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I Got What You Need
(Part VI)

Thomas Dublin

     I heard the doorbell ring just as I'm pulling the last piece of chicken from the deep fryer.  I wipe my hands on my apron before untying it as I walk over to the door.  I look through the peephole and see... Justin?
     I open the door.

     "What's up, T?"

     "Just, what are you doing here?"

     "We had a free day, so I thought I'd check out my buddy... do I smell food?"

     "Yeah.  Actually, one of your bandmates is coming over to discuss some song ideas, and he requested some macaroni and cheese and chicken.  I also made sweet potato pie."

     "Sweet potato pie?"


     "Big Robb's mom made one for JC's birthday, but that bastard ate the entire thing before the rest of us could even ask for a piece."

     "He told me a story about that."

     "We were in LA, and Britney's mom knew a lady who made good sweet potato pie, so Lynn bought a couple -- that was some of the best pie I've ever had."

     Justin stops and stares at me.

     "What, Just?"

     He says nothing; he's staring at me.
     I hear the oven timer sound; I run over to the kitchen.  I grabbed my blue and white checkered over mitts, and proceed to remove the macaroni from the oven.
     I look back at Justin.  He's still standing in the hallway, staring at me.

     "Come in, Justin."  OH!  That's why this fool was still out on the hallway. It took me a while to finally get it.

     Justin walks in and shuts the door behind him.  He saunters over to a chair in the living room area, and flops down on it.

     "It took you long enough to get it."  Get out of my head, Justin. "I thought you were going to let me stand out there all day.

     "Make yourself at home, kid."

     "I'm not a kid.  I'm almost legal."

     "But, you're not."

     "Anyway," Justin said, as he rolled his eyes, "who's coming over?"


     "Mmm.  He didn't mention that he was coming over here this morning."

     I shrugged.

     "Well, maybe it was a last minute thing," I offered.


     I go into the living room and sit across from Justin in the armchair.  He's really made himself at home.  He's sitting in the chair with his feet propped up on my ottoman.  Wait -- he even has his shoes off. Gee, I hope his feet don't have my place smelling like corn chips.

     "Gee, this is a nice place."

     "Yeah.  It was hard to find. Fortunately, I had a few connections that I was able to utilize."

     It was pure hell trying to get this place.  Even though I had a 20% down payment on this condo from the sale of my condo in Chicago, they still hassled me about being in a volatile industry; `How would I support myself if I stopped getting work' and shit like that. Even when I reminded them of my educational background, the real estate people still gave me hell.  Finally, Sean's father cosigned on the loan, and they relented.  So far, I've had an abundance of work, and the investments I've made will provide enough revenue for me to make payments if something should happen.

     "So... what's up for you next?"

     "What do you mean," I asked.

     "You're pretty much done with us, so who are you working with next?"

     "Well, I do have a few acts that I'm about to work with in the coming weeks. I'd rather not say though."  I don't want Justin to know that I'm going to Orlando to work with Backstreet Boys next week.


     "Then, I'm going to get crackin' on my album.  I have a couple songs that I've worked on, and I hope to get those recorded pretty soon."

     "How long do you think it'll take you to record your album?"

     "I don't think it'll take long for me to record.  But, I'm thinking of bringing in some outside producers and songwriters to contribute, so it may take longer."

     "Outside producers?  Why do that?  You're the shit, man?"

     "Well, I didn't say I was going to use their songs.  I just want to see the chemistry that I'd have with someone like Timbaland or the Neptunes, you know?"

     "You should let me do something -- after all, I am a producer also."

     "Yes you are, young Timberlake, yes indeed."  "Gone" is still one of my favorite songs.  Justin really outdid himself on that one.

     "So, will you let me do something on your album, since you're thinking about outside people?"

     "Well, Just -- have your people call my people, and we'll do lunch."

     "Ha ha ha."  Justin is doing my fake laugh now.

     "Sarcasm doesn't work well for you, Justin."

     I look over at Justin.  He's in a daze now.


     "What, man?

     "Is everything cool?"

     "Yeah.  I was just thinking, that's all."

     "Well, do you want to share?"

     "Well, I was just thinking about our friendship -- we are friends, right?"

     "Of course we're friends."

     "You joke with me and all, but I can tell that you respect me, and see the person that I am and not some pop star."

     "Of course I do...  Justin, what started this on?"

     "Well, I just wanted to see where we're at.  I hope we'll still keep in touch once we leave to finish the album and you're doing your work."

     "Yeah we will.  You're not the only friend I've made in the industry.  For example, Beyonce and I still talk at least once a week; in fact, I talked to her earlier today."

     "You're friends with Beyonce?" I nod. "She's hot."

     "Yeah... for a girl."

     "Oh, I almost forgot you were..."

     "You can say it -- gay."


     Justin suddenly sits erect in the chair. "You didn't tell her anything about us, did you?"

     "No Just -- remember the confidentiality agreement I signed?"


     "But, I did mention what Joey told me about Jay-Z to her."

     "You did?"

     "Yeah, and it about broke poor Kelly's heart that she'll probably never have Jay-Z."

     "But you didn't mention anything else?"

     "No.  You don't have to worry -- you're a friend, and I wouldn't betray your trust like that.  Even if I were to tell Beyonce, she wouldn't tell."

     "Well, I heard she could be a real bitch sometimes."

     "No, Justin.  She's really one of the nicest people.  All the girls in DC are good people; sometimes too good for their own good."


     "Yeah.  Most of their drama is from Beyonce's dad.  That man means well, but he pushes the girls very hard, and he can be quite controlling.  He pushes Beyonce and Solange harder than the other girls because he can -- after all, those are his daughters. Plus, he holds the fact that he quit a six-figure job to manage them over their heads."

     "That sucks."

     "Yeah.  But, try not to bring this up around them.  People around them know how Matthew Knowles can be, but B. doesn't like anyone bad-mouthing her father."

     "Of course, I don't want to betray your trust."
    Justin is something else, but I like it.  I never thought we'd be friends like this, but I'm glad.
    "You know what," Justin said.

     "I think Josh has a crush on you?"


     "After Joey and I told him and the other guys about you checking him out..."

     He told JC (not to mention Lance and Chris) about my observations!

    "Why you do that, Just!!?"
    "Don't be mad.  It was cool."


     "It ain't like you're the first producer to check him out.  Max Martin practically tried to jump him and Lance before."

    "He was actually flattered.  He was saying `So, Thomas was checking me out' and `I can't believe he thinks I have a nice ass' and stuff."

    "I never said that he had a nice ass."  Even though he does.

    "Plus, he does like black men. Guess who he had the biggest crush on?"

    "Allen Iverson."

     Justin has got to be kidding.

     "I'm not kidding.  He used to watch most 76ers games just to drool over Iverson."

     He's in my head again.

     "Is he really an Iverson fan?"

     "He is.  He may try to `get it on' with you because of the resemblance."

     "I don't look that much like Allen Iverson, do I?"

     "Well... you're a little shorter, a little bit darker, and you don't have cornrows, but other than that, you do."

     Damn.  I used to have cornrows, but I cut my hair in hopes that people would stop telling me how much I look like that brotha; but I still get it all the time.

     "Well, do you want to eat?"  I said, trying to change the subject.

     "No, I'm not that hungry, but I like how you tried to change the subject on me."  This child has got ESP or something -- he's all up in my head.

     "Actually, I'm supposed to hang out with Britney in a while.  We're going over to her and her brother's place and talk about hot chicks. Hey, do you wanna come?"

     "I'll take a rain check.  Josh is supposed to be coming through, remember?"

     "Oh, yeah."

     "Is security with you?"

     "Nah. It's been easier to be incognito since I cut the hair. I'll just throw on the cap, call a cab, and go kick it with my `thick-ass baby mama.'"

     I didn't hold back the laughter, and neither did he.  Finally, we pull ourselves together, and I call a cab company, who promised to be over in five minutes.  As Justin unlocks the door, I run over to the coat rack and grab a jacket.  I catch the door before it closes, check my pocket for the keys, and run to the elevator before it closes.

     "Oh, you decided to ditch Josh for me and Britney?"

     "No.  I just don't want you to wait for the cab alone. Just in case someone recognizes you, you'll have back-up."

     "Cool beans."

     What the fuck does `cool beans' mean?  I'm not racist, but white people say some of the stupidest shit sometimes, I swear. But, I'm going to let it go this time, because Justin is my boy.

     We finally get downstairs to the lobby of my building. I wave to Dontae, the doorkeeper.

    "What's up, chile?"

    "I'm just waiting with Mr. Timberlake for his cab, Dontae."

    "Girl, you know you don't have to be formal with me; I'm your sister."

    In case you haven't got it, Dontae is a homosexual; to be more specific, Dontae is a queen -- one of the biggest ones I've met.  After I let him know about a hundred times that he and I would NEVER happen, he and I actually became pretty good friends. We don't hang out at clubs or anything like that, but he comes up for sweet potato pie pretty regularly, and I've hung out over at his place in the village several times.

    "I know you ain't fuckin' pop stars now?"


    "Girl, you know I'm talkin' shit!  I know `Mr. Timberlake' is fuckin' around with that thick-ass, non-singin' Britney.  Shit, I can sang better than the bitch."

    I look over at Justin blushing.  Red is not a flattering color on him.

    "Dontae, stop."

    "He know I'm telling the truth."

    Justin just loses it.  He starts laughing so hard that he can't breathe.  He walks over to the lobby desk and tries to catch his breath, but to no avail. Dontae just sits back, grinning from ear to ear.

    "See, Thomas chile, I told you I wadn't lying."

    "Dontae," I said, "you are just too much."

    "Too much and a little bit more -- and don't you forget it."

    Just as Justin finally gets his breath back, the cab pulls up.  I walk Justin to the door of the building, and give him the standard brotherman greeting -- the locking up of right hands with the thumbs, left handed hug, break the hug and slide right hands down to the four remaining fingers; then we pull back our hands and pop our fingers.

    "See ya, Just."

    "Bye T," he said, as he ducks into the cab and points down the street.  I look down and see Josh running towards my building. I hold the door open for him until he runs in.

    "Are the police chasing you?"

    "No, just a bunch of teenaged girls.  I decided to take the subway over to your place -- bad choice."

    "Yeah. Well, come on, Chasez."

    "Don't call me Chasez, even though it's sexy when you say it.  It's either Josh or JC."

    "Oooh... I think somebody's got Jungle Fever," Dontae teased.

    "Stop Dontae -- it ain't even that type of party; JC is a client of mine."

    "Like that `Timberlake' boy was a client."

    "Justin was here," JC asked.

    "Yeah. He just left.  He was in the cab that was outside the building."

    "Oh.  What did he want?"

    "He just stopped by on the way to Britney's place."

    "Oh yeah Thomas.  I figured that you didn't care that I let him up, since he been over before and ev'ry thang."

    "It's cool Dontae.  You can just send any member of *NSYNC up."

*                                                                 *                                                                 *

    I'm tripping over how much this boy can put away -- and he's still so skinny.
    He didn't eat an entire sweet potato pie, but he ate about ½ of it.  I cut a piece for myself and wrapped the rest of the pie for him to take with him.

    "I hope I'm not keeping you from business."

    "Nope.  I don't have anything major lined up for six more days."

    "Good.  Oh yeah, I didn't congratulate my newest labelmate on his deal. Congrats, man."

    "Thanks.  I'm still waiting for Lance and the lawyers to work it out some of the particulars, but I think Jive's giving me a good deal.  Plus, they know that they can't screw me, since I know a little somethin-somethin about this industry."

    "Yeah, I guess college and the work you've done has prepared you."

    "It has.  Plus, the fact that I don't take no one's shit helps."

    JC nods as he takes another bite of sweet potato pie.

    "Man, Josh -- you sure can put away some groceries."

    "Yeah.  I love to eat.  I'm glad that I have a high metabolism, and a trainer that makes me work out six days a week.  Thomas, how often do you work out?"

    "Well, I do cardio everyday, and I lift three days a week."

    "Wow.  And you somehow manage to keep your form?"

    "Well, I don't eat a lot of fattening foods, even though I can cook them, and I do an hour of cardio and I lift for two hours -- I definitely put my time in."


    I watch JC finish his piece of pie.  Then he gets up and starts to walk to the sofa, but I cough and point to the plate.  He backtracks to grab his plate, which he sets in the sink on his way to my living room.  I rise from the table and follow him.

    "What were you and Justin talking about?" he asks, as he sits on the sofa.

    I sit next to him. "Nothing serious really -- just hanging out."

    "So you and him are friends now?"

    "Yeah.  I think we've hit it off pretty well. He's a pretty good guy.  He's has more insight than I ever though?"

    "Justin?  Insightful?  I never noticed."

    "Well, Josh, you have to pay more attention.  >From my observations, you guys sometimes forget that Justin is 20 years old."

    "Yeah, that's true.  I'll have to make a mental note to myself."


    JC voice gets softer.

    "Thomas, I know about you, and I'm cool with it."


    "Justin told us about you being gay."

    "Oh, that's what you're talking about... Justin told me that he told you guys.  I was mad at first, but Justin reassured me that I didn't have to worry about being `outed' or anything."

    "Nope.  There are a lot a gay people in music.  People in the industry talk, but no one is usually outed by another artist.  Usually, it's a groupie or a disgruntled ex-lover that spills the beans.  You should be all right, if you're careful."

    "Yeah, Justin filled me in on a couple of people."

    "Really, like who?"

    "Who do you know about, Josh?"

    "Well, I know that Christina is bisexual, and everyone knows about Sisqo, and I've heard about Howie from BSB being gay, but that's about it?"

    "Well, Justin told me about a few other people as well.  One of them was you."

    JC just lost the color from his face (well, what little there was...).  He looked away from me, and started to stutter.

    "Huh. What."

    "Josh, it's cool.  I would be the last person to judge; in case you've forgotten, I like dick, too."

    "But, hardly anyone outside to group knows."

    "JC, who am I gon' tell.  I signed a confidentiality agreement, for one. And, I don't think Justin would've said anything unless he thought I could be trusted.

    JC finally gets his color back.

    "And," I said, "you've seem to forgotten that I'm gay too."

    "Oh yeah."  JC finally starts to relax again.

    "I guess I got worked up for nothing."


    He stared at me with those baby blue eyes.  I could just stare into them all day.  They look so beautiful, and I get a warm feeling as I look into them; I also get a lightweight hard-on.

    Before I know it, I feel lips upon mine.  JC's lips!

    Mmmm.  His lips are a little thinner than the lips I'm used to, but he's a pretty good kisser. He's practically massaging my lips with his, and it's exhilarating.  I feel his tongue brushing against my lips, so I part them so that he can taste my mouth.

    I feel his mouth run over my top row of teeth, the roof of my mouth, the top of my tongue.  I decide to probe his mouth a little, so I push mine into his mouth to taste remnants of sweet potato pie and Binaca. JC gently pushes me on my back as we continue our oral journey.

    I pull my tongue out of his mouth and close my mouth.

JC Chasez

    "What's going on, Thomas?"

    "That's what I want to know"

    I'm confused.  Just a few seconds ago, we're lip-locked, but now he's acting like a virgin.

    "Was I too forward?"

    "No, I actually liked it.  You're a pretty good kisser.  I guess it's true what they say about the French, huh?"

    "But, why did we stop, if it was so good?"

    "I need to know if we're just gonna hook-up, or if we're going to try to have something more.  I don't mind either way, but I don't want to get my feelings in it if it's just about sex, and I don't want you falling for me if we're just fuck buddies."

    "Gee, T. -- that's pretty abrasive."

    "But, I'm honest.  I don't want to play games."

    I don't know.  I want to make love with him, but I wouldn't mind being in a committed relationship.  Most of the time, it's been about sex.  Maybe I should try to settle down.

    "I want to sleep with you, but I'd like to try to foster a relationship as well."

    "Well," Thomas starts, "let's see where this will lead."
    Thomas practically straddles me and shoots his tongue into my mouth.  I return the effort, and throw my arms around him. He puts my lower lip between his lips, and softy sucks as he rubs his erection against mine.

    Thomas suddenly gets up.

    "What now, man.  I'm hard as hell, and you keep playing games."

    "Let's go to my room, Josh," Thomas says, as he runs to his bedroom.

Thomas Dublin

    I'm about to sleep with my first white boy.
    It's not that I've been prejudiced or anything, but I've just never met the right one.  Most of the white guys that I've encountered were out and open, and to sleep with them would've been a risk that I really didn't want to take.  I mean, I don't judge my sexual partners on race -- in fact, my first time was with a Japanese guy my freshman year.
    But, JC will be my first white guy.  I just hope he's not like the white guys that Dontae and Sean slept with...

    JC finally decided to get off my sofa and come into the bedroom.  By this time, I'm stripped down to my boxers.  JC smiles and unbuttons his shirt to reveal the white wife-beater.  He throws the shirt on the chair next to my bedroom door and has the wife-beater next to it in a matter of seconds.
    JC has a nice upper body.  He's skinny, but well defined. His pec muscles aren't as big as mine, but nice. I love his abs -- a six-pack with a dark happy trail leading down beneath his pants, which fall down to his ankles as I'm watching.
    I close the gap between us and press my open mouth against his.  As we spit-swap, his hands connect with my ass as mine slip to that neverland beneath the waistband of his black boxers.

    "Damn! Now I see why they call you big daddy!"

    "What?  Do I have a big dick or something?"

    "Shit yeah!  Are you sure you ain't part black?"

    "Nope. French and Irish."

    "Well, you know France ain't that far from Africa.  I didn't know white boys could `hang' like this."

    JC takes his hands from my ass and reaches into my boxer briefs. "Well, T. -- it's not like you're small.  In fact, it's seems that you're about as big as me; a little thicker even.

    "I didn't say that I wasn't big.  I'm just saying that I didn't think you'd be as big as you are."

    "Well, I'd like to show you how big my mouth is."

    "Well, gone `head and express yourself"

    JC giggled as he descended.  He grabbed the shaft, and gently jerked it up and down.  He placed his mouth on the head as he continued to jerk it with his right hand. Then, slowly, his lips began to travel down my chocolate stick.  I felt my stuff harden as he slowly slid down, down, down... all the way to my pubes.
Then, he put his tongue into action.  He inched his way halfway up the shaft and somehow licked it as he moved up.  Then, he rapidly slid back down to the base, and started to gargle.  That shit feels so good.  I never had anyone swallow my 9 ½ inches and then gargle.
    Then, he stops and starts to pull my dick from his throat.  He almost gets to the head, when he starts licking and sucking and slurping.  By this time, my eyes are in the back of my head, and I'm about to collapse.  I haven't had a blowjob this good since Sean.

    JC takes his mouth away from my dick.  "You like?"

    I look down at him.  "Don't stop."

    "Well, it's just that... I've never sucked one for that long.  My mouth needs a break."

    Well, it's true -- I am definitely not a one-minute man.  I can go for over an hour if I'm in the mood.  In fact, the only guy I knew who could suck on my dick until I came was Sean.
    I grab JC's shoulders and push him towards the bed. He climbs in and lies on his side.  I get in next to him and push him on his back as I straddle him.
    I start at his neck, and work my way to his right nipple.  I run my tongue around the outside of the nipple area, and move closer to the nipple in a swirling motion.  I hear him moan as I place my warm mouth over his nipple and start to suck.

    "Oh shit..."

    I move to the left nipple -- I can't neglect the left nipple.  I then move to the center of his chest and work my way downwards.  Past the six-pack abs, along the happy trail, to the dark bush where his manhood is eagerly awaiting my arrival.
    I take my tongue and start to lick the base.  I slowly work my way up, up, up to the head.  I lick the underside of his uncut meat, and move to the slit.  I flicker my tongue along his opening --back and forth, back and forth.

    "Oh shit..."

    I slide my lips over the head and softly massage it with my lips.

    "Oh shit..."

    I slowwwwwly slide down his shaft.  I slide down his peach-colored member until pubic hairs tickle my lips.  I slide back up, and down again.

    "Oh shit..."

    I pull JC's dick from my lips and move to his nuts. Hmmm -- they're shaved.  I think Josh has been watching too many pornos.
    I jiggle each nut with my tongue, then I put the entire sack in my mouth.  These are the juiciest, largest nuts I've ever had in my mouth.  I start humming "One in a Million."

    "Oh shit... yeah, baby.  I've never had my nuts sucked on."

    By the time I get to the bridge of the song, JC nuts start to tense up.

    "OH SHIT!!!"

    I gently push his nuts from my mouth, and quickly take his dick in my mouth.  As I'm working my way down his shaft, I feel the soft, warm seed penetrate my oral cavity.  I swallow some, but most of it ends up on JC's abs.

    After he stops vibrating, he lays there for a minute with his eyes closed.  I inch my way up the bed and start to jerk myself with my right hand.

    "The multitalented Thomas Dublin."

    "Yep," I said, as I quickened my pace slightly.

    JC opened his eyes and saw me at work.  He grabbed my arm.

    "Allow me."

    I removed my hand and put my arms under my head as JC slid down to my hard rock.  He started his up and down motions again, and he somehow managed to lick my dickhead as he worked his way down my shaft.  He slurped eagerly on my dick, as if it were a Fudgesicle in July.
I started to feel the tensing in my nuts, and the arch in my back.


    JC quickened his pace as I shot my cum into his mouth over, and over.

    The French sure do know how to work with their mouths.

JC Chasez

    I practically sucked Thomas to sleep, so I guess it's safe to assume that I didn't disappoint.
    I must admit -- I almost dozed off when I came -- I never had anyone blow me like that.  He did that thing with my dickhead, and he hummed "One in a Million" on my nuts -- I'll have to remember to hum "Pop" on his next time.
    I never slept with a black guy before, but I'm glad I got to do it, especially with Thomas.

Thomas Dublin

    I woke up to see JC staring at me.

    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep."

    "I'm flattered.  That means I sucked you good."

    "Yes, you did.  If you weren't a singer, you could definitely use that mouth of yours in another way.

    He giggled at my comment, but I'm serious.  Maybe he doesn't know it yet, but he's about to be elected to be my new PDS.

    JC finally got all the giggles out.  "Well, you were the shit, Mr. Dublin."

    "I knew that from hearing you say `Oh shit' over and over."

    JC blushed.

    "Don't blush. You weren't embarrassed when you had my dick in your mouth."

    He's even redder now.  I think I'm going to shut up.
    We just sit there until JC turns to his normal color, then we sit there some more.

    "Thomas, what's your schedule like?  I want us to spend some time to get to know each other better."

    "Well, we've gotten to know each other pretty well, but I'm open until next week.  I have to go to Atlanta to work with Monica, and then I'm heading to Orlando for a week.

    "You're going to be in Orlando!!!"

    Damn.  I didn't mean to say that.  I just hope he doesn't ask who I'm working with.


    "Cool.  We're going back to Orlando in two days to finish up the album and rest before the release.  You can crash at my place while you're in town. I can show you around, and we can get to know each other better"

    "Mentally or carnally, Josh?"


    "It's a plan."

    I look down at my dick, and see the semen starting to dry.

    "Josh, why don't we catch a shower before we really get messed up."

    "You mean together?  Is your shower big enough?"

    "Boy, it's enough room for you, me, Justin, Joey, Chris, Lance, Britney, and Mary J. Blige.  Well, not Britney and Mary.  And, maybe not for Lance's uptight ass..."

    "Hey, leave my boy alone."

    "I can dog my manager if I want to, man," I said, as I got up and walked towards my bathroom.

    JC got up and started towards that direction. "That's right.  You are kinda like family now."

To Be Continued...

    Author's notes:  I am not the most experienced sex-scene writer, but I hope I've done a good job. I was going to wait until the next part to hook-up Thomas and JC, but I just decided to roll with it. Also, aren't you glad you finally found out who Thomas resembles?  Did I pick a good choice or not?  And, does anyone else thinks that Allen Iverson resembles LL Cool J?
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