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I Got What You Need
(Part XIV)

Lance Bass

         I really wasn't surprised to see JC at my doorstep. But I was still happy that he was there and not roaming in New Orleans or at my mom's house in Mississippi.

         I open the door. "Come in, Josh."

         He walks past me, and heads to my kitchen.  When I close the door and walk to the kitchen, I see him sitting in the breakfast nook sucking on a Heineken.

         "What's up, Josh?"

         He puts the beer down and looks out the bay window.  "Thomas and I had a fight."

          "Really?" As if I already didn't know.

         "Yeah.  We were in bed last night, and we had an argument about something.  I guess I overreacted, and I took my car keys from him and stormed off this morning."

         "Well, thank God you stayed in the State of Florida."

         "Well, I was halfway to Atlanta, but I turned back around..."

         Oh well ...

         JC continued "I was halfway to Atlanta when I realized that the argument was over something kinda silly.  So, I turned back around.  I went by the house, but Thomas wasn't there."

         "Oh, he's out with Nick Carter." I said absentmindedly.

         "With whom?"

         Shit.  "Nick Carter."

         "How do you know this?"

         "Well," I start, "I called him on his cell phone to see if he knew where you were.  When I asked him where he was, he told me and he and Nick went out for drinks."



         I forgot that JC and Nick weren't on the best of terms right now.  Back in September, after the VMA's, JC and Nick both wanted to hook up with Joshua Jackson.  Joshua wanted to do a threesome, but both JC and Nick insisted that he pick one of them Joshua picked Nick.  So, Nick got lucky, and JC was left to himself.  And, for the past two months, JC has held a grudge over this.

         I have to think quickly.  "Remember, he's in the studio with Backstreet Boys right now.  He and Nick probably went to get a drink after a hard day in the studio."

         "Or Nick is trying to get my man liquored up and seduce him!"

         "You are bugging out, Josh."

         "Nick always tries to take something away from me."

         "Josh, let it go.  Joshua Jackson isn't all that, and it wasn't like you were pursuing a relationship anyway."

         "Still, I really wanted to let Joshua suck on my dick.  I heard that he was really good at it, and wanted to find out for himself."

         I start to continue down this path, but decide against it. "Anyway, leave that in the past.  You and Nick got along just fine up to that point, so let it go."

         JC looks at me, and shrugs.  "By the way," I say, "we have to go out to L.A. in two days."

         "Aw shit," JC said. "I thought we were going to have three months at home to relax before promoting the next album.  We already finished recording, I mean..."

         "Well, we have a charity fashion show to participate in.  Plus, we're hosting the Billboard Awards this year we have to promote that."

         "I forgot about the Billboard Awards."

         "We'll be out there for a week. So, you'll have to start packing soon here, and reconcile with Thomas."

         "Yeah.  Hey, maybe Thomas can come with us."

         "Well, he's booked up for the next couple of weeks.  He still has three more days of studio time with Backstreet, then he's doing some recording for his album, then he has to go to Atlanta for nine days to record with Monica and do more work on his album, then he's back here for  another week to record and produce some tracks for True Vibe."

         "Shit.  Well, at least he'll be here when we get back."

         "Well, technically, he'll be in Atlanta when we get back. He's leaving the day before we get back.  But, he'll be back a week after we get back."

         JC finished the Heineken.  "That sucks. But, maybe I'll go to Atlanta for a couple of days and hang out with him.  I could even drive him back to Orlando."

         "Maybe," I said.

         Now that business has been handled, I really need to know something.

         "Josh, what did you and Thomas fight about anyway?"

         JC starts blushing.  Is it that embarrassing?  I'm almost regretting that I asked.

         "Well, we got into it over sex."

         Sex.  How is that possible?  According to JC, he and Thomas are at each other everyday.  I'm surprised Thomas has time to work, as much as I've called over to JC's and interrupted one of their "love sessions".

         "I'm confused."

         "Well, last night, I asked Thomas if we could have anal sex and he totally flipped on me.  He got mad and went to sleep in the guest bedroom."

         Ahhh.  Thomas wouldn't take it up the ass.  It makes more sense now.

         "So Josh, you're telling me that you're mad at Thomas because of that?"

         "Yeah... well, no."

         Oooh.  "Well, you can talk to me."

         "Well, last night over dinner, we were talking about our sexual experiences with guys, and I found out that his second time was with that agent of his."

         WHAT!!! Thomas slept with that Rick Fox look-alike?  I don't know if I should be sympathetic to JC or envious of Thomas.  I usually don't check out black men, but Thomas' agent is a total hottie.

         "Lance," JC continued, "I don't know what to do with that.  Thomas told me that they're just friends, and that Sean has a fiancée, but I have a problem with Sean being in his life."

         "Well, did you tell him this?"

         "Yes, but we kinda talked it through, and I told him that I would trust that he was telling me the truth."

         "But you obviously didn't mean it."

         "I know, but I was afraid that we wouldn't have sex, so I told him that."


         "I know. But, I sorta thought that I meant it at the time."

         I can't believe that JC lied for sex!  And, if they can't resolve this, I'm going to suffer I work with both of them, after all.

         "Josh, you know you are wrong in this situation.  You should've been more honest with yourself and with Thomas."

         "I know, I know; but I was horny."

         "Josh, you're sounding like an asshole right now."

         "I'm sorry. I know I'm wrong, Lance.  I'll apologize in the morning."

         "Why not tonight?"

         "I've had four beers.  I probably shouldn't drive anywhere."

         I look at the table.  Damn, I didn't even notice the four empty bottles (nor the ½ full one) sitting in front of JC.

         "Well, I suppose.  But, you need to come to some form of resolution with Thomas."

         I can't believe that JC and Thomas got into it over sex but then, it really isn't surprising.  If Thomas is anything like JC, he's a total nympho.
        I mean, we had to get Johnny to talk to JC about hooking up with groupies all the time he'd be up with random guys at all hours of the night, and it was affecting his performance he'd nod off at meet-and-greets, missing steps on stage... all because he was devoting more energy to fucking than singing.
        After he caught gonorrhea last year after the Celebrity release party, he's slowed down only escorts and people in the industry.  But he is a sex fanatic, I swear.  But, I'm glad that he's fucking around with one steady person... even though it isn't with me; at least he's being consistent now.

        And, I hope that Nick's intent is pure.  I didn't know that Nick was into guys until JC told me about the Joshua Jackson incident. Nick is a pretty decent guy, and JC has a tendency to over exaggerate at times, but alcohol and good-looking people don't mix well.

*    *    *

Thomas Dublin

        I pull out the let-out sofa at Nick's place.  Well, it's actually the guesthouse at Brian's "estate" Nick's house is in Tampa, and he stays in Brian's guesthouse whenever he's in town.
        We decided that we had too many drinks to drive, so we called a taxi.  As we waited, Nick told me that I could stay the night with him, and that he'll take me to get my car in the morning.  So, I'm here in a wife-beater and red and white boxers, trying to figure out how to let out the sofa bed.

        "Hey, let me get that," Nick said.  He walks across the room and motions for me to move.  I step back and let him do his thing.  He kicks the bottom of the sofa, and quickly yanks the bed from the sofa.


        "It's hard to get that thing out of there, I know." I look over at Nick.  He changed into green cotton pajamas.  I laugh to myself I haven't seen a pair of pajamas since I was last at my grandparent's place.

        "So," Nick says, as he sits down on the sofa bed, "does your family mind that you're away from home so much?"

        I like how he tries to ask me about my family.  Unlike with NSYNC, I haven't really discussed my family with Backstreet Boys; but then, none of the guys didn't pull a Chris and make me explain my family history.

        "Well, Nick, I don't have a lot of family.  Just my grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, and a couple of cousins."

        "Oh.  Did your parents die or something?"

        "Yeah, something.  I never knew my father, and I haven't seen my mother since I was 16."

        "I'm sorry."

        "It's okay.  I really don't mind.  I had my grandparents and they did fine.  They were strict, but they did a pretty good job don't you think so?"

        "I'd say so.  I'm still amazed at all your accomplishments salutatorian of your high school class, college graduate, professional, computer whiz, successful producer... and you're not even 25 yet!"

        "I guess."

        "You guess?  Why, I sometimes wish I could've done some of the things you've done.  I finished high school through a tutor. And college, forget about it.  I love music, and I'd do Backstreet Boys and the whole experience over again, but I sometimes get a little sad when I think about all of the things that I missed out on."

        Nick continued, "But, as I said, I love performing, and I really wouldn't change a thing about my life well, maybe some of the public drinking experiences. But, other than that, not a thing."

        I laugh.

        "What are you laughing at?"

        "I'm laughing at you public drinking experience.  It wasn't even that serious," I managed to say in between the laughter.

        Nick tries to pout, but I guess my laughter stops him.

        "Well, since you're laughing at me, I'm going to bed."  Nick gets up from the sofa bed, and heads to the bedroom.

        "You're going to bed because I'm laughing at you?"

        "Well, that and because I have to take you to get your car early.  We have a group meeting before our studio time."

        "Two o'clock, but we can stay in the studio for as long as we have to."

        "Cool.  Well, I'm waking you up at eight."

        "Okay.  Night, Nick."


To Be Continued...