This story is fiction and not intended to imply anything about the sexuality of any celebrities mentioned in the story.

Hit 'Em Up - Lance Style!
by Billy Burrew

Chapter 1 - Coming Out On A Joke Gone All Wrong!

Stress was something that Lance had long since become accustomed to. Being a part of one of the hottest selling pop bands of the past decade brought with it a level of stress that would have easily given most young men his age either a fatal heart attack or a one way ticket to the looney bin. Lance, however, thrived on stress, almost reveled it. Hell, he even began adding to his stress level when he decided that he also wanted to get his hands dirty as an actor, first in television, and then in movies. For several months, Lance did little more than act, rehearse, perform, act and eat. He slept too, though there wasn't much of that going on, especially when he was with his lover.

Lance and JC had come out of the closet together, as they had planned on doing, though the circumstances that brought the whole "coming out" thing out weren't exactly what they had planned.

Those circumstances came about namely in the form of their fellow bandmates, Justin and Chris. Chris and Justin loved playing practical jokes on the rest of the band, they spent days and even months planning and executing these little bundles of humor on their unsuspecting bandmates, the crew, and anyone else they could pull one over on. The two of them had plotted what would have been a hysterical practical joke for JC had it not gone completely, utterly and totally wrong. Justin and Chris had hidden underneath the bed in JC's room with the intention of scaring the shit out of their bandmate. They had painted the message, "I'm under the bed!" on the ceiling in that ink that's invisible until you turn off the lights...then it glows. They figured he'd get all snugly in bed and turn the lights off to go to sleep, then look up and start screaming his head off, guessing it was a stalker or psycho-fan They'd shake the bed a bit and watch and laugh as JC got up and ran half nekkid down the hall to their bodyguard's rooms. They had an Polaroid camera all loaded up for pictures and figured the look on his face would be priceless!

So, the two of them lay silently under the bed, stifling a giggle as they heard the door to the room open and close. A minute later their plan hit a major snag when not one, but two bodies fell onto the bed, pushing the heavy boxspring down onto the cheap hotel bed frame and unknowingly pinning the two of them underneath the bed. Chris turned his head and smiled at Justin, motioning at him by sticking his finger in and out of the side of his mouth that JC was gonna be 'gettin' some'. Justin nodded and grinned merrily. Both smiles faded about as fast as a pair of new blue jeans when they heard their bandmate Lance's deep moan of, "Oh, yeah...suck me JC!" resound loudly throughout the room. Justin's eyes had gotten as big as saucers and he looked over at Chris who had turned about 3 shades whiter than usual. The two of them lay silent and motionless under the bed, until moments later, a hand reached over the side and began to search under the bed beside Justin's head. Justin jerked his head back away from the probing hand.

"Where's that lube again, baby?" Lance's voice purred from above as his hand continued to feel around underneath the bed.

"It should be right there. Hurry hon...I need to feel your dick inside me!" JC mewled.

Justin's head was snapped backwards as Chris's arm reached around his head and grabbed hold of the lube which had gotten pushed over to his side when they got under the bed and slid it back into the path of Lance's probing hand. Lance grabbed hold of the bottle and quickly pulled it up onto the bed.

Chris and Justin gasped loudly as the box spring began to bob up and down vigorously, causing the support bar across the middle of the bed to smack roughly into their diaphragms, causing them to noisily expel the breaths they'd been holding.


"Ooof!" Came the noise from under the bed.


"OOF!" Came the noise again and again just as quickly as Lance's slim hips could drive down into JC's tight ass.

JC moaned on and on as Lance began to fuck him with great fervor. Neither one noticed the chorus of, "Ooofs!" that came from underneath the bed as it continued to bounce up and down on them and keep knocking the wind out of Justin and Chris.

A few moments later, Justin sighed as he heard Lance groan as he came. Justin offered up a silent prayer that it was over and that they might get a chance to get out from under the bed. Justin strained to hear what was being said by their bandmembers in hushed voices from above them. Justin heard JC giggle and then moan softly, then felt some movement began again on the bed above him. Justin peered out from under the side of the bed he was on, craning his neck to look up and see what was going on. He found out exactly what was going on in short order as Lance's spent condom, still slick with lube and tied at the top hit him squarely in the face. Justin jerked his head back under the bed and fought his overwhelming urge to slap the offending prophylactic off his face, throw it across the room and scream "Ewwwwwwwwww!" like a girl that's just grabbed hold of a slug.

Justin had just regained some of his composure and started to pick the spent condom off his right eye when a hand reached in and grabbed him by the hair.

"OW! GODDAMMIT!" Justin screamed as the hand yanked his hair roughly, which by some stroke of luck made the condom fall off, leaving a splotch of cum and lube on that side of his face.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!?" came JC's voice from above, right before his head appeared upside down in front of Justin's one open eye.

"JUSTIN?! CHRIS?!? What the FUCK is going on down there?" JC yelled as he recognized the two men under the bed.

Chris scrambled out from underneath the bed as did Justin and the two of them stood face to face with their naked, sweaty friends. Justin grabbed Lance's shirt and began to wipe off the cum and lube from his face so that he could open his right eye again.

"Uh...." Chris said, averting his eyes anywhere else in the room but where the two naked, glistening bodies of his bandmates stood in front of him. "It was supposed to be a practical joke on you, C. We...uh...painted a glow in the dark message on the ceiling and were planning on freaking you out. Uh.....we....uh..."

"Didn't know you guys were...uh....gonna be in here.....gettin' freaky." Justin finished as he too began to try to find something else beside the two naked men in front of him to stare at.

The sight of Justin, his face still glistening with lube and semen, and Chris, as white as a sheet and fidgeting from foot to foot nervously caused Lance to start to giggle. JC looked at him and smiled and began to giggle himself. The giggling turned into outright laughter as JC fell back down on the bed beside Lance and the two laughed until they began to tear up from the laughter. Justin and Chris stood there, still, shocked at both their sex and nakedness and now their laughter.

"What's so funny, yo!" Justin said irritably.

Lance stopped giggling and elbowed JC in the ribs to stop him from laughing. "Um...Justin...What is that all over your face? Lube does not make for a good moisturizer, Justin."

Lance and JC broke back into a fit of laughter at this statement and Justin crossed his arms and sat down on the bed beside them, miffed about the whole incident.

"Well....I just got Lance's used love glove dropped on my face....aiight? Let's see how your face looks if it got hit with a used rubber."

This response caused even more raucous laughter and finally Lance, wheezing and coughing, spoke. "Justin...shut're killing us!"

Justin turned and smirked at his two bandmates, rolling his eyes. "Sheesh....silly faggots!"

JC grabbed a pillow and smacked Justin across the back of the head with it, inadvertently causing him to fall face first into Lance's crotch.

"MOTHER FUCK! GODDAMNIT! I had just wiped most of that spooge off my face too!" Justin yelled as he stood up, his face covered with more sticky, drying lube from Lance's crotch.

Lance's eyes got wide and he began to point at Justin's face and hoot! "Oh, my God! I mushroom-stamped him. Look C! You can see it on his forehead! WHOO HOO! HAHAHAHA!"

JC began to laugh again and hi-fived Lance as the two of them were sent back into peals of laughter.

"Fuck you C! You Too Lansten!" Justin said, half angry, half embarrassed as he once again began to wipe his face off.

JC pulled his legs up to his chest and smiled, "I'm all wet and ready...let's see if you can live up to your nickname, Bounce."

Justin's lip curled in a sneer and his hand lowered to his crotch and he began to pull down his zipper.

JC's eyes got very wide as he watched Justin fish a hand into his trousers, Lance began to stand up to offer a protest when Justin laughed and pointed.

"PSYCHE! Got you both. Like I'd stick this in ya, C. Right!" Justin said as he cupped his hand over what seemed to be a rather large bulge.

JC turned to Lance and smirked, "Cocky little shit! He had me going."

Lance rolled his eyes dramatically and shook his head, "Sorry C. That ass is all mine. I don't share that with anyone."

JC looked at Lance and smiled, then leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Justin smiled and Chris, who was beginning to look less like a marble statue and more like a living human, coughed politely.

"I'm OK with this guys. I just wanted you to know that I'm aiiright with this...though I don't think I ever really want to be under the bed again." Chris said as he backed out of the room slowly. "Or in the same room for that matter. See ya later guys!"

Justin said the same as he got up and followed Chris out, leaving the two alone together.

Next Chapter - The Present...Infidelity...and A Bass Goes Ballistic.