I instantly relaxed. It was Chris. "What...?" I began, but my voice sounding way too high stopped and took a deep breath. "What do you want Chris?"

Chris walked over to stand directly in front of me. His breath sending shivers of pleasure throughout my body. He, still, moved closer to me. The fabric of his clothes teasing my skin making me painfully aware that I wasn't wearing anything and that I was starting to grow rigid. "Chris...." It was the only thing I managed to squeak out before Chris wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. He brushed his lips against my own and ran his hand through my hair. I began trembling at the unexpected but very welcomed gesture. After having such a lousy day, his comfort and caring warmed my heart.

Pulling away from me slightly to look me in the eyes, Chris smiled brightly with his eyes twinkling like twin stars. I have never seen him so happy. He moved his lips closer to my ear and began singing, "Happy birthday to you." Chris gently bit my ear lobe. "Happy birthday to you." His left hand sliding down my back and cupped my asscheek. I gasped at the intimate touch. "Happy birthday, my dear James." He slid his finger between my cheeks and hit my rosebud. "Oh, yes!" I groaned out. Chris put a little more pressure on my tightness and his finger slid into the second knuckle. "Happy birthday to you...."

I tried to take a step back away from him, but Chris kept me close. "I'm sorry for not wishing you 'Happy Birthday' earlier, but it took almost all day for us to get everything prepared." I could see that Chris was genuinely sorry and I instantly forgave him, but I wanted to make him sweat a little. I tried to step back again and this time Chris let me go. His probing finger slid from within me.

"I was hurt. I thought no one remembered my birthday. My parents didn't even call me...."

"That was my doing," Chris began, interrupting me. "I called them earlier to tell them that we had something surprised, but we wanted to make it look like no one remembered your birthday." Chris walked over to the balcony and stared into the night sky. "I'm so sorry that I let it go for so long. I didn't mean to hurt...." Chris' words trailed off and I noticed that his shoulders began to shake.

I rushed over to him and spun him around. I raised his face to look at me and saw the tears sliding down his face. Using my thumbs, I brushed them off and leaned forward. My lips brushed against his as I continued to stare into his eyes. "I forgive you," I said and kissed him deeper, pushing my tongue between his slightly parted lips. I savored the unique taste for a few moments before stepping away.

"So, Chris...." I began, unsure of how to exactly word what I want to say. I licked my lips, making sure for Chris to notice it. "What's my surprise?" As the words left my lips, I sat down on the edge of the bed and spread my legs slightly. My precum glistening tool jutting out obnoxiously in front of me.

Chris stood there staring at me. It appeared that all his thoughts had left him and was currently centered in his crotch. By the looks of it, he had a lot of thoughts. =) Chris shook his head trying to gather his thoughts. "The surprise is...." Chris began. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and quickly lifted it off his body. He moved his hands to his pants, unbuttoned them and let them drop to the floor. I started laughing at what I saw. Chris crossed his hands in front of him and looked at me sternly. He asked, "What are you laughing at, James?"

I desperately tried to catch my breath to answer him. I dropped to my knees in front of him and grasped hold of his erection. Chris gasped at my touch. "I'm laughing because your smiley face is sticking his tongue out at me." I opened my mouth and took Chris' flared head into my throat. I went up and down the first couple of inches before I pulled off. "I have to make him stop sticking out his tongue at me." I grabbed hold of Chris' butt cheeks with my hands and with one quick movement engulfed his entire tool. I could feel his hairy balls pushing tightly against my chin and his aromatic pubes were scratching my nose.

"UGH!" Chris groaned out as I began working his swollen knob with my throat muscles. I began swallowing around making my throat convulse and my Adam's apple go up and down. Carefully, I exposed my teeth and gently bit down on the base of his dick. The mixture of the subtle pain and the pleasure he was receiving was too great for Chris. I knew that he was about to explode at any moment. His heavy balls were starting to tighten in their sacs and pull up toward the meaty shaft.

I pulled back until only the head of his shaft remained within my sucking mouth. I stuck my tongue into Chris' piss slit. The build up of precum that I found was heavenly. The sweet sourness of it washed over my tastebuds. I slid one of my hands in between his tight cheeks and found his hole. As I prepared myself to descend once more on him, I pushed into him. Two of my fingers sank into the webbing as I reached the base of his dick. I bit down hard on his member drawing blood.

"OH FUCK!" Chris screamed out as his balls churned and began shooting their creamy contents into my throat. The initial blast of his pungent cum shot into my stomach. As each additional eruption rocketed from him, I pulled a little more off of his straining dick. I wanted to taste at least a little of his load. Chris' last shot landed directly on my tongue. It tasted wonderful!

Chris pulled his hips back making his spent dick leave my mouth. He collapsed to his knees in front of me. He rested his head on my shoulder for a few moments trying to regain his breath. "WOW!" He managed to say. I ran my hands up and down his back feeling the hot flesh beneath me. "I'm your surprise, but I don't know if I can handle it."

I grasped Chris' shoulders and pulled him off of mine. Staring into his eyes, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well," Chris began. Chris leaned forward and grazed my lips with his once more. "My gift to you for your birthday is me. For the next 24 hours, I will do anything you ask of me."

"Anything?" I asked, unsure of just how far he wants to take this.

"ANYTHING!" Chris said. There was a knock of the door and, before I could say anything, Chris called out, "COME IN!"

The door opened and in walked Justin and JC. They were both nude, except for a gold cock ring encircling their rigid organs and a leather collar fastened around their necks. "They are here to give you their birthday presents," Chris said, getting up and sitting on the bed behind me. He spread his legs and pulled me back between them. I could feel his still half-hard dick pressing into my upper back.

"Happy birthday, James," JC and Justin said at the same time. They each came over to me and kissed my lips. After both did that, they stood before me. They bowed their heads and said in unison, "We are your slaves, Master James. Do want you want to us. We are yours to command."

A smile crept across my face as I realized all the possibilities of what I could do. My heart was beating loud in my chest knowing that my birthday was remembered and knowing that I was loved. I stood up and told Chris, "Prepare them for me...."

It was going to be a wonderful birthday. One that I will always remember. Little did I know that it would lead to much bigger things. But, that is a story for another time....