Hey well its here the Sequel. This series takes place ten years in the future and Caleb and James are living the Hollywood lifestyle. Hope you enjoy the way I have decided to move with the story. OK now time for the Important stuff. This story is complete FICTION I do not know any of the celebrities nor do I know any of their sexual orientation. Deadpool and Weasel are registered trademarks of Marvel comics.( Don't worry i didn't go all sci-fi on you LOL). Enjoy :) Thanks to all who sent feedback.

Dam! This traffic this is ridiculous, I have been stuck here how long. Jesus 5 people just died of smoking at this stop light alone. Welcome to LA you think that after 10 years I would have been able to navigate traffic and how to stay away from it. Well I guess normally I would but I can't do anything about the Doctors appointments. Finally the light is green, Ok now what the hell is this ass-hole ahead of me doing. Ughhh! Dam it move faster. I blare the horn then stop suddenly realizing what I did. I turned to the side to look in the passenger seat. Ok he never woke up, good. He looks so small asleep there. The treatments have taken a lot out of him. What will I do if anything happens to him? I can't let my mind be plagued by these thought I have to think positive. I pull my attention back to the road and wait again for the light to change Checking the time I realize I am never going to make it home in time for Jake to make practice. I pick up the cell phone and speed dial home. I can hear the phone ringing, why is no one picking up. Maybe he left already for practice. The message comes on and I leave my message after the beep. "Hey Jake its Dad we are running late we should be there shortly. I know you going to be late if you get a ride from someone else give me a call back if no I should be there in about 15 minutes." Just as I finished the message the light had turned and off. Now its time to start driving defensively. I'm driving a little fast here better slow down all I need is to get into an accident.

"We home yet" I look over to see him staring at me, he is still half a sleep, god the treatments are taken the most out of him.

"Nope not yet. We should be home shortly though it looks like the worst of the traffic is over with."

"Jake is going to be Late"

"I know, I called hopefully he got the message." I glanced over and noticed that he was sleep again I could actually hear him gently snoring.

Well I might as well focus on getting home and getting him in the house and getting Jake to practice. I have to Call Brian back as well, he called just before we left. Sounds like something is up, he sounded a little weird on the phone. Hopefully everything is ok and there nothing wrong with Bastion. I came up from my mullings to realize I was home. "Sweetie we are home" I look over and he was still sleeping. Ok well better just get him in the house to bed, maybe Jake is still here and he can help me take him inside. I pull through the gate and park in he garage making my way into the house.

"Jake you here, were back"

"Dad! Great hurry I'm going to be Late" Jake came around the corner running in his uniform. I couldn't believe how much he had grown I see him everyday and only now does it hit me. He was a tall and broad, He took after Thomas well at least from the pictures that I had seen. He must have been about 6'3". He definitely going to be a women magnet. How unfortunate. "I called earlier were you home?" I asked as he made his way towards me.

"Yeah in the shower" He responded. I looked over his shoulder and could see his girlfriend Jen behind him.

"Oh hello Jen how are you doing"

"Good Mr. Frost"

"Dad where's Pop at, he is ok right I can stay home if you need me"

"He's ok he's in the car I need your help bringing him in"

"Why is there something wrong?"

"No there is nothing wrong just tired is all" came the response from behind me I turned To see Him standing there leaning on the wall looking week and a little green if you can actually say someone looks green.

"Take the car and go to practice, Hello Jen"

"Hi Mr. Frost"

"You sure your ok Honey let me help you"

"No I'm.." that was all that he got out before he pitched forward and fell to the floor and began power puking. It would have been funny watching everyone jump back out of the way if it hadn't been so serious. I knelt down and held his head as he continued to empty his stomach. Rubbing his back as I did.

"Here Mr. Frost" I looked up to see Jen passing me a cool damp cloth and I stopped rubbing his back and held it to his forehead.

"Thanks Jen, Look Jake things will be ok go on to practice take the car and have Jen Drive you"

"Dad I will stay I can miss practice"

"NO, you go to practice"

"Fine" the next thing I knew the door was slamming and Jen was left staring uncomfortably around the room.

"Go Jen and watch him ok"

"Yes I will" With that she left. What is it with kids and slamming doors anyway. I felt Caleb wretch again.

"Honey you ok"

He lifted his head and I could see the tears in his eyes, the area around his eyes was all red and blotchy from all the vomiting he looked like he went ten rounds with Mike Tyson. I wiped the tears from his eyes with the damp cloth and moved him towards me.

"Come on lets get you cleaned up and in bed"

"No" he sobbed

"What's wrong, sweetie you can't stay here."

"I had an accident" and he started sobbing I could see the shame in his face. The doctors warned us that this may happen.

"Its ok come on we will get you cleaned up. I helped him up and moved him to our bedroom and our bathroom. As we made our way into the bathroom, He started to wretch again. He made a quick dash to the toilet but fortunately I guess nothing happened he was just having the nausea I didn't think it was possible for him to have anything left in his stomach. I knelt beside him and rubbed his back.

"I'll be ok"

"I know you will because I am here." I smiled but didn't even get a response from him. I got up and turned on the shower adjusting the temperature getting the spray nozzle ready. Then grabbing some big fluffy towels. " Ok Caleb lets get you up. You able to stand now?" I asked unsure of how practical this was going to be. He stood up and turned around from me not looking up. I moved towards him and helped him get ready for the shower. He kept his head turned form my and wouldn't look at me.

"Caleb what is wrong"


"Caleb look at me when I am talking to you and tell me what is wrong"

"This is not fair to you, you shouldn't have to do this"

"What? This like taking care of the man I love"

"You never signed up for having to clean the man you love"

"I believe I said for better or worse sickness and in health and Mister man. I am in this for the long haul. I am not going to get squeamish because you are sick. Now I really don't want to hear any more of this so get out of those clothes and get in the shower and we will get you cleaned up." He just nodded I could tell that this wasn't going to be the end of the subject but the end of this little fight. We would talk about this later I thought, but once he is feeling a somewhat better. Helping him get into the shower I handed him the nozzle and some soap and stood nearby just in case. I picked up his clothes and put them in a towel to take to the laundry room.

"You ok in there"

"Yeah, done"

"Ok" I reached behind and pulled one of the bath blankets from the Blanket warmer we had installed in the bathroom. That's was Caleb's idea. Taking the Blanket I wrapped it around him when he stepped out of the shower and began to help him dry.

"You know I am not useless I can do this myself"

"Look face it I am here to stay and I will pamper you all you want and if you keep giving me lip I will carry you to bed"

"Fine" he sounded mad but I could see a small smirk come on his lips. Once I was satisfied that he was dry I lead him into the bedroom and had him sit down on the bed.

"K stay there I'm getting you some warm clothes and then your getting in bed.

"Ok Daddy" came the smart ass reply.

"That's right." I laughed " ok I pulled out some loose fitting track pants socks and t-shirt now get dressed and get in bed. I'm going to put the clothes in the washer and clean up I will check up later." Grabbing the towels and clothes I made my way into the kitchen to begin wiping up the mess in there. It didn't take me as long as I thought that it would. Moving to my next task washing the clothes. Dumping everything into the washer I made my way back into the bedroom taking off my shirt as I walked. Entering the room I saw that Caleb was still awake and that he was shirt-less laying in the bed. Looking at him I could see for the first time see how much weight he had lost he was thin the most disturbing sight was seeing the needle sticking out of his chest just under his right collar bone. It was his port-a-cath . they surgically placed it under his skin before they began chemotherapy, it was meant to save and protect his veins because chemo was so harsh. The nurses accessed it when the gave him chemotherapy. They left it accessed so I would be able to help him by giving medications to stop the nausea. I spent a whole week learning about his chemo and how to help care for him at home.

"I thought I said for you to get completely dressed I want you warm."

"I know but I need some medication"

"Ok sweetie no problem." I turned and opened the cabinet near the door and took out some of the prefilled syringes the home health nurse had set out. Checking the dose and the medication I took it over to the bed. I gently cleaned the injection site and inserted the syringe.

"Thanks" he smiled up at me as he grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it over his head.

"Your welcome sweetie"

"No I mean it thank you for everything I know this is hard on you especially keeping it from everyone and not having anyone to talk to. But James sweetie its getting worse I think we need to tell people I can't hide it anymore. You know what the doctor said today"

"Yeah Caleb, but don't talk about this ok its wrong to focus too negatively."

"You need to be able to talk to some-one as well, please talk to some one"

"Why can't I talk to you?"

"Because I'm the problem"

"You are not the Problem Caleb" My voice raised unknowingly

"Ok wrong choice of words but you understand what I am saying"

"Yes I do"

"Ok I'm not going to push this any further right now."

"I appreciate that, now get ready and have a nap ok"

"Will you lay with me please just till I fall asleep" he actually sounded like he was scared to fall asleep which kind of startled me.

"Of course sweetie I planned on it."

"Good" he pulled his t shirt on and started to snuggle in the bed. I grabbed a pair of track pants and changed into them. Then I crawled into bed. It didn't take long for him to turn towards my and spoon me Like usual he began to kick the cover off but I stopped him.

"You have to leave the covers on Caleb"

"I won't be able to sleep" he pouted

"Yes you will and stop it you will be fine just snuggle and get some rest." I laid wake a little while I could feel Caleb breathing against my neck he had ceased his struggles and left the blankets on him. Its amazing that the moment you lay down you get sleepy even if you weren't to begin with. My body was probably telling me I should take what I could get. I yawned and closed my eyes listen to soft snores next to me. I awoke with a start the room was dark which means its late. I sit up as much as possible with Caleb on my chest and look at the digital clock . It 8pm, wow I feel like slept a full day. I hope Caleb feels that rested he needs it more then I did. I gently move Caleb from around me and slide out the end of the bed, I turn around and watch as Caleb curls up and grabs the blankets. I stretch and make why way out to the laundry room, realizing I left the clothes in the washer. When I get to the laundry room I see that the clothes are already dry and folded. It took me a minute to figure out what it must be, Jake was home. I better go find him I wonder if he even ate yet.

"Jake you here" I call out

"Huh Yeah dad in the family room" at that time I feel my stomach rumble, hmm I guess I better go and cook something for dinner. I better make something for C as well. Oh well on my way to the Kitchen I swung by the Family room see if Jake had eaten and.

"Hey Jake you eat yet?" I could see him kicking back in the lazy boy watching the Basketball Game.

"No not yet"

"Ok come help me you can watch the Game in the kitchen"

"Ok dad, how is pops?"

"He is ok still sleeping the treatment was a little rough today is all. Did you feed Zeus today?"

"Yes dad he is kind of hard to ignore you know"

"Yeah " I laughed Zeus was still Kicking around although he was moving slower these days he was getting older not as active as he use to be. "where is he?"

"Probably out back in the pool if I know him"

"Ok, How does steak and salad sound?

"Sounds good"

"Ok you make the salad and I am going to go and throw the steaks on the grill. Oh and make some soup for your Father as well."

"Ok, no problem, oh uncle Brain called while you were asleep he says to call him back tonight no matter what time it is."

"Oh ok I hope its not too serious"

"Probably just found out Bastion was Gay"

"Bastion is not gay and stop saying that" I laughed taking a fake swing at his shoulder

"Ok, ok" he jumped away holding up his hands in surrender.

"Ok how was practice today"


"Just ok huh, what happened"

"Oh I had to do laps in my gear because I was late"

"Jake why didn't you tell your coach, I will tell him its not your fault"

"NO, sorry no dad don't I can handle extra work at practice, Pop doesn't want anyone to know so its ok"

"You know your father would not like that you are hiding things and getting harder practices cause of him"

"I know that's why we won't, he doesn't need any more stress, look dad I can handle a few more laps around the field its ok"

"Fine Jake"

"Ok, and well I'm sorry for slamming the door earlier"

"Its ok I think were all a little high on stress right now, look here let me get these steaks on and we can have a normal dinner how does that sound"

"Sounds great, oh here take the phone and call uncle Brian before it gets any later."

"Thanks Good idea" I grab the phone under my arms and pick up the plate with the steak and sauce. Sliding open the patio door. I can't believe how warm it still is this evening we are not even into full summer yet and the air is so heavy and muggy reminds me of the Mississippi. That reminds me I better see how Mom's doing. She has been great I have been able to talk with her about this and everything with Caleb its nice sometimes. I wish dad were still around but I guess I wish a lot of things hadn't changed over the past 10 years. Wow hard to believe our tenth anniversary is coming up. I flip open the hood of the barbeque and fire up the propane, there we go Fire. I feel like I should grunt or something. Throwing the steals on the grill I close the cover and grab the phone. As I sit down I give a whistle " Here Zeus" Awe there he is. God the dog is so big it still amazes me. I ruffle his head as I talk to him " OK buddy go inside and get Caleb, go watch him ok" Zeus just snorts at me and turns and takes off into the house that dog amazes me at times he knows exactly what I'm saying. Bet anymore he is in bed with Caleb with his head on my pillow letting Caleb cuddle. I have no fears now that dog would not let anything happen to Caleb, well any of us for that matter.

I remember the first day moving in here. Caleb ran to get some thing for dinner and I was still in the house unpacking Jake was off playing somewhere when he next thing I know I hear Zeus barking and growling the dog almost sounded in a panic. When I found him in the back yard my panic began. Here was Zeus in the pool pulling Jake to the side. Oh that dog was definitely something. Of course Caleb just smiled and said of course he did, like it was and every day occurrence. Although he did start treating Zeus like super dog or something. I jump up and checked on the steaks I need to get on with this and call Brian. Pushing speed dial I was connected quickly hopefully I wouldn't be waking anyone up.


"Hey Brian its Lance"

"Oh thank god I got a hold of you"

"What's the problem?"

"What's not"

"Is it Bastion"

"Yeah in a way , look I don't want to talk about this over the phone, but Sebastion and I are on our way out to LA tomorrow I have business dealings and I thought that he would enjoy the trip since school just let out. Plus maybe be could spend sometimes with his favorite Uncles."

"Oh ok sure" I was panicing. my god we hadn't told anyone yet. How do you break it to a 11 year old.

"What's wrong Lance you and Caleb ok?"

"Hmm yeah more or less just some stuff going on"

"Oh sorry man"

"No its just something that we should talk to you about as well"

"Probably should have run this by you look we will be staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. If you guys could meet us for supper tomorrow"

"What No you will stay here, Caleb will kill me if I allow you guys to stay in a hotel"

"I thought there was a problem"

"Yeah look we have a lot to take care of when you get here, so what time should we pick you guys up."

" Hmm I think we will be getting in around noon. Let me check... ok yeah 11:50 am"

"Well that's somewhere around noon" I laughed "oops hold on" I jumped up and turned the steaks over and turned the heat down. That was close almost had charcoal briquettes to eat.

"What's wrong"

"Nothing almost destroyed our dinner" I laughed "I'm grilling steaks"

"What! why are you grilling I thought Caleb banned you from the grill"

"Well you know what he doesn't know"

"Ok well I promise not to tell him but he may get suspicious when the fire trucks show up" Brian was laughing loudly on the phone.

"Ok, ok you know one time and ever since then I'm the mad arsonist or something"

"Just pulling your leg"

"I know"

"Ok well I will pick you guys up at the airport tomorrow I better let you go"

"Yeah sure, hey is Caleb around so I can say hello"

"Um no he's taking a nap"

"Oh ok well I will see you tomorrow, Night Lance"

"Night Brian" I hung up the phone and went to grab the steaks

"So how is my Godson" Jesus I nearly jumped out of my skin I could hear him giggle when he realized that he had surprised me.

"What are you trying to do give me a heart attack"

"No wouldn't want to do that, Jake told me you were out here and I thought I would see how the grill was doing. " He smiled

"Well the grill survived as did the steaks" I said holding them out to see. "Now you get in the house before you catch a cold. You know better then come outside not even dressed."

"I am dressed and I am not a baby James"

"Get in now"

"Fine" he huffed and turned around going back in the house Making sure that the grill was turned off I followed him as well. Found him at the kitchen table with Jake. Of course he had his arms folded across his chest like a child. Nevertheless I bent down and kissed the top of his head as I walked by with the steaks.

"Did a good job setting the table Jake. You make some soup for your father"

"Yeah tomato and rice his favorite" Jake was smiling at Caleb although I doubt Caleb was smiling back. I ladled up some soup and put in front of Caleb and then brought the steaks to the table.

"Ok guys eat up"

"I told you I am not a child James, and why am I not having steak"

"You want steak Caleb ok you can have Steak. I am not going to argue with you" with that I slammed my plate down in front of him and took his bowel of soup. I guess I shouldn't be mad at him but there are times when I want to just smack him. This is not easy on me either. I looked at Jake who was staring intently at his plate I cold see him trying to glimpse at both myself and Caleb. I noticed Caleb hadn't touched the steak he just stared at his plate as well.

"Well what's wrong?"

"Umm I don't think I can eat this"

"Why what's wrong with my cooking?"

"Oh nothing just my stomach is still nauseus"

"Oh really, do you think I might have known that. That's why I made you soup. you know I am not treating you like a child I am trying to take care of you while your sick there is a difference. Why are you always angry at me you know I never made you sick"

"I Know I'm sorry James, can I have the soup please"

"Yes" I sighed "sometimes I don't know why I put up with you " I smiled as I said it

"I don't know either" he grinned " Just feel helpless and I don't like it"

"I understand but please don't try and take my head off ok"


"Well I have some good news I think"


"Well how much did you hear out there"

"Just that were going to the airport tomorrow"

"Oh eavesdropping that long. Well yeah Brian is coming out for some business and he's bringing Bastion with him. He wanted Bastion to stay the summer but I don't know if that a good idea"

"I think its great I have to start telling people, might as well tell them. Besides I think it would be good to tell Bastion in person and I don't think I am up to traveling at the moment."

"Its your decision Caleb and I will be behind you"

"James it should be our decision end of story"

"Ok Caleb I think we should start telling people. Especially your agent. Monica is going to have a fit if she doesn't get to see you soon she says there a tons of offers."

"Well they will have to wait, So Jake what do you say"

"I will stand behind you whatever Pops, cause I love you"

"Thanks" Caleb reached over and rubbed Jake's neck and shoulder " I am really lucky"

"James when is your mom coming"

"Next week I have been putting her off."

"You did tell her"

"Yeah I did and I have been holding her off till things have been somewhat normal."

"Things will never be normal here James plus its nice that she is coming."

"Yeah I know its hard for her since dad passed away, she kind of feels lonely. She may drive us nuts babying us"

"Well she will probably baby you more then me"

"I wouldn't plan on it"

"What about Uncle Nick and Mel"

"Good question I don't want to attempt a telegram or a cable to get this info to them, plus they are unreliable. I'll just wait until they can call us."

"That may be a while not many phones in the jungles of Africa."

"Well that's where the W.H.O. sent her."

"True Nick will have to be back soon the boys start another tour in the fall plus there's the wedding"

"Hmm" was the only reply that he gave and he went to try and eat his soup. The Silence was eerie. I should have known better then bringing up the subject of the wedding well the subject of AJ and Kevin. Let me correct that the subject of Kevin. I can't believe this is still going on AJ and I decided long ago to stay out of it ad gave up trying to get them to talk. The fight was stupid but they let it grow. I hoped that when Anne passed away 4 years ago they would be able to put and end to it, well that failed miserably.

"Oh hey Julia called she said Danny and her were back in town they want to stop by and say hello"

"Oh what are they doing here in town"

"Some post production things with the movie"

"Well why don't we have to go in"

"Cause we did ours last month remember."

"Oh yeah that's right"

"I told them to come over for dinner next week. Julia really wants to see how your doing. If it wasn't for her we might not have had you diagnosed as soon as we did"

"Yeah sounds good I want to see her as well. I miss seeing her everyday. I enjoyed making out with her as well"

"Huh I know you better so I'm not jealous it was all movie magic." Caleb laughed it was a sincere laugh as well its has been a while since that happened. It was great to see.

"So what time do we pick them up"

"Afternoon the flight gets in around 9 am. I believe they are taking the first flight out and got a direct one as well."

"Well we better get some sleep then. You have classes in the morning Jake."

"No not tomorrow free day teachers conference"

"Ok then you will need to get up to come with us"

"Do I have too"

"Yeah I'll let you drive"


"That didn't take much convincing now did it." I replied laughing at how eager Jake was to drive Caleb's Truck. I have to admit it made me wet sometimes when I thought about it. It was a sweet ride. Fully loaded and entirely Chrome, beautiful. He spent a fortune but he wanted it. I guess it was a good deal since he had a deal with the manufacturer doing a couple of TV spots. "well If we are to get up early I think we are all going to need and early night." I noticed Caleb hadn't eaten very much of the soup. Well I guess some was better then none.

"Yes dad I have some studying to do then I will head to bed"

"Ok sounds good. Hey Caleb you ready for bed, cause I am exhausted"

"Yeah I am"

"Well lets go, Jake can you tidy up please?"

"Yeah no problem dad"

"Thanks" with that I got up and helped Caleb up, " Come on sexy"

"How can I let something like that pass" he smiled and got up fro the chair. Leading the way down the hall I kept glancing back to make sure that he way not going to fall or feel dizzy.

"I'm not going to fall down James but thanks for Caring"

"Well got to keep my eye on you. God knows where you will take off too" I winked at him as I said it he just smiled and blushed. Pulling open the door I entered the bedroom and leapt onto the bed hugging the bed

"Oh how I have missed you I moaned" I could hear Caleb behind me laughing

"Well I see how much I am needed here" He was laughing so I knew he was joking

"Shush you, need quality time here" I groaned as I groped the bed. It did feel good to lie down I was totally exhausted the stress was unreal I just wanted to lay down and sleep. Why wasn't he in bed with me.

"Why are you still standing there"

"Just watching you and I am not tired." that would have been more convincing if he hadn't of yawned. I laughed and rolled away and turned over reaching up I pulled off my t-shirt and quickly shucked my pants. Thank God the bed was already unmade just needed to pull the blankets up. "Ok come and get up here I want some snuggling"

"Oh you do. well I'm not in the mood for snuggling"

"You will be I know you. in all the years we have been together you always snuggle you can't sleep other wise its natural to you so come on I don't want to fight or argue, that's a waste of time"

"Your right, its something I might have the luxury of much longer"

I sucked in air I didn't know how to respond to that it was like being slapped in the face. I never heard this from him, it was like he was giving up. He noticed my silence and didn't say anything I watched him crawl up into bed and he laid his head on my chest.

"I'm sorry James I shouldn't have said that I didn't mean to hurt you. Its just I think about it sometimes and it scares me. That you might be alone"

"Oh Caleb don't worry about me please I said rubbing his back you should focus on you"

"How can you say that you are my everything, its kills me what this is doing to you"

"Stop worrying about me, I am fine and before you say anything else I am going to be here for the long haul I'm not going anywhere."

"Yeah I know I just wish"

"Well is wishes were fishes I think we have and entire ocean in out house"

"Yeah I guess, I just thank god that I have you and Jake with me"

"I would be no where else so lets turn an out the light and get some sleep we need to get up early."

"Sounds like a plan, you were right"

"Of course I am but remind me what exactly I am right about" I squeezed his small body to me"

"I can't sleep unless I am snuggling with you"

"Night my sexy guy"

"Night James" he yawned against my chest. I was really tired so it didn't take very long to fall off to sleep.

"Ok now where in the hell are they" I mumbled to myself I was getting impatient where was Brian and Bastion. I know there wasn't any delay because most of the passengers were already out . I understand maybe they were waiting till the very end so people didn't recognize them I understand that . I mean I'm feeling a little nervous trying to be inconspicuous here myself. The boys are just as famous as they ever were. Amazed that they kept it together and even did things outside as well Kevin and Howie did quiet a bit of acting even with managing to tour.

Even if Brian waited till the end he should be here by now. The Baggage carasel began to turn and people swarmed around the edges like pigs at a trough. With the crowd somewhat thinned. I scanned around. There he was. Brian was standing towards the back with a baseball cap pulled down over his eyes. He seemed to be furiously scanning the crowd for something. I made my way towards him pulling my own hat down a bit.


"What!" he jumped probably wondering that he might have been caught by some fans.

"Relax Brian its me. I thought your guys were never going to show up."

"Oh thank god." He grabbed me in a hug " Where's C at"

"He and Jake are driving around the airport safer then parking. Well grab your bags and head out. Where's Bastion at?"

"That's who I'm looking.." He paused "Bastion!" he muttered grinding his teeth he spoke loud enough to get Bastion attention but in a way that wouldn't attract to many peoples attention. I turned to see where Brian was staring. At the same time Bastion had quickly turned around and blushed. He was getting tall. I think he will be taller then his dad but defiantly had his dads features especially the hair. And there was a lot is that he had it messily shoved under a floppy cap. He looked like a skater big baggy pants, but with a tight black t-shirt. I looked at the chest there was writing. Oh my held back a chuckle. I guess Jake was right I looked passed Bastion to see what had been keeping his attention. I saw another young boy probably around Bastion's age with his parents waiting for their luggage. Before I could speak Brian barked again "Bastion, grab you bags and come on" Bastion lowered his head and grabbed his bag and made his way over.

"Hey Bastion buddy looking good" I said patting him on the back.

"Hey uncle Lance" Bastion smiled at me but just stood there staring at his father.

"What no hug"

He just smiled and grabbed my waist and smiled "Sorry uncle Lance I missed you where is uncle Caleb." His eyes seemed to dance when he said Caleb's name what was coming I was not looking forward to the nest couple of hours His heart would be broken. "He's outside with Jake in the truck"

"Well come on lets go" he started pulling my arm toward the door.

"Bastion let go of your uncle and relax we are going"

"Yes dad" He hung his head and walked ahead of us.

"Brian what's up with you?"

"Lance lets talk about this when we get home, its not been a great trip, although you probably already know what the problem is"

"Is it really a problem" I was a little upset with Brian I didn't think of it as a problem and I didn't think Brian would be that way.

"Its not what I am referring to Lance. So where's Caleb"

"They should be around here" I looked around when I saw the truck pulling over. "There they are now lets get a move on. I headed towards the truck with Brian's luggage in tow. I saw The passenger door open and Caleb got out and stood waving. In a second bastion was off and running

"Uncle Caleb" he yelled as he jumped up into his arms. I was worried I wanted to say something but was too slow. But Caleb managed to hold onto him for a minute then he let him down gently I could see the strain on him. I turned to look at Brian. His face was pale. He looked into my eyes. I think he knew he could tell. I just nodded.

"We will talk about it at home, Caleb wants to talk to Bastion about it." He just nodded still shocked I suppose and came forward toward the truck.

"Hey Brian how's it going" Caleb spoke grabbing him in a hug "Its been too long buddy"

"Yeah it has, come on Bastion get your luggage in the truck."

"Yes dad" Bastion's face fell again and beginning to hoist his suitcase into the back of the truck. Before jumping in the back Brian got in and I followed letting Caleb have the front seat again. The silence was heavy in the truck.

"Oh like your t-shirt there buddy"

"Thanks uncle Caleb" I could hear the smile in his voice. What he said next caught me by surprise. " My boyfriend gave it to me" Brian choked , Caleb was able to take it in stride. "I can tell you like him to talk so proudly of what he gave you."

"He's awesome" I could see Jake giving me the eye and mouthing told you so.

"Caleb sweetie smack our son, he's being obnoxious"

"Ok" and he reached over and tapped him on the side of the head. Your dad says behave"

"Yeah Jake" Bastion was laughing at Jake's expense it was good to hear.

"Bastion settle down"

"You Hate me!" and pulled his self away from the Brian if that was possible in the close quarters of the back seat and started sobbing. Brian just looked so defeated I placed my hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. I could hear Bastion softly crying and watched as he rubbed his arm across his eyes. When I looked to the front I could see Caleb's eyes focused on Bastion through the review mirror. I could see his sadness.

"Jake pull over to the next gas station and fill up ok"


"Just fill it up, I want to keep my baby full"

"Ok Pops"

I looked at the gas gauge it was already full. What was Caleb up to I could feel us start to slow down. Jake pulled off the highway and make a right turn right into a gas station. Just as we stopped Caleb jumped out. I quickly wound down the window. "What do you think you are doing you are not going to pump gas get back in the car I will get out and pump it."

"No you can get out and change places with me" he smiled.

"Ok" I opened my door.

"Can I sit in the middle Brian" Caleb Spoke softly

"Umm sure Caleb no problem"

Brian slid out after me and jumped out after me. Caleb Jumped in and slid over to Bastion and put his arm around him and leaned down whispering.

"There you go Brian climb back in I will do shotgun" Brian just smiled at me and climbed in I jumped in the front "K Jake get us home pronto"

"I do not speed in the VEHICLE"

"That's right" I heard my sweetie stop and say

"Yeah, yeah wouldn't want to damage the ride" I sarcasticaly replied

"Keep it up and someone will be sleeping with Zeus"

"Big threat I do that every night" at this I heard Bastion laugh I saw him in the rear-view mirror I could see Brian smiling at him too. When Bastion caught this he quickly stopped and turned away and looked out the window as well.

Oh well I guess it was too much to think that it would be fixed so suddenly "So how long are you out here"

"A couple of days on business"

"How's Leighanne doing"

"Oh she's great. She staying with Joey and Logan"

"Oh really Its been a while I need to Talk to Logan and see what he's up to"

"Oh there doing great actually. How's Josh and Britney"

"Oh great crazy busy and all that with Josh's tour and the new Baby"

"Oh you have any pictures"

"Ye is do" I beamed reaching into my pocket to pull out my wallet to show them a picture of the baby"

"Ah the proud Godfather" Caleb laughed

"Are you making fun of me I said handing the picture back to Brian"

"Yea just a little payback for all the harassing you did to me over this Fellow right here" I could see Caleb rustling Bastion hair. Bastion was just beaming up and Caleb but let him do it.

"Yeah, yeah I get it"

"Ok so what's the little guys name he is adorable"

"Justin James" I told him smiling the whole way

"That's nice" Brian was a little quiet

"Yeah we just call him J.J."

"Hmm so how's Justin doing" of course there was a notable silence in the truck I really didn't know what to say because I really didn't know.

"He's doing good, he lives in the valley actually" Jake responded

"Really, I thought he was back in Tennessee" Brian questioned

"No his mom thought it would be good for him to be on his own." Caleb added.

"Oh ok cool" was all Brian said. I just sat there and said nothing. Justin was a sore spot and I really didn't talk about him a lot. We stayed pretty much quiet the rest of the trip. God what a downer. I watched the roads pass by occasionally checking the back seat from time to time before I knew it we were pulling into the gate of the house. As Jake put the truck in park I sighed thanking god that we could get out of this truck.

"Ok guys were home. Grab the bags Jake"

"No we got our own bags" Brain insisted

"Nope your coming with me were going to grab a beer and catch up. I think Caleb wants to spend sometime with his godson as well." I said pulling him out. of the truck. I watched Jake grab the bags and Bastion and Caleb passed by us

"We are going into the den for a while"

"Ok sweetie"

"Ok Brian, what will you have to drink, lets see I have some corona, bud, rolling rock"

"Rolling rock thanks"

"Ok I grabbed two bottles and opened them handing him one as I sat on the island and kicked off my shoes "Don't tell Jake you saw me do this I laughed and clinked our bottles.

"Ok no problems my lips are sealed but you tell me what's up. What's wrong with C"

"He's got Cancer, Leukemia to be exact. He is getting chemo treatments he just finish his first round" Brian just sat there stunned with his mouth open not unknowing what to say. I just kind of smiled tightly and bobbed my head. Before I knew it Brian had me in a huge bear hug rubbing my shoulders. I don't know why I did what I did next, maybe it was just time to do that but I lost it and cried against his chest. He continued to rub my back and let me cry. I didn't cry long before I pulled away I wiped my eyes shock my head and downed the rest of the beer.

"Ok enough of that . I need to stay positive about this"

"Lance you do but don't feel like you need to be super strong its ok to cry you have to or you'll never get through this."

"I know but I can't let Caleb see me focusing on the negative I need to stay positive for him, Brian its getting harder for him he's giving up"

"Oh Lance I don't believe it"

"Yes its not going well his chemo. He's not eating he's lost too much weight it looks like he is going to need a feeding tube. And Brian the chemo's not working at all" His only chance is going to be a Bone marrow transplant."

"Lance I didn't realize I shouldn't have come my issues are not important this is too much for you guys, God I feel so bad, anything you need both of you I'm there for you."

"I know Brian and its going to get bad here but I know Caleb wants to help you with whatever is going on with Bastion. So you know Caleb is going to tell Bastion , he's probably working up t it now. I know I should have told you but its better coming from him. I think with what I saw I think if you told him it would only be one more thing that Bastion would hold against you because you told him the bad news now he can only get mad at Caleb."

"Oh Lance I don't want him to hurt. He loves Caleb so much"

"I know Brian, Caleb loves him. In the short time since you have been here I never seen that glow in Caleb in months it was like the old Caleb was back the fighter. I think Bastion will make him fight this cancer. I need this too"

"Oh Lance I will have to see how he takes it and talk to Leighanne"

"I understand "

"So when did you find out."

Actually it was just before we wrapped shooting the movie. He was getting tired a lot and we thought that it was just the movie and everything. But Julia didn't think so and she confronted me with it. She knew it was something else and directed us to a friend of her's doctor. It didn't take a lot of persuading either which surprised me, you know what Caleb is like with being sick."

"Oh yeah I remember"

"But his time he didn't argue this time like he knew something was up"

"Wow, I guess I owe this Julia. It's a good thing she recognized it"

"Yeah it is, but you know here"

"I do"

"Yeah its Julia Roberts"

"Oh wow , that's right she was in your new movies I read something about it lots of hype."

"Yeah more if the press found out, which is what will probably happen"

"She's been great both her and Danny. They have both helped and been looking into all this alternative methods of medicine"

"This is unbelievable Lance , who else knows beside me and Bastion." "Well my mom, Julia and Danny that's it. We are going to start telling everyone now its time. We can't hide it anymore."

"What about Mel"

"Well its hard to get a hold of them in the bush of Africa. We can go through the channels but there is no phone where they are. They will be due back later this summer cause of the wedding and all plus you guys will be touring right after that."

"I wonder what Nick is doing in the bush with no Nintendo around" Brian smiled

I laughed "Well I'm sure the twins will be keeping him busy with Mel running the clinic"

"True enough, getting back to the wedding I don't suppose you will be going"

"Well I got an invite for me and Jake"

"Really "

"Yeah just me and Jake. Jake will be going I told AJ I wouldn't be there but I wished him well."

"It nice that you guys are doing great"

"Well we decided to get along despite everything that Kevin and Caleb are going through."

"Its been ten years I can't believe it , Kevin is very angry I don't think he is very happy"

"Caleb tends to be quiet an not say much only to me he will rant every once and a while"

"That good"

" So is Bastion siked about the wedding and getting to be one of the grooms men"

"Um not really"

"Well about three weeks ago They guys came up to visit and we were discussing the wedding and all that jazz you know what its like to plan a wedding anyway. We started talking about Bastion and what we were going through. I told AJ that we were thinking of sending him here to hang out with you and Caleb. Kevin was not impressed. He asked why Bastion couldn't come stay with them. Then he started to rant and rant about Caleb. Kevin's voice kind of carries when he upset."

"Yeah I noticed"

"Well Bastion heard some of the things that were said and he came running in and started screaming at Kevin defending Caleb. I had to separate them and told him to apologize . Which I might add only worsened our relationship. He refused and I grounded him. He told me fine and then told Kevin he wouldn't be part of any assholes wedding and wasn't going"

"Oh my god Brian that's terrible I know Kevin loves Bastion he and AJ love having the kids around they really should have been parents ."

"I know but AJ won't agree to it not with the way Kevin has been these last ten years. AJ is about to call it quits Kevin needs to smarten up"

"How things got this bad I don't know, I don't even remember what started it anyway. But things just started snow balling and now every little thing one does pisses off the other." "Simple it was about Kevin's jealousy. I saw something like this coming from the start Kevin doesn't like to share and i really don't think he was prepared to share Caleb and he didn't like what happened when it did." "Well I never took him we got married." "I understand that but Kevin got a jealous and Kevin Jealous is not a pretty thing so I know he said things small snide comments that probably pushed Caleb's buttons until its esculated. Its a stupid argument we all agree but both are stubborn." "I thought things would have changed when Anne passed away but it just continued." "Like I said small things snow balled but it looks like they better get there act together soon. Kevin and I have been on the outs over this since our argument over Bastion. I am tired of it and putting my foot down." "Oh Brian I'm sorry to hear that. Things are just bad all over I think." I just sat there taking it all in wondering what next was going to happen. I finished my bear and grabbed another for me and Brian. And jumped back up on the counter. I just had touched my backside on the counter when I heard him.

"Hey there, I'm not allowed to do that" Brian laughed and mouthed busted I had my back to Jake so he couldn't see me roll my eyes.

"Well I am older then you it doesn't apply to me"

"Really its because you are older that it should apply I wouldn't want you to break a hip or something" Brain spit out some of his beer laughing I turned around to tell Jake I didn't appreciate smart ass kids but he was already out of the room I could here him laughing as he went through the house.

"Cheeky bastard"

"Ah well he got you got to give him credit"

"I know I know. So know its your turn."

"Ah yes. Its just been hard and I can't relate and every time I try something happens and Bastion takes it all the wrong way"

"Well Brian you are very stressed I could tell that in the airport"

"I know but he's not careful Lance he thinks its all right just to be out there"

"There not anything wrong with it"

"I know Lance its not what I meant please I doubt need to be arguing with you as well. I don't have a problem with him being gay I just don't want him hurt and there are people still out there with problems "

"I know Brian and I am sorry, just start from the beginning how did you find out"

Brian laughed and took a swig of beer "that's just it, both Leigh and I both knew I guess. We just didn't expect him to be so open and tell us so early. It all started early this year he had spent the previous summer hanging out with Nathanial and they became fast friends its been hard for him to find friends, being who his parents are. So they spent every day together and then the school year came and they were inseparable. I was actually glad that Bastion had a friend for once. But then it happened. We were eating dinner one night and Bastion started asking weird questions about if We liked you guys and if we liked uncle Kevin and AJ. Of course we said yes and we started questioning him on why he was asking. I thought maybe some of the kids at school at said something about you guys. When we told him how we felt and that it didn't bother us. That's when he told us. He came right out and said ok cool cause I'm gay. We were not upset just taken by surprise but that wasn't the biggest surprise. Then he tells us that Nathaniel is his boyfriend. Ok then I guess I kind of freaked."

"Kind of freaked"

"Well yeah I started wondering what they were doing as Boyfriends. I guess like any parent didn't want him to get hurt. So I ended up call Nathaniel's dad, and talked to him about everything."

"I somehow don't think that was a good idea" I said and the look on Brians face told me I was right.

"Yeah well it didn't go well right away. Nate's dad confronted him and asked him about everything. I guess his dad was upset not mean upset just upset. But it freaked Nate out so much he took off and ran away. We didn't find him till three days later."

"Oh my god was he alright"

"Yeah terrified but ok he was lucky nothing happened to him. Leighanne and David that's Nate's dad found him hiding well I guess living behind a dumpster in one of the worse parts of town. He was scared when he saw them and started to bolt but they were able to calm him down. And get him home. I think it was Leighanne was the deciding factor. She reminded him of his mom, she died a couple of years before from Cancer. So David has been raising him on his own. He was a wreck those three days Nate was missing. Well we managed to get everything settled and David and Nathaniel spoke for a while and even got some counseling about everything. They are doing well. David was just worried about him like I am about Bastion. I am more because he is so out to everyone I am scared its gong to get him hurt."

"And Bastion kind of thinks that you don't approve and were trying to get Nate in trouble with his dad"

"Yeah, but it gets worse"

"How Brian"

"Well at the Spring dance he decided that he was going with Nate I understood why but I didn't think it was a good idea so I agreed to chaperone with David"

"Somehow I sense things didn't go well"

"Yeah well things were going all right until Bastion and Nate went to dance out on the dance floor. Two of the other adults there started making comments, ones that I won't repeat and you know he's my son. What was I supposed to do"

"What did you do" I know Brian and was a little scared at how he would have reacted.

"I knocked the bastard out. Took both of them on David pulled me off them. Then I went and pulled Bastion off the dance floor and we all went home. Bastion was pissed and hasn't talked to me since, he think I hate him and don't want him and Nate to be together. I didn't bother to tell him anything else better he feels that way about me then he find out what others were saying about him"

I sat there stunned at what Brian had been dealing with he would sooner let his son hate him then let him be hurt by others out there in society. I jumped off the counter and took him in my arms gave him a hug and a kiss on the head " You're a good man Charlie brown. But you need to tell Bastion because you will not be able to protect him all the time and best he always knows you are in his side."

"I guess your right"

"Oh I know that I am right" I smiled "So do you have a picture of this Nathaniel"

"Yeah I have a picture of him and Bastion from last Halloween" Brian reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture that looked like it had seen better days.

"The picture looks pretty worn"

"Well of course have to have a picture of my son in my wallet what father would I be if I didn't"

"True enough" Brian handed over the picture and I started to laugh. "I guess I should be honored then huh"

"What do you mean I assume the cute little blonde boy is Nathaniel."


"Well he dressed up like me"

"Huh you lost me"

"The movie we just finished I played Weasel and Caleb was Deadpool as usual"

"Oh I get it" Brian laughed

"Yeah well like I said they look cute together. I can see the grin on Bastion's face"

"Yeah but I think its cause of the costume that Caleb sent he loved it he had so much fun going as Deadpool"

"Well I'm glad he enjoyed he looks cute in the costume, Brian I am sure that everything is going to be ok between you too I can feel it in my heart."

"I don't..."


Brian and I jumped up and ran into the Den I knew what this was about I assumed that Caleb had told him well I guess there was no assumption needed when we both entered the den Bastion was in Caleb's arms as he sat in the chairs and he was sobbing and beating Caleb's chest "No I won't let you"

"Bastion" Brian spoke softy. Bastion turned around his eyes were totally heart broken. He jumped out of Caleb's arms and ran to Brian and started hugging him and continued crying I patted Brain's shoulder and watched the tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry dad, I really am" Bastion was crying

"Its ok Bastion its ok, well get through this"

I walked over to Caleb and sat at the arm of the chair and leaned down putting my head on my shoulder. "Its ok Caleb, you did the right thing"

"Is it James. Can I be honest with you about this"

"I expect nothing else"

"I know I'm not going to beat this James I feel it in my bones"

"Do not say that never say that" I spoke low so as to not upset everyone in the room. I was shocked and upset when I looked up I saw that Jake was standing in the room and watching what was going on especially myself and Caleb. I could feel Caleb move to stand.

"I am going to lie down he spoke softly and kissed my forehead."

"Fine but take Zeus"

"I don't need a babysitter."

"Do it of for me." I paused and whistled loudly "ZEUS" Next thing I knew Zeus was stampeding in the room that dog was still fast considering his age. He entered the room and sat down and just looked around he noticed Bastion and brain and went over and started sniffing. Bastion ignored him he was still sobbing.

" Zeus" He looked at me "Go with Caleb and make sure he ok" Zeus just snorted and stood up staring at Caleb. Caleb turned to me and laughed a little and left the room.

"Where you going uncle Caleb" Bastion was a little terrified in his voice.

"Just for a little nap I need to sleep buddy I will be ok, I'm going to see you graduate from med school"

"Who said I was going to be a doctor"

"I did" Caleb laughed and turned and left the room

"Are you ok son"

"Yeah I guess" Bastion was kind of looking at the floor.

"Its ok to be upset, I think though that you should come back home with me though when we leave."

"No dad I want to stay what if something happens" Bastion caught what he said and looked at me.

"I'm sorry uncle Lance I shouldn't have said that I didn't mean it"

"I know what you meant buddy"

"You have to listen to your father he knows what's right but you should know Caleb and I would love to have you here.

"See dad. Please could I stay for a visit?"

"I need to Talk to your mother about this."

"If Mom says yes, can I stay?"

I know ain't I a stinker ending the chapter here. Well you need a cliff hanger got keep you coming back. keep the feedback coming I hope you enjoyed