Hey well its here the Sequel. This series takes place ten years in the future and Caleb and James are living the Hollywood lifestyle. Hope you enjoy the way I have decided to move with the story. Thanks for the positive feedback. OK now time for the Important stuff. This story is complete FICTION I do not know any of the celebrities nor do I know any of their sexual orientation. Deadpool and Weasel are registered trademarks of Marvel comics.( Don't worry i didn't go all sci-fi on you LOL). Enjoy :) Thanks to all who sent feedback.

"You sure you don't mind Julia, I hate asking, but C would only want to come with me."

"Its no problem Lance. Danny and I can keep him busy, why don't you want you mother to know."

"She can't keep a secret is why, Caleb will know something is up immediately. That's why she need to be in the dark. I shouldn't be that long."

That was two hours ago and I still hadn't arrived at my destination. Driving through L.A. in midday wasn't a good idea. But it did give me time to think about the trip I was making but was that necessarily a good thing. That would have to be up for debate. The traffic moved a little faster now that he had taken the off ramp maybe he would make a better time on the surface streets. This seemed to be upper middle class neighborhood, nice lawns and tree lined streets. Doesn't seem like the area where a living center would be located. I pull down the next street pulling into what seemed to be a cull de sac. I pulled in the ornate gate and parked in the first spot I could find. Well I guess that this is it I should just go and do this. Making my way towards the office each step seemed to take more and more effort.

"Hello Sir. May I help you?"

I was caught off guard by the sudden appearance of someone in front of me I jumped a little. Causing the man to laugh a little.

"Hope I didn't startle you"

"Umm No not at all. Well I was looking for some directions I wanted to see a resident here."

"You look familiar Sir." There was a slight pause before the realization came to him "Oh I am a great fan Mr. Frost. I assume you are here to see Mr. Timberlake."

"Thanks, Yes I am can you direct me to his quarters."

"Sure come with me to the office I will get you a map and you can navigate around our little community."

"A map?"

"Yeah thanks to our benefactor we have about and 2 acres of land here. Its setup like a small town we have about 150 units at this moment. Basically small independent cottages with a small porch and front yard. Each of our residents is responsible for upkeep. We also have a community center where we teach life classes regularly and hold events. There are some small stores located in the center as well. Quite well planned out."

"Wow I never would have imagined that it was that big."

"We still have space to grow. The complex has been quiet successful thanks to fund-raising techniques." The man paused a moment before he stopped. "I heard about your husband I am very sorry to hear that I hope everything works out well you both. Caleb has been a great help to us here."

"Thanks I appreciate that. Wait what do you mean a great man, you have met my husband."

"Yes, he's is on the board of directors he is responsible for us being here. I thought you would have known"

"Actually I didn't but I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that. This whole area would have his name all over it"

"Ok let me get you those directions." We stepped into the office and he pulled a small area map from one to the tables and grabbed a pen.

"Ok here we are and Mr. Timberlake's house is right here. So you are going to go out these door and straight down the road here and make a left and then a right. It is the last one at the end 3456 Frost way." The man smiled when he said that.

I thanked him and went back to the car getting in I proceeded following the directions and rechecking the map. It was pretty hot out today so I didn't notice many people out in their yards milling a around. I did see an elderly couple walking down on of the paved paths but that was pretty much it. It seemed like a deserted town. I hope Justin was home. I mean I hadn't called who was to say he would be in. Finally I came up to 3456 Frost way and parked next to the curb and got out. There is no way I can back out of his now I better get going and get it over with. I quickly came to the door and knocked I could here some noise then nothing I was going to knock again when I noticed the peep hole in the door. I bet he was watching me. I calmly knocked again and then

"Hello may I help you Sir?" came a meek reply from inside the house.

"I'm sorry I may have the wrong address I'm looking for Justin Timberlake."

"That's me, but I don't know you. They don't allow strangers around here I am going to call the office"

"Wait Justin" I was confused he didn't recognize me. "The office let me through they gave me directions. You can call and check with them then."

"I will" I could here some more shuffling. I felt naked standing out here in the heat on this porch I felt like I was being watched from all of the houses. It took a while few minutes and then the door swung open very quickly. There stood Justin looking past me and to both sides as if he was expecting someone. Mr. Macanty at the office said you were Caleb's friend. Where is Caleb at?" he had a smile on his face and was slightly bouncing up and down."

"You know Caleb?"

"Yeah, don't you know him?" he looked a little suspicious of me for a second

"Yes I do I just didn't realize you did. I also know Jake"

"Are you Jake's dad?"

"Yes I am."

"Cool did you know Jake is my best friend" he replied happily.

"Yes I did Justin" I went along with him this time. I didn't want him getting nervous. He looked different, he was bare foot wearing a pair of loose fitting pair of overalls and a t-shirt his hair was a mop of curls memories of the younger days with him came flooding back to Lance. The biggest change were the eyes. He was a firm believer in that belief that the eyes were windows to the soul. Justin eyes were big and bright but at the same time they seemed to have a vacant deep quality to them. It was hard to understand what Justin thought or saw and that was the hardest for Lance he remembered the past, the lost possibilities. Justin however was a blank slate. In the end Lance thought that was better.

"May I come in Justin?"

"Oh sorry, Mommy would be upset with my manners. She says it's polite to ask friend into you home."

"That's ok Justin, Jake and Caleb talk about you and I thought I would come and meet the cool guy they were talking about."

Justin just blushed and lowered his head. Justin started to laugh "Sorry, you want to come in? Right sometimes I'm a knuckle head." with that he moved away and swept his arms out "Please come in Jake's Dad."

"Thank you very much Justin, I looked at his feet noted that he was curling his toes up like he was cold."

"Justin are you cold do you need socks?"

"Uh uh I like the cold floor its feels cool" he giggled lowering his voice like he was trying to whisper with out anyone else in the room hearing even though it was just him and Lance. "Don't tell my mommy she would be upset. She says I need to wear slippers or I'm going to catch cold. She's always treating me like a baby"

"I'm sure she just worries about you, but I promise I won't tell pinky swear" Lance held up out his pinky finger.

"Oh I'm not allowed to swear and neither should you" Justin had such a sincere face when he said this.

"You are right Justin I apologize and I promise I won't say anything to your mom"

"Ok cool" Justin stood there smiling. Lance noticed something that Justin was constantly doing he was snapping his knuckles. It was just at that time he snapped his fingers near is temple. "Oh please come in, do you want to see my apartment."

Yes I would Justin" Lance entered the house and took off his shoes they entered into a small entry way that opened to a living room. The first thing he noticed was how neat and organized everything was. It appeared that everything had its place. The apartemt was warm and cozy not a lot of things in the way.

"This is the living room and over here is the kitchen" the kitchen again was extremely neat and like something out of the way there wasn't even a dish in the sink.

"It's very nice and very clean Justin"

"Thank you" he was beaming at Lance's compliment. "The stove doesn't work though"

Lance was confused "Oh do you need me to have someone fix it for you?"

"No silly it's not on because I haven't graduated form cooking classes yet. I can only use the microwave and the little George Forman grill. Did you know he was a boxer?" Justin beamed with pride.

"I didn't know that Justin" Lance feigned ignorance. Justin seemed proud that he knew something and was able to teach something.

"So you take cooking classes"

"Yes I passed my level ones that means I can use the microwave and the grill. Wanna see my diploma" Justin pulled Lance by the hand and took him to the back of the house showing him the bathroom and then opening the doors to a backroom. "This is my room"

"Walking in I was amazed it was almost as big as the rest of the house it ran the whole length of the house. It was like a typical kid's room there were posters on the walls. I also noticed many of Justin's awards shoved in boxes down the back like they were nothing at all. I noticed one corner of the room was all windows and the carpeting stopped, to be replaced by stone tile. The only piece of furniture in that corner was a stool and what I thought was an easel.

"Do you Paint Justin?"

"Yeah" he smiled "Would you like to see?"

"Yes please"

He ran to what I assumed was his closet and pulled out a few canvases. "Here look at this one I painted it from up here." He said pointing to his head. He turned around the canvas; I was shocked at this it was amazing I never realized that Justin would have that much talent. It was a picture of Caleb and Zeus. It felt like forever since I have seen a good picture of Caleb looking fit and healthy. I was amazed.

"Wow Justin this is amazing"

Justin blushed and hid his face. "Do ...do you know who it is?"

"Yeah I do its Caleb and Zeus."

"I like Zeus, Caleb said I would be able to have a dog if I learned how to take care of pets so I am learning about dogs. Look see my Fish his name is bob, and this is my hamster bob"

I smiled "Isn't it confusing having a fish and a hamster named bob."

"No, because ones a fish and ones a hamster can't you tell them apart?"

"Well yeah... I understand Justin that's cool I see your taking good care of them."

"Oh yeah I feed them and clean there cages and bowl. Cause I wanna dog like Zeus"

Justin was visibly excited about getting a dog which was strange because he really wasn't a pet person before. I could see that a dog like Zeus would be good for him. I will have to ask the director about this, see if he is ready

"When is Caleb coming to visit me again?"

"Not sure Justin he's not feeling well lately."

"I hope he will be ok soon I miss him. Would you like to stay for lunch?"

"Thanks Justin I would"

"Ok but I can only make soup and grilled cheese"

"That sounds great actually thank you for asking me"

"Your welcome" he made his way out to the kitchen to begin cooking lunch. Lance followed behind. So far things were going well. Lance was impressed at how well Justin was managing and he looked very healthy. Lance couldn't get over that the Justin he grew up with and knew was gone and it was hard being with this other person. He didn't know how Caleb or Jake did it. No that was wrong he did know how they did it. Justin was there friend no matter and this Justin was very sweet and innocent.

"Would you like some help?"

Justin turned around and had a something between hurt or confused expression. Lance wasn't sure. "I can do this you know I can show you my certificates."

"I'm sure you can. I just meant did you need me to help you like set the table after all you are making me lunch. I wanted to help."

"Oh ok, the dishes are up there in this cupboard. We are going to need 2 bowels, 2 plates. The small ones, 2 glasses and two spoons" Justin spoke slowly listing everything off on his fingers.

"Will do"

"Is Jake sick too?" the question seemed to come out of no where and startled me and at the same time filled me with dread at the idea of my son being sick.

"No not at all but he is taking care of Caleb for me. I will tell him to come visit you soon." Justin smiled at that. I wondered if anyone else ever visited him here.

"Justin do you have any other friends that come to visit?"

"No, just Jake and Caleb and now you" he smiled "My mommy and daddy visit me though sometime they bring my brothers."

"What about friends in the community?"

"Nope. I like to stay at home and paint pictures and watch cartoons" he smiled as he laughed the last part."

"Why don't you go out?"

"I did once but some people started jumping out and taking pictures they were really pushy. So now I just go to the community center and right back here." I felt bad for Justin still being hounded by the paparazzi and not being able to understand why.

"Well I would like to be your friend and visit"

"Cool the soup is almost done would you like to watch me use the grill its fun"

"Sure Justin I would."

"Oh a family once visited next door."

"A family next door"

"I guess they did. It was a mom and dad and a little baby they were sitting in a car outside when I came home from class. I thought that it was one of those guys with the cameras but I saw the baby. I asked them who they were looking for because strangers aren't allowed in here. They told me they were visiting next door and then left."

That sounded strange maybe they were surprised that they had seen Justin. Still I hope it wasn't some fans or paparazzi.

"Done here" Justin said proudly. I grabbed the plates and placed the sandwiches on them and Justin poured the soup. We sat down and began eating. Justin seemed very happy to have someone visiting made me feel bad I hadn't come earlier. "So Justin what do you do for fun."

"I like to paint and watch movies"

"Oh you go to the movies?"

"No I watch on the TV. I don't go to the movies I don't know how to get there and I might get lost"

"You don't go out with any friends here."


"Are there any movies that you would like to see?"

"Oh yeah that new Dead pool movie that looks cool"

I smiled I wanted to laugh at his enthusiasm. I wondered if he realized that was Caleb. "Well you know those commercials are only previews the movie won't be out for another 2 months. And it will be in the theaters not TV."

"Oh" he looked a little dejected.

"But tell you what how would you like it if I or Jake took you to see it when we came out."

"Really that's awesome I would like that"

I was happy he was happy. I wondered though about this setting. It really wasn't good for him he seemed to be like a recluse not getting out and interacting. I thought about our guest house. It was the same size as this house. Maybe I can modify the house a little. Then he would be around more people and be more social. Hmm, I need to talk this over with Caleb and Jake though.

"Hello" I snapped out of it to see Justin staring at me waving his hand in my face

"Sorry Justin just lost in thought"

"Oh I do that a lot too"

"Do you know what Caleb does for a living?"

"Like his job?"

"Yeah his job"

"Umm no"

"Well he and I are actors."

"Are you famous actors?" I seemed to pique his interest and seemed excited

"Yeah a little."

"That must be cool. Mommy tells me I was famous once but I don't remember that at all not since my accident."

"Do you remember the accident?"

"No I do remember being in the hospital a long time and being scared. I don't like hospitals."

"I don't like them either Justin." I decided to change the topic "Lunch has been really good you are a good cook."

"Thank you"

"Justin I am going to have to head back home soon"

"Oh ok" he seemed so sad as I told him that

"But I would like to come back and visit"

"Really!! That would be awesome can Jake come with you?"

"Maybe but I will tell him to come and visit you soon. How would you like to come visit us at our home someday?"

"Really wow. Will I get to play with Zeus?"

"Yeah if Zeus is up for it he is getting old"

"Ok cool. Um wait before you leave" he got up and ran into his bedroom. He returned quickly carrying the large portrait of Caleb and Zeus

"That's cool thanks you Justin are you sure?"

"Yes I want you and Caleb to have it"

"Thank you I got up and pulled him into a hug, for an instant it seemed like the old Justin in there."

"You're welcome Lance"

"What did you say?"

"I called you Lance you were a friend of mine before my accident right. Sometimes I remember things"

Yes I was, so were Caleb and Jake but I knew you longer. I'm sorry I never visited you sooner."

"Its ok. I know sometimes mommy gets sad when she see me she thinks I don't see her but I can tell she is sad I'm not as smart as I was before."

"Oh Justin she loves you no matter. That's why moms are so cool. She just feels sad because she thinks you're hurting"

"She shouldn't because I don't remember much of it"

"She's your mom so she will worry about It, just let her"

"Ok. Can I still come visit you and Jake and Caleb?"

"Definitely Justin we will have to do it soon. I promise."

"Cool" Justin had a wide grin on his face. I said my goodbyes and hugged him and made my way to the car. I grabbed my phone and pushed speed dial. Waiting for the phone to pick up I pulled away from the curve and place the phone on speaker. Nate Berkus's office. Hello Carol its Lance Frost can I speak with Nate.

"One moment Lance" I waited for what felt like for ever but isn't that the way when you are anxious to start something.

"Hey Lance its Nate here how are you. I'm sorry to hear about Caleb. How are you doing through all this.?"

"Thanks Nate I'm doing about as well as can be expected. I am calling because I want you to redo our guest house."

"You sure you want to do decorating?"

"Yeah I am. It's to make the guest house into an apartment. I want Justin to move in with us"

"Well then any ideas?"

"Now just accessible for Justin now I just came form his place now. It kind of reminded me of a kids house. He does paint now so if you could make an area for that it would be great. Other then that I really don't have any ideas that's why I'm paying you"

"Hahahaha. Gotcha, well I could fit you in. I could be out in there by tomorrow to check it out and get some ideas. Ho soon did you want to start?"

"As soon as possible"

"Well I think I might be able to swing it if this is what you really want its probably going to be a little hectic for a couple of weeks."

"Nate our life has been a lot hectic. I don't think this will matter much. The end result will be all that matters"

"And what is the end result of this Lance?"

"Caleb will have his family closer to him."

"Fair enough Lance, Fair enough. Look I have to run. I have meeting to get to and have to juggle a few things so I can make it out there. I will call you back when I have the and times of my arrival."

"Ok Nate, take care and thanks for fitting me in."

"No problem, take care."

Hanging up I realized where I was, hmmm closer to home then I thought. I must be on the road at the best time. Better for me, I really don't like being gone for too long. I hope Julia can cover for me. I hated doing it to her but Mom was out shopping with Jake she was determined to spoil her grandchild. I remember telling her that once and she pointedly informed me that she could never compete with me. Then proceeded to list everything I had ever bought Jake. After that I really lost all credibility with that argument. Pulling into our cul de sac I noted that Mom and Jake were back since Caleb's truck was back and sitting in the driveway. Caleb is going to be upset with Jake, he knows better then to leave it in the driveway. He is supposed to put it back in the garage. I pulled into the garage. Getting out I grabbed the Painting in the back seat and decided to show it to Caleb right away. I'm not sure if he had seen it before. Even if he had it would probably make him happy to see it, on many levels.

"Caleb I'm Home" I called out not sure if was within hearing range. The next thing I knew my knees were being taken out by a pair of hyperactive munchkins.

"GAMPA" came the squeals at my feet. Putting down the picture I reached down and grabbed the two ankle biters and swung them up. Ughh won't be able to do that for much longer they were almost four now and they were getting bigger and as much as I hated it I was getting older.

"Kai, Keir How are my favorite grandbabies" I began Tickling them as I held them. They just began squirming and squealing with laughter.

"Gampa, were not babies were big boys" they laughed all the while trying to keep a serious face. "All right." I said panting and putting them down "Your right, your big boys now. I sat down on the floor to be face to face with them. They were tall for 4 years old it seemed to me but its been a while since I could compare that with anything. They stood in front of me smiling, It was sometimes very hard to tell then apart being identical twins but if you knew them there was a certain way. Keir had a slight dimple on the end of his nose that was really the only way to tell the difference.

"Gampa guess what?" Keir anxiously jumped up and down, you could see the energy ready to burst from him. Kai the quieter of the two stood there almost shaking with excitement.

"What buddy"

"We were in Afica and we sawed Elephants and lions..." Kai jumped right in next to finish off what his brother had started. "and we sawed giraffes and cows with super duper horns they were bigger then trees" Kai nodded.

"Were not" Keir argued staring at his brother

"Were too. right daddy?" I finally noticed Nick standing in the doorway. His eyes were a little wet but I could tell he was holding it in. They all most have seen Caleb by now and since I didn't see Mel I assumed she was still with Caleb. Nick bent down grabbing Kai up into his arms "They were pretty big horns son, maybe the size of small trees" he laughed. Nick reached his hand out and helped me to my feet pulling me up and into a hug almost squeezing Kai I could feel him shake a little as he held me.

"Daddy! Your mushing me" Nick pulled back and laughed. "Sorry" with that he put Kai down and he immediately ran over to his brother and they started taking but in this kind of made up language they had. We had assumed it was just gibberish and baby talk but got concerned when they didn't start speaking normally until very late. Mel and Nick had taken them to be tested it was then that we were told that this was common thing with twins to develop there own language. Watching them know its seemed so funny.

"Hey Nick how did you guys do it? How did you get back?"

"By hook or by crook we have been traveling the last 48 hours we called earlier and Jake and Your mom came to pick us up at the airport. We wanted to try and surprise you. But someone wasn't home."

"Oh yeah I needed to run some errands"

"That Caleb didn't know about. It wasn't fair to use Julia for cover. Her and Danny have had a fine time of it not telling Caleb"

"I know, I just had to visit a friend."

"Yeah that's what Caleb said"


"He said that you were probably visiting a friend."

"I can't believe him at times. No mater what I can't keep anything form him."

"You sound surprised by that. I would have imagined you would be use to it by now." Nick looked down and noticed the portrait. Bending down he picked it up examining it. "Wow this is very nice, the artist is very talented. Did you have this made for Caleb"

"No, Justin did it"



"That's where you were." Nick just smiled and rubbed my shoulder. "Mel is in the living room with Caleb and everyone else is out back by the pool they wanted to give us some time alone. We heard you pull in and Caleb told the boys to come out and surprise you." Nick looked at the twins and smiled. They were both looking at us.

"Did we Surprise you Gampa" Keir laughed

"Yes you did. Why don't you run out and go out back and play with Zeus"

"Ok" Kai and Kier both responded quickly running towards the back.

"No running in the house." Nick hollered after them.

I laughed at Nick he had so grown up having kids will do that. I can't imagine having twins they both take after Nick. They are just as energetic as he was. "I think someone is getting some payback" I laughed

"Oh tell me about I think Kevin is enjoying himself"

"So, do I need to ask?"

Nick just looked at me His eyes were still moist and a little red. He turned around and looked toward the living room. "Lance, why him? I don't understand this at all. Its all too much. Mel is beside herself. I am becoming useless to her and the boys and the boys don't know what's going on just that Mommy and Daddy are sad. They have been on their best behavior though the last few days like they understand."

"I take it you haven't sat them down and told them?"

"No I think it might be too soon, Mel and I agreed to wait. Does that bother you?"

"Nope its your decision and you need to do what you feel is best. I do agree they may be a little young and not totally understand it."

I grabbed the counter and hoisted myself up on it. "So tell me about your adventures Tarzan?"

Nick laughed and began to beat his chest "Me Tarzan you Jane. You know it was a great experience I am so glad I could do it. It was quiet the change being the stay at home dad but I enjoyed doing it. The boys and I have gotten so close its been great. I am going to miss it when we go on tour. But let me tell you its nerve wracking in Africa I couldn't let them out of my site. Keir doesn't believe he'll ever get hurt and Kai just walks around in a daze. I was terrified they would be eaten by something." I laughed at Nick being so frustrated.

"Like I said they take after their dad."

"Oh god help me" he laughed "The first week there while Mel was helping set up I took the boys on a safari. Big mistake They kept thinking they could jump out of the jeep and go pet the animals . They thought it was just a big petting zoo."

"Well it looks like they survived. My grandsons look like they have all their fingers and toes. Although their father appears to have some grey hairs." I reached out and tugged at some of his hair. He just slapped my hand away.

"You know should you be on the cupboard like that. Caleb would never let me do that."

"Yeah well I'm his man and your were just a little pest"

"What are you doing on the counter get down before you hurt yourself. My god are you a child or something" I turned around to see Caleb standing there with Mel and he had a small scowl on his face. "And just where were you?"

"Sorry." I slipped off the counter and stood next to Nick " I was out on some errands actually I went to visit someone" I could see a small smile playing on his lips.

"I thought so, You know you didn't need Julia and Danny playing a nurse maid. Your going to worry me more when you slink off"

"I did not slink off! plus I didn't think you would pay it much attention." Caleb just laughed at me

"Not pay it much attention. In the last 3 months you haven't even farted without letting me know. Anyway I am glad you went to Visit Justin."

Mel looked surprised at that revelation being the first time I had seen him in two years. I realized that I had the portrait laying against the wall. "Oh Justin gave me something for you."

"Oh really" I reached down and grabbed the portrait giving it to Caleb to see."

"Wow, That's beautiful." Mel finally spoke

"Oh this is amazing I haven't seen this one, It looks like a photograph well an old photo." Caleb laughed

"Yeah Zeus looks younger." Caleb swatted at me "He wants you to visit sometime soon with Zeus, you know he kept talking about how he wants a nice dog like Zeus."

"I remember I will have to see how he's getting along"

"Well I wanted to talk to you about that ?"

"Why what's wrong?" Caleb seemed a little worried

"Nada I called Nate Berkus thought he might redo our guest house for Justin. I would like him to stay here at least he would be closer to us and have some friends ."

"That Explains the phone call from Nate earlier." He laughed "Its fine by me the more the merrier" I pulled him to me and kissed him hard on the lips forgetting myself for a moment and who was around. I decide to slip him a little tongue.

"Ewww Gross Gampas are being mushy" I pulled away and Caleb Laughed. " What's wrong Kai you not like your Gampa being Mushy. With that he picked him up and started giving him kisses and hugging him.

"Ha ha.. Help me Daddy" He giggled and laughed.

"I'll protect your buddy " with that Nick worked his way between Caleb's arms and pulled Kai into his arms and started to guard him. Caleb huffed "Fine be that way no buddy loves me" pretending to cry

"I love you Gampa, don't cry" Kai reached out and grabbed Caleb's cheeks and gave him a Kiss on his face and hugged him.

"Thank you, I love you too." Mel had started crying watching this.

"Daddy why is Mommy crying all the time?. Are you sad Mommy?"

"No I just missed Grandpa and I'm happy to be here and see him."

"I'm happy to see him too." Kai replied enthusiastically. Caleb was smiling at him. I was happy to see that.

"Where is your brother?" Mel asked. Nick put him back on the floor.

"I dun no" Kai lifted up his hands in the air as he tried to shrug his shoulders.

"Why don't you say we go and try and find him then." Taking His hand she lead him out the back to the pool where everyone had gathered.

I decided to grab a beer and offered one to Nick as well who seemed relieved. I guess there wasn't much beer where he was the last three months. I turned to Caleb and lifted a bottle to him. He nodded no but smiled "Thanks though" . Sitting down I patted my lap expecting Caleb to sit in my lap. Instead Nick quickly jumped into my lap.

"Hey sexy, You come here often" he smiled while throwing his arm over my shoulder.

"Get off me I was expecting a real man to sit here, not some boy band reject." With that I lifted his arm off my neck and then stood up and pushed him off my lap. As soon as he touched the floor Caleb jumped in my lap

"Miss me"

"Always I said kissing his cheek"

"I am so glad you went to see Justin and glad that you want him to move to our guest house."

"Good so tell me about your day did you get a nap?"

"Yeppers a good one till Julia woke me just before Nick and Mel got here."

"I am so sorry I wasn't here with you. I wish I had known"

"Sorry, But we went on autopilot and Mel wanted to get home. There seemed never to be anyway to get through as we were flying until we got on the plane in Hawaii and then we were close to here. That's when I called and Diane filled us in and Agreed to pick us up with Jake."

"Its ok Nick I didn't mean to accuse you. I just wish I could have been here to offer support"

"Sweetie whether you are physically here or not you are always offering me support. Beside we survived and got through it and we will continue to get though it."

"Can I ask you guys something?"

"Sure Nick go ahead you can ask James and I anything"

"Ok, umm have you spoken to Kevin?" Nick visibly cringed when he said this.

"I spoke with AJ they are both aware and Caleb spoke with him but Kevin hasn't spoken to either of us. AJ says he knows but he not talking even to Him . It appears he is taking it bad after all these years. AJ said Kevin didn't want to do anything over the phone but meet in person and talk with Caleb."

"Well I'll be. I never thought that I would have seen that but I guess all things considered." Nick took a long pull of his beer. "This is nice I was wishing for a nice beer over there on those hot days. Why have you forsaken me." He exaggerated holding the beer in front of him.

"I have missed having you around" Caleb laughed "I missed you all."

"The feeling is definitely mutual. Now we need to focus on getting your better. Your even Skinnier then I was."

"Yes I know but I'm bigger then I was two weeks ago. I gained a whole 10 pounds thanks to this" Caleb lifted his shirt and showing his feeding tube. Nick did his best not to gasp I'm not sure if it was the actual tube or the fact that with his shirt up he could tell how much weight Caleb had also lost. "Its ok Nick I know its hard to see but I tell you I am going to fight this as much as I can. The one thing seeing you and Mel and the boys did was to strengthen my determination.."

"Caleb I am so glad you said that and I will be right there fighting with you" I responded wiping the wetness that had started to form around my eyes.

"I know you will but since your both here I want to tell you something. I had a Talk with Julia and Danny earlier about my future. Before I started chemo, I made some deposits to sperm bank just in case I wouldn't be able to have any kids." Caleb put his hands to my mouth to keep him from speaking at this time. "In case the chemo made me sterile which is a possibility. I asked if she would be a surrogate for us."

"A what!"

"James a surrogate. I want a child of my own, that is part of me. Julia and Danny agreed if you agreed to it." I didn't know what to say I just sat there staring. I wasn't sure how to respond to this I totally understood the feeling I wanted a kids of my own as well but just dismissed it. We had raised Jake since he was small and I thought that we both had dealt with the entire child issue. Although I do realize that need to have something that you helped create. Is it responsible to make these decisions at this time of uncertainty.

"Caleb I need to think about this for a while. It's a big decision and this is not the best time, Just let me mull this over."

"Ok" he looked a little dejected but he said no more. I just held him on my lap and finished my beer. I could see Nick watching us warily. "I think I need to go check on Mel help her with the boys." With that he mad a hastily retreat.

"There you go scaring the boy he thinks we are going to have an argument."

"We are not arguing Caleb. I just need to think about this."

"I know we are not arguing but with that face of yours no else knows that you are not arguing."

"Ok, I get it I will try and not look so bitter. Will you let me think about it."

"Definitely James we need to be in agreement for this to work no sense bringing a child into the family if one of us going to be resentful."

"I won't be resentful. Dam it! you just throw at to me that you want to have another Kid you have already had everything planned and even found a mother without talking to me before hand. Then you tell me not while were alone but while Nick is here in hopes I won't be upset. Then when I ask for some time to think about it you start to make me out to be the meanie because I just didn't jump at the idea. Can't you understand my focus now is keeping you Alive!" I needed to get up so I pushed Caleb up off my lap and stood up and began to pace in the kitchen.

Well I am sorry to disappoint you and to be adding this extra stress on poor James . Oh Please forgive me. How selfish of me not to think of you, after all I'm THE ONE WHO"S DYING!" He punctuated every word of that last sentence.

"Oh Fuck it Caleb do whatever you dam well want"

"No I will not just Fuck it. You know if you can't handle the stress the doors right over there."

"You Bastard. And what exactly would you do if I did decide to use that door."

"Maybe I will be able to breathe without feeling I was being suffocated."

"Fine breathe away!" I stormed out of the kitchen and left the house. Grabbing my keys I jumped in the car and took off. I can't believe this. I just can't believe this shit. God dammit. Pulling out of the driveway squeeling the tires and took off down the road . I can imagine the nieghbors rushing to the door and to see the drama. Well Fuck em I'm not in the mood. I take the next turn a little fast but I really don't care I'm not paying attention. to the road, its not like I need to I know exactly where I am going been here hundreds of times before. I slow down just before I turn into the parking lot no need to attract attention here I want to be alone. Throwing on my glasses I jump and enter the building and grab the empty booth at the corner.

"Hey Sugar what can I get you?"

"Hey Deb, just some coffee and some pie"

"You all right Darlin, Of course your not alright I've seen the news. Here let me get that order and I'll make sure your not bothered." Deb was only gone a moment before she sat my order down in front of me I just stared at it for a moment. Fuming on the inside after everything that is going on. I am so pissed at Caleb. And I'm pissed at myself for being pissed at him and I'm pissed at he whole situation in general. I start drinking my coffee wishing to god there was some whiskey in it. I picked up my plate and just played with the piece of pie gently taking jabs at it while I tried to think of nothing . You know how hard that is to not think of something and its exactly at those times that strange thoughts creep into your head. Like the one I was having now. All this would be better finished . all the stress and drama would be over if Caleb was just dead. I'm not sure what was scarier the fact that I thought that or merely the fact that somehow I wasn't really upset with having thought that.

"Hey you got room for one more? Thought I might find you here?" I looked up and nodded.

"You know Danny I don't want to go back right know if you want you can stay but I'm not leaving yet."

"That's cool Lance and nobody will come looking. When I spotted the car in the parking lot I called Jules and told here I found you to call off the search parties we shouldn't be bothered."

"Thanks for that. How did you find me?"

"Oh Jules told me about this place. " I chuckled I forgot "She showed me place a while ago she insisted they had the best cheery pie anywhere. She was right"

"Sugar you need anything" Deb returned and was staring at Danny wondering if he was a bothersome fan or not.

"Its cool Deb this is Danny a friend of mine"

"Oh well nice to meet you Danny maybe you can get this one to smile for me today. Can I get you anything?"

"Thanks I'll try , I'll have the same thing but do you have any pecan pie"

"Sure do, I'll be right back with that." Deb turned and noticed a small group of people enter and went to take care of them I could see she was directing them to the other side of the diner. The place was definitely not know for celebrities stopping by, It was definitely what some would call a dive. But it was a great diner with food and atmosphere.

"So do we just sit here and stare into each other eyes .People may get the wrong idea " Danny laughed

I couldn't help but laugh as well " I guess your right not sure where to start only that I'm pissed at Caleb and other things"

"Well I can understand the pissed. By the way he's pissed at you too. But what are the other things going o in your head"

"I just had a thought that everything would be better if he was dead"

"Hmm I was wondering when that would rear it bitter head. Julia and I talked about that a while ago we wondered when it would happen."

"What your not disappointed or appalled at me for what I was thinking"

"Lance people think of tons of crap every day we can't judge them by fleeting thoughts in their head. Besides with all the stress going on I am surprised it just never popped into your head earlier. I even bet Caleb is probably thinking that he wished it was you not him that was sick"

I sat stunned at that realization. Would he wish that on me would he. Does that mean that he doesn't really love me.

"You know you need to stop dwelling and start reacting and dealing."

"I have been dealing Danny."

"No Lance you haven't, believe me we all see it. Both of you are not dealing with it."

"Maybe I don't want to deal with it."

"Then you would be just like every other person on this planet. Welcome to mediocrity. My dear boy."

"Do you know what we were fighting about."

"Not exactly but I have a good idea what set it off. Caleb told you about his plans to have a baby with Jules as the surrogate. But I doubt that was the main problem I think it just snow balled everything else that you were feeling."

"Hmm how did you get so smart?"

"Ah it's a gift. So what are you going to do?"

"Me well I'm going to eat my pie and hang out here. I am not apologizing to him. I am going to be stubborn. I am mad at him not mad but furious and I am not going to easily sweep this thing under the carpet."

"Fair enough, I wouldn't expect you to do it. But you are coming back right."

"Yes it my home and I have Jake there and my Family but I think maybe Caleb and I need a little separate time. I will probably stay in one of the vacant spare rooms. Thank good we have enough "

"Yeah the house is kind of big " Danny laughed. "Lets finished our pie and head back"

"Danny what did you think of Caleb asking Jules to be his surrogate."

"Hmm well I support Jules and understand Caleb's desire to have kids. Especially now that he is viewing his mortality."

"Ok... I'm not against the idea you know"

"uhuh, you guys will sort this out, I have faith"

"So what did Caleb have to say?"

"Not much well excusing the expletives he really didn't say much but he's pissed at you too and I'm sure you deserve some of it. Neither of you are totally blameless in whatever is going on."

"so you think he might be right?"

"You do suffocate him. Now I can see it from the outside so I see why you are doing it as well so don't go and bite my head off ok."

"Ok Got it thanks. I appreciate this." I swallowed the last of my coffee, just as Deb brought over Danny's pie and coffee. "Hey Deb can I get a refill thanks."

"Sure honey no problem."

"You know Danny we haven't had much time to sit and talk this time. This is nice despite the topic of conversation"

"Yea I know. Actually I'm amazed your not as big a poof as I thought you were" He laughed

"Hey , I'm not a Poof"

"Yeah whatever" he took a bite of his pie " MMM.. this is good"

"Told you, So tell me how are the kids?"

"Oh you know kids are kids sometimes their good and sometimes their a handful. They are staying with my parents at the farm this summer and they think that's great. They totally forgot about us. That gives us time to be here with you guys."

"Cool I appreciate you both coming, I know it might seem that we are closer to Julia but we consider you our friend as well."

"I know that, We just don't have that much in common for the most part. Hey I like talking sports with Jake though. You guys raised a great kid there He was very lucky to have you guys. He tells everyone that all the time."

"Really? Wow I never thought of it, Jake was such a joy to have in our lives. I think we were the lucky ones. I feel for him during all this especially what went down today."

"He'll handle it. I would be lying if I said he wasn't upset about everything."

" He's a good boy and taking a lot of this on his shoulders. But he had heard Caleb and I fight in the past he knows that we will work through this like everything else."

"I know he will but its going to be tough." Danny added

"The one I'm worried about is Mel. She is blind to Caleb he does no wrong in her eyes. I am sure that she will have something to say about this."

"I'm not sure she was quite upset with Caleb in all of this, she's, worried where you took off to. I wouldn't worry about things especially Mel. All of us are just on the periphery to support you, Caleb and Jake."

"I know, I'll try and remember that."

"Now one last piece of advice. Tell Caleb you love him even if your pissed be pissed at his actions and not him. You more than anyone should know the power of one's last words."

"Point taken Danny are you ready to head back."

"If you are?"

"Yeah I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be" I finished my coffee as Danny gobbled down the last of his pie. I got up grabbing the bill and throwing some money on the table. I know I overpaid the bill but Deb deserved it. Danny followed me out and went to his car. I jumped back in mine this time I took my time I was still mad but the immediate rage was over. No need to peel out of the lot. I let Danny go first and followed him back to the house. I wondered if he was lost since he seemed to be going slowly. But he turned down Wilshire and all seemed ok. Pulling into the driveway I felt dread I was not up to dealing with Caleb at this point. I just sat in the driveway and waited the next thing I new someone was rapping on the window. I looked up to see Danny standing there. He looked a little worried . I then realized I hadn't turned the car off and I guess he thought that I was going to make a another run for it. I turned off the car and opened the Door.

"Not to worry Danny I wasn't going to make a run for it." I saw him relax. And made my way back into the house I wasn't expecting to be hit by everyone at once they were all in the Kitchen. Well almost all of them.

"Hey guys"

"Oh sweetie are you ok why did you take off?"

"Its nothing Caleb and I are just having an argument and I needed to clear my head."

"Don't Lie to your mother, We could hear you in the back that wasn't just an argument."

"It was what it was and I need some time to think it through. Where's Nick and the boys."

"He went to put the boys down for a nap. He may be having one himself he was gone long enough" Mel responded.

"Ok What about Jake?"

"He went to his room." Julia responded this time she looked a little timid.

"Ok I think I'm going to go lay down I'm tired."

"Caleb already went to do the same thing he's in your room now" Brian supplied . I noted everyone looking at me I turned and watched everyone and then looked at Danny who was still standing behind me. I'm going out to the guest house if anyone's looking for me."

"What about Caleb"

"What about him Mel, look I'm not in the mood to deal with him and I'm giving him his space so he can Finally breathe."

"I can't believe your going to fight over this..."

"Look Mel I'm not in the mood to deal with you telling me my faults. Go be with Caleb he has been waiting for you to get here." With that I left and made my way into the bedroom I hoped Caleb was asleep I planned on running in and grabbing a change of clothes. Opening the bedroom door I noted the lights were off. I made my way in and in the dark grabbed some clothes trying to be silent with out turning on the lights. Just as I was opening the top drawer of my dresser the lights turned on in the room.

"I'm not asleep there is no need to skulk around the room."

Keeping my back to him I pulled the drawer open pulling out some socks and shorts . Then left it open. Going into to the bathroom to grab my toothbrush shaving kit. I could hear him from the bedroom.

"Oh that's great you going to ignore me."

Coming out of the bathroom I looked right at him he was sitting up in the bed with his arms across his chest scowling. "I am giving you your space I'll be in the gust house."

"Fine, Don't rush Back"

I spun around and was about to get into an argument with him when I decided it wasn't worth it. "I spoke to Danny and he told me something that I am going to do. Caleb I love you but right know I can't be around you when your in this mood."

"I'm in a mood? Fine! Lance you do what you want."

I sighed "See what I mean why did you do that? Don't answer that you did it just to get back at me."

"Maybe I did. Will it get me in your head?" he sarcastically replied.

"You don't want to be up here Caleb I'm leaving"

"You coward." He shouted. I stopped in my tracks and turned around.

"Fine you want to know what's going on up here " I said pointing to my head "Well here it is big man I was just thinking how much easier this would be if you were already dead. You happy now Caleb." He looked shocked momentarily then I saw the anger pass his face.

"Well I have been here sitting wishing it was you that was sick and he whipped a cup from the night stand at me. It just missed me and hit the door jam. I looked at the cup on the floor, holding back the rage that was coming over me. I waked out the bedroom door and made my way down the back stairs and out to the guest house. I went this way to avoid meeting anyone and having to deal with them . Walking out into the cool evening I enjoyed the fresh air a moment before actually going into he guest house. I just wanted to shake out some of the cobwebs in my head. I can't believe he threw something at me. I really didn't like him much at this point. And the more I thought about it the more it made me madder. "Ah just fuck it" and opened the door to the guest house . I pulled off my clothes dropping them as I was walking toward the bedroom. I threw my shaving kit and toothbrush on one of the other tables. I put on the clean pair of boxers I brought and crawled into bed and cried. I couldn't stop it the tears just came and wouldn't stop soon I found myself just sobbing in the bed until I finally fell asleep.

"Lance get up come on!"

"Honey get up quick" I could feel people shaking me and talking to me

"LANCE GET THE HELL UP!" this time it was Brian shaking me violently. I woke up swinging not knowing what's going on. Luckily Brian had moved out of the way but I felt someone pulling me and I could hear my Mom in the room.

"Baby get up, come on its Caleb."

"Huh, Mom Turn the alarm off what is going on? did I over sleep?"

Brian spoke up again " Lance that is not the alarm it the ambulance you need to get up now its Caleb."

"Huh what ambulance" I panicked not thinking I jumped out of bed only to get tangled in sheets and almost took a header thankfully Brian caught me. "Come on Lance wake up lets go. They started pulling me up to the house. I could hear the sirens louder know. I looked up to the main door to see Bastion standing In the doorway crying. I knew something was bad Getting through the door I could see Julia and Nick standing with the kids in their arms.

"What happened?" I was panicked I didn't even stop and wait I took the stairs three at a time. Pushing open the bedroom door I could see Mel and Jake kneeling by the bed crying and screaming at Caleb to wake up . My heart was in my throat at this point. I looked over at Caleb. I stood there staring Caleb was covered in sweat and seemed to be having a seizure.

"Dad I can't get Pop to wake up" Jake was crying. I just went on instinct and went over to Jake and held him and grabbed Caleb's hand and spoke to him. "Come on Caleb wake up wake up please look at me." I begged. But it didn't seem to do anything he just kept seizing it looked so painful to watch. I was tired watching him I could sense everyone one else was in the room watching us I could hear sobs and crying. I could hear Kai and Kier outside yelling "Wake up Gampa, wake up Peese!" between their sobs.

I never imagined this at all and seeing it now, terrified me, and what if last night was our Last and we spent it fighting. I tried to stand up feeling an intense head rush I stumbled back and felt like I landed on someone. I was slowly lowered to the floor. There was no stopping the tears running down my cheeks. I looked up to see Brian had me in his arms and my mom was next to me holding me and crying as well. I could hear radios going off and people running up the stairs. Looking up I saw Danny leading the Paramedics through the door. They Moved over to Caleb and started working on him checking him out.

"Can someone telling me what is going on?"

"I can" Jake started speaking "I came to check on my dad and I heard him call my name when I turned on the lights he was pale and sweating and then he started seizing."

"How long as he been seizing?"

"Since we called 911. I thought he stopped but he started again."

"Steve his temperature is 40 Celsius. Heart rate is 120 BP is low 90/40 respiration are shallow, O2 saturations around 89." I watched them put and oxygen mask on Caleb."

"Can anyone give me a history has he ever had seizures before."

"No, he has Leukemia and finished a round of Chemotherapy last week he's got a peg in place and a port-a -cath locate over his right collarbone." I didn't realize I was speaking until I was done.

"Rick call it in we are doing a load and run"

They pulled Caleb over onto a Stretcher and strapped him in. I stood up and went over by them. "I'm going with you."

"Ok Sir come on."

"What hospital are we going to?" I asked

"Cedar Sinai" one of the Paramedics responded. By now we were going down the stairs. I noticed that Brian was behind me.

"I'm coming with you." it was all he said and he kept running. The paramedics loaded Caleb in the back and one of them got in with him I went in the back while Brian sat up front with the other paramedic.

"Is he going to be ok."

"Its hard to say sir, right now were monitoring his vital signs he's stable at the moment but that could change. The quicker we can get the seizures to stop the better the outcome."

I just sat there watching Caleb. He looked like he had stopped seizing but looking closer I noticed he was still shaking just not as violent. Was this the end of things? Or was this just how the end begins. I found myself grabbing the side of the ambulance as we made a turn. I was amazed at how fast this thing went. I guess it helps that all other traffic gets out of the way. We came to a stop and the paramedics jumped up getting ready to move Caleb out of the Ambulance. The door opens and the I saw Brian standing there with the driver. They pulled Caleb out and made their way into the ER. Brain and I followed as far as we could go before a nurse came and directed us to the side.

"Mr. Frost come this way we have a small room you can wait in. I will have the doctors come and talk to you as soon as possible with an update but we need to assess and treat your husband."

"Ok thank you so much do whatever you can."

"We will Mr. Frost."

The nurse left the room and I just stared around not sure what I should be doing Should I pace should I just sit here. I was ringing my hands. Brian was sitting beside me and was very quiet not saying anything. I thought maybe I should call people let them know. I reached down into to my pocket for my phone when I realized that there was no phone as there was no pocket. Standing up looking at my self I realized I was just in boxers and a t-shirt. "Shit!"

"What's wrong Lance?"

"I'm in my Underwear. Where's my phone I need to call people?"

"Lance you need to calm down ok. Its ok and no one cares what your wearing. I have my cell phone I'm sure someone will bring some clothes to you. That is not important now sit down and try your best to remain Calm . Caleb is strong he is not going to give up."

"I know he won't give up but sometimes that's not enough Brian. Can I use your phone to start letting people know I don't want them to find out on the news."

"Its already in motion. Your Mom and I made out a plan that we would call one person and then they would call someone else."


"The other day we were talking about the stress you all have been under and we wanted to try band make some stuff easier for you. Lance you need to understand how important you and Caleb and Jake are to everyone. I want you to feel like you can tell me things I am your friend too not just someone you met through Caleb. I already called Leighanne and of course Joey and Logan know it will just go form there."

"Thank you Brian for everything and I do feel like were friends. You have been great flying back here just to be nearby. I just want this to be good for everyone and a happy ever after."

"Well hope away but happily ever after is not always the realistic goal. The hardest thing in life is living in it." Brian responded

"Why does it have to be this way. I guess we defeated the odds of living ten years in relative peace."

"Just do me a favor Lance if you ever feel like your losing faith turn to me and your friends and let us help you find it."

"I promise." The door opened to the waiting room and a doctor entered followed by the nurse form earlier. I stood up to introduce my self.

"Mr. Frost please sit down. I'm Dr. Chang the Emergency room physician."

"How's my husband he is going to be ok"

"Well now he is stable and being moved upstairs to our medical ICU. We believe the seizures are related to his temperature and might be due to an infection. Considering he just finished Chemo he would have been very susceptible to infection. We will have to place him in Isolation. We managed to cool him down using a cooling blanket and medications. The plans are to get an MRI of his head to make sure there is nothing going on in his head like bleeding or anything that might have caused the seizures. We also sent blood work to check for infection. Now we managed to stop to seizures for now and we have sedated him. I recommended to the ICU physicians that we get a EEG to show brain activity. And it will show us if the seizures are continuing inside his head. Sometimes seizures can have no visible signs. As well to protect his airway we had to place him on a breathing machine to help him out."

"Ok, what about his cancer"

"That is something I'm not familiar with but the Leukemia is not helping. First we need to deal with what I believe is an infection. If we can take care of the infection it will correct the current problems. I will let The oncologist take care of it form there. What is Caleb's Oncologist name?"

"Its Dr. David Brooks. He is on staff here."

"Ok we will have him contacted and updated to the situation."

"Can I see him now?"

"In a little bit I believe they are arranging for him to have the MRI now and then be taken upstairs."

"I can have someone take you upstairs to a private conference room. That you can use while your staying here. If you will just have a seat I will have someone take care of you. We promise to bring you any updates should anything change."

"Thank you I appreciate everything just Take care of Caleb for me."

"We will Mr. Frost take care of yourself as well we will update you as soon as possible."

With that they left Brian and I in the room just taking in everything that they said. "Well that's sounds good Lance. They know he cause and they just need to treat the infection and it sound like they have stopped the seizures they are just checking all bases."

"I know I just don't know what to think."

"That's a normal response I believe but I think me moved from the fire to the frying pan so to speak."

I looked at Brian and laughed at the stupidity of the statement. "You now that was just cheesy man"

"Yeah I know"

"Caleb is going to love it when I tell him." I laughed

"Well as long as I can give you something to laugh about and tell him." The door opened again and a Lady in Business suit walked in

"Hello Mr. Frost Mr. Littrell I am with the hospital public relations. I wanted to let you know that there are reporters showing up at this time and I wanted to take u up to a private conference room. The ICU is on the 5th floor The fourth is being renovated but at one of the end of the 4th floor is an area that has been completed. I arranged for you to use it as a base. It is near the stairs so you would be able to go up the next flight and visit. Its my understanding he is going to be placed in one of our new Isolation rooms that we had made. Very high tech. If you will come with me I will get you out of here and up stairs."

"Hmm maybe we should wait for the others to get here."

"That's ok here I have a pen and paper right don the name soft those people coming and I will leave them with our security desk out font and when they arrive I will have them directed up stairs. Grabbing the pen I quickly wrote don the names at everyone at the house so they could get in. I turned to Brain after passing the pad back to the PR rep.

"You ready"

"Yes whenever you are."

"Ok .Lead away: The PR lady directed us past the ER and into the main hospital. Passing the security desk she dropped of the list of names and then proceeded to take us to the fourth floor. When we got on the elevator she handed me a swipe badge I took it but just looked at her.

"That's for the elevator. Because we are doing construction the elevator is locked out of the 4th floor unless you have a hospital badge. So you just swipe it and see the green light come on then push the fourth floor. It's a safety percaution, wouldn't want anyone to come onto the floor and be hurt." Just then the door opened to the floor and we could tell that construction was going on everything was mostly open and tarped.

"Ok follow me down here" We followed her down the hall and into another section of the floor which appeared to have been finished. Opening up a door she lead us into a large open room there were a few chairs all covered with plastic tarp. The cleaning services there tidying up and removing the tarps as we came in.

"Ok this is it its new and completely private the stair well is over there and you can take it up to the next floor and Mr. Frost's room will be up there. I think he will be in room 524 it's one of the room we use for isolation of patients. I will go and make sure the rest of your family will be able to get up here."

"Thank you again"

"Your welcome. I will have someone else come to update you as soon as we know anything more." She left with the cleaning women, leaving Brian and I alone in the room.

"Here Lance sit down. I'm sure everything is going to work out well"

"How can you be sure"

"I have faith Lance and I know you do its just a little hazy now for you"

"Do you think he is testing me now, why would he do that?"

"God is not punishing you God doesn't work that way. He doesn't make people sick t helps you heal and he is what gives you the strength to get through it." I just sat there and didn't say anymore I don't believe Brian at this moment and I felt it would be better not to say anything anymore I didn't feel like arguing I just wanted to see Caleb

"DAD!" I looked up to see Jake come running in the room towards me I jumped up and pulled him into a hug. He started to cry the moment he touched my shoulder. I held him tight rubbing his back.

"Shhh its ok Jake I spoke to the doctors and they say your dad looks look better. He stopped seizing ok they think its all because of an infection ok " I pulled him back slightly and looked into his eyes. "You understand me"

"Hmm yeah I do" ok come on and sit down. I sat him down next to me and I watched everyone else pile into the room each coming over and grabbing me into a hug. My mom got near me she started crying aw well but quickly stooped and wiped at here eyes. "Ok enough of this. I brought you some track pants and sandals." She pulled stuff out of a bag and handed them to me.

"Thanks mom" I quickly pulled the track pants and sandals on feeling a little more decent and less exposed.

"So what the news Lance."

"The Doctors say he had a temp which they believe cause the seizures and they brought his temperature down so now he's not seizing. they are running some scans of his head to make sure there nothing going on in there. They are also checking him for infection and because of his cancer and weakened immune system they will put him in isolation. They also said they need to place a breathing tube that the doctor says might come out later but they need to protect his airway. That was all we know and that was about 25 minutes ago."

I noticed the boys were not here but Nick and Mel were settling down across the room. "Where are the boys?"

"There back at the house with Danny and Bastion. We thought it probably wouldn't be a good idea until we know what is going on. I don't think they will be able to see him at all. Same with Bastion. Danny is going to coordinate any phone calls he managed to get in touch with Caleb's agent."

"Oh good, Although I'm sure Bastion was not happy about being kept home, maybe you should call him Brian." I turned to say this noting that he was already on the phone. "Well when the Dr. comes back and tells us its ok I would like Jake and Mel to go in first."

"Don't you want to see pop?"

"Yes Jake but I want you too to see him first then I will go in"

"You sure Lance you can go in with Jake if you want."

"No Mel its alright and well they will only let two in at a time to visit. I would feel better if you both got to see him first then I will go in."

"Ok Lance. Lance look I know you think I'm ups with you but I'm not I know Caleb can be exasperating at times and he would have started the fight with you. I wasn't taking sides and I understand that you are under a lot of stress taking care of him just don't cut me out of your life . I love you just as much as Caleb."

"I'm sorry Mel I shouldn't have assumed the stress is building up. Again I'm sorry it wasn't my intention."

"Its ok Lance really but we need to focus and help each other this silly fighting is not going to help anyone."

"Yes I agree with that. I believe everything will work out the timetables just been sped up. I think Caleb is going to need his transplant sooner then we thought. The door opened and a man appeared in the room. My name is Joseph I am Mr. Frost's nurse tonight. He is in his room now and I was wondering if someone wanted to come back and see him for a few minutes we are still settling him in but I wanted to give you the chance to see him."

"Thank you" "Go on Jake you and Mel go ahead and see him. We will be waiting here," Jake and Mel both got up and followed the nurse to Caleb. I noticed Brian had closed his cell phone. And was looking at me

"Its official my son is pissed at me again. I think I calmed him down but he wasn't happy with this. I told him we would see about letting him see Caleb Later. He said his mom called back and I guess she is on her way out here with Logan and Joey."

"Julia will you give Danny a call and make sure some of the spare room are cleaned have him tell the cleaning lady in the morning. I have a feeling we are going to have a full house.