Hey well its here the Sequel. This series takes place ten years in the future and Caleb and James are living the Hollywood lifestyle.OK now time for the Important stuff. This story is complete FICTION I do not know any of the celebrities nor do I know any of their sexual orientation. Deadpool and Weasel are registered trademarks of Marvel comics. Enjoy :) Thanks to all who sent feedback.

Now back to the story

"Well It's Done, It's finally out, the whole world knows" I sat on the couch with Julia and Mom on either side of me Caleb was in the den with his agent and Publicist. He had just finished his press conference outside with all the press. I have never seen such a turnout. I know he was nervous, still is but I think there was some relief to have the secret finally gone now it was just to wait for the fallout to happen which will probably be soon.

"Oh Baby, it is going to fine, you know he will fight this and its better if he doesn't have to hide it"

"Yes Lance your mother is right. I am glad that Danny and I could be here for you both"

"Thanks, I know Caleb is glad you're here as well." I turned to my mom and kissed her cheek "Thank you too Mom"

"You don't need to thank me. Were you able to get a hold of Mel and Nick?"

"No we weren't. I know Caleb didn't want to do this before getting to her but there was just no way."

"So did the guys know?" Julia asked

"Well I know Caleb spoke to Howie, earlier this week and Brain and Leighanne plus Joey and Logan. I tried to get a hold of Josh and Britney but was unsuccessful. And Chris has seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet."

"So what about Kevin and AJ"

"Nope I guess they find out today. Caleb actually called but only got an answering machine he just left a quick message to call him. He didn't feel like it was some thing he should leave on the machine. They never called back. I am not sure what is going on. They never called back Brian as well."

"I can't believe that they would continue to hold a grudge. It was bad enough at Anne's funeral."

"Mom it was only Kevin not AJ. AJ is in the middle of this like me. I do find it hard to believe that even Kevin would hold a grudge over this but know only time will tell. I am so glad that you are here."

"Always for my baby"

Julia was still rubbing my shoulders trying to relieve the strain and knots. I forgot to ask her "Where is Danny at anyways"

"Oh out back with the rest of the boys. He and Brian were having a chat about the kids I guess"

"Well as long as he found a real man to hang out with"

"Stop that you know that Danny likes both you and Caleb and doesn't get uncomfortable around you"

"I know just trying to lighten the mood."

"Well find a better target then my man!"

"OK point taken won't mess with Julia any more." I laughed.

"So when does Caleb go back for treatment."

"His next course of treatment is scheduled in two weeks."

"Lance he looks better looks healthier then when I arrived."

"Yeah he does look a bit better. That's all because of the feeding tube they placed last week. I am surprised but happy that it's started showing."

"How exactly is that working?" Julie asked

"Well the tube was placed in his belly actually in his intestine and he gets feed these bags of brown feeding. It's kind of like those ensure drinks but they smell horrible and taste gross." I made a face and laughed remembering last week when we first started the process of feeding and I was interested and wanted to know exactly what we were feeding him. Caleb warned me but I didn't listen.

"Tastes that good does it sweetie."

"Oh my god it was disgusting good thing that you don't have to taste it"

"So his nausea is better?"

"Yes because it doesn't go in his stomach but he has still been nauseous but least he can get nutrition."

"You know he did very well this afternoon I am very proud of him, although I am sure that the press has only started. Plus what about Mel. I am sure she is going to try and get home."

"Yeah I know I just wish that we had been able get a hold of her" I replied I could hear the phone ringing in the other room. "I got it" Bastion yelled. "Anyway it's just a waiting game now"

"What do you think Kevin will do?"

"Its hard to say, and I don't want to guess, but if I could bet on AJ I will predict he will become permanently attached to our hips."

"UNCLE CALEB, DAD!" Bastion came running into the room.

"What's up Bastion? Your dad is outback so is Uncle Caleb."

"Its Uncle Nick on the Phone" I jumped up and took the phone from him. "Go get Caleb" and quickly put the phone to my ear. "Nick buddy, Its Lance"

"What the fuck is going on? We get this cryptic message today plus we also get the news via the internet."

"The internet."

"Yeah I have my laptop and had it fitted with one of those satellite DSL things, what is going on and how bad is it"

"Well Nick its bad, were holding our own at the moment but the outcome doesn't look good."

"Fuck, sorry Lance"

"No go ahead I want to say that all the time, where's Melissa."

"She's lying down I haven't woke her yet she was up late last night helping deliver a baby. I wanted to call and get some facts before I broke it to her."

"It's not going to be easy, for you Nick. I don't envy you at all with the boys there as well you are going to have your hands full."

"The boys are actually behaving themselves right now I think they can sense something is up."

"Will you guys be able to get home?"

"Yeah there is another group of Doc's that arrived Mel was actually going to be a supervisor this go around. They will just have to fend for themselves like we did."

I noticed Bastion come running back in with everyone in tow behind him. Caleb was looking a little paler. I know he wasn't looking forward to it. "Hey Nick Caleb is here you should talk to him." There was silence on the other end of the phone. I could hear a few ragged breathes. "Its ok Nick" I handed off the phone to Caleb. Caleb took a deep breathe and Began talking

"Hey Nicky, How's things" he had no idea Nick knew.


"It's good to be back. I miss the comfort of my house."

"Well sorry to hear you had a bad time" Kevin replied swatting AJ's ass as he brought in the suitcases form the car. "But I know what you mean. I wonder if anyone missed us"

"Well let's see. Dam we have like 25 messages" AJ looked around the room well should we answer them.

"Might as well"

"You can do it I'm going to bring the bags upstairs and get changed."

"Why thanks honey"

"No problem sexy like to keep you happy" With that Kevin headed up the stairs before AJ could throw something at him.

"Well I guess I better get to it before I have more that I have to answer." With that's AJ flopped onto the loveseat and pushed the answering machine button and laid back to hear the messages.

Beep... "Hey guys its Brian I need to talk to you give me a call back."

Beep "Hey it's me again were are you guys please call me back"

Beep "It's me just give me a call"

Beep... "Hey Guys its Leighanne how are you guys doing give me a call I need to talk to you"

Beep "Uncle AJ are you guys around I know Dad wants to talk to you. If it's because of how I acted I'm sorry. Hum just call Dad or Uncle Lance its Important."

Beep "Hey AJ, It's been I while I know but it's important that you call me"

AJ paused the messages for a second. What is going on here something is wrong. But what? He was going to pick up the phone and call Brian but he thought he better listen to some of the other messages. He pushed the play button again.

Beep... "... ... ... ... Hey Kevin I know you might not want to talk but um I would appreciate it you would call me back I have to tell you something. I know Brian has called and you haven't called him back. I don't know if you're gone or something but I don't want you to hear this from someone else. Hey AJ get him to call me, thanks"

This time it was serious Caleb calling to talk to Kevin. He pushed the stop button and was going to get Kevin and get him to call.

Ring... Ring... Ring

AJ grabbed the phone quickly "Hey what's up?"

"Thank God AJ where have you been? We have been trying to get a hold of you."

"I know Howie. I just heard a bunch of messages. Kevin and I took a little trip to clear our heads after the last couple of months of stress. What is going on I was just going to get Kevin?"

"Dam AJ have you not heard the news or turned on the TV."

"No I haven't we just got in. Kevin is upstairs unpacking He might have the TV on."

"Dam AJ get him he shouldn't hear this from the TV"

"Ok Dam it Howie what is going on" AJ was frustrated and didn't want to scream at Howie but he was tired of this.

"AJ, Its Caleb he has Cancer... It's not looking to good. He is going to need a bone marrow transplant." AJ dropped the phone then realized what he did and quickly picked it up to hear Howie yelling from the phone.

"I got to go Howie I will call you back" and then he hung up and started taking the stairs two at a time He wiped at his cheeks cause of the wetness.

"Kevin" he yelled as he was coming down the hallway. Kevin didn't respond but he could hear the TV on in the bedroom. He picked up speed and turned into the bedroom to see Kevin there standing staring at the TV.

{This is Gideon Yago and this is an MTV news break. Top story today Actor Caleb Frost revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer in a scheduled press conference earlier today. He acknowledged that he is currently receiving treatment for his condition. He recently finished production on his upcoming movie Dead Pool staring Husband Lance Frost and Julia Roberts. This has been an MTV news break more details on this and other news at ten to the hour}

Kevin was in shock AJ approached him slowly and laid his hand on his shoulder. "Kevin I'm sorry you found out that way I just got off the phone with Howie he told me. All those messages were from everyone trying to get a hold of us. Caleb even called you himself" Kevin never said anything he just stood there silently tracing the old scar under his shirt. "Kevin we should go we have to do something Howie said he may need a bone marrow transplant. We have to try and help find a donor I know we can do it."


"What! Kevin Scott Richardson, if you think I'm going to let you dictate to me and my actions for a friend. I have had enough of this shit I have sat back long enough...

"AJ! I mean we don't need to find a match. I'm a match for him."

AJ stood there stunned he totally forgot of course he would have been a match. But what surprised him was how calm Kevin was being about it. He never thought that Kevin would forgive Caleb. After Anne's funeral he had given up.

"Oh Kevin yes Thank God" he slipped his arms over his shoulders and leaned into him as he stared ahead. "There are quite a few messages I think we need to call them back." Kevin didn't say anything he just remained silent except for his breathing.


"AJ you call and talk to them. I'm not sure I can talk right know I need to think about this."

"Think about what?"

"Everything AJ! Just call and let them know we are thinking of him."

"Fine Kevin but you better not waste any more time because you may not get another chance." Kevin sat on the bed and slumped forward his head in his hands. Thinking about everything that is going on. This just could not be real. It was not supposed to end this way. Well how was it suppose to end I never wanted him to die. God have we really wasted 10 years of fighting for nothing. How do I fix something that I so recklessly threw away? I don't think I can face him or Lance. Kevin just hung his head and thought of the last time he and Caleb had seen once another.

The weather was warm and sticky your clothes stuck to your body. The very air felt heavy on your chest. It added perfectly the feeling going around the Richardson household these past few days after a year of declining health she passed away 3 days ago. Kevin and AJ had returned to Kentucky for the funeral. The guys had all flown in as well and were waiting downstairs to head out to the church. Kevin was pulling his tie on but finding it difficult to actually tie it.

"Kevin were leaving for the church "

"Where's AJ?"

"He's downstairs with the rest of the family. I told him I would be up to get you"

"I'm not sure about this Brian. How am I going to get through this?"

"You will because you have AJ and the rest of the family"

"It's not the same. Brian but I do appreciate it, where's my favorite nephew anyway." Kevin smiled as Brian finished tying his tie.

"He's downstairs with Leighanne and mom. He's a typical 5 year old. I don't know how much he understands. We explained it as best we could I don't think I even understand it."

"Join the club cousin" Kevin grabbed his coat and made for the hallway. "Let's go Brian"

"Okay if you're ready so am I"

Kevin made his way down the stairs. "AJ" he called out

"I'm here Kevin, the cars ready if you are" Kevin just nodded and finished putting on his coat. Everyone just silently went about getting ready and putting on their coats. Eerily it was like a well played out ballet. The heat from outside was sickening and joyful. Kevin could hear children playing outside. It seemed surreal that people were celebrating and being happy when his entire world was over. Well he felt that way. AJ took his hand and walked with him to the limo that was waiting for them and the family. Kevin sat in the Limo and waited. That was hi life these last few days. He waited and wished everything to be just over and done so that he start running away form the whole situation.

"I can't believe he came. How dare he show up here? This has nothing to do with him."

"Kevin Calm down. He came to pay his respects to you and the Family. He loved Anne a great deal"

"He does not deserve to be here he hasn't spoken to me in 5 years. I don't care I want him gone."

"Kevin don't do anything you are upset you need to stop this fight."

"No AJ this is my family and not his I don't want him here" At this point AJ stood up pulling Kevin with him as the entire congregation stood up at this point. AJ looked over his shoulder to see if he could catch Caleb or Lance's face. However he could not with the sea of people behind him. AJ turned his attention back to the pastor who was giving a final prayer and closing. As he finished the pall bearers gather behind Anne's Casket and made their way from the church. Kevin held back with AJ as his brothers and sister in laws headed out as well the rest of the church waited for all of the family to leave before they went. Kevin finally started down the isle watching Caleb and Lance all the while. They had sat at the end. Near the door. AJ was nervous at what would happen so he positioned himself on the same side as Caleb. Kevin was having none of this he stopped right at the row where Caleb and Lance stood... Before anyone knew what was happening Kevin Threw a right hook at Caleb hitting him straight in the face knocking him off his feet. "YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE".

Caleb jumped up and lunged for him knocking him off his feet and to the floor before getting a punch in as well. Kevin however flipped Caleb on his back and began to wale on his face. Before being pulled off by AJ and Lance

"Kevin stop this, it's your mothers Funeral". Caleb had gotten up and Lance walked towards him pulling him back and leading him out of the church. "What the Fuck James let me go he had no right"

"Caleb stop lets go it's not a place to do this."

"How dare he..." Caleb stopped and spit some blood onto the floor. Lance reached up and gave him a handkerchief. And lead him from the scene.

"I can't Believe that Kevin what were you thinking about. "

"Leave me alone Brian"


"No AJ I told you I didn't want him here"

"Damm it your mom would have wanted him there. Kevin lets go" Brian again trying to be the voice of reason.

"No, she didn't."

"Kevin come with me now, people are staring and the family are waiting. Look your happy he is gone both he and Lance left" AJ spoke slowly and deliberately.

"I wish he was dead, not my mom." Came the spiteful reply as Kevin pulled away and made his way outside.


"Why, why, why. I should never have said that I brought this on. I should not have said that. This is my entire fault." Kevin sat and rocked slowly at the edge of the bed while replays of the press conference play on the TV in front of him. AJ stood in the doorway watching Kevin afraid maybe of what he would do if left alone. He had his cell phone in his hand and pressed speed dial and brought the phone to his ear. By the second ring AJ and turned around and walked midway down the hall before he sat on the floor.



"AJ, where are you guys? There's something Caleb and I need to tell you."

"We know Lance. Howie called and told me but Kevin saw the news update on MTV. We went away for a couple of days and tried to relax. Sorry we weren't there for you but Kevin and I will be there for you both."

"How is Kevin taking it?"

"Well I guess it's hard to say right now I am not sure he's gotten very quiet, which is never ever good. Is Caleb available to talk?"

"Well he's talking to Nick and Mel at the moment. But I'm sure he going to want to say hello."

"Oh no that more important poor Mel how's she taking it?"

"Well as good as one would expect. Nick is not doing well with it though. He spent most of the conversation sobbing on the phone to Caleb."

"Nick thinks so much of Caleb. When are they coming home?"

"Apparently they were just transferring over power so to speak so Nick thinks it will be by the end of the week maybe the start of next week. Caleb has been relaying the conversation to us all here."

"Who's all there?"

"Hmm my Mom, Brian Bastion Jake, Julia and Danny"

"Well a full house. I forgot about Bastion being there. How is he holding up with all this?"

"Good very surprising, he was really upset at first but he is doing so well now and his presence here is making Caleb Happy. I think he got his strength back to fight it."

"Well that's great. I Asked how everyone else is doing I guess I should ask how are you holding up through all of this? Or are you tired of answering that question."

"Well you are right about that. I am so tired about being asked that question. I appreciate the concern form people and understand they are in an impossible uncomfortable situation but there are times that I just want to bitch slap them."

"Then I am glad that I am a continent away" AJ laughed

"I apologize, it's just so stressful. I am having a good day today though, because Caleb is having a good day."

"That makes sense you guys were always so close it was like one person at times. To be honest it was kind of creepy."

I laughed so much at this. "Me what about you and Kevin. You both are just as bad."

"Yeah, your right but its fun to tease someone else about it. Be honest with me Lance do I want to see him?"

"What you haven't seen the news?"

"No I haven't I heard them talking but there was no image and I really don't know if I want to see him the first time in years to be on TV."

"I understand AJ I do he is very skinny now you can tell how sick he is, You remember when you guys found Caleb home after we had broken up,"

"Yeah. Oh my god Lance he looks that small?"

"No AJ he looks smaller." There was just silence on the other end of the phone Lance let the silence be. Knowing AJ would need a moment to catch his breath. He himself thought back to those times it was hard not to when he looked at Caleb even after these last ten years of bliss. There were moments when he would think of all the time they wanted and had lost with everything that had gone on in there relationship. It seemed so unfair. He wanted that time back.

"Sorry Lance? I just needed a minute"

"That ok AJ I have learned that we all are going to need to be here for each other"

"I agree Lance and I am going to be there for both of your and I know despite everything Kevin will be there as well. I am going to try and get out there soon."

"I appreciate that and I'm sure Caleb will as well."

"Hey Lance I am going to let you go I'll call back I don't want to tire Caleb out, or make him feel like he needs to rush with Melissa."

"No you don't need to hang up"

"I know but I want to check on Kevin he has been very quiet I am a little worried."

"Ok AJ thanks for call and I will be talking to you soon"