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I Got What You Need
(Part X)

Thomas Dublin

         I can't believe that Josh didn't tell me about Lance.
         We're supposed to be together, right?  We're supposed to share and whatnot, right?  Plus, Lance is my manager, so I would have as much right to know about Lance's sexuality as he does -- Lance has as much influence over my career as he does over the fate of *NSYNC.
         This is bugging me, and I need to get this off my chest.  But, him is upstairs taking a nap.  After Lance and Justin left, he showered and went to sleep off his hangover.
         I think I know who I can talk to over this...
         I go over to my bag and pull out my palm pilot.  I look up his number -- hopefully, he's in. I breathe relief as I hear the phone answer.


        "Lance, it's Thomas.  I was wondering if you had a second to talk."

        "Sure.  Is this business or personal?"

         "Personal.  Josh did something that's bothering me, and I felt that you could give me some sensible advice about the situation."

         "Cool. But, umm, could we meet somewhere to discuss this?  I really don't want to discuss something that personal over the phone."

         "OK. But, you have to pick me up; I don't know my way around enough -- I've only been in town for, like, eight hours."

         "I'll be there in fifteen."

         "Cool. Peace."


         I check my pockets for the set of house keys that Josh gave me.  He also gave me the keys to his Navigator, but I'm not that comfortable with big cars -- after I learn the Orlando geography enough, I'll probably just get a rental car.
         I walk into the kitchen and scribble a quick message for Josh before grabbing my jacket and walking out the door to wait for Lance.  I only had to wait a few minutes for the cherry Escalade to pull up.

         "I didn't know that you were a Cadillac man, L-Boogie."

         "Yeah, I'm All-American, baby," Lance shouted from the driver side window.  "But, what's L-Boogie?"

         "It's your new nickname," I said as I open the passenger side door.

         "L-Boogie.  It's kinda hip-hop, but I suppose I could be called worse things."

         I buckle my seat belt as Lance starts up this monster of a vehicle.  He pulls out of the driveway and onto the street.

         "Sooooo," Lance starts, "what's bothering you?"

         "Well, it has to do with you actually."

Lance Bass

         It has to do with me?  What does that mean?
         Is Thomas picking up on something?  I tried to be inconspicuous about my feelings.  I didn't want anyone to suspect that I like Josh, especially Josh and Thomas.  Even though he and I have been hanging together more lately, I've tried to be as cool and collected as possible around Josh.  I've even started to bond with Thomas.

         "Lance, I'm a little pissed off that Josh didn't tell me that you came out to him."

         I hope the relief on my face isn't obvious.

         Thomas continued with, "I mean, we're supposed to be together, but he didn't even mention this to me.  We've talked about two dozen times since y'all left New York, and he never even hinted at it."

         "Well, did you tell him about your working with Backstreet Boys?"


         "So, you haven't told him the total truth, either?"

         "He didn't ask who I was working with, though?"

         "But, you didn't tell him.  I remember that you told him that you were working with Monica right after we left town, but you didn't specify what artist you were working with after that."

         Thomas turned away from me.

         "Thomas, you have to remember that this a new relationship.  You can't expect him to tell you every single detail, and vice versa.  Trust builds over time."

         "I guess," Thomas said, still turned away.

         "I know what I'm talking about;  It took me a good while to trust the other guys.  When I got to the group, they all knew each other and had formed a bond.  And here I was, a shy bass singer from Mississippi.  It took time to come out of my shell and share my whole self with the guys.  Hell, it took a year to come out to them, and they had to practically drag me out."

         Thomas finally looked at me again. "That's cool.  You're right -- I'm trippin'."

         "But, I'm actually glad that he didn't tell you.  It was difficult enough to tell the guys.  I probably would've told you and my other clients eventually, but Justin busted that plan."

         "Lance, don't be mad at him.  I wasn't going to push it until you were ready.  I'm thinking that he just wanted to draw us closer together by bringing out some of our commonalities."

         I grunt.  "He still shouldn't have said anything."

         "Well, I can't disagree.  But, don't be mad at him.  He almost sees me as one of the guys, since I'm managed by you and I'm dating JC."

         "I didn't consider that.  But, he still shouldn't have pushed it."

         We drive around for a while, just looking and listening to the radio.  We hear a new song from Destiny's Child called "No You Didn't"

  I gave you my attention,
  Gave you all my love
  But you are so ungrateful --
  What was I thinking of?
  While I used all my energy
  To show you how I feel,
  You were apathetic,
  You kept your love concealed.

  No you didn't
  Think that you could come and drain
  No you didn't
  Think that you could keep bringing me pain
  No you didn't
  I hope you didn't, `cause I'm gon' let you know...
  That I won't stand for this no more.

  I bought you gifts galore,
  I even paid some of your bills,
  But you ran off with your boys
  When I wanted you and I to chill.
  And when I stepped up to you,
  To let you know how I feel
  You were so apathetic,
  You kept your love concealed

  No you didn't
  Think that you could come and drain
  No you didn't
  Think that you could keep bringing me pain
  No you didn't
  I hope you didn't, `cause I'm gon' let you know...
  That I won't stand for this no more.

  But you can keep thinking that way,
  But it won't be too long
  Because if you keep that mentality,
  I'm a drop your ass and be gone

  No you didn't
  Think that you could come and drain
  No you didn't
  Think that you could keep bringing me pain
  No you didn't
  I hope you didn't, `cause I'm gon' let you know...
  That I won't stand for this no more.

         "Wow. That was pretty catchy. I like it."

         "Thanks," Thomas said.


         "I'm glad that you like my song."


         "You wrote that?"

         Thomas nods.

         "Wow.  You probably have another top ten hit on your hands.  I'm sure glad our album is coming out in two months, then we can join that club."

         "We'll see."

         I feel my stomach grumbling.

         "Thomas, do you want to grab a bite?"

         "Why not?"

         "Cool. I know this restaurant that has the best Mexican food..."

         "But, we should call JC, he may want to come."

         "Yeah," I said, as I pulled out the cell phone.

         "Hello," I said, as I hear Josh pick up.

         "Lance, what's up?  Have you heard from Thomas?  He left some chicken scratch on my fridge, but he's nowhere to be found; and, my Navigator is still outside."

         "Oh, Thomas is with me.  We've just been talking and stuff.  But, I was calling because I wanted to take Thomas to Maximo's and wanted to see if you were up for it."

         "OK.  I'm going to change and leave out.  I'll be there in thirty."

         "Cool. See you then."

         I disconnect and place the phone in my jacket pocket.

         "He's meeting us there in a half-hour."


Thomas Dublin

         Thirty minutes later, we arrive at this neon Mexican spot.  As we get close to the door to the door, I notice a blue Porsche.

         "Hey," I say as I shake Lance, "isn't that Justin's car?"

         "Umm... yep.  Those are his plates --CURLY81."

         "Maybe we can make this a family affair," I say as we enter.

         As we walk in, I see Justin and one Britney Spears waiting in the lobby.

         "Boo!" I holler.

         Justin and Britney spin around so fast that she almost loses balance.

         "Ha-ha-ha -- you two are so scared."

         "Ha-ha my ass," Justin said as he bear hugged me.  He then walked over to Lance and gave him the same.

         "Well Justin," I start, "aren't you going to introduce me to your friend."

         "Well, Thomas, this is my `thick-ass baby momma'."

         "So, this is the guy checking me out, huh?"

         "Huh? What?"  I say.

         "You're the producer that Justin has been going on and on about. For the past two weeks, I've heard, `his cooking is the bomb' `he is one of the best producers in the business right now' `he's letting me work on his album', and on and on."


         "Really.  I don't know about the cooking, but you do look a lot like Allen Iverson."


         "What?  You don't like Iverson?"

         "He's cool.  It's just that I've been hearing about the resemblance since senior year of high school. I even cut my cornrows because of constant comparisons."

         "Well, I think Iverson's cute, so you should take it as a compliment."

         "Well, I'd thank you for the compliment, but you never did tell me your name."

         "Justin, does he really not know me?"

         "Well, I would think so, since he has all your records.  But, maybe the red hair is throwing him."

         "Well, Mr. Thomas Dublin, I'm Britney Spears."

         "It's nice to meet you, bonita."


         "It's Spanish for beautiful."

         "Oh.  But from what I've heard, you probably would mean that comment more for someone like Justin than myself; or better yet, maybe it would be more sincere if you said it to JC."

         I give Justin the evil eye, and he turns away.  Lance bends over and whispers, "How does it feel, T?"

         The hostess saves me from responding to Lance. She walks over to Justin.

         "How many in your party?"

         "Four, I think."  He looks toward us.  "Four?"

         "Five -- JC is coming."

         "JC?  JUSTIN!!! OH MY GOD!!!"

         "Calm down, lady.  Please don't draw attention."

         "But you'!" she manages to whisper.

         "Yep.  But we don't want to draw attention, now do we."

         She excitedly shakes her head.

         "So, if you please, could you seat us in a quiet, inconspicuous area big enough for five people?

         She nods so hard she's about to break her neck.

         "Cool," Justin replies, as she motions for us toward a table in an enclosed patio.

         As we're moving here see Josh run into the doors.

         "Wait up, guys."

         Lance turns around to see what I see -- Josh: looking good.  Too damn good.  I mean, we're just eating a little Mexican, not going to the club.

         "Aren't you overdressed?" I ask.

         "I can't help it.  This is how I dress.  I have to have my maid or Lance do my grocery shopping because of my fashion sense."

         "Well, come on Mr. Debonair.  Justin and Britney are already at the table."

         "Oh, the wonder twins are here?"

         "Yeah," Lance answered, "and Brit has red hair."

         JC muttered something as we progressed to our table.  As the hostess passed us, JC suddenly jumped.

         "What's wrong?"

         JC pulls Lance and myself in close to him.  Mmmm... Lagerfeld -- I like.

         "That hostess just pinched my ass."

         Lance blushes HARD, but I laugh.

         "What's so funny," JC asks, as he rubs his bottom.


         "What's so funny," Justin asks, as I scooted into the booth across from him and Britney.

         "Josh just got pinched on the cheek by the hostess," I managed to giggle out.

         "So, what's so funny about that?"

         "The other cheek, dumb-ass," Britney said.


         "Now you get it, Curly head."

         "Josh shouldn't be too concerned, after all, she doesn't have a hope in this world."

         Lance finally gets the rose out of his cheeks and picks up a menu.  "So, what's for dinner?"

         "Thomas, you have to try the Laredo Sampler," Britney said.  "It has an enchilada, refried beans, rice, and your choice of a steak fajita or chicken wings."

         "Well, I may get that, minus the refried beans."

         "That's how I get mine," Justin said. "My stomach can't take the beans."

         "True," Josh said, "and I can't have Thomas funking up my house."

         I jab him in the left arm.  He gives me puppy dog eyes and leans in the kiss, but Lance yanks him back.

         "Are you crazy???" Lance utters.


         "We're in public, man."


         JC leans in to me. "Well, I'll give you that when we get back to my place."

         The waitress returns for our order.  Justin, Britney, and I order the Laredo sampler (Justin and I nix the beans), JC orders the steak fajita platter, and Lance orders the taco plate.  She tells us that it should be out in 20 minutes, before moving on to the next table.

         "So, Thomas," Britney starts, "Justin told about some of your work, like the fact that you produced one of my favorite songs."

         "You like `Haterade' too?"

         "Yep.  I'm going to see Destiny's Child when they come to Miami.  It's going to be a helluva show."

         "I'm sure it'll be good," Lance said.

         "Well," Britney said, "have you heard their newest song, `No You Didn't'?  I like that as much as `Haterade'".

         "Thank you," I said.

         "What... oh, you wrote that one, too?"

         "Yep. I'm glad you like my work."

         "You're good, man.  What else have you done?"

         "Well, there's another song that I've done for Destiny's Child called "Envelope".  I also did Mary J. Blige's "My Man", Ludacris' "Hit", and I also some tracks for Solange's upcoming album.  I think they're releasing "I Can Do" as the first single. That's just the more recent, and popular, songs I've done."


         "And," Justin starts, "he did three songs with us last month."

         "You're quite the producer."

         "And in a few months, he'll be quite the artist," Lance said.

         "Really?  You're an artist?"

         "Brit," Justin said, "didn't I tell you that Thomas just got signed to Jive?"

         Britney stares at Justin blankly.

         "I know I did.  I told you the story of how he blew us away by singing "One in a Million".  After that, Lance became his manager and got him a deal with Jive."

         "Oh, okay.  You told me about the "One in a Million" part, but you forgot the deal part."

         "Whatever, man."

         JC leans into my ear. "They're like this all the time.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Hell, if I didn't know better, one would think they were married."

         I love the way his voice tickles my ear, and so does my stuff.  I hope we don't stay here to long, because I want to holler at my PDS - ASAP.

         The waitress brings the food, and I attack it like I was Justin.  I look over at JC, and he's eating about as fast as I am -- maybe he and I are thinking alike right about now.    I finish my food in about five minutes -- JC finishes with me, as does Justin.  I order dessert just so we don't seem as obvious to the others.

         "You don't have to order dessert because you're ready to leave and head to bed."

         I look over at ESP boy. "Huh?"

         "There you go again.  You and JC ate that food in record time.  You ate so fast that you probably didn't even get to taste it.  So, if you guys want to leave, leave. I'll pick up the tab."

         "Yeah, it's cool," Lance said, though he sounded a little unsure.

         "Well, I'll eat my dessert, then we can leave."

*     *     *

         An hour and a trip on the can later, I'm hugged up with my baby on his king-sized bed. Man, this bed is soft as hell!  I have to find out where he bought this bed.

         "Me and the crew really missed you, T."

         "Awww, I missed y'all too.  It was good to hang out with Justin and Lance; and, I finally got to meet Britney."

         "No, I was talking about the other crew," he said, as he grabbed my hand and guided it to his boxers.

         "Really," I ask, as I reach in.

         "Really," he replies.

         I wanted to talk about the stuff that Lance and I talked about, but I'm hard, he's hard, so that stuff will have to wait until the morning.  And, I'm not bothered about it anymore, so I can wait. Presently, I have needs.

         I climb on top of JC and plant soft kisses on his neck. I move downwards toward his shoulders, then to his chest. Soft, wet indicators of my desire mark a trail to his right nipple, which I softly caress as JC moans.

         "Oh, baby."

         I continue my trail over to his left nipple, then onward down his chest, downward to his navel.  I slide my tongue over his navel.

JC Chasez

         Thomas is licking my belly button -- I don't know whether to laugh or scream; it's ticklish and erotic at the same time.
         I've been waiting for Thomas to arrive in Orlando for two weeks -- I've never had someone make me feel as I do now.  He's pretty easy to talk too, he's intelligent, funny, and I've never had sex this wonderful.
         OH SHIT -- it feels like he's trying to put a hickey on my dick!
         I look down to see him sucking on the head with intensity -- no licking, just sucking. I feel like my heart is going to cave in, because I've never had that done before.  Just when I'm about to pass out from pleasure, Thomas stops sucking and slides his mouth over my dick.  He goes down to the base, and up again; down to the base, and up again.
         As he slides back up to the head for the umpteenth time,  I pull his head up.  He looks at me inquisitively.

         "69," I say.

         Thomas nods, and swings around on his side. I prop myself up on my left side, and reach out for that big dick with my right hand. I try to give him as much pleasure as he gives me; I hope I'm giving me as much as he gives me.
         It feels incredible to be doing this -- I feel like I'm sucking myself.
         It's almost as though we're playing follow the leader -- when he does something, I duplicate it.  When he slides me down his throat, I slide him down my throat.  When he gives me suction, I do also.
         As Thomas is bobbing up and down on my stuff, I feel the familiar clenching in my ass.  I shoot my cream into his throat as guttural sounds escape my throat.  Fortunately, I only had Thomas dickhead in my mouth, so I didn't choke as he filled my oral cavity.

*     *     *

         How did I manage to snag such an incredible guy?
         All of my encounters with men, up to this point, have been hook-ups; groupies, various celebrities, and so on. In fact, there are only two guys I've slept with more than once -- an escort I often use when I'm in L.A., and Thomas. So, for me, this is a change -- a welcomed change.
         And, I'm so glad that the guys like him, especially Lance.  I'm glad that Lance is managing him, and that they're getting along. I was surprised, at first, when Lance called me up earlier and said that he and Thomas were hanging out. Since we've been together, Lance has, from time to time, expressed his concern that we were rushing things, that we should spend more time getting to know each other.  But, we talk a lot, and we are getting to know each other well (also in the biblical sense).  I wouldn't call it love yet, but it's something that I've never had, and that I plan to keep for a while.

To Be Continued...

Author's Notes:  I've been sitting on this for over a week. I had everything but the last section completed, then I got writer's block; I knew what I wanted to write, but couldn't quite find the words (I suppose other stressful commitments are taking their toll on my writing).  Also, I hope the sex was adequate -- I will admit that it wasn't my best, but I tried nonetheless. I'm halfway done with the next installment, so look out for that. Also, the lyrics that are part of this story (`No, You Didn't') were especially written for this story by the author (I tried).  If I hear my stuff on the radio, I'm going to hunt you down and tap that ass. Later.